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Saturday Edition
23,000,000 FOR WARFARE.
Compulsory Military Service Gives
"Awakening" Formidable Aspect.
The announcement of the forthcom
ing establishment of . universal com
pulsory military service in China baa a
formidable sound. - The man who Is
about to become secretary of war In
the Chinese cabinet and who quakes
this announcement as a forecast of
the policy which be will adopt gives
us a significant reminder of what
such a system may theoretically mean.
Germany, with a population of 60,
000.000, has a standing army In time
of peace of more than 600,000 and a
war strength of 3,765,000. On the
same basis China, with a population
of 400,000.000, would, have a. peace
standing army of 4.000.000 and a war
strength of more than 23,000,000. Such
an army, composed of first class fight
ing men, would be overwhelming
against any other nation In the world.
If not against any conceivable combina
tion of ' nations, wherefore a super
ficial pessimist might argue that the
end of all things for the non-Chinese
world was in sight
The meaning of the awakening Is to
be that China will at least be strong
for self defense and that therefore
she will be able to demand and to
exact the same respectful treatment
4hat other nations enjoy.
That may be unwelcome- to those
who have assumed that the most popu
lous country of the globe would always
remain a helpless miiBS, which others
might bully, exploit and plunder at
will. .
The awakening of China has been
Inevitable, and It has been and Is a
part of the most ordinary coittmon
sense for the world to recognize that
fact and to prepare for Its realization.
It Is within the power of the rest of
the" world to determine to a consider
able degree what shall be the1 charac
ter and the purport of that awakening.
Garmany'a Most ' Calabratad Vintage
Kept at Breme.
. The most celebrated of all the wines
of Germany is known as rose wine,
and, according to a French contemporary,-it
Is jealously preserved .in the
town ball of Brnnes1' ' --v ' -
The wine has been In the vaults since
1621 when the conscript fathers bad
six great vats made at Johannisberg
and six others at Hoekhelmer. Each
received the name of one of .the apos
tles. It Is an unwritten law that as
soon as a bottle of wine Is drawn from
the vats a similar quantity of the same
vintage is put Into the tun;. consequent
ly they are always full.
Each'of the tuns or vats In the town
unit ui oit-uie cuai uriKiiinuy Lta nuu
their capacity Is 204 litres, or about fifty-seven
gallons. Our French statisti
cian comes to the conclusion that each
time a bottle of this. wine Is drunk it
softs'' asaii
We are going to have the biggest and best fair
ever held in eastern Oregon. Big exhibits of farm
produce, live stock, everything grown and produced
in Wallowa county will be displayed.
There will be all kinds of amusements, horse
races," daily contests of all kinds, lots of music, danc
ing, street carnivals, something doing every minute.
A weeks vacation of pleasure, education and amuse
ment. -'.You will be there, all of your folks, every
body else and all of their folks.
Now Here is a Good Tip
We have secured the agency for the larg
est Tailoring Company in America -THE
. The fall line is now ready for your inspection, we
know how to take 3'our measure, and guarantee
you a perfect fit. No deposit required. We take all
the chances. We are out after this business and
are going to get it .
W. J. FUNK a CO.
i .
represents a sum of over 50". '
During the war of 1870 the French
-occupied the town,, and the officers,
braving the anger of tte council of
Breme, made free with their precious
wine, and It was said that the town of
Breme paid more to France than all
the other towns In Germany. At the
time of the crown prince's wedding we
further learn that he was allowed one
bottle and one only.
Combination Power Boat and Aero
plane It Evolved.
A "mechanical flying fish" that com
bines the qualities of an aeroplane and
the speedier motorboat Is the latest in
vention, and Joseph H. Hoadley, pres
ident of several corporations, Is the in
ventor. He asserts that be has tried his in
vention on Long Island sound and now
desires to challenge any aviator to a
100 mile race for a side bet of $10,000
to $20,000. His machine, he says, can
travel thirty-five miles an hour In the
water or fifty-five miles an hour In the
His aero-motorboat, Mr. Hoadley as
serts, Is equipped with a 200 horsepow
er silent englue. It Is necessary to at
tain a speed of thirty-five miles an
hour before taking to the air. The ma
chine Is forty-one feet long and three
feet six Inches wide. The planes carry
1,000 square feet of canvas. The tiller,
which directs the machine upward or
downward, Is In front with the aero
rudder, which directs It to right or left.
The air propeller Is at the stern and
Is nine feet In diameter. The planes
can be folded and the craft used as a
power boat exclusively.
Michigan Man Arranges Cheap Lease
For School.
A clover blossom a year Is the rental
charged the Flint (Mich.) school board
for a ninety-nine year lease of the site
of the Flint union" school. The owner
of the land, Neil J. Berston, made the
offer at the last regular meeting of the
board; the only proviso being that use
of the land for other than school pur
poses shall terminate the lease.
The board accepted, and It was de
cided to make a ceremonious feature
of the payment of the rental each
year. The board is to elect one of its
members every spring to pluck a clover
blossom from one of the lots owned by
the- school board and carry It to Mr,
Berston or one of his heirs. .. ...
8alary Bill Attacked.
SALEM. Alleging that the appro
priation of $3600 provided by the last
legislature as salary for the assist
ant to the attorney-general Is uncon
stitutional, and asking that the court
perpetually enjoin the secretary of
state and the state treasurer from
making further payments to that offi
cial, Daniel E. Powers, of Portland,
has filed suit in the Marlon County
circuit court.
Woman Earns $2,500 Annually
In Queer Occupation.
Historio Hill Observatory Near London
' Sets Hours and Minutes For All
' England Caught Hallsy'a Comat In
Wonderful Photographs In Raoant
When Halley's comet set all Europe
gazing skyward recently no society
beauty was more eagerly courted by
enterprising photographers than was
the comet by the. patient astronomers
)t Greenwich, wbose photographic tele
scopes were kept searching the heav
ens to note the arrival of the periodic
visitor on the sensitive plate of the
camera. Nor wus the vigilance unre
warded. More than one distinct Im
pression of the brilliant object is now
on view at the Royal observatory,
.This success has revived Interest in
this historic institution by the Thames,
but few outside scientific circles know
much of the history and details of the
almost conventional group of buildings
That fair hill where hoary sage boast
To name the stars and count the heavenly
' 8tts Time For Britain.
Yet probably no bill in the' world has
had so strangely varied a history or
played so Important a part In the af
fairs of men. The granite line across
the footpath on Its summit Is the me
ridian from which the longitude -on
every British map and chart is calcu
lated. All England sets its time by
the mean solar clock, and In addition
to the dally and nightly observations
of the heavens elaborate records are
kept of diurnal changes In the temper
ature and humidity, the direction and
force of the wind, the amount of sun
shine and rainfall, the earth's mag
netism and 'a host of meteorological
matters forming a science of dally In-,
creasing importance and Interest..." '
There Is a large galvano magnetic
clock fixed on the outside wall of the
observatory and divided Into tweuty
four hours. There are still many who
believe this clock Is kept going by the
sun. They do not know that the fixed
stars are the real timekeepers from
which Britishers check their dally
The sidereal clock, kept within one
of the buildings of the observatory, Is
corrected by observation of the stars
every clear night, and every morning
Derore 10 o'clock the mean solar clock
is checked from it The latter Is
housed below the time ball on the
tower which dominates the bill and
is In magnetic connection with the
clock In the boundary wall, which has
furnished the correct time to countless
visitors to the hill since it was placed
there In 1852.
' Woman 8slls th Tim.
To this galvano magnetic clock. In
the- wall comes every Monday a wo
man who makes $2,500 a year out of
the queerest occupation In England.
She sells the time to London watch
makers. Her name is Miss Belleville of Maid
enhead. Eighty years ago the then
astronomer royal ' suggested to ber
father that If he took the corrected
time on a certified chronometer every
week be could no doubt find numerous
clients. So be bought a famous watch
made for the Duke of Essex, one of the
sons of George III., and soon worked
np a business with it When be died
his widow Bold the time till she reach
ed the age of eighty-one, and then she
handed the business over to her
When Miss Belleville visits Green
wich at the beginning of every week
ber chronometer Is corrected and she
is given an official certificate. . From
that ber fifty customers correct their
watches and clocks.
Radium in Turkestan.
A new source of radium supply Las
been discovered In Turkestan. Radium
bearing uranium ore has already been
obtained In considerable quantities.
The native miners have found that
cuts and other wounds which would
take a long time to heal In other mines
are very quickly cured by applying a
small quantity of powdered uranium
ore to the spot.
Australia to Own Telegraph.
The Australian government proposes
a state owned telegraphic service to
Great Britain.
B. F. Mulkey Candidate.
nouncement has been made by B. F.
Mulkey of his candidacy for the re
publican nomination for congress to
succeed Representative Hawley.
William Phelps Ero Credited With
. Now York's Achievements.
To William I'helps Euo is owing the
street trunk- coutrol system which has
so often attracted the ntlentiuu of vis
itors to New York. But a tew years
since blocks and Jams lu the busy
bours were of dally occurrence on the
principal streets of the city. It re
quired not alone minutes, but frequent
ly hours to disentangle the masses of
wagons, carts uud carriages, even
street cars, by the police aud permit it
resumption of traffic.
One of the favorite "stuuts" of hu
morous writers iu the newspapers was
a description of the picturesque oaths,
habits and skirmishes of the drivers
and coachmen on these occasions. As
far as pedestrians were concerned, it
was frequently a life und death strug
gle for them to pass from curb to curb,
and it became a recognized duty of po
licemen to act as escorts for women
and children on the street crossings
,Mr. Eno, a New Yorker by birth, of
independent means aud a lover of
horses, with personul experience of
the dangers of the streets, was attract
ed to the question of Improviug condi
tions and eleven years ago began a
systematic study of the problem. He
visited London. Paris aud other large
cities, conferring with the police aud
other city officials, made diagrams aud
drawings and gradually evolved what
he believed was a practical working
system of traffic control. Then he be
gan a systematic educational campaign
with the authorities of New York
Step by Btep he gradually won over to
his views the various officials having
control of the streets.
There being neither honor nor reward
for either the Individual or commis
sion, It was a long aud thankless task.
The natural lnertlu -of officeholders,
who had nothing to gain by Improved
methods, and the traditional habits
and customs of the city departments
had to be met and overcome. Many
setbacks had to be met aud indiffer
ence overcome, but they were over
come by patience and perslsteuee, aud
today New York city street traffic is
among the models upon which other
cities are. lookiug as examples for effi
cient control.
' The city authorities of London and
Paris, the latter city especially, have
asked Mr. End's aid'' in solving their
traffic problems, and he is now lu the
latter city trying to help them bring
order out of chaos, for the streets of
Paris have always been of all cities
the most congested and dangerous.
Foreign Steamship Companies May
Capture American Names.
- At luncheon In New York a day or
two ago some men of the shipping
world were discussing the subject of
steamship nomenclature, and It was
generally conceded that something
must be done abroad to prevent new
steamships from acquiring the names
of prominent American characters, cit
ies and politicians.
With the Martha Washington, the
George Washington, the President
Grant, the President Lincoln, the
United States, the Pennsylvania and
the Chicago, all owned by foreign com
panies, it was said that there was no
limit to the American names that
might be thrust upon the proposed
steamships of the various foreign
lines running to this port.
It was suggested that the Hamburg
American line might call Its new 45,
000 ton liner the Theodore der Grosse:
the next creation of the Red Star line
might be the Uugheslund; the White
Star the Loeblc, the Cuuard the Taft
onla, the Holland-America the Cannon
dam, the French line the La Follette,
the Scandinavian-American line the
Helllg Harmon, the Italian line the
Re dl Gaynor, the Anchor line the
Griscomalla, and last, but not least,
the American line If It ever builds a
new steamship the Oyster Bay.
ays Visit East Was Misunderstood;
. Resignation Not Asked.
SEATTLE. Secretary of the Inter,
lor Richard A. Balllnger returned
from his visit to Minnesota and Chi
cago,wblch has been made the occa
sion of so much speculation and gos
sip. Interviewed, he said:'
"My conference with Senator
Crane bad no relation to any matter
personal to myself not in the slight
est degree. Let me tell you this: K
I should resign it would be in order
to leave me free to prosecute tboBo
persons who have been Instrumental
In the publication of libelous and de
famatory attacks upon my character
and It Is undoubtedly from them that
the repeated stories of resignation
His Wish.
Tom-1 wish this K-u dollar bill was
a ten dollHr debt. Dick - Heavens!
Why? Tom --I'd neter get rid of It
Cleveland Leader.
Aspirant For American Railway
Honors Big Promoter..
English Capitalists Invest 1110,000,000
In Diaz Republio In Transportation
Lines, Lumber and Other Industrial
Features Lowell Civil Engineer Also
South American Figure.
The recent elimination of Dr. F. 8.
Pearson from an important position In
the American railway world through
the liquidation of the holdings of the
Farquhar-Peurson syndicate in Lehigh
Valley and Rock island recently has
Invited the attention of the financial
world to the uctivlties of a Massachu
setts civil engineer who In the last ten
yeurs has gathered about him a group
of financial Interests whose wealth
runs iuto tbo huudreds of millions.
Frederick Stark Pearson was born In
Lowell, Mass., In 18(11 and received a
technical education at Tufts college, In
that state. He subsequently became
an Instructor in chemistry in the Mas
sachusetts Institute of Technology.
While a young man he became Inter
ested in the construction of electric
light and street railway enterprises in
Massachusetts and built up a large fol
lowing among investors in New Eng
land. Big Work. In Braxll. '
Dr. Pearson then went to Rio de
Janeiro and San Paulo, in Brazil, where
he installed electric light, power and
street railway systems. In these en
terprises be first became associated
with English capitalists and built up
a close connection with the bankiug
house of Sperllu & Co., Perclval Far
(Hhar, P. M. Home-Payne aud H. M.
Hubbard, well kuown London capital
ists. From South America Dr. Pearson ex
tended his field of operations to Mex
ico, where he built a very large hydro
electric plant at the falls of Necexa
river, near the City of Mexico. In this
enterprise alone about $40,000,000 has
been invested. Altogether Dr. Pear
sou's associates have spent over $110,
000,000 in the republic of Mexico.
It Is Dr. Pearson's entry into the
railway world of Mexico a few months
ago that brlugs him into special prom
inence as a financial power. He and
his associates now own the nucleus of
what promises to be one of the great
est independent railway systems In
that country. It will form a new trunk
line, reaching from the United States
border to the port of Aglabampo, on
the Paclllc coast of Mexico,
The Mexico Northwestern system
will aggregate about 1,100 miles of
truck as uow planned. The report that
It will afford an outlet for the Rock
Island to the Pacific coast of Mexico
lends additional Interest to the project.
In Mexican Manufaoturee.
Besides his vast electrical and rail
way Interests In Mexico, Dr. Pearson
Is at the head of the largest lumber
manufacturing enterprises lu Mexico.
He and his associates own 3,000,000
acres of tlmbcrlaud situated adjacent
to the Mexico Northwestern railroad.
This Is said to lie the largest privately
Cartfui Banking Insures the Softly of Diposits,"
Depositors Have That Guarantee at
SURPLUS 155,000
Wc Do a General Banking. Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities.
Geo. W. Hvatt, President
Geo. 8. Craig, Vioe President
Geo ,8. Craig
J. H. Dobbin
293 acres Alder Slope, $23,000.00
80 acres Alder Slope, $ 8,000.00
160 acres hill land, about six miles out, $2,000.00
320 acres, 12 miles out, $3,200.00
City Lot, $100 to 3300
Residence Property $60O to $3,000
Fire Insurance Surety Bond Live Stock Insurance
W. E. TAGGART m Pionecr Beal Estate Mag-
owned timber holding upon the conti
nent. It Is estimated that there are
11,000,000,000 feet of pine lumber upon
the tract.
This 8,000,000 acre timber tract cov
ers such' a wide expanse of territory
that parts of It have beenbnly casually
explored. It la a paradise for wild
game, such as deer, bear and many
other kinds of animals. Connected
with the lumber manufacturing enter
prise, Dr. Pearson and associates op
erate large turpentine stills.
There Is apparently no limit to the
Industrial expansion of the Pearson
interests In Mexico. One of their latest '
enterprises Is the construction of a
steel and chemical plant In the City of
Mexico which will represent an invest
ment of more than $1,000,000 In gold
when finished.
8on of Secretary of Treasury In "Mo
natical Seclusion."
One of the largest transactions In
American gems on record was made in
Los Angeles several days ago, when
a mining company of New York sold
to a Chinese merchant for export to
China 858,500 carats of pink tourma
line, of gem quality, from the Mesa ,
Grande tourmaline mines In San Diego
county, Cal. In size the crystals
ranged from 100 to 1,000 carats each.
In China the pink tourmaline Is sa
cred and Is supposed to assure to the
(rearer long life, health and prosper
ity and a happy hereafter; hence In
that country It Is the most prized of
precious stones, outranking even the
Canada, Australia and Nsw Zealand
Favor Plan.
Select committees In the parliaments
of Canada, Victoria (In Australia) and
New Zealand have recommended the
adoption of bills embodying the day
light saving scheme. The staff of the
Canadian Pacific railway at Montreal
has adopted it. In Egypt for some
years past business hours have dif
fered In summer and winter.
Important Geological Diaoovery Made
- In Egypt.
Dr. Hume, heud of the Egyptian geo
logical survey, says in an article In
the Cairo Scientific Journal that gov
ernment engineers constructing a bridge
from Boulac to Ghezlreh while boring
for the erection of the piers came
across the remains of an old building
on which were found clinging a large
number of oysters of a giant species.
Some of them have most perfect
mother-of-pearl. They belong to what
Is called the Aetherla nllotlca, and
traces of this species are to be found
all over Egypt, but above the present
level of the Nile. Their existence In
such places has greatly helped scien
tists in determining previous courses
of the river.
The Nile oyster bos some interesting
comrades In the Nile crab and the
lanistes, a sort of snail, which differs
from the ordinary snail in that It has
Its spiral wound In the reverse direc
tion. It remains to be seen whether
this oyster Is of an edible nature.
This discovery of pearl bearing oys
ters is Interesting In view of the ex
periments of the Eoudau government
In the Red sea.
Learn Dutoh and English.
The pupils In the schools of British
South Africa are to be taught both
Dutch and English, using the former
as an aid to teaching the latter.
W. R. Holmes, Caitbier
A. J. Boehmer, Amt. Cashier
Gko. W. Hyatt M attic A. Holm as
W. R. Holm n

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