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4 MONDAY, 1'KIUUTAHY 21, 1010.
Classified Advertising
? I, it 1,1 I I
Tin? Atiierlrnn doughboy lum rnnied
American cliniliiln shown In this picture
friendly Ytmk nilenvorliig to slmw their
ablsm Freed From Persecution
Through ths Downfall of tht Turk
ish Power in Palestine.
With the hreaklnK of the Turkish
power In Palestine another religion
cult line hwn liberated from persecu
tion Unit of Uiihnlmn. or Hnlliii. The
li-mler of this ilrltiinl movement Is
Ahilul flnhu. or AIiIihh ICflTi-mll. ne he la
vem-mliy known. This religion bs
first rminili'd liy Itiilin'o'llnh, ihe fa
ttier of the presi-m Ifinler. mill h
i !iime III" nli to prem-ll ll ilurtrliiea
lii'fiire ill,, world. I Mie In Ihe Hlllnu'on
I iii of ilii ninveini'iii to Ihe Nliim re
Melon. Ai'ilul tliilm ?vns luiprUoiied
hy the "iilliin of Turkey. liu feiired
hi tincliiii". mid u Iw-pt u irtH"iier
In Him ri.rt'ex tif Akkn. nenr llnlfn.
fin III vi-nrn. t'pmi Ills relenxe III I'.MIH,
:1. iTs?
, rT '
-I 'X
" r f
Hie nxtwm nnd love of lh? prusiinl of Kr-nee. In Hrleulles-sur-r.nr the
Is Interested in a pair of wooden shoes, whlli' tho peaHanta surround the
upprcrlntlon for his docd mid make lilm nt home.
when a mild -oiitliutloiial form of
government wui vHtiiliilshed in Tur
key, Ituhn traveled through France
and Englnnd preaching his doctrines,
also coming to the United Htiites. in
Abdul llnhn strove to be railed the
"servant of humanity." While In the
Orient he won msny friends hy caring
fur the Kirk mill npprt-KHiHl. iiml ainouK
the ninny iltles iilven him hy his nelKh
hors was one vMpeciully siillel to him.
miniely "Kaltier of the I'oor." While
in this country he esinhllxheil colonies
nf supiwrters of his lenchlnus In Chi
cago and Kennxlin. Wis. Ills teach
ings have a clone relation with those
of Christianity aud u'udulsiu.
Muskral Stops Train.
The marshes tirouud the Boston
Maine railroad ysrils in Itoston are
full' of tnuskrats. Charley Drown, a
Spend the Money!
the Most Out of It!
Every year you spend a large proportion of the money
you get. So much for clothing. So much for shoes. So
much for things to eat, house furnishings, garden seeds
and tools and what not. '
There's one sure way to jjet the most for your money.
Know what you want before you go to buy.
HEAD ADVERTISEMENTS, The advertisements
you read will tell you what is new and good. They will
give you the latest ideas and improvements. They will
help you to live better and dress better at less cost. '
If you think of it, you'll be surprised, at the world of
interest and the wealth of news ideas you'll find in read
ing advertisements. ' v; j . I . '
Advertisements are the daily record of progress. They '
are the report to you of the manufacturers and merchants
who work for you, telling what has been accomplished for
vour benefit.1' .;' '. J. ' " 0'vq , .
. , . -i - a .
'Vis "s
yard brakomun, has been realizing orer
1100 a sen son since the war hy shoot
ing rata on his spare time and selling
the fur, which now commands a high
Brown has been known to shoot a
muskrat from the top of a moving
freight car with a rifle.
A short time ugo n muskrat tied up
the Interlocking switch system at slg
nnl tower C. The big rnt crawled into
the swltchpolnts to eat out the grenne
used to luhrlrtttH the switches Just as
the lever man In the lower tried to
close the switch (or a fast express pat-'
scnger train.
The rat had wedKed In so close the
switch wouldn't close and the plant
was tied up. The mechiinlc found the
rat wedged Into the points and crushed
Into a mass of fur and flesh.
All kinds of Commerolal Printing
at the Courier Office.
There It Muelj in Proper Curing and
Handling BeeU and Mangel
Wurzels Also Good.
If yon have fed clover or alfalfa to
poultry in Ita green state or dry yon
know It valne. If you have not used
It ss a hen feed do so this winter.
even If you huve to buy some; and
In future seasons you will luy in
good supply. There Is much in cur
ing and handling this food to have It
rliflit for herJs. If It has been' done
properly, cut Into one-quurter-lnch
lengths, and pluce It In a tub or bar
rel, then turn on steiim or hot water,
which at once hrlnxs buck the aroma
of the harvest field. Next spread out
In the mixing box and sift on some
comment, middlings and anlmul meal,
salt a little and you have as good a
mess for laying hens as can be pre
pared. In some respects alfulfa la
better than Clover. It Is very rich In
protein, yields more In a year than
, clover, and hens tike It better.
For poultry it should never be al
lowed to become woody. A trood field
nf alfalfa will produce more hen feed
I than the smite amount of space put
Into any other crop.
Next In order for a dependnble win
ter food come beets and mangel-wur-
tela. There ore different sorts, red,
yellow and white. All moke a good
winter hen feed. They are composed
largely of water, hut It makes an ex
cellent winter food, being easily grown
and kept and Is very handy to feed.
By feeding plenty of green food to the
hens In winter there la a profit de
rived In two ways. The hens will be
more healthy, therefore lay better, nnd
by working It Into the dully ration the j
cost of feeding the flock Is lessened
Among Other. Things for Farmer ta
Remember Is That Male Doesn't
' Influence Number of Eggs.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
It Is urged that all farmers and
poultrymen adhere strictly to the fol
lowing principal rules In handling
their poultry and eggs:
L Keep the nests clean; provide
one nest for every four hens.
2. Gather the eggs twice dally.
8. Keep the eggs in a cool, dry room
or cellar.
4. Market the eggs at least twice
Q. Sell, kill or confine all mule birds
as soon as the batching season is over,
tl Tifian mm"
On Hundred Hens Should Be on
Every Farm,, 1
so as to produce Infertile eggs. The
male bird has no effect on the number
of eggs produced.
Not Given to Supply Grit, Uut to
Make Bone, Muscle and Feathers
Help Out Ration. '
Many poultry growers, espeally
beginners, have the Impression that
oyster shells make a good grit for
fowls, but such Is not the case. Oyster
shells, In some respect do help to
grind the fowl' food, but the chief
mission I to make bone, muscle and
feathers. They form the shell of the
egg, or assist In this matter and at the
same time aid in making: a complete
ration when,' fowls are ted charcoal
and grit together with their grain ra
tions. If you keep them before the
hens and do not feed fat-producing
feeds, they will prevent soft-shelled
eggs nnd keep them from acquiring
the egg-eating habit, which is one of
the greatest losses ever experienced
, by any poultryman. In almost every
feed given to fowls we find a shortage
ot ash.' The oyster shells supply this
want of ash and the hens lay their
full Quota of eggs.
Fuller' Earth In Big Demand.
: Fuller's earth' Is worth more per ton
Ik -the United States than the ore from
many large gold mines now paylnf
handsome dividends. ' Florida to tt
leading producer. 1 -
FOR SALE Good ateam power
plant for saw mill or any pur
pose. Bee J. J. Morton. 90tf
FOR SALE Nice home, corner lot,
cheap for cash or pay part down,
east terms. Oarage, wood house,
chicken house, well, city water.
Bargain if taken at once. Apply
902 K street. 02
FOR 8ALB One Jersey-Guernsey
cow coming fresh In two weeks,
$75; one mare and colt, $75; one
steel wheel wagon with hay rack;
one nve passenger car at your
own price. These have to be sold
so call and see me. P. E. Tan gen,
three miles west of city on Cres
cent City road. 03
FOR RENT Partly furnished cot.
tage at 321 Jlogue River Avenue;
three rooma and sleeping porch,
good well and one-balf acre of
land, barn; $5.00 per month.
Key at 402 Rogue River Ave. 07tf
dences at 801 and 811, North 6th
St., eight and ten dollars a month.
Will sell either or both. Make me
an offer. John Summers, Leba
non, Oregon. 40tf
FOR RENT House and three vr six
acres, eastern part of town. House
semi-furnished If desired. Mr. A.
J. Klocker, Medford, Ore. SO 22
FOR RENT Two residences on
North Seventh street Will sell
or trade for farm - property. In
quire Mrs W. H. Quaif, 832 North
Seventh street. . 03
WANTED to bay a good gentle
horse, sound and true, weight
about 1,300, chunky built Peter
Olsen, phone 500-R-2. 01
WANTED TO RENT until October
1, a furnished house. Address
No. 316 care Courier. 02
Montague, Cal. Will be at the
Hotel Josephine for a few days. 23
WILL TRADE 7-passenger Stude
- baker automobile, good tires, good
condition, for work horses and
harness.- L. Engle, 801 North
, Sixth street. . ." . 100
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Nov. 19. 1918.
Trains will run Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday '
Leave Grants Pass ......1 P. .M
Arrive Waters. Creek . 2 P.. M
Leave Waters Creek S P. M.
Arrive Graats Pass 4 P. M
For information regarding freight
and passenger rates call at the office
of the company, Lundburg building
or telephone 131. . "
PUlala Br i IMI MU?
b m SL GktM. lleaa tt MjhM
About 130 Per Hen I Good Estimate
Result From Flock Properly
Cared For.
About ISO eggs per hen Is a fair av
erage for the yearly egg record. A
flock properly cared for should pro
duce about one third as many egga as
there are hens, during the months of
December. January and February.
But He Fought for Germany.
Th tmth of the adase as to the
world being a small place after all 1
aptly Illustrated In an Incident which
befell J.'Hensall French of Philadel
phia, who Is engaged in Y. ftl. U. A.
work In the American expeditionary
fnrcM in France. In a letter Mr.
French atates that while close to the
firing line several hundred German
prisoners were being conveyed on
mo it tn the rear. The prisoners were
under guard, and aa they passed along
one ot them called out in Engusn,
nnn! Mr. ITrench. how do you do?"
"Rlht wen." retorted Mr. French.
"but how is It that you know mer
vih rwmnnded the orlsoner. I have
nfton waited uron you at the Belle-
:vue-8tratford," and with a wav of hi
hand he passed along witn nis com
panions to the rear of the fighting
Hn. , ' . '
If yea have aartal&g u' sell try
ESTRAYED There came to my en
closure four head of cattle be
tween 2 and 4 year old, on
wearing bell. Owner can secure
animals by paying charge. A.
Bartlett. Phone 167-L. 01
JITNEY SERVICE Any where, any
time. Phone Mocha Cafe 181-R.
Otto J. Knlps, tleslderic 148-Y.
GEO. H. PARKER, dealer In all
kind of nursery atock; 13 year
In the business. 403 West D St.,
phone 285-Y. Grant Pass. 81tf
SECOND HAND goods of every des
cription bought and sold. A. J.
Powers, 408 South Sixth street tf
Phone 190-J.
TIRES Used tires bought and sold.
Auto Service Co. Phone 824-J, op
posite Oxford hotel. 19
E. L. GALBRAITH, insurance, rent
al specialty. Acreage, Building
and Loans. 609 G street, Laaner'a
old location. tf
THE PICTURE MILL for fine photo
graph. Open dally except San
day from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. San
day sittings by appointment only.
Phone Mill. 283-R, or residence
140-J. 57tl
S. MacMURRAT Teacher of sing
ing. Write or-apply at 71 Le
Street . . tf
L. O. CLEMENT. M. D., .Practice
limited to disease of the eye, ear,
nose and throat. Glasses fitted.
Office boar 9-12, 2-6. or on ap
pointment Office phone 62. resi
dence phone 359-J.
3. LOUGHRIDuk, M. f nysiciaa
and surgeon. City or country call
attended day or night Realdener
phone 169; office phone 18S
8tith and H. Tuff Bidg.
A.A. WITHAM. M. D. Inter!
. medicine and nervous disease;
903 Corbett Bidg., Portland. Or.
Hoar 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 p. m..
DR. R.
. Office,
J. BESTUL, Veterinarian
residence. Phone 305-R.
E. C. MACT. D. M. D. Flrst--laaei
dentistry. 109 South Slxtk
street Grants Pass. Oregon.
DR. C. E. JACKSON, D. M. D., sno
ceaeor to Dr. Bert Elliott Ore
Golden Role 8tor.,Phon) .
kind ot drayage and transtea
work carefully and prompUy don
Phone 181-J. Stand at freight
depot A. Shade. Prop.
Bunch Bro. Transfer Co. rnoa
F. G. 1SHAM, drayage and transfer
Safe. planoa and fnraltur
. moved, packed, shipped and stor
' d, Office phoo' 124-T. Resi
dence phone, 124-Jt.
H. D. NORTON, Attorny-aww.
PraoUoe la all Btat and Federal
Coart. Flrt NaUonal Bank Bidg.
at-Law. Graats Pas Banking co.
Bidg., Grant Pass. Oregon. .
B. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney, rra
tlo la all court. First National
Bank Bidg.
O. 8. BLANCHARD, Attorney at
Law. Golden Rule omiuina
Phone 370. Grant Pass, Oregon.
toraey. Albert Bidg. Pno
316-J. Practice In all court: lam .
beard attorney.
a A. SIDLE R, Attorney-aH-aw, ret-
ere in " bankruptcy. Masowe
temple, Grants Pasa. Or. .
GEO. H. DURHAM, attorney at law.
referee In bankruptcy, Masonle
Temple, Grant Pas, Ore. Phone
' Pint National iBank building.
Grant Paaa, Oregon.
PrteUag that pleases We do it!
Courier J Bepartaeat.
a .eiaatflea ,..

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