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We Will Pay Railroad Fare frcandrrndto Return cu
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a ,,rr- nrnnrocMTATivp in finite RPRIQF nnrf nav ONE-HALF FARE for any one buying
WL nAVL nu in.r rvijin imuu n a-. A--c a
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(hty and County
Brief News Items
White House Coffee at Funk's.
Dr. C. A. Ault has returned1 fHoni
Di. W. C. Ketch urn was a Lauranat
vtiitar Thursday. j
RLley & RUey wants your Scalps,
Pelts and Coyote Hides. I
W. E. Leffel of Joseph was! in
the cdty on business Friday.
Fancy Valentines and Valentine
Post Cards at Jackson & Weaver s.
Superintendent J. C. Conlc7 ia vMt
tug the schools at Wallowa thtsi week
To appreciate the $3 ploture for
98 cents at Ashley & Bue's, call and
see them.
A. L. Tulley ofc Wallo(wa was a
business visitor at the county seat
Thursday. ' .
Frank and Oroer Stubblefield were
transacting business ln Wallowa
Attorney D. W. Sheahan left Thurs
da for Portland where he ;wlll at
tend Federal court.
The women's board of missions of
the Christian church held a pleasant
and profitable meeting Thursday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. John
The annual mce'.ing of the Commer
cial club and e'.ection, of off leersi was
postponed until Monday night, Feb
ruary 7. All members are urged to
ibei present. '
Mrs. Geo. W. Frazler, who was
brought out from Flora suffering
from enteroptosta and bowel ob
struction, Is rapidly Improving un
der osteopathic treatment.
Take your watches, clock and
Jewelry to A. C. Carpenter and have
them repaired by a practical! watch
maker, and Jewe'er. A Job guaran
teed. In building next to vostofftce.
Mrs. Charles Hur left, Thursday
morning,, for Portland to study the
stylos and buy her spring stock of
millinery. Her little son, Proctor.
accompanied her to La Grand and
will visit his grandparents untlll her
Monday Evening
FEBRUARY 14, 1910
St. Valentine's Day
ii iiiiMiiiiiiiiMiwiiiiiiniiMiiiiir-iT--- --n ;- i ffirw0. 'f?
3 J'
No. 3912.
The Wallowa National Bank, at En '
terprisx in the State of Oregon, at the
close of business, Jan. SI, 1910.
Kesources. - Dollars.
Ixansand Discounts $158,567 80
Overdrafts, secured and un
secured. . ... 2.204 43
U. 8. Bunds to secure circula
tion : 12,500 00
Bonds, Securities, efr 1,(558 86
Banking bouse, lurniture, and
fixtures 12,800 CO
Due from National Banks
(not reserve agents) 1,1117 96
Due from State and Private
Banks and Bankers, Trust
Companies and Savings
Banks ' 628 49
Due from approved ; reserve
agents 21.235 21
Checks and other, cash items 69 52
Notes of other National Banks 225 00
Fractional paper currency.
nickels, and cents 75 90
Lawful Money Rkskrve in
Bank, viz:
Specie 21,067 10
Legul-temfer notes ,335 00 21,402 10
Redemption fund with U. S.
lieasurer ;o per cent of
circulation) 625 00
Total .... 333,280 26
, Liabilities. Dollars -
Capital stuck paid in $ 50,000 00
Surplus fund .... 6,000 00
Undivided, profits, less ex- ,
purines and taxes Paid.... 2,058 73
National Bank notes out
standing 12,500 00
One to otlier National Banks. 1,820 48
Individual deposits snbjeut to
check 158,349 7ft
Demand certificates of deposit 61,14 25
Certified Checks 2,4tK) 00
Total $333,280 29
State of Oregon, County ol Wallowa, us:
1, W. R. Holme", Cashier of the above"
named bank, do solemnly swear that tht
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
W. R. Holmes, Cashier. .
Subscribed and sworn to before m
this 3rd day of Feb., 1910.
i c-pat i C. M. Lock wood,
i evjAL, y Nofgry Publi0i-
Correct Attest : Geo. W. Hyatt, Geo.
S. Craig, Directors.
Portland to Los Angeles and Return
Corresrjondinflr low rates from all other Southern Pacific
and 0. R. & N. points. 4 For attractive an,d interesting.
literature on any of the famous California winter re
sorts, including San Jose, Santa Cruz, Del Monte.'.Paso
Robles and Santa Barbara, call on or write to
WM. McMURRAY, Gen. Pass. Agent, Portland, Oregon
I mJt TWMfil-n TiT
The management an
nounces for the above
evening, a grand
St. Valentine's
The Best of Music
The Best of Order
You'd better go! You'll
enjoy yourself
The poitof.'lce department is again
a;l'vert!a'nig for bids on the mall route
between Zumwalt and Enterprise and
Iinnaha and Enterprise, none of the
bids subm! tied having been satis
factory. The Chlco route was also
to be let, but as It has not beeai
re advertised lit la presumed that an
acceptable bid was received for that
Rev. W. H. Gibson returned home
Sunday evening from North Powder
vhore he haa closed a aeriea of suc
cessful evangelistic meetings. Rev.
UlibsMv will remain with hia family
In this city until Thursday morning,
when ha expect to leave for Burns
wnore ha will hold services for a
month. LaGrand Observer.
A. C. Carpenter
High Grade Watch Repairer
Manufacturing Jeweler Stone Setter and Engraver
Old rostoffice Building. Enterprise, Oregon
R, Musgiave will sell at public
sale at tho Red Front barn. Enter
prise, Saturday, February 19, at 1
o'clock oharp: 10 well broken work
horses 2 yearling colts, l (all colt,
7 good dairy cows, cream separator,
7 calves, 6 Bhoa a, 6 dozen chlickens,
SO0 pounds cured pork, 75 pounds
laid, almost ne,w hack, 34 inch Mit
chell half-truok wagon, 3-kich MiU
chell high wheel wagon, 3 bottom
14-lnch Oliver chilled plow, 6 sec
tions of steel harrow, 4 sets har
ness, 2 wheat racks, 1 hay rack, 16
tons of hay, some straw, household
goods, washing machine, and other
articles too numerous to mention.
All sums of $10 and .under cash.
Sums over $10, note drawing 8 per
cent with approvaJ security -Ul be
accepted. 2 per 'cent discount, for
cash. Sam Pace, auctioneer.
day, the two latter going to Luzon,
Wash., to visit Mra. Vest's parents
while Mr. Veat look up a new lo
cation, probably In, California. The
beit wishes, of many friends will! foli-
low them wherever they may go.
Mloo Edith Odle of Sponcor, Iowa,
came last weak and la employed as
atenograpner at th court house.
Miss Odlo ia a sister of C-leo E. Odle,
the efficient Job inan of th Enter
prise Press company.
Evory baby benv s!nce the openfeg
of Jacksoa & Weavers new drug
store will be gtven freo on Gold
Baby Pin. guaranteed, five years, and
one bos of our Talcum Powder,, at
oar drug s'.ore. Get busy. i
Land Opening
Umatilla Project
February 10, 1910
: : - "
Get yoir winter cabbage and Bauer
kraut. A. M. Wagner, . Enterprise. .
Strained. Honey 12c a pound a
Funk's. ' -
hepultr meals 25 cents at Pid-
cock's restaurant, 2nd door soutoh of
R. S. A Z. 64tt
L. Sorenaea will ksave Sunday tor
Lodl', CalU where Mrs. Soreneen
haa been for some weeks with her
parents, Mr. and Mra. T. M. Little
ton. Mr. Littleton, expects to be
gone about two months, and If ha
finds a location to ault him will
return here and dispose of hte prop
erty. - -
Mr. and Mra. C. E. Vest and lit
tle daughter Enid departed Thurs-
Poolsoa & Prater
At the Red Front Stand
All kinds of Blacksmith
ing. -:- Horseshoeing
a Specialty.
For the above occasion round trip
tickets will be sold to Hermlston,
Oregon, at one first-class fare and
one-third. Sale dates Feb. 7 and 8.
Final return limit February 20.
Children of . halt fare age, one-half
of the above rates. .....
W. M. McMurray,
General Passenger Agent O. R. A N.
A Peculiar Picture.
In one of the German picture galler
ies la a painting called "Cloudland." It
hangs at the end of a long gallery, and
at first sight It looks like a huge, repul
sive daub of confused color without
form or comeliness. As you walk to
ward It the picture begins to take
shape. It proves to be a mass of ex
qulslte little cherub faces UUe those at
the bead of the canvas lu Raphael'
"Madonna San Sisto. When yon come
close to the picture you see only an In
numerable company of little ange) and
Every Day at
Sausage of all kinds Hams
and Bacon Sugar Cured
For Dinner Corn Beef and Cab
bage, Wienerwurst and Sauer
Kraut. For Breakfast Liver
and Bacon. For Supper A Nice
Steak. Mincemeat Chickens at
any time. Orders delivered in a
few minutes. -Telephone your
order for a nice roast or boil and
it will be there in time to cook
for dinner.
Qeo. A. Harrison
River Street
If You Prefer the Best Brands of
Cigars or SmoKlng Tobacco
. you can always get what you
want here. Fine line of
v- The same is true of all our
Stock. Come in. and see.
Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, - ' - Oregon

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