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Lodge Directory
, U U. 1.161
K. ofr.
JUAN1TA TEMPLE. No. T. Pythian
Bisters. '
annniiin enterprise chapter
IVIflOlUllU No. SO, Royal Arch Masonl,
A. M.,
S3, A. F. A
lit EAGLE CAMP. NO. 10487, M
HI. IV. A. W. A Meets first and third
Thuradays In each month, In now Fra
ternal halL Visiting Neighbors alwayr
CHAS. THOMAS,' Consul.
ANEROID CAMP. No. 3542, B.' N. of A.
W.U.n. 536. W. of W.
ALMOTA CIRCLE. No. 278. W. of W.
If You Prefer the Best Brands of
Cigars or SmoKing Tobacco
you can always fret what you
want here. Fine line of
k The same is true of all our ,
Stock. Come in and see.
, Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, . Oregon
Watch for
ment The world" most successful med
icine for bowel complaint la Cham
berlaln'e Colic, Cholera and , (Diar
rhoea Remedy. It ha relieved more
pain and suffering, and saved more'
lives than any ot-her tuedfclne in use.
Invaluable for children and adulta.
Sold by all dea'era.
The White
I If you want a high grade sewing
machine which la a
The machine la unsurpassed for
i simplicity, durability and the char-,
' acter of tho work It will do. It la
made la two styles, h. Vibrator
' Shuttle and the Improved Rotary
i Shuttle. The IsMter machine aews
i cither ft lock or a chain rtiCcn.
' There are a number ot styles to
choose from and the wood work la
ihe' haodaomeat possible. : t i
Fred S. Ashley
handles the WHITE MACHINE In
Wallowa county.
Formerly the Wallowa New, estab
lished March 3. 1899.
"ublished Wednesdays ana Satur
days at Enterprise. Oregon, Dy
Office East side Court House Square
Entered as second-class matter
January 2, 1909, at the postofflce at
Enterprise. Oregon, tinder the Act of
March 2, 1879.
Subscription Rates: One year $2.
ilx month . Ji. three mourns uv,
ona month 20c. On yearly caah-in-
advanca subscriptions a discount ofi
25c 1 given.
8ATURDAY, JULY 9, 1910.
The Epiourean Badger.
The badger la a great epicure In
eggs, and tuucb of the hostility of
gamekeepers to thin animal lies un
doubtedly In the fact tlmi it will, when
it 'gets the cbnuce. devour a whole
nest of partridge or pheasant eggs.
Badgers are an Id also to be foild of
honey, and. knowing ije extraordinary
craving of their South Atrk-nn cousin,
the ratel. for, this delicacy. I should
say It Is not Improbable tbnl tlie.v may
occaHlonally partake of it. It In certain
that these animals have, a particular
liking for the next mid larvae of
wasps and wild bees, digging down
with strong feet and Infinite persever
ance till they attain their ohject
These animal are said by keepers to
kill and devour freely young rabbits
That they do partake of thin fare ai
times Ih. I think, certniti. but Unit they
destroy any very considerable iiuiiiIhm
is more than doubtful. Still, the Imrig
er Is rnrulvorous In his tastes and I
not, even by biR kindliest friends, ti
be absolved from devouring at vtlineo
tender rabbits and even the young ot
game birds when be can get bold of
them- Westminster Gazette.
Strange Fishing Matches.
In tbe oldeu time in Kuglaud lords
and lidles sometimes Invented queer
amusements. They were always on
the lookout for some novelty, and one
of tbe strangest tbey discovered was
fishing by a goose. A line with a bait
ed book attached having been fastened
to tbe goose, tied to its leg. she was
Bung Into the water from tbe boat Id
wblcb were all the gay lords and la
dles. Then, wben a pike caught the
buU. she was sort Indeed, a royal bat
tie between bird and dsn. and all the
time, between tbe loud splash logs.
wheelings and floundering, the on
lookers lu the boat giving vent to their
feelings In cheers, handclappings and
handkerchief waving. But tbe goose
was usually tbe victor and ended the
struggle by landing Its prisoner on tbe
shore, where Its qmick-quack as
cleured itself from tbe line and wjid
died away ended I be scene. Tbe lake
of Mon.teltb, In the southwest of I'ertb
shire, was often' tbe scene of such an
gllug matches.
i . The Soldier Ant ',
'. Tbe Hod Is tbe king of beasts, but
all of bis magnificent streugtb and
ferorltv would avail him nothlna? when
be fared a mere ant B-W tbls ant Is
not tbe usual kind wblcb peacefully
goes about Its domestic duties day by
day. It Is the terrible driver or soldier
ant' sa'd to be tbe most Invincible
creature In the world. Agnlnst these
tiny enemies no man or baud of men
no linn or tiger, not even a berd of
elephants, ran do anything but bur
riedly get out of the way. Among tbe
Uurotse natives a favorite form of cap
ital punishment Is to coat the victim
wltb grease and throw bltn before tbe
advnnclug army of soldier ants. Tbe
quickness wltb wblcb tbe poor wretch
Is dispatched Is marvelous when it Is
considered Hint eucb nut cau do noth
ing more than merely tear out a small
particle of fiesb and carry It off. Vet
In a surprisingly short time tbe wrttb
Ing victim will have been changed tuto
a skeleton.'
Old Saws and Sayings.
A few old sayings on the subject of
food come to us rather as a surptlse
In our- age of dnlntluess and retiue
inont. yet they have their raison d'etre
notwithstanding. "Meat Is mucb. man
ners are more;" "Cease your chatter
and mind your platter:" "The ass tbut
brays most eats least;" "Tbe wtug with
tbe liver to hi in who's tbe giver;" "lie
ran give little to bis servant who licks
bis own trencher."
iAproos of this remark. It Is amus
ing, to not that- "manners" was tbe
uame given to the remnants of a meal.
These came lo tbe aervauts as official
perquisites;, beuce our well worn ex
presslou before emptying a dlsb.
"Leave the last slice tor whatever It
may bet for manners," though If votes
were collected on tbls polut It Is hardly
likely that any ot us would have taken
It aa It stands In tbe original.
. Carthage's Great Snake,
Tbe auclents firmly believed Id mon
ster serpents ot all kinds and of both
the land ami murine species. During
tbe wan wltb' Carthage a great auake
la said to bare kept tbe Roman aruir
from crossing the Rugrado river for
several day. Tbe monster swallowed
np no less than seventy Roman sol
diers during this combat and was not
conquered until a hundred slooe from
as many different catapults were And
tinoo It all at one time. Tbe monster
skull and . skin were preserved and
afterward exhibited Id one of tbe Ro
man temple. The dried skin of tbe
creature was 120 feet to leugtb, ac
cording to I'llny.
Saving Tim. t Time Tables.
To ajost people t especially when they
arcon tbe road, thne Is money, but
tiiie tablet arci not convertible Into
cash. In the ages of "Through Sav
age Europe" Fiarry le AVIudt gives a
curious aud mousing xjerieuce on a
Russian r&Uvrxy some years ago. Tbe
patience of the Russians Is In marked
contract with ihe Impatience of Amer
ican traveler. All Russians have a
rooted antipathy to Cast railway travel.
If one may judge from an Incident
wblcb occurred ttome years ago wben
I was travelling across tbe Caucasus
from Batonm to Baku. We bad
reached a tunnel, at tbe entrance of
wblcb the train walled for at least
twenty minutes.
"There is somerhing wrong." 1 re
marked to a fellow passenger.
'Ob. no." be replied: "we are only
making up the time. This tunnel was
recently made to avoid a long bend
round a range of hills, and as It now
cuts off several miles a short delay Is
necessary so as to Hi In with tbe sched
uled time."
But surely wejihould save time by
going on." I urged.
Perhaps so," said my friend. "But
then, you see. they would have to alter
all the time tables."
Form of Divorce In Old Rome.
lu tbe earlier period of tbe Roman
republic divorces were quite unknown
and were rare right up to tbe time of
the Sullan wars, lu the old duys tbe
husband and wife who wished to sepa
rate appeared for the last time before
tbe common hearth, a priest aud
priestess being present. As on tbe day
of marriage, a cake of wheat en Hour
was presented to the husband and
wife, but Instead of sharing It be
tween them they rejected lu Then, in
stead of prayers, tbey pronounced
formulas of a strange, severe, spiteful
character, by which tbe wife renounc
ed the worship and gods ot tbe bus
band. From that moment tbe religious
bond was broken, and. tbe community
of worship having ceased to exist, tbe
marriage without further ado was for
ever dissolved. New York American. ,
Floral Etymology.
Trimrose" is one ot . those words
that bave shown popular association
to be stronger than etymology. It has
do real connection wltb tbe rose, but
tbe old French "prlmerole" and.
anyhow, menus ouly tbe "prime" or
first flower (more or less) of tbe year.
Our language bus Insisted upon mak
ing "roses" of all sorts of flowers.
We have tbe tuberose, wblcb Is only
"tuberosa. tuberous, and tbe rose
mary, which is "rosmarinus," dew of
the sea. On tbe other band tbe "rose"
has been dropped readily enough In
cases where popular fancy could Dot
see tbe flower. Tbe alchemists called
green vitriol "rose of copper," "cupri-
roBa." In 'French this became "coupe
rose," but English wore It down y tbe
polntiesa "copperas." London Chron
icle. .
The Dancing Mania.
The "dancing mania" ot tbe middle
ages came on tbe heels of tbe great
plague knowu as tbe "black deutb."
It was some sort, of nervous disease
and Is now supposed to bare been
what la known as "St Vitus' daDce."
It began in tbe year 1374 at Alx-la-
Chupelle aud spread all over Germany.
the Netherlands and Italy. Tbe dan
cers formed circles band In bund and
appearing to have lost all reason, con
tinued dancing, regardless of the by
standers, for hours together until in
tbelr wild delirium tbey fell to the
ground In sheer exhaustion. Panting
and foaming at tbe mouth, tbey would
suddenly spriug up and begiu tbe
dance again, to be iigulu exhausted,
and so on until tbey died. Tbe insula
Involved millions of people.
, The Twelve Jurymen.
A prisoner is tried by twelve of bis
fellow countrymen. This custom Is a
thousand years old, and we get It from
tbe vikings. Tbe vikings divided tbelr
country up Into cautons. which were
subdivided into twelve portions, each
uuder a chieftain. When a malefactor
was brought to justice It was usual
for each chieftain to select a man from
tbe district over wblcb be ruled and
compel Dim to try tbe prisoner, tbe
verdict of these twelve men being de
clared by tbe judge to be final.
Made Her Mad.
"I thought I overheard you and your
wife quarreling a little while ago.
What wh tbe l rouble r'
"She brought borne a Dew bat. and
after putting It on she turned to me
aud said sbe didn't believe It was be
coming." " .
"1 agreed with her." Chicago Record-Herald.
A On 8idd Rule.
, Once wbeu I', T. I'.arnum was tak
ing tickets at tbe entrance of bis cir
cus a man asked him If be could go
lu without paying.
"You can pay without going Id," said
Baruum, "but you can't go la without
paying. Tbe rule doesn't work both
ways." n .
Not by Exclusion.
HeI had a hard lime getting a
good wife.
. She - tioodnes! Have you been mar
ried several times? '
"Ob. no. But I courted my present
. a six years.' PhtludelpuU Ledger.
Usually the Way.
Mamie She 'Is trying to keep her
marriage a secret. .
Maud-How do you knowt
"Sbe told tne so."
To forgive a fault In another Is more
sublime than to be faultleaa oneself.
George Sand.
Throat Trouble.
'Ton look bud. old man. What's tbe
"Throat trouble." " '
"I didn't know you were subject to
"Yes. I am. Tbls tbront belongs to
tbe newcomer in tbe next house, who l
practices sitiglug at all hours of the
Pst Is Past
Pinlsb every day and tie done with
It Voe have done what you eouid
Some blunders and absurdities, uo
doubt, crept in. Forget them as soon
as' you tau.-Emerson.
Saved at Death's Docr.
.Tho door of death seemed ready to
open, for Murray W. Ayersr of Tran
sit Bridge, it. Y.( when hl life was
wonderfully saved. ' "I wa in a
dreadful condition," he writes, "my
skin was almost yellow; eyes aunk
m; tongue coaled; emaciated from
losing 40 pounds, growing weaker
daily. Virulent liver trouble pulling
me down- to death In spke of doc
tors. Then that matchless medi
cine Electric Eltters tfired me. I
regained the 40 pounds lost and now
am well and strong.'' For all stom-
; ach, liv&r and kidney troubles they're
supreme. 50c. at all druggists.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or
egon, June 3d, 1910.
Notice Is hereby given that, ' as
directed by the Commissioner of the
General Land Office, under provis
ions of Act of Congress approved
June 27, 1906 (34 Stats., 617), we
will offer at public sale, to the high
est bidder, at 10 o'clock a. m.,'on
the 21st day of July, 1910, at this
office, the following-described land:
The NE4 SW14 & SW SB
Sec. 33, T. 1 N., R. 45 E. W. M.,
Serial No. 07406.
Any persons claiming adversely the
abovedescrlbed land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on
or before the time designated for
sale. 42c5
F. C. Bramwell, Rcgl3tefj
Colon R. Eberhard, Receier.
. Department of the Interior.
U. S.. Land Office at La Grande, Or
egon, May 13th. 1910.. .
Notice is hereby given that, as
directed by the Commissioner of the
General Land Office, under provis
ions of Act of Congress approved
June 27, 1906 (34 Stats., 617), we
will offer at public sale to the high
est bidder, e 10 o'clock A. M., on
the 8th day of July, 1910, at thisl of
fice, the following-described land: .
The SV NBVi Sec. 28, and the
KV4 NV Sec 34, T. 1 S., R. 45 E.
W. M. SerialNo. 00498.
Any persons claiming adversely
the above-described land are ad
vised to file their' claims, or objec
tions, on or before the time desig
nated for sale. 42co
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Colon R. Eberhard, Receiver.
Department of the Interior.
U., S. Land Ofiice at La Grande,
Oregon, June 20th, 1910.'
Notice Is hereby given that Joseph
Allen, whose po3t-office address is
Enterprise, Oregon,, did, on the 2nd
day of September, 1909, file In this
office Sworn Sta ement and Appli
cation, No. 06986, to purchase the
SlGVi NW, Se.tlon 14, Township
1 North,. Range 44 East, Willamette
.Meridian, and the timber 'thereon,
under the provisions of the act of
June 3, 1878, and acts amendatory,
known as the "Timber and Stone
Law," at such value a might be
fixed by appraisement, and that, pur
suant to such appllca"on, the -land
and timber thereon have been s
timated and valued by the applicant
at $100.00 the Umber estimated at
$50.00 and the land $00.00; that said
applicant wlli offer final proof in
support of his application and sworn
statement qn thj 10th day ot Sep
tember, 1910, before C. M. Lockwood,
U. S. Conim'r, at his office, at En
terprise, Oregon.
Any person is at liberty to pro
test this purchase before entry, or
Initiate a contest at any time be
fore patent Issue3, by filing- a cor
roborated affidavit In this office, al
leging facts which would defeat the
entry. 44cll '
F. C. Cram well. Register.
Department of the Interior. 4
U. S. Land Ofiice at La Grande,
Oregon, June 20th, 1910.
Notice is heteby given that Mary
A. Elmer, formerly Mary A. Woods,
jf Wallowa, Oregon, who on Febru
ary 25, 1904, made Homestead En
try No. 13458, No. 09106, for SVk
SW4, Section 32. Township 1 North.
Range 44 East, Willamette Meridian,
boa filed no'ke cf Intention to make
Final Five Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before C. M. Lockwood, U. S. Com
missioner, at his office, at Enter
prise, Oregon, oa the 10th day of
August, 1910.
Claimant namej as witnesses:
Mark O. Courtney, of Loutine, Ore
gon, Jasper J. Chapman, of Wallowa,
Oregon, Edward A. Crossler, of Wal
lowa, Oregon, William Whltmore, of
Wallowa, Oregon. 44c5
F. C. Bramwell, Register,
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or-
gon. May 16th, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Michelle
Baker, whose po.it-office vddress Is
I:lerprise, Oregon, did, on the 20th
any of July, 1909, file ta this office
Sworn Stitemeat and Application,
No. 06831, to purchase the WV4 SE
Sec. 8, and N ND4. Section'
17, Township 1. North, Range 45
East, Willamette Meridian, and the
Umber thereon, under the provisions
of the act ov' June 3. 1878, and acts
amendatory, known as tiie ''Timber
and Stone Law," at such value a
might be fixed by appraisement, and
ihat, pursuant to such application,
the land and timber thereon have
been estimated and valued by appli
cant at $400.00, the timber estimated
to be worth J200.O0, and the land
$200.00; that said applicant, will offer
final proof in support of his applica
tion and sworn statement on the
10th day of September, 1910, before
John A. Rumble, U. S. Commissioner,
at his office, at Joseph, Oregon.
Any person Is at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or Ini
tiate a contest at ' any time before
patent issues," by filing a corrobo
rated affidavit in this office, alleging
facts which would defeat the entry.
44cll F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or
egon, June 13th, 1910.
Notice Is hereby given -that, as
directed by tbe Commissioner ot the
General Land Office, under provis
ions of Act of Congress approved
fune 27, 1906 (34 Stats, 517), we
will offer at public sale, to the high-,
a&t bidder, at 10 o'clock a. m, on
he 28th day of July, 1910, at this
jfflce, the following-described land:
The SEVi SW Sec. 6. & NE
.MW. Sec. 7, T. 1 S., R."45 E. W.
.., Serial No. 07432. .
Any persons claiming adversely the
lbove-described land are advised to
'lie their claims, or objections, on
it before the time designated for
?ai, . 4Jco
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Colon R. Eberhard, Receiver.
. Department of the Interior. ,
J. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 30ih, 1910.
"Notice is hereby given that Fred
V. Harsin, of Enterprise,' Oregon,
.vho, on June 13th, 1908, made Iloine
itead Entry No. 16065, Serial No.
-5466, for SW NWtt, Sec. 28,
VE4, ESEVi, Section 29, Townehrp
I North, Range 47 East, Willamette
.ieridian, has filed notice of inten-
lon to make final commutation proof
o establish claim to the land above
lescribed, before C. M. Lockwood,
J. S. Commissioner, at his. office
it Enterprise, "Oregon, on the 20th
-ay of August, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses: Jack
fohnson, of Imnaha, Oregon,' Clyde
larsin, of Enterprise, Oregon, J. E.
atterson, of : Enterprise, Oregon,
.V. A. Murray, of Enterprise, Ore
joa. 46c6
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Inferior.
7. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 30th, 1910. 1
Notice Is hereby given that, Louis
Jeorge Peterson, of Rognes, Oregon,
uo," on April 10th, 1905, made
lomestead .Entry 'No. 14271, Serial
io. 02927, for SE4 SW14, 6W
and Eft SB. Section 23,
Township 2 North, Range 44 East,
vuiamette aieriaian, has filed no-
of intention to make final five
ear proor, to establish claim to
be land above described, before
v", C-Boatman, County Clerk, at
lis office at Enterprise, Org eon, on
he loth day of August, 1910.
Claimant name as witnesses: Net-
ion K. Bue, Syvert Hovde, G. W
iumphreys, Thomas Hovde, all of
.-tosnes, Oregon. y 64c5
F. C. Bramwellj Register.
Legal AdFertisements
!a the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, fo- Wal'.owa County.
V. E. Trgji,;, Plaintiff.
. .
vs. '
C. S. c -e and W. L. Davis. Defend
To the Defendants, C. S. Clarke
and W7 U Davis:
the name of the State, ot Oregon
You -and each of you are hereby
required to appear and answer the
complaint filed against you In the
sbove entitled court and cause, ou
or before tthe 8th day of September,
1910, that being the time fixed by the
... tor you to appear and answer
herein and more than six weeks
from the date of the first publica
tion of this summons, and if you fan
so to appear and answer, plaintiff
will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded in the complaint, 10-
For a judgment that plaintiff have
and recover of and from said de-
fendants and each of them the sum
of One Hundred Dollars, with Inter
est "thereon from January 27, 1906, .
at the rate of ten per cent per an
jum, until paid, and for the sum of
.?Ixty-five Dollars attorney's fees,
md for the costs, and disbursements
f this action.
This summons la published once
i week for six successive and con-
secutive weeks by order of the Hon.
J. B. Olmsted, Judge of the county
;ourt, of Wallowa County, Oregon,
which said order Is dated July 2d,
i910, directing the first publication
.hereof to be made on, the 7th day
jf July, 1910, and the last publica
ion thereof on the 18th day of Aug
ast, 1910.
First publication July 7th, 1911);
46c6 Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the County Court of tne fetaie
of Oregon, for Wallowa County.
In the matter of the Estate of Wil
liam Holloway, Deceased. .
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed
by the County Court of Wallowa .
County, State of Oregon, the Admin
istrator of the Estate of William Hoi
loway, deceased, and has duly qual
if led as such Administrator. All
persons having claims against said
estate are hereby notified and re
quested to present 'the same to me
within six months' from the date
hereof, properly verified ae requir
ed by lajW, and to present the same
to me at Flora,. Oregon.
Dated and first published June 9,
1910. 42c5
Administrator of Estate of William
Holloway, Deceased.
THOS. M. DILL. Attorney for Ad
ministrator, Enterprise, Oregon. .
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Wallowa County.
James B. Nobles; Plaintiff,
, vs.
Earl L. Martin and E. E. Champlin,
To tbe Defendants, Earl L. Martin
and1 E. E. Champlin:
In the name of the State of Orgeon: .
You and each of you are hereby
required to appear and answer the
complaint filed against you 4a the
above entitled court and cause on, or
before the 30th day of July, 1910,
hat being the time fixed by the
court for vnn tn nnrtear nniti nnswer
herein and more than six weeks from
'-he date of the first publication of
.his summons, and If you fall eo to
appear and answer, plaintiff will ap
ply to the court for the relief d-
jaanded In ihe complaint, to-wlt;
For a judgment and decree that
:he plaintiff have and recover ot and
;rom said defendant, Earl L, Mar
In, the sum of Two Thousand six
aundred and four & 75-100 Dollars,
2604.75), with Interest thereon from
hie date until patd at the rate of ten
er cent er annum, and for the sum '
f Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00)
ittorney'a fees, and for the coats and
llsbursements of this suit, and for a
lecree that the plalntlffe said mort-
laee deac.rihml In, tha onmnlplnt- h
i'oieo.ed, and the premises, descrlb- '
ad therein ' e so'.d by the sheriff ot .
naoinn ahjI rVtar
plaintiff may have Judgment and exe
cution against said defendant, Earl
0. Martin, for any deficiency whlcfc.
nay remain after applying the pro-
:eeds of the sale of . the premise
lescribed In, the cnmnlalnr mH that.
, v
aid plaintiff may become a purchao
)T at sold sale, and that said sheriff
nay put said purchaser Into the poa
lesslon of said premises described la
said complaint, and that you and
sach of you be Torever barred and
.orever foreclosed of any right, title.
Jlalm or Interest, or equity of re
lemptlon In and to the following
lescribed premises situated and be
ne in, the County of Wallowa, State
t Orgeon, to-wit: The South half
Jf the Southwest , quarter of
Jectlon Twenty six (2$), end the
'Vest-half ot tbe Northwest Quarter
it Section, Thirty five (35) in Town
ihip Two Ilorth of Range Forty four
M), E. W. M. In VaUowa County,
Oregon. . - , '
This summons is published once a
eek for elx successive and consecu
Ive weeks by order of the Hon. J.
J. Olmsted, Judge of the County
Jourt of Wallowa County, Oregon,
vhich said order, is dated May 26th,
1910, directing the first publication,
o be made on the 28th day of
lay, 1910. and the last publication
n the Sib. day of July, 1910.
first publication May 28th. 1910.
AttatfVlAW am tttol.tlM

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