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JKe JeWs Jlecord
Formerly the Wallow Nfwn, Kht)ilUln-l Miir li J, ixuu. New nerle Iicbiiii April 30, IWi
Published every Tliuilay at Enterprise, Oregon
KntT-(l ill I lie KIUr(trtsH tH'Miittire a viii'l-'
anil voters' o- MiiUati ns shall be proportionality represented in all o;7ict: lillei lijr ' '
the election u, .wo t. ..lore persons, ami tliat it voter snail vote lor only one eis'.n '
for any office, and may indicate his second, third, etc , choice; and to protnle lor a
simple Method of pre-, n-t residence and registration. Vite Vis or No
srii.-Mltll'I'loN KATK-H
One yeur f 1.50; three m ntlw fU cenb cash in ailvanuc.
Note: Under the new postal regulations, subscriptions to a ceklv newspaper
tmiKt be discontinued at end of u year or pity one cent postage on nu ll
paper. I Inn mean tit practical workmn, a cash oasis. Every Hiibrcribcr
of tbi Xcwh Record nill he. notified tin- tir-t ol tin- tniintti in which liis
subscription expiri-H, and it no n-iicual in received by the last day of tbitt
tnontb the name is taken fioin our lists.
County Advkktihi.vo Katk: Rebuilt subscribers may have a second copy sent
outside Wallowa county for $1 a year.
Resolutions, curds of thanks, obituary poetry, ami notice of entertainments the
object of w hich is pecuniary ain I outside pine news mention) Hre charged
5 cents a line.
Wast Column : Notices in V ant column on first page are charged 1 cent a word
one Insertion, or 'A ceuts a word 4 insertions. Minimum charge 15 cents.
Cash with order.
Certainly. Jt is the only common bense way. We elect by
majorities in our lodge and thin applies the same principle to jieneral
elections. Proportionable representation is also just. Just beciiitoe
there ate 51 of ua and only 4'J of yon, n should not fllov ili.it you
have no voice at all in making laws.
A bill for a law to limit the amount of money candidates and other persons may con
tuliuie or spend in election campaigns; declaring wn.ti shall constiiu'ie iMuuptin
use of money and undue inlluence in elections and punishing the same; prohibiting
attempts on election day to persuade any voier to vote for or against any candidate
or candidates or any measuie submitted to the people; to protect Hie puii'.y of me
ballot; furnishing information to voters concerning candidates . nil patties, partly ;it
public expense, and providing for the manner of conducting election contests.
Yott: Yes or No
330 Yes
Editorial fage.
MAY 21
Referendum and Initiative Measures.
Continued from last week.
For cons'.i utional amendment providing that all dwelling liois.-s, barns, sheds, out
houses, antl all other appurtenances thereto; all machinery and buildings used ex
clusively for manufacturing purposes and appurtenances thereto; all fences, faiin
inacliinery, ami appliances used as stum; all fru.t trees, vin;s, shrubs, an 1 all other
improvements on farms; all livestock; all household furniture in usa; and all tools
owned by workmen and in use, shall be cxcinpt from taxation in addition to ex
emptions now authorized by the Constitution. Vote Yes or No
An open content-ion i good for the kouI. We don't know about thin,
anymore than the Oregonian does and everyone who has rend the
editorial in that fountain of all wisd 011), on this measure will agree
with us that what the Oregonian doesn't know about methods of tax
ation would fill a big book. Thin propped nimii.lmuiit it far aid
away the most important matter on the ballot. If it in adopted and
works us claimed by its friend it will be a wonderful boon to the
small taxpayer anu 10 me niuie generally ; n it works its manv fear it
mifht, it would do much harm. The main argument for it, aside
from it- ethical Hide, can be most plainly and quickly .given by two or
three Wallowa county illuutrat oop: 'I here i but one practical railroa'd
right-of-way up Wallowa canyon and if there were two it would be finan
cial folly to build two roads where one is enough. That is termed
a natural monopoly. Tjhe 0. R. & N., by" virtue of special powers and
privilegoB granted by the people, has iio-)m;smoii of this natural monop
oly and instead of using it for tbe bentlit and convenience of the
people whom equity decrees it should serve, the O. R. & N. tines it to
deprive us of our natural and ju-d right to the advantages of railroad
facilities to market. It has the Wallowa county bottle corked more
effectually than llobson did the trick for the Spanish lleet at Santiago.
Under present lawB or at least system of assessment, Jr. Pace can put
.nly a farm land valuation on this right of way. Under the single
tax this right of way would be assessed at what it is worth as a rail
road right of way, taking into coiisideiatinn tlie fact that it is a natural
inoiiopoly, and that valuation would include uli rolling block, Hteel
buildings, eto , jus the sains as f thuy wore actu illy 't , ere. Now don't
misunderstand this. The single tax would not assess rolling stock,
but a railroad right of way would be assessed just the same regardless
of whether the road was in operation or not. The tax falls on VALUE
not on acreage valuo for the specific purpose the land is or should be
UBed for. Under single ti x, the as-'essor wotild be putting that right
of way on the tax rolls at 2."j,0f0 or $:K).00() a mile, maybe more.
And maybe Mr. llarriman wouldn't decide the quicker that right of
way paid its koep the better. Right? Sure. Uoes the assessor risk
you how much returns per acre you are gettit g off your land? If a
merchant had a ton of salt in his btore and refused to sell a pound
when all of us were dying for s It, would the tux assessor refuse to
tux that Bait. Another local example: '1 here is in this vallev a
thousand acre tract of as line land as lies outdoors, and it might as
well be in the Desert of Sahara as far as any use is made of it. The
t lx on it is very low because the law gays where anyone is la?y, or
slothful, or so cunning us to not improve his farm you shall reward
him by ejte npting him from taxation. Therefore there are no build
ings on thU tract and no sod tin ned. As soon as the little homestead-
fin wrtitivil alw.iit lilitl.l u Ktll i ... rrvt... . It I
vib vv.ii. nwu wu.., . lllll.tn IIIUU I1VCSIOCK Or S61 OUt a
fruit tree, down swoops the assessor like a hawk on a sparrow, and
Mr. Homesteader is assessed a heavy fine for his industry. Single tax
would reve-se that condition. Would that be fair? Third, there are
the timber holdings of the big oompnies but what's the use of talk
ing about them. There isn't a child but ki.ows of that wrong. In
short the single taxers claim the real fanners would escape in Oregon
from more than 60 per cent of his present taxes. They cite Manitoba
and other Canadian Northwest provinces where the .single tax has
boen in operation for several year and where agriculture us well as
other pursuits, flourish like a green bay tree planted by living waters
As for manufacturers, you can't make them pay taxes no matter bow
much you assess them. He simply adds the tax to the price of the
plow he sells you But the other fellows say all this is at btst doubt
ful. The theory is all right. We a Jin it the preen t VyBtem of tax
ation is rotten, but would the new work any belt, r? And right there
is the point. It would be up to the assessor, and tho courts hacking
up the assessor. If they didn't, it would be har l on us little fellows.
So we say, we don't know. Wo may take a chance. One thing sure,
any other sjsleni can't be much worse than the prei-et t one.
For an amendment to Article II of the Consiiltuion, giving the voters iwwer to tall a
cial election at any lime to discharge a")' public oiluer and elect his successor,
I . . Vote Yes or No
324 Yes " ' r
33' No
No. As the News Record has heretofore stated, the lilie of the
measure is a misnomer. It should be called a bill to oiiadruple tie
present excessive profit's of the state printer. Instead of lessening, it
would increase many fold the average expense of candidates.
For an net prohibiting, after August 25th, 1918, tislung for salmon or sturgeon nt any
ttrne, by any means, except hook and line, in tne Sandy Kiver or any of its toliu
tanes, or in the Columbia River, 01 any of its tiihutaries, nt any place up sire no
from its continence with the Sandy Kiver, or with I100K and line during the spawn
ing season, te i cs or N o
332 Yes
This is a scheme to iuonoo!ize fishing pi ivilcgcx and not in tin: intcn st of
conserving the llsh supply. Vote No.
For constitutional amendment providing for the"clioosin;j of jurors and grand 'uro ,
and that no person can be charged in the circuit conns with the coin,,ii.Siiou of a
crime or a misdemeanor except upon indictment found by a grand jury, evept when
a court holds an indictment to be defective, tlu- district attorney mav ii:e in amended
indictment. "Vote Yes or No
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334 Yes
From tbe best information the News Ki-cord can untlier this is a nn ritorions
measure. It throws safeguards around the reditu of every man.
A bill for an act to create the county of Il n l River out of the western portion of
Wasco County; providing for its organization and fixing the salaries of the oii'ners
thereof. Vote Yes or No
No, and aituin no. Ilo' would yon like to have Wasco i nty pi-op,
cutting up Wi llows county iuto two or a half dozen small counties, iouhlinu
and tripling our taxes. Whether VVusco county kIh.m1i he divided or not is the ;
business of the people of Wasco county and the majority there are opposed to it.
' a. ' n gixes too much power to a sm;.!l .ni ority, 2'j per cent of
puUio officers' consiituebti.
A bill for a law intruding menilwr of the legislature to vote for and cUvt the candi
i dates for Untlt d Stales .Senator ho receive the highest muiiher ol voles at the
. general election. Vote Yes or No
Supreme Court Amendment
In the News Record hist week, we stated bur opinion on the pro
posed constitutional amendment increasing the number of judges of
the fupreme court to five, and the transfer of the probate business'
from the county courts to the circuit courts. We approve of the
latter but will vote no because of our personal opinion on the question
of increase of judges. Tbe News Record is in receipt of a, letter front a
prominent attorney of La Grande giving a strong argument for the
measure, and as we always wish to p:esent both sides, it is bete j ub
lished: 1 .
"I have just read your comment on the measures to he voted upon
by tbe people at the June election, and concur in your views on all
except the judiciary bill. The last legislature gave ns two supreme
court commissioners so as to relieve the Court from overwork, am! tinw
are doing good work now. Rut this w.is only a makeshift o last mi
ni tne people esn amend the constitution permitting five judges. The
judiciary bill is intended to accomplish this, and to transfer the pro
bate business to the circuit court. There is no more intricate depart
ment of the Jaw than that relating to the settlement of estates At
present this is in the hands of the county coin t. But it is seldom that
the county judge is a lawyer or Knows anything about legal procedure.
The result is that this vtry important branch of the law is adminis
tered in a careless atid haphazard manner and many valuable estates
lost or squandered. It is the opinion of the bar throughout the state
that the circuit court should be given jurisdiction over probate
matters. This is the purpose of the bill to be voted upo.i. It was
prepared, I understand, by the State Bar association and was sub
mitted to the supreme court judites for their approval before it was
submitted to the last legislature, and was i.fter careful consideration
approved by the legislature and submitted to the people, I think it
ought to pass." '
Division of County.
The last measure en the ballot U an
object lessou to Wallowa county voters.
just as sure as hutnau n tare remains
Have You Any Friends
In the east? Send them a W'a'lowa
county descriptive pamphlet a bcauti-
1UI hook Issued uv the countv court
nnehaiigeHl a measure for the division 1 "t them free at the county clerk's!
of Wallowa county into two counties iolfinj in Enterprise; or of J. I). Wales, i
IL-lll hu m. .1... I...I1... ...... .... . I .
will be on the ballot two veins from
now, if on June 1 next the county seat
Is voted to Wallowa town.
This is not stated in an attempt to
make vote for Enterprise out ol a
rem te possibility. It is a statement
of absolute fai'V All that la retpiired
to put it on the ballot are petitii ns con
taining a small per cent of re istereal
voters, ana the will to have those peti-1 . , .
tioim eireu.Mied. The lest is easv. i ' I""'"': ' January 2't, 21 1!KW:
Wo ask tlU voter of this countv, if ' ('' My 14i '5. 'i (') June 11, 12,
under the circumstances, the w ill would I V ' ,
he lai king And evorvbodv knows It la
Joseph ; Couch & McDonald, Wallowa;
How mail & Mays, Lobtine; Moore A
Conley. Flora. )
Information Concirni.i; liiglith Grade
Final Examination-:. j
W thout a doubt, yes. It simply puts stab ment No. 1 into law,
and will take it out of the jxiwer of political trieks.er lo nullify the
people' will as was atti aipted by the Portland gang this s ring.
For constitutional amenilntmt giving die people ower to make laws for elec ion of
. public ollicei by inajoriiy vole instead of pluialuiesj to provide thai political partus
no trouble to gel all the siKuera neces
sary on a petition lot any purpote
So we sUte without fear of uuccesa
fill contradiction n,ut jf t,e oounty
swat is voted on June 1 to Wallowa,
way off on one side of the countv. the
question of the division ot Wallowa
couuty will be puton tl e ballot in l'.liu,
and the people of l.inn, iid Lane, and
other remote nlaces. will be nlloe.l m
diotate whether our taxes for county
purposes Khali be doubled or not.
Eagle Cap.
From KIriii Recorder
Kagle Can is the name of a new
journal published bv the Wallowa
county hiah . school. ' The first Jcopv
reached our desk tnis week and it is a
er'Jit to the protrreshiveuesii of that
educational Institution. The journal
compares with those Issued by the liest
college ami universities of the North
west and speaks volumes for those in
chance of it. The business firm of the
county are standiuu lihernllv behind it
it the way of advertising.
Thursdays Arithmetic,' Writimr, i
Misiory aim v ivil Uoveriiniciit.
b Fridays -(irnuiuiar, Physiology,
(icograpliy anil SK-llln"g.
3. Sources of (jueytion:
a Ueography State Course ,f ;
, .-tudy, ltedv ay and llbinau's ;
Natural School ( jeograpby. I
b 8 pelllng Eighty p. r ii nt.' from !
iteeit'a Word Lessons, ' imif
twenty er e-iit Iron, inr.nuj
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t Hitory l,lt of topics from Mis
I'.ry Outline In Mute Course of
Study and t 'urn ul Events
Notice: Teneners preparing e'as-s
t"T examinations uill i.Iihs.' notifv
Colintv KUrintendent .10 days Udore
examination according to law'.
J. V. Kkkns,
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E. W. SOUTHWICK, Proprietor.'
4 .;.

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