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Professional Directory
Business Cards
J he JeWs pccord
Physicians anrf Surgeons
I Knrmerly tlio "'iiltown Nc, Kwuibllvhcd Mar -h i, lMHi. Xeu-itIo heiron April SO, 1(107
I Published every Thursday at Fmerprise, Oregon ,
Park Items
J satisfaction of said execution and all I
I costs and accruing cos a In the roan-'
I'lllllislltTH I
I'liytticlan and Surgeon
Independent i'hnne.
Office up stairs in Bank Bldg.
KlIti-KNl Ml I he I ; II rTllt prMKltlice HK HCCOtlii-l'iDyR 1U; tter.
Physician and Surgeon,
Attorneys-at-1. art ;v
Attorney - at - Law
Office First, Dnor South New
Fraterntl Building
.1. A. IliirMisli
Daniel lloyd
Burleiqh k Boyd
Will practice in all the Courts of
tli Ih State mid before the Interior
Ullll ItH Olllct'H.
The iiI'ihI careful attention
given to all business entrusted
to our care.
Enterprise, Oregon.
When Passing On The Lewis
tci, Road, Stop At The
Sled Springs Hotel.
Plenty of Stal.le Hoot...
S. . CONNER. Proprietor.
Stock Inspector for Wallowa
Fruit Trees From
Myers' Spray Pomps
Pruning Hools and Saws
Before buying nursery stock or
iiurMery supplies of any kind
write me for prices.
One year f 1.50; three in nth ?() ccnti- cash in advance.
Xotk: Coder ' he new no-Hal regulations, subscription toa weekly newspaper
must be di-continued tit end of a year or pay one cent postage nu each
pper. Mil! in -a ns in practical working, a cash husis. Fvery subscriber
of yjif News Uemrd will be notified the first of the month in which bis
subscription expires, and it no renewal in received by the last day of that
month the mime is taken fioui our lists.
VtTv Aiivkictisini; Rath: Hernia" subscribers may have a second copy sent
I outside Wallowa county for $ba year.
Resolutions, curds of tharks, obituary poetry, and notices of entertainments the
object or M hieb is, pecuniary gain (outride pule news uientton) are charged
5 cents a line.
Want Co loi n : Notices in V'nnt column on first page are charged 1 cent a word
f one insertion, or A cents a word 4 insertions, Minimum charge 15 cents.
Oath with order.
It Is Up to You
W hether von wear your suit look
hiC dirty and shabby or whether it
shall he in No. 1 conditio!:. The
price is $l."0 for cleaning and press
ing a suit at tlm
Ent rprise Cleaning and
Pressing Works
Two Iioor Went of City Bakery.
IlIiiIIKST CASH 1MUCK paid for Id
rats. Must he clean and huge. ,ewn
Itecnrd otlice.
I.ineed nil and Ininplilack for sheep
Itiiu kluu Ht Hartshorn & Keltm r's.
Editorial fage.
irxii 25
Taft and Shermfvi
The expected happened. W'lliatn TTowaiu Taft, secretary of war,
was nominated for president y the Republican convention in Chicago
last week. Taft is a giant phy-icilly and those who know him host
say he is us big mentally a? in outward proportions. Re that as it
may. he has certainly filled to splendid satisfaction all of the 'many
jobs he lias been assigned daring the last ten years Better even than
that, he has shown an independence of spirit and a disposition to do
what he thought was right, regardless of personal consequences. In
this lie is like his friend and chief admiier, Theodore Roosevelt.
There will he panegyrics innumerable ahout "Hill'1 Taft hetween
now and Novcinher, and we'll not waste your and our time now hy
writing one. It is enough to nay Mr raft is a big, brany and above
all an honest man. In our judgment he is stronger in most any aspect
than In its a candidate. Somehow the people don't take to Taft.
Just why U not known. When we say people we do ntv have reference
i to th htborjjnion voters or the negroo. hull) of whlot.l clauses, for reae,
aim that reflect no credit on themselves, are opposed to Tft, Voters
generally, the plain people iwmphow luck confiiltnnie in Taft being the
man to stand off the approaches of predatory wealth In Its desperate
struggle to rehiin ltsVlutch on the throat of government, already partly
looted by a Roosevelt, a La Follette, a Folk and a Landis.
Toft has no odds on Bryan jn being big, brainy and honest. The
one who can best prove to the vc ters ijs invulnerability to the siren
voice of tho "ln'flw.'FS interests" (Wall Street gam) tiers) will win in
The nomination of James Schoolcraft Sherman for vice president
was a political blunder. A respectable, rich banker of Utica, N. V., he
will add not a vcitt to the ticket whre it will need voles in November.
Personally honest, he has shown in his congressional career the
rank partisanship f at makes one stand for anything with his arty
label on. The country is tired of such men. His nomination has
put Ind una, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan in the list of
doubtful slates.
Unexcelled Dairy Country
The following from a Portland news letter is especially aj plicable
to Wallowa county in the hay and dairy part: "1'.I08 will register the
greatest crop of lu rries and cherries that Oregon has ever produced
Quality is magnificent, quantity almost unlimited, and while human
ity is enjoying this fruit the maturing hay crop insures a big increase
in the dairy output, which has been greatly benefitted by as good
spring pastur s s were ever known in thia section. Residents of the
no:thwest should take pains to see that their eastern country friends
are made familiar with the unequalled conditions which make dairy
ing so profitable here."
The first fame of the "Wallowa county" came from its nutritious
grasses. It was called the stockman'? paradise 'y the farmers in Ut
ion county 20 to !I0 years ago. And it is the same qualities of soil and
water that today make the Wallowa valley the best dairy region of ajl
the Inland Kmpire, th'ongh the business here is yet in its infancy.
Dairying is immensely profitable under piesent conditions, but
when the niilmad lowers transportation rates, the liffercnce being
added to t he pi ice the dairyman receive for his butter fat, the progress
in that induMry will be by leaps and bound. Then will the efforts of
the Wallowa Valley Cream company, and especially Its president, J
W. liickh r I. bear golden fruits and thousands and thousands of dol
lars monthly will pourii.to this valley to piiy for the butter fat ship
ped from here.
Today, rqilendid dairy farms can still tie bought at a comparatively
small price; then those same farms will be held at dairy country vi l-
ues. 1 he men who invest in dairying during the next twelve months
will be the ones to reap the harvest.
Oregon's Forbidden Empire.
A condiiii-n of affairs cinstitutinir the ureaiest crim am'n.i iu
state of Oregon, is graphically set forth in the following editorial from
the Pendleton East Orcgonian:
"Like tlie walle I city of Pekin. into whose secret strpet and u,h'.,.l
whose sacied veils the vulgar eyes of the world could not gaze, the for
bidden empire of central Oregon, held in the urasn of th mi'itarv. ,..,)
corporations, bar he,i doni.-d to the hotne-liungry thousands who have
come lo the west in search of land.
"Hut slowly that forhUldttn empire is beini nnenei! t.i l
noiiieseeKer. tear ny year the vast domain held us booty by the laud
grabbing corporations which have ravaged the state in the past, i
being wrested from their grasp and placed within reach of settleis and
soon like the walled city of Pekin, the adventurous spirits of the West
will have looked upon and admired the most secret recesif of this
''Room for millions in centl Oregon; room for cities, railroad.
manufacturing enterprises, vast Industrial development; romn for h
rich new state, as it were, is to be found in the great domain of central
' The big c irporations which are now holding it fur speculation
will be forced by the very overwhelming tide of settlement to disgorge
'I bey will be forced by the insistent demand for honns to unlock that
empire and permit the' waiting Hoods of liomeseeker-. to pour into its
i-ivitiiiK valleys where a new civilisation will he founded in the heart ..f
the dcert
- ?
The wo isfjoinrtut and the money will soon be coming in
Truly Wallowa comity j ih "Jand.uf .otmortui.itv wlier .t,.li..
tluw on the -hccp'ti liu.'ks,
Fruit-t, June 23.
A baby girl arrived at the home of
Nicholas -Musty, recently.
A so.i anived to gulden the
home of J. E. Actoi, June ISth.
Walter L. Beith Is Impro-ing an1
will soon be able to attend to ba.d-ne.-i.-i.
Thomas Rich has bought the out
put of the HotchkUs orchard be;ta:
known as the Adams place.
The telephone line is aboat oie
third completed and the crew is at
work and expect more hep the last
of the week.
The round-up boys report a rough
job owing to the late rains. The
fi -st range beat from our section 1j
briing gathered.
While iVr3. W. G. Be'th and her
father were driving home P'riday, the
team became frightened and rai
away. Airs. Beith and little Dnld
were thrown violently to the ground
but sustained no serious lajury.
i also one of niv Farms. It. t). Sanford,
I'd miles 8. W. of linU'rprise. 4(itf
i.er as provided by slid J.tdsment j ' imothv Hay, oats, uye iitnl r.eiiey,
and decre'3. ,
Dated this 20th day of Jim 3, 1101.
Sheriff of Wallowa County, O.ejui
MI Mi SLABS, stove length, on
; Alder Klope. Inquire of (). J. Hoe.
I Former T. R. Akms far;:i. Home
phono. Hi f.
N tie of Sheriff's Sale.
the Circuit Court of the State
Oregon for W allowa County.
John (i. In . m ..., l i.iititi.;'
Farms and town r pertv for sale or
rent. Will trade, for good horses.
Stock ranches ar.d timber land cheap
(ienenil real estate business. T. M.
Littleton, first door so'ith of L O. O. F.
building, Enterprise, Oregon. 8tf
Excursion Rates.
(iKI.DIXGS Matched span of 1200
Notice, is hereby uiven that at the j pound geldings; one nice 4 year old
last general eh etion held June 1, IMS, gelding weight lUT.i pounds. Also a
a vote was bud for and against swine 1 , t.
rumiin-at large, as petitioned Vr bvl'H" "f '"""Vy i year old colts,
more than 1UII legal voters of Wallowa I Sanford, Knterprise Oregon. Htf
county, Oregon. I
tin; vote as duly canvassed and
abstracted according to law, and there
appea ed against swine runninis at
hi rue, Xo. l.'ZH votes; for swine running
at huge, Yes, votes. It is therefore
hereby declared by the Court that t in
rcwlt of said election for the etnire
county was against swine running at
Ir ge.
It is therefore hereby considered mid
ordered by tbe court that, the running
at large of swine is hereby absolutely
forbid !eu and prohibited' within the
iimi's of ,-niil Wallowa county, Oregon,
on, from and after sixty days from the
date of the tiit publication of this
notice, uuder penalty of live dollars for
first offense, ten dolhirs for each and
every subsequent offense, to be recov
ered from the owner of the swine bv
civil action in the if a in e of the state, of
Oregon. S, cec. 4240, V-1. 2, B. AC.
Codes mid Statutes of Oregon.
Kate of tir.-t publication, June 11,
ii)0 j.a. Frkncu.
"tS County Clerk.
To Medford, Ore.. June 23 to 23,
one and one-third fare; account A.
O. U. V Portland, July 21-23, on a
and one-third fare; account Willam
eUe Valiey Chautauqua assembly at
Gladstone Park, Ore., July 7-19, one
ar.d one-third far? for round trip. Ac
CQUnt meating Dlit, Canference Gar
man Baptist Brethren, at Po.tanl,
Ore., July 16-21, one and one-thiri
fare; Hqrtlcut.ural aasoclation. Dalle i,
Ore., June 30, one and one-third fare.
All above rates wilt be made o.i cer
tificate plan.
H. H. Weathers.-oan, Ajan'.
Game Laws.
Any person knowing of any violation
of the game or fish laws of tlie state, oj
of persons not properly keeping screens
over irrigation ditches', are requested to
notify Joe Clbmons,
Deputy State Came and Forestry War
den, Zumwalt. Oregon. 42tf
Notice is hereby given that under
and by virtue of a writ of exeautioi
Issued out of the Circuit Court of the
State of Oregon, fqr the County o
Wallowa, under the sjal taarjof,
dated the 7th day of Ausuat, ia)G,
and to me. dli'e.cte,d and dejiver-ed, up
on a Judgment aid detrea rendered
and entered In said, court on the 23rd
day of July, 1906, In favor of S. E.
Miller as plaintiff, and a?a!n3t H
Achurch and James L. Hammank,
partners as Achurch & Hammuck,
Gertrude Hammack, wire of Jamei
L. Hammack, B, T. Hauimut-k, aad
Effle Hammack, his wife, and the
First Bank of Joseph, as defendant!,
whereby the plaintiff did recover
a personal judgment and deerae
against the defendants, H. Ac'uurch
and Jaine3 L. Hammack and each
Of th?m for the sum of $2713,40
with Interest thereon from the 23rd
day of July, 1908, af. the rate of
te l per ce.it per annum, and the fur
ther sum of $220.00 as attorney's feas
and his costs and disbursements tax
ed at $29.40; and whareby tin de
fendant, tha Frst Bank of Joseph re
covered a personal judgment and de
cree against the defeuda it, B. T.
Hammack for the sum of $22).00 wltl
interest thereon from the 23rd day of
July, 1906, at the rate of 10 per cant
per annum, the further sum or $40.00
as attorney's fees and its costs a d
disbursements taxed at $ ; aid
whereby It was aJ adgad and de
creed that the moUgage executel hy
II. Achurch In the name of Achurch
& Hammapk to the plain iff, S, E.
Miller, dated March 23rd, 1001, upon
the following described real prope:ty,
to wit : Lots Six, Seven. E;ht aid
Nine In Block Tea li the original
town site of Joieph, Wal'oA-a Com'y,
Ql'tigon, should be foracloial and
w)ieriy t wa further adjudge I and
decreed ttjat the lnoi'tsage glvei by
B. T. Hammack a id Effio Hamma k
to the defendant, the First Bank of J
Joieph, da'.ei the I2lh day of Ap;il,
1905, uppii the following deiciioa.lj
rsl property, to-wit: Lo a Six i
Seven, Eight nd Nhi In Bock T'"
In the original town sits of -Joseph,
Wallowa County, Oregon, sio ill be
foreclosed; and whereby it was ad
judged and decreed that the sail de
scribed real property be sold by the
t-'heiirt of Walloa County, Ore;oi,
lo satisfy said judgments and de
nejs and all coats.
Thererore, I will oi Saturday, thJ
gjift day of July. 1903, a'- the houi
of 'en Q'olock n the forenoon of that
day, at the front door of the Co in
ty court bouse In the C(ty of Enter
prlss. Wallow pointy, Oregon, sell
all the right, title, i itsrest and est .te
which said de'e idants or either of
them and alt persons claiming or to
claim by, through or under the.n or
tlther of them hal on the 23rJ day
of March. 1904, or since hive had.
or now have. In and to the above de
scribed real property, and e.-ery put)
thereof at public auction to the hlsh-j
Mt fidder for cash In hand, the pro j
cenls of said a.'.le to be applied in'
In Pest Business in
the County for
2u0 acres on Imnaha
KiO acres on Ohesnimnus -
100 acret 3 miles from town
Bargains in Town Property
In Best Companies.
EN Tli 11 Pit I SIS, OREGON.
ames 1.. Hatuiuack, Gertrude Ham
mack, lleoige B. Bales, Laura K.
Hales, Samuel H. (.uiskill ami Ina
iaki!l, Defendants,
ity virtue of an execution, judgment
order and dec.n e duly issued out. of and
miller the sea1 of the above entitled
court, in the ; bov entitleii cause, to
nie directed . iu delivered, ami . dated
the ioth day .1 May 1UUH, upon n
judgment and dei ree entered m said
court on tlie 11th day of May, l!li 8, in
favor of the above named plaintiff and
against the above i. amed di feiidants
for the sum of $325 50, together with
interest thereon at tlib rate of ten per
cent per ii ii u ii in from said date; the
further sum of $13.i!3, with interest
thereon at. the rate of ten per cent per
annum from said date; tlie further
sum of $3o Ull attorney's fees; and the
further sum of $38,110 costs and dis
bursements and the costs of ami rpiui
this writ, commanding me to make
sale of tbe following desi ribed leal
property, situated in Wallowa County,
Oiexon, and beginning at the north
west corner of the south half of Lot
numbered tSeven in Block "II" in
Losline, Oregon ; thence wet Twenty
four feet; thence south to the line of
the Oi unty Koad ; thence east Twenty
four feet to the southwest corner of Lot
Numbered Fight of said Block "H";
thence north to the placo of beginning.
Now, therefore, by virtue of said ex
ecution, jtidgmeut order, decree and
order of sale and in compliance with
the conimauds ot said writ, 1 will, on
Saturday, the 27th day of June, 1308,
at the hour of ton o'clock A. M. at the
from door of the Countv Court House,
in Enterprise, in said Countv and
State, sell at public auction, subject to
redemption, to tie highest bidder for
i ash in hand, all of the right, title, in-'
terest and equitv which the within
named defendants, or either of them,
had on the date of the mortgage here
in, or have since acquired, in and to
the above den-ribed real property or
any part thereof, to satisfy said exe
cution, judgment order and decree.
wiin interest, costs ami all
Dated this 23th dav of Mavs 1908.
5t5 .). M. Bimkki.y, '
Sheriff of Wallowa County, Oregon.
New and Second - Hand
Furniture, Stoves, Dishes, Kitchen Uten
sils. Miners' supplies picks, shovels,
drills. Highest Market Price for Furs, Hides and Pelts.
Real Estate Dealer
Mitchell Hotel Block JOSEPH. OREGON
mmm im and feed stable
Horses Boarded by Day, Week or Month '
Good Care of all Stock.
One Block East of Court House.
J. C. SHACKLEFORD, Proprietor.
Joseph - Elgin Stage Co.,
Tariff and Rate Sheet of Fares from Enterprise:
P2fepti7 on ard after September 1. 1907.
v': . t , One Way Bound Trip
Lnterprtse to Joseph ,75 125
" Lostine-
1 00-
. " Wallowa 1.75
" Canyon House 2 f()
" Elgin 4.00
1 75
8 00
Hhwukk allowan. 40 pounds for each full ,,hl Tare. Kxcesa buirgoBe
rates same us old tariff. 'nfcfcfce
Ma-'es.H.niieeih.nH with tge at Walh.wa for Promise 011 Tii.s.Ihv.
1hl.rsdys ,,.,d Sal..rday For Flora. Paradise t.1,,1 At, Ni W, I , ,'
Monday,,, Wednesday and Fridays. Curries C.K. Mall and KxprW,. '
F.D. McCULLY, Pres. E. W. RUMBLE, Mtv

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