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JKe (eWd' Jtecord
formerly trw Mown w, Ktbllhed March 3, 18W, New erle
hetcnn April SO. WOJ
I'ul(iicd every Thursday at Enterprise, Oregon
rT mdk rcmic micari
tutored ut III Kntorprlaa poalolMce h wcfnil-cl"im nmt'er.
X)UW?lUVf UUb HIT- 11
One year f 1.50; three months 50 rent- cnli i" advance.
Notk: Under he new no-itnl regulations, subarription to a ucikly ri-.-v :. r
' miirt Ih discontinued ut iiirl of n year or my oim; ei.t losing.- id -.!
puper. Thl tni'ans in prnctical working, a n!i lnii-i.-". I-.vi-r. , t
of tbi Xett Kei-ont will lie not i tic I the tir-t of tin- nn-.ilii i: i
subscription expires, xttil if no renews! in ri-ceivt-'I li; tti-; ' .'
mouth the uamt) is taken (mm otir lint-.
CooNTT AovKRTiiitno Ratk: lii-gnlu subscribers may hae a c'.;
outsidt Wallowa county fur $1 a yenr.
Resolutions, card of thanks ohituarv poi-trv, Mini miti'' of ente-tMinniet.ts tin
object of which is pecuuiary gain (out.-ide tut e news in.-iil ion) an- churgei.
6 cents a line.
. Want Column: Notices in '.' ant column on fir-a pan arei-hamed 1 i f nt h word
one Insertion, or S cents a word 4 insertions. Minimum charge 15 cent
Cash with order.
Editorial f&ge.
a run.
Wallowa County's Candidate.
There W one office that Wallowa comity voters of the blue I lot t
on April 17, need not hesitate over. That, if circuit judge, for which ti e
Hon. Daniel W. Sheahan in the only candidate from tin county. Not
only as a matter of county pride hut for ninny other more materia)
reasons we hope that the groat majority of the Democratic voters will
place a crop between the number "15" ami Mr. Sheahan's nam".
Mr. Sheahan' ability is unquestioned. Attorneys pay that it
legal knowledge Mr. Sheithan ranks with any lawyer in EiBteru Or.'
igon. 1
His platform is "impartial, rpeedy ami economical adminif trfition
of jus'ice 1.0 both counties of the district." Impur tiality i the chief
attribute of the judge. Mr. Sheahan would keep th dockets of both
tountieu open all the time, wh'cti incurt-K both speedy mid economical
administration of justice. It mentis of course, hard work for the judue
but Mr. hbeahau is a hard worker from choice and if lie had to inakt
'several trips a month between E iterprt-H mid hi Grande to accommo
tdate litigants and attorneys, he will do it.
Union county hss taken to herself herelofire practically all the
-district offices except joint representative. There in a disposition nut
(here this spring to act more fairly, and it is neither betraying h secret
nor speaking without knowledge when the News Record toiyH that i'
the Democratic voters of this county give Mr. Sheahan the support on
April 17 that he deserves, he will be nominated.
A final fact that is quite important from a Democratic, standpoint.
If nominated Mr, Sheahan will probably bo elected. Hundred of He
publicans, not only in Wallowa but in Union county, are hi- friends
and he would poll a big vote among them. In addition, 'he Socialist
and Independent vote is more likely to go to him than to any othet
old party candidate because of his known broad views on questions of
public policy. ,
Without anything but good will toward the othe" worthy gentle
men who aspire to that high position, the News Record hopes that the
next jud,ge 1 of the Tenth judicial district will hail from Wullowa
county.. .
Th& Square Deal in County Politics.
For the good of the county as a whole, us well as in all justice and
fairness, the North Country should huve a personal representative on
the county court. ' That great section of the county has road "h rid
bridge problems peculiar to itself, and about which few men in the
'valley. are familiar; The conditions ore fully ki town only to men who
live in the North Country. When the appropriations for the W. H
Nicason , hill and the Deer Creek road were made nt the last lrm of
. conrt,fthe editor of the News Record was present and noticed that the
. court relied upon Mr. Wilson for data to guide-them in the matter,
This we are told is of daily occurrence during a term, for every da
.something cornea up involving men or conditions in the Nr,!
. Country. .
. , Mr. Wilson retires on July 1, and there N hut one candidate in
, either party from the North Country to succeed him. No matter how
the election goes, there will be at least two members of the court thi
aide of Bled Springs. In all fairness the tlvrd member should come
, from. north of Sled.
The North Country, through its local paper, the, Flora Journal
asks that toe rest of the county give it a square deal by he! pi eg to
nominate Its candidate for county commissioner, W. C. Locke, who,
the Journal says, is "as good a man us the county affords "
Mr. Locke will not get everybody s vote up north. No one could
do that There are men in the valley, possibly, that don't like him
He wouldn't bemucn oi a man u nedidn t have some enemies. But
practically everyone says he would mu ke an excellent member of the
court, so there is no reason why he shouldn't receive the hearty
upport oi all loveri of toe square deal in coutry politics.
' . - pi .A
Hon. Daniel W. Sheahan, of Enterprise.
"Tim law's delays !" Hamlet enum
ratud that as among the chief reasons
wliv men would ''shuffle off this mortal
oil," if it. wer not for the foar of the
inknown li-yond the grave. Bo there
vere vexatiniis mid unnecessary delays
n jnstii-u when all the world war a
ntiiwe far the Bard of Avon before
Coke's time; many, many years before
liliM-kMuiie required u whole volume to
rell of tlie excellencies of the common
aw it nd was too near-sighted to see a
-"lile defect.
There were delays ppiiturie lief ore
the people of Wallowa and Union
counties found just causa for complaint,
hut that makes it none the easier to
bear in this year of our Lord.
A county with two terms of court a
year and all the remainder of the time
the court of justice a "sealed book'
must necessarily see the worst side of
the administration of justice. Litigants,
urors, and wit news called from their
borne and business and detained days
and weeks while coses are being brought
to issue , by attorneys, Wronged liti
gants seeing their all Wttered away by
tedious waits, until the whole sum in
dispute . is swallowed up iu expense
bills. Jurors aud State witnesses
drauinu their per diem for many un
necessary days and weeks spent at
court, uutil the total is a very large
sum that is a big drain on even so fat
a pocket liook as the Wallowa county
treasure These are a few of the ills
that past conditions have dtveloped
here. . .
In Union county are long-drawn out
jury terms, the Jury trylr.g about one
cure a week. Cases not at issue and a
big expense piling up every day.
This may not lie the fault of recent
occupants of the bench but Is a system
uiauKiii aicu vearg aeo when there vns
hut little court business in either Union
Wallowa county. At present the
court work in the two counties is such
that the judge should be at work prac
tically all the time to keep the dockets
Hon. D. W. Sheahan, the leader in
years of ervice as well as ' in other re
spects, of the Wallowa county bur, lias
seen and suffered from the delays as
have other lawyers, lie is a candidate
for the Democratic noroinatiou for
circuit Judge and if elected will surely
put a working plan in force, that would
save tbousapd of dollars to Wallowa
and Union county people, He would
keep the dockets in BOTH COUNTIES
He has been pilloried in the stocks of public ,
is powerless to reach him."
Unless we mistake, the decent Republican voters of Oregon will -
retch him on April 17, and Fulton will be eleod to stay at home.
For some reason Chamberlain's petition for the Democratic nom
ination for senator was not in time ti put his name on the ballot, but
it will be wrtten there by the voters. We don't know anything about
the Democratic candidates for congressmen, and precious little nbrn t
the Republicans. Mutst .be all good men for had thing ere always
t ld about candidates. The only argument we have peeii for yr
s ipplanting Daddy Ellis is that the former put his card in th t ewa
. m .... . I t .-..... '. I J.JV ','
uecor- out we are airaiu mat euurei v v (ht.-iii ii ur u vi ."" -;
ou We guess none of the four would sea any bit-ly into fi d-iw-u- at - -
T .t alt iinitArt Ktt tViaS t ta n snnnlant a tti li Iwj
For supreme court justice, dairy tin I finl com niswi ner and iir
it uit incite (Republican), you pays y iur money an I la' your" choic.'
I ... I. . a & i ai . . u i ... i I j u ...I ...
r or ne ursv iwo iiunieu oiiices wje i;emH:rui!. i;ivo no ;,ii'iiu.i, " ,. .
the last named is treated at length elsewhere on tbi pane The Re.
puniicans ror raiiroau commissioner ait i ior uiiowa c.iumy i oihiiho-
..i - , i i.i . . . 1 . .. .
siuucr arc io given apcuai iicaviuciu.
Both Eberhard and Kusk have signed Stateme it No i, an J wj kii -.v a thln, .:.
except rumor, against the character of cither. The Democn.ts will write in the
' . . .
name of a mighty popufar man, but it would be 'telling" t nam- him n-'y.
While H. N. AMlllams forgot to put hi C J in t I p pi r. yet l.ehis tfccorJ
believes it Is for the interests of the county a a whole, that he be nominuicJ for
Miinlil l.i4. Ml ln I - m nnnA m k. n0 .... i.n.lu.nfran.l I. Wlltlmtf akr
s,vuiikj juu&s. ifibk.aiii ia a man iw, irut as uuucisiaiiv 11 ii.-iiiia J j -v
June settles the court house question with him. That's our platform to the dot.
Aside from those mentioned in this and other editorials, it there is any choice
among alt the other candidates, other than a personal one, the News Record is un-.
aware of It. It Is claimed that this or that one is supported by the whisky men.
but investigation shows their opponents have supporters from the same ciowd.
None that has a possible chance for success is disqualified by lack of character or
ability for the office he seeks. To those so disqualified, we wouU not add a dr. r
nPRH Al t. Ttlli! TTMP. fhna lii.
p..fin of everything between Jury , to the CUP of bitterness that defeat will hand them a week from Friday
terms that doesn't require fc Jury.
Thou all jury work would be ready I Mr- and Mrs. A. W. Courtney of Lof
when jurors are called, and lie w"ld 111,8 were l" town laKtr pnM ' t,,u
rs busy at that work un- i weeK guests ot the latter's sister, Mrs.
keep the jurors busy
til it was finished. Three-fourths of
all court work can be disposed of by
the judge und attorneys, without the
the presence of jurors and wit
nesses. These things wculd require
much traveling back and forth
by the judge, but Mr. Bheahan w ould
never consider his own comfort when
serving the convenience and economy
of the people. This is no idle state
ment. Ask his clients whom he hus
served bo faithfully and iudefatiKubl:,
His Industry is proof positive that he
would keep court open a full workii.g
day. His platform calls for Impartial,
speedy and economical administration
of justice. To him as judge all men
would be alike without regard to race,
religion, riches, present or previous
Judge Sheahan numbers anicng his
clients the leading men of the county
and the poor arr never turned from bis
door for lack of the fee. He is always
on one side or the other of every im.
portant jury case, and the people he
has done business for in the lust 20
years are bis strongest supporters for
clu-uit judge, regardless of party,
- It is an even core t years since Mr,
Sheahan came to Enterprise. He was
born in 1861, in Mason county, Illinois,
where he received his early education.
He came to Uuion county, Oregon, in
1383, after which he completed his law
studies aud was udmitted to the bur by
tlie Supreme Court. His success in the
practice of law In tbis county is known
of all men. For seven years he and
Colonel Ivuuhoe were partners. He
has been nw elated with or pitted
against the best lawyers in the state,
practiced in all courts, state, federal and
Interior department, and his 20 years
of experience has added to his great
natural fitness lor the bench.
Mr. Hieaban has served in all the
offices of honor, without profit, In
which leading men are expected to
shov their spirit of perhonal sacrifice
for the public weal, such as Mayor, etc
If he is elected Judge, the first judge of
the circuit court ever elected from
Wallowa, the people ot the whole
county will not only profit in time and
money, but will be represented by
one in whom they can take a just pride.
J. L. Hartshorn Mr. Courtney has the
News Record sent to his father, P. L.
Co xrtney, who was a resident here two
years agi, but is now thing ut Orange,
S6500 T Mock
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the County for
Candidates ciirih uttheNets Record
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. PHONE 20
No lees than five Portland Republicans are after Railroad Com
'missioner Aitchison's job. They are comparatively unknown in Wal
Iowa county. , One, A. N. Hamilton, is reliably reported as unfit, both
in character and ability. The other four may or may not be good
men. Mr. Aitohlson Is known to be a good man. He was considered
good enough by Governor Chamberlain who appointed him. Both
the Oregonian and the Journal praise his ability and say he is square.
Jay II. Dobbin of this county knows him personally and believes he
'hotold be renominated. His two years experience on the board should
decide in his favor even if any other or all the candidates were his
equal in ability and fairnesH
running fr m there to Wullowa. , The Home Company will build
from Flora to Sled Springs if given sufficient bonus. This line when
completed would be a toll line, and while better than none, there
should be a free line. Free county service should be the rule for
telephone systems and placed in all franchises.
The especial attention of every reader of the News Record is
called to what is said in the Grouse letter In this paper about a bridge
across the Grande Ronde. There is one of the best parts of ihis j-rand
county, but it is undeveloped and will remain undeveloped until given
an outlet to market. "We are poor and will always be poor as long
as we remain locked up." They are willing to help themselves as f ir
as they are able, and the county should meet them more than half
way. The only argument offered against building the bridge is the
Harriman argument against railroads for Central Oregon. In a few
ynars after tin bridge is completed the increased as-erunt of Grouse
Kden and tlm.- Wenaha Valley would more than repay the amount ex
'jwndeditiy the county.
There is a movement under way in the North Country to build a
lepbwp. hue to SUd Springs to connect with the Forest Service line
Our Word About the Candidates.
The News Record is an independent newspaper but is by no means
neutral where a principle is involved, or where in an election it is not
s mply a choice between two or more candidates all well qualified, ami
no question of public policy at stake. When this condition prevails
the News Record will state its convictions without fear or favor
When t is only a choice between good men with no issue involved,
they will all look alike to ue, regardless of party brand.
There is a big issue involved in the contest for the Republican
nomination for U. S. senator. H. M. Cake is the avowed champion of
the right of the people to elect. He is a clean man personally so far os
we have beard, and the only thing said against him is that he is a cor
poration attorney, which may be only a tribute to bin ability as u law-
yer. Un the other hand, Fulton must be set down as opposed to the
popular election of i-enatore. He Is opposed to Roosevelt and the
Roosevelt policies. He trains and encourages the diry tools of lawless
corporate interests in Washington in their mud slinging campaign
against the President Fulton is openly charged by Francis J. Heney
with being a grafter, and all he does is to make faces at Heney and say
" tisn't so." Last week's Colliers, the great national paper, sneaking
of Fulton, says: "Out of the nest they fouled all the political crooks
i l 1 .a. a r
ana immoie-riggers mat nave dominated Oregon for yearn, have beer
Horses Boarded by Day, Week or Month ;
Good Care of all Stock. ;
One Block North of Court House. '
J. C. SHACKLEFORD, Proprietor,.
Z allowa. Appleton. Flora to Paradise,
Froi Paradise, Flora ud Appleton t Wallowa.
Good aowimniodaUons, courteous treatment and reasonable rate.
Lave Wallowa at ft a. m.
E. W. SOUTH WICK. Proprietor., .

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