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Wednesday Edition
Cent word single lnsertidh, 1H
cents a word 2 insertions. Special
. rates by month and year. . '
Iioraes, Vagons and Harness for
sale. Inquire of Falconer Bros., En
terprise, Oregon, r 119r4
One of the desirable quarters of
North Wallo,wa county, located close
to the Barqebt store and Postofflce.
Aj.ply to owner, C. Murdock, Troy,
Oregon. 109b4
Four well-broke young, f reeh milch
cowa. N. E. Hammack, SwamP Creek
Thos. Siegmund left on sate at Ri
ley & Riley's the Wonder Washer, r
Nice small place adjoining Enter
prise; sis-room house, barn, out-
buildings, -.young ') orchard, Jlmoer,
running water,' etc. ' Inquire at thla
office. . I16
- 111 11 Vi a AaoTi mv 1 (l(l-
1 W1U DVU w jr wi J
acre farm on Pralrlp. Creek." All
good plow land exoept 10 acres; 100
acres under ditch. 3 miles east of
Enterprise; . Peter .- Olsen, v Enter
prise. K'Jl" ' H6b4 "
Slate Funds loaned, 6 per cent. John
P. Rusk. Atty. State Land B'd. Joseph
Farm loans at ty percent.- Call' or.
write First Bank of Joseph. 6Sbt-t
To know the address or .whereabouts
of Hiram Canfield and wife If living.
Write to Sarah Ewing, 134 Van Bu
ren St., Topeka, Kan. '
Experienced' dressmaker .wants sew
ing to do at her home Inquire at
this- office. - lMtf
Lumber.' Anyone - having lumber of
ut trade in anv amount for sale,
or who has timber he intends to saw
'soon, and wishes to contract the lum
ber, call on or address ,W. F, Rankin
at Haney planer In Enterprise, Agent
- for W.-.R. Klvette. ; 26b
Harness and shoes repaired. Ralph
i , Hollembaeli," with .Rodgera Bros.', In
rink building.' ' --'-' 113bm ' ' !
' " Nominating petitions for county
and district candidates before the
primary September 24, for ' sale at
this office. Nicely bound. Complete
sets only f 1 at office or by mall. '
Petition Signed by 12,000.
i, Weston. The initiative 'petitions or
the Eastern : Oregon -state ' normal
school was filed at Salem with 12,000
names attached, or about 3500 more
than the number required by . law. It
is expected that additional names will
be secured, and these will be filed la
ter In a supplementary petition. ' The
papers were widely circulated, and
-4Js signers live in 20 or more Oregon
' With the incarceration of Howard
J.unter In the county jail at Healy,
It aho, the American Bankers' associa
tion believes It has retarded the activ
ities of 'one of the most dangerous
forgers Awho. has . operated , In . the
Northwest in recent years.
Secretary Node, of the department
of commerce and labor, who will visit
Alaska this summer, nas Invited At
torney-Oeneral Wlckersham to accom
pany' him on the trip.
Hundreds of acres of bottom land
te ir, Dawson are being seeded this
pilng in potatoes'.. The greater por
ti n i of the potatoes consumed In the
Kctdlke are now raised near Daw-
' !
Portland. , - " a-
Wheat Track prices: Club, 78 Q
79c; bluestem, 2c; red Russian, 76c
..- Barley Feed and brewing, $l20
Oats No. 1 white, $25 per ton.
. , Hay Timothy, Willamette Valley.
$20tl per ton; Eastern Oregon,
2225; alfalfa. $16; clover, $11
. Batter Extra, 29c; fancy, 29c;
ranch,- 20&,
. Eggs Ranch, candled, 27c
v. Hops 1909 crop, . 11 14c; elds
nominal ' "'5 1
'. Woot Eastern Oregon, 1417e pet
pound. ..- ' -;
Mohair 22033c. . . ' '
'' Seattle. .
1 Wheat Bluestem, 81c; club, 78cj
red Russian, 74c ' ' i.
Oats $21 per ton.
- Barley $20 per ton. , . ,
I Hay Timothy. $25 per ton; alfalfa
$11 per ton. ;
Batter Washington Creamery. 30c;
..ranch. 25c .......'. . .. ..
. Egg--eleete4 local. 27. ?
" Potatoes Market demoralize.
Nicaraguan President Undiplo
matic in Censuring United
States Government.
Washington, June 20. Madriz has
drawn from this government a sharp
reily to the protests he made to the
Pnsiden, alleging that the United
States has prolonged the war In Nic
aragua because It refuses to allow
the . bombardment of Bluefields or to
allow the Venus to maintain a block
ade there.
Consul Olivares, of Managua, has
been' furnished with ' a statement to
hand to Madriz. It tersely observes
tiat if any violation of neutrality has
o ;curred, it was when the Venus sail
ed from New Orleans as an expedi
tion of the Madriz faction.
Madriz' Protest General."
-' Madriz protested ' not to the United
States alone, but to all the South
American, and Central American re
publics. "The statements in his tele
gram are construed by the State De
partment as an effort to place in a
false light the policy oi the United
States in regard to Nicaragua. Some
governments that received his protest
have asked for -Information from
Washington upon which to base their
replies and there has .been an ex
change of telegrams between Presi
dent Diaz and President Taft
Information Sent to Mexico.
President Diaz, It Is explained, mere
ly asked for Information, and Presi
dent Taft, replying In a cordial man
ner, sent to the government at Mex
ico City the same statement which
consul Olivares has been directed to
hand to Madriz.
Secretary Knox decided that the
Madriz protest required the special
notice of this government because
the allegations ' made evidently were
founded on . errors as to the actual
facts and applicable to the principle
of war.
Columbus; Ohio., June 22. Speaker
Cannon will open the congressional
campaign In Ohio at the Chautauqua
at Urbana on July 7. . To this meeting
all of the Ohio senators and represen
tatives have been invited and a num
ber of them will also be called noon
to speak. It is understood that a
united defense of the republican party
In congress will be entered into, Can
non upholding his course and defend
ing his action In regard to the house
rules. "
i, Arizona Wild With Joy.
Phoenix, Ariz., June 18. Ten min
utes after the receipt of the news of
the passage of the statehood bill by
the house of representatives reached
Phoenix, every merchant had disposed
at his entire stock of bunting, as well
as the noise-makers which he had pro
vided for the Fourth of July celebra
tion, .The town Is fairly intoxicated
with joy of prospect of statehood.
' Severe Storm In New York.
New York, June 18. Seventeen per
i Dns met death, scores were Injured,
tiousands were given bad frights and
treat property loss resulted. from an
almost tropical storm ' which . swept
New York and. vicinity late this after
noon. Twelve persons were drowned
from overturning craft, and the others
were killed by falling trees and smoke
stacks. .
60,000 Socialists Listen to 8ledel.
Chicago, 111., June 19. The great
est crowd that ever attended a Social
ist meeting In Chicago today greeted
Emll Seldel, the Socialist Mayor Of
Milwaukee. It Is estimated there were
60,000 persons, men and women, at
the gathering, which was held In a
North Side amusement park. -
' Coal 8trlke Is Expensive.
Chicago, June 20. Extra expenses
amounting to $17,000,000 a year, borne
by the members of the Illinois Manu
facturers' association, as a result of
the coal strike, caused a meeting of
the association in the Hotel La Salle
to devfse ways and means to eliminate
the extra expense.
Graders Find Gold Mine.
Auburn, Cal June 22. In railroad
building operations In this county
during the last few months, the Utah
Construction Company, has cut ej-
' 1 '
era! quartz" ledges In "making excava
tion j, and in some of' these rich values
In (old have been found.
; New Mexico Celebrates Statehood.',
Albuquerque, N. M., June 21. News
of the passage of the statehood blU
was recel"ed here with wild rejoicing.
A big cel oration took place Monday
night, speeches being made around
bonfire by republican and democrat!
leaders. i
.- -;. i-A
v i' v nw.Si
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., eldest sort
of former President ' Roosevelt, who
was married to Miss Eleanor B. Alex
ander, of New York, Monday. ' i
Demonstrative Throngs Wit:
ness Parade and Drive Up
Broadway, .
:T-; --; ;. ' :rl.
Former President Theodore Roose
velt returned Saturday to New York
from his trip througa Africa and
Europe, which began Immediately on
his leaving the white Louse, and whicn
has lasted for 15 months. .
Colonel Roosevelt was greeted by
such a demonstration of popular en
thusiasm and personal devotion as had
seldom, if ever, been accorded to a re
turning American traveler.
Each step. In this eventful home
coming, from the time he bad debark
ed from the steamer Kaiserln- Augusts
Victoria until he moved up Broadway
amid the tumultuous demonstrations
of large throngs of people was s one
continuous ovation and tribute of .pop
ular enthusiasm.
The stages In this welcome were
crowded into hardly more than three
hours. At 8:30 in the morning Mr.
Roosevelt left the steamship amid the
roar of big guns from battleships and
land forts and a ' pandemonium of
team whistles from water craft and
the factories along the water front
Aboard the revenue cutter Andro
scoggin, he moved at the bead of an
Imposing marine parade, .p the Hud
son river to Riverside drive and back
again to the Battery amid the contin
uous demonstrations of water craft
and the multitude along the water
. The landing at the Battery was the
signal for another clamorous ova
tion. ' y
Mayor Oaynor extended official felic
Itations and Mr. Roosevelt spoke brief
ly but significantly of the part he will
continue to take In public affairs. At
11 o'clock the start up Broadway be
gan, through densely massed throngs
extending for five miles along the
main thoroughfare of the city. .
One Bttter.
Knicker What do yon think of a tax
on dowries! Bocter Fine. Why not
on alimonies i
Kicr J ,
- J
What Our Lawmakers Are Do
ing and Other Items of
Washington, D. C The administra
tion's railroad bill Is now a law, hav
ing passed both house and senate and
been signed by the president The bill
Is substantially in accordance with the
president's message demanding
amendments to the interstate com
merce laws. About the only excep
tions are that It does not legalize hold
ing agreements made by railroads, or
permit the regulation of the issuance
of -stocks and bonds. ' It creates a com-
merce court and broadens the scope of
the jurisdiction of tho Interstate com
merce commission regarding ' rail
roads. Statehood BUI Passes.
The house concurred In the senate
amendments to the statehood bill and
passed the measure without sending it
into conference. ,
It cannot be stated definitely when
Arizona -and New Mexico will come
into the Union, as the constitutions
adopted' by the proposed states must
be ratified by congress and approved
by the president It will be necessary
for the territories to hold constitu
tional' conventions, which will require
many weeks, submit the constitution
to the people of the territories for
adoption, and then return them to
Neither City Favored.
Unwilling to favor either of the rival
Panama exposition . cities, San Fran
cisco or New Orleans, the house com
mittee on foreign affairs decided to re
port favorably two resolutions, author
ising the president to invite foreign
nations to participate in each exposi
tion to be held in the two cities, when
ever each city had raised $7,500,000
for the purpose of holding its exposi
tion.' The senate" committee has taken
ho action on similar measures, and
neither house is expected to act on
them duringlhe present session.
Balllnger Probe Waits.
The chances of a verdict from the
Balllnger-Plnohot Investigating com
mittee during the present session of
congress are remote. The committee
held a meeting behind closed doors
and Senator Nelson said after the
meeting that he did not think it would
be possible for the committee to con
clude Its labors before the adjourn
ment of congress. The committee has
authority to meet during the recess of
'congress and It la possible that the re
port will be Completed and given to
the public during the kummer or fall.
Cannon Defends Rules.
The old rules of tho house were de
fended and critics of the speaker were
severely scored by Speaker Cannon In
a brief address In the session of the
house. 'Mr. Cannon contened that tbe
rules as amended by the fifty-first con
gress and as enforced by him, had
never lnterferred with the will of the
majority of the bouse when an actual
majority had objected on any propo
siUon..; ,
.Session Nears End.
' Congressional ' leaders confidently
expect to wind up the present ses
sion this week, and adjourn not later
than Saturday. If the session is cap
rled beyond that time It will be be
cause of amendments to tbe general
deficiency bill or complications In con
nection with the omnibus public build
ing bill. ; ; i l' :.-';'.
' Public Building Appropriations.
The public building bill, reported to
the house, contains the following Ore
gon and Washington Items: Public
building at Medford, $110,000; at The
Dalles, $30,000; . site at Roseburg,
$10,000; public buildings at Olympla,
$100,000; Aberdeen, $125,000; SeaUle,
$200,000; site at Vancouver, $12.5t 0;
at Wenatchee, $12,000. ' '
Salmon Export Limited.
The bill prohibiting the exportation
of aockeys salmon from the United
8tates, except when frozen, canned or
salted, was passed by the senate. The
bill, which was introduced by Senator
Piles, Is a measura of ' retaliation
against British Columbia, which re
cently prohibited tbe exportation of
fresh Canadian salmon to Puget Sound
canners. '' t " ; - -T.", ',
Freight Meets Boxcar. ,w
Colfax. Wash.. Juno. 11,-rWhfls ' a
loaded boxcar' was being pusheiT up a
grade between Riparla and Grange
Clty Wash., on the line of the O. R.
& N., the car and switch engine be
hind it crashed head-on into the first
section of a special freight train, car
rying Campbell Brothers' circus, which
was on Its way from Walla Walla to
Lewlston. Three cars of the ' circus
train were wrecked and five Dorses
killed. No one on this tra ft was hurt.
Miss Eleanor B. Alexander, who be
came the bride of Theodore Roosevelt,
Jr., son, of former President Roosevelt,
Monday. '
' .French statesmen are greatly exer
cised over the suggestion that -King
Edward's death may open the way to
a combination between England and
President Taft went to New Haven
Wednesday to see his son Robert grad
uate from Yale university.
Pursuant to the call of Governor
Hughes, tbe New York legislature
met In extra session Monday for the
further consideration of the direct pri
mary Issue.', v :
The . trial - of -Robin J.-Cooper,
charged with the murder of former
Senator Carmarck In November, 1908,
began in Nashville Tuesday. Young
C toper was convicted in the criminal
ocurt and the case was reversed laBt
siring by the state supreme court
The Fouth International Congress of
chambers of commerce and Industrial
dissociation convened in London Tues
day for a session oi three days.
Other events of the week of more or
liss public Interest Include the presi
dential election In Mexico.
Owing to the threat of Gov. Gillette
to call out the militia, Tf necessary, to
stop the fight, San Francisco has been
definitely eliminated as a possible
scone of the Jeffries-Johnson fight
Tie fight will be held In Nevada, as
tbn laws of that state do not prohibit
gleve contests, and no serious objec
tion to the battle U anticipated In
that state.- , ,
- i favorable report was made to the
senate ' on. the house bill appro
priating $26,000 for erecting and equip
ping detention hospitals for the Alas
ka Insane at Fairbanks and Nome.
The senate has passed the bill ap
propriating $40,000 for constructing a
residence for the governor of Atasxa
at Juneau.
The Washington Pioneers' anoocla
tioi accepted the invitation of tbe
OrNgon Pioneers' association to meet
at Portland June 22.
Tbe house committee on labor has
decided to favorably report the bill
creating a department ct labor with a
seat in the president's cabinet
. Representative Poladexter has In
Iroducod a resolution for a congres
s'onl investigation into alleged tlm
b ir-1 nd frauds In the Ma'ble Creek
difttlct of Northern Idaho, under
wnlc i a subsidiary of the Weyerhaeu
ser company Is alleged to have ac
quired title to very valuable white
pine lands.' There is no likelihood
that the resolution will pass. .
- Tlmbermen and loggers report that
there Is a general upward tendency In
thii price of logs throughout the North
wtit and a still greater advance Is m
petted owing to the conditions nor
prevailing lnthe market
Vot only Is Senator Robert M. La
Follette to be read out of the Re
publican party In Wisconsin, but the
organization which he has laboriously
built up Is to be discredited In the
national convention, two years bence.
Such, at least, appears the purpose
of the Taft Republicans who met in
Milwaukee In conference and appoint
ed a state committee with authority to
perpetuate Itself. : i
Chronicle of Important Events
of Interest to Our
v Bowerman Acting Governor.
Salem. Oregon has acquired a new
governor, for the time being. He is
Jay Bowerman of Condon and suc
ceeds to the office because of and by
virtue of his position as president of
the Oregon state senate. The consti
tution of Oregon provides that In the
event of the resignation, absence cr
other disability of both the Governor
and secretary of state, the president
of the senate shall perform the offices
of the chief executive. The accumu
lation, of state business caused Gov
ernor Benson who is receiving treat
ment for a bothersome affliction of
the face, to call on Mr. Bowerman to
relieve the executive office at Salem
of the congestion. .
It Is believed by H. L. Benson,
brother to the governor, that It the
governor Is allowed to remain in San
Francisco lone enoneh. hla nhvalnlnn
will be able to restore him to his for
mer health. Heretofore the governor
the course of treatment had been com
pleted, necessarily to his great disad
vantage. 8tate Wins 8uit.
Salem. The state of, Oregon won a
victory over the Corvallls & Eastern
Railway company In the Circuit court
when Judge Galloway decided the case
of the railroad against the state land
board In favor of the board. This was
an Injunction action to restrain the
land board from selling a small quan
tity of ttdeland In Alsea Bay, and In
Itself was unimportant but Involving
as It does title to thousands of acres
of tide and, submerged lands tn Alsea,
Yaqutha and Slletz bays, the outcome
has been awaited with Interest
The company set up that the legis
lature of 1874 had ceded to tbe prede
cessors In Interest of the Corvallls &
Eastern Railway company all the tide-'
lands In the three bays named; that
tbe railroad company's right had be
come a vested one and that no sub
sequent session of the legislature had
the power to revoke the action of the
session of 1874.
Government Takes Invoice of Timber.
Eugene. Fifteen or more expert
timber cruisers in the employ of the
government are now tn Eugene ready
to start for the Cascade forest reserve,
where they will make a careful cruise
of all of tbe timber of the entire wa-.
tershed of the Willamette river and
Its tributaries. They will make a com
plete survey of the entire forest and
classify the land, segregating the tim
ber Into logging units, and expect to
be at the work alt this summer and a
greater pact of next
This Is the first attempt o tbe gov
ernment to take an Inventory of Its
timber resources, and hereafter It will
know just what It has and will be able
to dispose of It with some justice to
itself and fairness to Its citizenship.
Not Enough Votes In District.
Salem. According to a ruling made
by the secretary of state's office, there
were not enough votes caBt by the
democrats for their nominee for con
gressman In tbe second congressional
dlstrfct two years ago for that party
to nominate a candidate under the di
rect primary law. The nominations
will have to be made under the old
Tbe direct primary law provides
that a political party is not a party In
a congressional district unless It can
cast 25 per cent at least, of the total
rote cast for congressman.
Girl Graduate Wins Medal.
Albany. The Frank J. Miller,
medal for tbe graduating class of
1910 at Albany college has been
awarded to Miss Rhoda Stalnaker, of
this city. A medal is given annually
by State Senator Frank J. Miller, who
Is president of the board of trustees
jf tbe college, to the member of the
graduating class who makes the best
tbowlng during the college course,
this medal Is not awarded In scholar
ship alons, but participation In college
activities and loyalty to the college
are also considered.

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