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tai mi m o
Published Dally Except Saturday
Pub. and Prepr.
Rater 1 at poetomc. OritU Fi
Or, m eswon eleaa mail matter.
v.splay apace. Pr rioe1
local-personal column, per '
i4drt, per line
Wj matt or carrier, per Tr.;--!0
3y nail or carrier, pr snoath.. .50
nail, per yr
8UU Editorial Association
Oregon Dally Newspaper Pub. Aasn.
Tbe Associated Press U eiciusively
tmltled to the at for republication
t t all Bewa dteeatoh credited to it
Uhe Best
mar will be opened at 10 o'clock and
will be kopt open all day. The big)
carnival will start In the evening.
Today the Red Cross ladle tcrved
a fine dinner In the Chamber of Com
merce room to an I in in fine crowd,
and the performance will be repeated
tomorrow noon, at Ihe lame place.
It I reported today that hundred
r preparing to attend the carnival
Saturday night.
Every dime you ipeud at the ha
taar and carnival la a boost for ur
boyi "ovar there." .
Classffied Advertising
winning the war.
The Judge urged that every cltlsen
sacrifice to the limit to buy bonds to'
the arch enemy, but In no friendship
was there sincerity, any further than
, , - - . , thl' . . . . . 'sacrmce 10 ine mini iu uuj uuuua v .........
ZXf h0 lh" th Tr. would .rve,aMure
lulled hertta. ; PMtteuUr Imperial ambition, or be, r9 Mw ,oJovlngi and he warned
All rlghta of rn-ubllcatton of ape- held on the che board of Interna- them axuiuat German peace projia-
. . . . l .. 1.. .J .. l . Ih. .nniliur arlnlAP IlA
Clonal poillica lO Ilium ruuuihi i'i-iKmiu umiui mw iuiu ......-.
titular ambition of the same aort. Pointed out that Intense activities on
c ' .v . Kn.k-,. ..iinni " western rront wouia soon cease
S nee the establishment of national .... .
because of the weather condition In
autonomy in tne Hainan me iurs
who dkskut n.vrrxK link
Undon. Sept. IT. German, troops
are continually firing on Bulgarians
who desert from the battle line , It
waa officially announced by the Sor
btan war office In the communique
received here today.
Gorman prisoner, according to the
communique complain that the Bul
garians Intentionally abandon great
numbers of German-made machine
.rial dlspi.tches
fee reed.
herein are
Fair, continued warm; gentle
northerly sephers.
MA.V N .
It has bee said by men profound
ly versed in European polltlce that
the key to the European war situa
tion lies In Constantinople, and tbe
Turk holds It.
That iudgment was based npon
western France, and that Germany
faced a new menace He became woll4 Uke advantage of the situation
aware that his empire In Europe had to send out peace feelers. He thought
been divested of reality and reduced there would be few people In this
I....1 ,KU nnliiMinrhnnHl Ik hn would
to mere name. There waa thei " . . .
I urge mai pero u muv, u mv
power of aggressiveness and a row-no md9 ,n 0ermliny col,id be
Ing organisation there; there wereaefeptd;
"Germany can have a dictated
peace, and one dictated by the allies.
They will get It when they make an
unconditional surrender,' said the,
speaker. " "
i In the party were: Judge John
hatreds destined to flame Into con
suming fire, as they did. Tbe Bal
kans threatened to be the acute and
fatal attack In the long Illness of the
Turk. But tor Anstria, dominated
hr.the annerlor and more ambitious iH Stevenson. Sergeant II. L. White,
MtM.i v..n. ... nf fjarm.nv'Erlc V. Hauscr Jr., K. L. Noeren
the end would have come, Turkey
would hare been driven across the
Are you Registered? If not, then
do It now. Saturday, October 6th.
I91f. Is the last day to register for
the General Election.
go County Clerk
10 It SAUC Elglity acre runch, In
Apptegate valley. Thirty a-res In
cultivation, pert alfult. Klue
range for stock.' House, barn and
out-bullillng. Farming Imple
ments If desired. Inquire Ike Vin
cent, call Pro vol l central. TS
WOOD-Good slab wood, 12.60 per
tier. No wood sold In ordera of
lew than four tl-'M, evenly rut.
(let It while It lusts. Wood will
be scurce this v. Inter. I A. Uuu-
er. 7
FOP. SM.K At pulillo auction, t)C'
tober 1, at my place JH miles
north of llogue River, my stock,
farm muchlnery and household
goods. II. K. Scldmore. 74
- acre near M'lmer. Good place to
start with little money. Address
II. M. Knudaen. Tasco, Wash. 4
rTra.Lfc:ci I R A V UooJ heat Intt
stove In first class condition. In
quire at Rochdale grocery atore, tf
llUINQ YOUR Jl'NK to the Uranti
Pass Junk Co., 41 Huuth Blith
street. Phone 11. We buy rag
metal, rulibvr, scrap Iron, bides
and wool, old automobiles for
wrecking. , 6 1 It
ON CA81I IIAS1-The Music and
Photo house will remove to the
new (oration, next door west, on
October t, and everything will be
on a cash basis vscept pianos and
talking machine sold on Uase.
Cash basis la nereeaary In order to
maintain low prices. Stanton
Howell. 607 Q stteet. IT
II KMC la a real opportunity. The de
mand for farm tractors Is ln reus
ing by leaps and bound. West
ern representative of eastern con
cern manufacturing popular priced
line of four wheel trai tors will he
In this vicinity soon to close con
tracts. If Interested address P. W.
Wisdom, csre this psper, 71
(Paid Advertisement.)
SNAP 7 -room plastered house be
tween Fourth and Fifth on 11 St.
Best location In Granta Pass, two
Iota, bath, gas. Price $1,100. Easy
terms. This won't last long. 1.
A. Launer, Realtor. 77
bridge Into Asia and perhaps It would
berg and Mark Woodruff.
Mr. Hauser Is a son of Eric V. Hau
ser, owner of the Multnomah hotel
at Portland, who la financing the
have taken a world war, as now, to'tonr of the Tellow Demon. Two
determine who would be the Turk's Hsuser boye are now In France and
snccessor a. keeper of the Inter-con-! W n '"l"
tlnental way.
he there In a few weeks. Mr. Noer-
enbert la a private soldier from Van-
It was entirely logical that thejeouTer i,arr,ci,'g who was detailed to
Turk should have Joined forces with drive the car.
the central powers. The Turk was
led to believe In the ooasted super-
conditions that made up the old .human power of the alleged Olympic
oMer in which It waa generally ad- god at Berlin. The picture of pan
mltted. that all the powers, severally.; Germanism presented to him. prom-
' . .. . ... It..'. !... . ..nn tfcnn.h ...hJ
or In their respective groups, wwii - - -
committed to the policy of the Tnrkl ordinate place in the sun. It offered
.,J.. .v- v..j. ,.., .v. I.. U the Turk thought, an Insurance
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Independent Candidate
County Clerk
O. t C. 160 acres close to Grants
Pass, 80 acres level land,, living
water all year, running water to
July 15, good outrange, good road
$75 my charges. I A. Launer,
Realtor. . 77
Democrat it; Nominee
continents rather than surrendering
it to the other .fellow. Russia was
not to have It Individually, or in al
liance,, the other powers preferred
that the Tnrk should hold It rather
than to pay the war price which a
dubious attempt to capture the prize
would entail.
When we say that Constantinople
la the bridge between Europe and
Asia that is almost literally the fact
It Is the actual link of interchange
between the steam and electric
driven, higb-tension life of the West,
and the odorous, iplce-Uden, gem
studded enchantment of the East, it
leads from one land of teeming mil
lions to another the one throbbing
with the creative Impulse of a new
world, the other living under tbe
spell of a seeming necromancy which
dominates the old world.
We have drawn much from those;
Asiatic millions, and we are destined
to draw much more. In their work
ing and their dreaming they have
contributed for centuries to Euro
pean wealth, philosophy, religion,
arts, poetry and architecture. We
still rest debtor to them for tbe won
derful products of their inonstry
their embroideries and rugs and silks
and cashmeres and porcelains and all
manner of designs, worked as It
of his hold upon European posses
sions. He would be safe and even
powerful aa a member of the pan
German confederacy ' that was to
reach from the North sea to the Per-
slan gulf. More than that, there was
the bold chance, the rather exhilar-
atlng dream of wh.t might be the
possible outcome of 'A pan-Islam war
to which German support was pledg
ed. To the Turk. OeVmany Was the
successful player at tbie board, and
he was wilting to stakt his fortunes
where you can trip over the floors to
the Janlest music that waa ever Jax
xed by a Jaiier. It will be great.
However, If you have rheumatism
or the gout and don't feel like shak
ing your trllbys. there Is yet one of
the most Interesting psrti of the
great carnival awaiting your pres
ence. This Is the baiaar conducted
In the spacious basement of the court
house. In decorating the place (he
ladles have not forgotten to display
Old Glory, and the room Is vtry at
tractive and clean while great stacks
of fancy articles made by the ladles
are there for yonr Inspectlon-p-and
for you to bny. There are cute little
hoods and wearing apparel for the
BUY YOUR Fl'KU kindling-. Mocks
and sawdust of Ilnber Urns. 135
West Q. Phone 609-J.
H. D. NORTON, Altorey-et-le.
Fraction In all State and Federal
Courts. First National Uask Bldg.
COLVIO WILLIAMS. Atlorneys-at-Law,
Grants raas Basking Ck
Bldg., Orsnu Pas. Oregen.
FOR SALIC Good team and hnr
ncss. Inquire 2'ii West Q slrrot
Phone 500-J. 77
CEDAR IOST3 for sale Split and
largo round anchor. A. K. Phllpa,
Rogue River, Ore., R. F. D. No.
1. 74
B. 8. VAN DYKE. Attorney. Prso
tie in all court. First Nation!
Bank Uldg.' . " '1
on the cards that Germany played. Ins. "a ""'
- t , . nnl , . o tnose mny anu preuy mu
Germany has lost. The forces that! fc.'.fc.. m. ,nM
are working German defeat are strip- ,earn ,ne ngme) of bllt tney are
ping the Turk. Whether or not Con- j there In profusion and are worth
stantlnople Is key to this ,war, those 'many times the price asked for them.
But there are other things besides
the fancy work, and as a "barnaln
counter" the ladles have a store that
beats the Susie Sawbnck catalogue a
powers will take 11 from the Turk.
They will leave him naked and dis
possessed, for the dny of the new or
der has dawned In which there Is no
International need to keep a sick ob-l
Don't miss the carnival tonight and
structlonlBt as guard and keeper of .tomorrow night. Tomorrow the ba
the 'bridge between two civilizations.
Mazda Lamps
IT AVISO too little light
puts a strain on chil
dren's vlnlon that they may
never outgrow! Why not
hnve plenty or light? Na
tional MAZDA Lamps give
three times the light of old
fashioned carbon lamps
without adding a penny to
yonr light bill.
Rogue River Hardware
ii-. 11. llldillc Mxr.
Mostly pine. A. F.. Phllps, Rogue
River. Ore.. R. F. D. No. 1. T4
FOR RENT Furnished cottage with
prettiest garden In town. Corner
of Booth and Foundry street.
Renter will havo to keep up the
garden. Key next door. Hit
FORRKNT Furnished" house, In
quire at Mrs. Peter Gravlln's, 802
M street. TT
Portland Telegram.
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According to the returned iwldieri
the boys had their minds on ievery-
tblng but the war. And he says that
would seem by witchery, In metalsiig as It should be. When thejr, get
i to the front they will experiencethe
and ivories and precious woods. It
Is across the Bospborus that modern
Europe and ancient Asia clasp bands.
There's the bridge upon which the
potential East meets the dynamic
West. ' ,
To control that portal and make it
the vital center of an extensive Ot
toman empire has been tbe Turkish
dream, realized for the first time In
the eleventh century and maintained
with wavering fortunes ever since.
Twice waa there nearly a rude awak
ening, but the Turkish forturtes were
left secure by the outcome In the
Crimea and again were safeguarded
by the peace at Berlin. Russia was
Grants Pass & Crescent City Stage Co.
W. T. llreen, J'ropr.
H. Glddlngs. Agent
Big Pierce Arrow Cars
Easy Riding
Officer Old Observer Hlk. Corner Seventh and CI streets Phone 20
tortures of hell as the German t'as
and Jack Johnsons 'come over. Hie
sargeant knows because he was at',
Vlmy Ridge, the Marne and was nln '
months in a hospital because of gas.K
.TtirizA .Tnhn H RtevanHnn delivered .
a punchy and powerful address. H?
urged the buying of bonds, but most
ly he demanded an unalloyed loyalty
from ever citizen, regardless of the
place of hlg 1 irth. The speaker con
gratulated the country because of
the Fourth Liberty bond campaign
coming at a time when the German
drive on Paris had turned to the
march upon Berlin, but he warned
the people against overconfldence
and apathy. In his opinion there is
only one worth while qnestion be
fore the people of America, that of
Telephone 22H-J and 163
Full Line of Auto Supplies
TIRES-A11 Sizes
FOR RKNT 4-room house, $1, 1 '-fi
blocks from postnfflce. Income
realty to exchange for merchnn
dlse. J. D. Drake, (II 1 D street. T3
FOR RKNT--Flva room cottage, 203
C street. Gas, electric lights, low
rent. Bee N. b Townsend, 621 A
O. S. ni.ANCHAIU. Home l
Law. Golden Kill llilldlnf
Phono Z70. Grants Pass, Oregon.
tornsys. Albert Bldg. ,Phon.
m-J. Practice In all courts;
hoard attorney.
C. A. 8IDLER. Altorny-at-Law. rst
tree In bankruptcy. Maaonle
tempi, Grants Pass, Or.
DR. R. J. BKSTt'L, Veterinarian.
Office, rvildenc. Phone 301-R.
I O. CLEMENT, M. D Practice
limited to diseases of the e.ve. ear,
nose and throat. Glasses fitted.
Omr hours 9-11, 2-5, or on ap
polMment. Oltlce phone tl, real-
' dence phone 959-J.
WANTKD Fresh Jersey cow with
cair. Address Martin 'Conger, Kt.
4. Box 85-A. 74
WANTED TO rBl'Y Second hand
top buggy In good condition, also
breaking cart. Address U. C.
Helghton, Rd. No. 2. 74
WANTED On an alfalfa ranch, an
experienced farmer who under
stands irrigation, one with a small
family who can assist In taking
care of cows preferred. Write to
Frederick Pelouze, Eagle Point,
Ore. 82
TWELVE Al'PLK pickers wanted
Fort Vannoy Orchard, phnna 606-
F-12. ' 77
W A.N rbU A woman to work one
day a week. Address No. 1589,
care Courier. 78
WANTED TO RKNT A furnished
house. Address 1S93 care Courier.
S LOUUHIllDllh,', at. l, PhysDiau
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or night. Rcsldeae
phone S69; office phone lit
Sixth and II, Tuffs Bldg.
DR. J. O. NIBLEY, Physician and
surgeon. Lund burg Bldg. Dealt!)
officer. Office hours. Mo II a.
m. and 1 to & p. ni. Phone aiO-J.
A. A. WITH AM, M. I). Internal
medicine and nervous dls'tnaea;
903 Corhett Bldg., Portland. Ore.
Hours 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.
D. M. D. Flrst-clas
ins'i South Sixth
street, Grants Pass, Oregon.
a. MACML'RKAY, U.ui ut votto
culture and singing. Lessons glvea
at horns of pupil If requested. Ad
dress 7 It Lee street.
LOST September 17 on the road be
tween Grants Pass and Williams, a
small matting suit case. Finder
notify J. L. Would rid Ke, phone
287-R. 74
kinds of drayage and transfe.
werk carefull and promptly dsn
Phone 181-J.' Stand at freight
deppt. A Shade, Prop.
TUB WORLD MOVKS; so do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
THE PICTURE MILL for fine photo
graphs. Open dally except Sun
day from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Sun
day sittings by appointment only.
Phone Mill, 283-R, or residence
140-J. G7tf
F. U. 1SHAM, drayase and transfsr.
Safes, itanus and furniture
moved, packed, shipped and stor
ed. Phone Clark ft Holman, No.
SO. Residence phone 124-R.
Mutter Wrappers prlii'.nd to com
Vly with the law at the Courier.
All kinds of Conimor.'ln! J'rlntlnx
it Hie Courier .Jlfice.
The California and Oregoa
Ooait Railroad OompanT
Pally except Sunday .
Effective My 1, 1919
Train 1 l. Grant Pass.. 1 00 p. in,
Trs'n 2 lv. Waters Cei k :00p. in.
All trains loavc Grant Pmh from
be cmer of Q and F'sluh streets,
-ippoiilte tl.e goiithern I'anlflc depot.
." all Infarmntli.n roparilni.
freight ana pankerjv rrvlc call at
the office of the eotiiHiiiiy, .Lnnd'mrt'
building, or phone 131 !nr omr

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