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trad to b correct. Aj fur U Ctrt
Catalog lt' traa.
The Music an J Pfcc to House
Staatae RowelL Proprietor
There are funds In the treasurer's
hands (or redemption of courthouse
warrants No, 52 and No. S3, pro
tested December 4, 1917. Interest
oeased on above warrants Not. 1,
20 . County Treasurer.
K. Hammcrbacher, a local breed
er of slnale comb White Leghorns,
has Just received a report ot the sec
ond All-Northwest laying contest
held at Pullman, Wash., the contest
starting November 11, 1917, and
ending October SI. 1918. While the
pen did not win first place. It made
a sood showing, '
The pen ot five birds laid 972 eggs
during the rear, an average ot 194.4
These eggs sold tor $37.24, an aver
age of $7.45 per hen.
It cost $3.34 per hen, or a total
ot $20.54 tor feed, leaving a net
profit for the pen ot $20.50, or $4.10
per hen.
Mr. Hammerbacher had two hens
laying over 200 gs, one 245, and
one 219. This Is proof that good
breeding pays.
FOR SALE A good piano. Call at
408 C street. Phone 32-R. 19tf
TAXI It going or coming call the
White Line Taxi. . Safety first.
Call at the Spa confectionary.
Phone. 262-R. Residence phone,
320-R. 45
If yon have anything to sell try
a classified ad.
Auto Livery
If yon are in need of a car and
want quick service, can ns.
Come to the
Grants Pass
f ' 0.: ; , . . . ,
the dining room of the Grants
Pass Hotel will be opened at
11:30 on above date, nnder the
-management of E. C. Potter,
First class meals and service
will be given.
Breakfast will be served at
a, m. to 9 a. m. Regular
dinner, 11:80 to 1:30. Short
Aiders from 1:80 to 8 p. m.
Real heme cooking.
Give Us Your
Base hospital, 17
American Expedition Forces
October 20. 1918.
My 'dear loving mother and all the
rest ot the folks at home:
I know you will be anxious to hear
from me, so one ot the Y. W. C. A,
women has been kind enough to con
sent to write for me.
This is the beginning ot the 4th
week and the doctor told me today
that he thought I might be able to
get up, possibly In four weeks more.
My legs are improving wonderfully
and are quite palntcl at times, bift
the doctor says it is because they are
getting better. I have complete use
ot my right arm and getting bo that
I have about halt the use ot the left
one. My shoulder is getting very
much better and I will soon be able
to sit np.
My left knee cap was blown away
and I asked the doctor if my left leg
would be stiff. He hummed a little
bit and then said, "well a little." and
then said, "but you'd rather have
that than none x at all wouldn't
you?" I told him "yes," because I
was happy not to lose it entirely, and
sure do hope that I do not. My right
leg will get entirely well ana will be
O. K. except possibly weak and will
leave quite a scar.
I am awfully anxious to hear from
home but have not had a letter for
nearly five weeks, as I know they
are being stacked up somewhere and
there Is some delay In forwarding
them to me at the hospital. The
nurse told me yesterday to have
heart that she thought I'd be home
by Christmas. I sure do hope this
Is true, for I have a fear of the
front line. I would be so nervous
and scared that I'd be absolutely
worthless. The shock from the ex
plosion of the shell exploding 'so
close sure made me arfully nervous,
but the nurse says I'll outgrow that.
No one can ever imagine how hor
rible and how dreadful the modern
warfare of today is. There are so
many different things to combat, for
example; the shell that wounded me
was a double explosive shell, explod
ing twice. It also contained gas.
That one shell possibly cost five or
six hundred dollars. After being
wounded I still had presence of mind
and with one good hand put on my
gas mask, thus saving me from be
ing gassed.
I cannot tell you all the horrors
but can jxplain them to you when
I get home, and my greatest desire
is that this war will cease.
The weather has been .kind of
chilly here but think It may brighten
up later. Please do not worry over
me, Instead Just send up a prayer to
God, it will do me much more good
and save you a whole lot. Be sure
and write lots of letters. It Is get
ting late now and I must close. Lots
of love and a kiss to all.
C. W Courtney,
Base Hospital 17,
A, P. O. 71, A. E. F.
Mrs. II. F. Ogden went to Dole
this rooming to visit her parents.
Mrs. O. A. Sorrels, of Williams,
went to Tortland last night to spend
the winter with her husband.
"Ingorsoll Railollte." Sab'ln has it.
Ira Sparttn left last night for
Camp Lewis to visit his son, Lester
D. T. Lawton,' of Medford, sealer
ot weights and measures, Is In the
city today.
Mrs. C. H. Corson went to Albany
today on account ot the Illness of
her grandmother.
George Sorenson left last night for
Portland, to be absent on business
a few days.
' Gasoline 27c cash only at the Bat
tery Shop. 23
Mrs. Ernest Brlggs and two chil
dren arrived thl morning from
Portland to spend a few days with
relatives and friends.
Mrs. G. E. Arnold arrived this
morning from San Francisco to Join
her husband, an employe ot the
Southern Pacific.
Arrived theme"
Private Samuel F. Long has ar
rived safely overseas, according to a
card reoelved by his mother.
llnrgiUiia In Mngaalnes i
Get our club catalogue. Rexall
Store! 19
TviM-h In DM riot IK
Miss Corstens, of Los Angeles,
went to Kerby Monday to take the
school In District No. 18. Miss Cor
stens had been spending some tlnvp
in the Evans Creek valley.
Cuh Only Buys Goodit-
Commencing November 20th the
Battery Shop Is on a cash only ba
sis. 33
"Stuck" In California
A tourist who recently arrived
from California states that between
Dunsmutr and Redding be saw 17
automobiles stuck In the mud. It
appears that the Golden State's
roads are not famous.
Mrs. Maude Miller left this after
noon for San Francisco to enter the
service as nurse at the Letterman
reconstruction hospital at the pre
sidio. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Falrchlld. who
spent the past month here, left this
morning returning to their home at
San Diego. They were accompanied
by the former's mother, Mrs. B. A.
Falrchlld. who will spend the winter ei, Work
(n Can HIava
" 'v V , 1n.tal1i.il Km a. .. Kl 1. -1
i trlcal firm with competent men,
Hoy Scouts Meet Tonight (Pauls Electric Store, phone 90. Med-
There will be a meeting of the ford. Ore. 2d
Boy Scouts tonight at 7:30 at the 1
Iamww an Eye
Mrs. Raymond Jlamm Is in Port
land, where she was called by the
misfortune ot her slater, who lost
an eye during the peace celobratlon
in that city. An attempt was made to
remove the eye and replace it, but
the surgeon's efforts were ot no
Almont everything .we eat, wear or um in any way is dearer
than it was a year or two ago; in many caiet very much dearer.
Some incomes may be increaiing proportionately, but not many
in this town, we fear. All the mora resoon why you ihould
Watch Your Values
That is just what we help you lo do at this store. Each and
every article in our store ii marked down to the very lowctt price con
silient with safe merchandising, and we can and do guarantee you a
full dollar's worth for every dollar you spend with ui.
C, IU FIFIKLD, Manajiar
Chtfmber of Commerce rooms.
MANonle Blue LndKe
Regular meeting tonight, Novem
ber 19, work In the E. A. degree.
A. K. Cass, W. M. 19
Duck Hunters Have Success
O. W. WInetrout this afternoon
received a phone message from C.
A. WInetrout. who with O. S. Blan
chard. Elmer iBalsIger and Alfred
Letcher are duck hunting at Klam
ath, stating that the party had bag
ged about 80 ducks so far.
...i o.
People of Grant Pass, why pay big fuel bills and get up In cold
'damp rooms, when you can have a room very reasonable with
.steam heat,' hot and cold running water In each room
Come and look our rooms over
. , ' ' - ( t j ,
New Josephine Hotel
A. J. Martlneau ''
Luncheon Monday
The Monday noon "get-together"
luncheons at the Chamber of Com
merce rooms will be resumed next
Monday. A big time Is planned, an
nouncement ot which will be made
the latter part of the week.
I Burial of l.Vy.-nr-Old I jut
I The funeral of Denver Gordan
Courier, aged IS years, who died
Saturday evening at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. Cour
ier, on South Fifth street, was held
Monday morning at 10:30, Rev.
Chas. R. Drake conducting. Burin!
was made In the Granite Hill ceme
tery. Mr. Courier and family ar
rived recently from Nevada.
SM-mllng Winter at Home
Charles Mastin arrived last night
and went to Dry den this morning
to spend the winter with his mother
at the old home. Mr. Mastln's home
Is In Chewelah, Wash., where he has
a farm, but he spent the past sum
mer In Montana with the Tenton Val
ley Coal Co., In the rapacity of civil
Ganoline 27c Cash
At the Battery Shop.
"Smoked" American
Lowden Gatewood, a shine artist
at the DeGenault barber shop, al
though he has no fingers on one
hand, does not consider that he Is
handicapped. He Is now attending
school, but says he is a "smoked
American," and wants his customers
to remember that he will be at his
post of duty after school hours.
ThankKgivIng Night
Murphy resumes ber position In
the galaxy of glistening celobrattons
You can be one of the stars for
ll.HO. 23
"Submarine" Returns
Private Claude ("Submarine")
Bardon, who has been at Camp
Lewis for some time, has returned
home. Bardon was one of the first
volunteers to answer the country's
call for troops, and has spent about
year In Honolulu. . "Submarine's"
many friends are now predicting
heavy casualties among. the steelhead
A Good Home at Sacrifice
Leaving Grants Pass, I will sell
ray residence of 9 rooms, located at
622 North Fifth street at less than
I half Its cost to build. If you want
Preston B. "Delano, who enlisted a nome tnli ' ttn opportunity to oc
In the 18th Engineers, railway, whenlulre rlrst c,aM modern property
the United States entered the war,on ma11 investment and easy terms,
andsoon received a lieutenant's 'Household furniture and canned fruit
commission, waa a few weeks ago I ' alB0 for ale Mony not of
commissioned a captain in the 18th,,,rst Importance in this matter, but
Engineers.. Captain Delano who was
for some months engaged in the
construction of the. railroad system
from Bordeaux to the neighborhood
of Toul, is now located at La Roch
ell. His address Is 18th Engineers,!
Railway, -American P. O. 735, Amer
ican Ex. Forces, France.
Gives Wife Adler-i-ka!
"My wife was 'pronounced incur
able by physicians unless operated
(complicated bowel trouble). I be
gan giving Adler-l-ka and she Is Im
proving. I shall continue until she
Is cured." (Signed) J. H. Under
wood, Marion, Ala. V
Adler-i-ka empties BOTH upper
and lower bowel, flushing ENTIRE
alimentary canal. Removes
.quick action Is the result
Mrs. L. A. Lucus.
d est fed
Hoys Got the "Smokes"
1 Reginald Barnett, of this city, who
recently sent In $26.25 In subscrip
tions to the Overseas Club In New
York, to purchase "smokes" for the
hoys "over there," has received a
letteu of appreciation from the recip
ients. The letter, In part says: "Un
der the conditions of strain, fatigue
and small Irregular periods of sleep
and the general 'hatred' of battle,
the pacifying Influence of tobacco
cftnnot be overestimated."
Newly-wed Surprised
- The members ot the
Methodist official board and their
wives met at Sam H. Baker's reel-
itrldenoe Monday evening and proceed-
foul matter which poisons system. !ed acroM the "treet t0 tne Bartlett
Often CURES constipation. Prevents residence wnero iney surprisea mt,
appendicitis. We have sold Adler-
i-ka many years. It is a mixture ot
buckthorn, cascara, glycerine 1 and
nine other simple drugs. National
Drutf Store. ;
- All , kinds of lesal blanks at the
and Mrs. James Martin. About 80
people were present, The party had
brought the makings of a light
luncheon which -was served with cof
fee.. In a brief speech Mr. Baker
felicitated the newly-weds and . pre
sented a gift of cut glass on behalf
of the board.
Your Battery's Lease of Life
Your tNUtory's uNAfulnras dept'iid on the May you treat It,
bat even the bet of cure won't mako poorly Insulated battery
stand op through a long busy life.
The Ktlll IMtor Wlllard, with OIUMN'AHV rare gives hmI
faal more Uian ordinary 8ERVICH ad a gmat deal longer than
ordinary LIFE.
One of the reasons why tlila la so In 'tltat thin battery hit
TlirwuW Rubber lnulatlon which INDEFINITELY piH.tpoiiiw
lived of re-liMiiliiUnK.
Ank for the booklet "A .Mark With M.-niiliig for You."
We tftt, repair and rit-linrge
UraK tatterliw, and always
carry n full supply of buttery
piirtu, now ImlterUw and rental
Dr. Spark
Victory Koii km at ClirlHtltin Church
The "Victory Sing" at the Church
if Christ Sunday evening under the
leadership of Mrs. Chas. R. Drake
was participated In by an audience
that filled the house. -The militant
songs of both our nation and th?
church were sung In an enthusiastic
spirit. Features of the service were
(solos by MIhhch (ienevlwo Pattlllo
I ti.l ..1.. L ... ,.
wmi ucuiuuu rerie). liruKe
delivered one of his chart sermons
on "Where We (lot tho Bible," trac
ing the hlBtory of the books of the
OUilu from tho nresnnt II
the time of tholr production by In
spired men, supporting his claims by
wcral lines ot evidence.
Two Shows, 7:30 8:4,1
Admission 20c 10c
The Cup"
2 Reel Comedy
"The Price of a Rotten Trae"
Geraldine Farrar
"The Devil Stone"

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