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rll'NDAY, DKt'KMItHH itU, 101K.
Published Dally Exoept Saturday
A. B. VOORHIES, Pub. and Propr.
Entered at poatofflce, GnsU P,
Ore., m second class mall matter.
Display apace, per Inch ' 15c
tooal -personal column, per llne-lOo
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entitled to the use lor repuDUcauou
of all news d Is Ditches credited tft it
m all nfhanlu OMuUtarf In this
paper and also the local news pub
lished herein.
All rights of republication of spe
cial dispatches herein are also
The Finest Pure
Cotton Seed
fit the Churches
ItaiXlNt Church
Sunday school meets at 9:46 a. m.
.mi tinmclilnir service at 11 a. ni. I
with sermon by Rev. J. M. Powers.
H. Y. P. U. t B:S0 p. in.
6UKDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1918.
Rain west portion ; rain or 4
4 snow east portion. Warmer to-
night south and east. Strong
- southerly winds.
very dear that there is a very close
affiliation between the working out
ol socialism and autocratic govern
ment, says the Coast Manufacturer.
Ot course, government ownership
and paternalism require centralised
snd autocratic power because they
work from the government down to
the people.
A republican form ot government
under the democratic theory ot rep
resentatives chosen by the people
works from the people np through
delegated power.
The grrat argument tor rejecting
h California Dlan of social and
healtN insurance that carried weight
with the people was that it was too
autocratic. ;
It was compulsory on the free cit
izen whether he wanted to accept it
or not, and the popular form of Ger
man socialism is highly autocratic.
explaining the meaning ot his 14
points to France and England veri
ties the old adage that it you would
learn the news go away from home.
Wilson, apparently, takes foreigners
into his confidence, but not his own
people. Even our senators and con
gressmen have little or no Idea ot
the meaning ot the 14 points, or ot
what Is going to be "sprung" by
Wilson at the peace conference. ,
Presbyterian Church
Sunday school at 10 a. m. to
which all are Invited. No preaching
service Sunday. On Thursday at
7:45 regular mid-week prayer ser
Church ot Christ
All ' regular services Sunday.
Morning sermon subjoct, "Inventory
in the Houbo of God." Evening ser
vice at 7:30. 'Remember the hour
and be on time. Subject, "A Super
ior Inheritance." This will be a
continuation ot the study ot the
book ot Hebrews begun last 8unday.
A cordial welcome to all.
Chas. iR. Drake, minister.
Since the cessation ot fighting the
Twelve spies were shot in London
during the war. Two women spies
not Edith Cavlll's, but real spies
were sentenced to death, but the
sentences were never carried out,
Berlin, of course, will never under
stand why.
"I raise my glass," said President
Wilson In concluding one of his
speeches In France. That's all right,
The most highly developed form out what the prohibitionists want to
Red Cross has turned from making
surgical dressings to sewing upon
clothing for the ill-clad little folks
in Europe. One department has in
charge the making of infant layettes.
Certain ladies of a certain city in
the east, presumably human ladies,
reported as was their custom at Red
Cross headquarters to sew, but when
given the tiny garments to wora up
on coldly refused. When the direct
or in charge asked the reason, the
replied that these garments were In
tended for illegitimate children and
that decent women should not be
called upon to labor in such a cause.
Controlllne her indignation, the
director carefully explained that
these layettes were not destined to
make the path of the wilfully de
linquent girl easier, but to help out
what little they might in caring for
the babies of those innocent young
French and Belgian girls who had
been victims of German officers. Re-
( plying that this made no difference
the women went home.
Such heartleesness, such failure to
understand the simple principles of
hnmanltr. is well nleh incredible. If
these women only knew It, they, not
the pitiful ruined children whom
they scorned, are a disgrace to their
sex and to that great society whose
watch-word Is "Mercy."
of socialism in our country, the non
partisan league, is willing to take
the farmer's money, but not willing
to let him vote.
The delegates to Its national con
vention in St. Paul Just held were
the executive committee and dele
gates named by the national execu
tives, not chosen by the farmers.
They are nearly all prominent in
socialist circles and advocate state
and federal socialistic schemes but
all practice centralized power.
know is, what was In the glass?
Tho American who Is very sprry
for Germany's present plight is not
only of a forgiving nature, but he Is
entirely too forgetful.
The Rnd Cross announces that Its
operating expense Is only two cents
on the dollar. All the rest goes into
actual relief.
Newman M. K. Church
At 11 o'clock service the topic will
bo "Facing Forward at the New
Year," and at 7:30 the topic will
be "My New Year's .Resolutions.
Special music at these service.
Sunday school st 10 a. m. Kp-
worth League at 6:30 p. m. Come
and worship with us.
Melville T. Wire, pastor.
Catholic Church
Viniitu on Sunday at 7:30 and
9:30 a. m.
Rev. Father J. G. Vlen.
Mrst Church of Chrlat Bclentlut
Cnrtatlaa Science services are held
everv Sunday. In the W. O. W. hall,
at 11 a. m. Wednesday evening meet
ings at 8 o'clock. The subject tor
today Is, "Christian Science."
Reading room is open from to
4 p. m. daily except Sundays asa
holidays. The public Is cordially in
vited to attend the services and to
visit the reading room.
St. Luke's Episcopal
Evening prayer and sorraon, 7:30
p. m. Rev. P. K. Hammonu, oi au
land, vicar in charge. An Invitation
Is heartily extended to all.
t'nder tho auspices of the United
States government, the commrttee
nn mi hlln Information of which
George Creel is chairman, will offer
at the Joy theater on Friday and
Saturday, the first official United
States, war film entitled "Pershing s
Crusaders" in eight Teels. This fea
ture film has been photographed by
the united States signal curpn, u;
photographers and cameramen of
th French eeneral staff. It shows
how every man, woman and chua
Is helDlne Uncle Sam, with interest
ing scenes showing the progress be
ing made In ship building, aeroplane
construction and gun and ammuni
Hon maktne as well as Interesting
.haul nf onntonment training. The
Carter Glass, newly appointed sec
retary of the treasury, finds it ne
cessary to issue a sober warning to
the holders of Liberty bonds.
"Sjima nAnnta " 1A "aoAm n
foAl that thAV flPft nnrlAP nn fnrtliAP
obligation to retain these bonds and
they are selling them and using the
money lor unnecessary purposes or
exchanging them for other securities
or doubtful value. So long as the
United States needs to sell bonds.
those who hold tne present issues
should not dispose of them except
nniiAP tho uniir of ii reran t necessity.
They have Invested in the best se
curity in the world and it is notn to
their own interest ana to mat oi
their eovernment that these securi
ties he retained."
t . roui,v 'big feature of this picture, however,
Some argue that Governor Withy-, glves the yery
combe Is easily lea astray ujr u
ma Moaa AOENCY Fire Insur
ance, plate glass liability Insur-
...... oniu. sixth street. tf
for SALE 3 burros, cheap if tak
en at once. Red Front Stable.
r.mnti pau Ore. 52 I
. . i
Al. CORN FED, dressed pigs ior
Ale. Weleht. 110 pounds, at 18
cents it taken at once. Call
in.i-.ii nr C. P. Enellsh. 62
BARGAINS 317 acres of Rogue
River land to trade for California
nronertv: also 160 acres of good
wheat land In Idaho to exchange
for Rogue River property. Insur
ance of all kinds. Isaac Best. 53
52 I
DISH WASHER wanted at
Cafe at once.
FOR SALE or TKADK 80-acrel
hnmoatpad near Takllma, Ore.
Address Geo. L. Allen, Takllma,
n-A 66
There Is a little girl in Fairbanks,
Texas, who raised enough vegetables
last season by her own efforts, In a
half-acre garden, to put up 1,080
cans of tomatoes, 150 cans ot beans,
60 cans of peas, 78 cans of tomatoes
and okra and 50 cans of sweet pota
toes, making 1,418 cans altogether.
They were of such fine quality, too,
that they won pralBe and prizes In
a county fair.
There is a 14-year-old boy in Be-
rea, Ohio, who has won the reputa
tion ot being the best potato grower
in the state. He raised 47 bushels
of "spuds" on one-tenth of an acre ot
ground. He made a profit of $78
That would mean 477 bushels an
acre, and a profit of $780 an acre.
The grown-up gardeners and farm
ers certalnly-Jiave to look to their
laurels these days. The rUlng gen
eration seems to know more about
raising food than father and grand
father ever did.
latest news of what our boys are do-
slgning ones and that he is not.jng n tne front nne trenches in
..., nnmmiii tha governor France. There will also be 'shown
111111. i.wi'w..p - o- I
v m .,nnn t Tr-! In this film a number of stirring
... . . . scenes wh ch have been taken for
don a lot of criminals at cnmun . (
time, as a vnnsimas gin ub iv ,an(j yong phases of American ac-
solely upon sentimental reasons, levities abroad. As all of the war
Wlthycombe rightly goes on the pictures now being made are con
theory that if a person is entitled to trolled by the committee or .public
. ,, . ,.,. .! Information, this official film will
a pardon he should not have to.
1 l HIO ! . " "
await nntll Christmas to receive it. . prevailing where Americans
the fighting line. There
matinee Saturday at 2:30.
WOOD iLaurel, oak. fir and pine
and dry pine at $2.75 per tier de
livered. R. Tlmmons, phone
sas.J. ' 51tf
- I were on
President Wilson's action in first w(n be a
the county court will consider bids
for medical attention of the poor of
Josephine county, Oregon, for a per
iod of one year from January 1,
1919, according to certain terms and
conditions, to-wlt:
All bids must specify the exact
amount per month. The successful
bidder to provide all necessary med
icines, etc.. and to furnish necessary
medical attention not only to those
in the County Home, but to those
within a radius of one mile from the
ltv limits of Grants Pass, for the
same price.
All bids must be filed on or De-
fore ten o'clock a. m. of the 6th day
of January, 1919.
The Court reserves the right to
reject any or all bids or award the
contract according to the best Inter
ests of the county.
Bv order of the County Court of
Josephine county, Oregon.
County Clerk.
Battery Shop Bargains
One 101N Ftrl like nw.
One 1017 Chevrolet, Iota of xp.
One 1014 Ford, repainted and overhnuled.
Weed Chains 10 per cent off.
Rubber strip for your Wind HIiieliL
COLUMBIA Dry Colls, fresh and full of pep.
Dr. Spark
We Have
The Electric
Aether you io your own washing, hire a
hcloer. or tend the work out, you can aave money,
time and wear and tear by ineMlling up-to-date home labor
savers driven by
You will be surprised to see how little it costs to run these
motors. Their first cost ia soon offset by the saving in labor.
Less than a cent an hour will operate most of the machines for
home laundry work. A couple of hours will suffice to finish &
good sized wash the electric way.
Will you try one of these incbine in your home!
Calif ornia - Oregon Power Co.
Gwtth. Genul
Years Ago
few bills were paid by chock
it k considered NECESSARY in order to facilitate bus.
incus, that a check lo iiNcd for nil payments.
, Tills bank invites your Chocking Account, large or
small, luminous' or porsonnl, KuaranteetnK a banking
service which will become indlHHnisnhlo to yon,
i x
Every Cake
The EuroDean war has made it

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