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Enterprise news-record. [volume] (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.) 1910-1911, March 15, 1911, WEDNESDAY EDITION, Image 3

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Official Proceedings
Of County Court
(Continued from Saturday.)
M. W. . Goodman, witness
grand Jury 6 00
Chris Cook, witness grand
Jury .... 4 80
Mrs. Ella" Clayton, witness grand
Jury 2 20
.Vrs. Clara Blevans, witness grand
Jury 3 40
Otto Southwlek, witness grand
Jury 6 00
A. E. Cole, witness grand
Jury 4 00
A. K, Parker, witness grand
Jury 3 40
A. Gesner, witness" grand
Jury 4 00
J. L. Nolan, witness grand
Jury 4 00
W. P. Wlllett, witness grand
Jury 4 00
J. L. Maxwell, witness grand
Jury 6 00
C. A. Raney, witness grand
Jury 4 00
R. B. Bowman, do 4 00
J. B. Gregory, do 6 00
X T. Anderson, do 2 20
T. J. Elledge,' do 6 00
Rosie Prestwood, do 14 60
Julie Prestwood, do 14. CO
L. W. Minor, do 7 00
Glen Whitmore, do 2 20
Carl Roe, do 2 20
Geo. Wilson, do 8 60
J. P. Morolock, do.. 8 00
Chas. Hug, do 2 20
T. J Elledge, do 2 20
Al Thompson, do 6 6
J. S. Wagner, do 2 20
Eruce Cox, do 6 00
R. McCrae, do 6 00
Let me examine your eyes
I have the only lens srrinding
R machinery in Eastern Oregon,
ana can grinu any icno vj uiuci.
Send Me the Pieces
and I will send you, by return
mail, new lenses, exactly like
the broken ones.
If you need glasses I will furnish
them for less than they would
tcost elsewhere and guarantee
you satisfaction. -
I can furnish you references from
your city.
Next door to Postoffice
Max Gum merman, do 2 20
A. K. Parker, witness fae .. 3 40
Glen Whltmore, do 2 20
W. R. Holmes, do .... 2 20
Frank A'. Reavis, do 2 20
V. C. Hinterman, do 2 20
Calvin Smith, do 2 20
.1. H. McLachlen, do 21 60
Max Gumerman, do 4 20
Ronald Wagner, do 4 20
H. E. Oakes, do 4 20
John West, Juror fees .... 6 20
Dave Steele, do 6 20
J. A. French, do 9 20
8. D. Keltner, do 9 20
H. E. Whltmore, do 10 80
J. E. Bruce, do 9 80
0. J. Rand, do 9 20
L. Graves, do . . 320
Wm. McFetridge, do 9 80
R. L. Day, do 9 20
Frank A. Reavis, do 9 20
W. C. Wilson, do 9 20
F." J. Hambelton, do 10 40
Jacob Bauer, do 9 20
L. C. Page, do . . 10 40
V. I." Cronln, do 3 20
John Lyons, do 9 60
Ray Vest, do 18 20
W. W. Zurcher, do 18 20
W, W. White, do ... . 9 20
L. P. Rose, county poor .... 24 00
Stella Doud, do 24 00
Union County, care of Decker 31 00
Bushong & Co., supplies . . 5 07
Joseph Herald, publishing .. 10 20
Hotel Blrcher, board of Er
nest Carty 12 00
Glass Prudhomme Co., sup
plies 283 01
Ryder Bros., supplies 8 35
Henry & Carr, funeral ex
penses of Jacobs ........ 41 00
S O. Magee, overpayment pro-
I bate filing . . 6 00
(Mrs. R. L. Day, witness fee
1 justice court 1 70
!Chas. Hug, do .... 1 70
iChas. Thomas, do 1 70
H. D. Crura packer, team hiire,
etc 4 00
Edgar Marvin, subpoenaing wit
nesses-and jurors 7 00
Edgar Marvin, expense; return
of Mrs. Gibson 3 85
Willis Cook, witness fee 2 50
Chris Cook, do 2 50
O. F, Mays, do 1 70
3. B. McKenzle. do 1 70
j Peart Wlllett, do 1 70
James Nolan, do 1 70
' R. B. Bowman, do 1 7C
Charles Raney, do 1 70
( M. W. Goodman, Justice fees 6 35
' M. W. Goodman, do 4 95
1 m! W. Goodman, do 6 90
! M. W. Goodman, do 5 05
M. W. Goodman, do 6 90
M. W. Goodman, do 9 85
New Grocery
Teas, Coffee, Spices, Sugar,
Dried and Canned Fruits,
latter headed by Famous
Monopole Brand.
Everything Sold at a Big
Saving to Yon for Cash
Eggs taken in exchange
Next Door to Bank
r t
r -v-V 5 - 'TT
has just been awarded the
Grand Prix
over all competitors at the
International Exposition
M. W. Goodman, do '
O. W. Pagln, constable fees
C. G, Mack examining board
13 80
18 70
25 00
25 00
18 00
6 85
20 00
3 75
44 23
2 50
Aubrey G. Smith, examining
B. F. Miller, assessing ....
O. W. Pagln, constable fees
O. W. Paglri, do
Star Printing Co., printing . .
E. R. Flack, county veterin
arian .... ,
Rodgers Bros., material and
work ....
East Oregon Merc. Co., sup
plies Robinson family ....
ChrlBt Bauer, cleaning win
dows court house
C. J. Mcintosh, examining 8th
grade papers ..
Max Wilson, do
C. G. Mack, do
McCully Merc. Co., supplies
Jack Boury
Edgar Marvin, erroneous as
sessment M. Crow & Co., supplies Ja
cobs family '.
O. H. Brady, labor, paint, var
nish, lumber .... ,
City of Joseph, real ting hall
for elections
E. T. Anderson, witness be
fore grand Jury
Lincoln Austin, constable work
Flora precinct
Wallowa Merc. Co., road sup
plies . . . .
H. C. Davis, Justice fees ..
H. C. Davis, do
C. T. Hockett, examination
Alberta Mann
W. E. Leffel, witness fees
H. C. Davis, coroner fees . .
M. Crow & Co., supplies ..
G. H. Daugherty, bridge work
G. I. Ratcllff, glass, putty,
W. E. Daggett, lumber
W, G. Locke, supervisors sal
ary Enterprise Press, printing ..
Wallowa Chieftain, printing . .
Enterprise Press, printing ..
Wallowa Chieftain, publishing
and printing
9 98
2 50
9 00
9 00
9 00
8 00
2 47
54 11
12 75
20 00
2 20
17 00
25 00
3 35
6 70
5 00
9 40
7 90
7 45
24 00
1 25
8 10
22 50
10 00
9 31
90 70
81 85
4 90
100 00
271 52
Lostine Reporter, publishing
Road Fund.
D. G. Ralls, appi-n Deer Creek
Olof Anderson, 'amt. due road
district No. 17
A freckled person, always wears
specks. Did you notice that?
The wind often travels eighty miles
an hour, and that too without a tick
Much of what we call love at
first sight falls when It comes to
the second, sober view. ' '
Many a man who calls loudly for
Justice would be in the county Jail
If he got It.
A word to the wise is sufficient
but a whole volume wouldn't convince
the otherwise.
Some men are like a laying hen
The Red Front
Blacksmith 'Shop
by the reliable
W. P. Hambleton A Son
Machine Repairing
Same old stand
Enterprise Oregon
they set up a big cackling every time
they do anything.
It may be true that figures do
not lie, but you can not make a fash
ionable dressmaker believe it."
It Is claimed that marriage is a
lottery, but it ' can not be true, else
the law would take hold of it.
Time robs us of many things, but
wounds our vanity first by Introduc
ing wrinkles and the double chin.
Representatives of a Seattle con
cern engaged In the business of mak
ing patent medicine, spent several
days in Clarkstbn last week looking
up a location for the growing of sage
and other ingredients. The Commer
cial club of that place has Interested
Itself In the securing of a location for
the factory and will use their efforts
to have It located there.
Can do your printing In a hurry
If really necessary, but Job printing
is an art that doesn't gain In ex
cellence by haste.
a motner's Safeguard.
Foley's Honey and Tar for the chil
dren. It Is best and safest for all
coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough
and bronchitis. No opiates. Burnaugh
& Mayfield.
Notice is hereby given, that the un
dersigned administrators of the es
tate of Jobe H. Halsey, deceased,
have filed the final account of their
administration of said estate, and
that Monday, the 17th day of April,
1911, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of
said day, at the office of the county
Judge of Wallowa county, Oregon, at
the court house In Enterprise, in said
county and state, has been appoint
ed as the time and place for settling
said account and hearing objections
thereto. Any heir, creditor or other
person interested in said estate may
at or before said time file with the
clerk of .the county court of said
county such objections as. he or they
may have to said account or any
item thereof, specifying the particu
lars of such objections. -'
Dated at Enterprise, Oregon, this
14th day of March, 1911.
30c5 Joint Administrators.
Evidence that would have 'been of
much value to the prosecution during
the trial of T. R. Ellexson convicted
of the lmurder of Waldo Perry at
Union last summer, was uncovered
last week near Union station when
a man named Chadwlek, who is work
lug as. a butcher for the Hot Lake
company, found a time book used by
Ellexson while he was employed at
Union and at Baker, says the La
Grande Observer.'
The book was found near a wire
fence, Indicating that It had been
dropped when the owner was craw
ling between the wires. The discov
ery la of especial importance to Jus
tify the conviction attained on cir
cumstantial evidence, in that it al
most undlsputably contradicts the
story told by Ellexson In his self de
fense. Followers of that hideous
crime will remember that Ellexson
claimed to have boarded a train at
Telocaset; in fact the prosecution
could not bring him nearer to the
scene of the crime than. Telocaset.
It is presumed the murder was
On a Sealy Turtles Mattress
You will dream you drift on air,
Like you were upon an airship-
Pleasant dreams to be your share
On a Sealy Tuftlaa Mattress
You'll have rest and sweet repose:
It U made for peace and comfort
And It does invite the dozt..
Fluffy, stuffy, always puffy
Mattress .that you can't keep down
Like the truth it always, rises
That's what makes Its wide r
Lumps? Indeed there's no lumps In it
If tie veryt ven thing,
It is made of pliant cotton
And it's springy on the spring.
It's the mattress of the palace
And the mattress of the cot;
Safe and sane and sanitary
It's the best of all the lot.
It will hold it shape forever
Keeping smooth the upper spreads
It's so easy to Me on. It
And so easy to make beds.
It is everywhere the hobby
And It'e everywhere the rage,
For the Sealy Tuftless Mattress
Is the mattress of the age.
Fred S. Ashley
Have you seen our stock of
New Ginghams
which we have just opened up and
placed upon the shelves for your
We have a very select line of
Everett, Red vSeal and
Zephyr Ginghams
which cannot fail
most fastidious.
Many other lines have been recent
ly replenished and we are now pre
pared to take your spring orders
R. & 8p Z. CO.
committed about September 4th, and
It has been carefully and distinctly
established that Ellexson quit work
at Baker on September 3 and nota
tions in the book found by Chadwlek
Include the final account with the
Baker employer on September 3.
Men who are in touch with, the dis
covery and who know the exact lo
cation of the book when found, have
drawn the conclusion that when El
lexson had gone to the Perry ranch
located about the same distance from
Union station as it is from Union
town and committed the foul mur
der, he cut cross lots and hit the
railroad track near Union station,
and to do so was forced to crawl
through the wire fence back of Un
ion. In this act he lost the book.
The book was taken to La Grande.
While there was a general feeling
that Justice was fitly applied In the
conviction of Ellexson that feeling
has been spread and cemented by
these discoveries.
Jumping at Conclusions.
Union Scout: Finding the day
book belonging to Ellexson at or near
Union' Junction throws no light otl the
subject. The last notation, accord
ing to the most improved system of
Journalism, was on the 4th day of
September, 1910. This leaves a
l.ipse of seven days. Perry was seen
alive and well on the afternoon of
a wnen
Your Price
You, like everybody else, are willing to sell your
land. The man who will give you your price
will back down if your title is not clear. Do
you know whether it is or not? A Reliable
Abstract tells.. Make sure before the buyer
comes. We furnish Reliable Abstracts.
. ' Beatmaa H BUye. Manager
To the Citizens of Wallowa County
It is our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal '
manner as to matte the customer's rela
tion with this banK satisfactory and
profitable. H Aside from our excellent
facilities, this bank has the advantage of
a large capital and substantial list of
stockholders. It is also a State Deposi
tory. If you are not a customer we
invite you to become one.
Stockgrowers and Fanners National Bank
Wallowa, Oregon
to please the
the 11th of that month. Never again.
Ellexson left George Brown's ranch
at Baker on the 11th and said on
the witness stand that he passed
through Union Junction the next
morning on the hurricane deck o: a
freighter. This new scrap of evi
dence Is not significant. Just, dis
miss the case.
In the matter of the estate of Wll-
11 ami Holloway, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the
undersigned, administrator of the es-
tate of William Holloway, deceased,
I has filed In the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Wallowa Coun
ty, his Final Account as such ad minis
trator, and that Friday the 14th day
of April, A. D. 1911, at the hour of
ten o'clock in. the forenoon of said
day, at the court house, in the
City of Enterprise, Wallowa county,
Oregon, has. been fixed by said court
as the time and place for hearting ob
jections to said ireport of said admin
istrator and for the settlement of said
Final Account.
Dated, Enterprise, Oregon, March
13th, 1911.
First published March 15th, 1911.
Attorney for Admlnlsterator. 91w5
i ou uei

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