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Onion Hlli!el
Ttuicea Week
Saturday Edition
Slate Funds loaned, 6 per cent. John
P. Rusk. Atty. State Land E'd. Joseph
City Hotel of Klgin Oregon for sale
or trade. Rents for $40 per month.
Address J. T. Eotts, Elgin, Ore. 21s4
Lester Inrbler Is driving the deliv
ery wagon for W. J. Funic & Co.
Splendid Success
Of Opening Night
Ethel Tucker's Fine Acting Impres
ses Large Audience Strong
8,".e;ialt!te Given.
The Ethel Tac' er stock company
opened it summsr seaman in this
city, Thursday night, playing La
Be.le Marie ta a good sized and
representative audience. The com
pany made an instant and big hit by
their evident intent to present a
finished perrormance in every respect,
every member gi.ing his or her best
without stint.
Lostine, July 23. J. H. Jackson
of Wallace, contractor for the $5000
tunnel o.i the Oo.itact Mining &
Milling company's claims up the
South Fork, 17 miles south of here,
arrived' Monday, accompanied by Mxa.
Jackson and their son Edgar. The
latter will also work ' at the mines.
OLhe:s who came with the Jacksons
from the Coeur d'Alene country, are
Gust Carlson, J. C. Campbell and J.
W. J't-kJing, all experienced miners'.
Mr. Carlson is accompanied by hl3
ff roily.
These men are the foremen on the
vork and other workmen will come
i later. Their families will reside
here In town,
Ke.ioits confirming the great ex
tent of the veins are made by every
one who sees thera. Two mining
meu and investors were here last
veek to inspect the claims before
investing, and they became as en-
taiiu poutheast of Enterprise. Thev
are W. W. Wlllett and son, Crof
Woniack, Irvin Whitroore and others.
Their c.aims assay very rich in gold
and silier. j
The first car of new hey was ship
ped today by S. E. Miller, consigned
o the United States reclamation
service at HerniHton, Oregon. The
hay was No. 1 timothy and brought
Jt 515 per ton on car at Union.
L'i Grande. Observer.
Miss Tucker completed the lmpres
sion made upon her Enterprise audi-: th.isihstic as all others, and say there
ences last winter, that she is the beat is enough ore in sight to load 10Q
actress ever seen on the local stage. ' cars a day for years.
She was especially fine in her sjbdu-1 The miners say the news is already
ed but effective acting in the dsa'h , spreading in the Coaur d'Alene dls-
tfcene In the first act, and in ha'
(feeling recital of her life's
Btory to Earl Leishton. Miss Mar
Jorie Mandevllle played the part of
trie: and a bunch of prospectors will
' be down soon. Already other claims
.have been staked and the canyon
' for many mile3 up will be thorough-
Grace Leighton with spirit and under I ly prospected within a few months,
standing. She al3o plaased the audi-1 The veins of fie Contact company's
ence greatly with her Dutch song and propuity are exposed on the side of
dance between acts, and little WW', j the canyon for hundreds of feet, and
(Brandon, Jr., captivated all by hls:M. Hunter, the man who put up
I .;u,uuu ror development work, says
I the extent and richness of thg de-
(Continued on last page.)
posit was never equaled In the Coeur
The Enterprise Creamery company ; d'Alene. In addition to buying a
has established a raceiving station one tlr.i interest, Mr. Hunter gave
for cream at Lostine. The building e.icli of the five loL-aters a bonus of
Just north of the barber shop has $1000.
been rented for'the station and for ', Outside mining men say it wl!l
the present cream will be recolveJ prove one of the big copper mines
there Wednesday and Saturday fora- of the country from the start, and
noons. Later, if the business justi- means a population of 3009 or more
lies, a building will be erected aid . for Lostine in a very short time.
more time put In there by represe.i-
Double Train To
Wallowa County w
La Grande Star Gives Rumors of Im
prove.! Service On This
"One of the most encouraging ru
mors afloat in railroad circles recent
ly U that there 13 to be a double
train service started soon to Wal
lowa county," says Tuesday's La
Grande Slar. "According to the new
schedule, If it materializes, one train
is to leave in the morning and re
turn that evening, while the other
leaves in the afternoon and returns
in the morning.
"Jt la repjrtel that the new sched
ule will provide for a Sunday train,
thus accommoda ing the large num
ber of people who desire to tak$
Sunday excursions Into the Wallowa,
one of the most beautiful valleys to
be found in the United States.- Many
are eager to have the pleasant trip
up the Minam, and up the Wallowa
river, but on the present schedule
two days are required for the trip.
"The increase in traffic from the
prosperous Walowa makes this ex
tra train service very desirable now.
The outcoming of people Is very
large, and 13 rapidly growing larger;
and the business relations that they
have with Unl.n cqunty are exten
sive. Thus from every point all quar
ters the report of the new service
is hailed with delight,"
There may be the usual summer
dulnesj hi o'.her business at the court
house but there is no slowness ap
parent in the recording department
of County Clerk Boatman' ffieo
a Monday, July 19, 52 Instruments
were filed for record. 31 of them
uetng U. S. patents. Here are the
real estate deeds recorded since last
Clyde IJdrsin to Fred A Harsln
!Q. (.'.I sVj ne, se uw 33-ln-47. $160.
L. fc'. to . .lart.n Lassas (.Dup.)
rw 32-3n-42.
Henry ibterson to John G
ly since the early days, there
being ies3 froL in the lata
pring and early fall, more rain
dui-iiim the growing season and less
snow In the winter. This is du
hey .say, t ule cultivation of the
iiutnd. I'iuweu eround absurbhi" sj
nucli more c.i the sun's heat ray.
eld timers say while thcra
.or;; I-.iti-il(-li,ps to be endured, yet on
Us whole ihe early sattlers had a
;oo.l time and enjoyed life probably
iifiru than the residents here during
these strtMious modern davs.
Excursion Trains
From Two Towns
Big Crowd of Wailawa and Joseph
Baseball Rooters Co.ning
I' S. Bramwe'i. -i ni'.gor or l'ic La
Grande Suj;.iv la - ory, caiue in 'Tuin
day und In compniiy uilli T. W. Work
Mian, who hal pt-.s ;u.;l charge of tun
'ul!uro of the 1.0 ju-rcs of oxperi-
iiil-uii.i neius o:i tic bl.apj and o.i
Prairie v'lve'c, m,. U at exami.iathi'i
of the fit-Id-.. Wmit ha found was
beyond his u I -he it hopes, aid ha
'says the experiment is already a biff
tiiu-ce is, pies.nt prospects being for
-Ui 9 lu-.;e-v. to na:o por a ire i;i aij
Excursion tra:ii3 will be run to En- ,:ii;i':oO' of ill.; La Grande factory.
Tht hay buyers contracted for 2300
tons of hay at Lostine and ' vicinity
last week at prices ranging from
tativfis of the company.
tftt.50 in the field, and up. There is
Another group of local men have a banner crop of hay In the Middle
made a rich strike in the high moun- Valley this year.
j MidSummer Merchandise
i -
We would lilie to show you our line of
Ladies' Oxfords and Ankle-Strap Sandals
BlacK, Chocolate, Tan, Wine Color and Patent Leather
A new line also for the little folks just received in
Tan, Black and Red, Sizes 2 1-2 to 11
Parasols and Umbrellas
For Ladies and Children
Shirt Waists
A pretty fair assortment left, and a few short
sleeved waists that we are selling at just half
price. Get our prices on
Summer Dress Goods
We will give you some good values
New Line Men's and Boys' Hats
In the new shapes and Colors. We have the celebrated
GORDON $3.00 HAT. Compare it with any other hat
at the same price or more and you will understand
why we sell so many of them
terprisa next Sun 'a -. from Joseph and
Va Iowa to Lrln? the big crowd of
rooters who wi I cheer their crack
earns on to vlc'ory or console them
in defeat,
f'oth vi illlns teams have strenidheii-
ed up. The addition of Shult at third" ll,l)k
base ha3 braced. the Joseph' inrield,
and .Manager Kr,vla stated la.-u Sun
day he expected a new shortstop.
These additions n;a:.e Joseph a h;;rd
club to beat.
Wnlln..... 1 !.. i i.
B. Bovd laU! turning u) win. imports
r on v, rronl Ulcre &'ate free new players
have been addad to tho team, or
rather two new ones and an old play
er, Tulley, is back on the nine. Their
-enuk battery. Haves and Maxfiold
is In tip-top condition, and whan
they are right t'ley are u!l riglii.
The team U practicing rallhfully, and
if it loses it will not be the fault
of -careless prei arallon.
The home teaai has been piirsued
with a run of bad luck in Injuria
i .o valuable p'.a; ers. and tha luck
(J. C.) w'X; e S5-3n-15, $1.
A ., Lerry to C. C. Uoswell (B
for I-) r.v. n sw, nw s e, sw ne 31-ln--,
Annie Alien 0 J. F. llaun (Q. C.)
nV.. sw l.Vln-i.l, $i
rr.ilo Slate- :-chn Zell (T. C.
L'- n'j uw sw nw. nw rw 26-ln-44.
Edgar A.aivin, ..fciii(. t0 i
Rateliff. shsrlffs ded.ne sw 29-2n-
41. f3.37.
liim. h Vl i;ii in i: u nnVA tt, !
i and ?, Uk 11, fjardrers add Eu-teiin-e
K. B. Whsat to i:. 1. Royd, lots
3 and 4 blk 11. Gr.'rlnr.r'a n,! wta,.
prsso l
K. F. -.! ihb'tiiel 1 tc James R.
ScibhlnC'cld, hoc or S acres in
(.uiidiier's add Kntci-pi.Re, $1000.
C fijoi) to The Ceo. Palmer
Lumber Co., nw l-3n-l2, fi.
S. Nat. Hank (.f ij8 Grande to
Cm. .Stoddard, lot erd 3, s' nw
4 ''n. I?. i i An
- ' " Ol I'JU t
J"". 5'.t.,ddavd to (J.ando Rinrl, ! lie11 at Jo,ei)h Sl,1,(,8y for ,rvinK
vniber Co, lots 2 and 3
4 Cu 4::. JiiQii.
We i an ki-jw enayh boos in tiU
viU'uy i.i !i;rv ly :.p orai uirie-i.
l'o. lowing n o Mi-. iliMia v -..l's exu-t
won' ii answer to an Inquiry by a
rc;)i-;iciita'ave of this paj-.c
"Air. ' vn. :v II, llo,v no v i '.- hli
iinl what a.-o the pr.n;)a..,ts?"
Yo.ir q..c .Idh rj-inlrr-j a bttar
ausi.ver tiiau r:'l or bad. Kai- yoa-fi
ovtr since I first .saw this b?auti
i'ul a:iey, 1 have iil.vays .ill ia i--;y
opinion It is a'i e-c.ilK.iit pin f ar
beel. ca'.lura. Vw'.iea Ule o-,i.i; j of
' he. li Cr,.n-lo fait.ry tallied nr.'
Ing away I alwa claimed th :. if
I ho railroad world tap Vv'tilltwi cn--..j-ty
that our troubles would lie end
ed. I was ran1! I and huu.jsi ;,i I
ivlate-iieiit. ylici 1 w;i: H ;.v la.t
whiter I H.'id Ii p full- lli:U I 1-"liav-cd
a large tonnage could bo grown
m almo-ii any of tho land he:e
To lay 1 have ma 'o a ve.-y c ;l
examina ion of the several fiald-i i i
v.i rch wo tiro in k n.s- n t. vl t h ; .
cultare. I llnd that iny fonnar S ate
sii 'lit is inoie lliiin i.t-iiveu true. I
find no fl'e wo ius o;1 b.iii'r o -
W. Tonr Vt E. O. SI akin,
M1 T 151 . . .
. i, iviversiue add Joseph, except
n rciit h snrained his ankli? hadlv
W I u,l .. , .. . . ltl i.l In,-
j..unti iulu iiume mi ma lasi, piay oi .... ....lt, m,. uv....o. i imu i.io
l'-ajs in
the game, and It h hardly probably
he will be .able ta play next Sunday.
tract 80 feet wide off north side, $2800 ! , , 6 1Cr ,ian;'' R" 1ulcutk 3
"uw uii Hjiit again ami ne
will be able to ro ,er his usual big
terrilory between second and first.
V. Pideoek's bad finger Is heulliiit
.imt jiepbnrn to iTte- Uaadan,
se sec Si, '. sv sr., 33,
Men's vSummer Underwear
75 cents, $1.00, $1.25 to $2.50 a suit
Always Special Bargains iu Some Lines. Come and See Us. You Don't Have to
Buy Because You Look, or Keep Because You Buy
W. J. FUNK a CO.
M.vvln. tdcriiT to w R
Howard, sheriff's deed, se nw. e
sw sec 20, ne nw sec 29, 3n-48, $:,00.
ila:-'i:i I.ms.5i id Kmiaeilne Las
am mu 32 'In -IV. $1
'ii Alr.OoiiaM i.- Clrrfs Camp
"!. lo'.i u and 1- blk 2J, McDonald
ad.l Wall iwa $100.
C. H. i:aiiiiih.)l. j,, Campbell,
M :inJ IS blk jy, .Mcronald add
Wallowa, , . '
K. IX McCully lo .Mis. A. J. Flee
', bil. 17, JlcCvl.'y'j pad Joseph,
W. W. Winlngs to Ada A. Hunte",
lot 9, blk 4, Cole and Magill add
LosUne, also tract north of lot 9,
Daniel Boyd ti J. M. Wortman, Jr.,
lots 2 and 3, blk 4, Alder View add
Enterprise, $1.
Wm. Makin to C. S. Haney, C. E.
(Continued on last page.) -
Pioneers Go To
Reunion At Imblcr
tap rjol f rtf ii 10 I i ir,
le i.v.'ili, with a b i'0 .t::. cI vt
with no fil-ero i r.o s whatever. All
Uie.ia points '.;.:;( j giou i i-i i i.v i
whli h tin'e-is si o lii;i? u'ii'.r.w.!.i
happens. v 1 : 1 nur .'ly c..ai; The oi''
way 1 would change my former s'nto-
and he will probably bo ablo to fill 1,1 eul ' 1 r ;a ly til l not approe
hU regular s'atiou back of the bat.
This will strengthen the nine as It
will allow ltilly L'auer to resume
his place la the outfield, and there's
no better outfle'der in this neck of
the woods. Mug's sore arm is yield
ing to treatment and he will bo able
to push 'em over to first in old time
The game with Wallowa will start
promptly at 2 o'clock, and the game
with Joseph will Legin at 4 p.m.
Delegates to N. I. Congress.
Hon. J. H. 0jbblu of Prairie Creek
has been appointed by Governor
I'.eason delegate to the National
Irrigation congress that
ate tlio apl -uidl I e'neTon tiiai I
a hi il oiit.iiiu l.oda".
"At this time I ro on reord ii
'telling yuu tli it t'le loit 'wo era
mialiliig l-i far in exec-ts of my f n K'sl
j mi'tlcipatioiis. I urn cnwiurel Hi t
sufficient beeis iaa l;e grown he:e to
supply two or Ihreo sugar factjrLs
j and iwouor or l.it:r e will see Mj
sugar beat cultura operated here In
lar;;e jiropo. tiou.
"About Novcmil er 1, I wl.l plv i
yoa a d.;t'i'el str.leincnt of what
lias been dine ;:o joi will then know
Ji(: ter whaL 1 si cak''
New Doctor At Lostine.
Er. J. I. ItussoM of Saleai lmi la-
meets at :a(0a at Eosllne. He is n graduate
-pokane early next month. He makes of the medical department of Willam-
the third Wallowa county man named otte I'nlvcr.dty.
as a delegate, . the other two being j . -
Dr v'. T. Hockett of Enterprise und
I I an. J. P. Rusk of Joseph.
T. P. Co uman left for Tavoma Pli
Jay on a b islno ;a trip.
Settlers Who Came To Wallowa
Seventies Attend Annual
W, W. White of this city, and
Mr. and Mrs. A. Wade of Alder Slope
wero passengers for Union county,
Wednesday, going to attend
Pioneer meeting at Imbler.
Mr. White was among the earliest
seti lore of Wallowa county, coming
in here in 1872, the same year he
reached Union coanty. The Tulleys,
Masterson, and a few othe s w'sre
'Ue on!- settlers ahead of him. H3
has resided here ever since and seJii
and helped the cojnty grow from an
Indian wllderne.48 paradise to civil
ization, cultivation and prosperity.
His ir -t of the work has bein no
sma'l fharc and he has shared in the
iplendld i rosperity, too.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade will visit in
Island City with rila'Ive. Aaron
Wade came to Union cDunty in 1872.
ami Mrs. Wade In 1876 and both
moved into this valley the following
year and In the 32 years since then
nave worked and earned a comf art
able comperite, owning one of the
finest farm and most beautiful homes
in Ald?r Slope, be-ddes much other j
property, I
Mr. Wade nnd Mr. White both say j
th nt-asons Lave changed wonderful-1
Good Wheat Land
terprise. Per acre
Fifty acres in
cultivation. Nine
miles from En-
The I'ioneer Real Estate Kan.
: : - ORI-GON
"Careful Banking Insures the Safi'ty of D.po'jils,"
KepoMlors Have 'Unit (iuaniiitru nf,
CAPITAL f-.n,f()0
HUUPl.L'S ')(I.0;h)
We Do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities.
(ieo. W. Ilynlt, Prfsldcnt W. u. Molina, Cishler
Oeo. 8. Craig, Vice President Frank A. Ili.'iivls, Asst. ('unifier
Ci;o .S. Ckaui
J. II. DollllIN
(iKo. W. Hyatt M attik a. Hoi.mks
V. It. Ildl.MKS

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