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The Great Spring Medicine
' In thousands of homes, for more than thirty years, Hood's Sarsaparilla
lias been taken, as a Spring Medicine, by every member of the family.
Peculiar to Itself in what it is and what it does, it combines the best
blood purifiers, appetizers and tonics, and effects complete cures of
Spring Ailments all blood diseases, pimples, eruptions, eczema,
scrofula, all stomach, liver and kidney complaints, loss of appetite, that
tired feeling, all low or run-down conditions of the system.
Hood's Saxsaparffla effects its wonderful cures, not simply because it
contains sarsaparilla, but because it 'combines the utmost remedial values
of more than 20 different ingredients, each greatly strengthened and en
riched by this peculiar combination. These ingredients are the very rem
edies that successful physicians prescribe for the same diseases and ail-
tients. There is no real substitute for Hood's Sarsaparilla. If urged to
uy any preparation said to be "just as good," you may be sure it is in
ferior, costs less to make, and yields the dealer a larger profit.
Begin taking Hood's Sarsaparilla today, in the usual liquid'form or in
the chocolated tablets known as Sarsatabs. 100 Doses One Dollar.
Young Turks to Depose Abdul
and Enthrone Mohammed.
Hundreds Poured Into Foreign Em
bassy for Protection Parliament
To Issue Formal Decree.
Wasted Year. '
Nan So, after six years' courtship, all
Is off between Tim and Tiny.
Fan Yes; they loved not wisely, but
too platonically.
If You Have Common Sore Eyes,
if lines blur or run together, you need
druggists or Howard Bros., Buffalo,
Another Horror.
"Speakin about this 'ere tariff," said
the man with the bulbous nose, "it makes
all the difference In the world whose
socks is gored."
TYPEWRITERS. "New Visible Yet." All make
rebuilt like new. at second-hand prices. Two Hmilh-Dena.-R
mlngton from fc to (45. Supplies for all
make. Machines rented. 12 to S3.50 monthly. The
Typewriter Exchange. 256 Montgomery. San Francisco
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow-s Boothtng
Byrup the beat remedy to use for their chlldrea
during the teething period.
Uncle Zeb (looking over bill of fare)
Henry, how do you order hog and hom
iny at a fust class rest'rant?
City Nephew You don't, uncle.
CITC St. Yltna' Dance ana J orvcras lilaeaaea perma
I 1 1 J neatly eared by Dr. i ine'e Great Nerve Re
storer. Send for TREE $1.00 trial bottle and treatise.
Dr. B. H. Kline, Ld.. sal Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Plaint of a Poatmaater.
There's many a first-class office
That goes to a fourth class slob ;
While all that a first class man can get
la a 'measly fourth class job.
Pain and swelling seldom indicate
internal organic trouble. They are
usually the result of local cold or in
flammation which can be quickly re
moved by a little Hamlins Wizard Oil.
Try and see.
"Tea, I 'know him. He has wheels !n
his head." ,
"They must be Ferris wheels, then.
He wears a No. 8 hat
of the California Fig Syrup Co. and thi
scientific attainments of its chemists hav
rendered possible the production of Syru;
of Figs and Elixir of Senna, in all of it
excellence, by obtaining the pure medi
inal principles of plants known to act most
beneficially and combining them most
skillfully, in the right proportions, with
its wholesome and refreshing Syrup of
California Figs.
As there is only one genuine Syrup of
Figs and Elixir of Senna and as the gen
uine is manufactured by an original
method known to the California Fig Syrup
Co. only,' it is always necessary to buy the
genuine to get its beneficial effects.
A knowledge of the above facts enables
one to decline imitations or to return them
if, upon viewing the package, the full name
of the California Fig Syrup Co. is not found
printed on the front thereof
No. 18-09
HEN writing to advertiser please
mention this paper.
Many Odors and Germs May Be Die
pensed With by Their Use.
Ex-President Roosevelt's farmers'
commission, appointed for the nuroose
of investigating and reporting upon the
conditions oi tne great farming indus
try of out country, found that one of
the greatest disadvantages the farming
community has to contend with, owing
io tne absence or proper sewerage, was
the unsanitary conditions surrounding
the homes.
Now this same condition prevails not
only upon the farm but also in small
towns and suburbs of cities where there
are no sewers or water works, and
where the people have to depend upon
wells for their water supply.
Usually these homes have a well at
the rear of the house, near the kitchen
door. A few feet further will nrobab-
ly be an old style toilet, standing over
an un walled vault dug a few feet into
the ground. The greasy waters and
slops from the kitchen are either con
veyed by a pipe from the sink to a hole
in the ground, or empited into the back
yard to putrify and from which the
swarms of flies, attracted by the ob
noxious oders from this decaying mass
on the ground and in the toilet, carry
disease and death into the house, as
Dees carry pollen from flower to flower.
In the winter seasons we do not have
the germ carrying flies to pollute our
food, but we have an agent equally as
uad in the rains, which saturate the
earth and carry the seepage from these
polluted places down through the
ground, uniting with and constantly
contaminating tbe well water with ty
phoid and other germs.
All of these dangers can be overcome
at a comparatively small expense by
the installation of a properly designed
and constructed ' septic tank, with a
glazed vetrified sewerage system con
necting the house and toilet with the
same. The tank being practically
buried in the ground and hermatically
sealed, with the inlet and outlet pipes
beneath the water, there can be no
oders escape from it Even the water
from the outlet, or overflow, of the
tank is clear, odorless and germless,
all of which are owing-to the fact that
the specific gravity of all vegetable
and animal matter entering the tank
with its germs, odors, etc., cause it to
float to the surface of the water, which
is always maintained at a considerable
distance above the overflow. Here it
floats undisturbed while in it certain
microbes develop which devour and de
stroy it A system of this kind can be
put in without investing in high priced
plumbing goods or the services of a
plumber, aa it is constructed principal
ly of concrete and sewer piping. Any
handy man should be able to install it
If a septic tank system was properly
installed at such places as described in
this article, those homes would be as
sanitary as a home in the city.
' To Breaf: In New Shoes.
Always shake in Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder,
(t cures hot, sweating, aching, swollen feet,
Lures corns, lnerowinu nails and bunions. At
ill druggists and shoe steres, c. Dont accept
my substitute. SamplcmailedPREK. Address
alien o. uimsteu, uo itoy, Pi. X.
Tbe greatest known depths of the ocean
are six miles, while the greatest mountain
heights known are about fire and a balf
miles. ,
Cnnatnntinnnln. Anril 21. Fitrhtinc
hptarean thn nrmv of invpat.mant under
General Mahmoud Schefket and part of
tne troops faithful to the sultan began
at 5 :45 this moraine; in the southwest
part of Pera near Yildiz Kiosk.
Constantinople, April 24. The ad
vance of the concentrated army of in
vestment was begun last night While
the favored troops of : the Constantino
ple garrison were giving homage to the
sultan An Yildiz hill, there was a for
ward movement of the Constitutional
forces to within two and one-half miles
of the Yildiz Kiosk. Cavalry went
out to reconnoiter and soldiers were
sent to picket the bridge across the
Sweet Waters.
There was a great panic. Shopkeep
ers in a large part of Pera put up their
shutters. British Ambassador Low
thers was caught in the swirling crowd
near the embassy and hundreds of fran
tic persons poured into the embassy
compound, imploring asylum. The
gates of the embassy were closed with
flifficulty, but it was late in the after-
oon before the refugees were reassur
ed and sent homeward.
A dispatch from Salonica declares
that after a consultation of Schefket
Pasha and the assembly with Moham
med Rechad Effendi, heir apparent to
the throne, it was decided to demand
that the Sheik-Ul-Islam issue a decree
proclaiming Mohammed Rechad Effendi
"kiirTiliiiiiiBtm aw m m m - wmmm 1
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your Grocer
A GUARANTEE With Each Pair
of GLASSES if You Get Them of
Professional Optician
Why take chances when I test your eyes and grind each par
ticular lens to fit the eye, relieving absolutely nine-tenths of
all eye strain, causing headache, dizziness, nauseating of
stomach, pains in back of head or blurring of reading at
night Get a pair of the celebrated
The lens that produces the soft blue light Absolutely the
only city agent They relieve all aches and pains due to the
work under gas, sun or electric light Agent for the KAY
DEE and SHUR-ON EYEGLASSES. Send in your old
glasses and get them duplicated in a new frame and see the
Save This Coupon and Get 10 Per Cent on Same
173 Fourth St, Y. M. C A. Bldg., Portland
Small Opening Made in Niagara With
Youngstown, N. Y.. Anril 23. A
breach was made today in the great
ice jam which for ten days has held
the lower Niagara in its grip and
caused damage estimated at $1,000,-
Engineer Kunz and his men ham
mered away and at 5 o'clock the blast
from 150 pounds of dynamite sent a
tiny rivulet trickling through the east
side of the jam. At dusk further ex
plosions and the ceaseless grinding of
the floating ice bad broadened the
trickle to a bold young stream.
Engineer Kunz expects that the
channel will be widened during the
night, and that by morning there will
be a broad avenue.
Tbe dynamiting attracted less than
500 spectators. Some chunks of ice
buried themselves a foot in the earth.
One crashed through the roof of the
pumping station.
The main mass of the ice from the
mouth of the river, 10 miles north, is
apparently as solid as masonry. About
100 feet from the shore a narrow chan
nel is swiftly running. About 80 feet
north of the head of this channel is a
good acre of green water streaked with
chunks of ice.
The jam is of appalling proportions.
It is 12 miles in . length and in many
places 60 feet in depth, and represents
millions of tons and a strength power
enough to annihilate the four villages
along its border, if it should start to
go out all at once. Another element
of horror is its pestilential nature.
Mingled with the slushy ice cast high
on the banks is a week's sewage from
the cities along the Niagara frontier.
Directors of A.-Y.-P. Plan to Keep
Open Seven Days a Week.
Seattle, April 24. The Alaska-Yu
kon-Pacific directors today voted upani
mously to open the fair gates on Sun
day. On week days the fair will be
open from 8 a. m. until midnight; on
Sundays from 1 p. m. until midnight
The same agitation against Sunday
opening that every fair in the United
States has encountered was met by
this exposition, but as the Federal gov
ernment made no loan to the Seattle
fair, settlement of the ' question was
left not to congress, but to the direct
Today's decision permits Sunday
opening of the "Pay Streak," which
was the chief, point of attack by the
United Clergymen. Under the state
law the amusement enterprises muBt
be conducted quietly on Sunday, with
out "ballyhoo." The government
building will not be open, and such of
the exhibitors as desire to close will be
permitted to do so, but it is believed
all the state buildings will be open.
Says Uncle Sam Plans Conquest of
South America.
St Nazaire, April 24. The steam
ship Versailles, with Cipnano Castro,
the deposed president of Venezuela,
aboard, arrived here at daylight Be
fore Senor Castro left his cabin he sent
for a newspaper correspondent and,
sitting up in bed with a nightcap on
his head, delivered a long and rambling
harangue. His remarks were directed
principally against the United States
for "playing into the hands of his ene
mies in Venezuela and sending war
ships to follow his movements."
He declared Venezuela was lost if
the people submitted like slaves to for
eign meddling.
When asked regarding his future
plans, the deposed president said he
bad made none, as be considered him'
self a prisoner of war.
Delays In Graft Trials.
Los Angeles, April 24. The cases
of ex-Chief of Police Thomas H.
Broadhead and ex-Pol ice Commissioner
Samuel Schenck, growing out of indict
ments by the recent grand jury investi
gating the redlight graft scandal,
came before Judge Davis today for ar
raignment of the defendants. Techni
cal objections were entered by counsel
for both defendants, and their cases
went over until next Tuesday. Broad
head is charged with accepting a $1,
000 bribe and Schenck is accused of at
tempting to bribe the city prosecutor,
Asiatics Menace Islands.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 24. "Asi
atics now are great aids to the develop
ment of Hawaiian resources, but ten
years from now they will have become
a menace." So says J. Kudia Kalani
anaole, better known as Prince Cupid,
Hawaiian delegate to congress, now in
this city. "Hawaiians and Americans
will not work in the fields as labor
ers," he continued, "and so Asiatics
are the only means the Hawaiian cap
italist has of developing tbe islands.
Cunard Line Feels War.
Liverpool, April 24. Presiding to
day at the annual meeting of the Cu
nard Steamship company, Sir William
Watson attributed the disappearance
of the dividend last year to the rate
war and the decrease in the number of
travelers. Buxiness since January 1
Surrenders All Power to Parliament
and Awaits Decision.
Constantinople, April 23. The
Young Turks have won another vie
tory over Sultan Abdul Hamid, . but
whether the sultan will remain as sov
ereign is yet to be decided, although
he has offered to place the affairs of
government entirely in the hands of
ministers responsible to parliament
The sultan also agrees to replace the
Constantinople garrision with troops
that have been investing the city for
four days. .
The chamber of deputies and some of
the senators met today at San Stefano
and are now discussing the question of
deposing the sultan.
The concentration of the investing
army is complete and doubtless the
next 24 hours will decide the fate of
the sultan, who remains passively at
his palace, awaiting the issue.
For the present there need be little
fear of bloodshed within the city, but
there is much to be feared from the
riots and massacres that now are
sweeping over the districts under Turk
ish domination.
New Regions Affected by Fanatical
Wave of Slaying.
Constantinople, April 23. The
spread of the wave of massacre and
death to Erzerum, the principal, town
of Turkish Armenia, in a district far
removed to the north from that hither
to affected by the wave of fanaticism,
is leading to the conclusion here that
the outrages are being inspired by the
sultan, more or less directly, as a coun
ter move in politics to the constitu
tional movement of the Young TurkB,
Weight is given this conclusion by
the change in feeling on the part of
the Armenians, who are now ceasing
their enthusiastic hailing of the con
stitutional government, and appealing
again for the laws of the Sheri and the
sultan. That the Young Turks have
been very friendly with the Christians
is a matter of record ; and the fact
that the fanatical Moslems have been
roused to attack Christians is regarded
as an indirect way of bringing pressure
upon the Young Turks by many in
well-informed political circles. Horri
ble as this idea is, it is fast gaining
ground, and the behavior of the Ar
menians . themselves in abandoning
their appeals to the Young Turks and
placing reliance on the sultan is fur
ther proof of it
- Critics Are Welcome.
Lios Angeles, April Z3. A unique
innovation in municipal affairs is a
clearing house for all city business
which Mayor Alexander established to
day. It is expected to effectually end
tbe insistent complaint heretofore pre
vailing that private .individuals could
not get access to or action from public
officials. Under the new system the
mayor will not only receive, but acta
ally invites complaints, criticisms, new
ideas and suggestions of all kinds
which may result in the betterment of
conditions in any direction.
Ice Dams Niagara River.
Niagara Falls, N. Y., April 21. Ice
conditions in the Niagara gorge are
worse than ever tonight Immense
blocks of ice have grounded on a sand
bar at the river mouth forming a solid
barrier against which thousands of tons
are piling up every hour. Tonight the
river is five feet above he high level
of Monday, and at the highest mark
ever recorded on that stretch of the
river. The ice is within 18 feet of the
floor of the Lewiston suspension bridge,
Assassin Uses Dynamite.
Chattanooga, Tenn., April 23.
Rudolph Buol, aged 65, was assassinat
ed at a late hour tonight while asleep,
The murderer opened Buol's bedroom
window and placed a stick of dynamite
on bis bed, exploding it with a fuse,
Buol was killed instantly. His wife,
who was asleep at bis side, escaped
:tq 0,7,1 --nzzzr-
For Infants and Children.
ANfcgelable Preraratton for As.
ting Uie Siomachs aMBowdsof
Promotes DigestionJCheerful -ncss
and Restlontains neither
Opium.MorpIi.ine nor Mineral.
Jteyx afouikSMJirmsni
DmJcia Srtd-
ubiistSetd IttmSrti-
Wuffieu ilmr.
AnerfectRemcdv forConsHna-
tion , Sour Storaach,Dlarrtioea
ncss and Loss of Sleep.
JacSiniile Signature of
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
rtOWARD E BURTON - Atwayer nnd Chemist,
Lettdville, Colorm.o. KiHtuimen i-rices: (J old,
Ulvor, Load, $1. Unlet, Hlhur, 75o; Gold. 60o; Zino
r Copper, 11. Mailing rnvplopofi and full price lint
wnt on application. Control imd ltmlro work so
ioited. Etifureuvo: Curbouuto Natlouul Bank.
Scientific Concrete Septic Tanks
Detail plans; bill of material with coat; full
directions so anybody, at small expense, ran
build his own tank, connect old style toilet
and sewerage for kitchen slops? making his
horn sanitary. $3.50.
174 Manzanita Street, Portland, Oregon
If you naffer from Pita, Falling Bicaoana, Bi-aamji or
ba.a chlWran, or fn.ud. that do (o n
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if h.a nril l-nriu,la wliaro avoiyililn !
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hfihtest. and
most comfortable
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end because it
wears longest
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anteed waterproof
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laiMi Washington, cor. Sixth PORTLAND, OR
C. Gee Wo
The Chinese Doctor
This wondeful man haa
made a life Btudy of the
properties of Roota,
Herbs and Barks, and
is Kivlnn the world the
benefit of hi aervicaa.
5(j No Mercury, Poisons
??2tgSi or Drug Uacd. No
Operations or Cutting
Guarantees to cure Catarrh, Asthma, Lung,
Stomach and Kidney troubles, and all Frivata
Diseases of Men and Women.
Just received from Pekln, China safe, aura
and reliable. Unfailing in Its works.
If you cannot call, write for symptom blank
and circular. Inclose 4 cents in stamps,
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
v '
The Beaton I Hake and Bell More Men'i $3.00
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compl.u orsanlKaUoo of trauwd txparta and sauu4
ho.mak.ri la th. ooaatry.
Tb. MlKtloa of th. lMth.ro for oach part of tho aboo.
sad ..mj ditiU of tho ro.kln. la mrr dnartnnt, la
lookad altar by th. out iho.mi.Wi la tha iho. ladaatrr.
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My Method of Tanning I he Soles mares them Mora
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addinit Maplcine, a delirious syrup Is msde and
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all Pure Foot!
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