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MONDAY, JAM AltY 27. 1010.
is one of the most scien
tific optical instruments
in the world.
We have used this in
strument in our optical
department for the past
year and have many
satisfied patients to
prove its value.
Letcher & Son
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1 Pt;R52NflL LOCAL 1
The Aero Club of the Northwest,
with headquarters at Seattk Is
compiling data with respect to es
tablishing an atr mall service in the
Xorthwest. The Courier office has
Just received a letter from the club.
and they request the following In
Has your city any facilities or
ground which will permit of landing
facilities for land planes?
"What facilities for landing of
flying boats or seaplanes?
"If grounds sufficient for landing
and getting away do not eajst, can
flying fields be established In your
city or Immediate vicinity?
"What civic body or group of men
would be most Interested In securing
and obtaining these facilities . In
your city?"
"For your information the matter
of requirements In flying fields call
tor three or four hundred yards of
smooth ground which will permit of
landing and getting off into the wind,
the prevailing winds being consider
ed, unless this distance be available
In all directions. If surrounded by
timber or buildings, the field must
be of greater size.
"The airplane Is going to come In
to general use very rapidly as a
means of commercial transportation,
of Rep. Richardson, of Portland,
from the house consolidation com
mittee. He is to be assistant state
treasurer under O. P. Hoff, who Is
at home nursing a strained ankle and the necessity that different corn
while his wife is caring for some mnnities provide facilities tor ita en-
broken ribs, all accidents to the Hoff
family .since his elevation from la
bor commissioner to treasurer. One
of the first things Hoff did was to
issue an order opening his office
Saturday afternoons and making his
force put In six full eight hour days
In the week instead of the 44 hour
week that had been adopted by
state house officialism. His reasons
were that many people who came to and Is going to establish mail ser-
couragement Is as Important as the
establishment of highways has been
In the development of motor trans
portation. Without highways we
could not be served by motor trans
portation and without flying fields
we will not be served by air trans
portation. "The postofflce department con
templates a very, extensive program
Balem to do business were Incon
venienced at finding all offices
closed Saturday afternoons. Manv
of the employes did not put In eight
Road legislation will be on deck
this week. The fight for larger ap
propriations tor permanent n?gn
ways goes steadily on as the surest
way to develop Oregon and bring the
constant streams of tourist travel
through the state that all western
states are fishing for.
Among the humors of the house
was a gag perpetrated by 'Lewis of
Portland, the anti-prohibition fight
er. A Joint resolution was up for
consideration requesting Senator Mc-
Nary to oppose that feature of the
national revenue bill putting a tax
on Oregon fruit jnlces. Lewis show
ed how the tax would destroy the
loganberry Industry and Injure the
whole fruit by-products industry,
but prayed to be delivered from be
ing made a criminal of If be hap
pened to leave one of these bottles
of fruit Juice uncorked and it fer
mented over night. He wanted to
save the industries but wanted also
to Invoke Allah, the giver of all1,
to forgive htm if a warm wind waft
ed the fermented germs Into the
open bottle and he became a criminal
by harboring beverages with more
than 1 per cent of alcohol. He
forgot that the Mohammedan god
Allah Is a non-wlne-drinking god,
and the house had a good laugh and
passed the resolution.
vices only where facilities are af
forded them, but will not create
them themselves. The cities of the
east enjoying the advantages of this
service today furnished the neces
sary facllftles. The time for us to
act is now. The 25,000 aviators re
turning to civil life demand this, as
many of them are anxious to con
tinue in aviation.
Hatch Early
Severe hot weather Is hard on lit
tle chicks. Every experienced poul
tryman knows the danger point in
the lives of chicks is before they
have reached six weeks of age. Con-
Mrs. Minnie Williams left Sunday
atternoon tor Ouklaud, Cal., tor a
short stay.
Miss Lulu Benedict returned Sat
urday night from a week's stay at
Med ford.
iiomstltohlng and plcoUng at 10
cents a yard All work guaranteed
The Vanity Shop, Medford, Ore. S7tf
George Young has boon discharg
ed at Camp Lewis and arrived home
on Saturday.
Miles Mclntyre returned on Sat
urdny from Vancouver, 11. C, where
he spent the past two months.
Eugene McCloud, of the statu
highway engineering .corps, was In
the clt. yesterday.
Mrs. J. M. Amlerson, of Waldo, is
In the city tor a few days, the guest
of Mrs. C. C. Wheeler.
M. C. Anient came In from Dutte
Falls last night to be at home for
a day.
"Lux." babln has it. 7;
Al Marllneau, of the New Jose
phlne, returned last uight from
Portland, where he appeared as a
witness In the federal court.
Pash Bishop, of Sclma, arrived
here Saturday from Camp Lewis,
having been discharged from the
Sergeant G. W. Matthews returned
Saturday night from Camp 1-ewls
having been discharged from the
13th Division. He served In the
light artillery.
Mrs. L. A. Farlelgh and Mrs. A. A.
McKenzie, of Portland, nee Bernlce
and Ruth Hlgglns, former residents
of Grants Pass, arrived here Satur
day and will spend a few weeks with
Miss Florence Schmidt, 241 West G
8. A. OMcor Cuming
Commandant Oldenberg, of Seat
tle, will speak at the Salvation
Army hall on Wednesday night at
8 o'clock.
Elwtrlc Work
Phone 90 Medford.
Pauls Electric
Ijmt Payment Soon Duo
The day sot for the last payment
of Fourth Liberty loan bonds Is Jan
uary SO. Those who bought tholr
bonds on the Installment iiluu are
requested to bo prompt In their pay
ment. 1-rf-nve for IVrvalli
Miss Ruth Corliett. homo demon
stration agent for Josephine county,
loft Sunday mornlug for Coi vallls to
attend a two or three days' meet In,
of demonstration agents and county
agents. County Agent C. D. Thomp
son Is also In attendance at the Cor
vnllls meeting, having left last night.
CiMiklcH, Pour Varieties
Moore Baking Co.
Cannon ((r Grnntn I'iihh
Representative W. C. llawley has
lutrodueed a bill Into the house al
Washington, asking tho secretary of
war to donate to tho City of Grants
Pass one German cannon or field
piece, captured by the American
army from the Imperial German gov
Knlghta Al Lallc of Sc'urlty
Mrs. Pratt will receive dues ut
the Gas office Wednesday. Don't
call later than Friday. "i
Watilrolie Proprietor Returns
Amos Williams, of the Wardrobe,
who has been serving In the navy
since last spring, returned home
from Hremerton last night, accom
panied by Mrs. Williams, who has
been In Bremerton for the past four
or five months. They have shipped
their automobile and pressing ma-
from.chlnery to this city and will take
Captain Fred'k D. Strieker
turned home Sunday night
Camp Logan. Houston. Tex., having over the actvo managemont 0f the
been relieved from the V. 3. service
on the recommendation and earnest
appeal of citizens and officials of
Grants Pass, who considered the
presence of another physician in the
city Imperative on account of the
prevalence of Influtr.. :..
Captain Strieker :r-is "iwna la the
service since Jul. 1M7. He was
commissioned a first lieutenant and
late In December he received his
captain's commission. Ho was at
I first stationed with the 43rd Infantry
fitAnt AttpnMnn und ennr! enrA urn
necessary to bring them through this11 Fort Do"""". Salt Lake, and later
period with the lowest possible al "c- n"i' anu
losses. If the weather Is hot durlne ur,eans- Al WBraP u8Bn
this time, they do not do so well and wlth tne 79tn Infantr
are much more liable to overheat
ing with consequent bowel trouble.
After they have passed this age
-there is relatively little loss in the
he was
Captain Strieker says he Is glad
to be back home although there are
many features of army life which he
greatly enjoyed.
chicks can be counted on by the
poultryman as his. It is extremely
Important, therefore, that the hatch
ing be begun and be completed at
such a time that the chicks will have!
passed the danger point before the!
business at once,
Xew Bulck Arrive
John Denlson, Bulck representa
tive today received a car load of five
new 1919 model Bulck cars. The
car was spotted at the old factory
east of the city and cannot be un
loaded until tomorrow when It Is
put onto a siding In the depot yards.
This Is the first car of Bulcks re
ceived In Oregon outside of Port
land, Mr. Denlson having had pri
ority rights, inasmuch as his 191 S
orders were not all filled.
We take this way of thanking our
kind friends for the many kindnesses
shown us during the Illness and af
ter the death of our dearly boloved
daughter, Mamie, also for the beau
tiful flowers sent her.
hot weather catcheB them if
greatest possible number of
the .
the j. H. Williams of this city brought
chicks hatched are to be raised and to the Courier office a copy of "The
Money Saved
Is Money Made
Get our cash j-rices on your
flour (mil mill feeds. Wheat,
Oats, Rolled Unrley and ( rcar:i
Oats Iwst on the market, and
our G. P. Fgg Food the F.L'K
.Maker, $:1.50 per 100 lbs. All
other feeds ut like bottom
You will find the
Third and G streets
grown into strong, vigorous fowls.
iThe time to hatch and the time at
which all hatching should be com
pleted will of course vary according
to the locality and the climate, but
it Is essential that the chicks be
early rather than late hatched for
this section of the country. For the
most favorable time to do the hatch
ing consult your county agent.
Iteleased .January Ufl
Hay Watson.
' Rcleiuicd January S7
I Maryl Mulr.
i No new cases have been quaran
tined during the past three days.
Help do your ownCar Repairing
Now Is the time to have your car looked over and put In
shape for the summer. I hare had 14 years garage experience
which enables me to locate you car troubles and fix it as it should
be in the shortest possible time. A trial will convince you. If you '
should want to help me work on your car I shall be glad to have
you and it will give you a better Idea ot how to take care of it in
the future. Drop In and see me.
508 South Sixth Street. Opposite Oxford otel
Star," a newspaper printed In Eng
land on October 21. 1800. Mr. Wil
liams secured the paper while visit
ing his old home In England about
20 years- ago. The make-tip of the
paper, as well as the construction of
tho sentences, are extremely odd
Following Is one of the local Items
the paper contains:
"We are sorry to have to state,
that nocturnal depredations still
continue to exist In the neighborhood
of Clonmel. Within a few nights
past, several honest and Industrious
people have been taken from their
beds and whipped, by a nefarious
banditti. The cause assigned by these
savages for such treatment Is, that
the sufferers are Inhabitants of the
counties of Cork and Kerry, coming
to the country to procure labour, by
means its price Is cheapened."
Feb. 3, Monday Annual meeting
stockholders of the Grants Pass
Fruit association at 2 p. m.
Feb. 3, Monday Second semester
High school "opens.
Feb. 20, 27, 28, Wednesday, Thurs
day, Friday State examinations
at the courthouse.
If you have anything to sell try
a classioed ad.
i;v xoiAY
FOUND Elk's" emblem with 'initials
S. D. 3. Owner can have samo by
describing property. Win. Hong,
208 Foundry. 76
Washington, Jan. 27. Thirty-six
states have certified to the state de
partment their ratification of the
prohibition amendment.
Allegorical October.
Ia some of the calendars of our an
cient Saxon ancestors the month of
October is allegorlcally represented by
the figures of a husbandman carrying
a sack on his shoulder and sowing
grain. It was the sowing of the fall,
or winter wheat, as we call It In this
THE PARTY stealing milk on the
Peter Olson route Is known and
will be prosecuted and nnjuo ex
posed If practice continues. 70
WANTED Thoroughbred single
comb Rhode Island Red cockerel.
W. H. Leonard, IU. 2, Box 11-A.
LOST Saturday afternoon, a tan
colored moss agate breast pin.
Finder kindly notify Mrs. A. U.
Bannard, phone 106-J. 76
FOR SALE First class timothy hay,
baled, $25 per ton, Bluestem
wheat, best for spring seeding, $2
per bushel. 'Barley straw, $8 per
ton. B. S. Watts, Murphy, Ore
gon. , 80
WANTED A milk goat. Write 6.
' F. Overton, Grants Pass, Rd. 2, or
: phone 610-F-24. 76
Calling; cat it aad Envelope at
the Observer offloe. '
One Way to Reduce the
Price of Coffee
(Jootl Cocoa, or lb. . Itte
Ground Chocolate, per 1 1 Me
l'ostum Cereal, pkjj ...... 'SM:
Instant I'ostuin, largo size - I;'e
Drinket, 2.V sie - v 1'r
See the new 1919 models
now on display
Carload here today
J. H. DemSOn, Distributer
Your last chance to see
Charlie Chaplin
In '
"Shoulder Arms"
Mary PicRford
For Sale or Trade
Fine Home and Acreage in Good, Live Town
A fine city homo producing more than SI Til) u
year In fruit und berries, also equipped for poul
try raising three poultry houses and parks with
shadp and running wator. Thruo acres ot fruit,
berries and garden, filch soil and fruit and ber
ries In full bearing, 210 trees principally Blng
cherries and D'AnJo pears; some peaches, prunes
and apples. Small creek runs across place. Mo
.dorn 9-room residence with sleeping porch, bath
electric light, city water. Pretty lawn, parkings,
ornamental shrubbery and roans. On hard-surfaced
paved streot, near fine High und Qrudo
Schools. Work for everybody In blg.cannory,
mills, camps and mines In and near town ot 2,r,00
people. Fine water and climate. Will sell on
terms, or exchange for small farm, or ranch' land.
Can furnish photos of place if Interested. At
Cottage Grove, near Eugene. Write or apply to
the owner.
W. C. CONNER, Harrisburg, Oregon

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