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Professional Directory
Business Cards
Physicians and Surgeons
Physician an J Surgeon
Independent Phone.
Office up stairs In Bank Bldg.
Fhysician and Surgeon,
T. A, Burleigh
Uaiili.-I Doyil
Burleiqh 8c Eoyd
Will practloe In all the Courts of
this Slate and before the Interior
and Its ofllces.
The most careful attention
given to all business entrusted
to our rare.
Enterprise, Oregon.
Attorney - at - Law
Office First Door South New
Fraternal Building
When Pupping On The Lewis
tori Road, Stop At Tho
Sled Springs Hotel.
Plenty of Stable Root...
S. B. CONNER, Proprietor.
Mi aoollaneous.
Stock Inspector for Wallowa
Fruit Trees From
Myers' Spray Pumps
Pruning Hooks and Saws
Before buying nursory 'stock or
nursery supplies of. any kind
write me for prices.
Information Concerning Eighth Grade
Final Examinations.
1. Dates: 'a) January 23, 24, 100s :
(b) May 14, 15, 1908; (c) June 11, 12,
2. Program:
a Th u rsdays Arithmetic, Writing,
History and Civil Govern men t,
b Friday -Grammar, Physiology,
Geography and Spoiling.
, 8. Source of Questions:
a Geography uto Course t
W udy, Jtetlway and I Hunan's
Natural School Geography.
b 8 polling Eighty per cent, troni
Jteinl Word Lesoiis, and
twenty per oent from lininu
erlptin Language.
o Wrliing SiM-clnieiiH of penman
ship indicated In copied mat
ter and from niiiniiiii.piikt In
d LanifiiHge Buebler's Mod"-n
Kngllsh Gram mar, nodiagra
Civil Government United States
Constitution. .
f History List of topics from His
tory Ouiliiie In Ktate Course of
Study and Curn nt Events
Notice: Teaeoeni preparing clnvea
f-r examluutlotm wilt pleas notify
on lily auHriuieiitfiit 30 day Mon
evniiiiiiHlioii aci-tirdiog to law.
J W. Kkkns,
County Superintei.neiHof rv hiHils.
J he jfes Pecorci
Formerly tho Wallowa Hewn, Established March i, 1899. New erie bciran April SO, W07
Published every Thursday
Kiitwr-1 at Ihe Kiiterpriw- piisintlu-e as w!mi(J-i'.luHii mnt.tur.
fne y""" f 1-5 three in -nths 5(1 centt rush in advanc.
Note: Under i jut new no tnl repul iti i is, subscriptions to a eekly newsprer
nillBt lie llW-nntii.ue 1 i t eiul ,. r nr nnv i.nu .ii 1.11111. ru ...... I.
" piper. I li in hum i:i .iti,'(i,M
of th Xi'ivk Hec. r, ill b , n. .1:1
.subscription ext i -v., :m I i; no r n,.ii i revived b; the last day of that
niout li tlnj niuec i tiiki'ii finni oi.r li"ti.
CofNTv AiivKRriHf.-'i !!atj:: Re-jiila- subscribers may have a second copy sent
ouUiii Wiihowa cu.iuty (! vl a year.
KiT-CAt, aovkrtisi.no xnicfe.
Itusclittioii", carl-of th-oks oi-itiniry po
iilijcct of w liiin i
ry gain v
5 rents n linn.
Want ( owmn : .Noli""sin o it column
one insertion, or cunts u word 4
Gash t itli order.
Editorial fage.
Not, A Good Reason.
In sppfiki'iK of the oandi lutes for circuit j idge, a man made a re
mnrk mi tlm streets of Knterprise tlie oilier d iythiit was nstonnding.
It.H plir pO't Wil that someoiie else was to hi. nreferreil t.i Dnniul W
; Sliunli'iii licnu-e the litter is n Wnllowi county man.
Ti ne, th it i. not the way lie put it, Ivit when the remark was
analy ed, li who m ule it. admitted that w is the meaning of what lie
Baid though he ha 1 not meant that. He nl.i finally admitted his re
trnirk w is made th uiglitlos.sly and it was nn error.
j Th -re c danger always when iv' home man is a candidate for a
liinh oilice th t votes will lie cast against him just because he in a home
ni i n.
j The man already referred to, b.lieves ;:ivl Pays that Mr. Sheahun
jis the peerof any candidate for judtre in this district, both in Km I
ability and general fi;ne?s for the ofli, e, yet he was unconsciously pre
; ferring another fr no oilier reisjn thin that tho other lives in "n iiis
i taut city.
It seems (o ii- that in se. cling a judge, ability and fitness should
ne me primary a d chief requisite to he considered. After that, let
tho same reasons go vein our choice as for o: her offices. And v.e are
noi mow to say, oilier things being
man, the neighbor whom we know,
Mene, Mcne, Tekel, Upharsin!
With failure stumped upon all his undertakings, and they hive
been many, from stinii..; u.i a couoty seat fcrap fiasco to teaching 'wo
or three schools, cd ting a paper, and self-appointed guardian of the
morals, manners and speech of the citizens of his community, Belshaz
zer Jonas would take tho right to decide the question of a cout houne
from the voters of the county and leave it to some select few, whom he
designates as "taxpayers "
JuKt which' '-taxpayers" he
Methodist taxpayers, Presbyterian
a tove iu,uuu iio-es-.--.n- valuation,
rango 43 and n rl h of the base
title-preferably, of course.
Brother Jonas has read the handwriting on the wall. He knows
that his "feeble oalling is no longer in demand in this county," and is
even now preparing for bi-yearly begin to pastures new.
Either that, or "his imagining hath made him mi d."
Or both.
Hero Worship.
"No prophet is without honor save in his own country" is a time
worn saying illustrative of a peculiar characteristic of tin while races
It is not t. no in tho Orient There, of two equally rood men, the
neighbor is preferred because he is a neighbor.
In America, the practice .,f under-rating those we know is so com
mon that it is iu no small mm the cause of hovs with t
j ...... uwiimgo ui inn-
bitmn, seeking fame and fortune away from their home scenes.
The basis of the custom is a tendency to hero worship that fetters
the commciisense of this otherwise intensely practical people. And it
is hard to make a hero out of one with whom w ara f..m;i;.... .i
daily life 19 an open hook to us.
the hero-worship enchainment.
In his crusade a Gainst a n nreli v
. . " "mj
velt should hnvo tho active backinff
t t "
sounds trite, but it snot., ,Th word
inonplace. The least of us can nivs
. i , , , . , " ' "inuj-o ueing on tne
si.le of law and order, and we are active when it is known we are on
vuav oiut ,
1 he primary campaign in this county, with one or two exceptions
has been conducted with commendable fairness and friendliness by the
candidates toward one another. With two exceptions no derogatory
remarks have been used as far as we have heard. Nearly all have
been content to let it be "voters' choice " Ma v the best -,:
Salting Stock
Protects Range
Tho requirement that all cattle,
horses and nheen craxhnr tinder nerniit
On tho National l-otvsls Ih given salt
at frequeni Intervals is a regulation
which has been found to go a long way
in protoctiug the range and eonsorvlntr
the forage crop.
Experience has show n that the want
of sail makes stock restless. If cattle'
and horse are not supplied as they
need It, they roam an t wander, .haunt
old sailing grounds used hi previo is
seasons, trampling the forage plants
Instead of eating them, pawing the
ground, and In other ways Injuring the
range. But lftiu.jr .iaWngs Hre ,,.
plied, they Matter peace'ulty ever the
pasture grounds and fwd at their
lelauiv. j
Suit Is so neetiMary to tb easy and
profitable h indlni,- of .ieep on the
at Enterprise, Oregon
A'i,rking, a c;isi Imsis. Lvcrv snb-crib.-r j '
'I the ti--t of the month in which his'
- try, mix) notices of entertainments the
otit.-i.i : pine news mention) are charged
mi first pn
i are charged 1 cent a word
Minimum charge 15 cents.
equal, we will vote for the h
in preference to the stranger.
doesn't now make plain whether
taxpayers, taxpayers who nay on
or those taxpayers residing west of
line that bisects the county. The
J3istai.ce is a necessity for working
uml nna.nk!.i., n .
""loi,--, resiueni Roose
" "Mtif ibi&cn. ling
active takes it out of .h m.
mimmrl K. n. l
range, that no flock master would
t duk of getting along without it. If
sheep do not receive their' usual Mipply
it Is only with g'reat difficulty that
they cm Iv held iu bonds or kept Iu
mp at night. So far aa sheep are
concerned, no regulation by law is
really necessary, because the owners,
for their own con veil lenee, will salt
, ineir rionks. B.iUcattleare not herded,
and the owners might neglect to salt
. them, if the regulations were not strlct
I ly entor.'eii.
i Stick on .lilVerent ranges require
, vaiyhoj .iiantities of salt. lieep need
. lesson ilrv range than on green. An
average- oliantity for 1.000 hiwd f
sheep w. uld Iv from 1,000 to' 1,500
pound each year. For a like numbtri
j ot cattle, titmi 6,000 to 10,1X10 pounds a
, year is reauired. Horse, ueed less thau
i Old hunters, hi the days of the pio-
, neers. knew that deer ami Imfr-l.. i
' traveled long dtstaucee to lick salt in
i l!''o spring. The Blue Licks ou
Hacking river, la Kentucky, and a
similar mineral aprlng on Elkrlver, in
West Virginia, were famous for the
herds of deer, buffalo and elk. which
frequented them. The adjacent ground
was so deeply tramped that the marks
were to be seen many years after ths
places ceased to be visited by these
uiiimulH. ,
C!ilco. Ap il l:) Charlie Clorkewas
Mimim n fn in his horse and badlv hurt
st week.
H iv I: Ijiiiuiid made a trip to town
Mrs. S. T. Tippet t was culling, ut
Mrs. June Daugherty's Saturday.
.Mrs Gliddeu, Miss Glidilen, a? d
IVler McPherson were ealli g on Mrs.
1 1 lin ue, uud spent tho evening playing
Visa nilin rnjlrti' I.hq w ctov.
ing with lier grandmother for the past
two weeks.
E' llinton hns brought his family
out from the river. They will remain
all sumrr er.
i The Chico ?cliool house is completed
and school will commence Monday if i
the teacher arrives iu time.
Farmers are piowin ;.
Ditch Company Officers.
The stockholders of the Big Bend
Water Ditch company, at a recent meet
Inu, eli cted the following officers for the
eimiing year: President, G. C.
Sclihier;' secretary mid treasurer, Di'
I'oley ; directors-, W. H. Robbins, G. C.
Rc bier ai d Dr. I'oley. "' , '
In the Ci cnit Court of the Stute of
Oregou for Wallowa County .
KninitiJ". Chuiclii'l, Plaintiff,
;uncvJ. Lnphani, Grace P. Chm-chill.
lloy L. Churchill, Nora M. Churchill,
and R. P. Luph.nn, Guardiun, Be
fenclants. To R iy I. Churchill, the abeve named
d fei dant:
In tin- name of the state of Oregon:
You u'-e bert by required to appear and
answer the complaint tiled against you
in the above entitled suit and court, on
o- b fore six weeks after the first pul.
Lcation of this sumii.ons, and if you
fail to bo appear and answer, the plain
tiff for want thereof, will take u decree
icuiin-t you for the relief deinauded in
the complaint, towit: for a sale in
partition of the following real estate:
The S'ij' N E , NJ SE'-4', Sec. 82 in
Twp. GN. of Rng. 45 E. W. M., in
said county, and tlit the proceeds be
divided auvingtlie parties to this suit
according to their respective shares
and iuterei-ts, for the appointment of a
referee to make the sale, and for such
further relkf as the court may deem
This sunimnns is published in The
New s Record, a weekly newspaper of
general circulation, published weekly
at Enterprise, Wallowa County, Ore
gon, for a period of six consecutive
weeks, the first publication thereof is
the 2nd day of April, 1908, bv order of
the Hon. T. H. Cran ford, Judge of tiie
above e' titled Court, made and dated
the let day f April, 1908.
O. M. Corkins, Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Wallowa County.
Grace Bluckinton, Plaintiff,
Albert T. Blackinton. Defendant.
To Albert T. Blackinton, the above-
nauieu ueiciuiant:
In the name of the state of Oregon;
you are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint tiled against
you In the above-entitled court and
cause, by the above-named pis in till',
on or before the expiration of six
weeks from and after the date of the
first publication of this summons,
which dale of first publication is Auril
9th, 1908, and if you fall to so anoear
and answer within said time, for want
thereof, the plalntill' will apply to the
said court for the relief prayed for In
her said complaint, to-w it: For a dis
solution of the marriage contract now
and heretofore existing between the
piiiiiitin ana tne ilefeiimnit.
on will take notice that this su.n
mons Is served upon vou bv publica
tion thereof in the j5ews ilecord for
the full period of six consecutive weeks.
commencing with the issue of April 9,
1908, pursuant to the order of Hon-o-al-le
O. M. Corkins. oountv Indite of
Wallowa countv. Oreiron. which order
was made, dated and entered on the
Stli day of April, 190S.
Burleigh & Boyd.
50t7 . Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Real Estate Transfers
Week Ending March 28, 1908--Prspared
By Wallowa Law, Land &
Abstract Co.
8 E R-ilns to Edward Liinlburg, tie
nw.sec 38 and nw ne, sec 3)1, 4 n, r 44.
Cordelia Ehman to Taylor Bishop,
e of e, sea 3d, 4 n, r 41. $10.
J M Blakclv, .iitrirT to Saren'.a
Weaver, lots 7 and 8, blk 8, Waner'a I
Add. to Euterarise. S3.0J. I
H. H. X. Sneo t? M irg iret E K' n,
e of see lrt, 4 u, r 411. $10.
F 1 Vergere n .1 K Yergere, lot 11,;
blk 13, town of Enterprise. 81.00 etc. i
M C Wolverton to A C Miller, o v, 1
see 6 and e nw, sec 8, 1 it, r 44. $1.
U S Pat to C K Walker, w nw, and
n sw, see 13, 3 n, r 12. i
U S Pat to It F StubbleflclJ, lot 1 '
and 2 and the a ne, see 1, 2 n, r 47. I
U S Pat to Louisa E Soott, se of see
St. and w aw, see 34, 2 s, r 4o
U tJ Pat. to James M Crumley, w se
ne ae and se sw, seo 17, 2 n, r 48.
James Brown to The George Palmer j
Lumber Co. e se, sec 15, and w aw,
sec 14, 3n, r41. fl.
U 8 Pat. to James M Crumley, e ne,
sec 17, 2 n, r 48.
U 8 Put to Edward J Garner, s np,
n sw, sec 1, 1 n, r 41.
State of Oregon to J S Cook, e half
of e half, sw se, se sw, w half sw and
nwof sec 30, t 3 n, r 44 e. fGOO.
A E Watson to Alice E Caldwell,
n half sw and w half se, sec 10, t 2 s, r
45, also h half sw, sec 10, and n half n w,
see 15, 1 2 s, r 45 e. $100.
I' S It II to Nina A Pullman, e half
ii w it ml e htilf sw, sec 18, t 5 n, r 43.
IJ S B K to W L Wltherell, nw ne,
sen 17,. t 2 n, r 44 e.
Miirgaret E King to Margaret A V
La we, se sec 1G, t 4 n, r 43. $10.
.f H Ilaun to S V Cray, bond
deed, lot 2, blk A. Lostlne, Ore. $2500.
; L 8 Pat to Peder Moe, w half se, sec
14, and w half re, see 23, t 4 n, r 41.
! Wallowa National bank to Tonnie
Elsie Marks, bond for deed, a tract of
land Degliining at tie corner blk 10,
Our Complete Line Of
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Is now in. Shirts, fancy and p1ain in '
both negligee and banded, Under
clothing, Ueckties, Scarfs, Collars,
Cuffs, Sox.
Spring and Summer Suits for
EVIen, Youths and Boys
1908 patterns and styles. Ready-to
wear. Our Prices are Rjight. Our
Is filled as never before with the best
footwear for men and women, boys
and girls. We especially call your
attention to ladies' Oxfords in button,
buckle and lace.
Newand Second - Hand
Furniture, Stoves, Dishes, Kitchen Uten
sils. Miners' supplies picks, shovels,
drills. Highest Market Price for Furs, Hides and Pelts.
Harness and Saddles
Will supply your needs in the Leather Goods line more cheaply and
give better satisfaction than any other dealer in Wallowa county.
Let him tit you out for the season's work. Repair work a specialt".
Highest Market
1 rice for
Hides and Ms
Horses Boarded by Day, Week or Month
Good Care of all Stock.
One Block North of Court House.
J- C SHACKLEFORD, Proprietor-
E. W. SOUTHWICK. Proprietor. -
amended Bank add to Enterprise.
$250. ; .
J D Abel to Katie L Gllmore, lots 1,
2 and 3 in blk E, Flora, Ore. 225.
J 8 Cook to C M Lockwood, blk 84
in Zurcher's add to Enterprise. , $3000.
O M Corkins to Kate McElroy,. tract
ol land in Wallowa beginning at se cor
blk 7, Residence Add. $500,..,
J H Hai ii to 8 V Cray, one acre in
s half se. sec 10, t ! s, r 43. $125. ...
TJ S Put to Pedor Moe. e halfOf se,
see 8, and w h-tlf sw, sec 9, t 5 h, r 44. .i
V is Hat to Thomas M Giltnofe,-- sw
sw, sec 4, w half ii w, see 9, and jit? ne,
sec 8, t 5 n, r 44.. ' ' .:"-'
U S Pat to Jessie S Cook, se, sec 22, t.
3 , r 4(1.
U K Pat t) Agnes h Cook,, w half
nw, sec 23 and sw sw, see 14,-; H -' u', ' r
4u. - :,
LT S Put to Mnrle Ettn DobbUi, alialf
ne and n half se, see 23, t 2n, r 45..
V. B. Pat to Charles S Itathbuii, sw
ne and w half se, sec 1, and n w' ue, se'o
1 12, 1. 1 n, r 41 e. ' -;
U Al

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