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Author of the "Pillar of Light'
"The Wings of the Morn
ing" and "The Captain of the
Copyright, 1909. by Edward J. Clod.
kHILIP, I want to tell you
"Something pleasant?"
"Then why tell me?"
"Because, unhappily, It must be told.
I hope you will forgive me, though I
shall never forgive myself. Oh, my
dear, my dear, why did we ever meet?
And what am I to say? I well, I have
promised to marry another man."
"Disgraceful!" said Philip.
"Philip, dear, this is quite serious,"
said Iris, momentarily withdrawing
her wistful gaze from the faraway
line where sapphire sea and amber
Bky met in harmony. Northeastern
Brazil Is a favored clime. Bad weath
er is there a mere link, as it were, be
tween unbroken weeks of brilliant sun
shine. At her present pace the TJnser
Fritz would enter the harbor at Per
nambuco ou the following morning.
Iris, her troubled face resting on her
hands, her elbows propped on the rails
of the poop on the port side, looked at
Philip with an intense sadness that
was seemingly lost on him.
"I really mean what I say," she con
tinued in a low voice that vibrated
with emotion. "I have given my wor
written it entered into a most s
emu ' obligation. Somehow the pro
pect of reaching a civilized place to
morrow induces a more ordered state
of mind than has been possible since
since the Andromeda was lost."
"Who is he?" demanded Hozier dark-
y. "Coke is married. So is Watts.
Dom Corria has other fish to fry than
to dream of committing bigamy. Of
course I am well aware that you have
been flirting with San Benavides"
"Please don't make my du.ty harder
for me," pleaded Iris. "Before I met
you, before we spoke to each other
that first day at Liverpool, I had prom
ised to marry Mr. Bulmer, an old
friend of my uncle's"
"Oh he? I am sorry for Mr. Bui
mer, but it can't be done," interrupted
"Philip, you do not understand. I I
cared for nobody then, and my uncle
Fa Id he was in danger of bankruptcy,
Bud Mr. Bulmer undertook to help him
If I would consent." .
He turned and met her eyes. There
was a tender smile on his Hps.
"So you really believe you w3A be
compelled to marry Mr. BulinerP Vs
"Oh. don't be horrid!" she almost
Bobbed. "I ciic-cuc-can't help it."
"I have given some thought to the
problem myself," he said, "and I
appreciate exactly how well it would
serve Mr. David Verity's interests if
his niece married a wealthy old party
like Bulmer. By the way, how old Is
"Nearly seventy."
"It is a pity that Bulmer should be
b pttriarch, because his only hops of
marrying you is that I shall die nrst.
Even then he must be prepared to
espouse my widow. By the way, is it
disrespectful to describe him as a patri
arch? Isn't there some proverb about
threescore years and ten?"
"Philip, if ouly you would appre
ciate my dreadful position"
I do. it oiiebt to be ended. The
first parson we meet shall be com
ninnrieered. Don't VOU see. dear, we
really must get married at Pernam-
Iris clinched her little hands in de
spair. Why did he not understand her
misery? Though she was unwavering
In her resolution to keep faith with the
man who had twitted her with taking
all and giving nothing in return, she
could not wholly restrain the tumult
in her veins. Married in Pernambuco
Ah. if only that were possible!
"I am sure we would be happy to-
eether." she said, with a pathetic con
fidence that tempted him strongly to
take her in his arms and kiss away
her fears. "We must forget what hap
nanoA in tha innd of dreams. I will
never love any man but you, Philip.
Yet I cannot marry you.
"You will marry me in Pernambuco.'
'I will not because 1 may not. Oh,
pare me any more of this! 1 cannot
bear It! Have Dlty. dear:
"Iris, let us at least look at the posi
tion calmly. Do you really think that
fate's own decree should be set aside
merely to keep David Verity out of
the hnnkruntcv court?"
"I have given my promise, and those
two men nre certain I will Keep u.
will release you. What
"You do not know my uncle or Mr.
Rnl mer. Money is their god. 1 ow
evprrthlnar to mv uncle. He rescued
mt mother and me from dire poverty.
He eave us freely of his abundance.
We have had our hour, dear. Its mem
ory will never leave me, I shall think
of you. dream of you, when, it may be,
some other girl oh. no, 1 do not mean
tnati rmnp, aoirt De angry -wren ma
today. You are wringing uiy heart!"
"I shall never five you up to any
other man," he 6ald. "1 have won you
by the sword, and, please God, I shall
never give you up! Not while I live!
Why, you yourself dragged me away
from certain death when 1 was lying
unconscious on the Andromeda's deck.
A second time you saved not me alone,
but the ten others who are left out of
the twenty-two, by bringing us back
to Grand-pere In the hour that our es
cape seemed to be assured had we put
out to sea. We are more than quits,
dear heart, when we strike a balance
of mutual service. We are bound by
tie of comradeship that is denied to
most And what other man and wo
man now breathing can lay better
claim than we to have been joined by
the Almighty?"
The strange exigencies of their lives
flurlng the past two days had ordained
that this should be Philip's first avow
al of his feelings. Under the stress of
overpowering impulse he had clasped
Ms to his heart when they were part
ing on the island. In obedience to a
stronger law than any hitherto re
vealed to her innocent consciousness
the girl had flown to his urms when
Xsa came to the hut. And that was all
their lovemaking two blissful mo
ments of delirium wrenched from a
time of gaunt tragedy and followed by
a few hours of self negation. Yet they
sufficed to the man and the woman
is never too ready to count the cost
vhen her heart declares its passion.
Give you up!" he muttered again.
'No, Iris, not if Satan brought every
dead Verity to aid the living one in
bis demand."
Coke, to whom tact was anathema,
chose that unhappy instant to summon
him to take charge of the ship.
We're givln' Pernambuco the go-by.
It's Macelo for us, quick as we can
get there," said Coke.
Hozier was In no humor for con
ciliatory methods. He turned on his
heel and walked straight to where De
Svlva was leauing against the rails,
'Captain Coke tells me that we are
not making for Pernambuco," he said,
meeting the older man's penetrating
gaze with a glance as firm and self
'That is what we have arranged,"
s-iid Dom Corria.
"It does not seem to have occurred
to you that there is one person on
board this ship whose Interests are
vastly more important than yours, sen-
"Meaning Miss Yorke?" asked the
other, who did not require to look
twice at this stern visaged man to
grasp the futility of any words but the
"She will l)e safer at Maeelo than
st Pernambuco. Our only danger at
either place will be encountered at the
actual moment of landing. At Macelo
there is practically no risk of finding
a warship in the harbor. That is why
we are going there."
"And not because you are more like
ly to find adherents there?"
"It is a much smaller town than
Pernambuco, and my strength lies out
side the large cities, I admit. But
there can be no question as to our
wisdom In preferring Macelo, even
where the young lady's well being is
"I see that, whether willing or not,
we are to be made the tools of your
ambition," interrupted Hozier curtly.
"It Is also fairly evident that I am the
only man of the Andromeda's company
whom . you have not bribed to obey
you. Well, be warned now by me. If
circumstances fall to Justify your
change of route I
shall make it my
business to settle
at least one rev
lution in Brazil
by cracking your
"Let me under
stand!" said De
Sylva. "You hold
my life as forfeit
if any mischance
befalls Miss
"I accept that
Of course you no
longer challenge
my direction of
"I am no match
for you In argu
ment, senuor, but I do want you to
believe that I shall keop my part of
the compact'
"I'm goln' to 'ave a nap." Coke an
nouuced. "Either you or Watts must
take 'old. With Is it to be7"
"No need to ask Mr. Hozier any such
question." said the suave Dom Corria.
-rou can trust him '
with us now to the iu . '
Soon after sunset Iris ed"
She walked ou the after deck feaa
Benavides and seemed to bo 11 ttenlng
with great attention to something he
was telling her.
When Hozier was relieved and . "m
moned to a meal In the saloon Tltu
Norrle and some of the ship's on
officers Iris was nowhere visible, L.'
went straight to her cabin and knocked.
"Who Is it?" she asked.
"I, Philip. Will you be on deck in
a quarter of an hour?"
"But this time I want to tell you
"Philip, dear, I am weary. I must
rest and I dare not meet you."
Dare not?"
"I am afraid of myself. Please leave
He caught the sob in her voice, and
It unmanned him. He stalked off, rag
ing. While off duty he kept strict
watch and ward over the gangway
In which Iris' cabin was situated. It
was useless. She remained hidden.
As Coke had told Iris she might ex
pect to be ashore about 2 o'clock,
she waited until half past 1 ere com
ing on deck. Despite her unalterable
decision to abide by the hideous com
pact entered into with her uncle and
Bulmer, her first thought now was to
find Hozier.
Iris was thoroughly wretched and
not a little disturbed by the near pros
pect of landing In a foreign country
which would probably be plunged into
civil war by the mere advent of De
Sylva. It need hardly be said that
under these circumstances Hozier was
the one man in whose company she
would feel reasonably safe. But she
could not see him anywhere.
At lust she hailed one of the Androm
eda's men whom she met iu a gang
way. "Mr. Hozier, miss?" said he. "Oh,
he's forrard, right up In the bows,
keepln' a lookout"
This information added to her dis
tress. She ought not to go to bim.
Pull well she knew that her presence
might distract bim from an all im
portant task. So she sat forlornly on
the fore hatch, waiting there until be
might leave his post.
The steamer crept on lazily, and Iris
fancied the hour must be nearer 5
o'clock than 2 when she beard He
aler's voice ring out clearly:
"Buoy ou the port bow!"
There was a movement among the
dim figures on the bridge. A minute
later Hozier cried again:
"Buoy on the starboard bow!"
She understood then that they were
in a marked channel. Already the road
was narrowing. Soon they would be
ashore. At last Hozier came. He saw
her as he Jumped down from the fore
castle deck.
"Why are you here. Iris?" was all he
said. She looked so bowed, so hum
bled, that he could not find It In his
heart to reproach her for having
avoided him earlier. '
"I wanted to be near you," she whis
pered. "I I am frightened, rhlllp. 1
am terrified by the unknown. Some
how ou the rock our dangers were
measurable; here we shall soon be
swallowed up among a whole lot of
They heard Coke's gruff order to the
watch to clear the falls of the Jolly
boat. The TJnser Fritz was going dead
slow. On the starboard side were tht
lights of a large town, but the op
poslte shore was somber and vague.
"Are we going to land at once In
small boat?" said Iris timidly.
"I fancy .there Is a new move on
foot. A gunboat is moored half
mile downstream. You minsed her be-
rause your back was turned. She has
lleam up and could slip her cables In
a minute. They saw her from the
bridge, of course, but I did not report
her, as there was a chance that my
hall might be beard, and we came In
so confidently that we are looked on as
a local trader."
He took her by the arm with that
masterful gentleness that Is so com
fortiug to a woman when danger Is
rife. They reached the bridge. Some
sailors were lowering a boat as quiet
ly as possible.
Dom Corria approached with out
stretched band.
"Goodby, Miss Yorke," he said. "I
am leaving you for a few hours, not
longer. When next we meet I ought
to have a sure grip of the presidential
ladder, and 1 shall climb quickly.
Won't you wish me luck?"
"I wish you all good fortune, Dom
Corria," said Iris. "May your plans
succeed without bloodshed."
Ah, this Is South America, remem
ber. Our conflicts are usually short
and fierce. Au revolr, Mr. Hozier. By
daybreak wc shall be better friends."
San Benavides also bade them fare
well with an easy grace not wholly
devoid of melodramatic pathos. The
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ials and Skill in Making are
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dients that combine to make
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"Fttrmix iU Jwiera DtaUr"
MMMitlimrb., Bin., NrtUid, Onti
dandy and the man of rags climbed
down a rope ladder, the boat fell away
from the ship's side, and the night
took them. . .
"Mr. Hozier!" cried Coke.
"Yes, sir."
"Is all clear forrard to let go an
chor?" "Yes, sir."
"Give her thirty. You go and see to
ft, will you?"
Hozier made off at a run.
Jrls recalled the last time she heard
K'tnutar words. She shuddered. Would
tllittt placid foreshore blaze out into
soar of artillery and the wornout
naoscr Fritz, like the wornout Androm-
eiti. stagger and lurch into a watery
Btat the ouly noise that Jarred the
pea tefbi night was the rattle of the
cable and winch. The ship fell awnv
a fer feet and was held. There was
no moving light on the river. Not even
police' boat or customs launch had
put off. Macelo was asleep. It was
quite unprepared for the honor of a
presidential visit
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. Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office ait La Grande.
Oregon, Oct. 20th., 1910.
Notlc la. hereby given that Lulu
M. Bowlby, .whose post-office address
ia Enterprtoe. Wallowa County, Or
egon, did, on the. 14th. day of April,
1910. file In tola office Sworn stai-
nient and Application, No. 07891, to
purchase the SB SW'A, Nft SW
SW, andSWK SW1-4 of Sec.
22, and the NEJ NW, S NWK
NW, and NWfc NWtt NW, Sec
tion, 27, Township 1 South, Range 46
Ekat, Willamette Meridian, and to
timber thereon, under the, provis
ion of itihe act of June 8, 1878, and
acta amendatory, known as the "Tim
ber and Stone Law," at uch value
as might be flxad by appraisement,
and that, pursuant to auch applica
tion, the land and timber thereon have
teen appraised, at $350.00 aa being
chiefly valuable for lit stone; that
said applicant will offer final proof
In support of his appllcatloa and
sworn statement ou the 19th. day of
January, 1911, befon W, C. Boat
man, County Clerk of W-dlowa Coun-
, at Enterprise, Oregon.
Any person Is at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or in
itiate a contest at any time, before
patent loeues, by filing a corrobo
f.ted affidavit in this office, alleg
ing facts which would defeat the
11 ,c 11 F. C. Bramwll, Register.
In the Circuit Count of the Stat
of Oregon for Wallow County.
Edith Hooper, plaintiff
Samuel W. Hooper, Defendant
To Samuel W. Hooper, above nam
ed defendant; in- the name of the
State of Oregon, you aire hereby re
quired to appear and answer the com
plaint filed against you by the
plaintiff In the above entitled court,
and cause, within six weekj from
and after the ftth. day of December
A. D. 1910, the same being the first
publication of this summons, and if
you fall so to appear and nswr,
you wULl be in default for w&nt
thereof and plaintiff will thereupon
apply to said court for the relief
prayed for in her complaint, to-wlt:
for a decree of said court dissolving
the marriage contract now and here
tofore existing between plaintiff and
defendant that said marriage con
tract be from henceforth 'held for
naught, that the plaintiff be awarded
the custody of tihe child of the- mar-
rioge. Edith Nellr Hooper, and that
plaintiff's maiden name Edl tit Her-
roan, be restored to her.
The defendant will take notice
that this summons published by or
der of Hon. J. B. Ohnfited, county
Judge of Wallowa County, Oregon
ia tine Wallowa Chieftain, a news
paper published .weekly at Enter
prise, in said county and atate and,
directing that the same be published
in said newspaper for a period of
six weeks and seven issues thereof,
the d?te of the first publication
thereof being th 8th, day at Decern
33 per cent
"The unkindest cut of all"
(For oar competitors)
We are busy listing our goods preparatory to
taking stock on February 1, 1911, on which
date we close our book for the year. Up to
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Ladies', Misses and Children's Leather Shoes
And on all Wool Dress Goods
Read the Kst carefully as the itemB therein
named include every article of its kind to be
found in our store. It will therefore be seen
that we are not selecting shelf-worn or unsal
able stock, but are allowing you to make your
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We are going to get our share of the cash if
we have to force Sears & Roebuck into bank
ruptcy, Yours for business.
R. S. and Z. CO.
ber A. D. 1910 and the Jaet publl
cation being the l9tn, day of Janu.
ary A. D. 1911..
16c7 Attorney for piataUff.
Department of Mas SMtartov.
U. S. Land Offtat a Ia Oraaoa, 0
gon, Dec em kef 22, If 10.
Nolle la horoby given, tht tha
Slate of Oregon, ha tola day filed
In this office lis application to
oct Midler the provision of Ui Act
.f Congnas of August Xi. Hit, Wtm
the act supplementary and ainenl-
atory thereto, 8WK SH Sec.
11. C. 2 N, R. M A W. M, Serial
No. O87S0.
Any and all parson 4llftf (hi
wvoly the land described, or d-
alrtag t object -because of the min
eral character Of tb land, or for
any otter reason to ta disposal to
applicant nay fll ttholr affidavit
of protest !o this a'tke at any time
prior to the approval or erUftUoo
of tald selection, by tfc Honorati
Commissloaor of ihil General Land
Office. r. O. BIUUWBUt
191 ' ' Aaitr.
Department of the Interior
V. S. Land Offlc wt La (mate.
Oregon, November 7th, 110.
Notice 1 hereby gTxt tfewt Nv
ton E. Hammack, whose pu BOM
,res Is Enterprise, Wsliow Coua-
ty, Oregon, did, on the list, day K
March, 1910, file la tfei etiM
Sworn, Statement and AHfcw
No. 07764, Co porchse tb 8B
Section 8, and Wft SWK, Osedo .
Townshlo 1 South. Ran 6 Best. WB.
lamefat Meridian, and Che oksber
thereon, under th proTtaloe of tha
act of June S, 1871, aed acts amend.
torr known as the Timber and
Stone Law," at such value a old'
be fixed by appraisement, and. 1
pursuant to such aDnUcaUon. th
lend and timber thereon have be
appraised, at 1400.00 a boliig chiefly
valuable for lit stone, that said Ap
plicant wLU offer final proof la up-
port of hi application and worn
tatement on the 2nd. day of Furu
ary, 1911, before Carl Ro. United
States CommiBuioiier, at his oltUft,
at Efcvterpriae, Oregon.
Any person I at liberty to pro
test this purchsa before entry, or
IsiUiate a corubaot at any tliae before
patent Issues, by fUin a oorrobaraC
ad affidavit In. this office, alleging
fact which would defect th entry,
'12CU F. C. BrarawU, Rffiter,
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