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What Homer I). Waile Has to Say to (governor (aw h '11 of Texas
With Reference to Reduction of Passenger Hates.
4 and r, lilk F, town of
A candid review of circumstances !);). Now by the way of rocajil t uhition,
lcdiii! up to the agitation lor a re-1 tl.e problem '.yields the results Hint the
dueed iasen;:cr rule luw fail to reveal I net earninc; of the fniirtetn Texas rail
iiny demand on the part f the nias.e.s roads in lilOU was SSi'iii.-l:'.!! '.10, while
of the people of Texas for its euaet- j I lie net deficit for the same companies
inent. Not even the platform demand- ; fur ITiOT was ?l,(i24,!'S:i.O."). And eon
ed it. (In the contrary it was th ' sider that requirement in connection
sole demand of a part id the lailmad ; with the recent tatcment of Oominis
onniiiiission and yourself, and neither sinner Storey tliat an outlay of ?5,l)00
of these dared pave the way for it in per mile is necessary to put that eorn
tiie party creed adopted at the Dallas pnny's phj ideal property in condition
convention, However I di not pre- , to meet the demand of its growing
Hume to say that this will not be at
tempted in the coustrueti'Mi of the next
State Democratic, platform.
Tor its refusal to pass a reduced pass
enger rrde law, the legislature is heart
ily commended in this section, and
when the penult) come to understand
trMVic. This road litis 1,000 miles of
track in Texas, Do you think, Gover
nor, that this road should lie required
to reduce its rate in the face of expert
opinion Hint $ ,(U 1,0 ,)0 must he expen
ded before it can perform the service
which the State and the people haven
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
the Dionosition as the remit of a cam- right to demand of it? Do you think
paiuu of education, in w liicli the dem- tne commission is pursuing a policy
iigogue does not enter, hut in whi.h j:ist to the railroads or the people in
the State's welfare i the supreme mo- ordering a reduction of passenger rates
five, it will lie just as heartily com- to 2'g : nts per mile in the fa 'e o!
mended throiiglriut the Slate, for it these figure.-; in the face i f legislature's
wil be realized that it is Setter equip- refusal to cut, this rate, and in the face
incut mid better transportation facili- of the wholesome demand of the en
ties that are demanded of the railro.ids tire Stale for better and more trans
ralhcr than n reduction of passenger l'rtation facilities? Indeed is it, th.'
fares. The railroads of Texas are not 'Selfish and grasping Interests'' or the
criminal corporations They are neither 'P"1'1 ''dans who beat the air with their
trusts nor monopolies, and being under i familiar lamentations that the masse
the direct supervision, Inspection and of t'' people have the inoH to fear?
control of interstate! ami state commis
sinus, it is the fault of the goveinini lit
il they are permitted to oppress Hie
people. They are, moreover, civili.ers
and empire builders, and Texas needs
more miles of them than does any
other state of the Union. The Central
West Texas C uumercial Club lias mt
slopped over in its 'suggestions and it
does not play, by design or ignorance,
into the hands of grasping interests.
They have stated their position in
the principles lis enunciated In the res
olutions passed, and these principles'
will stand the analysis at the hands of
the people of Texas, without regard to
section. And these clubs have li:cn
confirmed in the wisdom of their princi
ples and suggestions by stinio tilings
which have come to pass recently. Kor
instance, the railway commission has
ordered t he International & (3 rent
Northern Railway to buy sixty loco
motives which will cost f 14,000 each,
or a total of S40,000 ; 3,200 freight cars,
to cost $2, 720,000, and twvlve passen
ger coaches, 8!MI,0U0, or a grand total of
$:;,l5fi,000. Moreover, reporting on u
tour of inspection recently made over
tlie lines of tile International & Great
Northern Kail way, oue of the com
missioners gives it out as his -opinion
thatun investment of $5,000 per mile
would lie necessary to put that system,
track and roadbed in adequate condi
tion to transport its trallic.
This road lias approximately 1,000 1 j J,''" commati.
., . Saturday, t h
miles ot track ; llieretor, un ouuay oi
Si.),000,000 is imperative to put its track
in adequate condition. Add this sum
to the equipment demands already
mentioned, nnd tl.e road is expected
to inve-t S,lMt,0'.)0 before it is prepared
to satisfactorily serve the public. Now,
the railroad conii"is-ion, in its ollicinl
report, vulues Hie International A
Great Northern at $30,0110,000. Cer
tainly it is entitled to a fair rate of In
terest, on the investment, but the com
mission argues now that it should re
duce its passenger fares, aud then
expects it to invest nioie than eight
and one-half million dollars in equip
ment aud betterments, and at the same
time the commission whittling at its
passenger fares and freight rates, and
those in authority threatening to re
duce rules via the railway commission,
or by future legislative enactment.
To w hom can this line turn in hope ot
rescue from impoverishment or confis
cation, il not to the agricultural and
commercial masses, who know thai
thei'1 lelations to the railroads of the
country are those of mutual bench!
and dependence? You have been a
iu inm.l inntiaiier. irovernor. and are
supposed to be all adept at ligures.
Can you solve this simple problem in
i,,il,n, lilies ami justify the results
uiin vi.ur attitude ou the railroad
policy of the State?
liy leaving the International & Great
Northern Hallway out of the contro
versy, as an individual property, let
us turn to another phase of the rail
road situation in Texas. Now the
grjss earnings of the fourteen 'lixas
railroads (or the two months ending
August 81, I!)'!, were 12,:H b
while for two months ending August
31, I'Ml, the grow turnings were
t'.o.),U7ti.tti, but the opermiiK' expense-,
for toe two mo..th end I g Au isl 31,
l!,U!i, weie s,7V0.il, Wli.ie lor tlie
sjloe two inoiiihs ill l!07 they wen
'iiU.tl-AU'iO a or al; Increase of fi, !,'
. U20..0 in operating expenses,
........ i,.,:, i iiiK-rattni; for the
mouths in 1!)00 was v,.,w2.;7, wlnl
in 11)07 it wu2,708,S.l-37, or a decr.ase
of i",7").20 The charges against in
come were :?,17S,:i4.-07 foi tl.e lw
linir AlllMlsl 31. IStOlt, aim
f,,r Ui.we euumn Aug 31, IWUi, IM-r.
uu.. i l ... .. ., nii-reu- ol ).1.K,.4.0.
Now the net earnings for this period n
ll,0ii were s7,-l. and fr ihw "'
iriod in l'.iu7 27it,Otil.(i5, leaving i
deficit lor the two months ending
Ainiustai. UMti, of .-W,!l7tih8 and o:
J lin willi us in tlie sentiment for more
conservative leui-lation towards cai
ital that is willing to invest in our
common wealth and abide by our laws;
adopt our slogan, "fewer laws, and
better laws," as your own, and ml
West Texas, n part of this great oon -nionweallli
of ours, in becoming a pa t
with the older sections of the Slate.
in conclusion, do you not, in fact,
agree with theCeutr.il West Texas As
sociation of Commercial Clubs and its
slogan, "fe.ver laws, and Utter laws,"
is akin to the emancipation and n
dempttoh of Texas from the reign of
tlie demagogue?
Willi expressions of the kindest per
s;ial regards and with great respt ct
for tlie high olliee to which the pco le
of Texas have honored you, 1 am,
Your friend,
Homer I). Wank,
Stamford Commercial Club, Stan ford
T-xas. 7ll
Real Estate Transfers
2 Weeks Eiid!;ig May 23, 1308-Prepared
By Wdlowa Law, Land &
Abstract Co.
the Circuit Court of the Slatt
Oregon for U allium County.
John G. Ilaynian, 1'lniutiff,
James L. iUiminack, Gertrude Hain-
nmck, George B. I'ales, Laura K.
Hales, Samuel IS. (iaskill aud Ilia
i askill, Defendant.
l!y virtue, of an execution, judgment
order and ilecn e duly issued out of and
under the seal of the. above entitled
court, in the above entitled cause, to
me direc to 1 an, I delivered, ami dated,
tne -.mi nay 01 amy un1., upon a
judgment and dei ret) entered in said
court on tlie 1 Itb day of May, !H8, in
favor of the ah ivj named plaintiff ami
against the above i. timed d, fendant-i
for the sum of f32o oO, together with
interest thereon at the rate of ten per
cent per annum from said date; the
firther sum of $13. 33, with interest
t icreou at the rate of ten per cent per
allium from said date; the further
sum of !f3-5 (Hi attorney's fees; and the
furthe sum ot $38 liO costs and dis
bursements mid the costs 'of and rpon
this writ, commanding me to make
sale of the follow ing desi ribed reul
property, situated iu U'ullown County,
Oiction, and beginning at the north
west corner of the south half of Lot
numbered Seven in JJIock "U" in
Lost ine, Oregon ; thence wet Twenty
four feet; thence south to the line f
the Oi untv Itoial ; tbence east Tweul -
four feet to tl,e southwest corner of I. t f
Numbered Kight of said I'lock "II" ;j
thence north to the place of beginning.
Jou', tlieretore, tiv virtue cf said
order of
tlieretore, ty virtue ct said e: -
, judgment order, decree anil F-
f sale iiml in compliance with r
iniauds ot said writ, 1 will, on A
ly, the 27th dav of June, 1008, p
hi the hour of ten o'clock A. at the
froi.t door of the (Jomitv Court House,
in Enterprise, in said Count v anil
State, sell at public auction, subject to
redemption, to the highest bidder for
i ash in hand, all of tlie right, title, in
terest and cquit'- which the within
named defendants, or cither of t heni,
had :,n the date of the mortgage here
in, or have since acquired, in and to
the above dicribed real property or
any part Ih.-reof, to satisfy said exe
cution, judgment order and decree,
with interest, coMs and all accruing
Dated this 2."th dav of Mav, 11108.
lit") J. M. I'.l.iki-i.v, '
Sheriff of Wallowa County, Oregon.
T A Marvin to Mary K Smith, a tract
i'l no no sec lo, tin, r 12, containing
5.22 a. 30;.
K V Stubiilelield to Geo S Craig, a
tract containing 8,13 acres commencing
at lie cor of blk 32, Gardner's add to
Kuteri lise. 8400.
J Ij Max-well to .Lis II Maxwell, half
interest in tract iu sw nw sec 13, t 1 n, r
42. $200.
G C Clark to Nannie A Austin, lot 12,
blk I) in i'loia. $-"i0.
N II lirainht to K K John son, lie nw
sec. 2H, t 2 n, r 42, except standing tim
ber which is reserved, but has to be re
move' within ten years from date of
deed. $1.
Frank Callahan to J K lloutdict s, sw
nw nw sw and s half sw sec 24, t 4 n, r
44 e. $1.
Susio A Holmes et. id to J D Ilalsey, a
tract commencing at sw cor of. blk 30 of
Marcher's Amended add to Enterpiise.
Leonard Conch to J V Morelnck, hoi d
for deed, s half blk li), Uesidence add to
Wallowa. '$300.
J M iilakelv
heriff, to It C Mays,
tax deed, lots
Lost ine. f '-'c.
C 1. Melquist to J A Masters,,!,, half
interest in ne sec 2S, t 1 s, r 43. 63l'0.
Jas II Hudson to S I! Wiiranison, s
half sw sec 17 and n li . If n .v sec 20, t 1
s, r 44. $!)0.
1! I! I'.oyd to L Couch, half interest in
sw sw sec 15, n half nw aud se nw see
22, se se and w half se sec 10. Also
tract in se sw sec 15, 1 n, r 42. $1725.
I S IJ 1! to l liircnce Sprague, sw of
ne see 32, t 3 ii, r 41.
Florence Sprague to Crossett. Tinilvi
Co, sw ne sec 32, t 3 o, r 41. !?!.
U S Pat to Win C liiohardson, e ha'f
sw and w half su sec 34, I 4 n, r 43 e.
I' S Put to Mary F. Hichardson, se ne
and e half se see 34 and sw sw, see 35, t
4 n r 43 e.
C S Pat to A C ltudd. sw nw, w half
sw ai d ne sw sec 27, t 4 n, r 42 e.
1" S IV. t to Martha J lleagan, n half
: nw ar.d sw nw sec 23 and se ne, sec 22,
t 2 n, r 12.
I' S Pat to Paul Monro, e half ne and
I ne se sec 32 and nw sw sec 33, t 0 n, r
43 e.
U S Pat to Nathaniel Hamilton, ne
sec t ,! s r 4o e.
Ira F. McNutt to F C Garl.ke, s half
of s I id' of nw of ne of Sec 15, t 1 n. r
42 e. 81.
I truce 1! Boyd to J 1' Sanders, lots 7
and 8, blk 10, town of Enterprise.
$5i :o.
Oi-cir and Gertie Coleman to S M
and Gussie Crow, lots 15 and 10, and
4 .'.j ft off n side of lot, 14, in blk 15, in
town of I.ostine. $300.
-Maggie Russell Conklin to William
Russell Sr, se ne and ne se and sw nw
of sec 22, t 2 n. r 41 e. $L.
John F Curtiss to Fred'k Shi pperii,
ne of ne, si c 27, t 4. r 42 e. 81.
Slate of Oregon to Ella Roberts, s
half ne and n half se sec 13, t 1 n r -15
e. 8200.
State of Oregon to I. 1) Roberts, nw
u l.a,f sw and sw of sw sec 10, I 1 n, i
45 c. $350.
V. S R 1! to A W Johnsr n, sw sw see
11, nw nw sec 14, and ne ne sec 15 in t
1 n, r 47 e.
Fred A Wagner to Hannah J Fay, a
portion of lot 0 of sec 1, t 2 s, r 4 4.
81 out).
F S Put to Olof Anderson, w half se
and e half sw of sec 31, t 5 u, -r 43 e.
F S Pat to Ira E McNutt, se sec 0, t 3
n, r -12 e.
I' S Pat to Lillian Spence, w.half ne
nw so and ne sw sec 28, 1 1 n, r 42 e.
F S Pat to Henry Spence, se sw and
s half se sec 28 aud sw sw sec 27, t 1 n,
r 42 e.
V S Pat to Joseph E Phipps, e Lit f
nw and l half sw sec 25, 1 1 :i, r 43 e.
"C'reful Banking Insures the S.'ft'ty of Deposits."
Depositors Have That Guarantee at
CAPITAL $50,(00
SUKPl.l'S $10,000
Ve Do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities.
Geo. V. Hyatt. President
Geo. S. Craig, Vice President Fratil
V. 11. Holmes, C-ihier
Reavis, Asst. Cashier
S. Cu.mo
G. I'KNXKl.l,
W. R
llot.M i:s
"A. G."
High Grade Percheron
Will make the season of 100S at the
ranch of linker I'.ros , on Swamp
Creek, 7 miles north of Enterprise.
$8 To Insure Colt
'A. C." is a liiindsn.iic black gray,
3 years old in May, aud weighs
1500 pounds.
TEWELF.RS carry South
- Bend Vatches. That
ought to be good enough
evidence that tliey are best
for you. We know and we
will rovc to you for Hie ask
ini? that no other watch you
can buy will give you such
complete satisfaction. We will
show you why they stand tests
thnt other watches cannot, and
how you can save money tu buy
li:u a South BMid Watch now.
Just ask us and see. No obliga
tion to purchase.
Tiiq Enterprise Jeweler.
Hydraulic and Irrigation EmgLnecr
A $103,009 Bank.
Hon. .1. II. Dobbin, the well known
sheep man aud capitalist of Prairie
Creek has bought a block of stock n
the Wallowa National Rank of Enter
prise. The charter of Ihh lank will
be renewed July 1, and the sur,il 8
,'lllld uiohnblv increased !to SiO.OO.l,
which with the 850,000 capital block, i
advances tlie Wallowa National f j
Enterprise to tlie ranks of the f I00,0t,0
Ilniise Paiiilins
l'a:ri;:sc l'ainling
Paper Ilansins
L'p-lo-Dale Sibils
Show (.'arils
I'KTl KK frames
Shop and Repository
Harness and Saddles
Will supply vour needs iu Hie Leather Goo.ls line more cheaply and
give belter satisfaction than any other dealer in Wallowa enmity.
Let him lit you out for the season's work. Repair work a speciali.-.
Information Concerning Eighth Grade
Final Examinations.
Ilijihi'st Market
Vricc for
lliiles anil Pells
H'OXL 20
$15 CASH $15
To the three Pupils of Wal
lowa County Sjclmols wlio
Ijrinf! the largest number of
their Buster Brown Ads cut
form the News Kecoimj to
W. J. FUNK & co:s
ftore liy NoveinVier 1, l'JfW.
Cut out the ada each week
anil have all jour fi'eiuls save
ails for you. They are found
only in the News Hkcokd.
I. Dales: 'a) .lanii'iry 24. RKW:
(b) May 14, 15, l'JUS ; () June 11, 1J,
i. Program:
a Thursdays Arithmetic, Writing,
History and Civil Goverjnnenl.
b Friday! -Grammar, Physiology,
Geography and Spelling. !
3. Sources of liuest'inns: j
a Geography State Course of j
Study, Keih'ay and Hiunaii'Hl
Natural Kchool tieography.
b B pelliiig lOiglity per cent, from;
deed's ol'il Lessons, nodi
twenty ier cent from miiiiu
script in Language. I
C Wriling Speciinen of penman
ship js indicated in copied mat- i
ter an t from manuscript iu j
d Language Huehler's: Iod"-n :
English Grammar, nodiagia
ming. 1
e' Civil tiovernment United States;
Constitution. .
f History List of topics from His
tory Outline in State Course of
Study and Cum nl. Events
Notice: feaeucr preparing clas'-Os
for examinations will please notify
j county Hiipfrintendi'iit ;) days before
examimtliou according to law.
I J. W. Kkiink,
County SuperiliteiKtcnt of Schools.
Wallowa. Appleton, Flora !o Paradise,
From Paradise, Flora mil Appleton lo Wallowa,
Gooil accommodations, courteous treatment and r asoiinb'.e rates.
Leaves Wallowa at li a. in.
E. W. SOUTHW1CK, Prcprietor.
Red Front Livery
Feed Stable
First Class Accommodations
Best of Hay and Grain
boswell a m
Ihe in -
sal in
Pain inchest.
Distress in
-rritrri TUT 1 Ji 1
b i a v ir w,- ji m i h. rt u'.i un tr a. . iiiw
4 Sm' "aV Take mm
h f4; pp of lh6 ytHe Tablets 1
4. ' and the Pain is Gone. K
If you have
Try One
They Relieve Pain
Quickly, leaving no
bad After-effects
25 Dose
25 Cents
Never Sold in Bulk
the same months in l07 of l,!M,0-"7

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