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The Official Paper of Harney County,
sTIi Tim-MiiilA
linn the Isrgvst rlt.iilntlom and it one of J
the bt ailv'tilng medrSSaYBl Ketrn
m m V as fr
: " :
tVfei rt MsrstQ Cstmtrrj
r en mm of .eW.WJ
2 . ,,ri,.w"w .. y .
" !
ARY 6, n
WO. T.
tuc i'cutdii nunnnN DO An on nrw IImp of track, the nrot-1 IN THE DAYS OF LONG AGO murderer of John Sexto.
I III. VI.I'i lm vii4vn nr. .
, pec la for heavy ps.r'nings from the
" idev the rond ip ready for operation
Mew SBMBSJ feaalMlltlea el i-t.itrtr
W It is Ul Trrttl
PIMHa--i laalaaM.
lie inhinN tn hi. much 1
woman, it seem aha in to be SrSOS
reimrtioularlv promising in Or.- HISTORY 0 THE OLDEST EASTERN durorowl as wall. K Mr wouia
gon east of the Oaeoade Th. 0RC00N COUNTY. onnsult the oiroi.it court journal of
principal items may be autnmarii-j I Malheur county he would Bnd that
ed a follow Flrat, liinhar SS1 hi former wife had faved hin. tl-r
liimlieri Moond, oareals and otln-r Wast Casety Paraxrly Ceaiirtn all at trouble of gating a divorce hv al-
The New Vaaf addition of the
( Irrconmn is quite a dkjappniutmaiit
Mi -adera in lbigiritj. While
il ia poelhlv up o former Uiuat In
one respect, it lack particular
and accurate new concerning the
prod into of (li soil, third cattle;
fourth eh"'. fifth wool; sixth,
merchandise. rxpra and mail.
eventh, pairigere. Taking the
items adeeriutnu, the follow figures
are ooneenrmtv". baaed upon com
pilations SSrefollr caloulaled:
Two train a day and 200 toon
to a train Average haul about
The Start Part ( the Caere-
laitrtftlat gtecnea tetaraa
ba te:280 milea; e-tituatod freight rate.
Tin Dalle Chronicle print the
following entertaining review of
Waacn county, the origin of it
oaroe, its history and ee'tlement.
TeM ObrSsMh aaya;
The oldeet political division in
thie portion of Oregon in Wasco
ready securing one. srwl in now the
wife of ennther man.
Prank Steaaarecrt Maw a Up 'at HI
Uarc-AII the Pnwar Intake te
tea D Hit aaasntsi,
' 'i 41)
i' in
The r
1 lodsv
propowd railroail
r-m natron to tiotanta, iw i- ,2H0 per ton: For W)o days to imnlv. t WM rgmniMil by the
hinfl m re .left- t, yesr. results hp ,trial vears before the state
However. It does give some! Anilim i,imgn. I'JO.OM .. ...Imitts.l to the Union
Fr.ighl at t'.'Hd p, r ton. $Ms Th following were its boundar-
000. ea: Commencing at the Caeoadea
Cereals and land product fbo 1 0f tne Columbia river; thence tip
total acreage of irrigated and irri
gable lands reached is over 507,000
aura. Transportation of the pro
ducts of half of this at two tons per
acre ami a freight rate of 12 per
tatietical facts which hear nut the
statement made by The TioiMi He
,.l,l last week that It is after the
baHtnaaaj of Central Oregon, and
ihere i sufficient tonnage 1 1 justify
the building "f the road. It will le
uill regardlen of the movement
1. nil-
Th- map showing liie location of
,...l snd weal line m n. "nu"t m- Ufae other half from the irrigable
I to show only the general i...,!, ...,i ,iln wi..,i ,iM, .... tr,
iliro.-t;oii, as It has the genr...hv IggbJa produot out of the calcula
of line Motion so badly iwiateii that ' i0lt
one can gel no nl-,. ..f it Regard-1 Cattle If this road carries one
ing the railroad bnild'i g in r. i.tral l4Mtti, f the oattle exnorteil from
( iragon it atate in part : Qteimi In Itfll. il ineane lOfiK
Jamee I' O'Hrleo, - i,r' -,U'1 1 hood of cattle or 4 lo oarloa.U, with
gf.i-r.it mai.agr ..." the South-! ,n Rverage haul of ISO mil-. At
miiI river to the point where the
southern shore nt said river if 111
tereecled bv the southern boundary
of Washington territory; thence
east 11 lung said boundary to the
ton reaches 1,1 H-l laM , null leaves .tnntwr,, boundary of Oregon terrl-
The new route under considera
tion from Natron tn Oolsrio will
cover a distance of approximately
-!' mile, and will lap a greater
territory than. is to le found he-
here In Hie Cnited Hi tat tndny v
without railroad Mrvlou, sayt 1 blown off nod
l'tnnk SlMin'nbtri;. forSICl
nor of Idahi. vmis killi-d ;il
6:40 oVIim k last atuid
ioj. nt bis home in tbc tfrrtirbs
dwvll. A lMmb was pi 1. -il
t of ihe ;al- with a OMt
CtMtritNNKM by whivh ii explode!
he entered Moth legs
In lived bu'
K 11 iootca There is no V
reason for the outrage but it 1
nl to Borne member f tin
famous inner cucle of the Coem
d'Alenc dvn.'imilrm whom In
I 1 0i asn lirwa nd On
djroari and Savagotiot
isajy. recently announoed ofllelsllp
hgl th" sum of 14,160,000 had
eau eat aside to build II li'xl
. in 1 tae of this In..' 1 .
il allien 1- JUM ,11 in
rllnr:. . .Igi- ! . h, i ulgi
1 tli uiapa us lar-
the lower figure earnings nf 1112,400
are shown But nm -third railmr
tliail one-leiith Ih a inlli li llo'i'
rraaonabb' eslim;
p The Nnle 1.1 point oot
nt (rionf"i I".". nr i-iort-
eil at rHHj.lMH) Crook CoUDl al inu
I 11 shown on the tax
(ury: thence uloog the eastern
boimdHrv of said territory to th
southern iioundary of the , j
theuce west uloog saul southern
k. . .. 1 .. p . 1 iha Pa aMAflA iiuiiir.
Creek gap, aftei ahiebils
lama lo tin plsce of tieginning '
Oregon then extended from the
Pacific ocean to the Rooky Moun
tuiue. iiml Vauu BODOty cuiiiprin-d
uotern pail Inn wean the
Portion of what is
BOW 'he slates ol Idaho nlniuc
ainl .Munliitm were UMinprised Willi
in ils bum I U
To tin antiquarian it is a matter
insult (he rec
ord in the oil -V DaasM m The
J .1 th en, .n returns
Ontario Argus. Its entire line will
lie through a country lhat wiil d
yelop rajiidlv under the chanired
conditions that will trip (he few
oflbeir Mwer to "hold down" 1 he
advantage iher tiberiied from nn-
ture by reason of having gut Hire PWWCUted to relentlessly in.
flrat It will Ik. a haven f..r lb when he wa governor.
Jnhnnv-eoine lelalv, iimi nnl main mil rnoding is prepatinjj tn pari
veins will pass until the chnracfor tin' full itippotl of the state be-
istic of today will ho the lone ami hind llu- olli. lain in mnoin dOWB
the legend of a forg't ten pi ,u. ,., p, (I ..,N ,,( ,lC Clmu..
Fron. llourio lbs rnilr.md will CWHr,l U) ,j,c
follow Ihe Maiheui river, and cross 0(((J l-
into Harney vain- thrnugh t'rane
nniniilt of $18
been offered for the
inuhii'i.'i I' ia thi.iiobt n
route ia " '
1. ... u.. 1 .:- j. ..:.. .
rather .nor difficult to d.ler.ni.ie -" '": mgm
from thin ci.H. It will cros the 00lty will b i.-l
Silvia river at Burns, or a few wna tome 01 lis nesi m
limits below II ami tin 11 bend al- scene nnd lb- slate willed
im-al dir. :. west for the Casei,. i-il..s lhJ fsal
in re u will take a hharp Imixl i fan find powei
!tbo iinrthve-i ruin. roe into Natrui Steunetib?rg was goventOf in
Si. keejing Shivering FlU
.hi gad ieli
was M
thn e
roll M ilhoaf and llan.ey not
much if auv hm. Fiaurinu on llu frou U n!ui Wall timl othe' pr-
lli- ..a. nt along the Wilh.ii. , - aafoi eattU. anolb-r em . In o-i, ngt .... and evuu
o.l crossing to the BOOtorn ui (, , , 4(MJ f, lH ,ij,d ( ,lm, , ,Mlu -nd Montana
ilateoti can ha maib it is atutid
Oovcraar to DUsohe MM Cowpenles. , . -
nun nl f 1 ;;,4HO oiiy
'I. ...!ai 'iirtiiliKa
,1. gradnm a ..... exdlf . ,.!-. 'ouaideriiig the '.Mis..,
-nt, altbongii the am line bu.t; OOOpooodotl Oregon's pr,.,linu,
ill have a maximum of I r nl ., svtkt n ,B m ml( .Hlll.
until uch time a r pSM irlh w,n otllr,, , , m 1,
work that will reqo.re a long. , r()(4j M we . con-id,rillK j,,,
oMItorar, .uipnaii. ,.,... e..,- g,, ,hMg Bt Hh.ii.ieo. tl,. Crook
plat the perleiii new una
Or-gon Eaaltrn Compauy
fire, d a few uuoth- ago for the
oiirpoo of luiiidn ,: a hue from
Na'.ron aeroae ih .livid- , thence lo
' iniario, making .in uai.1 and wet
railroad MfOM lb center of liie
stale, from wti lit I. ranches ore
ptopoaed lo Im nuill north lo the
irrigate n along th upper
ui.- liiv.M 1 ..in tn Klamath
Falln nnd nil ' "liter irrigation
of ago- " ..
d an . I Bitten
I . tin . im
in malaria, fur 11
emm 1 'no curative inline. 11 0.1
11 .1... ....... drivi... it entire! "' " - Oreg.
ifourju-.ti.re court records had been itj m g (
In neea'nO.
ninnd than
I. :
lein c - i'r Kll.g'a
New 1 I srr jo
.1 liver
troul)le. u at th-
Drug v
r from faul
M f ed
I, oali 011
1 H. Davis
t n Oregon
National Bank
A Several Banking Business Tnwacfcaf
rrrwmti 6mpAt ml tAt mm rtt trjf.
n Daly.
C. A. Maine.
II M. HortM,
M AiaXANoaa. Pareinasr
Wa JuNj
m - -ron oe-ewo
. vrea, Oaahlat
test CaahteT
h ImJk '
Illt.MI-l I .ll. I on . i 1 ...-.(m.
W Solicit Your 8nkiuij Business.
C V. Kenyon II Aleand.-r. K-ti ns. Wlllia
Miller. Frank R Rafls, Th.w Toti
FaXOC. JM0f i KMt. r .
Mi Ilnnka n)4r
1 kr !'. 111 1 nf a anaa.
1 M
nrvaerv.d, sul.poenu' - would'beon
file wirved in e.v'l aetimi on it
iiss at Fort Hall aud other
places hundred., of mile distant
In IHo'.l tin statu wus admitli ii
iiitu the Union, ami a latgu portion
prefer i.iuiue, having none
ir I'hiiu.lwrlaiu within a fee
nf lki-.lr..D'a l.e.l ufl..,...ff-nl- " " lorHe4IOe Willi t US
OSStS term. nu of the ( oltimbiu of Wasco was plucrd in Washing 1
BOStssrs, are crowded to r. pli.tiun ion and other territories Then
with wool every kSSSMi smith:-. auie politioul disintegration, and
Hiinl in just about the center of Hie in ISt'.'J Jiekor county an formed
In.. under dlACUallou o wool , i ihe lugialuturc, and also I'ma-
couriug plant, to handle K.' tO.OOO tills. In lstJI, I'iiku. county was
pounds, ia building at Portland wt apart, (.rant in I87U, OfSSh in
that at Poiidletou boodUd I .'and in the yeara fcllowing
piionda l-ul aeaaon and is to have Hhorman, (lillinin aud Wheeler,
il capacity doubled Is that tret- Th. cuuntv now comprises about
tic 10 buth direction is assured '.'-Pio s.juare miles, aud extend on
At lea than cu.ieut rate wsolltbt no. then, boundary, from lb.-
dsvi In
. . ., . . .. 1
8 Miiudar, nf HenrietU T- " " '- ' "" "
writes: ' -M br..i her wa very low: W'"- lr""k WHsstaaSO sf
wiH. malarial fever nnd jh...,"' corporation department ol
Uiihotonk Klectne BiUar. which oroUry of Uto'i off... ha- t
u.ul i.u lie. a. il.. nu, 11,. u ed over lo th" governor a list vi
tor; price 50c, guaranteed
Bay Marc I and
.'. ihiu e iriiuralions n hid. have been
a .
dolinqoonl fur tan yers, and, 11.
7st Lesc Star
i" lor.
Bskopy In eonnsstion
vriitlty af SkeTl nfSetg.
Tshll ISfTeSaSf
tbomarkd 1 . patron
y Howard BwMSt.PBBSBaStI w. n SCSSSS.VaM ' ta.ocsrr &
vy a. A COaVSSN Jk
5'., SS -. . a .. S
ym national mm
A Oencral Bankin-r Businons Transacted '
ore wn h tl H,..ne law, the
ynri.or urn 1. in 1 ., 1
, time di, ling the mouth of Ja..uar
jtif-s can ne ret.iKii.'e.i anti. .'. tin
payment of ell lock license I
dial. lets and d M Jsf iigrinultu- ' ,,, ..id $117,600 to the returns ('us.'.idt' Locks to the mouth of the
b-Mute Merchandise, general prodtide, Des Chutea, a distance of aLoui no
Havmc ,1, .iluiu.J. ei ihe south- maiia u(j express Taking into miles
rSSSfl Sf i'sikor'l Isap I tool the rnpul settling in o Tina is along the hue of the Col-
htljf vsryit! SilsSlsf Kla- ; ,.,,iire district, development nl umbia river, ami the O. RAN
11 ill. Keils, Uie .i.gineenug corpa jnduaines, greul and little break- 1 mpunv' rallroud follow the
lie li. Ill baa 1 und thai Ihe eh- ,K fsrSM sf irrigated land, at k river Irum ihe wuetern to lb- eeal-
111 may Isr u.ainUlusd with ' interesta everywhere, oud apply u.g orn boundary. Acros the county
little change 11, extending south- MUon , ullsideratioi.h Is Hw Balks h-m the eastern hue to Buck H..I-
Hk"w ' "" wovaruiucin con len. plated, ear.it.ig nf iJlW
S Lit.u.i,,,, ,.., 1 (Iku. iaiMillii.ii..j i - - 11. ..
""" i"' "... . ..w... ! per uuv is yery conservative iuu-
few years lo add V.3C,tJOO acre of n.ss.x) for the year SMSSfl ISlt.
irrigated lands to the productive tuMio,mble. The moat recent fig-
nurd to the greut tioverumeiit ;,,.,, .temnlated. eeri.iinn of 1 lLM low. a little below Hhear' bridge, is . Alhlelie hallJauini' fSMSveul .ia . . I, A litk
only 40 mile, and this is the nar- '" l,e given in memory 01 1 no 1 i,,lu,illV ,.,.,!, Kel up
roweal part, while fmm the tiorlh
weaterii corner to the eouthttasleru
urea ol Oregon and N .rtheri. I'ali
1'irnia With easy yrudtent by the Cali-
ures for population of several of ht .part SO mile beyond Antelope on
In addition to ten acre of
which 11 purchased for lurn.iual
purposes ul Ontario tin '
Short I. a..- bun purchase. i a farui
"t IN scree near the city from
Thome Marlon. Frank VsJS "d
1 Wright The deal was
in 'he name of the O S 1. and Ihe
pursssst sgls was 112,000 1
111 the iielghborliood of the .u,
ehaaes of the railrouil eumpuny ai
Mlling lor m ironiage ,o.. .. Sjt,v( A lU.k Md , ..,,
the Uioiii I going higher cuts, burns u.ulsorea.
th. City Drug Htore
A uniiUe dnnue is to be given in
Athletic hall January r Tseevent Alfalfa al. A Ull rsaod
d, Turk
Fire-lJroof, Modern. Hleant.
RsUs $a.oo and $2 50 ptrr day.
AH Outside Rooms Near Depot
Tin 1111..I1 in ssSr I '! ws onK pened to th
public. M.ii in 1 '"in. 1 . pcop - v.liomo
and courteously i connection.
her I'tauty.
1 II .ward, of W :;i
. . .
loix.ul urn lime tuul Iter Oeaulr
wuh skin troutiif She writ-
I had Salt Rheum
lor . ore, I. ui nothing would cum I
.lit I used buokleu - An
Bobble Doreey, an .ld di easing mas eytan alfalfa seed, Re.l ,
terof Prineville, and is leing ui- Call and examine unl ftf r
ranged by Wm. Wigle, who will , ibibUs
diiuuce "''' ' " '""" "" pu14'" "k lb.
towus alonu the ('antral Oregoi. the John 'lav river is a
line Irum the Cascades to the Hnaks nf ll0 ..!. Km... i.nrlh U. anulb "'a t""" Oanuea given i.y tn.e wen
toruia North -urn from Wd and Kiver am a follows: Prineville
of HO lime
'In Bounty i (it) mile 111 length
remembered dancing teacher ii.e
by th. -Oregon Cistern from Natron, ifOQ Hums, 1200, Outario, 1600 The word VaBco wa derived Ooor Stauagera are C ntth,
kiauiaih Kalis toSf ut no distant Suu.pier, 3000; Canyon City TOO;! from a tribeof Indians who i..hab-0w)r-" aouUior. 1' H I'omu.
day become th important midwa i;,..!. f.OO: Uidlaw. 300 And all iu-d this uoriiini of ihe northwest. ' . Howard, M lltgge '
Robert Ferry died ut neari failuie
lust Tuesday n.-.riiiug at tl I
' a . aH wj..- ...a.-.'.. i n im m m m
A Jg
V HuesT.je NieruM. VF
1 i 'ut
V .Tj,
1 I. N 9 t jft i -
sl f wapion d. ooya
Real Estate. Mines and Mining.
. mm- aPV r .
e. o. au Mi
CJf Ovrasto, Oi ii. M
VT X ".."arWeSke as uric. J
sr f ' J" afl&aSsna a MC
mmwmmmwmmmmmmwmm .
point . i the tl ugh route between ul, ..jug fMi. d kaj BSgM a given to them
Portland and -..n Francisco. The J'eaenger traffic An ea'.iuiaU oecauae the were adept in muL
prMin ssln a.., ..I the Southern ()f ,,nly 60 a day to pas irTT 1st ling Nilii ahluh snllsssj
I uoih wuuhi n t i aoauduned by i me is mol moderate. At 3 cents of the hard
ville Journal.
Hag st svar 24 yn
WANTED Ag.nte, Huatlera
basaltic roek abound- Salesmen, Clerk and every!
i.j ...e...a, ... ...- mo sawasr ., mile tins lota. a 10 soi,wo earn- i,,y in that regi..D lbs basin wi,0 Wlku lo enjoy a good hearty
uc alone t to great fur that, but it mgs for the year. Vera Mgerlv oof hi In iba ahurig-', Uj BOllj fe for 'T.
is ni..rf.icr iiiuusuir mat miiiujn 1 akllig no aecoliul ol lorunnui ,i.i-s lor poundini; or grinttlug uiita ..-...- " W..nl. A'ui ..,
irain- will operate over ijutn routes burgee, which it lb impoBible now tt ,, oauai runts intou coarse meal
alter ilae uew Una are linked iii ln , .jQnte in advauce wun auy n.en . xtnaively used a food by
Soiaihotii ..; lb 0a i,.giee of accur cy, ihe items abovoS..
rVh i.n ... nut the line given totsl 12,292,145 a earnings
he anticipated
lor the
in. -I year of the up. ration forth.
OsagSS Kaalern, when completed
laii.-'h hi
the tali of I hi i,,ti amy
I Klamath Ma. she-.
II an earlv
llQaiu-. lo be .in. If no-
i;uoi:id to ihu finauoial dirt
1 ol in.. y .tcui, ibe tact h .- u
SiAlle public; out II is udillli-
be purpoag 1 bstol U) con - is ilmlv ena.:l d,
pietitu the li.bi asaUou of IM bom Death
u.il-l ..tie. anatbei Victim
Advent ut tin. representative ol or Fueuiooiita
any per
son who utile goods for a lifi
If not satisfactory your money I
back. ('ircular for stamp.
Pr, While electric Comh Co . I '
Watchmaker and Optician.
Second door north of post office.
B-u.na.6, Oxegrors.
A I. ..in liagcuy
Mark hi lugh hi al
i- M Maxtor, in-1 1
u stir asking Hun tl. ind of mat- J
r.uniiiv : ,e UOUliuully
td iierelofore b.-t h und'
in tiiu.iBjnds. of M,il lleadley.o. im.,. pioperly
..-. in euuh ,naa ng, Mabel Rhode. he formaP-j
f OuoauniBtion ', ami legally dissolved. In hie
igbi mpluint hi
troug rtv.il railru'iila, limti. ..i colds an propei ij Heated, the pooeed t.dant in Run
, intereair into Oregon u tragedy is av-r tod. (i llunlley, ', , .ml, r th
'.eortlidad sotiii Imv utedi it of O il. laudim. Ivui, ariuai Al y psgstion that eiie was a widow.
niHi.iiive that ll.u ilurriumn a, - wife had in aonatimptUHi, and Muc theg be has become acquaint-1
u sniet.Uid the advaniiigeouo lostoM gave tier op. Finally ilwitiithe aturtling (act thai she .
HlIU Ihev h.lVi li let. .fur. uciil-
I ' III the oi. jUWOa'fbi hence
:'ie cunatiueiiun uiuven. -n; that ie
!"- in us uutgu.tu.iu all biiu-
ner stale that
are rti-nliv been a.uong thn foro-
iioat in railroad building in the
Wl it is nut usual! eatiiuatod
railroad traffic otlici.tis that iui-
i dntie touuage may he devub.ped t
2s made of Grape
Cream of Tartar
h i. .k lb. King's "-w li.,covery wite tin legal wit. ut on Auto I
lor coi.su. 'ids, It hod. v bo is very much al.
which cured her, ami today she ia hm nut apparently anxious lo claim
well ami Htiotig ' It sills the .that v. Inch he had d at the AbSOltltvlV PlltC
germs of all diseases Hue due altar. There were no fruite of ellh
relieves (iuaraiileed al oOc and i er uuinn und the complainant doe
a The Finest of All
Fsr Sak isiy al
Hotel Burns Har
Aients, Burns, 0-e.
ejTRi.thci J hi ' ui
1 lUHCII A r.
Biirns, Crogon.
XaOse Tlxls X3Ieid.qL-v-xaxf :
Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Billi-trd nnd lool labl5.
Club Rooms in Connection
fl.OO by the City
Triu! hot. In free
Looking for snap V
ii Bu I. luiai.'a ad.
Drug Kture.
is Hchwartx
uo the present wbeieabouts
of hi i ' -twhile mate Raker Cilv
This is the .vumaii who oame here
a the wife of Hairy Kgbart. th.'
Makes the food
more Wholesome
and Delicious.
UCikOaTO.W.l0 A Alt. i
ttlacksiiiithsog and
Wagon Work.
loomrriij kmmnu
mencimja ma anr
aaaaBBSBsaBWBwaaBaa J& H aSBssWSninsWasaj
Ostr BOO j'-ffll fc-nJ ir
ituaHul A . ' 'Vsoo Uo
turjm. fl I
lkfkfla 1 isrsst
Te .tSt aMrisf
Main St.,
Burns. Oregon
Job Printing.

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