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0 JtiJty AWtlK. -M,7
Wallowa County Official
Paper. Enterprise City
Official Paper.
Authorized Paper for Pub
lication of Timber and
Homestead Notices.
VOL I, NO. 50
Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon, Thursday, April 9, 1908.
THIS HORSE Hi half his vaMe..
tin" stallion, 6 yars old the 24th ol
in'Xt month. (ieullx and smv.
, Hupped from the East. Inquire nt It
: IHpkptt'n plait-, Leap. .'. 50t3
10 room, 2 wtory bouse barn, stone
, rull at aud ucreof Intnl. Fine iinpnic
uientH, Term, addles Mo. Alien ,ur.
' ie;Rll, Arli-tn, Oregon.
Whole Number 470
DFROC JKUMKY 11 us, Thorough
itrwl. Can It n-Kixicrcil. See or in'
divasC. R. KIIUlt & Son, Wiill.iwi'.
-Ore. 4!),,,
Sktonii lUKp Bit.oy, Ifaeii.e make
.III gmd condition. . Inquire of O M.
X'orkiiiH, EiiUfriiis-,iB. 4Sif
1'IANO: Ftrt-cliis-, upright grand,
Kimball pliinit Cur sale cheap fur anil.
... ..:.. i, u i. i .i.
j i--- ..m n.iiic yiii iiuipiiiiei, iosein.
.. . -4ui t
smaller tracts in proportion.
Following in the liet of
Claims Allowed:
Mr, Wilson, work on street, ,
Mayer Daniel Boyd Not a Casiiilatc
City Election Order Is Jladi
by Council.
"TlMOTnv HaY, Oats, Itvn and Boi-lev.
BltMi one i if my Farms. K. D. San ford, ! (ieo. J-i
-o nines r. w.oi r.tnerpnse. 401.4; t
llitrtshorn & Kc! titer, bdw. .
j W. li, Tayurr, Mch. salary, .rout.
! ('. M. Lnckwixd, "
IT. M. l)tll,-f . ,.-',' "-...".
I H. C Cramer, marshal 8 days. . , .
j C. S. Ilaney, lumlier
; Enterprise Planing Mil., lumber,
..... . . . S R.' J. Fi isythe, electric light,. '. . .
At the meet.nu of the city council ,JohnHOn & Ak, . . ...
Monday mj:bt, the recorder was direct-. iu.,Wl
eu to puimsii tlie m.tku of the city
election in the News Record. The
date is May,.1!, and a mayor, two couii
cilmen, recorder, treasurer and attorney
are to he elected. . .
H. L. 'iirnanah, J. .W. Kerns uixl
Craig were uppi in ted judges of
ic election, two of w hom will act as
I lM.
T1)H nillWd niOOl!ll(T rP stil!....... f ....
VO.Y.iKMitle, weight aboet 900. Holid I ...
.lor. Call on .1. U.Keuui,., Enter-! " . ...tiei. was caned
prise Flouiiug Mill. .for Monday niyht. April 20, at 7:30
. . . ' o'clock, in the court loom. ,
STRAYED OR STOLEN. WV II. Grave, and T. R. Akin, are
ON K black mure, branded J ' O on tllu reug cotmcilinen. It is thought
left ftitle, weight about 13U0, 7 yeaiu Mr. t raves can be induced to Htand for
old; oue black horse, (j years' old, weighs j re-election, but Mr. Akins fays be has
,t .'-. i Li l i ia i . L-'0";'.v!dof,e his share. J.
e.iiTii.Et mtu voiig uijiiuvtu , iittiiura wore
on both when last seen
of April 4 Liberal reward for any in
formation leading to their return, W;
T. Maboii, Joseph. O'Jtf
VV. Bickford is
Left on t igiit ' nu,utinel his pnecewsor.
niayor jioya says ho is not a candi
date for te-election. By rum" Mayfield,
A. C. Miller, V. V. Bell", C.H. Zurcher,
anrt ueo a. Craiji, are favorably men
tioiied foi the otlice.
It is not known whethvr the piesent
recorder, attorney and treasurer will
accept re-election or not.
Tillie II.
ijiircher,. .
S fi.OO
9 0d
15 7'i
0 00
" 6ol)
85 2B
68 6ll
3 3(
11. OS
Abstract of Nuinber On Books
Coauty Clerk's Ofice, Thurs
day Morning.
Early Start For
Home Building;
Besides providing for the city eleC'
: . . O.F. 1 nti-nutse Ujd.-e, No. 10?.
' Eineridd Uvbekah Lodge, No
' K. of P. Enterprlw Lodge, No. 1.
Juanltiv Temple, No, 7, Pythian
.... , Anil Mh. meet,. r,t an-1 third the fUnCl1 Pa8se(1 grwt of
5Tuwulnyaof each mi-nth in Mnwmle , oruereu minoer ior lonr cross-
Hall. All viKltliiK Boyal Arch Ma
poiis welcomed.
J. 13. Olmstoad, High Priest,
p. W.Biieahan, rtecriary.
, : Wallowa Lodge, No. 82, A. F. A
A-M., meeta necond aud fourth Satr
prduyH of eao.h month In Manonlc
.. . Hull. Vlaittug XlrtsonB welcomed.
W'. C. Boatman, Secretary. -v
Wallowa Valley Chapter, No. 50,
,7 4. t. i4.. meets first and third Batur
of each month. In MiiHonlo
' all. Visiting tiUim are always' wel
,! - ' -comn ' i ' V- -..t.. : i,
' ' Hi - , '. -Oi.ive Lockwood. W, M.v
' ' - DAtiiKi. Bo Y, Bee. ' ! ; 'v.
M. Wl A. Kale Cunip, No. 1D4II7, M, W. A.
Maoli) First and Third Thurrnliiys In
. . each month in new ratcrnal hall.
VlaUIng Neighbors AlwayR Welcome.
J. d. Rennie, Consul.
waiks, and by motion reduced the
building permit fee fiom $5 to $1
L. W. Ililey was given permission to
erect a frame addition to liis store
building, the same to be covered later
with corrugated iron .
! G. S. Craig reported that property
owners desired the sidewalk on east
side of East First street extended two
blocks north from the Presbyterian
church. .He was directed to brius in a
petition to that effect.
.The niarslial'.s report forMarh wa
read ' 'and filed, lie was - directed to
continue the work of cleaning the city
tvi t il- A I Kill linst nf jf In rtfiMtlt!.-.., in
serve water to all who desire ft this!
oil n .1. nt. Tl. n ,,,. ! nl ,i..it: : . . : ..
T.M.DOL. Clerk. : -. . ,. f , . , , , va" J"'"' " ""'
Aneroid Camp. No. 3512, R. N. of A. Koou repair w in oe maae up in a new
W.'O. W. Enterprise .imp. No. 535, V . of W. !
" ' Aluiota Clrole, No. 278, W. of W, .
schedule of rates. The present rate , is
$0 a season for u block of ground;
Clinton Q. Murray, who recently
came to this valley from Eldora, la.,
has bonjsht a lot in Alder View addition
of Daniel Boyd and will begin the
erection of a bouse soon. . ' -.
Mr. Boyd will erect a cottage in
Boyd's addition for sale or rent. .
W ork has been begun on Mrs. C. A.
Aitlt's house in Alder View. C. F.
Johnson is doing the work.
V. I. Calvin and V. C. Ketchtim are
planting shade and ornamental trees
and otherwise beautifying their Alder
View lot?, preparatory tc erecting
bungalows this summer. 1
Geo. S. Craig has bought of Daniel
Boyd, block 32 in Gardner's addition,
also the east half of block 33 from J
W. Young.
B. B. Boyd has bought the Neville
jarm oi su acres situateu near
Registration books closed Tuesday
at 5 p. in. for the primary. Tbo totals
for the co.inty, 1723, is about the esti-
. mate made by the conservative jiuesi--
ers. i here is little doubt that some
Democrats have registeren as. Republi
cans to help favorite candidates. The
most enthusiastic He. nhlican does not
claim a plurality oi 432 for his party in
the county.
Of the 94 minor party and no party
registrations,' he Socialists number 43,
Independents 18, Prohibitionists. 7, aim
2G no party; s
The table below is complete except
for a few distant precincts, such as
Pittsburg, the Xcrth Country and
Promise Land. The additions from
there will probably not exceed a score.
Here are the figures on the clerk's books
Thursday niorniii":
man than those Flora boys and bit
Rev. Batchelder in the back, ou ac
count of something be hud said, nith
what is said to be an egg, then vanished
into the darkness. This was while the
minister was going from the V. C.
Stralcy hall to his bonfe, where he
was entertained as a guest aud had
hall free of rent furnished him during
the ten nights meeting
"Notwithstanding all these- draw
hacks, there were good results from the
meotings at Parndise, as there were
from those at Flora, and Rev. Batch
elder, although being warned to leave
at least twice, stayed as long in our
neighborhoods as he bad in'ended to,
and left when be got ready to go,
which was yesterday morning, when
he took the out-going stage."
Lostine Goes Wet.
S. P. Crow was elected mayor of Los
tine at Monday's election. Other re
sults: Councilman (2 yr.l, S. h. M6-
Kenzie 50, H. J. Martin. 51 ; councilman
(1 yr) W. P. Hunter 56, R. B. Bowman
50; recorder, O. F. Mays 32, J. O.
Kiddle 27; treasurer, J. A. Fitzpatrick
54; marshal W. C. Fleener 32, A. W
Pagin 19; for liquor license Vyes" 42,
Don't Kill Thess'Pircasants.
. S. L. BnrnaugU has turned loose 11
pairs of Mongolian pheasants, which if
let alone, will soon stock this vallev
with those fine game birds, as they
hatch on an average of 70 eggs"a year.
There is a strict law against killing
pheasants east of the Cascades.
H5 -BCD "ill
. i PA ' Xil in lA i
. ... m m. UMif .w-.-Yy, .
vlitfe 1,1,
'teANP wcake always: '
IWI tl"
PREL'INCTS Itop. Hem. Soe. Ind. Totuls
ulid Pro,
Joseph ' . 174 02 9 245
Enterprise . 200 122 17 339
Loftine 75 00 5 148
Wallowa 156 120 10 298
Grouse 31 14 9 54
Lost Prairie 20 18 4 42
Flora 58 19 5 82
Paradise 43 24 0 67
MudCieek '11. 3 6 20
Promise 20 24 7 61
Powwatka 7 5 0 12
Pittsburg 10 4 0 14
Leap 24 20 2 46
Imnaha 87 . 6 ,9 52
Bark 9 17 1 27
Butte 35 4 0 89
Pine Creek 24 16 0 40
'1 rout Creek 33 19 1 53
Divide 20 9 0 85
Prairie Creek 50 13 3 66
Totals loTs-591 94 1728
COrfKlfiHt'ianl WTMI
X0.I0 '
watching the market with both eye.s all of the time
tor. year.5 ha made j6 able to get the right -stuff
for thu community, goods have not been sold to us;
we have bought them, we own them cheap; we.. sell
them reasonably. we, -are one firm that makes a
profit on our goods. don't you want to deal with a
store that makes a profit and is wide awake? 1 the
spring sunshine is beginninj to make large crops of
freckles. don't you watit one o.f thosl' mexican hats?
last year they were all gone wcile everyone was
supplied. we have lots of them, 35c to j50c each,
plenty of nice new ginghams for spring dresses. new
lines of bedspreads, fringed edge and cut corners,
for iron beds. lace and madras curtains. all new.
respectfully, v'. ' .
W. J. FUNK & CO.
Of Egg Throwers.
; Under the caption, "That Egging,"
the Flora Journal of April 3 lives the
follow ing account of Rev. Batchelder's
troubles in the North Country:
"As much as editors like to give the
news, and especially the sensational,
tlie Journal did not publish an account
of the egging scene of more than two
weeks agr. from pure shame that we
hud youna men jr. our communities
who would stoop so low as some have
proven themselves, capable of doing.
However as tlie blushes of some who
hoard the sermon of Rev. F. VV.
Batchelder on "The Popular Dance"
lias readied outside points, with un
mistakable gurgles of satisfaction that
the minister was egged, bubbling from
beneath said blushes, we will say :
"We w ere not preM0nton the occasion
of the sermon mentioned but have yet
to hear of a friend or enemy stating
that the minister made any false
assertions. And we have yet lo heal of
a pelson who did not return to hear the
Reverend gentleman preach. The
congregation seems to have been made
up of about three classes: - Those who
thought it the minister's duty to' ex
pose sin in all its forms, excellent
people who thought the wording too
plain and the don't care class n any of
w hom were probably hit w ith missus
thrown with better effect than were the
eggs which were thrown from that
barn later. For, contrary to the ac
count the News Record gave, not an
egg hit its niurk, Htlrough the range
was not at all long. What was thought
might possibly be a splatter of one on
au overshoe was the only siirri of the
coin but he took away with him. As to
tlie parties not being, known, that is
stated here to I falsi).
"The sentiment seems to prevail,
ainong.'.t this latter class that a minister i
should dose out none but sugar coated i
pil's unless be i. handing out to
church members, anil then give it to
them strong and hitter. The saiiiej
element, tho'igh not the sitnie parties j
attended to meeting nt Paradise;
later. When the minister talked;
against the use of tobacco, although he'
admitted tint 11 mini could be a
Christian, (although a dirty one,) and '
use tob'cco, there were very strong1
protests made and it is said that some;
undertook to prove that they, could ba:
gentlemen and use the weed by spitting j
ambler between the leaves of the ttong
btfoks they could get hold of. On
Tuesday tiii'ht, the lust nigt,t of the,
Paradise meeting, some one oi. horse
back proved l.innelf u better marks-
ReMah Lodges
Hold Convention
With delegates and visitors present
from every Rebekab lndnn in -tlm
county, the now fraternal hall wag the
scene of a pleasant and eventful gather
ing, Wednesday, at the first district
convention of the order ever held In
the county. Tbt state president, Mrs.
EniKia Galloway, of McMinnville, was
present. The convention officers were:
President, Eva Wilgerodt; secretary,
Ada Lay; ehaploin, Sarah Cramer;
marshal, Maggie Oakes; conductress,
Maude Amy; inside guardian, Minnie
Fleenor; outside guardian, . Louisa
Morrison. The afternoon was spent in
drills, committee work and gonoral
instruction, interspersed with music
In the evening Emerald Rebekab lodge
conferred the degree on Mr. and Mrs.
V" oodell and Miss Alta Haggerty.
wallowa valley
Proposition to Organize . And Adopt
Regular Schedule Meets With
Favor Among Fans.
Miss Emma Mahaffey, daughter of
Mrs. C. C. Mahaffey of Enterprise, and
Mr. Oliver Goodrich of Snokano wer
married Wednesday evening by Rev. L,, if
W. P. Samnis. Tbv Wk m, tkj.. k'
morning's stage for Spokane where Mr
Goodrich follows the vocation cf fire
, Joseph City Election. ,
-At iCtia..W,.CUncilmea fa
josepn Monday, E. L, Berland, J. A.
Klevans and G. F. Dawson v ere elected
for the two-year term, receiving 9", 75,
ana on votes, respectively, against
nesiey uuncan 53, L. A. Jackson 47,
and J. V. Winston 42. For the one.
year term, Ed Eben received 94, J. A.
Rumble 79, 1. H. Robinson 49, and W.
T. Mahan 20, the first two being elected.
"death record.
Joseph H. Scott, who was taken to
the asylum at Salem, died there Wednes
day night of last week. The remains
were brought to the old home and fu
neral services held Sunday. Rev. E.
Owens officiating. Interment was in
Prairie Creek cemetery.
Mr. Scott was born Dec. a. i8t7. in
Edgar county. III. He married Sarah C.
Russell in November 1864. and In i878
they moved to Crawford countv. Kan..
thence to Oregon in 1891. They were the
parents of eight sons, seven of whom
are living: Charles B., Robt. L., and
Frank D. of Joseph; Jerome H. of Pitts
burg, Kan.; Thos. D. of North Yakima,
and Willis R. of Walker, Wash. Be
sides the widow, two brothers and sis
ters survive.
The ptopositlon to organize a Wal
lowa Valley baseball league with
clubs in Joseph, Enterprise, Lostuie
and Wallowa, is meetins witli much
favor. Joseph and Lostine are en
tlmsiastic for it, and the Enterprise
boys aro bustling. Arthur Pace and
W. F. Bavace took around a Daner.
Tuesday and received liberal financial,
aid for the club, which will ba used In
erecting a grand stand and paying other
expenses. -
The advantage in organization of
league consists mainly in adopting a
schedule of games whieh great!. jn
oreases the ii terest of: the general
public, . . . . . v.
New Pitcher Bom
In spite of a cold wiud a large nun -ber
of t pectators enjoyed the gaina Sun--day
at Enterprise between tlife homo
team and J-ostine. The contest wa
spotted with mingled error, and fast
fielding stunts, H. Fleener, Pace and
French starring in the latter., tlollem
baek, though wild, was effective and
Lostino's heavy hitters bit on hiB sloir
ball and drop. Following ii the com
plete score: .'.- -
H. Fleenor SB. . 4 1:1 5 4
1 0
1 V
0 0
0 1
2 0
1 0
1 1
0 0
Haun, 2b..'.... 4
C. Brldwell, lb 4
Hammaok, c. 4
McCully, p.... 4
B. Fleenor, rf . . 4
G. Brldwell, 8b 2
Willett, of...., i
... i
Totals, .'.."34
i .
. 1
0 s
0 I
2 8
6 1
0. 1
1 1
0 O
0 1
Savage, as 4 1 0 2 . 0 2
Pace, lb. 6- 1 I . I 12 Q
Criim packer, 0 6
Woodell, cf . . . . 5
J. Bauer, rf..,. 5
French, 2b.... 6
llollemhaek, p 5
Rodgers, If. ... 2
W. Bauer, If . . 2
5 , 2
4.0, 0 1
.,.4 U h 6.27 il
Enterprise, 5130010 8 12
Lostine 0 2 0 6 0 0 0 0 07
Two base hit, Hollenbaek. 'Three
base hit, Bilyeu. Bases on balls, oft
Hollembaek 7. off McCullv 1. Rtrunk
out, by Hollembaek 7, by McCully 8.
Umpire C. A. Lewis ; ..
Of Interest To Homesteaders.
The land office lias decided the con
test cose of Graves vs Kirk land in
favor of the defendant, who was repre
ented by Attorney O. M. Corkina.
The decision contains two points of
general inttrsst to homesteaders.
First, a man mav be absent from th
claim for the purpose ot earning a
livelihood if bis family reside on it, and,
second, where the wife's health, de
mands it, she may also leave the claim
to receive medical treatment. ..
Trains Will Be Whistling In
Joseph the Last of July
So says Gen. M'g'r. O'Brien of O.. R. CBtv N. .
Tho man who bought the lot advertised
in this space last week will make his
$275.00 BY JULY 1st.
We have 30 more lots in beautiful Alder
View addition to sell at regular prices
on easy terms. We will advance the
price May 1st, BUY NOW
Sec. Wallowa Law, Land and Abstract Gompaoy

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