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ifeygJl title, doing all things thor
oughly, as befitted one of bis honorable
cbaructer, was not satisfied with, as he
thought, disposing of KIrby's physical
existence, but considered It bis pleas
urable duty to effectually ruin what
ever little reputation had survived dur
ing the other's downward career.
Klrby. presumably fatally wounded,
had been carried ashore by Ounce at
the nest landing, and. In those days
shooting and stabbing affrays euiuuat
lng from card games being only too
common, but little attention bad beeu
paid to the affair. Cameo Klrby was
notorious the length of the river, and
such an abrupt and tragic termination
of bis career had not only been fre
quently and cheerfully predicted, but
was, moreover, expected of all sucb
members as graced bis questionable
profession. . Indeed, for. them a sober
and respectable death would have been
considered bad form. Among the gam
bling profession there existed a certain
code, whicb in a manner served to link
those at the top. who, like Klrby and
Bunce, wooed fortune honestly, to the
Moreau type, gracing and disgracing
the lowest rung In the gamblers' social
ladder. This code. If so It may be
termed, wus an understanding to the
effect that - In no Instance, however
great the provocation, should the law
be Invoked. Wrongs, fancied or au
thentic, were to be redressed solely by
the bearers thereof, the Joint oiQce of
Judge and executioner being vested In
each separate and dlstluct Individual.
In view of this accepted understand
ing, Larkln , Bunce bad accordingly
made no mention-of the fact that a
probable murder bad been committed,
and. the passengers and steamship offi
cials dismissing It as a gamblers' quar
rel,, which wns none of tbelr affair, no
stigma or notoriety was attached to the
good Colonel Moreau. who, clalmlug to
be an old and valued friend of Mr.
Randall, bad gone to the letter's state
room and brazenly assumed charge of
the body. Uunce's laconic statement
was too pitifully true, for tbe old plant
er bad effectually ended his life.
Again referring to Colonel Moreau's
happy fuculty of doing all things well,
It was quite characteristic that to com
plete his reveuge agalust Cameo Klrby,
be now did not hesitate to assume
charge of Mr. Randall's body, did not
hesitate to meet tbe son of the man
for whose deutb be had been directly
f nd shamefully responsible, for young
Tom Randall bud ridden over to the
riaquemtun landing In order to greet
bis father, while over at the old home
stead all was bustle and excitement In
honor of the master's homecoming.
Anxiously .Tom Randall waited to
see tbe Jovial and well known figure
of his father march down the gang
plank, waited to catcb a glimpse of
the familiar and weather beateu green
portmanteau which the planter always
carried. Tbe moments passed. Other
and numerous pussengers stepped
ashore, to be eagerly welcomed and
claimed by their own, but John Ran
Aall was not among them: A curious
tnd seemingly pregnant hush bad suc
ceeded the landing of the freight, ar.d
off somewhere in the darkness a child
whimpered shrilly. The boy's uerves
were set on edge. Perhaps bis father
was having a. farewell talk with the
captain and would come dualling out
at tho last uiomeut with all his old dis
regard for time and pluce. It was time
the bell was cluuglug, the signal for
bucking awuy, for by now the landing
of -passengers and freight appeared to
oo terminated. And still no John Ran
fliilk The boy walked along the string-
Professional Diectory of Wallowa County
i : ' " '
Office first door south of New ','
; ; Fraternal BldgH Enterprise, Or.
1 Practice In all State Courts and ' '
Interior Department Careful at-'
J ( tentloa to all business, "'
' 4
Practice In State and Federal
Courts and Interior Department
' If you want good feed for your
team and good treatment coma to
Whlta Front Daxn. 1 7btf
V do dmt-olaM Jon work,
piece until The Texas deck come Tup'
tiore prominently Into view, the glow
from the open windows of the port
staterooms silhouetting the lean vls-
nged pilot, absolute monarch of bis i bis sugar crop fob. ten thousand and
realm, who now that an easy stretch bad tbe cash with blm, and he was
of the river bad been entered loafed n mighty high spirits because be was
about while his cub took tbe wheel. : on his way back home to see bis chil
"Uello, on board the Shotwell!" , dren. Pob gentleman! As delicately
shouted young Randall, looking up at I ua i cnD I must state that be was not
the pilothouse. "Is t tin t you, Mr. Blx- quite himself, and by that. suh. 1 mean
by? This Is Tom Randall. Do you I that be bad been imbibing a little 'too
know If my father Is uu board? We ! freely. I don't have to tell yoh. suh,'
were expecting him by your boat, sir." that there are certain characters on all
For reply Mr. Blxby. usually uie .
pattern of courtesy, offered a memo
syllabic afliruiutive and turned from
the window.
But young Randall had no time to
nurse bis quick resentment, for now.
at last, his father had come ashore,
borne on tbe shoulders of two roust
abouts, while the captain and officers
stood with bared heads and thankfully
left the unwelcome task of explaining
tbe tragedy to the amluble aud willing
Coloiiel Moreau.
"My boy," said the latter, now Iny
Ing u futherly hand on young Rau
dall's heaving shoulder, "although I
am a stranger to yoh. sub, I have
ventured to ussume temporary control
of this terrible affair, fob 1 am a
southern geutlemnu, as was Mr. Ran
dall, aud 1 feel bound to yob all by
the ties of sympathy and country. I
was a witness, suh', to the events
which preceded and prompted this out
ruge, and, although I am aware It is
but pob satisfaction, still It is some
thing to know that the scoundrel who
was Instrumental In causing yob poll
father's death has already paid fob
It with bis life. My name, .suh. is
Colonel Moreau. aud If I can be of
any further service to yoh all in this,
dark hour of tribulation pray com
maud me. suh. As an old soldier 1
beg of yob to meet this calamity with
the fobtltude of a Christian gentle
man," with which admirable and pious
adjuration the good colonel flourished
his handkerchief and helped himself
to a generous pinch of suuff.
' "I I thank you. Colonel Moreau, for
all you have done," Bald young Ran
dall stonily, looking on the huddled
thing at bis feet "You you say you
witnessed my father's death?
"Not exactly, suh, foh be shot him
self In bis stateroom. However hard
to bear, I think yoh should know who
aud what prompted bis death. Tbe
scoundrel, suh. ' was tbe notorious
Cameo Klrby, of whom, perhaps, yob
have heard."
Young Randall nodded dully, and
Morenu, entering Into the spirit of tbe
taje conUnuedi "I. fnhmed an, acqualnt-
The Extremes. '
"Let's see, we sometimes call a man
a Jotiuh, dou't we?"
"Yes. wbeu he brings disaster."
"That's (be fuuuy thing about It
The original Jonah was a prophet
while the modcru Jouub is a loss."
Boston Truuscrlpt 7
Office 1 Lltch Building.
Enterprise, Oregon.
Practice In State and Federal
Courts and tat, Dept Abstract
Bldg, opposite court house.
Somethlug new Klrsn curtain rods
and portlcr polea for the first time
In Enterprise. Come la end see
tka at F. 8, Ashlajfa, .
. .. - w
ance." sun. witn "yoU'poh" father 'when
he came aboard at New Orleans. He
confided to every one that be bad sold
tbe big boats who keep a pretty sharp
lookout fob geutlemen with money who
are In the condition yob pob. father,
sub. was In tonight, and I expect there
was more than one river gambler on
board who would have liked to get bis
bands on Mr. Randall. But the one
who got blm was the slickest and clev
erest of the lot, the Cameo Klrby
whom I have mentioned. This rascal,
suh. Inveigled yoh pob father Into a
private stateroom, plied him with mob
liquor and won from him not only all
his money and personal effects even
Including a miniature of yob dead
mother, sub but also a deed to his en
tire plantation and all his slaves, every
thing which be owned. I was too late
to save Mr. Randall, but I knew Kirby
by repute, and I was so screamingly
outraged by the whole affair that 1 de
uounced blm fob the )ow scoundrel
he was. Thereupon he drew on me, but
I was tbe quicker and shot blm down
like a dog. They carried blm ashore.
Mill, at the landing below this, and the
river Is cleaner fob his death."
"You have taken vengeance out of
my bands." said young Randall Un
steadily. "The coward and villain!
For a stranger, sir, the attitude which
fin have displayed toward my family
has been most considerate, aud I will
never forget It. The the hospitality of
a house In mourning"
"No, no, my boy," Interrupted Mo
reau, again employing his fatherly
baud. "I am sensible of the honor,
but 1 couldn't think of It. This Is a
time when yob all must wish to .be'
alone, and business calls me north. 1
merely stepped ashore In yob iuterests
as any gentleman would have done.
There goes the bell, und 1 must run
for It. Honored, sub, to have mnde
yoh acquaintance, though of co'seI
deeply deplore the necessity which oc
casioned it. I will venture to 'pay my
respects to yob family when 1 return
south, and prny command me In any
occasion yob may have. Yoh servant,
suh." And with a magulHcent bow
the colonel turned and raced for the
gangplank, boarding the Shotwed with
a leap that shamed bis fifty odd years.
Meanwhile Cameo Klrby, a bullet
through his right lung, wus making a
desperate battle against death, fight
ing for the life which he had consid
ered little better than worthless. In
bis efforts ho was materially assisted
Dy the crude DUt faithful Bunce. his
gambling partner, with whom be bad
played up aud down tbe- Mississippi
for years. For two weeks this coin
bat raged, Klrby hovering between life
and death, but at the end be emerged
triumphant as, over tbe gaming table
when tbe odds were as heavily against
blm, be bud emerged from many a
hotly contested couflict
To those who judged KIrby's charac
ter from the evil reports which gossip
bad spread concerning blm and to oth
ers Who, In tbelr righteous ignorance,
considered all gamblers legitimate chil
dren of the devil bis remarkable re
covery would have beeu accepted mere
ly as another proof that the evil one
favors bis own, that tbe mills of the
gods grind slowly, that Justice is blind
aud that a scoundrel Is difficult to kill,
together with many similar ancient
and redoubtable maxims which Igno
rance, and .self righteousness love to
T Office Berlnnd Bu'ldlng.
maepeuaeut t'nonu.
.......... - . v
' rtfflliA linclnli-i In Tab D..IM
T I t , . . i ...
u, uiu. rioine puoue m oince
and residence. '-
' Office In Bank Building.
Home) phono both
office and?
" Oakes cartW a full Hne of Low
Brothers' Paints, 108tf
' Phone. your lea cream and candy
orders to Harvey's. Prompt delivery.
distribute on every fitting occasion.
Among possessors of the last men-
tloned attribute Eugene Kirby was i
regarded as a black sheep who, re- i
llglously avoiding the whitewash
brush, was deemed beyond redemp--i
tion. for what man worthy of the '
name would have acted us had the
last of the KIrbys? What if he had I
been but fifteen when his father died
a bankrupt? What if he had been
left an orphan, a pauper, with no i tu
rned I ate relative to care how.be acted? .
Wasn't the heritage of uu ancieut and
honorable name, the knowledge that
nome of tbe oldest and best blood In
all the south flowed in bis veins,
enough to keep him straight? Most
assuredly It was. There was abso
lutely 'no excuse for his drifting In ;
with wild aud dissolute companions,
becoming a commou river gambler and
rendering notorious aud obnoxious a
name which had hitherto been the
synonym for honor and integrity.
Klrby had been kept In Ignorance
of Mr. Randall's suicide, but when at
length he became convalescent Lnr
kln Bunce, barking back to the events
of that memorable night. Informed
him. and the invalid, on his part, re
counted tho occurrences preceding
Colonel Moreau's precipitation of the
"honorable" combat.
"The news of Mr. Randall's death Is
a great shock," he added, greatly mov
ed. "He was my father's friend..
Bunce, and when tbe devil played
havoc with our affairs did all in his
power to be of assistance. -. But for
v - Si lr
my great pride I would have accepted
his offer of guardian and, under bis
supervision,. 1 hope, would have been
a credit to the name instead of the
disgrace 1 am."
"Now. you quit these here postmor
tems," remonstrated Bunce good na
turedly, but firmly. "You don't call me
a disgrace, do you? And ain't I your
old side partner? Bosh, If you play
the game straight I guess there's lots
of worse ways of making a living than
gambling. The sawbones said a lot
of, rest was coming your way. so Just
turn over on tbe other side and for
get It"
T'No, I can't,' Bunce. Don't you re
alize the position In which 1 am placed
by Mr. Ruudull's death? .1 hold a deed
to bis eutlre plantation, and I must
sign a release without deluy. , What
if It should ever be thought that 1 en-
tered the game In earnest, with the
deliberate Intention of robbing Mr.
Rahdall? You know my reputation,"
be added bitterly, "and how eusy It la
for a dog to earn a bad name. Bring
me pen and ink at once. Larkln. if you
please, for I won't have a momenta
peace until I sign that paper."
Propped up on the pillows and sup
ported by tbe still grumbling Bunce,
he wrote tlje following:
I hereby eurrendnr the absolute possee-
lon of ell the property herein described
to the child or children m John Kantian.
' KUUfc..M K1KUI.
There!" he exclaimed. "Now 1 feel
better, and there Is no chance of niy
old neighbor's children being defraud
rd out of their Inheritance."
"You worry a heap more about them
than yourself," observe Bunce, "and
there's no call for It. F.ven If they
knew, you had got this t deed you're
reckoned as a dead man by everybody.
I beard from one of tbe boys that Mo
reau had skipped Jo Mexico, but you
know bow the river calls, and he ll an
swer sooner or later. When the fine
old bucko does return don't be fool
euongb to give him another chance at
your back, for he's a painfully modest
cuss and prefers to stay in the rear
By rights he ought to get the same
dose he gave you. and I'd do It for the
Notary Public.
Collections made. Real Estate
bought and sold and all business
matters attended to. Call on or
writ me,
1 S' '," )
by "simply. "'ihe moment 1 learn flTai
Moreau bus returned you may arrange
meeting for us.1 You can leave tbe
rest to me."
Bunce nodded. VI guess there ain't
any one who could get the better of
yoti. Gene, face to face. 1 ain't much
of a band at tbe gospel but I'll scare
up a prayer or two for Jack Moreau's
(to be' coimNuiD.J
Making Life Safer.
Everywhere life is being mado
more safe through the work- of Dr.
King's New Life Pills in conatlpa
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tion, liver trouble, kidney diseases
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t Respond to Blue Eyes.
"F."ery little while physiologists come
to the front will; ipm udvuutaire: ac
cruing to people who have blue eyes,"
said the city salesman. "Well. I dis
covered a point that they have never
mentioned. A Jeweler told me. He is
manager of the jewelry department of
big store. I applied' to him for a
situation for my wife's cousin. .
r 'What's the color of her eyes? he
,'isked. . jt " ' ' - - . ;---
'Brown.' I sold.
" 'Bring ber down and I will take n
took at her. be said, 'but I am afraid
nbe won't do. I'eophj with a certain
;bude of blue eyes make tbe best jew
elry salesmen. Many customers who
ituy jewelry want some one to try It
on so they can get the effect of tbe
stones when worn. There Is something
i bout deep blue eyes tbut brings out
ibe best lights In most Jewels. Tuke
notice and you will find that two-
i birds of the jewelry sales uieu in New
York have
blue eyes.'" New York
Stingy Quean Bess.
, Every one who ever -nd anything
for tjueeu Itess seems to have beeu
eft with a bud debt ou his books. So
we find uu unfortunate John Couley
writing to Sir Robert Cecil tbut for
tbe lust two years be bud beeu suitor
for 100 for "beeves for the army" and
complaining tbut "unless some order
be taken 1 shall be uudoue," Sir Ed
ward Uautyngs. after spending bis life
In serving the queen, bud to pawn bis
wife's Jewels and beg ber majesty "to
bestow something upon me in this my
latter age." So badly was the- Beet
that beat the armada provisioned that
Francis Drake bad to seize at Plym
outh ninety bags of rice, and the un
fortunate owner, after ten ' years'
wuiting, was refused payment, "rice
being an extraordinary victual not al
lowed for .the navy." Nor did common
soldiers fare better. The chief anxie
ty of all Elizabeth's ministers ought
in ber view, to have been bow to save
most money .'-London Telegraph. ; '
Eating For the Love of It
Pawlow has given epicureanism In
eating strong scientific support, and
many of Horace Fletcher's ideas find'
orthodox justification. Tbe first rule of
I dietetic conduct, accordlug to Fletcher.
, Is to eat only when one Is fcungry and
I to eat only tbe things from which one
I anticipates enjoyment He also teaches
j that one must eat In . the way that
! gives tbe greatest sensual pleasure
that Is. bv thorough chewlnir and tnst-
Ing; also serenity of mind, pleasant
surroundings at a meal, cougenlal
friends. ' pleasurable conversation In
fact, everything that adds to enjoyment
aids digestion. Tu other words; .the
process of digestion furnishes a beauti
ful Illustration of tbe Influence of mind
upon matter. Tbe Inspiring stimulus
Is- not mechanical but psychic. Tbe
preliminary-essential to tbe orderly as-
slmllatlon of food Is tbe keen desire
for It McClure's Magazine. - ''
, A Paradoxical River.
On tbe African' shore, near tbe gulf
of Aden and connecting the lake of
Assal with the main ocean, may be
found one of tbe most wonderful riv
ers In tbe world. V This curiosity does
not flow to but from tbe ocean toward
inland. .. The surface of Lake Assal
Itself Is nearly 700 feet below the
mean tide, and It Is' fed by this para
doxical river, whicb Is about twenty
two miles in length. It Is highly prob
able that tbe whole basin which the
lagoon partly Alls was once an 'arm
of the sea whicb became separated
therefrom by tbe dunlng of loose sand.
Tbe lutlowlng river has a limited vol
ume, being fullest of course, at high
tide, aud has Oiled the basin to such
an extent that evaporation and supply
exactly balance each other.
An Even Score.
Is your objection
to him.
I pa pay
"Why, the fellow can't make enough
money ti. vnpiHirt yon,"
"But tiet.ak.-r can you.'
. , No Ute For Theory.
Wigwag It Is a pet theory of mlna
that two ran live as cheaply aa one.
Youngpop Hun! It's plain to be seen
you were never the father of twin.
rhiladslphla Record. .
In a Maori Wooing House.
Among the Maoris sometimes in tbe
whare matoro (the wooing house), a
building in whicb tbe youug of both
sexes assembled for play, songs,
dances, etc., there would be at stated
times a meeting. Wbeti the Ores burn
ed low a girl would stand up In tbe
dark and 'say: "I love So-and-so. I
want blm for my husband." If be
coughed (sign of assent) or said "Yes"
it was well; If only dead silence, sbe
covered her bead with ber robe and
was ashamed.. This was not often, as
she generally bud ! managed to ascer
tain either by her own inquiry or by
sending h girl friend If tbe proposal
was acceptable. On tbe other band,
sometimes a mother would attend and
say, "I want So-and-so tor my son."
If not acceptable there was generally
mocking, and she was told to let the
young people have their bouse (tbe
wooing bousei to themselves.
Pepyt and th Comet.
On Dec. 21. 11KH. Pepys. tbe diarist
records. "My Lord Snudwlcb this day
writes me word that be both seen at
Portsmouth tbe comet and says It is
tbe most extraordinary thing be ever
saw. Again, three days later, ne
writes. "Uavlug sat up all night till
past 'i o'clock this morning, our porter,
being appointed, comes and tells ua
that tbe bellman tells blm that the
star Is seen upou Tower bill, so I and
my boy to Tower bill, it being a most
tine bright moonshine nigbt and ' a
great frost, but no comet to be seen."
Later the same day. however. Pepys
did see the comet "which now, wheth
er worn away or no. 1 know not. ap
pears not wltb a tall, but only is larger
and duller tbau any other star."
Westminster Uuzette.
What sculpture is to a block of mar
ble education Is to a human soul. The
philosopher, the snlut and tbe hero, the .
wise, the good and tbe great man very
often tie hid'uud concealed in a plebe
ian, which a proper education might
have disinterred and brought to light
-Addison. ' ' ' '
Shakespeare's Handicap.
; Mrs. .Miiniiu.oreucy.Jmythe' And
what were you reading when I came
in. my dear? Shakespeare! Ab! What
a wonderful man! 'And lo think that
be wasn't exactly what one would call
a geutleman!- London Punch.'
- His Maternal Grandma.
A devoted father after a day's ab
sence was met by bis two little sons.
; "Have you been good boys?"
Silence. . ;
H Vft Vf til hoAfi trru( hnva V
I "No. papa: I called grandma a bad
' word." said five-year-old. turning sea-
let : -: j,
I "Is it possible? What did you call,
your grandma?"
"1 called her a human being." .,
The father, with a mighty effort
maintained his gravity and closed the '
scene decorously. ' "1 must forgive yon
for once, but remember if you ever call
your grandmother a human being again
I shall have to spank you."
Stated a Fact.
"Do you see the horizon yonder
where the sky' seems to meet the.
"Yes. uncle."
"Boy, I have journeyed so near there
that I couldn't put a sixpeuce between
ray bead and the sky."
"Ob,, uncle, what a whopper!"
"It's a fact, my lad. I hadn't one to
put" Pearson's Weekly. '. '
An Unnecessary System.
"Ton ought to have a burglar alarm '
system In your bouse." said tbe elec
trical supply agent, "so that yon will
be awakened If a burglar raises one of
the windows or opens a door at night" .
"No burglar can get In here while we
are peacefully sleeping." replied Mr.
Newpop. "We are Weaning our baby."
Chicago Record Herald.
Notable Exceptions.
Mrs. Rloobuinper Yea, everybody la
always ready to give advice. ..
Bloobumper There are exceptions.
"Are there?" ..
"Yes; doctors and lawyers."
Tbe lemons of life are lost If they do
not Impress na with tbe necessity of
maalug ample allowances for tbe im
mature conclusions of others.
A wild Blizzard haging.
brtaigs danger, suffering often, death
'Co ' thousands' who take ' colds,
coughs and la grippe that terror of
winter and spring. Its danger sig
nals are '"stuffed up" nostrils, lower
part of nose sore, chills and fever,
pain la hack of head, and a throat
gripping eojkgh. When grip attacks,
as you value your life, don't delay
getting Dr. Klng'a New Discovery, ,
"One bottle cured me," writes A. L.
Dunn, of Pine V alley, Mies., after'
being laid up three weeks with.
Grip." For sore lungs, hemorrhages,
coughs, colds, .whooping cough, sron-
chKia, asthma, K's supreme. SOc, $1.
Guaranteed by all. druggists.

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