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Formerly the Wallowa New, a"-
Ushed March 3. 1899.
Published Wednesday and Satur
days at Enterprise, Oregon, by
Office Kant aide' Court House Square
' Entered aa eecond-clasa - matter
January 2, 1909, at the postottlca at
Enterprise. Oregon, under the Act of
March 3, 1879.
Subscription Rates: One year 82,
lx month SI, three mouth 60c,
one month 20c. On yearly cash-In-
arlvnn- anhnnrlntlona a, discount Of
18c Is given.
Never were profite cut bo low in
the history of merchondMiig In Wal
lowa, county, as by 'the ' stores In
Enterprise right now. Their an
nouncements .1n itfcta paper are filled
with news of these pricea, and any
o.ie who Is acquainted with values
end price know a big saving of
curacy la offered. And that counts
th&sei times.
MitlU there are people In the coun
tv who wl.ll send to a' mall m
........ .. .ejUir P-OOdS With nO
.liaiiico of examination and with
fi-oi.(;li,t ur express added, pay more
houeht hon-
ester goods for here, ini Enterprise.
tuvlv has, eienit for a
.rtvj'una V
watch. Thie Imgereoll-Treuton. vad El
gin watches aire "the standard for
tow Priced, watches. Any Jeweler
will telil you 'they are due beat value
toad for the money. TliHr price Is
standard. Danger are aUowed 20 per
cent profit, but V. H. Durliam, the
Rnitrtmin teuicflnr divides that
profit with hl3 customers. The $5
1-T he sell Cor' $4 .SO; the SG-60 El
gin for 85 .8G; the 18 I-T IS Jeweled
for $7.20.
And you see, the watch Ibefore
buying anid the man' to her to make
the, guarantee; good.
This la a free aidwentlnemiesi.t for Mr.
Durhnm but he da welcome to it.
for tt may save, some of oVm iieedwrs
their hard earned dollar.
blmKar thing are true to. every
store In this town. '
Lafayette Young, Newspaper
Editor, Takes Dolliver's Place.
$ ' . '
It V f f;
t ' ,- A'. ," .
' i sit-
; , - ff "" J sc" J
.'uS:iiifi-',?MiiT-"'"'ljai' iin
The Btotements by Mt. Porsyithe
of the Eleatrlo Light compiwy are
convincing on the oodnt of the re
puted offer of currenti from am out
aide- source. The patrons of the
plant and the .town generally are
glad to hear the company hoa. ptonty
of "Juice," even without the Im
provement that Mr. Forsythe ' says
w Ull bo madw net year.
This being the case the demand
for a day current will ho the more
insistent and Just( for no one want
ed to auk for what was beyond)
power of the comipany to funuUh.
QiiU'Tprlse Ui'probaUy (Jie only
town of Its rank and imponbance in
the Noi'Lliwat where there , la no
, day lighting od power service.
Ian't It a shame to the town, Oiat
with cheap power J1 around i go.
ins to waaite, pover ahouta, be bo x
panel ve In Oil cty, anid tlwit tilione
who want U have, to xort, to old,
out-of-date memia to cut it. How
crn .we expect to build up Untie lu
dusixio In our city, or mclce gotuX
the claim malie in. our atSwrtialng
Blips. If there no power to offlor,
and never wWI be 'until a profit
can be shown the, companiy from the
a tart? ' . ' '
New York Is not to have aworld's
fair In 1913 nor at any other time
perhaps. The committee appointed
some time. ago by the mayor to con
sider the scheme has decided that
the city does not need a fair.
Department heads of the Santa Ft'
Railroad Company have been notified
that beginning December 1 smoking
cigarettes by employes would be con
sidered sufficient cause for dismissal.
The use of aeroplanes by the war
department is recommended by the
board of ordnance and fortifications
in Its annual report to the secretary
of war.
President Taft has withdrawn ap
proximately 6,070 acres of public land
in Washington and Oregon for water-
power sites. The lands situated in
Washington are along the Little Pend
d'Orellle River, approximately 4,180
acres; along Jackman Creek, approxl
mately 780 acres; along Lost Creek,
approximately 120 acres. Oregon,
along Rogue River tributaries ap
proximately 900 acres.
Foremost on the list of the con
ventions of the week Is the annual'
session of the National Rivers and
Harbors congress, which assembled
in Washington Wednesday. - Other
conventions of more or less Interest
and importance are the annual meet
ing, of the American Red Cross so
ciety in Washington, the convention
of Jhe American Road Builders' asso
ciation In Indianapolis, the meeting of
the Southern Homeopathic Medical
association la Jacksonville, and a
meeting in St. Paul of the forestry
officials of Michigan, Wisconsin and
Minnesota to consider plans for the
prevention of forest fires.
Employes of Western Roads Asking
for Millions.
Chicago. Representatives of ap
proximately 66,000 conductors and
trainmen, employed on the sixty rail
roads wet of Chicago, who have do
manded an increase in wages aver.
aging about 15 per cent, are holding
dally conference here with the gen
eral managers In presenting their ar
guments for the advance In pay and
improvements in working conditions,
It Is estimated that the new scales
asked by .the men will exceed ' in
amount those asked by lUe engineers
recently, which aggregated nearly
It is reported that the engineers
of several of. the big Western rail
roads have already completed their
votes, showing 99 per cent in favor
Of a strike, unless their demands for
a 15 per cent advance are granted
The railroads offered an advance of
about 9 per cent.
The old battleship Oregon, after five
years of silence, daring which time
she has rested at itnchor out of com
mission at the Bremerton navy yard,
is again ready for active service.
Governor-elect Oswald West an
nounces that Ralph Watson, a re
porter on the Portland Journal, has
received and accepted the appoint
ment of private secretary to the gov
ernor. The secretary of the Interior has re
jected all bids which were received
at the office of the reclamation service
at Klamath Falls for the furnishing
of a skid dredge for dredging canals
on the Klamath irrigation project.
To reclaim 15,000 acres of land in
the Wood River valley, Klamath
county, a .levee 21 miles in length is
being built by Senator Abner Weed of
Siskiyou, Cal. The work is about
half finished.
Frank J. Milter, of Salem, has been
appointed state raUroad commissioner
to suceeed Governor-elect West. Mr.
Miller will immediately take up his
new duties. This appointment extends
to the first of the year when he will
continue in office, having been elected
to that position.
As a token of the esteem in which
their fellow co-laborer has been held
by them during the past four years,
Oswald West, who retired from the
railroad commission, was presented
with a beautiful silver cup by Com
missioners Aitcheson and Campbell
and by Commissioner-elect Frank J.
Miller. The cup is a large affair, is
gold lined and is engraved with these
words: "Oswald West, trom the mem
bers of the railroad commission of
Oregon, Thomas K. Campbell, Clyde
B. Aitcheson, Frank J. Miller, Decem
ber 2, 1910." ,
The second semi-annual state
threshers' convention will be held at
La Grande December 9 and 10. This
convention will be the most import
ant event in the history of the asso
ciation, as at this meeting the dele
gates will outline new laws to govern
the threshing industry for considera
tion at the coming session of the leg
islature, and it is expected that every
thresherman in the state will make a
special effort to be present. , Among
the laws to be suggested are bridge
planking, Inspection of boilers, licens
ing engineers, etc
The State Board of Equalization
met Monday and will continue in ses
sion until the review and equalization
is completed. The law allows one
month as maximum time fcr the com
pletion of this work. Following the
equalization and review, apportion
ment of the. state tax will be made.
The commissioners are not certain
what extent of work there will be this
year in connection with the equaliza
tion. Meetings will be held in the
offices of the tax . commission, unless
there is a particularly heavy attend
ance and at such times the board will
adjourn to the state senate chambers.
The convention of the Oregon-Idaho
Young Men's Christian Associations
at Eugene adopted by .unanimous vote
resolutions providing for the initiative
and referendum in the affairs of the
organization. The resolutions provide
that any 10 per cent of the associa
tions in the two states may file their
referendum petition any time within
90 days after the close of the. Besslon
of the state convention. Each asso
ciation is entitled to two votes on
each measure, one additional vote for
each 100 active members and one ad
ditional vote for a majority fraction
of 100 active members. A constitu
tion was adopted providing for incor
poration under the laws of Oregon
which was not possible under the old
constitution. - The principal place of
business will be in Portland
E. J. roreyithe, manager of (the En
terprise Electric- Light company,
States emphatically, that no offer
of cur.rent ha. beei mode his eamp
any by cnyone, that was reasonable
and pTiaotleable.
About two years ago the Joeieph
company came ot the local company
with a proposition something like this-:
The local company to bu'iHd q line 'to
Joseph and buy current from the
Joseph comipany at 4 cents per kilo
watt, measured ijn Joseph, ihe con
tract, to run, three year and) the Jos
eph company not .balng required to
furnish over 100 kiHo watts at a time.
The. .terms "of thie proposition, were
unreasonable, olalmo Mr, Forsythe.
The coat of the line would have
bean $4000 atid uhe; buyer ould have
hed to etond all the line lost, cost
of transformers, etc.
Even- if the terms, had. not made
the proposition out of the question.
Mr. Forsythe olaimsi 'thie whofe pro
ject Is impracticable .not a feasible
scheme at ell.
Furthermore, Mr. Forsythe says,
la unnecesGa'ry. His company has
the power needled, to Mht itihe.
Ity and furnish their c'us'tomers
with all the Juice they, want during
running hour of thie plant.
The local company is planning tbout
$8,000 worth, of improvements next
car, Mr. Forsythe says, but no
day current wlH be given until in
the comipany's opinion there; will! be
profit ini Its operation.
Mt. Forsythe says the Impression
that his company assumes am Inde
pendent, public be, d d, attitude is
wrong; .that he and dt are always
ready jto, meet .thie) .patronsi more than
?.lf way on any proposal of merit
s.nd equity to both sides.
BelUngham, Wn has om taxes
to raise, and It 1 propeswl to gut
the money by taxing honest In
dustries.; A meeting of business men
called to define what class of work-
- Convoy Asked for Chart
New York. if the United States
will send a convoy ot battleships to
escort the chart from Germany to this
country, the first map on' which the
word 'America" anpoarg may be
brought across the Atlantic. The of
fer to permit the document to be
brought here has been made to Presi
dent Taft' by representatives of the
Indian Children Have New Schools.
Klamath Falls. Three new day
schools for the-use of the Indian boy
and girls were opened on the reserva
tion December 1. Two are at Yaniax
and the other at Chiloquln Bridge.
Besides these the dormitory at the
agency and some ot the other build
ings are to be remodeled at an ex
pense ot about $10,000.
Ingmon should be Uxed) was captured
by some wloked working people, who 0WMr Cf the historic document, which
Daased resolutLoa favoring th x-' rest In Castle Wolfegg, Kingdom of
liig of professional men and bank.
It fe dollars to do ug haute that tot
of vacant and shack-covered, lot In
Uiikt citv are amaesneil at oue-ftfth
tha figures Dlaewli on hm whom
ever aomobody wwtta to una, them.
Portland pros. ; '
Wurteuiburg, Germany.
- For Greater San Francisco.
San Francisco. A movement to
bring, to a head the long proposed
amalgamation of the bay counties
will probably be begun within a few
day aa - the result ot the announce
ment of the population ot tbe different
counties of the state. According to
Henrv Ibberaon. the voH known the latest censu figures. Greater San
Chico rancher, left Tuesday for Wall Francisco would contain 743,426 per-
Wolla, .where he wUi tvuiaii uMU son.
Acts and Amendments aa Adopted by
People Now on Statute.
Sulem. The initiative and referen
duin acts and amendments which
were passed at the last general elec
tion are now written into the statute
books as a portion of the law of Ore
gon, Governor Frank W. Benson hav
ing Issued proclamations which made
these laws and amendments effective.
Canvassing ot the official vote has
been completed, and immediately fol
lowing the completion ot this canvas
the governor Issued his proclamation
The law Include the establishment
of an Eastern Oregon branch insane
asylum, reinstatement ot the Mon
mouth State Normal School, an
amendment providing for regulation
ot taxation by counties, the home
rule amendment, employers' liability
bill. -Rogue River fishing bill, good
roads amendment, presidential pri
teary bill and the three-fourth Jury
Now is the time to' buy your
Fall and Winter Wearing
Men's Underwear in two-piece suits, Men's
Union Suits, Shirts in all colors and quali
ties, Suits, Overcoats, Sheep Lined Coats,
and Mackinaws, Slickers and Rubber Leg- '
. gins, and in fact everything to make you
comfortable for cold weather.
Shoes, Hats and Caps
Come in and buy before the line is broken
The Men's Outfitter
More Animals Die
With Hydrophobia
Flora Journal Report Five. Addition
al News Notes From
. North Country.
Samples of
Real Bargains
That our 10 per cent off mattes
Iiigersoll-Xrenton watches, 7
jeweled, guaranteed 5 year, price
world over, just as advertised in
all leadiug magazines and pa
pers, $5.00, our price, 10 per cent
off - - - - $4.50
Elgin, 7 jeweled, guaranteed 5
years, regular price everywhere
$6.50, ,our price, 10 per cent off - - $5.85
Ingersoll-Trenton, 15 jeweled, regular price every
where $8.00, our price - - . . $7.20
And so it goes throughout our whole stock of
beautiful Christmas Gifts. Prices never heard of
in this county before will prevail in my store un
til Christmas.
Have you
made a guess
in the great
Bean Ja r
Don't you
want a ,
Watch "
The stage came to Monday
lng on runners for the first
this season.
Miss Ina Applegate, who had
at Enterprise, for some time, work
ing in the telephone off Ice, returned
home Friday evening.
Chas. Skaggs who has been . at
work at Pomeroy for some time re
turned home Wedmesday night. He
came in by way of Enterprise.
Geo. Cannon accompanied a ship
ment of hogs belonging to' Mr. Hotch
klss to Portland- some time ago. He
went on to Turner, Oregon, for a
visit with hie faithiei: and grandmother
and also visited! relatives In the Wil
lamette valley. He retuiuved home
Tuesday and says he has seen enough
of hat part of Oregon,
Another rabldi dog diield In Grouse
yesterday, this one. belonging to Mr
Yoeman. Four dead sheep were, also
found near .this man's iploee -yester-
Uiy jWhlch have att the appearances
of having died of hydrophobia, The ru
mor we spoke of loot week of a cow
of E. Sanday's having died was false.
The man, telling the news 4n town
was not well acquainted amd evident
ly got names mixed.
O. M. Cor kino went to La Grande,
Monday, on a business trip.' ' . 1
Equipped for Optical Work. MaK yea - -tee
as well as maKe year watch go.
Enterprise Jeweler.
Under New, Management
BOESEN & RUGGLES, Proprietors
Both Practical Mill Men
All kinds of Rough1 and Dressed Lumber now on hand.
Prompt Delivery and Prices Right.
Estimates cheerfully furnished.
Portland. .
Wheat Track prices: Club, 82c;
bluestem, 83c; red Russian, 80c.
Barley Feed, 921; brewing, 823.
Oats No. 1 White, 828 per ton.
Hay Timothy, Willamette Valley,
I2022 per ton; Eastern Oregon,
23 2; alfalfa, 115 16.
Butter Creamery, 37c; ranch, 24c
Eggs Ranch, candled, 45c.
Hops 1910 crop, lie 13c; 1909,
8c; olds, nominal.
Wool Eastern Oregon 1317c lb.;
Valley, 17 19c lb.
Mohair Choice, 32 33c.
Notice of first meeting of the
stockholders of the Wallowa County
Agricultural Fair Association.
Articles of picorporatlom of the
Wallowa County Agrieult ural Fair As
sociation having been filed a requir
ed by ' law, the first meeting of the
stockholders of said Wallowa County
Agricultural Fair Association. ,wlU be
held at the office of Associat
ion, In the Wallowa County Title
& Abstract Company's building. In
Enterprise, Oregon on December 24th
1910, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon for
the purpose of electing a Eoard of
Directors for the ensuing year.
Date of first publication, Novem
ber 23, 1910.
aD.wtf ' incorporators.
The peculiar properties of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy have been, thor
oughly toiled during epidemics of in
fluenza, and when it was taken in
time we have not heard of a single
case of pneumonia. Sold '. by Bur
naiigh & MdyiTleld, and all good drug
gists, v i
Wheat Bluestem, 82c; Club, 80c;
red Russian, 77c
Barley 821 per ton. ,
Oats 129 per ton.
You Must Read This If You Want The
J. W. Greer, Greenwood, La., suf
fered with a severe case of lumbago.
"The pains were so Intense I .was forc
ed to hypodermic Injections for relief.
These attacks started with a pain la
the msall of my back whjich) gradually
became fairly paralyzing. My atten
tion was attracted to Foley's) Kidney
Remedy and I am glad to say after
using this: wonderful medicine I am
no longer bothered' in any way. by my
oid enemy lumbago." Burnaugh & May-field.
Room 2, over Berland'a '
Harness Shop
$1 an Acre Month. N Interest.
Perpetual vatcr right. First-clasa
land. lv-?ect climate. Tracts ten
acres r.nd up. Xo residence re
Quirement Want salesmen in every
Hay Timothy. $2 per tan; alfalfa town in Oregon and Washington.
S 19) per .ton. iNiioo,Mcni
Butter Washington creamery, 38c; CHma TAIXET land COMvajtt
ranch. 250. 407 w'u r"- S.o,
Egga Selected local, 82 c T
Filings, Final Proofs, Tim
ber and Stone Entries,
Isolated tracts, Am
endment of En
tries, etc
Township Plats showing va
cant and patented land in
nearly every part of the
after Crl' mas. Read the idvrUsewents.

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