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Lodge Directory
,UU. 1.151
. of r. 4. .
TEMPLE, No. t, Pythias
IYIAuUNiUno. 30. Roysl Arch Masons
A. M-.
tlf s EAGLE CAMP, No. HUM, M
. TI.A. W. A Meets first and third
Thursday In each month, In new Fra
ternal balL Visiting Neighbors always
JAS. W, RODGfiRS, Clerk.
ANEROID CAMP, Na 3642, R N. of A.
.U. 11. 535. W. of W.
A LMOTA CIRCLE. Na 278. W. of W.
If You Prefer the Best Brands of
Cigars or SmoKing Tobacco
you can always Ret what you
want here. Fine line of
The same is true of all our
Stock. " Come in and see.
Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, Oregon
The Giant Bible.
There Is lu me Royal library at
Ptnckholtn among nlber curiosities a
manuscript work known a the giant
Bible nn account of its extraordinary
dimension. It measures 00 centime
ters In length and Is 60 rVnt (meters
In breadib-tbat Is. about 35 by 19
locb.es. It requires three men to lift
It. There are 30 pages, but seven
buve been lost. The purcti inetit of
wblcb the book Is coiupsied required
the skins of WO asses. There are two
columns on each pnge. and tbe book
contains tbe Old and New lpstauieuta. i
with extracts ; from Joseph us. Tbe
Initial letters are Illuminated. Tbe
binding Is of oak, four and one-halt
centimeters In tblckuess. Tbe book
narrowly escaped destruction In the
fire In the royal palace of Stockholm
lu 1(!07. It wus saved, but somewhat
damaged, by belli: thrown out of a
window. l-ouilou iilobe.
. mmple Latett Model "fUnRot" Wrycle furnlsheU by us. Oiir-veir
ftukinff mony tait.
f rug jaw
to anyone, ativwheie in the V . ,S.
now a AJAaa a-ivtka
put 10 any uat you witn. u
keep tlie bicycle alup it ba. It to
rfiPTniiY PBirr! W lunush the h ul.et eruae btcyclea it it poasible to make
lAWIUUI rnliWsVjtJ at una anull pn'fit otwve actu.il uctory cost. You save fto
to $n middlemen's, vroltl by
nice belaud VuUT Dlcvcla. 1
t my ra.- until you receive nor caulrKuta and leant uur unheard oi Jutrj
trim and nwuirkahii tfrcud ttftrt to ntur agonc.
KT'I Till I MTflKirfilrTrl hcn ott tveeive our beautiful catalortM and
IWU WILL hS. AiUilw8Jk.U Rll,dy o- vh rvidtli at the usmtitrf;!
than a: otticr lactorr. Wo
ltl. VC'i.H Iti'AI l- UH. vnu
1 ilouMt onr oricfi. Ordcri Tilled tlie f'
nam 11 v have a nu:nbef ou hand taken n
nrnmuli at orif mn'iinv from tHA in t :t
tWAdlLA'alMiiAa.a, aquiptnent ol all Tdnda at Motf
' mmm mm ai m mwtm
cci chea. inn Tinrc sampli
fill -ae.S.I.IItU I I
1 J Thi rrtr rHait trbi oHhut Hrtt ft
fi.SOttrp.ur,blmlTMimt w trill M
NAII.S, Tnks or Glass wl
Ir ouu 8isty thoiiannd pal
Over two bunJred IliuuMud
lud easyrtUinR-.veryduiaulvan
eud eaityriUinK.veryduiableand
apecial quality uf rubber, which never becomes
jHjiuuaaiul whitll clof-a up small puncturea wttltont allore.
ViK tti air toea.-aie. we nuvc iiuiioi
a air to ewai. We liuiw lumdreds of Ictteru
SLdcuatomersataunitnal their tiretris-neonlyb
dcualumeraalaunfthat their irehaTonlybren
vp once or twice in swliulesoMaon. Tlit-ywei ;h oot;wret)ir.:i
n ordinary tire, the puncture reltiuu quulilicabui jh Kic u .
trr-ad. The regular priceof tlieae Urea ia;S.jo per
in nuer ol ouiy y.oo per pair, au otuers anippeu
s; lruval. You do not pay s rent until you tm- "-ininel and fouml litem strictly as represented
we will allow s raah dlaoount of prr,.xiTi t". hereby makinK the price . per pair) if yoa
end Hil.L CASU Willi OltUKU eiTTl enclcwe this sdvertiaement. Yoa run no ii-k in
k. jdinf us sa order ss the luca may. be returuwt at OUU exnenae If forsuyreoaon they are
tv ft satisfactory on examination. We ere perfectly rellnble and nwucy sent to ua U ss safe aa In e
tunk. If you order e pair of the lire, yoa will find that they will ride easier, run foster,
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know I ist you will be to well pleated that when yrtt want a bicycle yon will give us your order.
V waul you to send ua a trial order at once, hence this remarkable tire otter.
rjr rYlff BtCTn T"fn trC ehm'lbuy any kind at any price until yon send for a pair of
It" I UfJ tittU MIHmM Itedgethorn V11 net me-I've if tliva on aprn-at and trial at
the special introduciory price quoted alwve; or write l'ir our b' 1 ire and Sundry Catalogue which
tteacribea and quotes sit makes snd kinds 01 tirv at about halt the naual prices.
rtft Urty WAFT lutwnteiiaepoal ""lay. rl' Hi l K tlf I1UVINO a bicycle
mjM IwU& wWWl ee pair of litrs Irom anyone until you know the new and wonUeriul
CUcrs we are making. It ouly coats a poauil to
' NOTARY" PUBLIC '-'-;t , ;
Mitchell Hotel Block - -..JOSEPH. OREGON
Formerly the Wallowa News, stab-
bshed March S. 1899.
Published Wednesdays and Satur
day at Enterprise. Oregon, by
Jffice East side Court House Square
'Entered as second-class matter
lanuary 2. 1309, at the postofflce at
enterprise. Oregon, under the Act of
Iarch 3, 1879.
Subscription Rates: One year $2,
ix months $1, three mouths 50c,
one month 20c. On yearly cash-In-
idvance subscriptions a discount of
i5c Is' given.
8ATURDAY, JULY 16, 1910.
Didn't Like Course Dinners.
A colored f oiiian. native of tbe
south, bnd been working tor a Cat
dwelling family of oioderate means in
tbe east end. but resigned recently to
accept a place bringing higher wages
with a weattby family wbo "Ire In a
large house nu Km-lld beigbts anil
have their dlDner nerved in courses
every night Just as if tti.-re una com
pany. This colored woman hiid been
brought up to put everything on tbe
table at once, witb tbe exception pos
sibly of tbe dessert, and did not take
kindly to the course system. A few
days ago her. former mistress met ber
on tbe street and Inquired bow she
liked her uew place.
"Oh. not ve'y welL" she replied. "1
don't like this by ah way of su'vin'
things In cou'ses. Tbe's too much
biffin' o' the dishes fo' tbe fewness o'
tbe vltlles." Cleveland I'luin Dealer.
The Scotsman's English.
A tnie specimen of tbe highland
man's diGlculties witb tbe English lan
guage; Farmer (who bud Instructed his'
Gaelic shepherd to look fur a number
of sheep that bad waudered from tbe
foldi Well. Donald, buve you found
them? f-i i
"Aye. mister." '
"Where did yon get I hem':"
"Well, got two by Itself, one to
gether and - three mixing one of Me
I'bearsno's." lxndou News.
Growing Bananas.
Bananas ure, ns h rule, planted out
systematically In rows, the "suckers"
being pluced lit ho average of teu feet
apart.'- Tbe buminu plnnt bears only
oue buucb tit a lime, but II Is a quick
grower, yielding Its fruit lu twelve to
fourteen mouths. When the plant is
about six mouths old a second "suck
er" or sbnot Ik allowed to spring from
tbe root, a third after the ninth month,
and so ou. sd tbut after tbe first year
there Is a coutluuuus crop being reaped
For the greater part of Its life a
book Is an article of furniture and
stand upon the shelf to decorate the
library with Its natch of color and
pow of kindly associations, but from
lime to time there occur those crises
of Us exlsteuce when It is taken down
and read. London Athenaeum.
' "Hut why are you lu mourning?" '
"Oh.' for my sins." . '
"(See! I ditVn't know you'd lost any?
Clevelund Lender.
and district to
ride and exhibit a
Airtn9 v-eTV v Kcra an
inn ririicH,ari ami sMtai ffrref tit one, a
until v. mi ri elve mil mu.mv r.f wni.r lurvA. Whfi
ttVAvi cw dtfrnit advance, Prfay frtigkt, am
If yu r Him nut ixrrtcuiy .iiiuu-d or do not with to
hial ouiini wiui :n lime ynu may rule trie tucycic
yu are www nut perfectly taiu tied or do nut wi
ui at uur t aitusa anJ vou tviilwtoi tt ot on cni.
buyinir thrfct nl us and have the manufacturer's giur-
IvJ Aill' 111 V a inevrie nr a tiiirnl nr.. fmm hmmj
yunr. 'v
are tttli -
: 1. 1: r.it'e bicycles for lens money
I'M ut atove faetunr ctat.
r m at- 1 i .
.v rfrh.t!.-
LUJo yuur own iuiim putt vt
trade hv our I'hict.t'j riAil siurn. Thi ie we clmi uut
nr MIO. I cv rtnt iv K.rvtti ltsr n,aile4 ff.
ti atiaW rtU frutu
r. m anM.ia m mrm m. rl
ZJUMfLK. , I 'Ml If
alia "J 10 INTl3DUGZ,OHLT
f'fll"M.,'J V? Vf ."5
- iir" IL'lj
wta not Int the tV . S C"tv"?J 7 .'!?' f V-V -u f
re sola last year. V' 1 - v'' J --i '. , i'v (v M s
pairs now in use. 'T -A; iv'tT,:.;'. "ti ?i
ndlia.-aial.lewUar-:;. V. tjU ''X. 5liAy'.,V' 7
from aju
Is'ottce tbe thtotc mhtior tiwad
unci uuutnr afrtpe -!'
hu -1, Kiau run scrip -u-to
irvriit riiu etultlnic. This
tire wilt outlivil any other
cutkei-sitrr. tLAailU aud
pair.but (r
same oay letter i recetnu. we snip c o. 11. on
lco.ru eyerythiLg. Write It M1W,
Hood river rancher in the Oak
Grove sections have crit the wages of
the Japanese laborers and agreed not
to pay more than $L'3 a day.
The association formed for tie pur
pose of holding a carnival on Coos
Bay during August is planning the
largest public entertainment that bus
ever taken place in thai county '
The Rogue River valley will ship
1000 cars of frufct this year, of which
400 cars wiU be-'pears, and 300 cars
will be apples. The present crop is
pronounced the finest in the history of
the valley.
The detailed crop report of th de
partment of agriculture shows the con
dition of Winter wheat In Oregon, at
harvest this year, to hare been 83, or
8 per cent above what it wa3 lat
years. This is a decline, however, of
4 per cent since June 1, last V
s L. W. Clapp, stage line operator,
has established an automobile service
between Klamath Falls and Crater
Lake. Mr. Clapp has , the contract
with the Southern Pacific to handle
the through passenger service from
San Francisco to Crater Lake.
Jesse Powers escaped from his
nurse at tbe Prineville hospital and
ran for 25 miles over sand and stony
ground bare footed and in his night
clothes before being overtaken by
Sheriff Elks in his auto.
The largest Influx of settlers over
known into the Northwest, and espe
cially Oregon, is expected this fall.
Some time within the next few weeks
a conference of the Transcontinental
Passenger association w'll be held n
Chicago and 'arrangements will then
be made for the fall colonist rates.
J. S. Trumble, a small dairy farmer
of Forest Grove, has received word
that he Is one of about 20 heirs to a
$400,000,000 estate located In heart of
Baltimore. There was a 99 year lease
on the property, which has just ex
pired, the property having belonged to
Mr. Trumble's great grandfather.
The Willamette Valley Applegrow-
ers' association adjourned at Salem,
after selecting directors and naming
a committee of three to draft a bill
for presentation at the next legisla
ture. Tbe ball will ask for an appro
priation to be used under the direc
tion of the experiment station In in
vestigating horticultural troubles, par
ticularly as to fungus growths.
The convention of the National As
sociation of Wool Growers, which will
be held In Portland in January, 1911,
and which should bring between 15,
000 and 25,000 visitors to this city, will
do more to advance the sheep growing
business In Oregon than anything else
that could be brought about, is the
opinion of Dan P. Smythe, secretary
of the Oregon State Wool Growers' as
sociation. ' i
Umatilla county will produce this
season between 3,500,000 and 4,000,000
bushels of wheat. Not only will this
be done, but the quality will be the
best ever sent forth. This alone is a
factor of considerable Importance.
Last year the total wheat output of
Umatilla was about 3,500,000 bushels,
although some Interests were inclined
to figure that the production was con
siderably above this.
It cost the state of Oregon $522 to
j bring the Grant county murderers to
the penitentiary, one of whom is to be
executed, the Other four to be lncar-
cerated for life. It Is the greatest
cost for bringing prisoners to Salem
In the history of the state. The pri
soners are Joseph H. Caseday, former
deputy sheriff of Grant County, sen
tenced to death; Bert Green, Ben Ilin-
ton, Emmet and Earl Shields.
To obtain for Oregon a pure drug
I law was one of the principal subjects
considered at the 21st annual conven
uon oi tne uregon siat? Druggists- as
sociation, held July 12 to 15, at the
Qearhart Hotel, Seaside. Final report
was made at the convention by a
committee appointed a year ar$o to
prepare a bill. A campaign will bo
taken up for bringing he bill before
the legislature at Its next session. The
bill Is to be patterned aPer the United
States pure drug law, and will enable
the druggists of this state to regulate
the purity of thelr drugs according to
the United Slates pharmacopoeia.
A peculiar coincidence came to light
at the executive offices when extradi
tion papers were Issued for Jesse Bur
leson, at the behest of the governor of
North Carolina. Burleson Is held at
the Coot county jail on a charge of
murder. An extradition was issued
tor George Holder, also for the North
Carolina governor. Holder was also
wanted on a charge of murder. The
crimes were committed at different
times and Id different parts of North
Carolina and had no connection with
each other. One waa committed In the
fall of 1907 and the other In 1909.
Union Will Market Apples,
TOLEDO. The board of directors
of the Lincoln County Fruit Growers
union met la Toledo and made ar
rangements for the handling of the
apple crop this taU.
Only Wanted His Consent.
Re wuk well dressed mid breezy, and
when be entered tbe irile ottice of
the great tin uien-buul he l.a-keil cm
I-able of doing anytliiug from selling
books to writing up iusuraiH-e.
"I ' have come, sir." lie itiiiium-wl
wlttMiut besllatlon. "to get your cuii
Belit" "Consent for what?" demandi-d t he
old imiu without U Miking' up. .
"Well er you . your daughter"
"Ob. I umterxiaiid now. So you like
my daughter, eh?" '
"I think he Is the tlnest yonng wo
man' I have met in many hhkhih. As
1 was sayiug. if you'll Klve your rou
itent she will have the handsomest"
"Come, come.' . LNm't get ruin and
nay she'll have tbe tiuesi buband ir
Mbe accepts you."
- "I'm married, sir. I'm trying to tell
you that ifou give your couseut she'll
have tbe bundxuuest auto ruuaooul in
town. She's dead stuck on It. and if
you'll consent and put up Jfl.mto ca-li
we will" '
But the great tea merchant bad col
lapsed. -Chicago .News.
A Selfish Proposition.
A gpnileinan.- reilt-tit at fiarrow.
made treiUein conipmiiils to the mas
lers of tbe great school mere of his
garden being Mtrlpiieit of its fruit, eveit
ltefore it became riie. but to uo pur
Mse. ( Tired of applying to the masters for
redress, be in leujrib apiieuled to the
lioys, and. Heudiug for one to his
house, be said: "Now. my goiwl fellow.
I'll make this agreement with you and.
your companions. Let the fruit re
main on tbe trees till it becomes ripe,
aud I promise to give you half."
The boy oiolly replied. ,"l can say
nothing to the proposition sir. myself,
but will make ii known to the rest of
tbe boys aiuMiifornj you of their de
cision tomorrow."
Next day i-ame and brought witb it
this reply: "Tbe gentlemen of Harrow
cannot agree to receive so unequal a
share, since Mr. is au individual
and we ure tnuuy." Luudou Sketch. '
Our Elastic Globe.
Nothing seems more rij,IU tbau the
crust of tbe earth, but scleotlUi: men
tell us tbut it bends and buckles ap
preciably under tbe pull of the heaven
ly bodies. Careful observation has
also shown that the shores on opposite
sides of a tidal basin approach each
other ut bigb tide. Tbe weight of
water in tbe Irish sea. for Instance. Is
so much greater at that time that ibe
bed siuks a trine and consequently
pulls tbe Irish and Kuglisb coasts
nearer together. The buildings of Liv
erKxl and Iniblln may lie fancied us
bowing to eaeb otber across tbe cbuti-
nel. the deflect Inn from iern(llcuiar
being about one inch for every six
teen miles. It bus been shown, too.
bat ordinary valleys widen umler tbe
beat of the sun and contract again nt
ighf. . We live uot on a rigid but an
elastic globe. .
. .x:. :
Saving the Oil.
"In Cairo." said a journalist. "1
beard a queer yarn about tbe fella
hln. Tbe fellubiu are the unlive ru
ralists. They are very . poor. Well,
when tbe British built the Egyptian
state railway the oraVlulK were as
tounded at tbe euormoiis quantities of
iruln oil that dlsapiieared. They knew
that all tbis nil couldn't be used for
lubricating purimses. so they made uu
investigation and round that it had
become tbe staple food of the poor
fellahlu. ' The ml' road d elective re
ported that the fellahlu all bver
Egypt were using the Egyptian state
railway's. train oil as their chief sup
port. Tbey buttered their bread with
train oil. They fried their lisb lu train
oil. They made a kind of suet pudding
with train oil ns a base.' Thev drunk
tralu oil beuted as a flesh producer or
bulkier up. So tbe railway olHcials
mixed enstnr oil with the stun", and
tne reiiuinn after a years toriuriDg
and vain effort to acclimate their sys
tems to the mixture decided to give
train oil up. ,
1 never knew an early rising, hard
working, prudent man. careful of bis
earnings ntul strictly honest, who com
plained of bud luck. Addison. -
United States Land NoticeF
: Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Graude, Or
egon, June 13th, 1910.
Notice Is hereby given that, aa
d$-eotd by the Commissioner of the
Geheral Lond Office, under provls
ions of Act of Congress approved
June 27, 1906 (34 Stats., 517), we
wUl offer at public sale, to the high
est bidder, at 10 o'clock a. m, on :
the 2Sth day of July, 1910, at this
office, the following-described land:
The SE4 SWVi Sec. 6, & NEK
N'W'K Sec. 7, T. 1 S., R. 40 E. W.
M.. Serial No. 07432.
Any persona claiming adversely th
above-described land are advisod to
file their claims, or objections, ou
or before the time designated for
sale. - 43ca
. F. C."' Bramwell, Register. .
Colon R. Eberhard. Receiver.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land OKlce at La Grande, Or
egon, June 3d," 1910.
Notice U hereby given that, as
directed by the Commissioner of the
General Land Office, under provis
ions of Act, of Congress approved
Jun 27, 1906 (34 StaU 517), we
will offer at public sale, to the high
est bluder, at 10 o'clock a. m., on
the 21st day of July, 1910, at this
office, the following-described land:
The NE4 SW &. SW SB'A
Sec. 33. T. 1 N., R. 45 E. W. M.,
Serial No. 07406. -
Any persons claiming adversely the I
above-described land are advised to
tile their claims, or objections, on
or before the time designated for
sale. 42c5
P. C. Bramwell, Register.
Colon R. Eberfaard, Receler.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office- at La Grander
Oregon, June 20th, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Allen, whose post-office address is
Enterprise, Oregon, did, on. the 2nd
day of September, 1909, file in this
office Sworn Statement and Appli
cation, No. 06986, to purchase the
SE4 NW, Section 14, Township
1 North, Range 44 East, Willamette
Meridian, and the timber thereon,
under the provisions of the act of
June 3, 1878, and acts amendatory,
known as the "Timber and Stone
Law," at such value a might be
fixed by appraisement, and that, pur
suant to euch appllca'lon, the. land
and timber thereon have been es
timated and valued by the applicant
at $100.00 the timber estimated at
S.jO.OO and the land $50.00; that said
applicant .will otter final proof in
support of his application and s,worn
statement on the 10th day of Sep
tember, 1910, before C. M. Lockwood,
U. S. Comm'r, at hie office, at En
terprise, Oregon.
Any person. Is at liberty to pro
test this purchase before entry, - or
initiate a contest at any time be
fore patent issues, by filing a cor
roborated affidavit In this office, ' al
leging facto which would defeat the
entry. , 44cll
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 20th, 19f0.
Notice is hereby given that Mary
A. Elmer, formerly Mary A, Woods,
Jf Wallowa, Oregon, who on Febru
ary 23, 1904, made Homestead En
try No. 13458. No. 09106, for SV4'
SWK. Section 32, Township 1 North,
Range 44 East, WlUamette Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to make
Final Five Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before C M. LocRwood, U. S. Com
missioner, at hla office, at Enter
prise, Oregon, on the 10th day of
August,, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Mark O. .Courtney, of Lostlne, Ore
gon, Jasper J. Chapman, of Wallowa,
Oregon, Edward A. Crossler, of Wal
lowa, Oregon, WUllam Whltmore, of
iVallowa, Oregon. 44c5
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior,
a. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or-
gon. May 16th, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Michelle
Baker, whose pot-offlce iddrese Is
iSsierprlse, Oregon, did, on t!he 20th
any of July, 1909, file m this office
Sworn Statement and Application.
No. 06831, to purchase the W SE
hi, Sec. 8, and NB, Section
i7, Township 1 North,- Range 45
East, Willamette Meridian, and the
-lmber thereon, under the provisions
3f the act of June 3. 1878, and acta
amendatory, known a tiie ''Timber
and Stone Law," at such value aa
might be fixed by appraisement, and
that, pursuant to such application,
.he land and timber thereon have
oeen estimated and valued by appli
cant at tlOO.00, the timber estimated
to be worth ' $200.00, and the land
$200.00; that said applicant will offer
.'In a! proof In support of his applica
tion and sworn statement on the
10th day of September, 1910, before
lohn A. Rumble, U. S. Commissioner,
it his office, at Joseph, Oregon.
Any person Is at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or lnl
'late a contest at any time before
patent issues,' by filing a corrobo
rated affidavit In this office, alleging
facts which would defeat the entry.
44cll F. C. Bramwell, Register.
' Department of the Interior.
J. S. Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon, June 30th, 1510.
- Notice is hereby given that Fred
V. Harsln, of Enterprise, Oregon,
A-ho. on June 13th, 1908, made Horoe-
itead Entry No. 16065, Serial No.
5J66, for SW NW. Sec. 28. SQ14
B4. B'iSEVi. Section 29, Township
I North, Range 47 East, Willamette
Jertdlan, has filed notice, of In ten-
Ion to make final commutation prool
o establish .aim to the land above
ieserlrcl. lefote C. M. Lockwood,
J. b. tJjaimlseioirer at hla office
at Enterprise, Oregon, on the 20ta
!ay of August, 1910. 1
(Claimant names aa witnesses: Jack
Johnson, of Imnaha, Oregon. ' Clyde
larsin, of Enterprise, Oregon, J. E.
i'atuerson, of Enterprise, Oregon,
W A Murray, of Enterprise, Ore
gon. '
F. C Bramwell, Register.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande,
nfnrnn J 11 TV A S0.ll. 1910.
Vntica ! hereby given that Louis
George Peterson, of Rognes, Oregon,
who, on April mm.
Homestead Entry No. 14271, Serial
v MW1 for SEU 9W. S.W4
'(4, and' E4 SBVt, Section 23,'
Towuship 2 Nortn, Range 44 luasi,
.Villametue Meridian, has filed no
of Intention to make final five
-year proof, to establish claim to
.he land above ' described, before
V. C. Boatman, County Clerk, at
hla office at Enterprise, Orgeon, on
-he 15th day of August, 1910.
Claimant name as witnesses: Nel-.
son K. Bue, Syvert Hovde, G., W.
Humphreys, Thomas Hovde, all of
Rognee, Oregon. 4c5 :
F. C. Bramwell, Register.
Lei Advertisements
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Wallowa County.
W. IS. laggan., riaauuu,
. vs.
- . nT V TV...I. HnlnnJ
C s. ciarse ana vv. u. iv, iwjuu
ro the Derencianis;' u. a. uiame
and W. It. Davis:
In the name of the State of Oregon:
You and each of you are hereby
equired to appear and answer the
complaint filed against you In the
ibove entitled court and cause, on
r before tthe 8th day of September, '
1910, that being the time fixed by the
. - ijf you to appear and: answer
lerein and more than six weeks
.'rom the date of the first publica
tion of this summons, and If you fall
30 to appear and answer, plaintiff
will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded in the complaint, to-
wit: '
For a judgment that plaintiff hava
tnit Ktf!TlVAi nt nnil frnm floLt. Ha.
.endants and each of them the sum
it One Hundred Dollars, with Inter--st
thereon from January 27, 1906,
it the rate of ten per cent per an
mm, until paid, and for the sum of
Sixty-five Dollars attorney's fees,
ind for the costs and disbursements
f rrila nntlrtn
This summons Is published once -i
week for six successive and con-'
jecutlve weeks by order of the Hon.
J. B. Olmsted, judge of the county
-ourt, of Wallowa County, Oregon,'
hich said order is dated July 2d,
1910, directing the first publication
hereof to be made on, the 7th day
jf July. 1910, and the last publica
ion thereof on the 18th day of Aug
ust, 1910.
First publication July 7th, 1910.
46c6 ' Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notice la hereby riven that, tha nn.
derslgned, F. A. Wagner, has been
by the County Court of Wallowa
County, Oregon, appointed Adminls
.rator with the Will Annexed of
-he Estate of Belle R. Klnnear, De
ceased. All . persons havlm claims
against said estate are required to
0 -
present tnem with proper vouchers,
within six months from thedate of
this notice, to me at my office over
he Berland - Harness Shop, front
. ooma Enterprise, Oregon.
Dated this 14th day of July, 1910.
FA WAflvtrn
Administrator with the; Will Annexed
oi tne Jiatate 0f Belie R. Kln
near, Deceased.
O. M. OORKINS, Attorney for Ad
ministrator. 47cs
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, F. A. Wagner, has been
by the County Count of Wallowa
County, Oregon, appointed Adminis
trator with the WUl Annexed of
Uie Estate of Emera M. Klnnear, De-
ou. A,i persona having claims
tgalnst said estate are required, to
present them with the proper vouch
era, within six months from the date
af this notice, tn ma
over the Berland Harness Shop, front
rooms. Enterprl3e Oregon.
Dated this 14th day of July, 1910.
Administrator wl'.h the Will Annexed
of the Estate of Emera M. Kln
near, Deceased'.
0. M. COR KINS, Attorney for Ad-
minlatrntni. ' ...
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bring danger, suffering often, death
o thousands who take coWa,"
cough and la grippe that terror of
wlntec-and. epring. Its danger 'sig
nals are "atuffed up" nostrils, lower
part of nose sore, chills - and fever,
pain in back of fcead. and throaU
gripping cough. When grip attacks,
M you value your life, don't delay
getting Dr. King's New Discovery,
"One bottle cured me," writes A. K
Dunn, of Pine Valley, Miss, after
being Maid up' three weeks 'with
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eoughs. coaU, .whooping cough, bron
chRta. asthma, k's supreme. 60c $1.
Guaranteed by all drucgUU.

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