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daily nooiB nrvEH cainiEfl
IUy Harper JMHiit-li Hlilcr
fit, Nuxarn, Franco,1
November 24, 1918.
Dear Father: ' ' ' , ,
Th censor boa lifted the lid toduy
mo will write a few thing which I
couldn't write before.
Tlile U Sunduy and off duty. We
bad an Inspection of equipment,
which In the first time since we loft
the itatoa. We probably will have
frequont Imiiocllona now until we
leave for home. The latest dope It
that the Depot Q. M. troope will be
the laitt to leave France. Don't ex
pect me before June or July.
Tomorrow I no to St. Mllo on a
aevun day loave. It takes two day
to make the trip. I will have about
11 daye all told. Will loave here
tomorrow night at 9 o'clock, arrive
In Parle 7 a. m. Tuesday, am allowed
13 hour In Pari. At IS will be In
the day time I will take It In. The
last time I waa there It waa night
and tboy did not have any lights.
Will be able to see more this time.
Will send aome postcards from there.
The French passenger enrs are dif
ferent than ours. They are cut up
into compartments. The doors are
on the side Instead of the end.
Will try and tell you something
about my trip over. To begin with
we didn't see any submsrlnes. I
was disappointed. Left Camp Mor-
rltt where I wrote Undo Will at 3
a. m. Arrived at Hohoken N. J.,
about 9 a. m. and marched directly
board the transport. Ild In the
harbor one day and ono nlRht, leav
ing about 5 o'clock. The Statue of
Liberty sure waa a beautlfu? sight,
all lighted up. Things were quite
pretty as we slipped out of the har
bor. Kveryono was doing some tall
thinking. You see we expected to
see the enemy as soon as we landed
In France. Looking back now It
seems rather comical.
We wore hardly out of the harbor
before I begun to feel sick. Went
below deck to our quarters and
crawled Into my hammock. As soon
as I laid down I full relieved, slapt
soundly all night. Hut oh. In the
morning, when I put my foot down
on the deck. Sick, gee, I thought
I would surely die. Didn't eat any
nil day, next morning ate an orange,
which promptly camo up at noon.
Ate aome dinner and from then on
was In pretty folr shape didn't miss
a meal. Stayed on deck all I could.
One night thme was an awful
storm, one of tho port holes was
broken In, and as our compartment
was below the water line, the water
rushed In. Don't want to say what
the other boys thought, but for my
silf I was scared, my first thought
was a torpedo boat hit us. We had
boat drill at most unexpected times
so wo were nil tuned up to the hlnh-
01 It GARAGE Is equipped for every klnl of repair work, and
our workmen are experts in their line. Nothing is ever half
done, no detail Is ever overlooked. It Is properly finished im the
sMt. Our prices are reasonable.
liny your supplies from as. We charge' no more than the foreign
denier for the same article, and WE PAY THK Fit EIGHT and YOU
rtuy yonr gasoline from as. It Is the best and oar prices' are al
ivays nt the bottom. It pays to buy your gasoline here.
Fashion Garage
and Machine Shop
Burke & Son, Proprietors
W. T. Itreen. Propr..
Gratis Pass & Crescent (ily Stage Co.
Big, Easy Riding Pierce Arrow Cars
Off l,o Old Observer Mlkl Corner Seventh anil G Htrects I'uoiie 2
Telephone 02"-T and Iflil
est pitch. The day we sighted land
wss one of thanksgiving for yours
truly. Landed at St. Nuzare, from
there we hiked snout three miles to
a camp---rostod there for two days
before going to work. My . first
work was pushing ft two-wheeled
truck, did that for two weeks. Was
put on the motorryclo as a couriur
for the depot quartermaster, stnld
st that until about five weeks ago.
Have not had any regular duties
since then. Cannot complain about
being overworked. Don't know
what I will do when I come back.
The motorcycle Job is a "goat glt-
ter" don't care to have any more of
It. We are not at St. Nar.sre now.
This place Is called' Montalr, and
warehouses you should see them.
Unilo flam sure Is there.
The French people think we are
It. They move so alow and don't
realise we have done things until a
week or two after It has been com
We have a great deal of freedom
here now compared to what we did
have when we first came over. Have
permanent passes which are good to
all tho nearby towns, these we visit
on Sundsy. Would like to be pne of
the first to come home, but when I
see some of the boys here from the
front. It mokes me realUe that they
are entitled to come home first. As
for me I am as safe here as at home,
There Is some talk of sending men
back here from the states after they
are discharged to work as civilians,
If the conditions there are not good,1
( may try and eome back here.
Our good weather Is over for the
present. This a. in. was very nice,
but now It Is raining. Looks like I
asked for my leave a little too late.
I am going anyway. Being an Ore
gonlan, rain shouldn't hurt me.
When the boys start back, I may
see some one 1 know, as yet have
only seen Seth llulley. Do you know
rouHln Frank's address here in the
A. K. F. Suppose by the time you
receive this Horry will be home.
Well, what do you think now about
my prediction of lost summer that
the war would bo over by Christmas?
llopo you folks won't get the flu.
Am foellng fine. There doesn't seem
in ha anv fin nvi.r here, of course
h ugUB, ba, Do.t
expect to visit the hospital this win
ter. illave run down, so will close
for this time. Love to all, your af
fectionate son.
Sup. Co., 308 Q. M. C
A. P. O. 701,
American Ex. Forces.
Pops'a Wslcems to Ntw Yssr.
It la the universal custom among the
Jesuits to, hold New Year's eve serv
ices In their churches aud chapels
throughout the world. At the Qesn
church. In Rome, the pope always at
tends tho service In person. The serf
Ice consults of "Tbe Miserere" and tbe
H. (JliMlngi. Alien I
When the New
Year Arrives
sT certain periods of the year
there are curtain tllreoses that
sweep tbo country. la the
spring liillucuM afflicts man
kind; In the summer, rose fever, and
In the esrly autumn the bay feverites
nullle and mangle the English lan
guage. Hut wltb tbo beginning of tbe
fear an epidemic of disease of tbe
must virulent sort spreads over tbe
Ivlllzed world, causing utnety-nlne out
of a hundred of Its inhabitants to raise
their right bands Involuntarily and
wrsr by all that's holy they will hold
fast to the strulgbt and narrow path
forever and forever.
Tbo symptoms of the disease are al
ways tbo same. -It Is totter and more
generally known than tbe common
cold; It Is more regular In Its aipar-
snce, ond more persons suffer from It
than from any other affliction, yet
physicians and bacteriologists hove
never found a remedy or Isolated Its
germ. This microbe, once taken Into
the system, can never be eliminated.
The same victims suffer from It year
ifter year, and each year end hundreds
of thousands of new sufferers join tbe
Tbe d Incase first mukes Its appear
snce In December. A victim beams
bcstlUcally around a poker table and
announce. "Well. boys. I swesr off
on tbe 1st"
Jan, 1 arrives. Simultaneously sev
eral hundred million persons rise,
yawn aud glance at the calendar. In
voluntarily tbe muscles of tbe right
arm contract, elevating that memler
toward the celling. ' In a state of tem
porary stupor tbe victim voices good
Intentions. Borne of the more serious
cases even rnsh off to a notary public
to record these thoughts In black and
white and pay said notary SS. Tbe
stupor is attended by either a lapse
of memory or a distorted mentality. In
the first case the victim has entirely
forgotten his attack of tbe year be
fore; In tbe second be says, as be has
this tub rr will ua diffluent I
said almost every year of his life: "Oh.
this year it will bo different I'm not
going to bust 'em this time." This Is
tbe crisis of tbe disease; now cornea
tbe alow recovery.
So many persons suffer in this coun
try from the disease that it might al
most be called a national question. Its
seriousness lies in the effect upon some
of the largest industries of tbe coun
try. Manufacturers of expensive femi
nine spparcL cigar stores, hundreds of
other institutions that give our coun
try its envied reputation of being pro
gressive and enterprising, a land of big
business and mammoth industries, are
hit and hit bard. Tbe fact that In
most cases the recovery is exceedingly
rapid is the only redeeming feature.
Few of the resolution makers have
been known to remain in dreamland
later than noon of Jan. L
Perhaps, one reasons, officials of the
affected Industries have made no effort
to have the government take measures
to prevent the spread of this New
Year's disease to tbe younger genera
tion, and to try to effect Its cure in
the case of present victims is that
with recovery comes an Increased ad
diction to the articles In question. This
hi another generally recognized symp
tom and Is a secondary and psycho
logical effect rather than a primary
and physical.
In from live minutes to one week.
statistics sbow, tho disease usually runs
its course. The victim becomes him
self again, ne draws himself, to his
full height, voices the thought. "Aw,
what's the use?" and resumes his nor
mal mode of life with renewed ardor.
If he's a smoker he smokes more often
for a few days; then gradually habits
become normal until tbe next attack
gives a new impetus. This Is shown
by the consumption of cigars. During
the first few days of January fewer
are smoked than at any time during
the entire year. Tbe consumption grad
ually Increases as patients recover and
reaches its maximum Jan. 8, after
which is a gradual falling off to nor
mal. Albany Knickerbocker-I'rese.
.. : T-
The American Red Cross sent
3,000 tons of cdndensed milk- to the
children of prisoners in Archangel,
Siberia, and 2,000 pounds of powder
ed milk to the children of France.
LTIIOUGU many of the old cus
toms bave been dropped and al
most forgotten. New Year's
parties are not ont of date. A
nice one is pantomime of an enchant
ed girl.
A- damp sheet mnst be faatened up
across the room or between tbe folding
doors of tbe parlor. First fasten tbe
corners of tbe sheet, next the center of
eacb of the four sides In order that the
cloth may be perfectly smooth; then
place a lighted candle on the floor
about four or five feet from tbe cen
ter of tbe curtain. When tbe lights In
the room occupied by tbe company are
turned out shadows of the actors be
hind the curtain may be seen on tbe
screen, some one, standing outside tbe
curtstn and facing the audience, should
relate the story of the play of how a
young girl while walking oot on the
last day of October meets Halloween,
who presents her with three gifts to
try ber fortune, and bow, when she la
about to do so, s witch enchants her.
etc. After tbe story Is finished and
lively overture baa been performed on
some musical Instrument tbe panto
mime la played as follows: .
Hsllowssn Appears.
Tbe young girl personating tbe en
chanted one conies gayly forward from
tbe side. When almost across tbe cur-
tnlu she meets Halloween, wbo ap
proaches from the opposite side, ar
rayed In a short dress, with wings
made of newspaper folded fan fash
Ion and fnntened on tbe shoulders.
In her bsnd she carries a cane with a
silhouette of a cat or two or three
stars and a crescent cut of stiff brown
naper and piloted on the end.
Halloween shows tbe maiden three
gifts au upplc. a hand mirror and an
unllghted candle. I intend of the mir
ror a crystal ball may be used.
Sssklng the Future Is the Crystal Ball
Before presenting them she illus
trates by gestures the use to be made
of eacb. Holding tbe mirror or globe
In front of her face, she bites the ap
ple, then looks quickly around, as if
expecting to see some one, and, again
holding up tbe mirror or globe in one
hand and the candle in the other, she
takes a few steps backward. When a
boy or young man enters by Jumping
over the light which gives the ap
pearance of his having fallen from
tbe sky, Halloween looks around, and
the boy or man quickly disappears.
All this time tbe girl stands trans
fixed wltb her hands raised and all the
fingers spread out In astonishment.
She receives the presents, which are
given with many nods aud gestures.
The Old Witch Enters.
As the maiden then takes up tbe
apple and mirror or globe her band Is
stayed by a witch with Bowing bair,
wbo has approached unpercelved. car-
Medford Auto
Top Co.
30 N. Grape Street r
All kids of Auto Top repairing.
Old tops recovered to look like
new. Auto curtain lights ot
all kinds. Satisfaction guar
anteed, both work and prices.
Give us a trial.
Plate Glass Light a Specialty
fi i
Classified Advertising
FOR SALE Wheat at $2 per bu
shel. Wanted to buy a few
choice milk cows. Phone C12-F-23.
Ed. L. Schmidt ft Son. 62
FOR SALE: I have 170 thrifty
young, bred ewes. Come And look
at them, they will please yon.
Rosenberg Bros.,- Hotel Medford,
Medford, Ore. 55
FOR RENT Partly furnished cot
tage at 821 Rogue River Avenue;
three rooms and sleeping porch,
good well and one-half acre of
land, barn; $5.00 per month.
Key at 402 Rogue River Ave. 07tf
FOR RENT OR 3Ai Our resi
dences at 801 and 811, North 6th
St., eight and ten dollars a month.
Will sell either or both. Make me
an offer. John
non, Oregon.
Summers,. Leba
- 40tf
PIANO for rent. Inquire 706 North
Fifth street; phone 208-L. 51
EXPERIENCED waitress wanted;
good wages. Foutch ft Foatch,
Roseburg. For particulars phone
834-J. . E2
JITNEY SERVICE Any where, any
time. Phone Mocha Cafe 181-R
Otto J. Knlps, Residence 149-Y.
MEDFORD business College, now
open. Stenography and related
subjects; classes under personal
supervision of F. Roy. Davis, offi
cial court reporter. 60
WE REAPAIR cars, mag's, coils,
generators, starters, batteries. Ig
nition systems. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Stelger Garage, 211 North
Sixth street. S6tf
HAVE YOUR tires repaired at the
Maxwell garage. Get work that
holds any kind of an Injury on any
sized tire taken care of. 70
E. L. GALBRAITH, Insurance, rent
als, acreage, building and loans;
snaps In city property. 609 G St,
Launer's old location. 68
pliances repaired. Call or phone
42, Grants Pass Hardware, and
leave orders. ' 55
ESTRAYED There came to my
place December 18, a yearling Jer
sey without brand or marks. Own
er can have same on paying
charges. Alonzo Jones, Rd. 4. 54
rylng nnder one arm a broom and
wearing on her bead an ordinary hat
with a piece of newspaper rolled up
and pinned on to form a peaked crown.
Tbe poor girl looks anxiously around
and discovers she bas been enchanted,
for there are three girls Instead of one.
This effect Is produced by two more
lighted candles being placed on tbe
floor on either side of the first candle.
The candles are removed, and the Old
Year, an old man. Instantly appears.
Discovering him quickly, tbe girl runs
forward to tell her sorrows and finds
that It is only when alone that she la
enchanted, for when she attempts to
point out ber other selves they have
disappeared. Making many guesses
she looks here and there for them, bat
In vain. Then as the Old Year leave-
she bids him a sorrowful adieu. -The
Little New Year.
Immediately little New Year enters
crowned with a paper star and wear
ing wtngs of paper. Tbe young girl
rushes to meet the New Year with a
hearty greeting. She then tells him
of her enchantment and kneels down,
and the little New Year raises both
hands above her head, then, klsslnc
his hand to the maiden, departs. Nel
lie F. Morris in Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Sd often bave yott beard that sad
try from the victims ot disease. Per
haps the disorder nas gone too xar lor
help, but oftener it la Just in its first
stages and the pains ana aches are only
nature's first cries for help. Do not
despair. Find out the cause and give
nature all tho help you can and she
will repay 70a with health. Look after
the kidneys. The kidneys are the most
overworked organs of the human body,
and when they fail in their work of
filtering and throwing off the poison,
that constantly accumulates in the sys
tem, everything goes wrong. GOLD
MEDAL Haarlem OH Capsules will
give almost Immediate relief from kid
ney and bladder troubles and their kin
dred ailments. They will free your
body from pain In ahort order. But be
ore to get GOLD MEDAL. Look for
the. name on every box. In three slses,
sealed packages. Money, xafundsd if
they do sot help. yoo .
WILL TRADE Five or 10 acres la
pears, 9 years old, adjoining city
of Grants Pass, for property la
or near Portland, Ore. Inquire of
F. H. Oeiger 912 North ' Tenth
street, Boise, Idaho. , 74
THE PICTURE MILL for fine photo
graphs. Open daily except Sun
day from 10 a. m. to S p. m. Baa
day sittings by appointment only.
Phone Mill, 283-R, or residence
140-J. 87tt
L. O. CLEMENT. M. D.. Practice
limited to diseases of the eye, ear,
nose and throat Glasses fitted.
Offloe hours 9-12. 2-6, or on ap
pointment Office phone (2, resi
dence phone 3 5 9-J.
a LOUGHRIDGE. M. D.. Physiol.
nd sux geoa. City or country calls
attended day or night Resident
phone 369; office phone 113
Sixth and H, Tufts Bldg.
DR. J. O. NIBLEY, Physician and
surgeon. Lundbnrg Bldg. Health
officer. Office hoars, 9 to 12 a.
m. and 1 to E p. m. Phoae S10-J.
. A. WITHAM, M. D. Internal
medicine and nervous diseases:
908 Corbett Bldg., Portland, Ore.
Hoars 9 e. m. to 1 p. m.
A. BURS ELL M. D. D. C In block
north of postofflce, ccner Sixth
and D street", surgical, electrical,
chlropratlc and osteopathic treat
ments. Office phone 197-R; resi
dence phone' 233-R.
DR. R.
J. BESTUL, Veterinarian,
residence. Phono 806-R.
E. C. MACY. D. M. D. Flrsflaas
dentistry- 109 South 8fcrta
street Grants Pass, Oregon.
kinds of drayage and transfer
werk carefully and promptly dona
Phone 181-J. Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop. -
THE WORLD MOVES; so do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phoaa
F. G. ISHAM. drayage and transfer.
8afes, pianos and furniture
moved, packed, shipped and stor
ed. Office phone 124-Y. Resi
dence phone, 124-R.
H. D. NORTON, Attorney-at-law.
Practlcea in all State and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIG ft WILLIAMS, Attorneys-
at-Law, Grants Pass Banking Co.
Bldg., Grants Pass, Oregon.
E. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Prao
tloe in all court First National
Bank Bldg.
O. a BLANCHARD, ttorney at
Law. Golden Rule Building
Phone 170. Grants Pass, Oregon.
torneys, Albert Bldg. Phoai
286-J. Practice is all courts; law
board attorneys.
G. A. SIDLE R, Attorney-at-Law, ref
eree In bankruptcy. Masonls
temple. Grants Pass, Ore.
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nov. 19, 1913.
Trains will run Tuesday, Thursday
. and Saturday
Leave Grants Pass. 1 P,
Arrive Waters Creek 2 P,
Leave Wsttrs Crqek S P.
Arrive. Grants Pass : 4 P,
For information regarding freight
and passenger rates call at the office
ot the company, Lundburg building,
or telephone 131, .
The Red Cross sent 15,000,000
cigarettes, 60,000 stacks ot cards,
20,000,000 boxes of matches and
1,000,000 chocolate 'bars to England
tor American soldiers, waiting to go
to France.
-r4X uiiHiMwiiiwiMtt
-1 - UtsussAstsl Bra
silt. 1. J suul 4J14 BBttalllcX
twi.M. MsOarf rtk Rli Ribboca. "
KiHIXnii it hand nixs. he si
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