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and will pay as follows for good,
fat stuff we never charge com
mission on anything: '
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"Fighting the Beef Trusl"
A Miracle of Science.
Aeropl aning is, another miracle of
practical science another impossibil
ity shown to be possible another
dream of centuries realized, but real
ized In a manner which none but this
generation could have understood.
Will the history of the steam locomo
tive repeat itself? The actual maxi
mum speed on railways is no higher
to-day than it was sixty years ago,
though, of course, the train loads are
very different. Will it be so with the
''-V '.i A Peep A bead.
they were about to open the Pan,
ttia canal In due form.
'"What are we waiting for?" asked
the man who was to deliver the ora
tion. ."We are waiting," answered the mas
ter of ceremonies in a husky whisper,
"to see If we can't scare up a few
American built ships to go through
first!" Chicago Tribune.
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Portland, Oregon
Open Lamps Ignite Gas and Ex
plosion Follows.
Prompt Action of Management Aids
Hundreds to Escape Fire Pre
vents Recovery of Bodies.
St. LOUIS. Mo.. Dfiff. 2! 'Eicrlir man
were killed and the livaa nf 4(10 n ar
sons wore imperiled by an explosion of
gas in mine A of the Chicago & Carter
ville Coal .company at Herrin, 111., late
Thursday. Open lamps carried by the
mine engineer and his asaiainnta inaul
the disaster, according to a long-dis-
luicpuuue message irom the mine
office to the Associated Press. There
were three men and a boy in this party.
All lost thir lives.
Prompt action by the management
resulted in the safe exit of the hun
dreds of men at work below ground.
Within five mimirns nftpr t.hn firt
port of the explosion, miners in the im
mediate vicinity of the accident were
started toward the surface and on the
return trips or the cages rescuers were
lowered to entries No. 7 and No. 8,
west, where the catastrophe took place.
iiiuug luu uuuu were:
W. T. Pierce, mine engineer.
Eugene Barrett, assistant engineer.
Thomas Williams, assistant manager.
Thomas Guinnev. Hnnprinfnnrinnt nt
the mine, and Kobert Huston, manager,
headed the first relay of rescuers. De
spite the black damn t.llftr. flnwad intn
the chambers adjoining those in which
r i : j i , . ...
riL-rce unit nis party wore killed, these
nion plunged into the workings.
Three bodies blocked their path.
Hasty examination showed tl'iat the
men wore alive, and they were rushed
to the surface. One was A. J. HuBton,
brother of the manager. The. others,
Charles Klem and Albert Shelton, and
Huston were revived, and all are ex
pected to recover from the effects of
the gas.
The rescuers next found the bodies
of Snyder, Greeco and Komeo, miners.
None of these men had been burned,
the condition of the corpses testifying
to the force of the concussions. The
body of Harbor, a miner, was badly
burned, the features being scorched
almost beyond recognition.
jMiorts or the rescuers to penetrate
more deenlv into t.ho wnrlti n era nrora a.
pulsed by. increasing afterdamp. The
ventilating apparatus of the mine had
not been damaged, but it could not cope
successfully with the gases, and Guin
noy and Huston and their helpers were
forced to retreat, leaving tho bodies of
Piorco and his companions. The fire
also began to gain headway, and it is
not expected the bodies can be recov
ered before tomorrow.
- News of the explosion soon spread
through Herrinir. And wnntan an A a Till.
drem rushed at once to the Bhaft-house.
But as the cages emptied load after
load of rescued miners snhs nf nnimioh
gave way to cries of joy. These in
turn were soon Hushed to murmurs of
svmnathv nn rhn Vmrlios nt ti,
were brought to the surface.
Many Towns Report Searchlight Borne
by Airship.
Boston. DPC. 35 Vnllnnrino !. ...
port from Worcester Thursday night of
the discovery above that eity a strange
moving? lipht. nnnnrnnrlv tho .,.., i.
" ' I I ..... ovmvu-
light of a dirigible aircraft, last night
uiuugm sLunes or tne observance of
similar lights from villages east of
Worcester, and even from Boston Com
mon, reopie in Marlboro, South
Fremlinirton. NnrieV AaM,n,i n.o
ton, North Grafton, Upton, Hopedale
and Northboro turned out in throngs
last night and saw a mysterious light
in the.' sky.
Many declared that it had the ap
pearance of a strong light and, while
they could discover no framework be-
i. : i i . i . .
uiuu ii, sucn as an aeroplane would
have. tllRV WArn nnairiva tl.nt 1. i:i.a
4 - I ' hjm tug ugufc
could not be that of a balloon because
It niOVeU aS if Unriflr l-nntrnl unA nn.
parently against the wind.
Wallace E. Tillinghast, a Worcester
niau who recently asserted that he had
invented a machine in which, he had
gone from Worcester to New York and
return and who, it was thought, might
have been the navigator of the sup
posed aircraft, remained noncommittal
today. ,
Neighbors Call Cook Martyr.
New York, Dec. 25. A committee
which was appointed by the Brooklyn
neighbors of Dr. Cook some months ago
ia raise runtis ror tne erection of a
monument to thn pxnlnror hni in;.i.i
to ffO On with its work in nitA nP 1.A
Ft ... jr..w ... .IIC
cables from Copenhagen. "Dr. Cook,"
BccuriuiiK io one memocr or the com
mittee, 'is a nohln ninrtvr Th. vau
of the world may take the word of those
muuur j-uiar explorers over in Lopen
hflfreni hut hid nAicrhhiva ln 1,1 TJ...U
wick know that Dr. Cook discovered
me role, because be told us so him
self." . .
Lottery Agents Caught.
Chicago, Dec. 2ti Two men alleged
to be foreign lottery agents have been
arrested by postal inspectors. They are
Samuel f reudenberg and Herman Kora
nel. Lottery tickets. lists nf ilnminm
and advertising matter exploiting the
lotteries were seized. Advertising mat
ter of tho "150th Boyal Saxony Lot
tery" found in the Freudenberg house
sum mai me luiai amount 01 money
tie distributed would be
marks, nearly (4,000,000.
Bowdoln to Rejoice for Peary.
Brunswick, Me., Dee. 25. The
achievement of her distinguished alum
nns. Commander Peary, in reaching the
North Pole, will be celebrated at the
close of the nowdoin College year, It
was announced at chapel by President
Acts directly and peculiarly on
the bloxl; purifies, enriches and
revitalizes it, and in this way
builds up the whole system.
Take it Get it today.
In usual liquid form or chocolated tab
lets called Sarsatabs. 100 Doses SI.
One Successful Case.
"Doctor, you're not so foolish as to
tntnk you can make people good by
performong- operations on them, are
'That depends upon what you call
making people good. You can check
their disposition to commit crime."
"As, for example"
"Well, I once knew a man who was
cured, bx a simple operation, of a ten
dency to rob banks and hold up rail
way trains." ,
"Did you perform It, doctor?"
"No; I was merely called on to ver
ify the result after the operation was
'Well, who did perform It?"
'A frontier sherlff." Chicago .Trib
Died at KlBblr-clght as Predicted.
Prophesying early In life that she
would live to see her eighty-eighth
birthday. Miss Julia H. Hancock, of
Brockton, Mass., died a few days ago
on the day she had previously set fot
her death. Infirmities of age are given
as the cause. She gave no particular
reason for her prediction, although aht
seemed imbued with the belief that hei
prophecy would come true.
for who, to dumb forgetfulness a prey,
'mat letter In his pocket e'er resign
ed. Without receiving, on some later day,
A gooa-sizea portion or somebody a
Save This Recipe for Colds.
"Mix half pint of good whiskey witi.
two ounces of glycerine and add one-
half ounce Concentrated pine compound.
The bottle is to be well shaken each
time and used in doses of a teaspoonful
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Any druggist has these ingredients or
he will get them from his wholesale
house. This is wonderfully effective.
The Concentrated pine is a special
pine product and comes only in half
ounce Dottles, each enclosed in an air
tight case, but be sure it is labeled
What's In a Name
An amusing story has been told con'
cernlng Mr. Phillips' classic drama,
"Ulysses." When It was being played
In America, two young girls were sit
ting together In the stalls at a matinee
performance, and before the curtain
rose the following conversation was
heard: "Say, Maude, I know this play
Is going to be funny." "What makes
you think so?" asked Maude. "Why.
anybody, could tell that from the
name!" was the rnlv. M. A. P.
The next time you feel that swai
lowing sensation, the sure sign of sore
throat, gargle Hamlins Wizard Oil im
mediately with three parts water. It
will save you days and perhaps weeks
of mlBery.
En Famllle.
Willie, a little country boy, 6 years
of age, was taken one Sunday night
to a large city church, where he saw
for thb first time a vested choir. To
his mother's surprise and gratification,
he not only kept wide awake, but
seemed greatly interested In every
part of the service. At its close he
turned to her and said, "I like this
church, It Is so nice to watch : the
preacher when he comes out with all
his wives In their nightgowns." Har
per's Magazine. ,
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for over 100 years PETTIT'S EYE
oALVt, nag positively cured eve dis
eases everywhere. All druggists or
nowara Bros., Buttalo, in. X.
roini ef uiaerenee.
"Yes." said the bride of three short
months, "I had made up my mind to
remain in the spinster class, then John
appeared upon the scene and I ac
cepted him because he was bo unllk
other men."
"Oh, of course he's different," re
joined the envious lady friend. "He
proposed." Yoakers Statesman. '
Your Hair
Is it inclined to run tway?
Don't punish it with a cruel
brush and comb! Feed it, nour
ish it, save it with Ayer's Hair
Vigor, new improved formula.
Then your hair wjll remain at
home, on your head, where it
belongs. An elegant dressing.
Keeps the scalp healthy.
Doe not thmgt Iff color f lh hah.
Formal with
h erttis
how II to yaw
Ask hist tbmt It,
thsa as ss hs says
We certainly believe this, or we would
not tsr so. Ayer't Hsir Vigor, as now
nisae rrom our new improved formula,
is a grest prepsritlon for the hsir and
scalp. Stops falling hsir. Cures dan-
arun. promotes the growth of hsir.
7 as J. C. Ajsr Os.. Lewsll, Sim-
Mysterious Craft, Carrying Powerful
Searchlight, Is Seen.
Worcester, Mass., Dec. 24. Flying at
SO to 40 miles an hour, a mysteri
ous airship tonight appeared over
orcesfer, hovered over tho city X few
minutes, disappeared for about two
hours, and then returned to cut -onr
circles about the city, using a search
light of tremendous power. Thousands
of persons thronged the streets to watch
the mysterious visitor.
The nil-ship remained over the city
for 13 minutes, all the time at a height
that most observers set at about 2000
feet, too great to enable even its pre
cise shape to be seen. The glaring rays
of its great searchlight, however, were
sharply defined. Tho dark mass of the
ship could be seen dimly.
At the tune of the airship visit. Wal
lace K. Tillinghast, a Worcester man.
who recently asserted he had invented
a marvelous aeroplane, in which he said
he had journeyed to New liork and re
turned by way of Boston, was absent
from his home and could not be found.
Die visitor from the clouds was first
sighted over Marlborough at .5:20
o'clock. The 16 miles between this city
and Marlborough were covered in 30
Two hours later an eager shout from
tho waiting crowds announced its re
turn. Slowly its light, swept the heav
ens. .It circled four times above tho
city and then disappeared, finally head
ing nrst to the south and then to the
Marlboro Sights Airship.
Marlboro. Mass.. Tpt a,X An
ship -was sighted over Marlboro early
tonight, going northwest at 60 or more
miles an hour. Persons in nil sitinn
of the city reported having seen it. Its
general course, they say, was in the
uneciion. or Clinton.
Japanese Steamer Reports Disaster Off
Cape Flattery.
Seattle. Dec. 24. Another probable
marine disaster off the coast of Wash
ington was recorded today, when the
Japanese steamer Kaga Maru reported
to the wireless station at Cape Beal
that the American schooner Susie M.
Plummcr was in distress and had been
abandoned 100 miles west and south of
Cape Flattery.
JNo news regarding the extent of the
schooner's troubje or the fate of the
crew was contained in the brief mes
sage from the Japanese vessel, which
is on her way to the Orient.
I ho United States hfesavinir tuir
Snohomish left her station at Neah
Hay at 4 o'clock this afternoon to go
to the aid of the schooner's crew.
The Susio M. Plummor, a vessol of
92(1 tons, gross, sailed from Everett,
Wash., December 5, with a cargo of
lumber for San Pedro, .Cal. She is
owned by W. G. Tibbits, of San Fran
cisco, and was built in 1890 at Thomas
ton, Me. She wns commanded by Cap
tain' Hansen and carried a small crow.
French Tariff Seriously Affects Ameri
can Oil Products.
Washington, Dec. 24. Alarmed by a
drop from $1,000,000 to $26,303 in min
eral oil exports to France in amonth,
American oil exporters have begun a
movement to induce congress to renew
with the French government the reci
procity treaty that expired on October
i. exporters also hope for the re
newal of the treaty with Spain, a largo
importer or American oil, which will
expire on August 31, 1910.
Exports to Canada under the opera
tion of tho now tariff law have not been
compiled by the bureau of statistics of
the department of commerce and labor,
mit indications are that they will show
relatively as great a falling off in oil
exports as those to France.
Notwithstanding the abrogation of
tne reciprocity treaty with France, re
ports to the bureau for November, the
first month under the new order of
things, show larger totals in both im
ports and exports than in the corre
sponding month of last year. Raw cot
ton, which is imported into France free
of duty, and hence is not affected by
the tariff changes, is largely responsible
for the increase in exports, while art
works 20 years old and over, admitted
free under the new law, and diamonds
and hides were responsible for the in
creased imports.
The falling off in imports of chain
pagno from France, due to the in
creasod. tariff, was most marked, declin
ing from $.r)84,074 in November, 1908,
to oa,uua in JNOvember, lu.
Miners Drive Out Switchmen.
Butte, Mont., Dec. 24. A committee
representing the Butte miners' union
today drove BwRchmen who had re
turned to work in Butte yards of the
fireat Northern and Northern Pacific
railroads from their work and told them
that if they returned 2000 miners would
wait upon them tomorrow and see that
they stopped work while their brother
switchmen were qn strike. Every
switchman on the two roads nuit. and
tonight switching operations in Butte
are completely tied up. All the Boston
& Montana mines and the Colusa mine
closed today.
English Steamer Missing.
London, Dec. 24. Gales in Gr-'at
Britain have done much damage to
shipping. Tho railway company's
steamer Kostrnvor, which left Oreenore,
headland of Ireland, at 11 o'jlock
Tuesday night, and which was ilue at
Holyhead, Wales, 75 miles sens St
George's channel, at 5 o'clock WeJi
ilay morning, had not been reported, end
't is feared she has foundered. She
carried a crew of 24 and a few pas
qengers, ' ,
Zelaya's Loss Is Immense.
Panama, Dee. 24. A wireless d'lpilch
irom mueneius, auuresFPtf to lienor!
!,hamorro's fathpr hpre, reports 603
men killed and 1800 prisoners and 1,000,
000 cartridges captured by tho ,iro
visional government forces at Rama.
A new and wonderful
musical inntn ment,
which is a combination
of the irrand Italian
harp and jruitar. It htu
a beautiful tone and m
positively the earliest
instrument to play ever
made. We teach you at
your own home. An an
advertisement we are
one of our S12.fi0 Harp
Guitars to each of the
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Chance for m Bargain.
Dejected Youth I would like to re
turn this engagement ring- I purchased
here a few days ago.
Jeweler Didn't it suit the youne
Dejected Touth Tes. . but another
young man had already given her one
Just like it. and I would like to ex
change It for a wedding present. Tid
Bits. Trees Brought Hnln.
In lower Egypt rain fell verv sel
dom. During the French occupation,
about 1789, It did not rain for sixteen
months, but since Mahomet All and
Ibrahim Pasha completed their vast
plantations the former alone planted
more than 20,000,000 olive, fir, cotton,
acacia, plane trees, etc. there now
falls a good deal of rain.
To-Day and To-Morrow.
Happy men are full of the preseht,
tor Its bounty suffices them: and wlsa
men also, for Its duties engage the.m.
Our grnnd business undoubtedly Is
not to see what lies dimly at a dis
tance, but to do what lies clearly at
hand. Edward FltzGerald, "Polonius."
"Before I began using Cascarets I had '
a uau complexion, pimpies on my lace,
and my food was not digested as it should
nave been. Now I aqi entirely well, and
the pimples have all disappeared from my
face. I can truthfully sav that Cascarets
are just as advertised; I have taken only
iwo ooxes ot mem."
Clarence R. Griffin, Sheridan. Ind.
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent. Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Kickt-n, Weaken or Gripe.
10c, 15c. 60c. Never sold in bulk. The Ken- ,
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Bfor yoo Mt a
cent, w will ooo-
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habit furmlnsT dm.. No nianw rtmutrsd in mji vati a.
lull nooth'i trMtmaat lent to tuoao afflutcd withuut
ena oattt of dapotlt. Manlna hat Curod tliuuaatidi. It
will euro yog. fliT U frtva tclsU, Voa w to b
im Mi judg. AddraM
MmIm ftUrflolrio 04W
3249 UmH St., tU Lwfs, ,
is as safe as it is effective. Guar
anteed to contain no opiates. It is
very palatable too children like it.
All Drugylstn, 25 Cenla
On Rainy Days
A Fish Brand Slicker
will keep you dry.
And glvs yon full vain ia
comfort and long wstr
Bold by (irit-claii Retailors ths ooontry
ot. Bend for oar Free Ottalogn
Boston, U. a, A. -n .
Toronto. no fjjff jyjO
' 4& '7"Va
cm is
Solid brass font holds 4 quarts of oil sufficient to give out a glowing heal
for 9 hours solid brass wick carriers damper top cool handle oil indicator.
Heater beautifully finished in nickel or Japan in a variety of styles.
Every Dealer Everywhere. K Not At Yours, Write for Descriptive Circular
to the Nearest Agency oi Uses
As Sometimes Happens.
"You'd like to have me give this a
notice, I presume," said the literary
"Indeed, I would," answered the au- '
thor of the book; "the best in. the
But the conscientious literary editor,
after reading it, classified It as one of
the worst in the world.
So Like a Man,
"George, did you go and order tha
parlor lamp I told you I wanted?"
"No, Laura; I clean forgot It"
"Why, I asked you to tie a string
around your finger to remind you of it,
and you said you would."
"I know I did, but In the abstraction
of the moment I tied It around my
injur? lions uy mosquitoes.
Before the draining and diking ot
England and Holland, mosquitoes, ma
laria, chills and fever were as bad aa
in our Southern States to-day. Un
diked and undralned, neither of these
countries had risen to its place in his
tory, but had been balked by malarial
HOWARD E. BFRTON - Amutynr .nd Chmlt.
irtJHdvillo, Colorado. H-x)iumn pricea: tiold,
8Hv-r. Lead, $1. Uultl, Htlver, 75tj Gold. 60o- Zino
or Onppttr, tl. MMIiuir Mivf Ini and full prlcw Ha
M'titon amdirRtinn. Control ihmI Umpire work hx
licitod. liyfurtmce: Carbonate Natloiiitl Jtoak.
Painless Dentistry
Ont of town people
can hays their plats
' t l.lmti In ... il.a
We will give you a food
22k tolii er porciliie
crown tor 53.0
' )i Moltr Crowno 6.0
fc ,U ........ w . w
6 5 Gold Fillinn 1.0
lEntmel Fillinn 10
K1 Silver Fillinn .6
A Inlay Fillings 2.5
Qood Rubber
I Platss 5.00
J Bm Bed fSk.
OLW.s. Will, raisin as MisKSi sr rieis. l.uu
n nui muinen a nanus PtlnloM ExtrMoe .00
PttnlflM KitrnotloB frae when plate or hrilf work
laoruertxi. tionauiMtion vroo. Too cannot a
rderd. OonaulUtlon Froo.
ir """"ni;nr-i
I 1 It'.1 V W WS'iaiMSS, fWIM! -! . wswwsss nrf
nt battel t
tialnli'M work done anvwhere.
All work ruiiy
iil;fi. Modern vtni'trlQtVjttlpuent,
Wise Dental Co.
Off 101 BOUai: t A. at. M t. M. luda)i, I s A.
No. l-XO
HE If writing to dvrtlsrfl plM
monuoD viiis paper
A flsTOrlns; uicd the same ss lemon or Tsnflla.
Hr diseulving granulated sugsr in wster sod
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a syrup better than maple. Mapleineissnld by
Kroreri. II not send 3Sc for 2 os. bottle snd
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to Tropics
in Ten Minutes
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