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National Apple Show
i November 14
$20,000 in
The greatest variety of prizes, cups and trophies ever offered. Prizes
for single apples, boxes and everything up to full
carloads will be awarded.
$1,080 Championship Carload Prize
For the best carload of 630 boxes or bushels. A floor space of three and
one-half acres required to house this great show. BesideH the
exhibit of apples, apple growers, packers and cookers
will learn and gain valuable information.
Ample hotel accommodation without raise in price will be provided
Will have in effect low round-trip fares from all points en its lines
For further information apply to any 0. R. & N. Agent or to
WM. McMURRAY, General Passeng'er Agent.
I Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
R . L. DAY. Proprietor
Good Rigs Fair Treatment
Special Attention to
Rates for Regular Boarders
Best of Help Employed Home Phone
I Open Day and Night. One Block North of Hotel Enterprise
t &
Wallowa County Title & f
Office in Company's new brick
new UOUrl XlOUSe, Uluesi ilUU IUUSU tuuicic auanat, yian
.in county. Abstracts of title furnished promptly and cheap
ly. Insurance written in largest and strongest companies.
Money Loaned at very
Get Your Plumbing Dcnd
Before Cold Weather Starts
I carry a complete line of Bath Tubs, Basins
Bowls, etc. PRICES RIGHT.
''Superior Stoves and Ranges
! Best on this Market
CLARK, a blks. south Hotel Enterprise
10f all kinds. Iflf you believe in beautifying Enterprise, you
must believe in making that beauty enduring.KConcrete i3
enduring-it will render city beauty a "Concrete Reality.'1'
, TISee us for any and all kinSs of Concrete Work.
MARKS BROTHERS, General Contractors.
Baker City Normal and
NEW CATALOG Telia all about the different
courses. Do we get our students POSITIONbT
Yes! We have even placed students from other
schools. NOW is the time to PREPARE.
A. L McCauley, Principal
When you are in need of good printing
come to this office and have it done right
to 19, i 910
Horses Bought and Sold
Commercial Trade
Bus to and From Trains
' t
-mJ K'
building opposite front of $
Lowest Current Rates
Official Proceedings
Of County Court
Be It remembered, that
at a
regular term of the oouaiy
of tuo State of Oregon , for .tne. V""
ty of Wallowa, begun and held at the
Court Houe In the City of Enter
prise, in said County and State, "
Wednesday the second day of Novem
ber, A. D. 1910, tiie earn tewg ul
flMt Wednesday in said mM'th - nd
tlie time fixed by law for holding a
regular term of court, when were
Dresent: Hon. J. B O'msijed, County
Judge; Sara Lltch, and W. G. Locke,
County Commissioners; VY. C. Boat
anm, Clerk; fadgar Marvin, Sheriff.
The following proceedings v.1'8
had, to-wit:
In the Matter of the proposed road
petitioned, for by Win. I. Saivuar, and
oubers; 1
Now, at this time William I. San
nar and others, petition this Court,
praying for .the location of a. coun
ty Road, conies liegularly on to
be hoard card tij tppeaidsig to
.the Cou.pt that said proposed road
la. In Wallowa County, S-iata of Or
egon, and that sail petition is sign
ed' by itwelva'and more fhokl.ars
of said county and state, residing
In the- vicinity of said proposed roaii
and thai the petition correeWy -scribes
,th beginning, intermediate
points and .terminus .thereof; and It
further appearing to the Court by
affidavit &icned therein .that due
and legal notice of presentation of
B&ia petition to this Court, notify
ing all persona that, application
would bo made by advertisement
poubed at the place of holding 'this
Court and three, obher public places
In the vicinity of aald proposed .road
aad it further appearing that a bond
conditioned according 'to 'law has
been, filed here'.n, which bond Is
hereby approved;
It is therefore hereby consid
ered and ordered that, the prayers
of said petitioners be granted, and
the road viewers are hcre'by order
ed U vlow and lay out siaid road
according to law on the day of
1310, and of their proceed-
Inga make due and legal return to
this Court at their next regular
In the mai'ter of appropriating mn-
y for road district No. 6:
Now. at this 'Um .the Court con
skiers the matter of appropriating
money for road district No. 6, and
after fully considering mo sam,
It la hereby considered and order
ed that $100.00 Je appropriated
for said .roadxHetric't No. 6 and .the
Clork Is hereby ordered to draw a.
warrant in favor of R. L. -Scow,
Road Supervisor of said district
n .the Matter of the Petition or
V. T. Kmapp and others for the- -
iatioa of a County Road
Now, on -this day this matter camo
on .to be hoard upon the applicat
ion, of the pensioners for said road
for an order declaring the same- a
public highway and opening It for
public travel; and It appearing -to
the Court that the Vtoyens report
la favorable to the oponing-of said
road and .the same has been read
In, open court upon tVo aeparate
days, and the remonstrance) f la
.nt sufficient .to deprive tnt-court
of it3 juiiiidittlJiii i.i .ajfcj ro-a'-'tar;
thai Lhj recoids tuid filos of the
proposed ro.'.J havo been submitted
to -'Jie Disrlot Attorney for tola
opinion as requlrod by law, aTid
thz.t h hivu made and filed bis
written opinion 'that the potitlo:
and proceedings aie regular and in
due form of law: and It further
npp-aaring that .the appeal from
tha assejement. of damages has
been fully sett.ed wid decided hi
the favor of .the respondent, and
that the petitioners, have paid to
the Clerk of the Count as- by th
order1 of tblc Court heretofore
made all damages which have been
assessed in favor of the panties
en.tM.Led thenejo, and the Court be
lng satisfied that s-add road will he
of public . utl.Ry, said .report
the viewers to heroby adopted, raU
Ified and confirmed;
It is hereby ovdered that the re
port of the viewers be recorded
tn th tournal of the court, and
that the survey, profile and pl'"
be recorded la the records of the
public highways of the county,
r.nd that henceforth said road he
' and the -same Is declared to be a
pubKc highway, and that G. H.
Lathropj, Rood Supervl83r of Road
DLitiict No. 22, Uhe district In
' which -said road la located t and
he 1-3 hereby orlened to forthwith
put said roxd In condition for pub-
lie travel, and that he open and
Ueep said roa-1 open a.id In condit
ion for public travel.
In the Matter of allowing Miscellane
ous Billa against the County.
""How at thi3 time the matter of
allowing tho Miscellaneous Bills
agalist the co;uvty came on tor con
sidorallon and the said bills hav
ing bran submitted to the Court
and the Count having pasjd upon
and audi ed each of said bills se
parately BPPars from the 'g-
lature of the Court thereon.
It la therefore considered and or
dered by the Court, that the said
bill be allowed in classy and
amounts as follows:
High School Fundi
To Whom For What Amount
Issutvli Drawn
H. K. Shirk, Salary Prin., 123 00
Gan Hall. Rtilarv ASii't Prln.100 00
Mrs. A. B. Ivanhoe, Salary
Teacher, 90 00
May Bo'uhweil, salary
Teacher, 90 00
). L. Mc Adams.. Janitor H. S. 25 00
City of Enterprise, Water
Rent H. S. " 16 00
Atlas School Supply Co,
.Supplies, 2 70
John W. Graham. & Co.,
School supplies, 20 00
Scalp Dounty Fund.
W. B. Rogers 1 50
James Allen 3 00
Thos. Jacob v 3 00
Geo. R. Cour-tmay 1 50
.Vm. Stace 1 60
Roy Islay 00
Perry Warnock 1 50
i3. F. Sargeaut 3 00
; Shhin, 1 50
Isaac Crawford 1 50
Jmar Stubblefield 50
X. R. Hyman 1 50
vVlll Vanaascho 3 00
iS. D. Mallory 7 60
vVm-. I. Shay 4 50
Geo. Frazier 1 50
J. H. Fordyce M
J. K. Shields " 49 50
J. N. Read 1 50
J. E. Baxter 4 50
fas. A. Harris 6 00
3. S. Templeton v 4 50
Virgil Faulconer . 7 50
3. W. Mumgec 3 00
N. V. Downs 1 50
C. G. Bare 3 00
Frank Beaudoin 1 50
R. L. Cole 2 00
Geo. Greenwood 60
Wm, Steen. 3 00
T. J. Onr 6 00
Geo. Cussina . ' 4 60
G. B. Clark 1 60
Jeo. c. Stewant 7 50
t. H. Perkiais- - 3 00
Slieppard Morgan 12 00
Henry Haas 3 00
Kenneth Blevans 3 00
Adolph Gaertner 1 60
Q. B. Bell, 1 50
E. I lane 1 50
(J. M. Campbell '- 1 50
J. R. Edgmond 1 60
J. E. Lord 5 00
Clyde Harsln 1 60
F. S. Bwinel 3 00
J. A. Bly . 30 00
J. E. Butler 11 00
i. H. Tippett , 1 50
' ivt R. M illard - 3 00
General Fund
vV, B. Osborne, Chimney $ 14 00
d. F. M tiler, Stamps, 12 80
J. C. Conley, Llbr'y B'ks26 62
Vina Miller, Work In, Assessor's
Office, 30 00
J. B. .Olmsted, Salary County
Judge, W5 66
dgar Marvin. Salary Sheriff. 16 66
vV. C. Boatman. Salary County
Clerk, ,125 00
B. F. Miller, Salary AssessorlOO 00
C. Donley, Salary Sup't., 100 00
V. T. Eeli, Salary TreasT., 60 00
Chas G;- BJlyeu, Salary Deputy
Clerk, I 85 00
Chas, E. Crow, Salary Deputy
Sheriff. ' 85 00
Edith R. Odle salary sten.
ographer. 60 00
Chaa. G-iovaninainl Salary
Janitor. 60 00
E. J. Forsythe. LlchU count
House, 20 30
G. H. Lathrope, Salary Road
-Supervisor, 47 50
O. A. Trump, Road Work, 87 50
H. W. Hammack. Lumber 330 00
tV. C. Boatman. S'tamDS. 24 00
J. B. Williams, County Road
Work, 148 75
Wesley Duncan, Stock pi-
Fresh Fruits
All seasonable fruits
found here. Also the
finest shipment of Foreign-
and Domestic
Cheese ever in the city
. General Merchandise
With the en t i r e
stock kept brand
new at the lowest
prices the quality of
goods can besold for
All Hats, Shoes and
Gloves at Cost while
they last '
An excellent quality of coal
at a conservative price.
Lay in the winter
supply now.
Riley s Riley's
I Don
Do you 1 now
from Gem line
Gold Plan. ?
a pair. Pnrt ty, new designs in Collar and Scarf
Pins, LocKets and Chains, BacK and Side Combs,
Baby Pins, Be acelets, Ring's.
Big Holiday S tocK Now In. Come early and get
choice from wide selection.
specter. 45 00
Wm. Newby, Graddng Crossing, 24 25
Vm. Newby, Salary Road
Supervisor 90 00
3aker & Smith, Auto Hire;
Dr. Anderson, 10 00
5. T. Anderson, Attendance
on prisoner, 61 00
Sdgar Marvin, Supplies and
Expenses, 35 65
Irwln-Hodson Co., Supplies, 9 85
ilass-Prudhomme Co, Supplies, 7 89
U T. Anderson, Salary and
Expe.ises, 72 40
D. Baughman, & Son, Sup
plies, 3 20
Ci ty of En terprise, Water
Rent Court House, 24 00
Ryder Bros, Supplies, 9 25
fldgar Marvin, Board of
Prisoner, 3 12
Edgar Marvin, Pasting notice
of Election, .38 60
Edgar Marvin, Delivering BJ
lot Boxes, 33 60
C. Conley, Expense, 82 00
1. C. Oonley, Poatag and
Express, 5 90
E. A. Searle. RealsterW
"Voters, 27 40
J. A. Rumble, Registering
Voters, 2 70
Fulton Queer & Magness,
- Bridge Lumber, 24 00
Home ind. Tel. Co, Telephone
Service 18
a. W. Oleman, Caring for sick, 20
3turm & Osburn, Lumber,
Sturm & Oabunn, Lumber,
M. Conley, Salary. Road
Peter Kuhl, Work on. Rod,
lvin Austin, Road Work,
Joa Clemens, Road Work,
Halter & Drake, Supplied,
Enterprise Preaa, publlshUic
and Supplies, Election,
218 10
Enterprise Presa, Suppiisa,
Election, 150
Wallowa Chieftain, publishing, 26
Wallowa Chieftain, supplies, 28
An Ideal Husband.
Ls patient even with & nagging w'f,
for he knows she meeds help. She may
be so nervous and run-down In
health that .trifle annoy her. If she
ls melancholy, excitable, troubled wltn
loss of appetite, headache, aleepless
iihs, constipation er fainting and diz
zy spells, she needs Electric Bitters
the most wonderful remedy for ailing
women. Thousands of sufferers from
backache and wak Wdneyft have
used them and become healthy and
happy. Try them. Only 60c, Sat.
U fact ton guaranteed by all Druggists.
I Office in Lltch Building.
Telephone Connection.
For AU Kindi of
ArtltUc PaUllatf,
da not fall to nil oa
0A1IS, Contractor
N. B.-Low Brm.' PainU
The Red Front
BlacksmitK .Shop
by the reliable
XV. P. Hamblton A Son
Machine Repairing
Same old stand
Enterprise Oregon
Not too Early to
Buy Your
Cuff Buttons for. Ladies and
Gentlemen from 25 cents to $12
Enterprise Jeweler.
Dressed in "Black and YelloW."
Not "Football co'lors" but the
color of the carton containing Foley'
Honey and Tar the besit and safest
cough remedy for all coughs and colds
Do not accept a substitute but sea
aat you .get he genuine Foley's
Honey and Tar In a yeMow carton
with black letters. Burnaugh & May
field. F.BaiiaaaHB5eBBuiaBHan!isMi2
g Have you examined our
B line of.
3 Ladies' and Children's w
S Wash Suits, Ladies' p
S Fancy SKirts: Waists, g
3 Underskirts, Muslin fS
3 Underwear ,
S Gloves, Etc.
Hosiery, j
3 Also a complete line of
8 Men's Furnishings, in
5 eluding the McKibbin i
g and Stetson Hats.
H 1
g We have just now the
" most complete line that
we have ever carried.
; si
We buy our Dry Goods from IS
3 one of the largest houses in H
Chicaeo and have a laro-fl
assortment from which to 8
make our selections. 3
We discount our bills, which 3
gives us the goods laid down w
in our store at the lowest n
JJ cash prices. H
g We give our customers the wj
g benefit of our cash buy. We jjj
g also give a discount on all jj
g cash purchases. w
g . a
If you are going to build m
g call and let us figure
S with you on Doors and j
8 Windows. We have just U
g received a large stock of J
same and we are going g
B to sell them at bed rock m
Company g
99 9.9 9
When in Enterprise stop at
The Model Cafe
and Rooming House
Best meals in town 25c and up
Rooms-25c, 50c, 76c and $1.00
Steam heat; hot and cold water
In Rodgera building on River
Street, 3 doors Bouth of' Funk
corner. Give us a call JJ
W. A. MOSS 5

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