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Y. M.C. A.VOMAfl
Boston Young Woman Has an
Unusual Experience.
In Mldit of Fierce Bombardment for
Pour Hours Keep Her Nerve Our.
, ' Ing Storm of NoIm and Bursting
Metsl Boche Flings About Evsry.
thing Ho Hat Into Village Orderly
.f Saves Colontl'a Life.
An xMrl(Mice not often almred by
women In thin war waa that of Mlaa
Vary O. Clark of Bout on, Mont, now
a Y. M. O. A. canteen worker In
Franco. For no less than four houra
Mlaa Clark waa In the mldat of a
norce bombardment by tho Roche
runt, part of the time lylnc with a
detachment of American soldiers In
an open trench. In tho name attack
later two Ited Triangle worker, Dr.
John Brownlce Voorheea of Hartford,
Conn., and K. W. Dallew of Leitng
ton, III., wera hit by shell splinters
and aeverely Injured.
Tho village where Mlaa Clark's can
teen la altuated la In an advanced po
altlon clone to the front line trenches.
Until the day In question, a Sunday,
the Iluna had not paid much attention
to thla particular part of Franco be
hind the lines, nowever, In thla par
ticular part of tho war none, tha Toul
sector, there la no telling where bis
mornlng'a hate will break forth. In
thla case, apparently, he waa only bid
ing bla time to wipe thla particular vil
lage off the map.
The day dawned brilliant with ran
shine. Shortly after 8 a. m. Mlaa
Clark waa getting ready for break
faat when the first ahell aalled In
over the roof tope, and landed In a
dump-heap not more than BO yarde or
so from her open window. The Orat
crash did not atartlo tha Y. M. C. A.
worker. She looked out Juat In tlma
to aee the dump-neap fly skyward, de
acendlng presently ra ahowera of
brick, dirt, farmyard and other debris.
v V
A second ahell followed Immediately,
upon which pandemonium broke loose
In tha hamlet. The detachment of
American troop billeted there ."nine
pouring out of doorway and window,
all Intent on seeing what waa going
on ; and with thiun came a few scatter
Ing; French penaant. tho remnant of
the vlllage'a former population.
Tims to Move.
A the ahell by thla time were fall
Ing thickly among the roof and al
ley near by. Mlaa Clark decided It
wna time to eeck aome lea exposed
poNltlnn. Accordingly ahe locked her
tnink, and picking up what amall vain
able ahe had with ber, ahe made her
way Into the atreet
A French peaaant waa Juat paaalng.
Mix Clark recalled that the woman
wna waatlng no time, but aa ahe aaw
Ml Clark ahe panned long enough
to Inquire: "Are you afraid, Mlaar
Mlaa Clark hnan't decided yet whether
ahe waa at that exact Inxtnnt; how
ever, ahe shook her head, when tha
French woman, bidding her to follow,
made on down the village street
Halfway to the end or the afreet the
Y. M. C. A. worker encountered the
colonel In command of tha billeted
troop. He and the regimental chap
lain were looking' out of their quar
tera. watching the bursting ahell.
However, aa there waa a lull now,
they invited Mlaa Clark to Join them
at breakfast
The party was hardly seated when
again uproar broke loose. At the
anme time regimental messengers
brought the newa that already there
were aeveral casualties In the town.
Things began to happen then, one
after another. A ahell pitching over
the roof top laid waste a near-by
house, and waa followed Immediately
by another still hearer. "You'll have
to move out of here," the colonel told
Mlaa Clark. Down the street, Juat
beyond the town limits, was a refuge
trench laid out for Juat this ever
gency, and the colonel directed Miss
Clark toward It. Once ahe waa head
ed In the right way, the colonel and
the chaplain went off to aee what was
taking place elsewhere.
Take Chance With Soldiers.
It waa evidently much. Mlaa Clark,
when ahe reached the trench, found
It already occupied. A section of
troops, acting under orders, waa stand
ing there on the alert; and after a
gasp at the sight of a woman, an
American woman Into the bargain,
there In the midst of that shell Are,
they made haate to help Mlsa Clark
Into the trench. They even tried to
tuck her Into a sheltered corner In one
of the slg-aags, the man there giv
ing op hi place. Mlsa Clark, bow.
ever, would not let him move; and
taking her chance with the soldiers,
ahe stood up among them.
Bhella were again falling everywhere.
Presently a runner .brought In the
new that the regimental chaplain had
ben killed, and that the colonol'a or
derly had been alaln also while atand
Ing beside tho colonel, a later run
ner brought tho report that the order
ly had aaved the colonel's life by
leaping In front of his commnnder
when the shell burst
The Are now wna a mixture of shrap
nel and high explosive shell. Walls
were fulling everywhere, and when one
of the big onea landed there waa an
eruption of brick, atone and tiling thai
filled the surrounding landscape.
"What did you dor Mlaa Clark was
"Do? Why, when the aoldlera duck
ed, I ducked too. There waa nothing
elae to do."
Woman Keep Her Nerve.
Occasionally there were brief lulls
In the firing. None of thera lasted
more than a few minutes, and each
evidently was a trick on the part of
the Hun to entice the unwary Into the
open. At any rate, the firing would
ceaae for two or three minutes, when
It would burst upon the town agnln
In a sudden deluge of flume and fly
ing ateel. Anyone caught out at this
Instant waa almost certain to suffer.
Mlaa Clark does not profesa she
waan't frightened. That atorro of
noise and bursting metal would have
frightened anyone. However, the aol
dlera all 'agree that the woman "Y"
worker kept ber nerve during all the
trying ordeal. Now and then a ahell
would fall close to the trench In which
the was standing, bnt fortunately none
fell Into the trench Itself. Again and
again, though, the soldiers In the
trench begged Mlaa Clark to crawl
Into the comparative safety of the
angle, bnt this she refused to do. Tm
here, Tm a woman, and I'm useless.
HI stay where I am," was the reply
the soldiers say she made.
And there ahe stayed. However,
along toward noon the bombardment
abruptly ended, and after waiting to
make rare It had, the soldiers urged
Mlsa Clark to make her escape. As
the cloud of smoke and dust settled,
ahe climbed out of the trench, and
made her way along the now ruined
street to the regimental headquarters.
There waa ruin everywhere along
the way. The Boche, evidently In a
fury at the punishment our boy bad
Inflicted on him a day or so before,
had flung about everything he had
Into the village. The main part of
It of course, ws shrapnel and me
dium caliber shells, but mixed In with
this were a number of the huge Aus
trian high explosive ahell. Where
they fell they had wreaked devasta
tion to the surrounding walla. Stone
and brick filled the street; and there
were craters where the blgb explo
sives bad landed.
No Place for a Woman.
At headquarters Mlsa Clark found
the colonel, no had a gaah on bla
cheek, a memento of the ahell that had
killed hla orderly; and as he saw Miss
Clark hla relief was evident Divi
sion headquarters, he announced, bad
wired over, ordering her to be re
moved from the town at the first op
portunity. Besides the chaplain and
tire colonel's orderly there bad been
other casualties; so that It manifestly
was not a place for a woman. Even
though Mlsa Clark protested at being
made to leave ber charge, army or
ders are Inexorable; and that after
noon a Y. M. 0. A. car took her back
to a town out of range of the German
"It waa prety thrilling," said Miss
Clark. "I ehall never forget the eight
of those huge sheila landing every
where abont me, raking down the
walla of the houses I had come to
know. Neither can I forget the sound
the shells made when they came roar
ing toward ua, then burst The worst
part of the experience waa when our
boys began dropping Into the trench
with an account of the casualties.
"Yon ought to aee So-and-So, bla head's
shot off." they'd report; or "They got
8o-and-8o; I helped to scrape him op."
One or two of the vtctlma they told
about I knew personally, and It was
dreadful to learn they had gone."
Mlsa Clark. In aplte of what ahe
went through, la not any the worae
for her experience, but In aplte of her
appeals, the Y. M. C. A. haa decided
to have her work In a leas exposed
Han on Scout Duty at Training Camp
Haa Strang Experience.
X Y. Maxwell of Elmlra. on scout
duty at the University of Oregon offi
cers' training camp, brought his knowl
edge of bayonctttng Into play the other
day without waiting for an Instructor
to call "enemy" when charged by a
bull while crossing a pasture.
The five companies were advancing
on a mile front to the rifle range three
mllea from the university for machine
gun practice at the time of the Inci
dent Maxwell was a acout for Com
pany D. He waa taking part in a
maneuver ln "enemy country." Sud
denly he aaw the bull coming. He
stepped to one aide and as the animal
rushed at him, struck it across the
nose with his gun, breaking the stock
of the weapon. The bull did not at
tack a second time. ......
Man Glvea Up Pound a Day to Get
Into Marines,
A pound of flesh a day for 15 days
will be the sacrifice made to his coun
try by Jack Charles Read of San Fran
cisco, i ,"
Read attempted to enlist In the
United States marines, but was
told that he waa 15 pounds overweight
He Immediately declared that be
would remove , the 15 pounds of fatty
substnnce within 15 days by taking
a special course in dieting and exer
cises prescribed by his physician and
would then reappear at the Marine
corps recruiting station.
"Shylock didn't have a thing on the
marines," declared Read. "He only
wanted one pound of flesh these fel
lows want fifteen. Gee, It's tough to
e u fat man."
Fashions In Humor.
A lady once suggested "Alice In
Wonderland" to a steady-going ma
tron. The volume was soon returned
with thanks and with tho explanation
that what waa wanted was something
"light" not all those puzzles. Un
questionably, there ore fashlona In
We have In our employ one of
the beat acetylene welders on
the coast. All kinds of heavy
machinery and aluminum
crank cases welded. We weld
All kinds of lathe work turned
out. .
Phone 100
Crater Lake Motor, Co.
FOR BALE 40 tons first class al
falfa hay, baled, at the barn. C.
D. Woolverton, Rogue River, Ore
gon. 2S
FOR SALE Thoroughbred Brown
Leghorn cockerels, T-months old.
C. Bcbaefers, Rd. 2, lower river
road. 21
FOR SALE 'Horse, hack and har
ness, call at 602 Bridge . street
Mrs. W. M. Turner. IS
FOR 8 ALE Thoroughbred Cheater
White weaned pigs, IS. H. E.
Gordon, Rt. 2, Oranta Pass. 19
120 ACRES O. ft C. relinquishment,
one-fourth mile from the Gebers
school house on. Crescent City
highway, 40 acres level. Price
$175. L. A. Leaner, realtor. 19
1917 CHEVROLET with demount
able rims for sale. Is in best run
ning condition. M. J. Barker, 207
Weat C atreet Phone 198-R. 18
FOR SALE Team, wagon and har
ness. Team 5-year-olds. Weight
about 2800. Also motorcycle. In
quire 707 Foundry St ' ,20
FOR SALE Navy Whiter beans,
hand picked, ready for the kettle,
10c per pound. O. A, Bryan. 20
FOR SALE Large ranch, north of
Selma. For particular address
, owner. A. E. Krokatrom, Selma,
Oregon. 20
AUCTION SALE at Borougha ranch
postponed to Monday, November
18th, 11 a. m. Taylor. 18
FOR SALE Steel range good aa
new, price $20. Call 329 Weat I
Street 21
FOR SALE Young team (excellent
pullers), wagon, plows, harrows,
bay, lumber, cedar poeta, shot
gun, rifle, bedsteads, oil stove and
other articles. Phone 502-F-12,
Mrs. George L. Morris, Rd. 1,
Grants Pass, Ore. 42
FOR RENT Cottage 821 Rogue
River Ave., three rooma and
Bleeping porch, good well and one
half acre land, barn, $4.6C p"
month. Key at 208 Foundry. Out
WANTED Teamater for farm work.
Apply H. E. Gordon, Rt. 2, Grant
Pass. 1
WANTED AT ONCE $1,000 - loan
for year 'on 136 acrea timber on
Coyote Creek, two milea from Wolf
Creek station, halt mile off high
way, Douglas fir, aome sugar pine.
Cruises between 4 and 5 million.
No underbrush and all amooth
timber. Write Bob Roberta, Hotel
Clark, Glendale, Ore. 21
WANTED Bookkeeper and aten
ograpber. Muat be good at tig
urea and have some knowledge of
shorthand. Address No. 1932
care of Courier. 18
JITNEY SERVICE Any where, any
time. Phone Mocha Cafe 181-R.
Otto J. Kalps, Residence 149-Y.
HEMSTITCHING and plcoting done
to order. Handicraft Shop, Med
ford. Ore. N 38
GARAGE First class work; elec
trical work a apeclallty; satisfac
tion guaranteed. Ola and gaso
line. Everett Steiger Garage,
211 North Slxt'u Street Phone
298.' '42
i t
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nov. 19, 1918.
Traina will run Tuesday, ThursdaJ
and Saturday
Leave Granta Paaa., 1 P. M.
Arrive Water Creek .- 2 P. M.
Leave Watera Creek 3 P.. M.
Arrive Grants Pasa -4 P. M.
For information regarding freight
and passenger rates call at the office
of the company, Lnndburg building,
or telephone 131.
8ourc of Republle'a Strength.
Government In a well-constituted re
public requlrea no belief from man be
yond what his reason authorises. He
sees the rationale of the whole system.
Its origin and Its operations, and, aa
it Is best supported wben best under
stood, the human facaltlea act with
boldness and acquire, under thla form
of government a gigantic manliness,
Thomas Paine. ' .
Butter Wraaaera printed te com
yly with the law at Ua Courier.
Advertise ng
THE PICTURE MILL for fine photo
graphs. Open dally except Sun
day from 10 a. m. te 5 p. m. Sun
day sittings by appointment only.
Phone Mill, 2S1-R, or residence
14W. I7ti
DR. SL J. BESTUL. Veterinarian.
Office, residence. Phone I0S-B.
L. O. CLEMENT, M. D., Practice
limited to diseases of the eye, ear,
aese and throat Glasses fitted.
Office bonra 9-12, 2-6, or oa ap
pointment Office phone (, resi
dence phone 859-J.
a LOUOERIDOS, M- D- Phyahtfaa
and Burgeon. City or country calls
attended day or alght Resides y
phone 189; office phone ISt
Sixth and H, Tuffs BIdg.
DR. J. O. NIBLEY,' Physician auj
aurgeoa. Lundburg BIdg. Health
officer. Office hours, t to 11 a.
m. and 1 to ( p. m. Phone 210-J.
A. A. WITHAM, M. D. Internal
medicine and nervosa diseases;
901 Corbett BIdg., Portland, Ore,
Henra 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.
A. BURS ELL M. D. D. C In block
north of poetoflce, corner Sixth
and D atreet". surgical, electrtoaL
chlropratlc and osteopathia treat
menu. Office phone 197-R; resi
dence phone 833-R.
H. D. NORTON, AUoraey-eUaw.
Practtoea In aU State and Federal
Court. First National Bank BIdg.
COLV1U ft WILMS MB. . Attorneys-at-Law,
Graata Pass Banklag Co.
BIdg., Graata Pass, Ore gen.
B. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Prae
tloe la all court First Natloaal
Bank BIdg.
O. 8. BLANCH ARD, ttomey at
Law. Golden Rule Building
Phone 270. Grants Pass, Oregon.
torneya. Albert BIdg. Phoa,
, 2IC-J. Practice in alt courts; Us
board attorney a.
C. A. 81DLER,.Attorney-et-Law. ref
eree la bankruptcy. Maeoale
temple. Grants Pass, Ore.
E. a MACY. D. M. D. F1rat-4ass
dentistry. 109 tt Sooth Sixth
street Graata Pass, Oregen.
kinds of drayage and tranafet
work carefully and promptly lane '
Phone 181-J. Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop.
THE WORLD MOVES; ao do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
F. G. ISHAM. drayage and transfer.
Safes. piano and furniture
moved, packed, (hipped and stor
ed. Phone Clark ft Holmaa. No.
80. Residence phone 124-R.
Mazda Lamps
TT AYING too little light
puts a train on chil
dren's vision that they may
never outgrow! Why not
have plenty of light? Na
tional MAZDA Lamps give
three times the light of old
fashioned carbon ' lampa
without adding a penny to
your light bill.
Rcgue Rnrer Hardware
Ge. R. Riddle, Mgr.

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