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THllWOAY, NOVKMIKll 14, 101.
Published Dally Except Saturday
k. E. VOORHIK3, Pub. and Propr.
atatered at postoffloe. Grants Pass.
Or., aa second elaas mall matter.
ifMsplav apaea, per Inch 15
Loeal-Dersonal column. pr lina 10c
Aeaders. par line - - c
ttj maB or carrier, per year..6.00
By mall or carrier, p.r month- .60
a? mall, per year...,,
The Awoclated Press U exclusively
entitled to the use for republlcatloa
at all aewe dispatches credited to it
r not otherwise credited In thli
.tapar and also the local aowa pub-
Uahed herein.
All rights of republication of ape-
Hal dlsputcbet herein are alao
f Rain, moderate southerly -f
f winds reaching fresh gale force
f alone the coast. ' '
Germany dreamed not only
military but also commercial world
supremacy. XJjenshe wakes up to
what has realgpened she may
wish she had die to her sleep.
Before the war she controlled the
dye market, the potash supply.
treat exportatlons of sugar and coal
and of drugs and glass and fine
steel products. She possessed min
ing Interests in Australia and Amer
ica whence came much of the raw
material needed, for .the, manulae-
tures which were so important a
part of her foreign trade. . She own
ed factories, land and dock space ot
enormous value in the United States
Now where does she stand? She
has lost the dye market, and Ameri
ca not only makes her own dyes but
supplies Germany's former custo
mers. We make our own glass and
drugs. Potash - fields have been
found here, while the source of Ger
man supply in Alsace-Lorraine will
revert to France. Teuton-owned
property interests in this and other
countries have been confiscated and
sold. Probably the most cruel blow
to Germany Is the loss of the North
German Lloyd and Hamburg-American
docks in the United States, for
dock space In our Atlantic ports Is al
most unobtainable, and now Ger
many's cherished holdings are sold
to her competitors.
When Germany tries to re-enter
the commercial world, she will find
herself hated, her foreign holdings
Cone, the demand for her wares
greatly diminished and raw mater:
lals difficult to obtain. Countries
not otherwise averse to trading with
Iter will hesitate to do business on
anything but a cash basis, being sus
picious of her credit; and Germany,
addled with debts and war indem
altles, will not have much cash.
Truly a rude awakening from her
dream of empire, to appear a beggar
and despised when she had thought
to rule, but Germany had it coming.
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"Between the optimist and pessi
mist The dlference is droll.
The optimist the donghDut sees,
The pessimist the hole."
E. G. Holman, having bought the
Interest of N. G. Clark in the Clark
& Holman business, all persons in
debted to the firm' are notified -that
all accounts are payable immediate
ly to E. G. Holman or N. G. Clark.
kinds shall be delivered intact as
well as military stores ot food, mu
nitions, equipment not removed dur
ing the periods fixed for evacuation.
Stores ot food ot all kinds tor the
civil population, cattle, etc., shall be
left in situ. Industrial establish
ments shall not be impaired in any
way and their personnel shall not
be moved. Roads and means ot
communication ot every kind, rail
road, main roads, bridges, water
ways, telegraphs, telephones, shall in
no manner be Impaired.
Materials to Be Given Up '
- 7. All civil and military person
nel at present employed . on them
shall remain. Five thousand loco
motives, 50,000 wagons and 10,000
motor lorries in good working order
with all necessary spare parts and
fittings shall be delivered to the as
sociated powers within the . period
fixed for the evacuation of Belgium
and Luxemburg. The railways of
Alsace-Lorraine ' shall be handed
over within the same period, togeth
er ' with all pre-war 'personnel and
material Further material neces
sary for the working ot railways in
the country on the left bank ot the
Rhine shall be left in Bltu. All
stores of coal and material for the
upkeep of permanent ways, signals
and repair shop left entire in situ
snd kept in an efficient state by Ger
many during the whole period of ar
mistice. . All barges taken from the
allies shall be restored to them. A
note appended regulates the details
of these measures.
8. The German command shall be
responsible for revealing all mines or
delay acting fuses disposed on ter
ritory evacuated by the German
troops and shall assist in their dis
covery and destruction. The Ger
man command shall also reveal all
destructive measures that may have
been taken, such as poisoning or
polluting of springs, wells, etc., un
der penalty of reprisals.
Rights of Requisition Claimed
9. The right of requisition shall
be exercised by the allies and the
United States armies in all occupied
territory. The upkeep of the troops
of occupation in the Rhlneland (ex
cluding Alsace-Lorraine) shall be
charged to the German government.
10. An Immediate repatriation
without reciprocity according to de
tailed conditions which shall be fix
ed of all allied and United taiee
prisoners of war. The allied pow
ers and the United States shall be
able to dispose of these prisoners as
they wish.
11. Sick and wounded who cannot
be removed from evacuated territory
will be cared for by German person
nel who will be left on the spot with
the medical material required.
TOnDositlon on Eastern Frontiers
12. All German troops at present
in anv territory which before the
war belonged to Russia, Roumanla
or Turkey shall withdraw within the
frontiers of Germany as they xlst-
ed on August 1, 1914.
13. Evacuation by German troops
to begin at once and all German in
structors, prisoners and civilians as
well as military agents now on the
territory of Russia as defined before
1914 to be recalled.
German Seizures to Ceaiie
14. German troops to cease at
once all requisitions and seizures
and any other undertaking with a
vIpw tn nhtalnlne suDDlies lntenBfid
for Germany in Roumanla and rW
sla (aa defined on August 1, 1914.)
15. Abandonment of the treaties
of Bucharest and Brest-iLitovsk and
of the supplementary treaties.
16. The allies shall have free ac
cess to the territories evacuated by
the Germans on their eastern fron
tiers either through Danzig or by the
Vistula In order to convey supplies
to the population of those territories
or for any, other purpose. , .
Clause on East Africa
17. Unconditional capitulation . of
all German forces operating In East
Africa within one month.
IS. Repatriation, without recipro
city, within a maximum period ot
one month, in accordance with de
tailed conditions hereafter to he
fixed, ot all civilians Interned or de
ported who may be cltlsens of other
allied or associated states than those
mentioned in clause three, para
graph 19, with the reservation that
any further claims and demands of
the allies and the United States ot
America remain unaffected.
19. The following financial condi
tions are required
While such armistice lasts no pub
lict securities shall be removed by
the enemy which can serve as
pledge to the allies for the recovery
or reparation for war losses. Imme
diate restitution ot the cash deposit.
In the National Bank of Belgium,
and in general immediate return of
all documents, specie, stocks, shares, Amerjca.
iwper money logemer witn plant ror
. . k ' , . ' etc.) are to be disarmed.
This gold to be delivered in trust to I
the allies until the signature of
peace. j
Naval Conditions Stated j
SO. Immediate cessation ot all i
hosttltllos at sea and definite In
formation to be given as to the lo
cation and movements ot all German
ships. Notification to be given to
neutrals that freedom ot navigation
In all territorial waters Is given to
the naval and mercantile marine of
the allied and associated powers, all!
questions ot neutrality being waived.
21. All naval and mercantile ma
rine prisoners of war ot the allied
and associated powers In German
hands to be returned without reci
23. Surronder to the allies and
the United States (Including all sub
marine cruisers and mine-laying sub-j
marines), with their complete arma
ment and equipment In ports which!
will be specified by the allies and the!
United States ot America. All other j
submarines to he paid off and com-'
pletely disarmed and placed under
the supervision ot the allied powers
and the United State ot America.
23. The following German surface
warships which shall be designated
by the allies and the United States
ot America shall forthwith be dis
armed and thereafter Interned In neu
trai ports, or for the want of them,
In allied ports, to be designated by
the allies and the United States of
America, only caretakers being left
on board, namely: Six battle cruis
ers, 10 battleships. 8 light cruisers,!
including two mine layers, 60 At-'
troyera of the most modern type, j
All other surface warshlps( Inclnd-!
lng river craft) as to he concentrat-i
ed In German naval bases to be de-i
slgnated by the allies and the Unit-'
ed States ot America, and are to be
paid off and completely disarmed
and placed under the supervision of
the allies and the United States of
AH vessels of the auxil
iary fleet (trawlers, motor vessels
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countries. Restitution of the Rus
sian and Roumanian gold yielded to
Germany or taken by that power.
24. The allies and the United
States ot America shall have the
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Grants Pass & Crescent City Stage Co.
W. T. Ureen, Propr.
H. Glddlng. Agent
Big Pierce Arrow: Cars
Easy Riding
Office 0d Observer Blk. Corner Seventh and G lreets Phone M
Telephone 2HI and M.l
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