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Saved a 8atdler't Llfa.
faelne death from shot, and shell
in the civil war wa9 more agreeable
to J. A. Stop, of Kemp, Tex., than
facing It from what doctors said was
consumption.. '1 contracted a stub
bom cold," he writes, "that devel
oped a cough, that stuck to me In
spite 6f all remedies for years. My
weight ram down to 130 pounds.
Then I began, to use Dr. King's
New Discovery, which completely
cured me. I now weigh, 178 pounds."
For coughs, colds, la grippe, asthma,
hemorrhage, hoarseness, whooping
cough, croup and, lung trouble, It's
supreme. &0c, $1.00. Trial bottle
free. Guaranteed by all druggists.
. Live VU!canoes.
There are from 300 to 81K) volonnncs
on the globe. This estimate lucludes
merely live volcanoes.
A Reliable Medlcis Not a Narcotic.
Mrs. F. Marti, fit. Joe, Mloh., says
Foley's Honey and Tar saved her
little boy's life. She writes: "Our
little boy contracted a severe bron
hlal trouble and 3 the doctor's, med
lcine did not cure him, I gave him
Foley's Honey end Tar In which I
have great faith. It cured the
This Is Your Chance
To get a 20, 40 or 80 acre tract on Alder
Slope, the best Fruit, Berry and Vegetable
land in the valley; improved or unimproved,
with plenty of water. Terms to suit you.
Priced from $25.00 to $125.00 per acre.
Alder Slope Land Company
C H. Jordan, Selling Agent
v La Grande Oregon
Thomas Bruce, Manager
Latest Motion Pictures and Illustrated Songs
Program Changes on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday
Matinee Wednesday and Saturday
-:- PRICES -:-Evenings
10 Cents
Matinees Adults, 10 cents, Children 5 cents
To the Citizens of Wallowa County
It is our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal
manner as to maKe the customer's rela
tion with this banK satisfactory and
profitable. K Aside from our excellent
facilities, this bank has the advantage of
ti large capital and substantial list of
stockholders. It is also a State Deposi
tory. If jou are not a customer we
invite you to become one.
Stockgrowers and Farmers NationallBank
Wallowa, Oregon
One Night Only
Saturday, Sept. 17, 1910
Lowe's Madison Square
Theatre Company
Prices as usual, 25, 35, and 50 cents
Seats on Sale at Burnaugh & Mayfield's
cough, as well as .the choking and
gagging spells, and .he got weB lm a
hort time. Foley's Honey and i
a as many times saved us much trou
ble and we are never without It In
.he house." Burnau&h & May field.
Miss Giddy (vlvaciously)-My new
gown is a dream-very light gray voile.
He (practically i-Ah. yes; very pretty.
I'm sure. But doesD't gray soil easily?
Miss . (leiipiug before she looked)
Ou. 1 bad It innde with a broad black
ylrdlel-Cbicago Itecord-Uerald.
How Good Ne,ws Spreads.
"I ara 70 year old and travel most
it the time," writes B. F. Tolson, of
Slizabethtown, Ky. "Everywhere I
3o I recommend Electric Bitters, be
jaiwe I .owe my excellent health and
vitality to them. They effect a cure
avery time." They mever fail to
one the stomach, regulate, the kid
neys, and bowels, stimulate the liver,
invigorate the nerves, and purifyi the
blood. They work wonders for weak,
run-down men, nml women', restoring
strength, vigor and health that's, a
daily joy. Try theai. Only 50c. Sat
isfaction is positively guaranteed by
ill druggists.
Dealers in Rams
Headquarters at
On O, K. and N. R. IX.
Safa Medicine for Children,.
Fo'.ey'ai Honey and Tar la a e:Je
nd effective medicine for children
is it loe3 not contain opiates or
liarmful drugs. Get only the genu
ine Foley's Honey and Tar la. the
yellow package. Burnaugh & .Muy
.'leldi , Sugar.
Fir will completely consump puro
sugar, but will leave au asu If the
sugar be adulterated.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera hud
Jiarrhoea Remedy la todaj the Vet
tmwn 'medicine In use for the re
let and cure of boweP couiplailita.
it cure griping, diarrhoea, dysem.ery,
.md should be taken at the first uu
latural loosaess of the bcvola. t It
is equally valuable for cbiklnm and
idulta. It always cures. by
Jurnaugh & Mayfiield and ail tuod
lruigglsta. I
The Spoon.
A spoon Is au luslgnlflcant tiling in
ItMcIf, but It bas caused a good tleitl ol
Mrs. Jacob Wllmert, Lincoln, Til.,
'ound her ' way back to perfect
lealth. She writes: "I 'suffered
Arith kidney trouble and backache
ind my appetite was very poor, at
:lmea. A few weeks ago I got Fo
ley's Kidney Fills and gave tliom
fair trial. They gave me great
relief, so continued till now I um
igaln In perfect health." Eurutinsrh
4 Mayfleld.
Woman In Lova.
"Women In love are generally trou
blesome and persecuting.". Such Is tlie
reported opinion of M. Einlle Fni'Ht
And If a French critic does not un
derstand tbe subject, of whom slinll
we seek understanding? London Tel
egraph. Not a mlnuto should be lost when
i child show symptoms of croup.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy gl
,w as soon as the child bimi's
loarsejOor even, after the- cruipy
jough appears, will .prevent the t
ack. Sold by Burnaugh & May
field and all good druggists.
Saving Hit Feelings.
The Ollire Hoy (to pervLstent Indy
iirtisi who culls xlx times a weckThe
editor's still engaged. The mi1v Artist
-Tell him It doesn't mutter. 1 don't
want to marry bini. The OUlce Hoy
I 'uveu't the 'urt to tell Mm that, mlsi
(Ie's 'ad several disappointments to
day. Try uud look lu again next year.
-Loudon Sketch.
Vour complexion as well a a bur
lernper Is rende:ei miserable by &
Jiaordered liver. By taking Chaiiibor
laln'a Stomach and Liver Table's
you can improve- both. Sold by
Burnaivgh &. Mayflold and all fcood
Drives away Flies, Mosquitoes and OnaU.
It protects horses and cattle from attacks
of insect, enabling them to feed and
aleep i n peace. It prevents loss of weight
and atrenpth from worry caused by
attack a of insects, and from the irritation
ot their bites and stints. There is a
satisfaction In the relief it afford
domestic animals from the scourge of
maddening parasites and flies, besides the
profit in returns. Horses do more work
on less feed and cows yield more and
better milk when relieved from the frenzy
incited by constantly fighting a swarm of
voracious, insatiable iiuects.
Four sizes, sjc, 50c, 75c and $J.5.
Ask your merchant for it.
UoYT Chkuical Co. rortland, Oregon
tVryJW j KLMOTA CIRCLE. No. 278. W. of W.
fair toBKP'
M. E. HotchklBj shipped a car load .
of boss to the Portland market from j
Enterprise station, Tue.sday. The'
otoik was from the north country
nd averaged over 300 pounds, tiil
!y Wight went la charge of the car.
T!i hc-ss were brought here by
ivat; m Monday by the following par
k:s: V. B. Fordice, Earl, Otha
r6 Fred- Eotts, each one load, O. S.
..-;(! !ner, two loads, one driven by
Ike Phillips.
H'Kchkiss expects to ship three
cars of cattle in a day or two.
"Walker of Seatile will ship l(r cars
f cattle from her Thursday, and
I i reported e light care will go
from Joseph, Saturday. Two of cat
.! and one of hogs went rora Jo
seph, Tuesday.
Open Ri Fromt Bai'rt,
Baker and Smithy of the Enterprise
Livery, will open up the Red Front
iiarn Fair week as a feed stable.
First class an ommocUtions for all
:ii,M. - 39rt0
Wren Merit Wins.
"hen the medlcinei you take cures
'our disease, tones up your system
md makes you feel better, stronger
ad more vigorous . 'than before.
Shat is what Foley Kidney Pills
do for you, la all cases of backache,
leadache, nervousness, loss of appe
dte.'sleeplessness and general weak
tesa that Is' cause! by any disior
ler of the kidneys or bladder.Bur
laughi & Mayfield.
Alexander Pope.
Pope's feulures were snntll and dell
cute. All his life be was very pule and
looked sickly.
The Gratitude of Elderly; People.
Goes out to whatever helps give
hem ease, comfort and strength.
Fuley Kidney Pill cure ikMney and
ladder diseases promptly, and give
I'.oinfort and relief to elderly peo
ple. Burnaugh & Mayfield".
The Symphony.
The Symphony was ' tbe result of
growth rather than a direct creation.
It grew In proportion as Instrumeuts
inme. The direct form lending to the
symphony was the sonata of the seven
teenth century. Then came the con
certo. Invented by Jornlll. who employ
ed the ordinary string nunrtet uud-the
solo Instrument. Wind Instruments
were later added, and finally the in
strumental parts xyere doubled, and
thus a real approach was made toward
the symphony, the great tone epics of
Haydn. Mozart and Beethoven. Tbe
musicians generally associated with
this formative time are Gossec, .Joeske.
Vnnhull and Bach, with Gossec In the
van. New York American.
"Can be deptmiied upon" is an ex
pression we all like to hear, and
when It Is used In connection with
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy, it means that. It
lever fails .to cure diarrhoea, dysen
tery or bowel complaints. It Is
pleasant to .take and equally valu
ible for children and adults. Sold
by Burnaugh & M ay field and al!
;ood druggists.
Lodge Directory
. of r. 4. .
fU ANITA TEMPLE, No. 1.. Pythlat
I'JillUN 30. Royal Arch Mason
A. M.,
lf II EAGLE CAMP, No. 10497, M
tfl.lf Jt. W. A MeeU first and thir
Vnuridaya In each mouth, In new Fra
temal halL Vtaltlng Neitshbori alwayi
ONEROID CAMP, No. 3542, R N. of A.
Micro kills the Dandruff para
site, soothes the Itching scalp,
tlves lustre to the hair and
stimulates Its growth. A
single application gives relief
and proves its worth. Do not
be bald. Save your hair be
fore too late. Micro Is a
delightful dressing for the
hair, free from grease and
sticky oils. Booklet free.
pomtums. axcaon
A Midsummer
Saving of Money
mN the next sixty days we expect to close out
all of our Summer Goods at prices that will
compel you to invest. If you will come to our store
and see the manj' bargains that we are offering in
every department of our well filled establishment,
you will see at once that this is no idle boast.
Come and examine our line of Men's Fine Shoes.
SHOES, and many other good and stylish things
that we will not attempt to mention.
We are still having a good trade in our Hand Tail
ored Clothing. Every suit must be sold before . the
arrival of our Fall Stock. '
Yisit our Dry Goods Department; our Grocery De
partmeut, and our Hardware Department. It will
surprise you to see our well assorted stock of Hard
ware. Come and see us, we will treat you right.
Sun. rioB. Tim. Wed. The. Prt. Sat.
77 77 77 77 T T T
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 . .
Rorrowhy-Tb Hcbeine would be a
Howling suco-hs If I could secure the
iiruM-r backing and - (Irlmshnw
I'tie only barking I am doiug this year
s out Puck.
Integrity of life is fame's best Mend
-John Webster.
We do good Job printing. Try us.
An Awful Eruption
yt a volcano excl'.e brleff Interest,
ind, your interest In skin eruptions
will be as shoit, If you use Buok
en's Arnica Salve, their quickest
cure. Even, the worst boils, ulcers.
Walla Walla County Fair and
Ranfi Mp.ct
September 19-24 inclusive
- Southeastern Washington's Greatest Fair
$20,000 in Purses and Premiums
Bights During Fair Weekbj Aviator li Celebrated Demoiselle Monoplane
Concerts Afternoon and Evening bj Ruzzi's Famous Italian Band
Send for Premium List.
R. H. JOHNSON, Sec. T. H. BRENTS, Pres.
or fever sores are soon healed by.
It. Best for burns, cute, bruises, sore
lips, chapped hands, chilblains and
plies. It gives Instant relief. 25
ceurtsp at all druiggUts.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Or
egon, August 15th, 1910.
Notice Is hereby given that, as
directed by tbe Commissioner of the
General Lend Office, under provis
ions of Act of Congreaa approved
June 27, 1906 (34 State., 617), we
wUl offer at public sale, to the high
est bidder, at 10 o'clock a. m., on
the 13th day of October, 1910, at this
office, the following-described land:
The NE NE Sec. 28, T. 1 S.,
R. 44 E. W. M, Serial No. 07668.
Any persona claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or ' objections, on
or before the , time designated for
sale. . 62c6
P. C. Bramwell, Register.
Colon R. Eberhard, Receiver.

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