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Enterprise news-record. [volume] (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.) 1910-1911, March 22, 1911, WEDNESDAY EDITION, Image 3

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Real Estate Transfers
(Continued from first page.)
sw, sec 33, t 1 n, r 44. $100. .
Geo. W. Pfelffer to La Grande In
vestment Co., we sec 16, t 1 s, r
42. $1.
O. E. Wagner to C. M. Goodman,
part of blk 39 Zurcher's amended add
Enterprise. $1.
' O. E. Wagner to The Public, al
leyway thru blfc-39, Zurcher's' amcnd
' ed add Enterprise. Q. C.
Sarah S. Gandy to Torsten Hagen,
nw, sec 15, t 4 n, r 44. $10.
' ; P. A. Wagner to F. S. Ashley, n
lot 3, blk 26, Gardner's addl Enterprise
Harriet N. Powers to James W. Pow
ers, ne ne sec 34, sw sw bee 26, nVj
nw sec 35, t 2 n, r42, sw se sec 27,
t 2 n, r 42. $1500.
Maggie McDonald to A. J. Pipes,
15 acres In Bee 15, tl n.r 42. $1314.95.
M. P. Potter to A. J. Pipes, 2
tracts (15 acres) In sec 15, tin,
r 42. Q. C. $10.
R.v L, Knapp to T. E. Foreman,
lotsW, ,8, 9, blk 21, McDonald's add
Wallowa. $1.
Margaret Boner to W, P. Sarrett,
lots 33 and 34, blk 3, Evergreen add
Wallowa. $140. ,
J. C, Baird to James M. Barnett,
lots 4 and 5, blk B, Sprostou's add
Wallowa. , $150. f
ThoreA. Bakke to James M. Barnett
lots 2 and3 , blk B, Sproston's 'add
Wallowa. $600.
Sam Litch to J. A. Funk und 2-3 int
aUrd u nw a an 1ft ea no Ran 19
no nn anr 9.9. 9. m ir AS Into 1 9.
3, sne, so nw, eVssw and.se. sec 3,
ne sec 10, eVnw, ne sw, nw se sec 10 I
ne sw sec 11, sw nw sec 12, nw sw j
"Bee 14, nnwse nw, sw ne, sec 13, 1
t 2 n, r 47. $1.
Do you need glasses
Let mc examine your eyes
I have the only lens grinding
machinery in Eastern Oregon,
and can grind any lens to order.
Send Me the Pieces
and I will send you, by return
mail, new lenses, exactly like
the broken ones.
jstt rum mm
If you need glasses I will furnish
them for less than they would
cost elsewhere and guarantee
you satisfaction.
I can furnish you references from
your city.
Next door to Postoffice
llfflW.il. Ull 1) ll III
has just been awarded the
overall competitors
International Exposition
John McDonald et al to W. J. Goll
nick, w'aeBw sec- 33, t 1 s, r 44.
$600. . ' t ,
W. J. Gollnick to A. H. Young, w
e'sw, sec 33, t 1 s, r 44. $600.
G D. Daniel to Hattie R. Camp
bell, ne ne, sne sec 13, t 4 n, r 42,
and lots 3 and i, secl8, t 4 n, r 43,
Duval Jackson to Ada Fay, se nw,
ne sw and w'jsw, sec 22, t 4 n, p 42.
A. G Wlgglesworth to A. C. Aliff,
1 acre Ui sec 13, tin, p 42. $1.
A. C. Aliff to A. B. Miller, 1 acre
in sec 13 t 1 n r 42. S10
J. F. Holloway to H. A. and B
J, Kuhn, wMise sec 23, nne see 26,
t 4 n, r 43. $800. '
Warning to Railroad Men.
Look out for severe and even dang
srous kidney and bladder trouble re
sulting from years of. railroading. Geo.
E. Bell, 639 Third St., Fort Wayne,
Ind., was many- years "a conductor on
the Nickel Plate. He says: "Twenty
years of railroading left my kidneys
in terrible condition. There was a
continual pain across my back and
hips and my kidneys gave- me much
distress, and the action of my bladder
was frequent and most painful. I got
a supply of Foley Kidney Pills and
the first bottle made a wonderful Im
provement and four bottles cured me
completely. Since being cured I
have recommended Foley Kidney
Pills to many of my railroad friends."
Burnaugh & Maytield.
What He Needed. ,
The Hobo Please, mum, I'm a sick
man. De doctor gimme dls medi
cine, but I nee:?s assistance In taking
The Lady Poor fellow! ' Do you
want a spoon and) a glass of water?
The Hobo No, mum. I wouldn't
trouble yer. But this medicine hasta
be took before meals. Have yer got
a meal handy? Cleveland Leader.
Do you know that all of the minor
ailments colds are by far the most
dangerous? It Is not the cold itself
that you need, to fear, but the ser
ious disease that it often leads to.
Most of these are known as germ di
seases. Pneumonia and consumption
are among them. Why not take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
cure your cold while you can? For
sale by all dealers.
. , j
If . you want good feed for your
team .and good treatment, come to
White Front Bam. , 97btf
New Grocery
Teas, Coffee, Spices, Sugar,
Dried and Canned Fruits,
latter headed by Famous
Monopole Brand.
Everything Sold at a Big
Saving, to You for Cash
Eggs taken in exchange
Next Door to Bank '
For Sale At a Bargain
Second-Hand Farm Machinery.
1 18 horse power Phoenix Traction
Engine (wood or straw burner); 1
32x52 Red River Special Separator,
Nichols & Shopard Co. build; 1 Ruth
Self Feeder; 1 N. & S. Grain Weigh
er and Bagger with water tank, belt
ing and equipment complete. Apply
S. D. KELTNER, Agent.
Stoves that advertise have the
goods at right prices.
A Cold, LaGrippe, then Pnejumonia
Is too often the fatal sequence. Fo
ley's Honey and Tar expel the cold,
2hecks the lagrlppe, and prevents
pneumonia. It Is a prompt und re
liable cough medicine that contains
no narcotics? It is as safe for your
children as yourself. Burnaugh &
Date after your name stamped
on the paper gives the month and
year to which your .subscription . is
paid. If It doesn't correspond with
your receipts, come and see us or
write to us about it. Always glad
to correct mistakes.
If vou have trouble In eettiinr rid
. -
of your cold you may know that you
are not treating improperly. There is
no reason why a cold should hang on
for weeks and it will not if you take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. .. For
sale by all dealers. '
Not a Word of Scandal
marred the call of a neighbor on Mrs
W. P. Spangh, of Manvllle, Wyo., who
said: "she told me Dr. King's New
Life Pills had cured her of obstinate
kidney trouble,' and made her feel
like a new woman." Easy, but sure
remedy for stomach, liver and kid
ney troubles. Only 25c at all drug
gists. If the type is so blurred you can't
read the . date after your name
stamped on the paper, 4t is- be
cause you haven't paid up for so
long the figures are worn smooth.
When a subscription is renewed- the
name and date are reset in new
type and show up 'beautifully. Try
it. ,
"Foley's Honey and Tar is the best
cough remedy I ever used asit quick
ly stopped a severe cough that had
long troubled me," says J. W. Kuhn,
Princeton, Nebr. Just so quickly and
surely it acts in all caseB of coughs,
colds, lagrlppe and lung -trouble. Re
fuse substitutes. Burnaugh & May
field. .
Good printing? Get it here.
Notice is hereby given, that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed
and has qualified as executor ; of
the last will and testament of Lazarus
The Red front
Blacksmith Shop
by the reliable
W. P. Hambleton A Son
Machine Repairing
Same old stand
Enterprise Oregon
at the
Wright, deceased; and all persona
having claims against the estate-, of
said deceased are .required to pre
sent the same with proper vouchers
to said executor at his residence near
Chlco, Oregon, or to bis attorneys,
Sheahan & Cooley, at their office in
Enterprise, Oregon, within six months
from the date of this notice.
Dated at Enterprise, Oregon, this
the lh day of March, 1911.
31c5 Executor.
A Dreadful Sight
to II, J. Barnum, of Freeville, N.
Y., was the fever sore that bad plag
ued his life for years in spite of
many remedies he tried. At last he
used Bucklen's Arnica Salve and
wrote: "It has entirely healed with
scarcely a scar left." Heals burns,
boils, xzema, cuts, bruises, swel
lings, corns and pllos like magic.
Only 25c at all druggists.
. : i
In the matter of the estate of, James
A. Badde'ey, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the, un
dersigned has been appointed admin
Istiator of tfie estate of James A.
Baddeley, deceased, on the 26th day
of January. A. D. 1911, tuid notice, is
hereby given to all persons having
claims against said estate to present
them properly, verified within six
months from the date of th-ia notice
to the administrator of said estate
at the office of Daniel Boyd, ta En
terprise, Wallowa county, Oregon.
Dated this the 11th day of Fobrunrj
A. D, 1911.
Administrator of ithe estate of James
A. Baddeley, deceased.
Attorney for Administrator, 2Cc3
John'W. Sickelsmlth, Greensboro,
Pa., has threo children, and like
most children they frequently take
cold. "We have tried several kinds
of cough medicine,"' he says, "but
have never found any yet that did
them as much good as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy." For sale by all
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Ore
gon, March 13th, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that Frances
J. Ogan, widow of William H. "H.
Ogan, of Enterprise, Oregon, who ,on
June 8th, 1909, made Homestead Ap
plication, No. 0G641, for SNEVi and
ENW4, Section 31, Township 1
South, Range 46 East, Wlllamete Me
ridian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final Five-Year Proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above des
cribed, before Carl Roe, United Statts
Commissioner, at his office, at Enter
prise, Oregon, on the lth day of May
Claimant names, as witnesses: Hen
ry E. Davis and Ernest F. Wright, of
Joseph, Oregon; Nell Stewart and
Robert F. Smith, of Enterprise, Ore
gon, F. C. B RAM WELL.
31c5 V
Notice is hereby given, that the un
dersigned administrators of the es
tate of Jobe H, Hiilsey, deceased,
have filed the final account of their
administration of said estate, and
that Monday, the 17th day of April,
1911, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of
said day, at the office of the county
On a Sealy Tuftloss Mattress
You will dream you driA on .air,
Like you ,were upon an airship
Plea&ant dream to be your share.
On a Sealy Tuftless Mattress
You'll have rest and sweet repose:
It la made for peace and comfort -
And it does Invite the doze..
Fluffy, stuffy, always puffy
Mattress .that jrou can't keep down,
Like the truth it always rlsos
That's what makes Its wide re-
Lumps? Indeed there's no lumps In it
It'8 the very even thing,
It is made of ptfant cotton -
And it's springy on the Spring.
It's the mattress of the palace
And the roattreaa of the cot;
Safe and sane and sanitary
It's the best of all the lot.
It will hold Us shape orever .
Keeping smooth the upper spreads;
It's so easy to lie on it
And so easy to make beds.
It is everywhere the hobby
-And it's everywhere the rage,
For the Sealy Tuftle&s Mattress
Is the mattress of the age.
Fred S. Ashley
Have you seen our stock of -
New Ginghams
which we have just opened up and
placed upon the shelves for your
We have a very select line of
Everett, Red Seal and
Zephyr Ginghams
which cannot fail to please the
most fastidious.
Many other lines have been recent
ly replenished and we are now pre
pared to take your spring orders
R. & 8r
judge of Wallowa county, Oregon, at
the court house in Enterprise, in said
county and state, has been appoint
ed as the time and place for bettling
said account and hearing objections
thereto. Any heir, creditor or other
person interested in said estate may
at or before said time file with the
clerk of the county court of said
county such objections as he or they
may have .to said account or any
item thereof, specifying the particu
lars of s-uch objections. , .
Dated at Enterprise, Oregon,, this
14th day of March, 1911.
30c5 Joint Administrators. .
Notice la hereby given that the un
dersigned W. R, Holmes has been
duly appointed as the executor of
the last will and testament of Char
les G. Holmes, deceased, by the
County Court of Wallowa County,
State of Oregon, and that he has
duly qualified as such executor.
All parties holding claims against
said ewUvto or' against the partner
ship of Holmes Brothers, of which
tho decoaded Charlos O. Holmes I
was a membor, are hereby notified
to present their claims with proper
vouchers and duly verified as requir
ed "by law within olx months from
When You Get
Your Price
.You, like everybody else, are willing to sell your
land. The man who will give you your price
will back down if your title is not clear. Do
you know whether it is or not? A Reliable
Abstract telle. Make sure before the buyer
comes. We furnish Reliable Abstracts.
Bsatmaa ft BUys. Hanagsri
To the Citizens of Wallowa County
It is our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal
manner as to maKe the customer's rela
tion with this banh satisfactory and
profitable. Aside from our excellent
facilities, this bank has the advantage of
a large capital and substantial list of
stockholders. It is also a State Deposi
tory. If you are not a customer we
invite you to become one.
Z. CO.
tho date of this notice, to the undor
slgned executor at Enterprise, Wal
lowa County, Oregon.
Ezecutor of the last Will and Testa
ment of Charles G. Holmes, de
ceased. J. A. BURLEIGH, Attorney for Es
tate. 29c5
In the matter of the estate of Wil
liam Holloway, deceased.
Notice, la hereby given that the
undersigned, administrator of the es
tate of William Holloway, deceased,
has filed In the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Wallowa Coun
ty, hlB Final Account as such admlnis
trator, and that Friday the 14th day
of April, A. D. 1911, at the hour of
ten o'clock In- the forenoon of said
day, at the court house, la the
City of Enterprise, Wallowa county,
Oregon has been fixed- by said court
as the time and place for hearing ob
jections to said report of said admin
istrator and for the settlement of said
Flual Account.
Dated, Enterprise, Oregon, March
13th, 1911.
First published March 15th, 1911.
Administrator. ,
Attorney for Adminlsterator. 91wB
and Fans National Bank
Oregon '

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