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The times-herald. [volume] (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, April 21, 1906, Image 1

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Wtr Cisnew-ftrriil
Tlir Official Para-mf Harney Coo tv,
Iim tl Urfjl rir.-nlatinn en.l ia on of
th het blbwtlsing inntinass in'Kaatsrn I
tf s
hIPI s I .
'' V v
fha wars Ht Hnrnffl trounlrtj J
a f'ovrrs sn srs of t.4'.n.fi0 mi
lrtl. f,7!l .000 SfS yrt srant
to sril
'. ths
irM of I
rilrjr imlr ths pihli. lairl la.
1'nltml Mat, t
N'V 2J
FOREST RESERVE m.ll stockman the pwfmM, for
term, not exceeding fir yars at a
rvntal to be fixed by the ascrstarv.
FiBtCREiSED OVER 4O.N0 ACRES At the expiration of the Inm the
m THIS COUNTi eecreUrv is to mdasaify the land
and exclude from the grazing are
tract, which are rabject to horoe
kt Uer ariai Reecm rr Dave .lead or other form of entry
ftiivtr Crk Sscts--I Mile It The proceeds of grazing fee.
I m "i?" UW bm" lurnd in rsclama-
,a .. f t ti i (i"n fond, to be used to carry on
aB. therefure, I, Theodore
work upon project, which have
Wh- r"""d"" nf l "; "' been deeirable, but for which there
B America, bv virtue of the ,. ,.-,,.. ,.,. .niuku i.
n me rested bv section the reclamation fund
four of the aforesaid Act of In submitting the bill, the in-
entit'ed "An act to re- "nor nepanroent ranea attention
. .. . , , t- the fact that a number of irriga-
mherrtilture law, a. id for . " .
.. . ... tion enterprises bare bean toond
2 sea, do proclaim that ,.,..
, fesiihle. but that the reclamation
:e ln-n hv reserved from en-
... fund is not Urge enough to provide
ittlerusnt sod el apart as a . . "
fV all an. I Ik ttma;n la . a . I m.
assrvation. for the . "
that the proceeds ol toe rental or
( grazing land would not only pro-
i.l. allot, torota lint w-miM tnil In
diagram m,rve lb rD" od a"" PP-
tunny ior us improvement.
. rYsfrsw Teat wilt a Issrsclass by
RstsrsMsa f Occa
I beajetit of the people, all
H land, in the slat'
I ftwn as the It I n Mmmti
Bicnervr on the
mis a part thereof
a Bar
RtM.tm" from the force and , .,,,.- Tft .. ..,.. -lv,
this proclamation all land
ar have been, prior to the The Tiroea-Herald has received a
t. embracing in anv legal er tntm A g iregrMi rore,
covering by any lawful Supervisor, slating 'hat ranger
ly of record in the proper cjT, penrjo, examinations will he
ilasj Mate-Und (,-. . ,.r u-h... h1,,, M Portland. Roaeburg, I.a
Any valid settlement has ,;rilnH. and I'r.neville on May 14,
Je pursuant ! and VMn The age limit is 21 to 40,
V111 I" within which that is applicanU must U 21 years
oalu entry or fiii: . rl 1H aod not ovw 45 Hara ia a ,
B lird I. that rhance for some of our young men
m ption shall not continue to to .,.. ,b for-t . of oor
4ya,,ny particular trad of land ,1(.e ,. " We know nothing
Btie ei.tryman, settler, or as to the required qualifications or
ouat continue- sjy with "bat the salary may be, but it will
law m.der which the entry, f.i- ' ihoaa who enjoy outdoor
..i life.
Bjiw-ajsiuemeiii wax mint
H whereas, it appear
fad r
e, tl
entire area hi
uld te knoan Li ..ne Wberva. the HacreUry of KUte ol to
title, "The Baker M -'.at. .! (iratoti ha notlfiad roe la writ
Haaerve " abolish- '"' u'l lrsoaot to the provisions of an
Ku - Art eotit)l "Aa Act making effctv
gafjMbe reervnt n :.n..i-li-d
lb initiative and rfranlam provUiona
A pr.Hcl.rustl n -h.ll be , Ha,.,on 1 Arl.cb IV of tb Cooslltu
era the Bio Mountain Forest t,ol, of lb Hute ol Oragoa. and refulat
TV i elsrtiona IhentooJer, and pruviding
Tha land, heretofore within The Paaltss lor violaUons of provialooa ..f
ta e-..,..i K.r,, al,l, "'la a. t. ' approved Kbraary Mth. IH03,
fcieret.y included tli;n Ibe
a cosaraiua of ritiaen of (.'uukamaa
louatv.C W. Kerug bain the Chair-
oiiutam- r. -t oj.ii tl.rreof. dely fllcd id bU otkwoa
Vestoreid to the public do- January lid, 1H08, an laitiativa psiition
m Ba!l t op. Itlament ""Uiataf 771 ii.atursa. properly at-
uHwdate hereof, but ehail nut l"t,"J ,u P " 'd tmVw' "
ml in aecordaiioe with law, demanding
uby. t to entrv. lilgtj, ,., , ,., uu., , ud
, t I after W d I - by j ttx., o( w,.ch la harsioafter parUeolarly
k pajl ication aa the Secretary ' ly et forth, shall br subantted u, the
Klerior may pre- l,,aJ voters of tb huto of Ursgou for
.,. ,. ,. y ,..,.. thai. appral ot rajacU. at the (rier-
iiji to make
al i lection to lie bald in aaid tale on the
... ver.Kuue Ul . m-.e 4U, ,,,, , Jone U( flr Mooamy
Hnt upon tb- lauds reserved , June, lvatM,
.hi .roclaiuatiuii Now. Tbarafore, 1, Uao. K Chamber
lain, iiovernor ol tb Hut of Oregon, in
bore is a portion of the pr.- fT; to " ,"" f
, , hrraiabwlare DnUooad Jdo Itereby make
"u leat.nK mwX iasD(. th(a pro4 ,.,. ,. J, p
Blttr ,.;, ul the htatr ol Oregon, aauounctiut
Hrs as ruianeutly drawn that the aaid comatitla of eitiasua of
aba received at :: - afMatJ I unt. oragoa. V. W.
I orl r and Regieter r arre ha k'ru" "", C"Uir!UM "f " ?T"
llla l.aa Al,l akawij '-- au.tlSiaK
d the wirk of making ibe
iii the requisite iiuaiher of aig nature
B' otberwi-e .nlerint: H of thereto attacbed. daaading that tbera
Hi. linal line uicreaee the ball be aubm.tted to Ut ksgal elaetora
Lver the tetij(K.rarv reserve "' ibe sUU of Oregon for their apfarovai
4 reiertiuB at the regolar eleeUo.. to be
aaawwei me im uay in jyor, ihhi, aaiu
K rci- an 1 bring the reaerve
lay being the first Monday in aaid
am to Miv.r v reeg o lar mat UlUlllhi bill to propos by initiative
I la very little if uny limUr ol -titi-u a bill eotltled "A bill topronoa
Ota. mercial value in Harney ' initialiv laatitioo a law lor the ab
t.crea.rvc oh.bm.nt ol tolls on tb Mount flood
K. , j and liarloa Hoad. aod provide for tb
'"' ..,w , .. .......l.... t ,i .. l ., au-- A
pun uave oi mr aaaue uj um aatr wi
mailer particu. -uly and Oregon ' the unor aod eltart of which
Mini y tiie u Ink BO auch an in briil ia to direct the HacreUry ul
if all our liu.iier baa tale to purcliaa the Mount Hood and
While at yet no program hat
bean definitely arranged for a cele
bration in Burns the 4th of July, it
haa been decided to oalebrat. The
fair association haa taken the mat
ter up and aa aoon as a conference
can lie had with a committee of
' btieinee man of this city relative
! to the nature of the program on the
day of the Hh. the matter will he
The Times-Herald hope it may
be a creditable program that will
attract the people of the entire
countv here and the business peo
ple of Burns exert tbemaalves to
make it a red letter day It is not
neceeeary for a large amount of
money to be subscribed for the pur
pose, the right kind of a program
is all that is neceeeary to make it
the most successful celebration ever
held in the county. Let Burn be
boat to the whole Harney country
on that occasion.
Dr James Withycombe has prac
tically promiaed to he hare during
that week and conduct a farmers '
institute, beside delivering the
oration on the day of tba 4th The
Times-Herald would impress the
importance of such an institute up
on the farmers and stock men of
this county and urge them lo so
arrange tbeir affairs so aa to attend
It will result in ineslimshls benefit
lo them Those who bare never
attended one of these institute do
not realie tbe good accomplished
Such meetings hare made many
sections of the west and been the
means of earing moch time and
thousand of dollars to farmers
With a proper analysis of the
soil and practical suggestions from
experimental farming is uuueoes
aarr. This should also appeal to
stockmen aa much information can
be gathered
The fair association will look
after the racing and sports for tbs
occasion. Tbs fair grounds will bs
thrown open for lbs frss us of tbs
public on tbs day of the 4lb aod it
is tbe intention of the directors lo
arrange large tables in tbs paiUioo
so that tbe people from tbe country
may bring tbeir luncheon and spend
the entire day on lbs grounds if
they so desire
There is no rsasou why ws should
not bare a big time in every re
spect if lbs businsss men will take
the matter up aod co-operat with
the association It mean close,
relation with tbs people of tba coun
ty and briogs buainsss to our city.
Ths people become bolter acquaint
ed and tba exobaogs of greeting
result in good to all who ptaflici-
stook of I100.0H0. dirlded i.Vlo
share of 110 each. None but bona
fids stockmen will bs sllowed to
purchase stock, and these will be
limited lo V) shares It aaa d will
ed that a committee should visit
lbs rarious cities where it is prv
toaed commission-houses shall be
established to studr conditions and
report to the meeting of the execu
tive committees of the various lire
stock associations scheduled to
In this city on May 15.
It is Interesting to note thst for
tunes are frequently made by the
inrsntion of articles of minor Im
portance. Many of the more pop
Matt lr INS Saeart Mile al Kaair
0.i 7MS Sktra a Waal clip
It Willie s4 Halt Paaaa.
The Vmerican Sheep Breeder
Hire the foil wing icoount of the
sheep king of the world, who rnl-s
ser 1,300 square mils of Urrltory
and . .,- 0,000 sheep
Ruler over a territory ol
square miles, with s frontage
mile of wind-swept sea coast, tl I..
n. the shea! king of the
world, now In Ihil i,nintrv from
ilea Mel it the city
i be last I ths St ik from I'milins
He lf f'i Portland Hatnnlav M a
btisines tiip l'i mal.
K.., .--.I, i i ch.'ice lots in
tntaii". i" lt" in I -a wen, IC lots
in Itiini' l'ii sore of giaul land s
pirt o it n itnrsl meadow 0 mile
saol t Burns, aninprorsd 1(0
- trials ituite with pre-
lenl rt - 'M nrs- itntnliiig,
I I good fei I'ar-
tlnsd st ibis
i 1 1 aines dr Co for toi
let and -biviog soap ita cheap
utar osvices are miosw ue....r,. ... ..U(jonm , .,,,,. ,,, r(l, ni k
beiietii people ami meet popular
conditions, and one of the most in
teresting of these thathas ever been
invented is thd Dr. White Klectrio
Comb, patented Jan. 1. VI The,
wonderful Combe positirelr cure
dandrufT. hair foiling nut. sick and
nerrous headaches, and when used
with Dr While's Klectric Hair
Brush are positively guaranteed
lo make straight hair curly in 'Jo-
days tune. Thousands of the-e
electric combs have lieen sold in
tbs rarions cities of tbe I'nion, and
I the demand is constantly increas
ing. Our agents are rapidly In
coming rich selling these comb
They positirely sell on sight. Sand
for sample. Men's sits Xlc, ladie.
50c (half price. while we are in
trocucing them.) The Dr While
The Dr While Kle. tro Comb Co
Decatur. Ill
Kluded in
Bwiug tigure abuw
m bow it baa aBsctad coui.
b Burur land d.e'.rict
barlow Koad from tbe f'aeill. AbeUacl.
iiuaranty.v I rual oatpsay, tit own
er tberaof. for m auu. uot - -
hoe hav.- no reaetd ibe guooiMj, aod lo deUver lo aaid ooru
Kiu tbe reen in tin county ny belur lb let day of heptembcr
raj... or a soon a said bill suav become
a law, a aarraat uooe iba Mat I raw
-i.f.-r pasblr oat of any ssouaya in lb
gwaesal fund ol lb blate ol Oregon uot
.U.erwiae appropriated in favor ul said
hll ..'-.-uti..u lor tb aum of filOUOUn
apoaaeiuery lo tl.e said haicUrj ul
Mate of a deed oooveviag to tb rut of
iregon aaid road logaUier will, all
rights, frai.chlaee and pnviiegae of every
kiud aad cl.ara. Ui. pertaining thereto,
and aa soon a tb title U aaid road is
. BMSM4 to lb slate all toll of every
kind and character are lo b. abolubsd
..i 1 -aiJ road free l. tle use of the public.
U.i.rat Ibe I apitol at Haleoi this
.ti. da of iebr.iar. A. . IMJti.
iMguedi Oso. fc Ch.iu.iii.n,
lly ll e I jovernor
gWed i I I OvKSatt,
I eMilarv of Male.
TO LfcSt I lltg
ii ji
K -
:B3 Net ,i. reaae ii. area
bsaiea we decAMaed in linker
HtU,52o acre ii. (iiani the
Hs was
Br 9t,01'J
Thomas Hlinger, of Portland,
who haa located a large cumber of
settlers aod timber ssskers io this
couuty, arrived in tbs oily tbs last
of tbe week with a party of eight
Tbsss will fils on homesteads io tbs
southern part of tbe county near
tbe bead watera of Crooked river
w lie re a large body of government
laod still remains open to sottle-
-I'rinevill Journal
Interior department ha sub
tle ooiigrt.Be ibe draft of a
kridlUg a plan of leaall.g the
graxing land of ibe I in led
and recuu.u. i.ded ll pae-
' i be bill, as drawn, aulbur-
socrilary of the interior to
tw from public entry laud
by bin. ad v iebl. and lo
for graiug purpoaaw, giving
I'. C. Brown, Dentist Office
i. the new i-lune building north of
the I'oel Office.
WANTKD Agenu. HusUsrs
.Saltan. k and everyUaly
who wauls lo enjoy a good hearty
Uunh lo seed 50c for "Tips to
Agents." Worth $50 lo any per
ojii who sells guods for a living.
If uot satisfactory your mousy
back Circular lor stamp Tbs
Dr White electric Comb Co , Dsca
lur, ill.
A Lucky paatawasUta
is Mrs Alexander, of Cary, Ms.,
wbo has found Dr King's New Life
Pills to be the best remedy ab srsr
triad for koepiug tbe slomscb. liver
and bowel in perfect order. You'll
agree with Iter if yon try thess pain
less purifier that infuee new life
Guaranteed at Tbe City Drug Hiorc
Price H
XtiTK 1
Tbe firm of (Jeer A
hare made an aigument
ing iniltiatrv hs arrive) in I H
Mr Waldron, in addition . -up
rrWtaf In- little kingdom. Hirlion
of which be doe not ate oflsnei
than once m tbrc. years, also hn-
two packing boii., employing :'
men and liming an annual capaci
ty of ID.OOU -liit-p tb aire of each
vear slaughter
The great ranch i -dilated on
the taHiring Hiint of 1 1 nutberti
coiititirnl, tun along the coast of
Argentina In face the Atlantic,
Umicr the -Iran of Magellan, mid
on the l'ariti mcltidi a portion of
In tddlltoa, iml of the lalan.l ol
Tierra 41 Kuio. with h,ihni acre
of tin Falkland ialands, ia under
lbs control of t hi man lie i
tnanager and large! owner in lbs
Patagonia Sheep Uaiaing oum
tiKjn whose preserves Ihree-quaftJVI
of a million ..J, and w hose
''ummin "tltpill ol wool Is lrOO.OOO pound
to rin
In all lbs wide -tret, b of Iwrtl
for tbe benefit of their creditors, of K'ry there .. not a citv, bin seven
all their stock of Mil ill II Jill Ii " ''""" "'- I'1""" ''"
gather with all notes and account ""oe n. Il.r,. iths the herders
due them gregate
Mr I D Bu.hiiell has been ""'"'K iu'r W,r "' -
placed in charge of the affairs of I"U1 -uiiIishI the Kngllsh army
lbs firm and all persons indebted
l sires thai the Slate
i m i Beard s I iM bi.ia un-
il l m la I, IW, for
the pafShMS of Us lollowing irrild
patented -aainp I and", to wit
- I ,a.id NKM of Setlloa
I -I , an.l Ml i4 ef MK'4
is I. ami all f eeIOn U T ISH
I I.
01 bid- inii"l b. i iiiiinanliHl by a
n-gular ip lo pun base in ao-
B wMh ths Isw fur the sale ol
I ht ab or .hark lor
the full aimmiil lb" BJtM oflsrsd.
V M4 I". l.- I ban l IS) per scrs will
I" IiTI .1
I bs righl ! jj t any and sll bida I
reaerti I
pplu atioiia am! bola -l.oi.l.l be s.1
drssssd to irottn. Clerk Stat
I .ltd Hsard. Wabf, irevn and mark
d " tppii.'Slion ool Hi I to pun base
RfM. . I .., I.
i. i. Ilaowx.
i lerk MM land lbrd.
Ibi" 'mi- lat of Marsh, tt.
JOHN l lM , i,.
I I i. l I I i ttaiaa.
n i i utri.srut. ,.. pa.
' M ' "Ml Aa.r I tasraa
First National Bank
JaUstia ia a...
'Aa flRMM ribH ii . tf.lt i- . .
ea mtlh icn . i ,-
Special attention Kiven to out of
town customers
If you contemplate opening a bank account, we
ihaD be pleated to have you cither write ua or
call (n praon. All Inquiries c h rfully answered
Oldest and Largest Bank in Harney County
.). m oaerv -oear- r
M 4iiimii. 1'i.tiiMii
Ws. JSS,,Vi a I'umiuim
Intsvraat raid on lint toM
We Soliait Your BnWir j Buainaaa.
HTOCKIKM.UKRH M Alexai.d II lest.
0. K Kenvon. II Alexander, Kstate oi Itnbl .-a Williasn
Miller. Frank It fnltln Tlioa Tumboll
eM.-C -a Ml
with it fresh meat At the pre
sent tune the .old klorage mi
of preserving meats has been done
away with and tlo ggapaaf llMM
putting up it" in ut Ion io tin, to bi
sold in all parla ot tin . it ilixed
Mr S aldrou i- on n tour uf the
world, having already t iaite.1 htig-
Salarr ITTilW per month 93.UJ Ui.d, Africa, India and Jaiian
par dsy for exiens. KOYAI. From lo Anuelea he uosg , fcg
lept w t hicago, .. ... . , ,.
r I ran il anion, ami from there to
Chicago to study Ibe methods of
Hlood lark 'r,"Bt l'''"g boUSSS.
aaaaa aaaaaa
Tbe l.uet Star
I r.'.ulor.
Blery in connaation.
4 Specialty al Sbert Gran.
furnl lo .1 with everything
ths msia ' .'l.,rd V"iir patron
a(e ..ii ill .1
r4i5i..-C-- C- CXC:
a a
star w y iae.i.
to them are herehv reijuested In
oall at their place of business and
make payment at onos.
It I. Sanin, Assignee
WANTKD: IU men in each
state lo travel, post signs, advertise
and leave asrnpls of our goods.
A tale of horror waa told by IV I flrthl will mak.
marks of human blood in the home Half a baricain month in the
of J. W. Williams, a well known lubM-riptioni and baa arranged
me re ban l of Mac, Ky He writes; In give Un- .-mi eeklv Hi l.om-
"Twenty years ago I bad set. ,1.1k free tn all whn v up
hemorrhages of the lungs, and was rrsara and on. year in advance tu
rear death wbeu I Iwaan taking Tbe Tims Herald N -ul-
WS. 'km
first national Bank
A ikneral Banklntf BuaincHit Transacted
Dr Cing's New Discovery It com
pletely cured me and I have re
mained well every linos ' It eurea
Hemorrages, Chronic Coughs, Met
tled Cold and Hrunchitis, and i
the only known cure for weak lung.
Every bottle guaranteed at The
City Drug Store 'rOe and II ki
Trial bottle f.
five Mai.iouth Hlack Mampaon
Kentucky Jacks, from 14 lo US
bands high, weighing from 100(1 to
l'JUU each, raised in Harney onuu
ty All guaranteed good covers
aod safe Also s standard bf..
stallion with a record of -' Tbee
animals are at tbe While Front
barn in this city and horsemen art
invited to call and see then.
en- win. pay in advance will also
l hi great national
weekly newspaper ami family
niagatirie in the Culled Htalea
i t,i two papers tea yeai hi
for thi month onl
n .ii. i aa
A ileuver dispatch aays: lndrpen
dent comuilasiou-bousss, to be own
ed and operated by tbe growers of
the livestock, will bt; established at
Kausas CUy, ouib Omaha, M
Joaspb and Chicago a soon as the j
preliminary arrangements oau be .
made Hucb was tbe dscisioa of
tbe joint commission appxuulad by
Use National V oolgrowers' Associa-
tioo at their recent meeting io this
city, which oommiUss met at lb
Brown I'alaoe Hotel in this city to
day. Murdoch Mackenzie, prwsi
deut of the A merit .u Natiotiai
Livestock asaocialion, was io ths
Ths plan of action iucludss ths f
formation of a oo-opsrativs coos.
mission company with a capital (
Light and
Mat fcsd wear i4 iiiri aae'i.
Watchmaker and Optician.
8econd door north of post office.
Ba.rn.t3, Oiogcn
The Finest of All a
isr Sale Ualy al
Hotel Burns
raaSa with
A ents, Burns, Ore.
'Itotbei i '' I'li-lril o.goi,
AHI aflcAN l'i AS
Fire-Proof, Modern. Bttffftflt.
Rates fa.oo and S j 50 per day.
All Outside Rooms Near Depot
This modern new I otel was ul) rcientrj orsnttjd lo the
public. Hartley L'(iunl popl will be ikn. welcome
and lourlrously cared fur. A lirsl i lass li.u n . .Niuectkin.
W lloi.n.M Naswaa .1 ,iAjm Bulp W
I Napton & Boyd
X leal Estate. Miaes and Mlaing. I
A I'arsrra, fitas.
' Unlet. uVe Ne W lla-rti I
MPSfl'ci away bs aatsa
tsltkeat lacoaviac
by ssrasaa
wtU eatUcais
f CUT All Hal!
0 ali
laasttpfriltlr 8T01E
mmmmmm, ' R '
Ovarsoo lliB wtwlior
tWsut.tui W lfBP"'" Umt
Bawlajn. B Circular a.
Ve " aP
alas.,i a . s
M. L LbWiS
a.iik glaa- la fareiak
I lljt afesh-Ug
See hit
TRK( II A r0tt Kt A II ww.
Burns, - Oregon.
IfctCaJce Xinio X3Cowiqi."u.etxt
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Billiard and Pool tables.
Club Rooms in Connection.
etMOessos ni.wuau ttni
aakaiSaa'OM. COS
I I ua, .
Main t.,
Bldcksmitbiif ui
Wagon Work.
Burns. Oroon

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