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qrqii DIES
lira. Jimei Holman, who u
track by an automobile Saturday af
ternoon at the Palace hotel corner,
tied at midnight Saturday, not hav
ing regained consciousness. '
, The death of Mrs. Holman Is a
ahock to tha entire community. She
had been a resident of Grant a Pa
tor II year and waa a friend to all
with whom aha came In contact.
The funeral will be held at thai
H. Ik Wilson, Olendale merchant,
waa In .the . city yesterday,. .
Bicycles repaired at Cramer Bros.
Mra. Lotta Croad, of Leland, left
on Sunday tor Pensaeola, Fla.
Mra. K. Oum, who Tlaited Mra. V.
D. Norcroas, Wft this morning tor
her home at Chlco.
Some real bargain In ladles two
iiec underwear at leaa than laat
year price. Kinney ft Truax. 75
Stanley Leonard left thla morning.
' New Tork, Sept. SO. Since the
tret "goalees' Sunday, 10 eafgo
.boat, carrying 500,000 barrel! of
gasoline, which otherwise could not
hare been ahipped, hare been aent to
franco from the United . Statu, de
clared Mark URequa, director of
the oil dtrlalon or the United States
fuel administration, In an add real
Jere today before hundreda ot man
etactnrera and engineer pledged to
eoaaerre coal and fuel oil to help
win th war.' '
family realdence, 704 North Serenth returning to Vancouver, after epeud-
treet Tueedar afternoon at 4 o'clock. Ing a few daya wun ma p.ru.
Iter. P. K. Hammond ot the Aahland Hobart Gllttllan li ependlng a tew
fsinn.i (kiiMk MBiinotln tfca J..-, .irk ralatlvM and friend. .11
i" . ........ " o uJ m i" . - - i
.111 return to the O. A. C.
' .Rathaaweet.H Sabln ha It. 1
Mlaiea Marguerite .Wlble .and
Helen Flfleld left thla morning tor
Salem to attend Willamette unlrer-
Rt.n our lutar esrda tor vciouer.
You can have your month'! aupply
, - it j. Pardee, i
1 U uuv tv,
u Andrew Shade and daughter,
Mlsa Mamie Henkle. . returned thla
rMni rhiro. Cal.. where
ihr .nent the' pat tour week. ,
Mra. N. F. . Clementa and Mleaes
Dorothy, and Merlam Booter arrived
thla morning from Medford and will
.n.i.,1 a rw dars with rrienaa.
Ut mowera aharpened at Cra
mer Broa. 18
and Mre.C. . Wootley ar-
rived thla morning from 8an Fran
rfaco and will apend a few daya with
il. .i.Mr'a mother. Mra. Geo. Slo-
.w ;
. Mr! Ed .Holme and daughter,
ilrrtle left Sunday evening fort Port'
land where they will apend a few
daya'riiltlng, the trip being made ai
a 'vacation for Mlsa Holme.
' We are paying 65 cent pot caih
for butter fat Mutual Creamery
Cn. n r. Skillman. agent. i
Gall Hamilton, who haa been driv
ing truck for one of the chrome com-
aanle. eame In from Monumental
aad left laat night for Portland to
re-enter the Portland dental college.
Sign your auger tarda for October.
Ton tan hare your month' aupply
In one lot now.' J. Pardee. 77
Mra. Frank Hoover, ot Bybee
spring, who rlsited relatives here,
and Mis Josie Wright went to Med
ford Sunday to attend the teachers'
Josephine county la asked for a
mall quota of band and bath towel
rfor hospital ae and the Red Croaa
la la argent need ot 300 hand towel
and 150 bath towela to fill the quota.
Every family la asked to furnish cne
or more of these towela In ilze ap
proximately 17x32 Inches for hat d
towels and 19x34 for bath towoJe.j
Leave them at the Red Croaa room
with Mrs. Oriftia some day during
the week.
Big Veaiaoa Fred
Grant Pass lodge No. 84, A. F. A
A. 3d. will hare a big veniaon feed
Tuesday night at the Masonic Temple
la this city. - There will be prapkin; Institute.
pie ami an me other good things ne- H. L. Boynton, who haa a very
eernary to mike a supper a perfect promising chrome property on Evans
occasion. The Masons hare Invited creek, arrived thla morning from
ail Turning, brethren' and hare ex- Sah Francisco. He attended to bus-
tended an Invitation to the Clendale Ine" matters and left later for the
' Muo a to attend la force. " ' - property. '
1 r- -
Two allows aad 9:15
Admission 10c and SSOe
.1 Jl in
i i .."
la-' ; . . ti-
TIie Spfendid Sinner"
, " ' A mooVrw society' drama In tlx reels
' " " COM1SO .
GEORGE MVC0HA5 la.. . ....
Mr. Carolyn Wlmer la ipendtni
the day at Ashland on bnalneea. -
Mrs. Chaa. Moore visited Aahland
yesterday. '
Private R. W. Tavenner, ot Inde
pendence, Ore., Is asslitlng the local
draft board.
Mr. and Mra. C. H. Johntoa and
daughter, and Miss Mary Stringer re
turned last week from an absence of
four months, during ' which ' Urns
they visited Salem, Portland, Van
couver, Tacoma and other points.
MytM-e Home Htif - .
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Roat, of,
McMillln, Mich., have arrived In the
city for a visit with their son,; L. F.
Roat, and are contemplating making
their home here, -
tVfflaalag Oct, 1
Meals at Palace hotel will be 40
cents. . Sundsy night chicken dinner
50 cento. 77
8errea Citation
Sheriff Geo. Lewi made a rlp to
Elk creek today to serve a citation
on the parent ot 17-year-old Henry
Webb, who la alleged to have set
Area recently In the vicinity of the
Albert Hutchlnaoa ranch.
Rcbckaha at Red Ooe
The Rebekahe will meet at the
Red Cross room on Thursday, Oc
tober 3, and each aiicceedlng Thur
day. for work. All other Invited.
KaJKerm Hfar Mewibw -Membera
of the Order ot the East
em 8tar are requested to meet at the
Masonic hall Tuesday afternoon at
3:30 to attend the funeral of tire.
James Holman.
Mrs. Henry
Mr. Henrietta Grata , Henry died
thia morning at the. home,: ot her
daughter, .Mies Louisa Henry. The
funeral will be held on Wednesdsy
at j o'clpck from, the residence, 147
North Seventh street,
aaaurrs la.tfie M' i
The local sheiinTa of ice this morn
Ing received a telegram from Sheriff
J. T. Corliss of Sal; 14 ke City. tat
Ing that George Sanders la still In
the east, wot (hat he will shortly re
turn to Salt Lake and then will im
mediately route to Grants Pass to
answer charges which bare been
placed agatast him.- - - -
London, Sept. 30. It la reported
that Count von llertllng, the Ger
maa' Imperial chancellor, has re
signed. '
words, two Issue, I5e; tlx issue,
lee: one month. 11.50. whefc paid la
edvaaoe. Wbea not paid la sdvaace.
le per line per Issue.)
WANTKD Groundmea and linemen
for Western Union construction
gang working between Merlin and
Granta "Pass. .Best ot wagee and
accommodations? Steady employ'
ment.' For particulars' apply man
ager Western Union lranta Pasa
or foreman, Msrlln, Orai' .'1 ' l' 31
LOST Somewhere between L street
and the Allen creek bridge on the
Wlldervllle road, n a lady'a Un
rklacoat. - Flader please leave' at
Mra. Adam Wlmer' atore.. '' '77
FOR SALE UghU-genrtl team and
harneaa, good peddling wagon with
roller bearing. Oood reason for
elllng. C. W. Revell, P. O.. o
160, Grnu Pass, Ore. v Ml
LOST September 31nd, gold horse
shoe breast pin let - with crystal,
lost between Christian churth aad
ball grounds. Reward If left with
No. 1(35, care Courier. 77
THE FOLLOWIXO dairymen will not
sell milk after October l,'l18, at
leaa than: 3.60 per month for
quart; $3.25 per month for plats;
4" Go per gallon la bottles; $8c per
gallon In cans; 30c per gallon for
skim, milk, . Cream: pints. 37.50
for ' months ; H'pinta, JM.jper
month;' pints, 13.33 per month,
tad will make but one delivery per
day ' after November 1 8ddny
Brook Dairy, A. A. Ingall. Peter
Olson, Anna M. Lewi. Will flro-
fllle. F. QtWck, J. T.lChaiie.
Un. W. R. Nipper.' ' ' It
WAfPTED By gentleman, , board
ana room' ground floor with
heat, AddreeeP. O. Box 386. 76tf
WANTKtu-Foiir er five apple pick.
re at ease. laanlre Lathrop
Bros. 7
O.Nt ACCOfVr OF fearing eltr wlil
sscrlflce good pbao, good oak li
brary talr aad fevefy rafet. Ad
drees Route 1. Boa 5, Grants
Pais. T miles out o Merlin
road. ,
Many Anew MolT
The number., of. automobiles that
have lately Bern stolen has sseomed
huge proportion, 4lnH every day
the chief of police aad sheriff's force
receive notices to be en the lookout
for stolen cars. . Deputy gherfeT Lis
ter this morning opened a letter from
San Francisco, In which was fisted
a large, number of cart of rarfotm
types that hare lately been storm.
WANTED As" once, iMrter for
rural achoot. tf-mone&r term, $75;
also teacherwr t we. other school,
Inquire Mr Alice Bacoa, county'
srftool superintendent. . 7g
8. A. FewUral' Ooeee Tomlglrt
Tonight is the wind-up of our bar-
rest festival.. Special music and aim
ing and recitations at 8 o'clock, after
which we, will' aervei "hot do. and
coffee, alio an auction site of fro it
and vegetables. Doitl fall t cart at
the Clippie Creek postofflcev tftero fa
a package for yotr. The postage due
Is 15 cents. Salvation Army, Grants-
Pass, every Body knowe where. .T
t' if'
Raise in Price
Owing to the fact that all supplies need la the conducting of '
' the) laaadry bnsineee bare IncaWed In price' from 00 to 1,000 . !
together with the heary Increase la wages, make It absolutely ne-,
, cceeary that aa lncreswe la the price of laundry work be made. We
had hoped to continue at the are-war price bat the business Is now
' being conducted at a lose' and ' a order to continue we most make a
Prices will be lowered again as sooa ae the conditions warrant.
I i .
i )
Grants Pass: Steam Laundry
Phone 37
ft '('
i r , :
Ii amber Camp Cloned
W. H. Damewood was fn- the city
today, Mr. Damewood home f en
Cow creek- near Azalea, but every
summer for- years past ha has work
ed for the Smith milt near Gazelle,
Cal. The mill has closed down for
the season, but a big run was made
at that place this year. Mr. Dame-
wood state that there are 2,000,000
feet of tomber In the yard and that
1,000,00 feet aro now twins snlp
" Butter WraDoere orlnted to
Vty with the law at the Courier.'
roa TuraoAr eves
f ' -t '' '
Green Sea Turtle
Aa Glasse
Baked SuckUng Pig With
Candled Apple
Oxford Grill
We will win khis .v)ar
'Nothing else really matters until tve dot
Eaeim m roulers
(Coatlceed from page 1.)
Paeis, BepL $0. The allied ad
ran at on four sectors from the
North sea to the Msuss continue and
Important strategical points are be
ing takea from the Germans by tbe
Frentft, British, American and Bel
gian force. ) .v
Not sine the first battle of the
Mama haa there been an atuck to '
ompare In extent with the present
operations. The new thrust ot the
Anglo-Belgian armle, waa a com
plete surprise to the German and la
meeting. with, marked succea.
. The number of prisoner Increasea
hourly and the advance goes oa
steadily despite the fiercest resist
ance ot the Oermana. ,
,, i
"' The 'Pacitlo Coast director of the oil diviston of ' the FUel
Administration haa requested that the sale of Gasoline and En-:
gfne Distillate be' limited "to the'nours' between Six A'M. and
Sir P M ' n - .srt .,..,.,! ? M vUtU V r'i-''.'l
oix r. m. , . ;j i in.., r . n i. i..v. , i.r. wi..'
The Standard i.Ojl Qompany js. glad tto. comply with this
' request and beginning October First all of our' stations and de
. livery f aciTitlef wSJl smeihepubh only.
This request is made for the purpose of conserving man
power and we know .that our patrons will patriotically cooper
ate with the Fuel Administration in carrying out this important
war measure. '

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