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New and Elegant
Her & Taylors
Same low prices that save money
for every customer and accounts
for our rapidly increasing trade.
by buying this
reliable, honest,
high grade sew
ing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co.
Belvldcre, III.
Notary Publii.
Collections mado. Real Estate
bought and sold and all business
matters attended to. Call on or
write me.
Nirwsy Hay.
In Norway bay is largely cured by
hanging It on wooden and wire nicks,
much as a woman hangs out her wash.
Vladivostok, the principal Uusslan
port lu the far east, possesses a well
protected landlocked harbor, with a
-depth of from thirty to ninety feet of
water over a wide area.
Teeth Chatter.
The Gold Tooth-Bay, you'll be pulled
If you keep on disturbing tho peace.
The Troublesome Molar Hooray I
I'm Just aching to get out of here, you
know. Puck.
Stock Inspector for Wallowa
Summer Rates East
During the Season 19 0 9
1 via lh
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co.
Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Tncoma, Walla Walla
and all points on The O. R. & N. Hue
To OMAHA and Return - - $60.00
To KANSAS City and Return $60.00
To ST. LOUIS and Return $67.50
To CHICAGO and Return - $72.50
and to other principal cities In the East, Middle West and South.
Correspondingly low fares.
On Sale June 2, 3; July 2, 3; Augujt H, 12
To DENVER eni Return - - $55.00
On Sale May 17, July 1, August 11
Going transit limit ' 10 d.iv from date of sale, fiual return
limit October 31st.
Thaw tickets present some very attractive features In the
way of stopover pi l lieges, a,d choice of routes; thereby enabl
ing paseougera to make side trip to many Interesting poluts
eu route.
Routing on the return trip through California may be had at
a slight aJvanoo over the rates quoted.
Full particulars, sleeping ear reservations and tickets will be
furnished by any O, H. & N. local agent, or
WM. McMURRAY, General Passenjer Agent, Portland, Oregon.
J. 8, HUTNER, Agent, Enterprise. Oregon.
' An independent nkwmpapkr
Formerly the Wallowa News, estab
lished March 3. 1899.
Published Wednesdays and Satur
days at Enterprise. Oregon, by
office Kast side Court House Square
Entered as second-class matter
January 2, 1999, at the postofflce at
Knterprlse. Oregon, under the Act of
March 3, 1S79.
J Subscription Ka'es; One year $2,
'six months ?1, three months 50c,
oae month 20c. On yearly cash-in-advance
subscriptions a discount of
25c is given.
A Royal Romance.
The second son of Trlnce Oscnr II.
fell in love with a Miss Ebba Munck
while lit Bournemouth. She was one
..4 flm ln1lna ft. ir..lttt.. 4 I. a..rn4fl.
I v a iuu j ( i vi 11 n in .Tuning iu i u .j uncuinu
crown princess, and King Oscar wished
ills son to nni ke an alliance wltb out
of the royal bouses of Europe. The
(llliiculty seemed one to be met only
by drastic steps on the part of tho
lovers, but Queen Sophie's h -'rt was
won, and she it was who obtained the
king's consent. She was Tery 111, and
a dangerous operation was the only
chance of saving her life. "If I under
go It and It Is successful, will you al
low Oscnr nnd Ebba to be married?"
she nsbed the king, nnd of course the
king prondsed. A year later the queen
was quite well again. The lovers were
In her room when the king approached.
At the door be stood and listened.
Miss Munck whs Ringing to the queen,
nnd lie waited until It was over. Then
lie advanced, held out one hand to his
son and gave bis other to Miss Munck.
nnd so bis pledge was fulfilled and the
couple came Into their happiness.
A Narrow. Escape.
An old circus man tells this Incident
as one of the narrow escapes he bad
iu the show business. He had trained
lions,, zebras, leopards, rhino you
know and all sorts of beasts of prey,
but this, he says, was his narrowest
escape. It was wheu he was running
n dime museum in Milwaukee.
One dny a mild mannered Russian
came out of the railway station with
n valise in bis baud. He was a heavily
bearded mau and with shaggy hands
and arms like George Esau. He hunt
ed up a cabmnu and Inquired modest
ly, "'Where Is the dime museum?"
The cabman told him and then asked,
"Want to ride up?"
"Yes," tho bearded stranger told him
quietly, almost bashfully. "I'm to be
employed up there. I'm the wild man."
"The nnrrow escape," say the ex
elrcus man, "lny In the fact that no
newspaper man heard the man's re
mark and that the cabman was an
Englishman, with no sense of humor,
who never thought to repeat It." Ex
change. Just So.
Fred-There goes a trim little lady.
Joo-Naturally. She's a milliner.
Town Topics.
Iu the date of admission Oregon Is
one of the oldest stntes beyond the
Mississippi, entering the Union In
1S51. It wns the first new state to
have the political honor of namlug the
vice presidential candidate (Joseph
Lane) for one of the great parties In
the first year of Its statehood.
A little girl of four years, having
written a letter consisting simply of
Bhang lines, asked her papa to post It
"What did you say?" asked papa.
"I don't know," said Rosamond.
"Why, you wrote It!" said papa.
"Yes, but I did not read It," was the
Innocent reply.
New Minister to Servla and His Uti
usucl Romance.
Spencer F. Eddy, who was recently
appointed by President Roosevelt as
envoy extraordinary and minister
plenipotentiary to Roumanbt aud Ser
vla, will combine with his duties In
that capacity the work of American
diplomatic agent In Bulgaria. , Mr.
Eddy baa been called the best dressed
American in Europe and is one of the
handsomest. He was born lu Chicago
thirty-four years ago and educated at
Harvard and lu Germany. He speaks
several foreign languages fluently aud
is a born diplomat He was private
secretary to the late John Hay when
tho latter was ambassador at the
court of St. James and later was made
third secretary of legation. Subse
quently be became second secretary
of legation at Paris and from there
was promoted to be first secretary' at
Constantinople, serving as charge d'af
faires during periods when Important
matters were under consideration and
distinguishing himself by bis able
conduct In bis post. He gained a rep
utation for ability to deal with diffi
cult questions through his connection
with the negotiations regarding the
res'-ue aud ransom of the captured
Missionary, Miss Ellen Stone. From
the 'iurkisu capital he was sent to St.
. i.r va
tit I
Petersburg and was charge d'affaires
there In the absence of Ambassador
Meyer during a critical Juncture of the
war botweeu Russia and Japau.
An episode lu Mr. Eddy's career at
the time of the Victorian Jubilee of
1807 was an adventure he had during a
Loudon fog wltb a fair Russian prin
cess lu which be saved her from being
trodden on by horses In the streets of
the English metropolis wheu the mist
was so thick it was Impossible to find
one's way. The Incident was made
the foundation for a romance entitled
"Love Iu a Fog," which attracted at
tention at the time. It wus rumored
that Mr. Eddy was much smitten with
the beautiful Russian of his adventure
but, however that may be, no nuptial
ceremony resulted, and Instead, about
three years ago, he married Into the
wealthy Spreckels family of San Fran
cisco. Sir. Eddy was charge d'affaires
at Berlin for a year following bis serv
ice at St. Petersburg and In 1007 wns
appointed minister to Argentina, from
which post he has now been trans
ferred to Rouiuauia and Servla. It
used to be said of Mr. Eddy that he
was equally at home leading a cotillon
or as tackle on a football team.
Feats That Never Happened.
A grotesque and foolish view of the
rest leads many who are not ac
quainted with that part of the country
to perpetrate amusing blunders re
garding the possibilities of the typical
western weapons, the rifle and the sis
shooter. To shoot an animal's eye out
at a hundred paces Is a common font
In wild west literature. Sometimes It
Is done with a six shooter iu type, not
anywhere else. Of course, no man
can see the eye of au animal that far.
I have had a good rilleiuan tell me he
could cut off a robin's bead at a hun
dred steps. The truth Is that he could
not see the head clearly that far. You
read that the desperado Slade could
with a six shooter at fifty or sixty
steps hit a man In any button of his
coat that he chose, but you may be
sure that neither Slade nor any oue
else could do anything of the kind.
Even trick and fancy shooting at Its
best could ever cover feats ascribed as
matters of course to the average fron
tiersman by those devotees of frenzied
fiction who never saw the frontier.
Outing Magazine.
Eluding the Officers.
Here is an amusing description of
one of Baltnc's periods of Impecunios
ity. Mery, the poet, a great friend of
Ha line, was an luvcterate gambler
and rarely left the card table before
daybreak, nis way lay past the Cafe
de Tarls, and for four consecutive
mornings be bad met Balzac strolling
leisurely op and down dressed In a
pantalon a pteds (trousers not termi
nating below the ankle, but with feet
In them like stocklugs) aud frock coat
with velvet facings. The second morn
ing Mery felt surprised at the coinci
dence: the third be was puzzled: the
fourth he could hold out no longer and
asHed Balzac tho reason of thwe noc
turnal peraiubulattous roundabout the
tame spot.
Balzac pat his hand In his pocket
and produced an almanac showing that
the sun did not rise before 3:5a "I am
being tracked by the officers of tte
:. r v.- M v ;-:-.-:tvk
n ma' i i
tribunni ae commerce ana oDugea to
hide myself during the day, but at this
hour I am free and can take a walk,
for ns long as the sun Is not up they
cannot arrest me."
8ome Generations Hence.
"Why are the trees all chopped away?"
the little fellow said.
"Why do the streams go dry while sun
shine's beating overhead?"
His father said. "It Is because the lum
bermen so gay
Each had an ax to grind and was a cut
up In his way."
Washington Star.
State Lines.
Texas has an area of more than 205,
000 square miles.
The state of Georgia leads in negro
population with 1.034.813.
California Is the longest state, has
the highest altitude, the lowest depres
sion. Idaho has more than doubled its pop
ulation In the last seven years and
more than quadrupled It since state-hood-1890.
German Gleanings.
Nearly 20.000 women are employed
In Prussia as brickmakers.
Germany Imports about 3.000,000,000
eggs in a year, or forty-six eggs for
every inhabitant.
One-seventh of the tucome of the
working classes of Berlin is said to be
spent In alcoholic drink.
In the pottery Industry In Germany
females earn $2.10 to $3 a week, and
the males earn $2.88 to $7.20.
Flower and Tree.
The fruit of the male fig tree Is never
Plant life rarely thrives under yew
and ash trees.
There are now more than 12,000,000
apple trees bearing In Canada, while
3,000,000 more are growUi; up.
Bamboo frees do not blossom until
they attain their thirtieth year. Thej
then produce seed profusely and die.
The Word "Wallop."
The origin of the familiar vernacu
lar verb "to wallop" is not generally
known. It comes from the family
name of the earls of Portsmouth. Sli
John Wallop, K. G.. was admiral
commander in the reign of King Hen
ry VIII. of the fleet 'which avenged
French raids by burning French ships
and twenty-one French villages. This
was called. In the current parlance ol
the times, "walloping" them, and the
phrase passed Into the language and
still survives.
The Emperor's Orderly.
Frenchmen of every rank and class
dearly love titles. The manager of a
Paris Insurance company was decorat
ed with the Legion of Honor a few
days ago, and the clerks la the em
ploy of the company presented him
with a piece of plate to whl h their
visiting cards were attached. Cn look
ing over thte be was a good deal puz
zled and amused by the visltlug curd
of the office "boy," au old soldier
from the Invalides, who wns employed
to open the office doors from 0 to 4.
Under the man's name was the title
"the emperor's orderly." He sent
for the old soldier, who stumped In
and saluted.
"Of what emperor nrc you the order
ly, nnd how?" he naked. The old In
vallde drew himself up to attention.
"I am the orderly of the emperor,"
he said, "Napoleon, le Petit Corporal."
"But he Is dead. He has been dead
some time," answered the puzzled
"I dust his tomb for him," growled
the old soldier. London Express.
No Morals In Dreamland.
If, as many writers have suggested,
It Is the soul Itself that guides the Im
agery of dreams, how are we to ex
plain the fact that in this chaos of
Ideas and feelings there is so little dis
tinction between right and wrong that
when dreaming we commit acts for
which we should weep tears of blood
were they as real as they seem to be.
As Professor Hoffman has said, "The
familiar check of waking hours, 'I
must not do It because It would be un
Jnst or unkind,' never once seems to
arrest us lu the satisfaction of any
tvhim which may blow about our way
ward fancies."
From all of which we must conclude
that the dream realm Is a world that Is
entirely oblivious to any moral sense
and that, though it may be true that a
troubled conscience may produce or
affect our dreams, the dreams them
selves are never burdened with a con
science. Bohemian Magazine.
An Awful Rebuke.
Once ripon a time a certain commu
nity planned to give a dinner to a
Judge there. When the Judge came to
scan the list of those Invited he raised
vigorous' protest against one name,
that of a man who h-.id been the most
brilliant lawyer in town, but who was
now the town druukard. Tbey finally
overcame bis opposition, but the towu
drunkard had beard of It. He was the
last speaker called upon. He arose
and said: "Mr. Toast master Fifteen
years ago I had a practice In this town
that adiouuted to $12,000 a year. I
had a wife and family whom I sup
ported In comfort. I had my owu
horse aud carriage. At that time the
guest of the evening wns on his way
went hi an emigrant wagon. He land
ed In this town and started in to make
his living. Since then, Mr. Toastmas
ter," he cried, with a pathetic break In
his voice "since that time I have been
going steadily down, down, down, and
oar guest has been going up, up, up,
until now we are Just about on a
Pass the word to your relatives and friends to come now.
To Oregon will prevail from the East
September 15 to October 15
From Chicago - $33.00
" St. Louis - 32.00
" Omaha - 25.00
" St. Paul - 25.00
" Kansas City - 25.00
Fares Can Be Prepaid
Deposit the amount of the fare with the nearest 0. R. & N. or S. P.
Agent and ticket will be delivered in the East without extra cost
Send us the name and address
State for Oregon literature.
General Paaanger Agent.
Fergusson and the Rabbits.
Robert Fergussou. the poet, was first
matriculated at St. Andrew's universl
ty in the session of 1764-5. It was
the custom at this time for each bursar
to take his turn in Invoklug "blessing"
at the meals. The college table having
been surfeited wltb an unbroken diet
of rabbits lu various forms of cookery.
Fergussou. ou being called to say
grace, repeated what are now celebrat
ed lines:
For rabbits young and (or rabbits old.
For rabbits hot and for rabbits cold.
For rabbits tender and for rabbits tough
Our thanks we render, for we've had
It may be added Fergusson was not
sent down, but the rabbits were "rus
ticated." Notice of the Meeting of The County
Board of Equalization.
Notice Is hereby given that the
Board of Equalization for Wallowa
county, Oregon, will meet - at the
Oaumty Clerk's office at Enterprise,
Oregon, on the trlrd Monday of
October, 1909, the aame being the 18th
day of October, 1909, for the purpose
of examining and correcting the as
sessment of 1909 and to Increase or
Real Estate Dealer
Mitchell Hotel Block JOSEPH. OREGON
m J s
io the Citizens of Wallowa County:
It is our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal
manner as to maKe the customer's rela
tion with this banK satisfactory and
profitable. H Aside from our excellent
facilities, this bank has the advantage of
a large capital and substantial list of
stockholders. It is also a State Deposi
tory. If you are not a customer we
invite 3ou to become one.
Stockgrowers acd Farmers National Bank
Wallowa, Oregon --
Wallowa. Appleton. Flora lo Paradise
From Paradise, Flora ind Appleton to Wallowa
Good JJtJon courteous treatment and reasonable rate.
E. W. SOUTHW1CK. Proprietor.
0 '
of any one interested in the
reduce the valuation of the property
therein assessed so that the same
shall be full cash value thereof., and
to asso3a omitted taxable property.
Said Board will be In session one
month. Petitions or applications for
the reduction of a particular assess
ment shall be made to writing, veri
fied by the oath of the applicant or
his attorney and be filed with the
Board during the first week it Is by
law required to be In session and
any petition or application not so
made, verified and filed shall not be
considered or acted upon by the
Dated at Enterprise, Oregon, this
30th day of Sentsmber. 1909.
B. F. MILLER, County Assessor.
Mr. F. G. Fritz, Oneanta, N. Y,
writes: "My little girl was greatly
benefitted by taking Foley's Orino
Laxative, and I think it is the best
remeiy for constipation and liver
trouble." Foley's Orino Laxative is
mild, pleasant and effective, and
cures habitual constipation. For sale
by Burnaugh & Mayfleld.

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