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The Electric
rtTiether you do your own
helper, or tend the work out, you
time and wear and tear by installing up-to-date home labor
avera driven by
You will be lurpriied to aet how little it coiti to run these
motor. Their first cost ia toon offset by the saving in labor.
Less than a cent an hour will operate most of the machine for
home laundry work. A couple of hour will suffice to finish a
good sized wash the electric way.
Will you try one of these marhirto In your boat!
Calif ornia - Oregon Power Co.
Grants Pass & Crescent City Stage Co.
W. T. lirmi, Propr.
II. (;iilUtiK. Asrot
Big Pierce Arrow Cars
Office Old Oberrver Itlk. Comer
Proposed Tax Levy
The following is the proposed tax
lected during 118:
(Vmn'r Judge and Commissioners:
Blary County Judge
Traveling expense County Court
Per diem and mileage Commlsaionera sbu.uv
Supplies for Office , 160.00
CVranty 1rk:
Salary County Clerk - 1.700.00
Salary Two Deputies 1,800.00
Salary olher Ieputles not provided for ' 900.00
Blank books, telephone, stationery, pontage, etc. 1,000.00
Salary Sheriff 2,000.00
Salary one Deputy .. 800.00
Salary other Deputies not provided for 1,100.00
Traveling expenses - . 600.00
Illank books, telephone, stationery, postage, etc. 600.00
Transportation of Prisoners . 300.00
Salary Assessor - 1,400.00
Salary Deputies not provided for 1,200.00
Ulank books, telephone, stationery, postage, etc. 600.00'
Salary Treasurer - 1,000.00
Blank books, telephone, stationery, postage, etc. 450.00
School Superintendent:
Salary Superintendent 1,200.00
.Traveling EiDenses
ilank hooka, telephone, stationery, postage, etc. 440.00 1,840.00
Hurveyor, aalary and all office expense ....... 250.00
Hoard of llnalth, salary and all office expense 400.00
(Xiunty Agrlcullurtm, all expense 1,260.00
Oouoty Hnaler of Weights and Measurer, all expense 160.00
iVninty Veterinarian, all expense . 1,000.00
Coroner, all expense .' ' . 200.00
JtagUtratlon and elections - ' 1,600.00
ttourt Hiiuxc, fuel, light repairs, Janitor - 2,600.00
Circuit Court, all expense - 1,600.00
Juvenile Court, all expense - - 200.00
Justice Vurt, all expense .'. 600.00
Onunty Court, all expense - 100.00
Care of Poor:
County Home - -
Other Pauners
Widows' Pensions
Jail, Board of Prisoners, etc
Tax Rotates
Healp Mounties
MisrollHnnouM Expenses: -Including
lights on bridge, delegate to Special
meetings, auditing books, expenses not
contemplated end not chargeable to any
particular office or accounts ...... 1,000.00
IHstrlct Attorney, all expense 600.00
Water Master:
Salary 800.00
Transportation 160.00
Office Expense , 50.00 1,000.00
Estimated Cost for Bridges, Lumber, Nails, Paint for
Steel Bridges and maintenance of culverts ' 15,000.00
County Library fund, lor books, etc. " 800.00
Total $64,990.00
For the above It will be necessary to levy s 7.6 mill tax. Besides this
a levy of 3.7 mills for county school purposes, ruining about $32,042.00;
1.5 mills for the new Court House, raising about $12,990.00; 8.2 mills for
state tax, raising about $27,712.00; 6 mills In order to take care of Inter
est on warrants and reduce the outstanding warrants, raising about $51,.
960, making a total of 21.9 mills. Also 4 mills for roada, raising about
County Clerk's fees $4,000.00
interest on Treasurer's Deposits
Refund on Scalp Bounty
Penalties and Interest on Delinquent
County Fair tf.
5 per cent sale of tlmbor
The levy will be made Thursday,
If any person desires to discuss the
, time. ,
' s '
washing, hire a
can gave money,
Easy Riding
Severn h sad O afreets Phone 2fl
and 13
For Funds For 1918
levy for the year 1918,
- 200.00
to be col
$ 2.000.00
' 5,400.00
'. 200.00
- 4,000.00
4,600.00 18,600.00
........ 100.00
: 1,600.00
., 1,000.00
- 760.00
Taxes 2,500.00
.,. 450.00
....'...;... . 76.00
; . $8,276.00
December 5, 1918, at 10 o'olock a. m.
same they must bo present at that
B. L. COBURN, County Clerk
? Josephine County, Oregon.
Ht. Luke's Klw!oial
Evening prayor and sermon, 7:30
p. m. Rev. P. K. Hammond, of Ash
land, vicar In charge. An Invitation
la heartily extended to all.
Church of 1rUt
Itlbln school at 10 a. m. Mrs. El
len Thrasher, superintendent. At 11
in. service In charge of the C. W.
II. M several Interesting features
at this hour. Sermon aubject, "Faul
ty Figuring." No C. B. at usual
hour but a combined service begin
ning at 7 p. m. The Endeavorers
will assist In this service. 8ubject,
'Autocracy In Religion." Note that
the evening service Is aTialf hour
earlier. A cordial welcome.
Chas. R. Drake, minister.
Newman M. K. Church
First quarterly communion service
at 11 a. m. Brief communion ad
dress by. the pastor. Solo by Mrs.
A. G. Knapp Evening service at
7:30, sermon by the pastor. An
them by the Choir.
8unday school at 10 . m. En-
worth League at 6:30 p. ra.
All are cordially Invited to wor
ship with us.
Melville T. Wire, pastor.
ftaptlat Church
Rev. W. N. Ferris, of Ashland,
will supply the pulpit of the Baptist
church today. His themes will he
as follows: At 11 s. tn., "Our
Greatest Need," et 7:80 p. in., "Why
Am I In Grants Pass." The ordl
nance of the Lord's Supper will he
observed at the close of the morning
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. B. Y
P. U. at 6:30 p. m.
Presbyterian Church
Sunday school at 10 a. tn. Mid
week prayer service Thursday even
ing at 7:45. A cordial invitation is
Catholic Church
Masses on Sunday at ' 730 and
9:30 a. m.
Rev. Father J. O. VIen.
' Pint Church of Chriat Scientist
Christian Science services are held
every Sunday, is ths W. O. W. hall,
st 11 a. m. Wedaesday evening meet
Ings at 8 o'clock. The subject for
today Is, "Ancient and Modern Ne-
cromacy, alias Mesmerism and Hyp
notism, Denounced."
Reading room Is open from 2 to
4 p. m. dally except Sundays and
holidays. The public Is cordially In
vited to attend the services and to
visit the reading room.
Notice Is hereby given, that the
county court will consider bids for
the maintenance of the poor of Jo
sephine county, Oregon, for s period
of one year from January 1, 1919,
according to certain terms and con
ditions, to-wlt:
AH bids must specify the exact
amount per capita per month.
The sucessful bidders to provide
the necessary food, clothing and to
take care of the inmates whether
sick or well, and If any Inmates are
sick, they ere to be provided with
all the necessary nursing as requir
ed by the county physician.
The county will furnish nothing
besides the necessary medical atten
tion and medicine.
The county home will be furnish
ed if desired, no rent will be.charged
for the use of the tune, but n In
ventory of all furniture, dishes, and
fixtures, etc., Is to he made before
the successful bidder takes charge
Come In Again
This invitation is extended to every customer, because
we appreciate to the full every item of trade you turn our
We are in business for a legitimate profit. We put
a smalt profit on every article we tell, so we don't have to
make up off of Jiou what we have given some one else.
They all pay the same price at this store. We find
that it keeps the people coming our way.
Jewell Hdw. Co.
of things, and he must see that all
things Inventoried ' are returned to
the county at the termination of the
lease, In as good condition as when
they were received, with the excep
tion of the usual wear and tear.
If the poor are takeu oare of at
any other place other than In the
county home, the successful bidder
must provide all the necessary bed
ding, etc., and the county not to be
required to buy any cf said goods
purchased at the termination of the
The county court shall have the
right at all times to inspect said
place, or home, where the Inmates
are being cared for, to ascertain
whether they are receiving the at
tention required.
A bond of 84,000 will be required
for the faithful performance of the
All hide must be filed on or be
fore 10 o'clock a. m. of the 6th day
of December A. D., 1918.
The court reserves the right to
reject any or all bids or sward the
contract according to the best In
terests of the county.
By order of the county court of
Josephine county, Oregon.
County Clerk.
A sound, healthy man Is never a
back number. A man can be as vig
orous an dabls st seventy as st twen
ty, condition, not years, putt yon
In the dlscsrd. A system weakened
by overwork and careless living
brings old age prematurely. The
bodily functions are Impaired and
unpleasant aymptons appear. The
weak spot Is generally the kidneys.
Keep them clean and in proper work
ing condition and you will generally
find yourself In Class Al. Tak
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules
periodically and your system will al
ways be In working order. Tour
spirits will be enlivened,' your mus
cles supple, your mind active, and
your body capable of hard work.
Don't wait until you have been re
jected. Commence to be a first-class
man now. Go to your druggist at
once. Get s trial box of GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem OH Capsules. Tney
are made of the pure, original Im
ported Haarlem Oil the kind your
great-grandfather used. Two cap
sules each day will keep you toned
up and feeling tine. Money refund
ed If thev do not helD vou. Remem
Iber to as for the imported GOLD
I MEDAL Brand. In three siren, seal
ed packages.
Cars of Interned Germans.
It costs the United States Just 01
cents s day to keep each German In
terned In the big colony st Hot Springs,
N. C or $176.15 apiece a year. Of that
SI cents SO cents a day is. the cost of
food, or, about 10 cents s meal. The
entire cost of maintaining the 200
Germans during the last year has been
about $400,000. The camp Itself cost
$125,000 to build. Probably the whole
bill will be submitted to Germany when
the war is over, as no doubt ths Ger
man government will render Its bill
tor the keep of American prisoners of
war. The United States Is caring for
shoot 6,000 prisoners In all camps fa
this country at present
He Fallsd to Ssluts.
When my brother was stationed st
Camp Logan, Houston, Tex he re
ceived a new man In his company.
One day he noticed that the ' rookie
had on s wide black tie. He called to
htm and told him to take off the tie
and wear a regulation tie. The next
day he noticed the rookie bed on a
bow tie, snd once again told him to
wear the regulation black string tie.
The following day he met him again
and the rookie failed to salute. My
brother stopped him and said: "Why
dont you salute an officer T" to which
the rookie replied: "I thought you
were mad at me. Chicago Tribune,
Legal Blanks at the Courier.
1917 CHEVROLET with demount
able rims for sale. Is In best run
ning condition. M. J. Barker, 207
West C street. Phone 196-R. 28
FOR SALE Toung team (excellent
pullers), wagon, plows, harrows,
hay, lumber, cedar posts, shot
gun, rifle, bedsteads, oil stove and
other articles. Phone 802-7-12,
Mrs. George L. 'Morris, Rd. 1,
Grants Pass, Ore. 42
FOR SALE A few boxes or first
snd second grade Spitsenberg ap
ples. R. K. Ross, phone 604-7-2.
FOR SALE Disc root cutter, prac
tically new. R. K. Ross, phone
604-7-2. to
FOR SALE Good, dry. sorted corn,
delivered, 2t per lb. L. A. Hol
lowell, 924 East 7 street, phone
212-J. 29
FOR SALE One yearling heifer
from excellent dairy cow. See Dr.
R. J. Bestul. 10
MUST SELL at once. 1912 6-4assen
ger Chalmers, good as new, also
trailer, 8475 cash or part liberty
bonds takes both. Act quickly
Call 707 E street. 28
FOR SALE Good cook stove In A-l
condition, $10; also fruit Jars,
folding bed, table, bed springs and
other furniture. Call at 707 E
street. 28
FOR 8 ALE Spitzenberg, Winesap
snd Newton apples. J. M. Brans-
combe, Rd. 2, Box 20, phone 604
7-3. 28
FOR , SALE Furniture. stoves.
tables, chairs, rugs, etc., top
buggy, a few good hens. 801
North Sixth street. 82
FOR SALE or Trade for cattle or
anything you have 1 Chevrolet
fine condition, 1916 model:
Ford roadster, 1916 model, fine
condition; 1 Ford truck. 1914
model; 1 Overland roaster, 1915
model. - R, Tlmmons, 506 South
Sixth street. 28
to imrr
FOR RENT Cottage 321 Rogue
River Ave., three rooms snd
sleeping porch, good well and one-H
. half acre land, barn, $4:60 P
-'month. Key at 208 Foundry. Oiu
WANTED Pruning and grafting
20, years experience. Owen Ivlns,
Grants Pass. P. O. Box 155. 30.
WANTED Apples and potatoes, car
lot. Address A. R. McCormlck,
Grocer, Kennett, Cal. 29
WANTED by an Invalid Sunny
room on lower floor with stove,
also hoard and care. Write or call
on Annie D. Wlmer, 412 Booth
Street, Grants Pass. " 29
TEACHERS wanted Two for gram
mar grades In rural schools. Ap
ply county school superintendent.
Grants Pass. 28
JITNBY SBUtVICH Any where, say
Urn: Phone liecha Cafs 181-R
Otte J. Kaiss, Resideace 149-Y.
HEMSTITCHING aad plcoUng doae
to order. Handicraft Shop, Med
tord. Ore. 38
GARAGE First class work; elec
trical work a speciality; satisfac
tion guaranteed. Oils and gaso
line. Everett Stelger Garage,
211 North SixtU Street. Phone
298. 42
TAXI It going or coming call the
- White Line Taxi. Safety first.
Call at ths Spa confectionary.
- Phone 262-R. Residence phone,
82041 45
ESTRAYED One 2-year old Hol-
' stein heifer, 1 horn, unmarked;
one Holsteln heifer 8 months old.-
Ear mark, crop of the right, upper
- slope in the left ear. Reward for
information leading to recovery of
same. ' Mrs. Josle Messenger,
phone 601-F-13. 80
Printing that pleases We do It!
Courier Job Department. ,
Gat tha G?ful"fW:di7ft
snd Awid-fSffiVjJ
TUB PICTURB MUX, for fine pasto-
graphs. Open dally except 8hia
day from io a. m. ts I p. m. Sun
day sittings by sppolntmeat only.
Phone Mill, 283-R. or retidenos
140-J. $Ttf
L. O. CLEMENT, II. D., Practise
limited ts diseases of ths eye, ear,
ssss snd throat Glasses fitted.
Office hours 9-18, 8-6, or on ap
pointment. OfAse phone 62, reel
denes phone 269-J.
& LOPQKB IQQa, It, S PhyafeU
sad suason. City sr esnntry eaUs
attended day or nlgtt. Restdene'
phone $69; oBes phens 181
BlxU and H, Tats Bldg. ' .
DR. J. O. IB BUTT, Phyalelaa and
sorgsoa. Laadbarg Bldg. Health
offleer. Odes hears, 9 to 13 a.
m. and 1 to I p. m. Pheae 819-J.
. A. WITHAM. It". D. Internal
medietas sad nervous diseases;
90S Corbett Bldg., Portland. Ore.
Hoars 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.
. BURSELL If. D. D. C. Ia blosk .'
north of postosTlee, corner saxttt t
and D stseettv surgical. eleettleaL
chtropratio sad ostsopathls treat
ments. Oflee phoas 197-R; resV
denoe phone 883-d.
wsmstoiAsac surgeon
tR. K. J. BBSTUL, Vstsrlaarlaa.
Office, rssldsnes. Phone 89C4L
H. D. NORTON. AttorasT-at-law.
Practices la all But and Federal
Courts. First Natlssal Bank Bids.
OOLVIG ft WHXiAMS, Attorneys-
at-Law, Gnats Pass Baoklag Co.
Bldg., Grants Pass, Oregsa.
B. 8. VAN DYKB. Attorney. Pre.
Use In all court. First National
Bank Bldg.
O. B. B LAN GUARD, ttomer at
Law. Geldea Ruls Building
Phono 879. Grants Pass, Oregon.
torneys, Albert Bldg. Phoaj
ais-J. Practice la all courts; laa
' board attorneys.
C. A. 8 IDLER, Attorney-et-Law, ref
er is baakruptcy. Masoals
temple. Grants Pass, Ore.
B. C. MACT. D. M. D.
dentistry. 10914 South Sixth
street. Greats Pass. Oregon.
kinds of drayage and tranafst
wsrk carefully and promptly dsns
Phons 181-J. Stand at freight
depot A. Shads. Prop.
Bunch Bros. Traasfsr Co. Phone
7. Q. IS HAM, drayag and traaafer.
Safes, plaass and tumltura
moved, packed, shipped aad stor
ed. Office phone, 22-R. Resi
dence phone, 124-tR.
The Oalifaraia and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nov. 19, 1918.
Trains will run Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday
Leave Grants Pass. 1 P. M.
Arrive Waters Creek 2 P. M.
Leave Wstsrs Creek P. II.
Arrive Grants Pass 4 P. If.
For Information regarding freight
and passenger rates call at ths offles
of the company, Lundburg building,
or telephone 181.
We Buy and Sell
Second-hand cars. Come In
and see us, and if we do not
have just what you want we
will get it for you at the right
Pi lliKI, WM .
diEbvm bhanj

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