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Uk Nothing Ele, a Strain of Mualo
Will Tak On Baok to ftcna
of tha Past
Ilav you ever realised tho powor
that mulc haa to carry tho memory
back year and yoar until the llluNlon
la ao realtntlc that when your wind
return to It Immodlute aurroundlnga
you realise with a atart It waa only a
day dream that you war not actual
ly and physlcully where your thought
were? A few bar from one of the old
aonga carries you back to the old
borne. Tou aee the field, the river,
the Mould kirk" In the haiy distance.
Tou almoat feel the evening breeze on front and watch them,
your cbwk and hear the familiar 1 Nobody can attend a movlng-plctur
Bound-the towing of the ktna and ahow without being reasonably confl
th bleating of the sheep. Tou'ro U ', dent that ho baa assimilated every
lng agala tboe dear old day jut t thing. It la not Uk tho apoken drama,
nviaiy aa you did long ago.
Or Ui atralna of an old walti r-
mind you of your Orat danco yoara and
year ago. You live over again tho
day before tb dance whoo you war
ao buy getting verythlni ready-
and then the great night arrived. You
reuembur your entrance Into the bril
liant ballroom. Tou aaw all those old
frlenda whom you thought you had
forgotten until now. Then the excite
ment and the pleasure and the wonder
ful dunces tho people you uiut for the
flret time and the face you saw for
the liut time. All thla recalled by Just
a few bar of music.
Thla la one of the reason why wu-
Useful Gifts
Miiny UNeful nrtl- In 1ml her good, htk arreMrlttN, rut
Mini, mirror and other article suitable for (liriHtmiw Itiftt are
now remly for yrair Inspection at
Demaray's Drug and Stationery Store
sic tin such a grout hold on people
and why lie churm puvur wearies
why miiiii' iiiuhIc no mutter how old,
no mutter how familiar or oft heard.
Ih ulway now. It I a necessity that
tlu-ro aliiMild be uch wuilc n every
home, mid ttiiink to the Ingenuity that
Bimlo poMlble the milling machine and
tho pluyvr-plano tho inuHlcully un
trained are not dependent upon their
gifted and tutored frlt'nd for thin
blowing. Exchange.
Thoi Flattering Film.
Next to an unretoucbed photograph,
the moving-picture screen la the great
oat flatterer In the world. It doeao't
flatter tboaa wbo appear In the pic
tures an mnrh mm thnu mhn alt In
where one learn, on picking up the
paper the next morning, that he muwod
Just about balf the subtleties In the
performance and cam near losing tb
ilg Idea of tho wbolo thlag. Every-
thing I right where all of u can get
each detail without effort, and In grub
bing those detail we find great mat
ter for self-congratulutloo. Film
Hog Hav the "Flu."
Huntington. W. V. Dr. D. M. MjII
'lp. a veterinarian, tins made the dls
.overy thnt hog get the "flu," too. Ha
iay that they are dying of pneumonia
following Influenza just Uk human.
Australian Writer Point Out Ocea
aiena Whn Bird Become a Ral
Benefactor to Mankind.
There are those who ay that the
crow deserves no mercy. There I
no other peat eradicate, Imported or
otherwise, doing It bit so patriotic
ally aa the elf-am crow. In Ba
nannland, Australia, saya the Sydney
Bulletin, the ravage of the aheep
maggot fly must make a loss of hun
dred of thousands of pounds worth
of lumhuck every year, about tb
only difference In one season being
that the damage -I probably greater
than the last Were It not for th
bird whom no one ho a good word
for, the fly peat would soon duplicate
Itxelf with losses to heep-ownen
Increased accordingly. Every dead
aheep or piece of offal In the buih ii
the depository of the egg of unlmag-
Inutile numbers of pronpectlvu aheep
dertroyers. Juat about the time
that the gruba are the size of a grain
of rice, and a few duya before they
burrow Into the soil, where they re
main for about 10 dnya before coming
forth, aa a developed abeep-mag-got
fly, Brother Crow splea out the
colony. Then be aenda the glad tid
ing by wireless system, and all th
family within range hurries to tb
banquet When it la over a supply of
gruba for the next meal baa to be
found elsewhere.
New Explosive.
Tb Oil. Paint and Drug Reporter
mentlona a new explosive being tested
by tb government which will aave a
considerable amount of glycerin. It 1
called nitrobyronel and la the product
of Dr. Byron E. Eldred. It 1 claimed
that It blow a chamber twice the else
of that caused by T. N. T. (trinitro
toluol). In the manufacture of nitro
byronel neither nitroglycerin nor to
luol la used. It 1 a hydrocarbon ob
tained by a by-product In coke-oven
It Is estimated thut 60,000,000 pound
of glycerin la used In American In
duttrial concerns, and a big saving In
thla Important material, now growing
scarce, can bo effected through the
employment of nitrobyronel.
lit a shortage of glycerin should be
come imminent the Oil, Paint and
Drug Reporter believes that the gov
ernment would promptly atart In to
manufacture nitrobyronel.
All kinda of Commercial Printing
at the Courier Office.
Increase In American Hogs Wilt
Help to Meet World Fat
Government Justified In Stimulation
f Pork Production Sevenfold
Ineress Over Pr
Wr Exports.'
Through Increased production and
conservation we will be able thl year
to export seven times our pre-war
average export of pork product.
With the heavy demanda added In car
ing for th million wbo hav bee
freed from German oppression, th
Department of Agriculture and th
Food Admlnlitratlon ar Justified to
day In our every action of atlmulatlon
of bog production. In the coming year
th greatest world shortage will be la
tats, and pork will help to aave this
altuatlon. The efficacy of the policy
of stimulated production ha built up
In thl country supplies which will en
able us to supply a very large part of
th fat deficiency of the world. la
beef there must be a shortage In Eo
rope, due largely to limited refrigera
tor ship capacity. All freezer ahlpa
available, however, will be filled by
America, Argentine and Australia.
The contribution made by the pro
ducer of this country to the war pro
gram aa applying particularly to ani
mal food producta la Illustrated by th
following :
Report compiled by the D. 8. De
partment of. Agriculture Indicate an
Increase In cattle of 10.23S.000 bead
and 13.441,000 bog. These figure
were compiled to January 1 last.
In tliia period there waa a decrease
In aheep of 810,000 bead. The Indira
tlona are that thl decrease will ahow
an Increase, according to recent re
port. Since January 1 unofficial Informa
tion ludlcatea an Increase In hop of
not less thnn 8 per cent and not
more than 13 per cent as compared
with one year ago, with an increase In
the average weight
Following the request of the 0. 8.
Food i Administration for an Increase
In bog production for marketing In th
fall of 1018 and the spring of 1019 th
Increase may yield not less than 1,600,
000,000 pounds more of pork producta
than were available last year. With
out thla Increase the shipping program
arranged by Mr. Hoover regardlug an
imal food products would have been
The dressed hog products during th
three months ending September 30,
1017, amounted to 003,172,000 pounds,
while for the corresponding months of
101S the dressed hog products totaled
1,2"7.5S0,000, an increase of over 374,
000,000 pounds for the quarter.
During the aame period for 1917 th
records of inspected slaughter of
dressed beef showed 1,203,000.000
pounds as against l,54,O0O,0OO pounda
for the three month period ending
September 1, thla year.-
Anything Odd or Curious, 8an Fran
cisco Man la Eager to Add to
Hla Possessions.
' "I met a man In San Francisco who
goes In for collecting odd things onV'E REAPAIR cars, mag'a, colls.
large scale, said a traveler. "He haa,
to begin with, several ropes which
have been used to bong celebrated
criminals. In the same room are a
number of menus obtained from hotels
Ir. various parts of the world. He I
phuvs considerable vulue on several
; corks nen have been pulled from the
. Homes ui wine usea on uie tuoies or
neii-KDowu persons, ana a aozen dook
dedications are considered an Impor
tant feature of the collection. Some
of the autograph In the collection
. are highly prlxed because they re -
quired the expenditure of not a small
sum of money and quite n little time.
During hla travels in foreign lands the
collector picked up the thigh bone of
a Syrian giant a chameleon of Bar
bury, a great African Usard and a
rose which was said to be 100 year oncl In the American army, who, en
old. He even turned his attention to rnged nt the audacity of the hostile
beuns, and has ten Chinese bean blrdmnn, grabbed the weapon and soon
which are not familiar to the people
; of this country."
Gather Wladom From Others,
It's dangerous policy to consider
: yourself ubove tho other man's mes
sage. If you're ao superior your fel-
l lows will never be content to let you
sit In silence. Besides it you don't
i want to listen to what's going on you
, have no business there. Noise made
; by you will interfere with the hearing
of those who do want to learn. You
1 owe it to yourself and others to pay
attention or at least moke It possible
, for others to listen. Besides there are
' few people that can't learn from oth
ers. Don't be a prig. Remember any
, child can ask questions that will con
found the wise. The ordinary speak
er may have Ideas that deed the polish
of a Gladstone. You are always a
gainer when you get the other man's
best It may be a help to yon some
day. Pennsylvania Grit '
FOR SALE 8Ixty-five acre on
Pickett creek. House, barn and
blacksmith abop, S boriei, harn
ess, farming Implements, house
hold goods, etc. Price $3,600.
E. T. Carnegie, Merlin, Ore. 45
FOR SALE Eighteen food rrida
Angora goats and goat ahearing
machine. Price $100. E. T. Car
negie, Merlin, Ore. 45
AUCTION 8ALE Saturday. De
cember 21, at 1 o'clock p. m., at
Merlin, Ore., for cash, tb follow
ing neaa oi hock: Three cow
fresh In a few day, on fresh in
February; 1 milchlng cow and 2
are dry; 8 young cattle; apan of
horse with harness, weighing
about 1,300 lb; 10 12 ton of
oat bay and about 4 tons of rye,
On range, cook stove, on Vega
cream separator. J, H, Daley,
Merlin, Oregon. 44
FOR SALE One thoroughbred ow,
one horse. Address E. F. Vahren
wold, 'Murphy. 46
FOR 8ALE Good, partly improved
ranch for sale. Will accept good,
modern residence a part pay-
' ment What have you. Box 143,
Riddle, Ore. 47
FOR RENT Partly -furnished cot
tage at 321 Rogue River Avenue;
three rooma and sleeping porch.
good well and one-half acre of
land, barn; $5.00 per month
Key at 402 Rogue River Aye. 07tf
dence at 801 and 811, North 6th
St., eight and ten dollars a month
Will sell either or both. Make me
en offer. John Summer, Leba
non, Oregon. 40tf
FOR RENT One five-room furnish
ed bouee at corner of N. 6 th and
A St. . Inquire at Roper'a Tailor
Shop, or phone 603-F 14. 45
I WANTED Girl or woman to spend
nights with lady whose husband
Is In the service. Call 303 West
K. St. 46
WORK WANTED By competent
woman as cook in camp, or gener
al housework. May L. Brown, Sel-
ma, Ore. 47
JITNEY SERVICE Any where, any
time. Phone Mocha Cafe 181-R
Otto J. Knlpa, Residence 149-Y
TAXI If going or coming call the
White Line Taxi. Safety first.
Call at the Spa confectionary.
Phone 262-R. Residence phone,
320-R. . 45
MEDFORD business College,' now
open. Stenography and ' related
aubjocta; classes under personal
supervision of F. Roy Davis, offi
cial court reporter. 60
generators, starters, batteries, lg
nltlon systems. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Steiger Garage, 211 North
Sixth street. 36tf
lost One sack of rolled barley, on
I ,n greet 43
Accurate Shooting.
in France a German plane, swoon-
1 lng nmund a farmhouse', wa startled
i;ml soon driven away by very accurate
rine fire. At least the firing was ac-
curute enough to convince Frltx thnt
In- was In no safe neighborhood.
But he didn't know that the rifle
was being handled by a lieutenant col-
had the "supremacy of the air" In that
particular locality well under control.
On Way Out
Two bluejacket were In the wash
room washing clothes, preparatory to
, .1 mi... WK :
regulars nnu uu euuwcu wi
" - . .. . . i .
vunn I Inn nr Tnpm nnn nppn in idh
service one year, and was rather tired
of being on the station so long, and
expressed bis sentiments to that effect
The, other, looking np at his dlscon
tented "buddle," -said, "Well, If you
don't like It give three years notice
and quit the navy."
Wool of th Llama.
The wool of this curious animal
largely In use In Bolivia, where the
traveler may see Indian women, 'It
ting before their huts and spinning
tne wool, wuue mey wur.cn rneir
flocks. These women use band looms,
ort which they make blankets and
shawl. ' '
WILL TRADE Five or 10 acre la
pears, 9 yeara old, adjoining city
of Grant Pasa, for property la
' or near Portland, Ore. Inquire of
T. M. Geiger, Boise. Idaho. 74
THE PICTURE MILL for tin photo
graph. Open dally except Sun
day from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Sun
day lttlng by appointment only.
Phone Mill, 283-R, or realdenoa
140-J. I7tf
L. O. CLEMENT, M. D.. Practlo
limited to diseases of th eye, ear,
no and throat Glasses fitted.
Office hour 1-12,' 2-6, or on ap
pointment Office phone 62, resi
dence phone IB9-J.
8. LOUQHRIDGE. 1L D Physician
and surgeon. City or eountry calls
attended day or night Healdenc
phon 262; office phone 182
Sixth and H. Tuffs Bldg.
DR. J. O. NIBLEY, Physician and
aurgaoa. Lundburg Bldg. Health
officer, Offic hour, t to 12 a,
m. and 1 to 5 p. m. Phon 310-J.
. A. WITHAM, M. D. Internal
medicine and nervous diseases;
103 Corbett Bldg., Portland. Or.
Hour t a. m. to 1 p. m.
. BURSELL M. D. D. C. In block
north of postofflce, corner Sixth
and D street-, surgical, electrical,
cblropratie and oateopathlo treat
ment. Office phon 127-R; resi
dence phone 333-R.
DR. R. J. BESTUL. Veterinarian
Office, residence. Phon 306-R.'
a. D. NORTON, Attorney-at-law.
Practices in all State and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIO ft WILLIAMS, Attorneys-
at-Law, Grants Pas Banking Co.
; Bldg., Grant Pass, Oregon.
E. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Prae
tlos In all court First National
Bank Bldg.
O. 8. BLANCHARD, ttorney at
Law. Golden Rule Building
Phone 270. Granta Pasa, Oregon.
torneya, Albert Bldg. Phon
226-J. Practice In all court; lam
board attorneya.
C. A. 8IDLER, Attorney-at-Law, ref
eree In . bankruptcy. Maaonla
tempi. Grant Pass, Ore. v ,
E. C. MACY, D. M. D. Flrst-la
dentistry. 109 South Stxtk
street, Granta Pas. Oregon.
kind of drayage and tranafo;
work carefully and promptly don
Phon 181-J. Stand at freight
dopoL A. Shade. Prop.
THE WORLD MOVES: ao do wa.
Bunch- Broa. Tranater Co. Phon
F. G. ISHAM, drayage and tranater.
Safes, pianos and furaitur
moved, packed, ahlpped and stor
ed. Office phone 124-T. . Resi
dence phone, 124-R.
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nor. 19, 1918.
Trains will run Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday
Leave Grants Pass 1 P. M.
Arrive Waters Creek 2 P. M.
Leave Water Creek ..........3 P. M.
Arrive Grunts Pass 4 P. M.
For information regarding freight
and passenger rates call at the office
of the company. Lundburg building.
' or telnnhonn 1st.
, -
- 1
Cast Iron, Steel, Aluminum,
or Bronze
How about that broken stove
casting that you did not think
could he fixed. Try us and see.
We make a speciality In weld
ing automobile frames. '
In '
811 H Street
i Grants Pass, Ore.

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