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To the Citizens of Wallowa County-
It 19 our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal
manner as to maKe the customer's rela
tion with this banK satisfactory and 1
profitable. It Aside from our excellent
facilities, this bank has the advantage of
a large capital and substantial list ot
stockholders. It is also a State Deposi
tory. If you are not a customer we
invite you to become one.
I Enterprise Livery
6 and Sales Stable
I . Baker Smith, Proprietors '
8 Fair treatment to everybody. Bus meets all trains 10 cts
S Commercial Trade a Specialty.
S First Class Rigs. Phone Orders Carefully Followed
g . Horses Bought and Sold
jjj Feed For Sale Open Day and Night
B Pure Bred Black Percheron Stallion at this barn for service
The City Planing Mill
W. F. RANKIN, Proprietor
Carrie's a complete stock of rough and dressed
B lumber. ;
A line ot standard-mouldings always in stock.
Satisfactory Mill Worli a Specialty
. Flva par oent discount for oah. All account balanced t
at axpl ration of 30 daya and aettled by eaah or note.
10f all kinds. Tflf you believe in beautifying Enterprise, you
must believe in making that beauty enduring. Concrete is
enduring it will render city beauty a "Concrete Reality."
USee us for any and all kinds of Concrete Work. ;
JVIARKS BROTHERS, General Contractors. '
We Do High-Class Job Printing Try Us
Life Insurance Company
-346 and 34S Broadway, New TorK
The expression for strength used to be: "Strong as the
Bank of England." Today the expression is: "Strong as
the New York Life." ... 'V
The 65 Annual Statement, as of December 31, 1909, reveals
the following facta: : X
Largest Volt ma of laasranco la Force.
Largest Annual Iacomo .....I
Largest Total Anota...... T...
The above certainly indicates that the New York Life is
the preferred Life Insurance company of the worM
Special KtpretenUtivt
MR. J. 1. McKNELLY, Enterprise. Oregon:
Dear Sir: What would be the coat for me to guarantee Mary
$500 00 per annum during her life, after my death and in event of her
death prior, to receiving 20 payments of $;00, to my children until at
least 810,000,00 ia paid. . Money to be held in Trust by . the New York
Life and paid out only aa designated by aaid Trust agreement?
My age U ...... yeara; Mary's age is ...... years; my children.
ages are years.
and Farmers National Baok
. 599,708,285.97
Socialist Party of
Tins, spare is occupied by paid advertising and is edited by the En
terprise Sociabst Local which meets Thursday nipht of each week at
7:30 o t:lock in the McCoy residence on North River street. All meetings
open. Visitors always welcome. Frank Hamblen, organizer; E. A.
"e-. corresponding Becretary; N. H. Marks,, financial secretary;
Fred Otto, treasurer. ,
The Socialist Party of the county
of Wallowa Is called to, meat in
County Convention at Local Enter
prise Headquarters, at Enterprise, Or
egon, on the 31st day of July and
-he 1st daV of August,, 1910, for the
purpose of nominating a county , tick
et for Wallowa county, and electing
Jelegate3 to the State Convention, to
Joe held in Portland on the 7th and
3th day of August, 1910.
(Signed) C. W.-BARZEE,
State Chairman of the Socialist Par
ty of Oregon.
Comrades are advised' to meet at
.he appointed1 place, an Sunday, July
iO, for the purpose of prelitninarying
ihelr ticket, and' the regular County
Convention can follow on the let
lay of August, wherein the ticket
uay be legally confirmed and dele
jates to the State Convention receive
.heir credentials signed) by the
halrman and secretary of the con
erition. ...
If the county does not wish to
.nake their county nominations on
.hat date, the confirmation of the
previously electedi Delegates, In ac-
Lowe's Madison Square Theatre
jompany, which made euch a favor
ible impres3lon during Us week"?
itay att the opera house last, month,
ias returned for the summer and Is
jamped on the F. A. Clarke land,
in the river, above town. It is the
purpose of the company to playi one
r two nights each week, as circum
itances. seem to Justify. The play
his week wilt be the beautiful west
ern comedy drama, 'The Girl From
. eiiueee," one of the greatest,' hits
jver produced, wl;lch will be seen
m Saturday evenli.g. "The Girl
-from Tennejaee" to brim fuH' of sen
iment of the besL kind and over
'lowlng with humor. Nothing bet
er has ever been seen to the city.
Mr. Lowe ha re-organized his
lompany to some extent, bis new
. jading lady being Miss Bea Curtice,
vho will be remembered aa the very
capable leading lady with the Bran-lon-Tucker
company la "The Devil,"
wo years ago. .
It lathe Intention to add to the
company from time to 'time until It
.s aa strong as It Is possible to make
it. ' . ... .. '
Must Be Above, Suspicion.
Kidney and bladder ailments are
o serloue in their consequences, and
.f unchecked so often fatal that any
remedy offered for their cure must
& above suspicion. . Foley Kidney
?ills contain no harmful drugs, aaid
iiave successfully stood a long and
horough test. Bumaugh & May-
'tehhV v
Scores of homesteaders on the SI
lets reservation who have been stiug
gllng In vain for many years to get
patent to their lands, will attain their
end If the Senate passes the Hawley
bill, which passed the House last
Monday. This class of legislation is
usualjy expedited In the Senate, ana
seldom calls forth protest, and it is
presumed this bill will pass the upper
branch of Congress and be signed b
the President before adjournment.
Chamberlain Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver
indi bowels to expel poisonous, mat
ter, cleanse the system, cure consti
pation and alck headache. Sold by
aumaugh & Ma field and all goo
Drives away Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats.
It Drotecti
, u vwi aiMaa
I insect. nahlintr tViMm ts ..A
leep in peace. It prevents loss of weicht
eucuiu iium worry causea oy
attacks ol tnsorla and tmnt .
. llltuilluU
of their bites and stinRs. There ia a
satisfaction in tho relief it affords
uomesuc animals Irotn the conrge ot
- , o j - '-J, uniun
profit ia returns., llorsea do more work
oa less feed and eowa yield more and
better milk whrn rliral t ti.. c
-- ,'uuiimHii
incited by constantly fighting a swanu i
Four atxes, 15c, 50c, 75c and i.j5.
Ask your merchant fur it.
Hoy Chjuucai, Co. rortlaud, Oregon
America Column
cordance with 'the S. P. Constitu
tion (Art. 14, Sees. 1 and 2), must
be made by placing the signature ot
th convention Chairman and Sec
retary on their credentials for pre
uemtatloii to the State Conviention, ' '
These credentials must also bear
the signature of the Chairman and
Secretary of the Local 'at which
meeting they had . been previously
elected.- ' - ; ' . . ' ..
To explain: The Convention offi
cers legalises the delegates creden
tials to the State Convention In ac
cordance wth the Oregon statutes.
The signature of the party, local,
officers confirms the election of the
Delegate as per S. P.- Constitu
tion. ' ,
We are advtsed by Attorney Gen
eral Crawford that this course' of
procedure gives us a place on the
utale ticket' without, any filing fee.
We have the privilege of using one
or more page in the 'candidates elec
tion advertising sheet, for tho pur
pose of setting forth our party prin
County State Committeeman for
Wallowa County, Oregon. '; .
. : A Wretch -yi Mistake -
I to endure the Itching, painful, distress
I of nt'AH 1 ThprA'a. nn n 1 I. la.
lea: "I suffered much from plies,"
-writes Will A. Marsh, of Slier City,
N. C, "till I got a box of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, and was soon, cured."
' i
Burns. bolls, ulcers, fever sores, ec
zema, cuts, chapped hands; chilblains,
vanish before It. 25c at all drug
E'ists. '.
Many improvements are planned" by
the commission of the Port of Coos
Bay. The channel of the bay Is to' be
widened, and to do this the commis
sioners expect to expend about $150,
000 of the port's "money. The govern
ment will also' spend $50,000 on- the
channel, so altogether there will be a
channel sufficiently wide and deep at
all tide's lor even1 larger vessels than
now enter this port. - ;i ' .
The world's most successful med
icine for bowel complaints la Cham
Uorlaln's Colic, Cholera and (Diar
rhoea Remedy. It has relieved more
pain andi suffering, And saved1 more
lives than any other medicine in use.
Invaluable for children ,and adults.
fioM by Eurnaugh & Mayfleld and
all good druggists.'' ' . . " .
. That portion of the' state, "board of
fish commissioners at the capital and
which has authority In the matter, is
at a deadlock over the selection of a
new master fish warden, with only
one apparent chance of solving the
difficulty. That chance is'that the po
sition ' may be accepted by Henry
O'Malley, chief of the Oregon division
of the United States bureau of fish
eries. .
Saved at Death's Door.
The door of death seemed ready to
pen for Murray W. Ayers of Tran
sit Bridge, N. Y., when his life waa
A-onderkilly saved. "I was ill a
dreadful c'ondltlon," he writes," "my
'(kin was almost yellow; eyes sunlc
3n; tongue .coa'ed; emaciated from
'.oslng 40 pounds, growing weaker
lally. Virulent liver trouble pulling
.lie down to death In spite of doc
ors. Then that matchless medi
cine Electric Pi ters cured, me. I
regained the 40 pounds lost and now
am well and strong." For all stom
ach, liver and kidney troubles they're
supreme. 50c. at all druggists. "
Assistant Attorney-Oeneral 1. H.
Van Winkle has announced that he
will be a candidate to succees George
H. Burnett as circuit Judge in case
Judge Burnett is not again a candi
date. It Is pretty well Understood
that Judge Burnett will be a candi
date for tne supreme bench. '
Foley's Kidney Remedy will cure
any case of kldnay and bladder trou
ble not beyond the reach of medi
cine. No niadiciue can do more.
Burnaugb. & Mayfleld.
me people ot curry county are dis
cussing the matter cf having a new
eourthouse. The present courthouse
has been in use for-soout 35 years and
is too small for the present business
of the county, which has doubled la
the past five years, and the odlclals
need jmore room. - " , ' ?
"Foley ...-r.ey Pills Ha... l-isd Mo''
Ilia above la a guotatiou fioni a
,her 'w.i.u.b H. M. Winkler, Ev
.miaville, lnd. "I contracted ' a sa
case of kidney trottble. My bai
gave out uai pained mo. 1 saamed
to have lost all strength and ambt
ion; waj bothetetl with dlziy spells,
my head would swim and upecka
A Midsummer
Saving of Money
PlFl N the next sixty days we expect , to close out
I I all of our Summer Goods at prices that will
compel you to invest. If you will come to our store
and see the many bargains that we are offering in
every department of our well filled establishment,
you will see at once that this is no idle boast.
Come and examine our line of Men's Fine Shoes,.
SHOES, and many other good and stylish things
that we will not attempt to mention.
" We are still having a good trade in our Hand Tail
ored Clothing. Every suit must be sold before the
arrival of our Fall Stock. '
Visit our Dry Goods Department; our Grocery. De-
partmeut, and our Hardware Department. It will
surprise you to see our well assorted stock of Hard
ware. Come and see us, we will treat you right.
a 1V1.KA1N 1 1 LP. V IVIII .1 .1 Nli I
'loat before my eyes. 1 took Foley
KIduey Pills regularly a,nd am now
perfectly well and feel like a. new
man." .Foley Kidney Pllls have
cured me." Bumaugh & Mayfleld.
Clackamas, county republicans will
hold an. assembly in Oregon City Sat
urday, July .16, to elect 65 delegates
to the- state assembly and transact
such other business as may legally
and regularly come before the dele
gates. Preparations are being made for
the opening of the season at Crater
Lake park. Oregon's great wonder
has again been Ignored by congress
The-appropriation for the year is
$3000. This sum will pay the salary
of the superintendent and permit re
placing the bridges.
tD anyone, anywhere in the U. i
allow lk.lt DAIS' 1KX '
put it to any tut you wish. If
Jicep the bicycle anip it back to
to $2 middlemen's prolita hf
ate behind your bicycit. t
at mnf trie until you wee
frictt and mmarkabi sftcrai
Awmnwe can make you t hi
than in? other iactorv. U
4oablotir pnecs. Orders filled Lite d
hsiuIIt hxvn St Diunhcf 01 hand labm In a
promptly at prices raviTj Irom 03 to fel
ma larrn nniffp sixii:ii wUovlA. lmourtc
bUAdlLA-HbAfta., eqiiuuaeni of aU kinds at A
H I Kk. manic Latot Modal
ft f-i I 14 Bukinc moncr fast.
m m
a.1 Fii 1 XJI w
( 1 1 V SELF-!:zr.Ll.r:G TOES SAWL
' J The rtrutarrtlail trie tttkest tint it
$SJO ffr fair. 6 tl to introduc wtwill
1. KAILS, Taoka or Glaaa will not let the
lr out. Sixty thouannd pairs aold kut year.
Over two hundred Uiouaaud pairs now ia use.
I DESCFtlPTlOMtlUAe in alt slses. ItHliyrly
ndeasvriUinft'.vervduTablcand lined inside with
n snecial Quality of rubber, w.iich never becomes
porotia and which closes up small punctnrvs wit!io.tt sl!ow
Ing the air to escnpe. We have hundreda of letters
tip once ot twice in a whole season. Theysre
an ordinary tire, the puncture rc.istingf quali; lea bei ig givca
liy several layers of tUin. specially prepared fabric on the
tread. The regular price of these tires is &,yt per pa: f, but for
overusing' purpose we are maKinga special iaci3rypnceto
iudinir ua an order as the tires may. be re'.nmed st UUK exiienae if foi
- tiM satisfactory ' n xsmination. We are perfect ly reliable and money sent to us is as safe as in a
. bank. If you t:..:r a pair of these tires, 70a Till find thst they wilt ride easier run faster
; vn-ar better. it k:itrer and look finer than any fcr you have ever used or seen at any price Wa
Vnow vt Vk u tHU be so well pleased that when jrou want a bicycle you will give u your order
j V'. Ji'send uaa trisl order at once. beacethisremsrkablctiTeoaer.
! IF i.l CT3 T.7"'? !?'i,.,5,atki,,d " 'SPwwil vrmsmd for a pair of
tr f &a-a sa.iS Hedgetnom Pniicture-Proof tirea on approval and Uial at
. the special introductory price quoted above: or write for our big Tire and Sundry Catsioaue whit-h
. describes aad quotes aU makes aad kinds of tires at shoot hslf the usual prices.
nn KfST WAIT b"' ! P0.'1 ,od,y- " mT Tui-N"i ' BUnwo a Mryrla
I Ml fU I rJ f or a pair of tires from snyone until you know the new ant wonderful
oilers we are making. It only costs a pcml to letiru ewrytlulig. Write it MOW.
ij. l l:hid cycle c::.:?my, c:id.'.:3, iil
As the result of an autopsy held on
the body of Mrs. Ida Harden, who died
at Portland Sanitarium, It was defi
nitely determined that the woman
died of pellagra.
Killing sea lions for profit is now be
ing carried on off the coast of Curry
county. ,The blubber is saved for oil
and the industry la profitable while It
lasts. '; .' .-....
When the stomach falls to per
form Its- functions the bowels be
come deranged, . the liver and the .
kidneys congested causing numerous
diseases. The stomach and liver
must te restored to a healthy condi
tion and Chamberlain's Stomach: end
j-iver iftDieca caa ne aepenaea upon
to do it. Easy to take and most ef
fective. . Sold by Bumaugh & May
field and all good druggists. - . ,
bicycle furnished by us. Our agenu verywhtrc aro
V particulars mnd tfcuU ffr at onct.
until you receive and auorovaol vour hirwV WahU
xvtlJumta cent tUostt in advance, frciay frtight, and
itlAL. dm in which time you may ride the bicycle and
you are then not Deri ectlv satkiicd or da nnt uriah tr .
" V inBe and yon xuiil net W tmt tmt ctnt.
"" n gnei craue oicycies it is possible to mats
small profit above actual factory cost. You save iu
DUYinr rlirwt rf 11 anil hiM Um 1.
l HOT BUY a bicycle or a pairof tires from mnyo
'our catalogues and learn our unheard oi jtuter
mffcra to rliier talent.
J3FII whc,n y receive our bcauriful catalomie ind
year. We sell the luJ'csttTrade bicycles (or less money
J are sauuied sin r.co profit above factory cost.
can sell our bicycs uQiicr your own name vUu at
1 do not rertilarly nandte second and bicycles, rrt
e py our Clacaco reuit stores. Tliese we cleur out
r Hill. I)tri rt i wai '. . 1;.m . I. J I
1 rollor cUafus and itotlisLi, turn, Jcisilrs
fV usul rwUU irictu
from aaiis-
ITotte the thick rtibfxn- rmaxl
"A" and punotur stripa -If
1 ..... IT.
ana -u," mm rtm atrip "II"
to prevent rim eattlng. Tula
tlrei wUi outlaiat any other
nke SOFT, kULSlLQ aoid
el 1

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