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City and County
n '.t M I a
onei newb ucii.h
Sherwln & Williams' palnta guar
anteed at Keltner's..
Fred! Falconer left Tuesday lor
Idaho poluU on ft business trip.
C. E. Funk wont to La Grange,
Monday, on a day'e business trip.
Sell vour cream to the Enterprise
Creamery Co and get the highest
Charles Crumpaoker was acting
marshal during Hug's absence at Sa
Carter's White Lead and Linseed
Oil at Keltner's. "
The W. I. Calvin, and W. C. Ket
chum families, are at the lake.
" Mrs. W. R. Holmes and daughter
nioi on Qmrvn 9 the camners ' at
" O
the lake. . v
r. t MfDnnlifiV and family of
Wallowa went to the lake, Saturday,
for a week's outing,
Mtee.Vada Sralih of AHoel, guest
of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Keitner, re
turned' home, Monday.'
. If you want good feed for your
team and good treatment come to
White Front Barn. 97btf
Four Imported stallions' and, two
Percheron fillies are at the Enter
prise, livery, brought from Creston,
Mrs. M. 0. Potter of Wallowa re
turned home Monday. She had spent
a day here with her friend, Mrs.
Mrs; Sereta Weaver accompanied
Rev. and Mrs. Gibson of La Grande
to the lake, Tuesday, for a few days
R. F, Stubblefleld, the veteran
sheep owner, was --at Wallowa, Mon
day, on. business at the district for
ester's office.'-"
Sell your cream to the Enterprise
Creamery Co, and get the highest
market price for It. - .. '.
A: J. Boehmer,- assistant cashier
of the bank,' went to his: former
home, Payette, Ida., Wednesday, on
a brief business trip.
mm 8 Cray and sister. Mrs. Wll-
aon, returned, Sunday from Lostlne,
where they attended the funeral of
Ulue Marjorie i"s !
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. White ot Wil
low Springs," Mo., arrived Tuesday
- on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. John
Humphreys, of northeast fo town..
Auction sale of household goods
. . by Lockwood and Kerns, owners, will
be he'jdi .t Baker &' Smith's livery
barn, Saturday,-August 6, beginning
a at 10:30 a. m.' - 271)1
Dr. W: L. Nichols, osteopath, suc
- cessor to Dr. Moore, has office hours
all day iTuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday, In Enterprise. Office over
the bank. . 21ati
Eight room house and one acre of ground; house all
plumbed, good wood shed, cellar and hen honser
fine lawn and trees. Worth $3500; will go, if sold
immediately, for $3000; $1100 cash, balance 18
months time. On Residence Street, Enterprise.
Also household furniture for sale.
The Carnival association organized I
IS. expects
to hold & carnival on Cans Tt.iv a.ht i
!CtS to spend 14000 m-enarin: f
for the event
. .i i .
vincu &ua mucn money win bo ex
ofvuu fiuuu preparing i
The cities will be dec- f
nVi nmnn will 1. - IT
vuucu iu eieciricai illumination. Toe
money to defray the expenses Is be
ing raised by subscription from the
ousinesa men.
Fishing tackle all kinds and sal
mon egg at Keltner's.
A real "big engine," olre of the
modern kind, hauled In the branch
ilne train, Saturday, but made no
better time thaw the "tea ktttles"
lo. The train was two hours-late.
O; E. Broas and family of Pres-
;ott, la., arrived . Saturday for a
risit with Mxs. Bross" parenta, Mr.
and Mrs. S. T. Daggett, of Aldef
Slope. , .
Miss Rhoda Wood returned Sat
urday from Hot Lake. Her mother,
Mrs. M. L. Larsen, la recovering
ulcely from an, operation and is ex
pected home the middle of this
week. .
The Misses Kathleen and Berthena
Evans, who have been staying aij;
the home of their sister, Mrs. O.
Lowlck, left Monday for Spokane to
reside. Mr. Lowlck accompanied
.hem as far as Wallowa.
A. R. Murray went out to La
3rande Wednesday to see hie wife
'" in the hospital there, re
covering from a surgical operation.
ind getting along nicely. Mrs. V.
I. Crontn, Is with her.
Miss Emma Parkier of Joseph and
Ubert R. Walker were married Tues
lay evening by Rev. V. P. Samms
it his home in this city. After
the ceremony the couple .went to
Joseph. They will reside in, La
The Japanese musical given . by
he Win. One Class of the Presby-
ferlan church on the lawn, at the
A C. Miller home, Friday evening,
was very well attended, and the
program was successful In. every, particular.
Baker & Smith of the Enterprise
Livery have bought the public auto
mobile and business of the E. M.
& M. company, and will run It In
connection with their Uvery. F. I.
Vergere contjlnues as chaffeur.
A large number of Mlee Eula For
ay the'a many trlenda attended a re
ception In her honor, given by Mrs.
E. J. Forsythe, Monday afternoon.
It was . In the nature of a farewell
as Miss Eula started Wednesday (or
Ann Arbor. Mich,- where she will
enter, a training school for nurses.
of J. H. Doty, where they will make
their home. He has also traded La
Grande fruit tracts to C. 6. Brad
ley for the 40 acres of hill land
just west of town known as Leigh
Heights. .
The Enterprise Livery Is under
going extensive remodeling and re
pairs. A new office has been put
to the east side of the main entrance
and the old one torn out, also the
partition between the office and
tool room, giving a broadi fine place
for the rfes. A new floor has been
put In. and altogether the enterpris
ing proprietors, - Baker & Smith,
ire making a new plaoe of this old
reliable barn."
The local Masonic lodge put on
;he third degree work, Saturday
mLeht Georuse W. Paddock of Flora
'being the candidate. The following
visitors from Loatdne came up In
automobile? and' enjoyed the hospi
tality of the local brethren In a
alee supper following the work: 6.
JlcKenzle, N. Williamson, W. W.
Aade, O. F. Mays, H. J. Martin, F.,
V. Fltzpatrick, M. W. Goodman, Cole
Leonard, S. J. MaglU, C. B. Mays.
By a deft.' Just completed the owner
hip of the First National Bank ot
Lebanon has changed hands.
The police are seeking the Identity
of the persons or persons who are
passing a quantity ot confederate
tooney In Portland.
Extensive Improvements and addi
tions are being made at the" state
fair grounds. Foremost among the
new buildings, as far as genuine
worth to the Oregon farmer is con
cerned, are the model dairy barn and
model milkliouse, now in the course
of construction.
Converting logged-over land into
grazing tracts is a solution of mak
ing use of the vast areas in Coos
county left by the loggers after the
timber Is removed. Several experi
ments in this line have been carried
on, with the result that there Is no
doubt about the rough logged-olt land
being some day extensively used as
range for cattle and sheep.
ir two proposed amendments to
the constitution referred to the peo
ple by resolution of the legislature
are adopted, the legislature will have
the power either to provide for ex
emption of Intangible personalty, or
to tax It specifically in a manner, rea
sonable and collectible," said State
Tax Commissioner Charles V. Gallo-
way In commenting upon a feasible
method for discounting taxation of
mortgage notes.
Title to 17,360 acres of some of the
best timber land In Oregon was fin
ally vested In the estate of George
Baldwin, a former Wisconsin million
aire, by a decree entered In the state
circuit court at Albany. It marks the
end of a contest over the land be
tween Baldwin and S. A. D. Puter.
Felix Currin, a farmer residing four
miles east of Cattage Grove, has on
exhibition here 27 varieties of wheat
grown on his fr.rm, planted as an ex
periment, from seeds secured from
different parts of the world, each var
iety being planted In ft single row 100
yards long.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
ft. I. DAY, Proprleto
Good Rigs Fair Treatment Horses Bought and Sold
Special Attention to Commercial Trade
Rates for Regular Boarders ' Bus to and From Trains
Best of Help Employed Home Phone
t . Open Day and Night One Block North of Hotel Enterprise
4 '5
Reliable Abstracts of title furnished on short
All Kinds of money to loan on farm property,
from one to five years; large or small amounts
Fire Insurance written in companies that pay
all losses in full.
C. M. LOCKWOOD, LocKwood Bilyen,
United States Commissioner
The Story of MHrd Hit."
" Mrs. R. M. Fay, "who tripped on a
loose board In a sidewalk and fell,
Injuring her face, is recovering, and
while her nose was badly mashed
no bones were broken.
For the best rigs, horses, buggies
and drivers, courteous treatment and
. fair price go. to the old, reliable
Enterprise Livery, Baker & Smith,
proprietors.. . . 27b4
Dream on, if you must, but
when you get real awake and
into the class of live ones,
cast your sunburnt face into
the direction of Harvey's-all
kinds of iced goods.
m ' and Mrs. Richard Shelton,
recently of Richland. la., who had
been visiting Mrs. Shelton' Bister,
Mrs Jacob Waignex, and other rel
atives and friends here for the past
fortnight, left Tuesday , for Port
land, i Thev have purchased prop
erty at Cornelius, 30 milea west of
the metropolis, and expect to mae
their home on It. .
C. B. Martin, and family, who came
here two months ago from Colorado
and have resided In the Calvin prop
arty at Main and Bast, First streets,
left Monday for Portland and Wil
lamette valley points. Mr. Marun
said they would likely return and
make this their home as they think
a great deal of Enterprise.-the .Wal
lowa valley and the many opportu
nities here.
William Berry and family, former
ly of Wallowa, but of late year
residents of Portland, moved to En
ternrlse last week. Mr. Berry has
' purchased 160 acres1 oa Alder Slope
i Wallowa County Title &
Abstract Company
A- C. MILLER, President
Office in Company's new brick building opposite front of
neVCourt House; Oldest and most complete abstract plant
"n comrty? Abstracts of title furnished prompt y and cheap
ly. iSuknce written in largest and strongest compames.
Money Loaned at very Lowest Current Rates
U n 1 1 n 1 1 1 '
R. R. BirUerT circuit Judge of the
11th judicial district, has announced
that he wlU not be a candidate to suc
ceed himself. This dlatrlot embraces
Gilliam, Sherman and Wheeler coun
ties:"'' '
Oregon's apple show, 'to be held in
Portland November 30 to December 2,
Inclusive, Is going to be the largest
and best ever conducted under the
auspices of the Oregon Horticultural
society. The premium list will com
tain many attractive prises v This list
will be completed coon, and will be
distributed throughout the state.
County surveyors are at work establishing-
grade stakes for the pro
posed Portland to Hood River road
along the Columbia. The right-of-way
has been surveyed and grades are be
ing established as rapidly as possible
and it is tnougnt tnat everytning win
be in readiness to begin actual con
struction work I rohtnonamshrshrdh
tructlon work In a month or two.
Surveys have been completed by
the state engineer oa the Rogue river
project and the next move is to adju
dicate the water rights. Superinten
dent H. L. Holgate, of Klamath Falls,
baa not set a date for hearing, but It
Is probable the hearing win be held
some time during September. This Is
a large project and there are fully
5000 ' claimants who are interested.
After causing the loss of three lives
and destroying . 3,000,000 feet of tim
ber and machinery ' valued at 15000,
the Bantlam forest fire Is under con
trol. It was checked by the digging
of five miles of trenches which pre
vented further spread of the names
among the humus covering of the soil.
The lire started on July 19, near Hoo
ver, on the Corvallls Eastern rail
road, and Is said to have been the re
sult of carelessness on the part of em-'
ployes of the Hoover Lumber com
pany, which Is the greatest loser.
As the aftermath ot the Indictment
of J. Thornburn Ross. John Tt. Aitchl-
son and Frank B. Holbrook for con
spiracy to defraud the United States
of arid lands under the desert land
act, civil suits have been started In
the federal courts for the recovery of
S40 sores, the only lands to which pat
ent Is said to have bien secured as
a result of the alleged soniplracy.
Five hundred dollars reward Is of
fered by the American league for evi
dence tending to show that any player
or club In the league is using or coun
tenancing the tipping of signals of an
opposing team. The player involved
will be blacklisted from organized
baseball for all time to come.
A Beautiful Lako.
Tcrhaps the most striking instance
to be seen In the whole world of the
wonderful aimnrent colovinc of bodies
of water Ih the mnrvelously nentitiful
Blue lake" In Switzerland. Em-oni-"passed
on all sides by lofty mountains,
their lower ranges luxuriantly clothed
with verdure down to the edge of the
water and adorned with many fine for
est trees, while ,thelr hlRher acclivities
are garbed In a mantle of eternal snow,
the little lake, nestllna In Its deen hol
low basin and protected from winds
and storms. Is quite stnming in us
singular and strunge beauty. The
.water, although really pure mid color
less, appears to be of a most vivid ami
Intense sky blue. And Its transparency
Is so remarkable that a small nickel
coin dropped Into the wnler In the
center of the lake can be seen pyrnt
lng downward until It reaches the bot
tom, apparently more than a hundred
feet beneath.
"Mr. Orcbardsou. If I thought that ij
by KillliiK .vou I could pulnt a picture S
like yours I would stab you to tne
heart." Such wus the remark made
by Pellegrini, the famous caricaturist,
to the Ro.vat academician. Sir William
Orchardson. when at a private view
he flrst saw "Hard Hit." the picture
of the ruined irarabler. "It was," said
the artist; "the greatest compliment
I could have had." curiously enougn.
the model who sat for the ruined
iramester was" rather fond of cards
himself. One day the artist noticed
that he looked somewhat depressed
"What Is the matter?" he asked. "1
wns awfullv hard bit last nlgbt." he
answered. "By Jove." replied the
artist. Jumping up with delight. "I've
cot It at last! "Hard Hit, of course.
And that Is how the picture got its
The City Planing Mill
W. F. RANKIN, Proprietor j.
Carries a complete stock of rough and dressed
lumber. .
A line of standard mouldings always in stock.
Satisfactory Mill WorK a Specialty
Five per oent discount for ca'eh. AH accounta balanoea
t expiration ef 30 daya and aettled by cash ar mU
J eweler
Expert Watch
Going Round the World.
In Balling arouud the world east
ward the days are enc-b a IH tie v
tban tweuty-four hours, according to
the speed of the ship, as the huu 1h
met a little eurller every morning.
These little differences added tugejher
will amount to tweuiy-fmir hours
This alves the sailors un extra diiy-
not in imagination, but as an actual
fact They will have, done un extra
day's work, eaten au extra day's ration
of food and Imbibed au extra day's at
lowanee of grog.
Op the other hand. In soiling west
ward the sun Is overtaken a little each
day. and so each day Is rut her loncer
than tweuty-four. hours, and clocks
and watches are found to be ton fast.
This also will amount In sailing arouud
(be world to the point of departure to
one whole day by which the reclioulnu
has fallen Iu arrears. The eastern
hound sliln. then, has coined a day.
and the western bound ship has loM
one. This strange fact, clearly work
ed out. lead to the apparent paradox
that the Orsi named ship has a gain of
two whole days over the latter. If we
suppose them lo bare deported from
port and returned together.-Pblladel-pbla
Kecord. .
'Madam Gold Mining.
V.n until about 18TiO ouly plncer or
surface gold was mined -that Is. free
gold, deposited In the bwla of streams.
In sands and In the crevices of rocks.
Plncer mining, mainly In new and re
mote reglous, still furnishes a material
though not a large percentage of the
world's output. Formerly the alluvial
o-iilri was ienu ruled from the sands
and gravels containing It by washing
tbein In pans, cradles, rockers aud
sluices. In 18S2 the hydraulic method
a flrat imilored In California, ity
this means a "giant" stream of water
turned SBHlnst the side of a uniain
washes everything before It. I be goto
settles to the bottom of the tunnel or
sluice through wblcb the gravel, sand
and water Bow. In 1SN9 dredges or
excavators were first used In Austra
lia. Today steam and electric dredgea
produce a considerable portion of the
world's outpuL- Byron V. Uolt In Ev
Six Follies of 8olanca.'
The six follies of science are the
squaring of the circle, perpetual mo
tion, tbe philosopher's stone, the elixir
of life, mac e aud astrology.
, In all ages men of undoubted ability
have tolled early and late to unravel
the mvsterles supposed to be connect
cd with these fnsclnaUng problems. It
Is not ulways remembered that such
Intellectual glnuts as Bucon, Sir Rob
ert Rovle and Sir Isaac Newton sought
the philosopher's stone. In the study
of astrology Lilly was for a time even
neiiHloned bv parliament.
Most of these "follies" conferred In-
illrant heneflts unon science, for In
Becklnc one thing their devotees dis
covered many another. The craze for
the secret, or unknown, baa still Its
hold upon men and Is seen in palmis
try aud kindred cults.
Have you examined our
line of
Ladies' and Children's
3 Wash Suits Ladies'
S Fancy SKirts: Waists,
Undershirts, Muslin
3 Underwea r , Hosiery,
Gloves, Etc.
Also a complete line of
eluding the McKibbin
and Stetson Hats.
We have just now the S3
most complete line that JJ
we have ever carried.
Quickly 8ubduad.
Von Hliimer (rosrlns with racrei
Who told you to put paper on the wall?
Decorutor Your wire. sir. von Blu-
mer-Pretty. Isn'l ItT
The Whit
r-i, i ' 1 1 i t 1, ' ,ml rm, I
- a
We buy our Dry Goods from
one of the largest houses in
Chicap-o and have a large
assortment from which to
make our selections. m
We discount our bills, which h
gives us the goods laid down
in our store at the lowest n
faaVi r.nVpa V
1 We give our customers the S
benefit of our cash ouy. we g
3 also give a discount on all
aaVi mireriARflS. H
3 zz a
If you are going to build S3
call and let us figure m
with you on Doors and g
Windows. We have just S
received a large gtock of g
sahie and we are going g
to sell them at bed rock m
If you want a high grade tewing
machine wMch s a
The machine to unsurpassed for
almnllcltv. durability and the char
acter of the work It will do. It to
made In two styles, the Vibrator
huuiA and the Improved notary
Shuttle The laUter machine eews
either a lock or a chain etitch
There are a number of styles to
(ihttAaa rrnm ft n t th wood work 1
the handsomest possible.
Fred S. Ashley
handles the WHITE MACHINE la
Wallowa count.
R.S. & Z.
Succeed when everything else fuile.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, ae thousands have testified.
It Is the best medicine' ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
"Little Joker" squirrel traps kills
huadrodo. Try tt. Price 85 ceaU.

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