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National Apple Show
November 14 to 19, 1910
$20,000 in
The greatest variety of prizes, cups and trophies ever offered. Prizes
' for single apples, boxes and everything up to full
carloads will be awarded.
$1,000 Championship Carload Prize
For the best carload of 630 boxes or bushels. A floor space of three and
one-half acres required to house this great show. Besides the
exhibit of apples, apple growers, packers and cookers
will learn and gain valuable information.
Ample hotel accommodation without raise in price will be provided
Will have in effect low round-trip fares from all points en its lines
For further information apply to any O. R. & N. Agent or to
WM. McMURRAT, General Passenger Agent.
AAididiAlAeiiLAAAAiAitAilAliAAAiliAliAA-- ' -' A.tJ.iii.Ai..t.J.j.Ai.i.j i
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
R . L. DAY, Proprietor
Good Rigs
Fair Treatment
Special Attention to
Rates for Regular Boarders Bus to and From Trains
; Best of Help Employed Home Phone
Open Day and Night. One Block North of Hotel Enterprise
7 4HMH)fc4H44H.
. " ' " '
Wallowa County Title
Abstract Company
A. C. MILLER, President
Office in Company's new brick building opposite front of
new i;ourr. Mouse, uiaest ana
. in county. Abstracts of title
ly. . insurance written in largest anu Bixuiigeot cuuiyaiuco.
Money Loaned at very
Get Your Plumbing
'Before Cold
I carry' a complete line
Bowls, ete. I'KieiiS KlUii 1 . . .
"Superior" Stoves and Ranges
;'.'. Best on this Market
S. K. CLARK, a blks. south rlolel Enterprise
: TfOf all kinds.llf you believe in
must believe in making that beauty enduring.TIConcrete is
enduring-it will render city beauty a "Concrete Reality.!'
iSee us for any and all kinds of Concrete Work. -
. MARKS BROTHERS, General Contractors.
, Baker City Normal and
NEW CATALOG Tells all- about the different
courses. Do we get our students POSITIONS!
Yes! We have even placed students from other
schools. NOW. is the time to PREPARE.
A. L- McCnuley; Principal
Horses fought and Sold
Commercial Trade
must cumulate auatiati, yia.ui, j
furnished promptly and chep- j
Lowest Current Rates
-Weather Starts
of Bath Tubs, Basms
beautifying Enterprise, you
Division 8hould be Decided by Each
That the system- now In vogue iii
Oregon Is radically wrong for the di
vision of counties, is the belief of the
Astoria Budget, which In Its issue of
July 7, says that it should be left to
the people of each county themselves
to decide whether or not they want
to create new. counties; The Budget
says: V ' ; "'
"Among the Initiative measures that
are to be voted upon at the , election
next November is one to create Nen
miUi .county ' by taking portions of
Lane and Douglas counties.. This is
a measure which Is of course only of
direct interest, to the people residing
in the districts affected, but under the
provisions of the law, It is to be voted
upon by 'the people of the entire state.
Judging from matter that is being
sent out by the commercial clubs of
Lane , and Douglas counties the great
majority of the residents of those sec
tions are opposed to the bill and the
only ones there are who are favoring
it are those who are endeavoring to
create a real estate boom In what is
jtp be the new county seat That be
ing the case, the one thing for electors
who reside outside the affected dis
tricts, to do is vote against it. . The
fact of the matter is that the method
now in vogue for the division of coun
ties is altogether wrong.- Such ques
tions should be left entirely to the
people whose homeaare in the'secUon
directly concerned and whose inter
ests are thus affected and not to the
voters of the state at large, the major
ity of whom know' or care" absolutely
nothing about the matter at Issue.
One grave danger of granting, these
petitions for divisions of counties by a
yote of the people of the entire state
Is that some time the question- may
come closer to home. Some one. for
Instance, may want to. get up a pet!
tion to divide ' our own- county and
under the existing law, the people of
other sections of the state would de
termine the question by their votes.
The safer way Is to kill all measures
of this kind that, come up and thus
nip all prospective " petitions' in the
bud, at least until such time as the
state laws are amended so as to pro
vide for what may be termed "home
rule," by restricting the vote on these
strictly local measures, to the voters
residing within the district con
cerned." ,.,
.V ,l MR, VOTER.
Do you think it right to vote to I
create new counties and double their
expenses.:. Ton can not know condi
tions in remote counties and should
vote against. all division and vote for
the law allowing counties . to settle
their local matters among themselves.
.l. i-h hn, n
N9VemDer 8th, when scanning your
ballot you will read substantially the
A B1U to Create the County of Clarke.
334' Yes.
335 X No. , ;
A Bill to Create the County of Des
360 Yes.
851 X No. .
A Bill to Annex a Portion of Clacka
mas County to Multnomah.
. 322 . Yes. , .
823 X No.,
A Bill to Annex a Portion of Wash
ington County to Mulnomah.
338 . Yes.
339 X No. .
A Bill to Create the County of Nes-
316 Yes.
817 X No. -
A Bill to Create Orchard County.
332 Yes.
' 333 X No.
A B1U to Create the County of Otts.
320 Yes. ' .
321 X No.
A Bill to Create the County of Wil
liams, v
824 Yes.
825 X No.:
A Bill (or an Act providing for the
Creation of New Counties, Towns,
etc., and changing boundaries of ex
isting counties, etc.
. 352 X Yes. ! ' ' ' ' ' .
353 No.
You are asked to consider well the
above measures and by voting "No'
on aH division' measures, and "Yes'
on the blU giving the counties full
control of all local matters, you will
be relieved oJ such duties at future
elections. Your careful, conscientious
consideration is asked. Res pectf ally
Art not your taxes high enough T
Can two county governments be sup
ported as cheaply as one? ,
, The cry of division comes from real
estate speculators who bope to profit
by having the county seat located so
- Os-te-op-a-thy.
To the os'eopath the spine is
most Important pant of 'the human
machine, for although every part of
the body has "Is ow-n nutrition, nerve
force and fundamental activity, the
nerves originate la the brain and
spinal cord. It Is therefore through the
pinal cord or backbone-, thait the oae
opath reaches the nerve centers which
he strives- to harmonize. By mechanl
caliy stimulating them the osteopa
thic physician is abl3 to equalize; 'the
circulation to all pants of the body,
to increase the action of an organ or
decrease it as the particular case
may require.
Warner Chosen to Lead.
Chicago The National Employers'
Liability Commission provided for by
congress held its first meeting here.
Saturday. Senator William Warner,
of Missouri, was elected temporary
chairman. Launce.ot Parker, of
Washington, D. C, was appointed sec
A Man Wants to Die
only when a lazy liver and sluggish
bo(wels cause frightful despondency.
But Dr. IKng's New Life PMe ex
pel polcsons from the system; bring
hope and courage; cure all Liver,
Stomach and KHnev troubles; Im
part health and vigor to the walt,
nervous and ailing. 25c . at all
Druggists. ,
London After a trial lasting onl.
five days and a deliberation by th
Jury of only 24 minutes, Dr. Hawle.
H. Crlppen was found guilty of tho
murder of his wile, well known as ai
actress under the name of Belle E .
more, and Crlppen was 'sentenced t
be hanged. The execution will tak
place in all probability on either Nc
vember ' 14 or November 15. Tin
speed with Which the case was con
sldered was characteristic of Brltls
Crlppen continually protests bts ir.
nocence, his utterance to this efteci
being a dramatic response to the usua
question from the court, after sentenet
has Ijen jjpssed. ,
-Chief interest centers now in th
trial of Ethel Clare Leneve, CrlppenV
former typist, with whom he fled tc
Montreal on the steamer Montrose
after the murder of his wife. Mis
Leneve is under indictment as an ac
cessory after the fact.
Commerce Commission Meets.
Chicago Members of the Interstate
commerce' commission assembled in
Chicago Tuesday to resume the inves
tigation of the western trunk lines,
trans-Missouri and Illinois freight com
mittee freight tariffs.
Indicted four years ago on 1528
counts, the Standard Oil company ot
Indiana put in Its defense in the term
of the Federal court which met Mon
day at Jackson, Tenn., to charges of
accepting concessions amounting to
rebates which, if proved, would In
volve a maximum fine of 820,480,000.
One of the most notable gatherings
of the week will be the thirty-seventh
International convention of the Young
Men's Christian Association of Amer
ica at Toronto on Thursday. The con
vention will be attended by over 2,000
delegates, representing 500,000 mem
bers of the Y. M. C. A. In the United
States and Canada.
A Household Medicine,
To be rea-llv valuable must show
equally good results from each mem
ber of tfie family ualng t. Foieye
Honey and Tar does Just this.
Whether for grown persons or child
ren Folev'e Honev and Tar to beet
anA ftafpHit for all couehe and clls.
Burnaugh $ Mayfle:d.
Fresh Fruits
All seasonable fruits
found here. Also the
finest shipment of For
eign and Dome s t i c
Cheese ever in the city
General Merchandise
With the entire
stock kept brand
new at the lowest
- prices the quality of
goods can besold for
All Hats, Shoes and .
Gloves at Cost while
they last
An excellent quality of coal
at a conservative price,
v Lay in the winter
supply now.
I Don't
Do you know
from Genuine
Gold Plate?
a pair. Pretty, new designs in Collar and Scarf 1
Pins, LocKets and Chains, Bactt and Side Combs,
Baby Pins, Bracelets, Ring's.
Big Holiday StocK Now In. Come early and get
choice from wide selection.
Both Speedy and Effective;
Thla Indicates the action of Foley
kidney Pills as S. Parsons, Battle
Creek. Mich. Illustrates; "I have been
afflicted with a severe case of kid
ney and bladder trouble for which
I found no re'lef until I usedFoley
Kidney plMa. hse ' cured me en
tirely of all my complaints. . t waa
troubled with backaches and severe
shooting pains with annoying urin
ary Irregularities. The steady usei of
loley Kidney Pilla rid me entirely of
all my former troubles. They have
my highest recommendation." Bur-
.laugh & Mayfield. . '
The County Board of Equaliza
tion la now In session dojly In the
coiui'ty court roonl.- Anyone ;wteh-
ing to see about their taxes, wliU
take notice and attend forthwith.
By order ot the Board,
'W. C. Boatman, couny clerk.'
Good Result Always Follow
The use of Foley Kidney pilta.
They are upbuilding, strengthening
Mid soothing. Tonic in action, quick
in results, Burnaugh & Mayfleld.
A Plea for Majority Rule,
E. E. Fisher, ex-mayor of Beaver-
ton; T. B. Hins, ex-atabe cOmmajMter
O A. R.; Hon, J. R. C. Thompson or
Tualatin; Theo. Pointer, George Stltt
and 500 other legal vo'era and rL
i&tfg of, the poKiom, of Washington
county proposed to be annexed to
Multnomah have signed a remon
jtranceand asked that thie boumdairy
lines be not changed. Leas then 300
voters within the atrip signed the
petition and the remainder of the
county is practically a unit against
It. Let the majority rule. All coun-
ty divisions should be decldied by the
wishes of the pejple affected. By
not voting at all you give half a
vo'e for tho meagre. Multnomah,
all powerful, does not need one;
fourth of Washington county t fur-
tlier increase her power m the Btate.
The loss of the .territory will pract
ically ruin Washington, which to al
ready small in area. We ask you to
vote 339 X No. W. D. Wood,
Chairman AnM-Annexatlon Commit.
i-oa. Illllsboro. Oregon.
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An Ideal Husband,
li patient oven with a nagging wlf6,
for he knows she needs help. She may
be so nervous- end fun-down in
health that trifle annoy hor. If she
is melancholy, excitable, troubled with
''o& of appetite, headache, eleeplees.
am, constipation or fainting and dz-
ty spells, she neela Eloc-trlc Bitters
the roost wonderful remedy for ailhiK
women. Thousands of sufferers from
backache and weak, kidneys have
us-ed them and become healthy and
happy. Try them. Only 50c., Sat-
lsfactlon. guaranteed by all Druggists
For AU Kinds of
Arttetls FalBlUf.
Fa-Mr HaaalM
do Dot fall to nil on
OAkIS, Contractor
N. &-Low Bra.' Patau
The Red Front
Blacksmith Shop
by the reliable
P. Hsmblelon A Son
Machine Repairing
Same old stand
Enterprise) Oregon
Not too Early to
Buy Your
Cuff Buttons for Ladies and
Gentlemen from 25 cents to $12
Enterprise Jeweler.
Dressed In, "Black and YelloW." '
Not "Football colors" but the
color of the carton, containing Foley's
Honey and Tar the best and safest
cough remedy fora'.l coughs and colds
Do not accept a substitute but soa
i hat you got the genuine Foley's
Honey and Tar in a yellow carto.i
with black le-tiers. Burnaugh & May.
Have you examined our
line of
Ladies' and Children's
Wash Suits Ladies'
Fancy Shirts: Waists,
Undershirts, Muslin
Underwea r , Hosiery,
jS Gloves, Etc.
B Also a complete line of
B Men's Furnishings, in-
eluding the McKibbin
and Stetson Hats.
I We have just now the
J most complete line that
B we have ever carried.
We buy our Dry Goods from
one of the largest houses in
Chicago and have a large
assortment from which to
make our selections.
We discount our bills, which
gives us the goods laid down
in our store at the lowest
cash prices.
We give our customers the
benefit of our cash buy. We
also give a discount on all
cash purchases
If you are going to build
call and let us figure
S with you on Doors and S
B itr' 1 tir 1 ' i 5
vv inuows. vv e nave jusx
received a large stock of
same and we are going B
to sell them at bed rock B
R.S. & Z.
? . . .
When in Enterprise stop at JJ
The Model Cafe
and Rooming House
Best meals in town 25c and up
Rooms-25c, 50c, 76o and $1.00
Steam heat; hot and cold water
In Rodgers building on River
Street, 3 doors south of Funk
corner. Give us a call
, i i
; v
i i:
: -
! I
When you are in need of good printing
Riley s Riley's
increase values. , You will have
come to this office and have it done right
to nay for it.
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