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The news=record. [volume] (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon) 1907-1910, April 06, 1910, Wednesday Edition, Image 4

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1st. Because our line of General Merchandise is as a whole the most compre
hensive shown in this county; and is better adapted to your requirements than
others for it was selected with the experience acquired in supplying the local trade
for twenty years. . 1 .
2nd. Because this experience has demonstrated the fact that only - the better
qualities are acceptable to you, and that poor quality at any price does not appeal to
you. We therefore eliminate the cheaper grades from our purchases, and offer
in every item the quality which we can and do guarantee satisfactory.
3d. Because with us your money is as good as your neighbors and you are en
titled to the same price on the same terms and quantities purchased, and the same
way with your produce in the same kind and quality. Therefore no discrimina
tion. . ' .
4th. Because our discount for cash is a fair one between the cash and credit
customers, and practically based on the interest rate for use of money. One gains
the discount, the other the time, and in either case the goods cost but 95 cents on
the dollar on the basis of 5 per cent discount, or six month's time; which on a ma
jority of your purchases is just that much less than the amount asked you by the
houses selling only for cash, and cutting a few prices only on the many thousand
items you have to purchase. We therefore submit to you our claim of having the
lowest average price on your requirements.
Axle Grease, Fraziers, Tins, 2 or more
" Hub ' " " "
Der " Derhakes "
All Regular 5 c Pkgs. Matches
" , " 5c " Yeast Cakes
Star Horse Shoe, Climax and all regular 50 c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
4 3-4c
4 3-4 c
Plug Tobaccos
All regular 3 for 25c Smoking Tobaccos
" " 5 c Smoking Tobaccos
Union Leader Smoking Tobacco, 1 lb pails
Seal North Carolina " " tins
Dixie Queen
Central Union " " "
Red Bell " " "
Winchester Cartridges 22 short blk. Powder
22 long " ""
" " 22 short Smokeless
22 long "
' Full gal. cans Pie Fruit
Full 2 oz. Bottles Sewing Machine Oil, 3 or more
47 1-2 c
7 11-12 c
4 3-4 c
47 1-2 c
70 1-2 c
47 1-2 c
47 1-2 c
47 1-2 c
14 1-4 c
19 c
19 c
23 3-4 c
40 c
All regular 2 for 25 c Ground Spices
Star A Etar Cedar Shingles per M
Carnation "Milk, per can 2 or more tins
Buttercup Milk " ' " 2 or more "
Holly Milk " " 2ormore "
Pure Strained Honey per lb.
Pure Leaf Lard, 10 lb. pails per pail
5 lb. " " "
7 11-12 c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
95 c
- 5th. Because we furnish you the most goods for the money, when quality and
price are considered, and while we do not claim our price to be lower on every item,
yet one could purchase a bill from us with his eyes shut and the price would aver
age lower than from any other source in this market; and why?
6th. Because our methods and policies are adopted after careful consideration
of the interest of our patrons as well as our own, and with the view of building a
larger and better business each year by better service and lower prices. "The antic
ipated results of these reciprocal measures have been more than realized by the
marked growth of our business; resulting in a much larger outlet for merchandise
and consequently placing us in a better position to hammer down' the price when
we buy. ,
In proof of our claims we refer to the following prices which are figured as'
the actual cost to you, based either on our cash discount or the benefit of time
given on account. These prices in a great measure we have offered since the rail
road reached Enterprise; with some gradual reductions which our facilities have
made possible, even under the condition of an upward tendency in the general cost
of production so apparent to every one. In submitting this list we have not only
taken a few, but many of the goods required, and on which the merchant must
necessarily make a profit to justify carrying on a business.
Full weight 1 lb. pkgs. Celluloid Starch
"... .." " " " Perline
Pacific Blend Roast Coffee, per lb.
Arbuckle or Lion Coffee " " ' .
Arm and Hammer Soda, 3 or more.
Eng. Walnuts, small, per pound,
" " Large Sof Shell
Bird Seed with Cuttle Bone, 2 or more per lb.
Plain Mixed Candy per hV
" .Stick " " "
Van Camp's Pork and Beans, per can
Washing Amonia, per bottle '
Condensed Mince Meat, Wadco Brand
Knox Gelatin .
Ice Cream Jello ,
Corned Codfish, Burnham & Morris brand s
Post Toasties, 2 or more pkgs. per pkg.
Crescent Wheat Flakes, 2 or more
Quaker Puffed Rice
Force 2 or more
Quaker Puff ed Wheat 2 or more
White Loaf Flour per sack
10 lb sacks Germea " " 3 or more'
101b " Graham " " " " '
10 lb " Rye Flour " " " " "
Comb Honey, full weight 1 lb boxes 3 or more
10 lb. sacks Rolled Oats
10 lb " Hominy '
10 lb . " Corn Meal
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
19 c
19 c
7 11-12 c
19 c
23 3-4 c
11 7-8 c
14 1-4 c
14 1-4 c
11 7-8 c
14 1-4 c
14 1-4 c
14 1-4 c
11 7-8 c
19 c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
.14 1-4 c
11 7-8c
14 1-4 c
31 3-4 c
313-4 c
31 3-4 c
15 4-5 c
45 c
45 c
45 c
Cream ox Wheat per pkg.
All 5c pkgs.' Garden Seeds
Standard Canned Corn Tper case .. ; '
" per can 2 or more
, " tomatoes per case
" per can 2 or more
12 oz pkgs raisins. 3 or more pkgs., per pkg,
Creamery Butter per roll ;
Baking Powder, Golden Gate, 1 lb cans
Cleveland " " "
" " Crescent " " "
Soda, Picnic and Oyster Crackers
Full Cream Cheese per lb.
Nails per lb., small quantities
Nails, per keg base
All regular 20c canned Table Fruit
Babbit Lye
American " '
R):c " .
Regular 25c size Gilt Edge Shoe Dressing
AH regular 5c Soaps
All regular 3 for 25c Soaps '
Log Cabin Cane and Maple Syrup, 1 gal cans
23 3-4 c
4 3-4c
11 7-8 c
11 7-8 c
7 11-12 c
81 3-4-c
47 1-2 c
42 3-4 c
23 3-4 c
11 5-8 c
23 3-4 c
4 3-4 c
19 c
11 7-8 c
23 3-4 c
4 3-4 c
7 11-12 c
Toboggan " "
It It H It
10 lb. sacks fine Table Salt
g j tt ii ii ii
$1.66 1-4 c
1-2 gal ; 85 1-2 c
lgal. $1.66 1-4 c
1-2 gal. 85 c
23 3-4 c
14 .1-4 c
Space herejprohibits a more extensive list of prices, but these fairly represent some of the money saving opportunities we offer, and we" believe
they will correct the possible erroneous idea in the minds of some that because we accommodate with credit, our prices must necessarily be high
er than those quoted by others who refuse this favor. Soliciting your patronage on the merits of our goods and prices; with the desire to
better serve you, and each year become a more important factor in the distribution of merchandise, and the development of Enterprise and Wal
lowa County, we are yours respectfully,
City and County
Brief News Items
Watch for Special Sale at W. J.
Funk A Co's.
Mr. and Mm.. C. C. Torter and
children, went to Wallowa Monday.
Mr, Porter Is operating hi hay
press near that place.
Edison, record for April now on
ale at O. I. Ratcllfra, .
Make your election la Uudermus
llns now while you may have a
large stock to select from at the E.
M. ft M. More,
Mrs. Leslie Wlllott and Miss Ma
bel Wlllett of Middle Valley came
Tuesday for a vlit with the former's
later, Mrs. Q. W. Kate Off.
60.000 22-cartrldge Just In at W.
J. Funk A Co'a. , .
James Hate and faintly, E. Hale
and two sons, Henry Smlih, Samuel
Gilbert and two young men. by the
name of Hlbbard, all of London, Kj
are recent arrivals who have tome
with the Intention of locating here.
Abijah. Hale, of Loudon, was alao
here but has gone to Mitchell on a
visit. The Hales are cousins of A.
H. Basser of Swamp Crook.
Wslght ef Leaves Cause Protest.
NEW YORK, April I.Three huu
dred bakers have lodgod protest with
the Aldermen against the proposed
ordinance providing that every loaf o.
bread sold In the city shall be of a
certain standard weight and shall
ear a label tell! eg Its weight
Wlckershsrrt to Defend Tft.
CHICAGO, April 6. Attorney-Gen-eral
Wickersham will give a review
of the first year of the Taft Adminis
tration In a speech at the Apparaat
tox day dinner of the Hamilton Club
here Saturday night It Is said that
Mr. WickerBham will speak with di
rect bearing on the attacks on the
execuUve branch of the Government
It Is understood that the Attorney
General will speak with the authority
of hla chief. .
If you want good feed for your
team and good treatment come to
White Front Tarn. 97bti
Professor Salak, band leader, went
out to La Grande, Sunday, return
ing TiHaday.
L. C. Johnson, one of the moet sue
eessiful woolgrowera .of Imnaha, was
buying supplies, In town the first of
the .week.
'Squlr v. n. Applegate of Pare
dine wa a biMineae visitor In town
W. H. Graves is having a cement
wall built along the river bank on
;he north side of his property.
Complete Hue of meu'a women's,
lud children' Oxfords at Funk's. x
City election will be held Tuea
lay, May 3. Mas convention to
lomlnettt candidate called tor Tues
luy night, April 19. at 7:30 o'clock.
In the old court house. Officers
whose terms expire are Mayor May
field, City Attorney D1U. City Re
corder Taggart. City Treasurer Lock
ood, Councllmen BU-kford and
Graves. .
Gordon hats, the best, $3.00, at W.
J. Funk & Co's.
George Law wa la Lostlne Mon
day on business.
Tho Held and poultry fencing at
tveltner's Is the Pittsburgh Electric
Weld the weld' that held.
M-Ias Edith Fay visited friends In
Joseph over Sunday.
Dr. F. E. Moore, osteopath, ha
office hours all day Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday In. Enterprise. Of
fice over the bank. 83btf
Mrs. J. R. Hal'.ey and children
went to Union. Tuesday for a vlalt
with relaUves. .
Mrs. Henry Fletcher and Mrs. J.
P. Sanders spent Tuesday In Wal
lowa. Ladles and men's riding and driv
ing auto gloves at Funk & Vo's.
Mrs. D. Richards has returned
from an- extended visit to Oklahoma
nd oi various points in the middle
Call and see our new lines of
drygoods, NoUons, and Ledlea and
Mlseee Ready-to-Wear Suits. Skirts,
etc. No two suite alike. E. M, A
M. Co.t
Cannon Pays Tribute to Cushman.
WASHINGTON. April 4. Uncle Joe
Cannon paid tender . tribute to the
memory of Francis W. Cushman, late
Representative from Washington, In
a. eulogy delivered on the floor of the
"Mr. Cushman has been likened by
many to Lincoln," said the speaker,
"and there Is much similarity In rug
ged appearance, quaint humor, kindly
Instincts, poverty of birth and history.-
jf"m " "V
8nator Beverldge dominated tht
Ind'ana Republican Convention held
In Indianapolis Tuesday snd aggres
sively defended his opposition to the
schedules of the Payne-Aldridge traiff
and his final vote against tfie tariff
bill as a whole.
Use Enterprise Flour and patron
he home' lodue ry. At $5.00 per
barrel. It costs you les and there
Is none better. Every sack guar
anteed satisfactory or money back.
Roger Kay spent Sunday with his
parents In Waltowa. Mr. and Mra.
Kay have purchasel property 1-nt Wal
lowa and will nJove Into tholr new
home thi week
We wish to thank our patrons for the business during the
past year and beg to state that we are in the same old stand
with a larger and more np-to-date stock of Watches and
Jewelry than ever before, and will be pleased to attend to
your every need in that line. All Work Guaranteed. .
Your Patronage Solicited
.Martin Larsen & Co.
Successors to Larsen & Carpenter
All New and Modern Throughout
Rates 50c to $1.50
Cor. Jefferson Ave. and Elm St
LaGr&nde, Oregon
Hot and Cold Water, Steam Heat and Electric
Lights in Every Room.
Fourteen members Of the young
people's Bible class of the Presby
terian church met at the naraonaee
Thursday evening aid were delight-
:uuy entertained by Rev. Harrla with
an Illustrated description of the
Holy Laud.
Mlse Helena Kay come down from
Wallowa to visit' relatives, over Sun
day. Miss Kay la clerking" in" the
Eastern Oregon Mercantile company
store of which her father ! man-.
ager.' . '

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