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Formerly the Wallowa News, estab
linhed March 3. 1899.
Published Wednesdays and Satur
days at Enterprise. Oregon, by
Office East side Court House Square
Entered as second-class matter
January 2, 1909, at the postofflce at
Enterprise. Oregon, under the Act of
March 3, 1879.
Subscription Rates; One year $2,
six months $1, three months 50c,
one month 20c. On yearly cash-In-advance
subscriptions a discount of
25c Is given.
City and County
Brief News Items
County court will convene next
O. K. Bue of Rosnas, was In town
Circuit court will convene Monday,
November 8.
L. Couch of Wallowa was a visi
tor In this city Tuesday.
." White Loaf Flour, $4.50 per bar
rel at E. M. & M. store.
Job Halsey Is very 111 at the home
of his father, J. D. Halsey.
'. O. M. Corklns left Tuesday morn
ing on a trip to Walla Walla.
' Miss Margaret Mavor spent Tues
day with friends in Lostlne.
Marshal Charle3 Hug- visited in El
gin from Sunday to Tuesday.
William Wood of Lostlne was In
this city on busliess Tuesday.
. T. N. Baker of Alicel, came down
from Joseph, Tuesday, on a business
Miss Ne'.lie Brjsha of Pendleton
came Tuesday for a visit with her
aunt, Mrs. J. A. French.
.Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jackson and
Robert Jlckllng of the Contact Mine,
Lostlne, were In town Saturday.
Mrs. Delia Moxley has bought the
millinery Btore of Mrs. Agnes Leslie
of Joseph and has moved to that
Mrs. J. A. FlUpatrlek of Lostlne
spent a fewt days this week with her
slater, Mrs. G. C. Russell, on Swamp
R. S. & Z. Co.
A Large Stock of
Dry Goods
Fall and
Winter wear
R. S. & Z. CO'S
For Further'
R. S.&Z. CO.
Judge D. B. Reavls left Wednes
day morning" for Hood River where
he will spend the winter. Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Reavis of Walla Walla
will remain some time with Mrs.
J. C. Reavis In this city.
Rev. C. E. Trueblood is evidently
sowing good seed In more than one
way, Judging by the fine garden pro
ducts .he has been showing. Satur
day he was exhibiting a four pound
potato dug from his garden In the A.
H. Rudd lot.
The largest line of Baswood for
Pyrographic work, Pyro ojitflts, ev
er brought to Wallowa county, at
the drug store of Jackson & Weaver:
Ladles pleasecall and Inspect qual
ity, quantity, and prices, whether you
desire to purchase or not.
Attorneys T. M. Dill, D. W. Shea
han, J. A. Burleigh and O. M. Cor
klns of this city and J. P. Rusk of
Joseph went to La Grande Tuesday
to attend the reception to Senator
La Follette, given by the lawyers of
La Grande. The program Included
an automobile ride, a 5 o'clock dinner
and an address.
Dr. Gregory of Wallowa was In
lown Tuesday. He reports the Rob
inson family, who have been very
ill with typhoid fever, slowly Improv
ing. The family recently came to
Wallowa from Grossman. The fath
er died with the disease and the
mother and three children are 111.
The county is assisting the city .of
Wallawa In caring for them.
Rev. W. H. Gibson of La Grande
who recently closed a four years
pastorate of the First Baptist church
of that city, Is visiting Enterprise
and working In the revival meetings.
He Is greatly pleased with our beau
tiful little city and entertains the
hope and cherishes the expectation
that within a few 'months a Bap
tist edifice will adorn one of the
attractive lots in the city. , He will
work toward that end.
A class of a half dozen young peo
ple was confirmed at the Bue school
house on Mud Flat last Sunday, the
confirmation services being con
ducted by a Lutherna minister from
Moscow, Ida., who had been there
ib out a week Instructing them. A
large congregation attended the con
firmation services. The class was
composed of Christian and Peter
Bue, Martha and Alvin Hagan, Al
fred and Amelia Mlllor.
Mr. and Mrs. O, J. Foley, from
Lostlne, Oregon, arrived in Asotin
Monday evening to pay a visit to
Asotin relatives for ten days or two
weeks. It has been fully two years
or more since these people were
last here. Mr. and Mrs. McGIll. ac
companied them with the view of
finding a location, on account of
Mrs. McGill being bothered with
some 'throat trouble. They were not
sure whether they would locate here
or at Clarkston. Asotin Sentinel.
Young Folks Party.
Master Proctor Hug was seven
years old Monday and a Hallowe'en
surprise party was given at the home
of his parents, Mr. and (Mrs. Chas.
Hug, In his honor. Proctor dined
with Ills young friends, Robert and
Gilbert Steol, and upon arriving at
homo was met at the gate by two
ghosts, who escorted him into the
house. The guests were each given a
like reception and two witches and
a fairy awaited them within the
da -kened room, lit only by the weird
jack-o'-lanterns, and decorated sea
sonably and attractively. Bobbing
for apples, pinning on the pig's tail,
and other games made a jolly even'
lug. the guests departing at 9 o'clock
Those present were: Arlena Combes
and Zoa Wright, ghosts; Portia
Steel and Orris Combes, witches;
Mildred Day, fairy; and Masters
Robert Boyd, Robert and Gilbert
Steel, Albert iDalnley, Donald Funk
Donald and Wilson Gaily, Clarence
Woodell, Guy a:ois(. Dwigbt French
Ralph Tlbbett and Ted Yandell.
(From the New York Press.)
Outoopathy, the drugless science In
meJIclne, is only about flfte en years
old. The word li not even In the
Century Dictionary, edition 1895. Its
practice Is going band In hand with
bloodless surgery, so that n time
we way expect to be cured without
pills and without a knife. Some
principles are: "Health means
physical adjustment;" health Is ti
tural;dlceaae and death between the
time of birth and old age are un
natural. All bodily disorders are the
result of mechanical obstruction to
tbel freu( circulation of vital fluids and
forces. Tha characteristic generally
Uatton of osteopathy: in a nutshell Is
"'most diseases are of spinal origin,"
New Suit Filey.
Oct. 25 Hlram C. Cramer ts. John
R. Cramer,
Marrlg License,
Oct. 23 Floyd W. Hammack, Los
tlne, Miss Zelma R. Ogbourn, Alder
Linen and China Shower.
Mlsa Zelma Ogbourn ' was given a
linen and china shower surprise at
her home last Thursday afternoon by
a party of her lady friends. The un
bidden guests took the materials for
a delicious luncheon which they ' pre
pared and) placed on -the table while
Misg Ogbourn wasi 'entertained in the
orchard. The centerpiece was a huge
white cake, wrapped diagonally with
pink ribbons. Inside, the bride-to-be
found the beautiful remem
brances of her friends. Miss Og
bourn was given a thorough rehears
al in the art of presiding and it is
thought that she will now be iper-fect-ly
able to assume the duties of hos
tess in her own home.
The Enterprise Real Estate com
pany sold for Roy McCoy five acres
just south of the corporation line,
Sautrday, to J. M. Blakely, for $1,-
25. The land is under irrigation
and contains a fine large barn.
For Wallowa county land: 120 acres
fine blue grass and timothy land in
Adair county, 'Missouri; well watered.
Fenced, half cleared; 25 acres in tim
othy, balance In blue grass; about 50
acres in po3t oak, partly underlaid
with coal; 1 ml e from mining town.
$25 per acre. C. C. Brown, Joseph,
Oregon. 49b4
Lumber. Anyone having lumber of
any grade In any amount for sale,
or who has timber he Intends to saw
soon, and wishes to contract the lum
ber, call on or address W. F. Rankin
at Haney planer In Enterprise, Agent
tor W. R. Klvette. 26bl
His Method Was Successful, but It
Remains a Secret.
Iu the early sixties of the last cen
tury the Smltusoiimu Institution was
Infested with rats. Nothing In- -the
building seemed to be rat proof. 'Tbey
ate sklus cured with arseulcul soap or
table I lue u or the contents of Professor
Heury's pantry without discrimination.
Every one iu the city, from Professor
Henry to the bootblack, bad one sub
ject lu common, and that was "rats."
As Professor Henry, who lived lu
the east end of the bulldlug, was lis
tening to ' an account of the - fulu
wrought In his home during that da;
Professor 'Spencer Balrd walked lu
and said, just as If be bad been fol
lowing every word of the family con
versation, "1 have just beeu-tfcM that
there is a man in Philadelphia who
can rid this place of rats." -.' .
Professor Henry's eyes expressed
interest and Incredulity at the same
moment r .
"I have his address here," went on
the assistant secretary. "He "calls
himself the 'ratten konlg' and won't
take a ceut if a rat remains aud has"
"We'll send for him If It takes our
last thousand cents to do it!" -'said
Professor Henry and laughingly . pre
dicted the repetition of the famous old
tale of the Pled Piper of Hunielln.
Several duys later the "rat king"
appeared In Washington. He was al
most as short as be was broad aud
wore clothes too loose for description;
tlioy had no shape. He carried a large
oilcloth sack aud a covered basket.
His penetrating blue eyes were almost
covered by shaggy eyebrows, aud his
blond balr bad not been cut, but hag
gled. His manner was short aud
brisk, and be went straight to the
point, talking to Professor Henry In
He declared that not a rat would be
lu tbo bulldlug three days hence If bis
directions were obeyed. During that
time be would stay lu the basement
alone; every door was to be locked,
and on no account was be to be dls
turbed until be gave them the signal,
So they left hliu in absolute darkness
aud carried out bis directions.
Ou Sunday morulug the queer old
man emerged from fbe darkness so
confident of bis success that bp re
fused to accept the money which was
his due then and there, but insisted
that Professor Henry mull the check
to him iu Philadelphia the following
"Now you can leave your food in the
basement, and It won't be touched.
And I wou't tako a cent If you are
troubled with ruts," were bis parting
Cheese and cake were directly placed
about the bulldlug to tempt the rats.
Morulng after morning they were
found as tbey had beau left, and from
that day to this the Smithsonian ustt
tutlon bos never beeu seriously trou
bled with rats. And no one has ever
found out the secret of the "rat king's"
method. Youth's Companion,
He Saw Double.
Mr. LusblelKU rum Jib the stairway
with bis shoes lu bin bsuil pud bis but
hanging precariously upou one ur,
singing "We Won't Go Home Till
Morning" with woudrons disregard for
pronunciation and melody. Mrs. I.nnh
Iflgn met bliu with a cold stars au4
"Well, to Be rou In snrh a pomlltlmi!
Wlllbnu lleury l.uatilelgb. I am bettlda
myseir with Indignation!"
"Tbash rl- agreed Mr. LushMgu.
moodily .atvblu the bureau ax It
will tie altuut blip, "tlMh rr-yo .r
beeuld jr'eJu-lf. 1 c'ej see yon right
slier twahkU 'Mr, uiMd you tvU'
iw. Wifs-beglniilu' to thmk feu
blguuilsbt--Baltimore Awtrk-au.
A Mystery That the Mind of Man
Is Unable to Penetrate.
It Is Pitch Black as Far as Human
Understanding Goes, For We Know
No More About It Than We Do About
Ite Twin Mystery, Death.
When all is written, how little we
know of sleep! It Is a closing of the
eyes, a disappearance, a wondering re
turn. Iu uneasy slumber, in dreamless
dead rest, iu horrid nightmare or In
ecstasies of somnolent funcles tbe eyes
are blinded, the body is abandoned,
while tbe inner essence is we kuow not
where. We have no other knowledge
of sleep than we have of death. In de
lirium or coma or trance, no less than
In normal sleep and In dissolution, the
soul is gone. Iu these It returns, iu
that It does not come again, or so we
Ignorantly think.
Yet when I reflect on my death I for
get that I have encountered it many
times already and find myself none
the worse. 1 forget that I sleep. The
fly hns no shorter existence than
man's. We bustle about for a few
years with ludicrous importance, ns
bottleflies buzt at the window panes.
They, too, may Imngine themselves of
Infinite moment in this universe we
share with tbem. But this Is to take
no account of the prognostics of sleep.
There Is something hidden, something
secret, some unfnthomed mystery
whose presence we feel, but cannot
verify; some permeatlve thought in
sistently moving In our hearts, some
phosphorescence that glows we know
not whence through our shadowy at
oms. Kelt her sleep itself nor half its prom
ises nor mysteries have been plumbed.
It is the mother of superstitions and
of miracles. In dreams we may search
the surface powers of the freed soul.
Visions lu tbe night are not all hallu
cinations; voices in the night ore not
nil mocking. There is a prophet dwells
wltblu the mind not of the mind, but
deeper throned In obscurity.
Tbe brain cannot know of this holy
presence nor of Its life In sleep. The
brain Is mortal and untrustworthy, a
phonograph and a camera for audible
and palpable existence. Strike It a
blow in childhood so that It ceases Its
labors nnd awake It by surgery after
forty years and It will repeat the in
fantile action or word It Inst recorded
and will take up its task on the In
stant, making no account of the inter
mediate years. They are nonexistent
to it. Yet to that hidden memory those
diseased years are not blank. It knows.
It has recorded, though the brain hns
slept. And In hypnotic or psychic"
trance, when thnt wonderful ruler is
released from tbe prison of tbe body. It
ran speak through the atom blent ma
chinery of tbe flesh and tell of things
man himself could not know because
of his paralyzed brain. This ruler is
not asleep iu sleep, nor in delirium Is
It delirious, nnd lu death is It dead?
Through all the nges It has been our
sphinx, which we have Interrogated in
vain. It jolus not In our laughter nor
our tears. We have funded It with im
mobile, brooding features of utmost
knowledge and wisdom and sorrow. It
has asked us but one question, nor
from the day of Oedipus unto today
have we answered rightly, so that we
die of our Ignorance. It is Osiris liv
ing In us. It is the unknown God to
whom we erect our altars, the fire in
tbe tabernacle, the presence behind tbe
veil. Not lu normal wakefulness at
least will It answer our queries, but In
sleep sometimes It will speak. And it
may possibly be thut at Inst, after all
these centuries, we are learning how
to question it nnd in hypnotic trance
and in the fearful law of suggestion
are discovering somewhat of Its mys
tery and how to employ It for our
worldly good. Yet to Its essential se
cret we -are no closer than our fore
fat hers were.
We tuny define dreams and night
mare, coma nnd swoon and trance
with what terms we will, search their
physical reasons and learn to guide
and guard, yet we know no more of
them than of electricity. We may be
gin to suspect thnt telepathy and clair
voyance and occult forces of the soul
are not superstitious fancies, and we
may ereu empirically classify and
study and direct them. Yet tbe soul
Itself is no nearer our Inquisition.
Though we should know of Its real
ity, though our finite minds should
fathom tbe Infinitude, of wbnt benefit
would It be? Would It modify our be
liefs or our hopes or bur fnlths? Would
It dictate one action to our passionate
lives? There would be no change in
human nature nnd no reforms of the
world. We are the children of our fa
thers, and our children will trend the
prehistoric paths. Dreams are our life,
whether we wake or sleep. We drowse
through existence, awaking and dying
and being reborn dally, ever torpeseent
and una mazed, and our thousand slum
berous deaths we call restorative sleep
sleep that restores our physical be
ing, .building up where we have torn
down, recreating what we destroy.
Black pitch Mack, Indced-ls the
cavern of Morpheus. Palth peoples It
with varied legions and builds Its
rhaos Into myriad forms. Nightly we
enter It and drain the Lethean air and
forget, and dally we return with re
joicings, babbling of dreams that wera
not dreamed, and Anally we enter for
tbe last time nnd drain somewhat
mora deeply tbe essence of ecstasy
and awake no more and no more re
turn to tha autumn dyed skies of the
dawu,. And yet c 1H .flream. At
lantic Monthly.
! P
Dr. Cook's own story of the
off the Pole
Will be published serially in f
this paper beginning f
with the jj
Fall and Winter
Wear for Men
Including all the latest ideas in
Shoes, Hats and Caps, Underwear,
Sheep Skin Lined Coats, Mackinaws,
Coat Sweaters, German Socks, and
All kinds of Rubber Shoes j&
Brand New vStocK of
Just Arrived
Quality and Satisfaction in All Lines Guaranteed
160 Acres; Z miles out, on river
bottom; good improvements; plen
ty of irrigation water. $40.00 per
acre. Terms.
Enterprise Real Estate Company
Office over Harness Shop, Enterprise, Ore.
She Could Cook.
. tie had wedded a popular actress,
Piuch to the dUnmy of his friends,
says tliu Cleveland I'luln Dealer. lie
was fond or the ppui'tlcal things of
life. His friends were sure the profes
sional ludy would prove anything but
g helpmeet to him. It was thulr first
breakfuxt the pretty mill lu the little
flat . Tbe coffee was dellclouit, the
stcuk of the exact rnreuess he prefer
red, and be bud never eaten such rolls.
He held one of tbe latter aloft. "Wby,
wbere did you buy them, my love?"
he asked. She Dung hi III It bewitching
smile. "1 created those rolls." she dru
matlcully answered. "You?" be cried.
"Yes." she replied. "1 was cooking iu
a dowQtowu restaurant when 1 weut
on the stage."
Wellington's 8elf Control.
One of the best stories of self control,
Is told of tbe Duke of Wellington, wbo
in the peuliiRUlar campaign was alt
ting at breakfast with Melon and oth
er o Ulcers Just before the engagement.
Orderlies were riding up to tbe tent
every few minutes with news of tbe
sternly approm-li of tbe. enemy.; The
duke did and said notblug. buf by the
kulttlug of bis brows was supposed to
be deep in ihounlit. Presently be turn
ed to his cumnlons and sold: "Was
your egg well cooked. I'lctonT Mine
was alximlnable." The "Iron Duke"
was not careless of the Issue of tbe
battle about to be fought, but brd
made bis arrangements long before and
knew exactly how the enemy would
advance and how to counteract It
AUa'fa seed for sale at R. 3. ft Z.
Island City
Now Ready for Business
Robes and Furs of-all kinds a
specialty. Work Guaranteed
and all orders receive prompt
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Soda
Sundaes, Root Beer, Re
freshing' DrinKs
When extra CANDY
is wanted come to
Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, - - Oregon

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