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f Till ItHDW, DM'KMIIKlt lit, 101H.
Blatchford's Calf Meal
Dairy Food Mill Feed
Egg Producer
Poultry Supplies
. x . 1
202 Sixth Street
The Youths
Is worth more to
family life today
than ever before
TUB COMPANION tireethe freateat
mount ot everything worth reading,
n abundance ol Fiction, ot Kntcruin
rwnl, ol Informing Heading, of Fact
end Humor, breidea the Special Paces
for each ona of every age. It appeal
to th famlllea with hliheat ideals.
New Sul-ilera to The Youth'
Companion will receive:
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Check your choir and end this coupon with your
remittance to the rUUISdtll OT TdlS tkHU,
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AH fee r tf-l YiS?
How Red Cross Hat Fed Italian
Last spring the ned Croia worker
t Horn were buoy arranging to car
for tb Amerlrau soldier wbo were
taken prisoners by the German, and
now tbe nw exchange agreement
mean that Itallun. front Austria on
thi'lr , way back to Italy are being
cared for In, hundreds. They are pa.
thfile lot, these "grand blesse" the
hopelessly wounded men but they are
always delighted with tbe prospect of
going home, even though It may be
going home to die. Nearly all of them
are tubercular.
Tb method employed It this: Tb
Italian Government sends a train Into
Austria through Bwltxertand t gather
up. the men released under the ex
change agreement The train crosses
tb Swiss border and at Buchs I met
by delegations from th allied Bed
Cross orgnnl .etlons, and under tb
present plan the food Is furnished by
the American Red Cross. To many of
these men this Is the first square meat
flint they .have find for years. Cloth
ing Is also furnished tlx-m. Each man
of tbe PTO which rnrh train carries Is
given clKiircttos ami a rjiiuI American
Hug. itnd iminy who have been In
America, nne of whom have fnken
out llielr firm papers, are overjoyed at
the hit of red, white and blue and most
demonstrative In their delight
The representatives of the Bed Cross
remain on the train until It reaches
Zurich, then return to Switzerland
It la the food which America baa
sent over which give to tbe men
their first meal food which baa been
saved by eating mailer portion, and
by going without
Children of Franc.
Roma one haa said of the children of
the devastated regions: "They are too
aad, they must laugli or they cannot
live." It la not enough to found hos
pitals and to provide food. Tbey must
be given wholesome recreation and
their natural Joy In life restored. Tala
I what the American Bed Cross la do
ing for tbe children of France.
Freak Cucumber.
3. W. Applegato of Mount Zlon, Ky..
las a cucumber that 1h quite a freuk.
It la JuHt the shape of n hund, with
!our lingers and a thumb. Mr. Apple
rat thinks It la the hand that wis'
writ tbe kaiser's doom on the wu'
Surgeon-General Blue Wires
Fact Is Disclosed in First
1,000,000 Camp Reports.
Only Fifty-nln Hundredth of On Per
Cent Found to Hav Vncrai Dis
tal on Arrival at Cantonment.
8urBonGenoral's Official
Oregon Social Hygiene Society,
720 Selling Bldg., Portland.
A tabulation of one million
reports first received from
camp surgeons throughout the
country shows that Oregon
leada the country with rat
of fifty nine hundredths of on
par cant found to hav a vener
eal disease on arriving .In
camp. It la hoped that Oregon
can continue vigorous measures
In combating venereal diseases
during tbe period of demobili
sation and thereafter.
".',.'; . ; j i ,
Oregon men, called to the colors
during the greatest of all war, were
physically tbe cleanest In the entire
United States Army. ,
Such Is not the mere boast of any
cltlten of this state, backed only by
a high aense of local pride, but It is
tbe established, record of tbe United
States Army, communicated to tbe
Oregon Social Hygiene Society by
Rupert Blu, Surgeon-General, thus
giving it the greatest possible weight
As will be seen by perusal of tbe
foregoing telegram from Surgeon
General Blue, a tabulation of 1,000,000
ot the first reports received from
camp surgeons place Oregon In the
lead with a rat ot fifty-nine hun
dredths ot one per cent (which mesne
less than six men to the thousand),
or, compared with another wire from
him, thla state' standing is but a
fraction lower than 18 times ahead ot
tbe stat with the highest per cent ot
Infection, which was eight and nine
tenths per cent (eighty-nine men to
the tboussnd).
This constitutes one of the grandest
and proudest records of the whole war
period and, great as has been this
state' part In all patriotic endeavors,
nothing could fill the hearts of its
people with a higher degree ot pride
than th official acknowledgment from
tbe National Capital that Oregon's
men stood far and away above all
others in clean manhood.
"That the work of the Oregon So
cial Hygiene Society, carried forward
for but seven years, should produce
such magnificent results, Is a subject
ot tbe most gratifying kind to the
entire Boaftl," said Executive. Secre
tary Cummins. "Every one of the
men who have worked so hard to
bring about the result regard this of
ficial notification from the Surgeon-
General as a complete vindication of
th program aouRht to be carried for
ward In this state. That the public
will respond to sane, clear facts, right
ly presented, is also demonstrated
beyond doubt ' Educators, who hava
assisted greatly In the work, may well
feel that young men under their tute
lage will absorb the benefit to be de
rived from information along physio
1etcl 1'nea. rlahtly administered,
Parents must now see plainly that
their children should have the truth
as to their physical beings and that,
having this, uutold good will result."
"Kiilure generations, following, are
hmintf'to demonstrate the benefits of
Oregon's clean manhood, as set forth
offU iiilly," commented A. Floge'
nroslitent of tho Society. "This rec
onl cannot be overestimated. It is
glorious achievement."
"Vlia full significance of the official
announcement from Dr. Blue Is dif
ficult to grasp,'' said Adolplie Wolfe
treasurer of tho Society. "Dealing as
it does with human life and morals, it
Is, in a lurgor sense, m.ire Important
than many other achievements, not to
detract one whit from any of them.
At the outset, many good people
doubted tho ability of the Oreson So
cial Ilysiene Society to BccompHB!
worthwhile results. I think now,
however, no further comment 'need
bo had. SurRi-on-Cleneral Blue's tele
gram Is sufficient."
Lieutenant-Colonel P. C. Field, di
vision Burgeon of the 91st Division at
Camp Lewis, has officially credited
the splendid record nudo by Oregon
men to the educational work that has
been and Is being time by the Oregon
Social Hygiene Society.
Little Things Cause Sunshine.
The sunshine of life Is made up of
very little lieniiis that tire bright nil
the time. To give up something, when
glvltilT up will prevent unhni'l'lm'ss:
to yield, .when persisting will chnfe and
fret others; to go n little nroutul rath
er than come ngnlnst another ; to take
nn III look or n cross word quietly,
rather than resent or return It these
tire the ways In which clouds nud
storms are kept ofT, and a pleasant
unci steady sunshine secured. Aikin.
Classified fAdvertisins
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able lima for aale. Is In best run
nlng condition. ' M. J. Barker, 207
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hay, lumber, cedar posts, shot
gun, rifle, bedsteads, oil stove and
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Mr. George L. Morris. Rd. 1,
Grants Pass, Or. 42
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half acr land, barn, I4.6C per
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WANTED Employment by young
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tion. No. r 061. care Courier. 38
WANTED 3 burro, well broken
to ride or pack.' Write to C. B
Baker, Soldier Home, Roseburg,
Ore.. 41
WANTED Contract cutting wood
and filing aaws by expert filer;
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with. Wm. Dickinson, 713 North
Fifth street 39
JITNEY SERVICE: Any where, any
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Otto J. Knlps, Residence 149-Y
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to order. Handicraft Shop, Med
ford, Ore. .38
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trical work a speciality; satisfac
tion guaranteed. Oils and gaso
line. , Everett Stetger Garage,
211 North SixtU Street, Phone
298. 42
TAXI If going or coming call the
White Line Tail. Safety first.
Call at the Spa confectionary.
Phone 262-R. Residence . phone,
320-R. - ' , 45
WILL PAY s4 cent a pound for
acorns at 727 North Fifth street.
MED FORD business College, now
open. Stenography and related
subjects; classes under personal
supervision ot F. Roy Davis, offi
cial court reporter. 60
WE REAPAIR cars, mag's, coils,
generators, starters, batteries, ig
nition systems. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Steiger Garage, 211 North
Sixth street. 36tf
B. STRAYED One yearling steer:
Color light red; brand small
"V" and "bar" on right hip, no
ear marks. Reward for Informa
tion leading to recovery of same.
W. H. Hull, Rt. 1, Grants Pass,
phone 60C-F-21. 38
Vastness of Mexico.
It cannot be reiterated too often
thnt Mexico Is a vast country.
Mexico extends in, length over two
thousand miles, or Is as- long as from
Icelund to Africa. It measures a thou
sand miles across the widest area. It
Is vast, it contains every climate from
tropical to northern ; It has huge moun
tains, some of the greatest volcanoes
In the world ; and some of tbe largest
rivers ore to be found in the 'south,
although water Is lucking In the north.
The north is flat nnd hideous, the
south beautiful and mountainous.
Mexico produces every class of ore and
every form of agriculture and some of
tbe most picturesque and beautiful old
Spanish towns in the world remain
from the days when they were built
by Cortez lu 1519.
One cannot help being struck with
the contrast between the two coasts.
Oa the Pacific shore everything Is dry ;
on the Gulf (Atlantic) everything Is
wet A depth of eight or ten feet ol
foil is common. From "Mexico," by
Mrs. Alec-Tweedie. .
Arabian Tabla Customs.
' "Whenever I visit San Francisco I
dine with an Arab a business ac-quulntunce-nndi
the members of his
family," said Thomas Hartwell of
Mexico City, In nn Interview at New
York. "In tlieir entlng they still at
tempt to follow tho customs of their
country. At their table I tasted for
tho first time the' most popular Arab
dish, which is culled pllnf. It Is niado
of olive oil and a few uut kernels mixed
with rlx-f. My host's wife makes her
own brciO. which Is baked la flat cukes
an inch thick and compares very well
I with the bakq-'s bread which the
I' Americans use. .The Arab ,1s a dry eat-
or'und Ores not tuke his coffee with
his repus:.. I fliul that my hort und his
THE PICTURE MILL for fin photo-
graphs. Open dally except Sun- -day
from 10 a, m. to 8 p. m. Sun
day sittings by appointment only..
Phone Mill. 282-R, or , residence
140-J. J71T
U O. CLEMENT, M. D., Practice,
limited to disease of the ey, ear,,
nos and throat... Glaa .fltteXLt.
Offlc hour 9-12, 2-5, or on ap-'
polntment Office pbon 2, reK
dene pbon 359-J. . "
a LOUQHRJDQB, M. D.. Physician
and surgeon. City of country call
attended day or night Resldeno
phone. 36;.. offlc phone , 18
Sixth and H, Tuff Bldg. r-
DR. J. O. NIBLEY, Physician and- -
surgeon. Lundburg Bldg. Health
officer. Offlc hours, 9 toll a.
m. and 1 to 6 p. m. Phone ;I10-J. .
A. A. WITHAM, M. D. internal
medicine and nervous diseases;
103 Corbett Bldg., Portland, Or.
Honrs 9 a. m. 'to 1 p. m.
A. BURS ELL M. D. D. O In block ..
north of postoffice, corner Sixth
and D streets surgical, electrical,
chlropratlc and osteopathic treaty
menu. Office pbon 197-R; real-"
dence phone 333-R.
DR. R. J. BESTUL, Veterlnaris.
Office, residence."' Pbon 805-R.
H. . D. NORTON, f Attorney-t-law.
Practice In all Stat and Federal
Court. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIO It WILLIAMS, Attorn eyt-at-Law,
Grant Pas Banking Co
Bldg.. Grant Pass, Oregon.
E.i 8. VAN DYKE. Attorney. . Prac
tice In all conrt. First National
Bank Bldg. . w..
O. 8. BLANCHARD. torney at
Law. Golden Rule Building
Phone 270. Grants Pass, Oregon.
torneys, Albert Bldg. 'i Phoa-'
2IC-J. Practice In all courts; Ian
board attorneys. ; ; ' , r
C. A. SlDLER, Attorney-at-Law, ref
eree In bankruptcy. Maaonl
tempi, Grant Pass, Ore.
E. C. MACY. D. M. D. Flrst-laa
dentistry. 109 H South 81xt
street. Grants Pass, Oregon.
kinds of drayage and transfe
werk carefully and promptly don
Phone 181-J. Stand at frelgtr
depot. A: Shade, Prop.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. , Pbon
397-R.' :
F. U. 1SHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, ' planoB and furnltur
moved, packed, shipped and stor
ed. Office phone 124-Y. Resi
dence rhone, 121-R.
' J
The California and Oregon
' Coast Railroad Company
TIME c.utn
Effective Nov. 19, 1918.
Trains will run Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday
Leave Grants Pass. .....1 . P. M.
Arrive Waters Creek -2 P. M.
Leave Waters Creek 3 P. M,
Arrive Grunts Pass : 4 "P. M.
For Information regarding freight
and passenser rates call at the office
of the company, Lundburg building,
or telephone 131. ,
family sip their coffee in small cups
and regard' It as a luxury. They still '
hold to the belief, In spite of the fact
that they have lived In this country
for several years, that those who do
not make a noise with their Hps In
drinking coffee are lllbred."
Portugal's Many Holiday.
Christmas day Is not so generally
observed as New Year's day. .It has,
moreoyer, only three different dates. ;
The only country whose holidays re-5'
veal little of its political, racial or re
ligious origin Is Portugal. This Is Its ..
calendar : January 1. dedicated to unl
versal brotherhood; Junuary 81, dedl-j,
cuted to the memory of all those who,
fought nnd died to establish the repub-;
lie at Portugal ; May 8, In memory of s
the discovery of Biaall by the Portu-
guese; June lv, municipui nouuuy uu,
Oporto j Qctober 5, the' date of the es-;
tabllshment of the Portuguese rcpub-)
11c; December 1, Flug day, to commem-i
orate the Independence of the coun--try;
December 25, Family day.

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