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Onsen Historical So
Twicea Week
Saturday Edition
Wants Will
Slate Funds loaned, 6 per cent. John
P. Rusk. Atty. State Land B'd. Joseph
Nearly new eight room house and
half block of land In most de3lrab:e
part of town. Easy terms on part
if desired and will take team and
wagon in trade. . Enquire at this of
fice. 28r8
. Union services in the Christian
church next Sunday evening; sermon
by Rev. C. E. Trueblood.
iM. E. church: Sabbath school 10
a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m. subject,
"The Greatness of our Calling."
Epworth League 7 p. m. No preach
ing in the evening. The pastor will
preach in the Christian church, sub
ject, "The Most Profitable Incest,
Notice is hereby given to owners
of range stock that on and after
Tuesday, August 10, all such stock
found within the city limits of En
terprise will be. taken up and held
for costs.
By order of the Mayor.
60bl W. E. TAiGQART, city recorder
Mrs. Delia Homan and Mr. J.
Everett Stubblefield were married
Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock at
the M. E. parsonage by Rev. C, E,
Trueblood. A number of relatives
and friends witnessed the ceremony,
and . followed the bride and groom
to the train which they boarded on a
wedding trip t? Seattle and the
world's fair. Rice and old shoqs
were showered on them as they start
ed for the cars,
Mr, and Mrs. Stubblefield are among
the best and most popular young
"people In Enterprise, and have a hoot
of warm friends who extend con?
granulations and best wishes for a
Jong life of marrlel happiness. The
bride J a daughter of J. Kooch of
Alder Slope and Js beautiful u per
son and character. The groom Is a
son of the noted stockman, R.F. Stub
blefield of this city, and is a steady
young business man.
At la3t it Is coming. A big tented
exhibition of Uncle Tom's Cabin will
exhlbls In' the several towns of Wal
lowa Valley, Only a real genuine, 3-rlns
circus and menagerie Is now lacking
to put this region on the amusement
map In due and formal style. After
many yeara of iJO'ation, Wallowa
county has been discovered by the
amusement wo: Id, thanks to the rail
road. Everybody has' se3n Uncle Tom s
Cabin but everybody will go to see
It again. For 50 years it has been
the most popular play on the stage
and Its drawing attraction seems to
Increase as the years go by.
For a long time it held the boards
from one week to several months
yearly In the leading theatres of the
largest cities. For many more years
it was the money maker for all rep
ertoire shows. Then came the era
of tented exhibitions, such as Stet
son's and the grand old play took on
a new lease of life. The best of
the tented shows give not only a
I good presentation of the play, but
'with the horses, ponies, donkeys,
bloodhounds, chariots and tableaux
floats are a pretty fair-sized menage
rie as well, Increasing the Interest
vastly fgr children.
The show billed for Enterprlss,
Joseph and Wallowa week after
next is Burk'e, long recognized as
the leading organization of the kind
now on the road. It comes in its
own special cars( with Pllcher's
famous concert band and orchestra,
and Inchidej a contingent of high
class vaudeville artists. The date In
Enterprise Is . Tuesday, August 17,
with two performances and a' free
street farace. - .
below Coppertiald, was si ill alive late
Wednesday night, but la thought to
be in a dying condition. Hawley is
at Baker City, having been brought
there from Cupperfield the first of
Hhe week.
It Is understood Hawley has made
a sworn statement that he wag beaten
over the head with a revolver after
his hands were tied. It Is thought a
murder trial will follow tie death of
the young man.
town also owned by J. F. Haun. Mr.
Walker was looking for a house to
move his family into. He said he
ill rnrr phi n w oald elther buy or rent- Lter 018
IN rrirr 111 II lreport comes that there Is no founda
III I I ILL UULUitlou to the rumor about ' Uie Btore
building being moved, but that there
will be a warehouse erected at the
de.-)ot soon. Mr. Walker will be here
again on Friday of this week to
begin work preparatory to the moving
of the Haun buildings.
Page Hawley, formerly of this
county, the young man who was
murderously dealt with by two men
Imitate Orpheum
Circuit To-Night
jEthel Tucker Stock Company Start
Something New For Thia
Tonight, the Ethel Tucker Stock
company will Imitate the Orpheum
circuit and give a varied performance
that will inclwle:
Several musical features, managed,
by Messrs Brown and Gardiner and
Miss Ruth Brown.
'Athey and A they in an excruciat
ingly funny burlesque on Romeo and
Athey and Dupuy In a sketch,
"The Letter."
Marjorle Mandeville in her great
acrobatic dancing specialty. In this
act Miss Mandeville wears a gorgeous
flame-colored, imported French cos
tume.so heavily spangled that It
weighs 100 pounds. Weighs more
than Miss Mandeviile herself? Well
yes, and then some.
The closing act of the performance
will be. Miss Ethel Tucker and com
pany In "The Tigers Claw." This
little play condenses into one act,
all the emotions and passions of a
five act play. It U adopted from the
famous opera, "La Tasca."
As, the t4me la 16th century, all
the men in the play wear glittering
court costumes with Jewels, and,
orders. There are only fqut people
In this, play Misa Tucker, Mr. .Koch,
.Uorney Athey and Mr, Moody, but
every one of that four act, frqm the
moment he or she makes his, qr her
first entrance, It is U vivid, startl
ing, out of the ordinary.
Miss Tucker was booked all over
the best of Uie Orpheum and the,
Pantages circuits in ths. play, "The
Tigers Claw
John H. Wilson of Middle Valley
was In town Thursday with splendid
specimens of rock from the new
tunnel on his claims In Wilson
Basin. The rock shows extraordinary
richness In free gold, and If appear
ance are not deceptive will assay
many times richer than the upper
tunnel rock.
These two claims, quite well
known for several years as Big
E'lck a.id Lib le Joe, have been de
veloped steadily sl.ice filing, and now
promise a rich reward for the faith
of the owners. Wilson basin lies
between the South Fork and the
Mlnam, Just above the headwaters
of Bear creek. A 2 per cent road
less than two miles long would con
nect the head of Bear creek canyon
with the mines.
So far, two 60-foot tunnels have
been driven and a 20-foot shaft. From
the old or upper tunnel the rock
assayed V to 9 In gold, 6 to 8 or
9 per cent copper and a trace of
silver. The new tunnel taDs the
ledge 125 foot below the old one, and
the rock Is incomparably richer. An
assay of it will soon be had.
A creek runs across the property
and on one side Is a lake of 40 acres
In extent. Water rights have been
Tiled on the lake where a small
tunnel would give a great fall, furnish
ing abundance of water power.
Associated with Mr Wilson In
ownership of the claim are Dr. E. T.
Anderson and A. C. Weaver of Enter
prise, Willis Jackson of Grelton,
Ohio, F. G. Con'ey of Stayton and
Mac Vetten of Middle Valley, They
,say nq company will be formed, nor
stock be for sale. " but that develop
ment work will be carried along as
a partnership affair.
The claims are Just acroaa the
ridge from the big copper mines of
the Contact company.
MidSummer Merchandise
We would liHe to show you our line of
Ladies' Oxfords and Ankle-Strap Sandals
BlacK, Chocolate, Tan, Wine Color and Patent Leather
A new line also for the little folks just received in
Tan. Black and Red, Sizes 2 1-2 to 11
Parasols and Umbrellas
For Ladies and Children
Shirt Waists
A pretty fair assortment left, and a few short
sleeved waists that we are selling at just half
price. Get our prices on
Summer Dress Goods
We will give you some good values
New Line Men's and Boys' Hats
In the new shapes and Colors. We have the celebrated
GORDON $3.00 HAT. Compare it with any other hat
at the same price or more and you will understand
why we sell so many of them ""
Men's Summer Underwear
75 cents, 1.00, $1.25 to $2.50 a suit
Always Special Bargains in Some Lines. Come and See Us. You Don't Have to
Buy Because You Look, or Keep Because You Buy
Big Timber Deal
On Bear Creek
Salt Lake Capitalists Buy 2500 Acres
And Will Erest 40,000
The Bear Creek Lumber company
Is 'the name of the new concern that
has bought 2500 acres of timber
along Bear creek, three miles above
Wallowa from Martin Coleman, Henry
Spence. and others. A mill of 40,000
feet dally capacity will be put In and
this with the Nlbley-Mimnaugh mill
will help make Wallowa one of the
leading lumber to mis of eastern
The incorporators are W. C, Pur
sell of Boise, Q. E. Roraney and M.
R. Taylor of Salt Lake, and Giles
and Burke Plass, experienced saw
mill men of Elgin. The latter will
have charge of it he mill.
The deal was made by Couch &
McDonald and Is one of the most im
portant to the development of the
lumber interests of Wallowa county
that has yet been consumated. It is
a forerunner of others. It will add
hundreds of men to the pay rolls and
tens of thousands of dollar to the
value of property.
Locations Made
Of Fire Hydrants
Seventeen Attached To City Water
Works Are Placed Around
The location of a few of the fira
hydrants of th
tem, was change! recently. The I
Places where the hydrants will be
located are as follows:
Corner Residence and. River streets ,
Corner Residence street and Prairie'
Creek road. j
Corner River and Grant streets.
Corner East Second and Grant St.
, Comer Greenwood and School at.
Corner Main and East Third st.
Corner Main and East First St.
Corner Main and River street.
Corner Main and West First st.
Corner Main and West Second st.
On Main street block west of
Forsythe street.
Corner North and West Third st.
Corner Logan and West Second st.
Corner Logan and River st.
Corner Logan and East Second st.
Corner Greenwood and West First
Corner Greenwood and Depot at.
Attorney D. y. Sheahan has re
ceived notice that the eenerat land
office has reverse 1 the decision of
me La Urande office that reiected
the commutation proof of his client.
Jobe.H. Halsey.
Mr. Halsey made proof of his home
stead on Little SheeD last fall hut
it was rejected by the La Grande ot-
rice on the grojndthathehad not
shown continuous residence for eight
months prior to making proof.
The case was appealed and Mr.
Halsey won out.
Wool Clip 1,700,000 Lba.
The total woal clip of the county
according to the figures of E. W.
Rumble, who handled the largest part
of it, amounted to 1,700,000 pounds.
Intense Colicky Paina Relieved,
ir some years I suffered from
Intense colicky pains which would
come on at time and from which I
could find no relief," says I. S. Ma
son, of Beaver Dam. Ky. "Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
itemedy was recommended to me by
a friend. After taking a few doses
of the remedy I was entirely reliev
ed. That waj four years ego and
there has been no return of the
symptoms since that time." This
remedy la for sale by Burn&ugh &
County Superintendent J. C. Con
ley sent out on August 3 an addition
al school apportionment of $1.50 per
uuplta to the various districts. The
amounts were as follows:
DIst. No. Pupils. Clerk. Amount.
1 59 N. H. Bramlet $88 50
2 49 Amanda Chenoweth 73 GO
3 60 S. H. Bonner 75 00
40 A. A. Greer 60 00
5 25 O. W. Chambers 37 50
6 269 H. E Daws an 403 50
7 181 R. h. Bowman 271 50
8 11 Minnie F. Dormnce 10 50
9 21 J. W. Huffman 31 SO
10 45 H. C. Cowey 67 50
11 48 Garnet B. Denny 72 00
12 262 Bruce Cox 33 00
13 33 Chas. Down 49 50
16 27 G. S. Templeton 40 50
17 45 T. F. Lathrop 07 50
19 24 Mary A. Elmer 33 00
20 63 Ira C. Pratt 91 50
21 333 C. M. Lockwood 499 50
3 J. T McLain 91 GO
23 53 A. R. Murrey 79 50
25 9 Hattln GlllnanU 11 r.n
27 28 H. A. Burnea 42 0 ,
29 32 W. B. Fordice 48 00
30 7 ' F, J, Shine 10 50
31 19 J. P. Averill 2i 50
32 102 .G C. Clark 153 00
33 23 BenJ. Marks 3i 60
34 23 N. W. Ownbey 34 50
ia 63 O. L. Borland 94 GO
37 8 J. B. Reed 12 00
38 30 W. B. Hescock 4j 00
39 23 J. F. Van Camp 31 50
10 20 Henry Brewer 30 00
1 17 N. W, Appllngton 25 GO
12 36 J. W, Macauley u4 (, I
43 34 John G. Wray 610)
4- 35 L. Wilson . ; ,2 Go
15 36 0:af Andertm r. on
16 25 G. H. Daniel 37 50
47 24 G. c. Ma.ohn M 00
49 17 C. P. Carper 25 50
50 13 Walter A Fay 19 50
51 23 Fred G. Potter 34 60
52 13 C. W. Brown . 19 50
53 16 F; A. Harsln 24 00
54 16 T. H. Valen 24 00
55 17 Anna Humphreys 25 50
58 8 Chas. H. Williams 12 00
59 11 Alice Davies 16 GO
60 8 Mrs, M. P. Miller 12 00
61 16 Mrs. G. I. Colpltts 24 00
62 20 A. S. Ford 30 00
63 20 Neal Baker 30 00
64 20 Mrs. Emma Owens 30 00
65 15 H. J. Buttler 22 50
66 22 J. W. Eddlemon 33 00
67 19 J. H. Manley 28 50
68 21 W. T. Flnley 31 60
69 11 Ralph Russell 16 50
Horset Harness, Buggy Cheap.
Driving Horse, Buggy and Harness
for sale cheap,
I wl'.l sell almost new top buggy,
single harness and 7 year old 1100
lb. bay saddle or driving mare cheap
cash or bankable note one year.
All persona are recommended to
take Foley's Kidney Remedy for back
ache, rheumatism, end kidney and
bladder trouble. It will quickly cor
rect urinary Irregularities, which, if
neglected, may develop into a serious
Illness. It will restore health and
strength. Do not neglect signs of
kidney or bladder trouble and rl'k
Brlght's disease or diabetes. Bur
ns ugh c Mayfleld.
J. H. Walker, a house-mover from
La Grande, arrived la Lostlne the
first of the week, and announced his
business here ai the moving of several
house from the Main street of In
tine down to the depot says the Re
porter. The houses in question were
the McCully atore building, the Ed
Rumble residence property at the
south end of Main street, and now
owned by J. F. Haun, and the resi
dence and barn in the north part of
160 Acres
Good Wheat Land
terprise. Per acre
F i f ty ac r es in
cultivation. Nine
miles from En-
The Pioneer Real Estate Man.
"Cartful Banking Insvtrts Iht Saily of Dtpoiits."
Depositors Have That Guarantee ut
SUUPLUM 100.000
Wc Do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities.
Geo. W. Hyatt, Prenldent
Geo. 8. Craig, Vice President
W. R. Holmes, Cashier
Frank A. Reavls, Ami. Cashier
Gko.B. Ckaio
J. H. Dobbin
Geo. W. Hyatt Mattik A. Holmes
W. R. Holm En

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