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The Biggcut City In Tho Biggest
The Biggest County In The State
County In The State Of Oregon II
Of Oregon, Best In Tho West
NO 50.
fpe fKmt g Jf efdil . :
Some Specific Reasons Relating To The
Importance Of Gardens Are Here
Described, Also Their Relative
Bearing Upon The Building Of
Children's Character In Connection
Supplies The Second Largest Amount
Of Water For Irrigation Purposes Of
Any In The Slate-May Irrigate The
Entire Harney Valley Country
The Department of Agriculture J tclligcntly, but tho products arc
will soon issue an interesting; always the property of the school,
publication entitled "Some Types j "Nowhere is there systematic
of Children's Garden Work" in i zed garden instruction in tho city
the Public Schools of the larger graded schools. In tho majority
cities from Pittsburg to the Pa- 0f pacCs it is still a matter of
cine Coast The bulletin is num- cl0icc witfi tho principals. Un
ber 252, Office of Experiment, til the necessity of a specialized
Stations. The introduction says: , instructor is felt the work will
"School garden work has be- not bo systematized. Tho edu
comeso general within the past J cntional value of garden instruc
tive years and literature relative tion is too re!lt to aUow it to bo
to the same so abundant that
facts of the nature furnished in
earlier reports would be su per
ilous, viz, what to plant, the dis
tance apart of the rows and of
the seeds in the rows, and like
detailed information. Teachers
need now to view the garde.i
from a higher plane its relation
to daily living, its effect upon
character development, its place
in the curriculum, and its rela
tion to other subjects in the
course of study. Therefore, in
making this report such facts
have taken a more prominent
place than the ones that may be
obtained from textbooks.
"The individual plat system
and the young gardner, owner of
all he raises, is the system in
vogue east orthe Rockies almost
invariably the commercial side
Vinlrla n nlnf nf imnnrt.inpft omi.il
MfV. thAPtlUlvnfinn lint tlwinrn. die Of tllC night,
ducts are sold for the benefit of severe attack of croup. As luck
a matter of choice with tho tea
chers. There seems to bo a fear
among educators in official posi
tions of burdening teachers and
tho course of study with new
"As our modes of living im
prove the demand comes to the
schools for practical methods
dealing with the question of right
living. It is safe to predict that
popular demand will cause the
replacement of some of our anti
quated methods and subjects by
svtomatized science lessons that
will teach people how to lead
more wholesome lives."
A Marvelous Eicapo.
"My little hoy had a marvelous
escape," writes P. F. Bastiams
of Prince Albert, Cape of Good
Hope. "It occurred in the mid-
He got a very
the schools. Children are taught i
business methods through the
sales. The syBtem of teaching
agriculture used is always based
on the best local practice and is
one that children can follow in-
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Special attention given to repair work.
HIssner Building Burns, Oregon
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According to a report recently
sent out from tho State Engi
neer's offlco Silvics Hivor is sec
ond in importanco in the statu so
far as covering irrigated lands is
concerned. This, too, without
any storage system but from tho
natural unobstructed flow other
than local dams. Powder Kivor
is credited with covering tho
greatest area of any stream in
tho stato and Silvies is second.
In n press dispatch from Salem
to tho Portland Journal says:
"In Harney valley proper G5,
O'JG acres of land are being irri
gated from tho waters of the
Silvies River, while M,633 acres
additional aboye Burns are being
irrigated from tho same stream.
With one exception this is tho
greatest amount of land in tho
state being irrigated from one
stream. Tho Powder river is the
only one that exceeds the Silvics,
furnishing water to 8f,112 acres.
These figures are according to a
report recently finished in the
ofiice of the stafo engineer."
Under proper handling of tho
flood waters of Silvies River an
enormous area can be reclaimed
and it is thus that Harney Valley
will come into its own so far as
agriculture is concerned. We
have our dry farm experiment
station which will be a valuable
adjunct as it will used to demon
strate the propor method of cul
ture to conserve the moistureand
thus the water may bo used to
cover a much largor area than
ordinarily covered under irriga
tion projects. We have enough
water to cover the entire valley
by economical use and right
Ida M. Tarbell Opposed
To Woman Suffrage
Ida M. Tarbell nays one of her
chief objections to women suff
rage is that "it will take the at
tention of women from what I
believe to bo their real civic
duties by interesting them in tho
political game, when they should
be concentrating their attention
on specific civil work."
All right minded women want
this work done, but differ as to
the method. The suffragist
thinks the ballot the panacea for
all ills of society. The anti-sufr-ragist
believes that the constant
and effective influence now exer
ted by women of legislation and
public affairs is due to tho intelli
gence of tho woman who advo
cates good causes. A woman now
interested in the matter of public
welfaro is known to bo unselfish
and with only the interest of her
cause at heart. The same wom
an under woman suffrage is only
one of many political units, with
ignorant and indifferent women
yoters added to tho other ele
ment arrayed against her success.
A few women today idealize
the ballot, while what will really
solve juvenile delinquency, in
temperance, tho whiteslave traf
fic and the social evil is education,
education and moro education in
the homes and from ihe earliest
hour of childhood, and therein
Ilea the civic duty of woman,
bigger than tho casting of any
ballot, and absorbing enough to
occupy all tho women of Oregon
for all time.
It is to keen tho all women
of this State out of the "political
game" and leave them free for
this greatest of all their duties
that we ask you to vote against
the woman suffrage amendment
at the coming election.
The Oregon Stato Association
Opposed to tho Extension of
the Suffrage to Women.
Mrs. Francis James Uailey,
Paid Adv. President.
The sworn statements of Life
Insurance Companies on file at
tho State Insurance Department,
Salem, show that In 11)09, 1910,
1911, Oregon Life tho Only Life
Insurance Company Exclusively
Oregon, sold moro policies in
Oregon than any other company.
In 1912 Oregon Life is surpass
ing all its previous records.
3S AEnt-
Regular October Term Quite
Busy Clay, Buckland and
Lowell Convicted On The
Charge Of Manslaughter
The regular term of circuit
court adjourned last Wednesday
evening and Judge Biggs left
Thursday morning for hiu homo
in Ontario accompanied by his
reporter, Win. Walker.
Tho jury brought in a verdict
of manslaughter in the murder
trinl of Burbank Clay and James
Buckland, not guilty as to Frank
Buckland. Otto Lowel, indicted
with these men, plead guilty to
manslaughter and each received
sentence of from 1 to lfi years
and a fine of $5000. The prison
ers were taken to Salem TIiuit
day morning together with Ed
Larby, convicted of horse steal
ing. The latter received a sen-,
tence of from 1 to 10 years. Geo.
Sizemore, G. W. Clcvenger and
Lent Low took the prisoners to
tho penitentiary.
It is reported that the jury in
the trial of Clay and Buckland
took 100 ballots before reaching
an agreement. They were out
from Saturday evening until Sun
day afternoon.
Tho following are nolc3 of the
proceedings of court since last
reported in theso celumns:
Clay Clemens vs. Wilfred Ra
cine Attachment. Continued
for term.
J. 15. Rounsoville vs 15. 15.
Thomson and Perry Boyd Dam
ages. Set for trial next term.
Northwest Electric Co. vs.
Crescent Electric Co. Attach
ment. Continued for service.
Walter Hodder vs. L. W. Horn
beck Attachment. Continued
for service.
HI (..., Il,r,w(. .... T I
mm. iiiuu iwum u in. . .
Wisdom Recovery of money.
Set for trial next term.
J. L. Sitz vs. L. R. Bunyard
Attachment Default and judg
ment for 500 and attorney fees
of $f0 for plaintiff.
Piitixliiilni! fin Siuvind Pnii) I
Approach Of .Winter Compclls Suspension
Of Work For The Steel And Ballast
Gangs Employed On Oregon Eastern
A recent special from Vale to
tho Capital News says: Tho spe
cial train bearing the officials of
the Oregon Short Line, Julius
Krullschnitt, W. II. Bancroft,
Carl Stradley and others, passed
over the lines of that company in
this section this week and while
hero concluded that construction
work on the railroad from Vale
to Dog Mountain, a branch of tho
Oregon Eastern, could not be
economically handled during the
winter season, and hence recom
mended a suspension of construc
tion. Five carloads of material,
consisting of ties, spikes, rails,
angle bars and other material,
have been brought to the mater
ial yards in Vale and stored pre
paratory to suspension of track
Theentire force of the steel
and ballast gangs has been sent
to Richfield, Idnho, to complete
the Owinza-Boiso cut-ofr and put
it in sjiape for traffic. Tho yard
force, consisting of 50 Austrians,
has been sent to Burley to com
plete work now under construc
tion there.
Assistant Engineer Osborne
will endeavor to arrange all pre
liminaries so as to resume work
in the early spring of l'Jl.'J and
complete it in time for the fall
The Youth's Com
panion for 1913.
Scheduled to Bend
leave Burns at 7:00
a. m. every Sunday
and Thursday. Leave
Bend on every Tues
day and Friday. In
tervening trips made
when business war
rants. This schedule
will he maintained and
tickets will be on sale
for the above days at
anytime. Secure your
transportation early.
The Youth's Companion appeals
to every interest of family life,
from housekeeping to athletics.
It begins with stories of youthful
vim and vigor, with articles
which disclose the secrets of suc
cessful play in the great games,
with charming tales of life at the
girls' colleges. But the Compan
ion docs not surrender these
readers when they have entered
the more serious paths of life.
Mothers will welcome the page
for little children and the weekly
doctor's article. Father will find
the important news of the day as
it is, and not as it is rumored to
be. The entire household will
appreciate the sketches which
touch gently on common foibles
or caricature eccentricity. In
short, for less than four cents a
week The Companion brings into
the home clean entertainment,
pure inspiration, fine ideals, in
crease oi knowledge.
Names rarely seen in tables of
contents will be found in The
Companion's Announcement for
1913, which will bo sent upon re
questwith samnles of the paper,
to those not familiar with it.
Every new subscriber for 1913
will receive free all the issues for
tho remaining weeks of 1912; also
free, The Companion Window
Tranparoncy and Calendar for
1913. in rich, transluco t colors
-and tho most beautiful of all
Companion souvenirs.
Tub Youth's Companion,
Ml Berkeley St., Boston Mass.
New Sub.crlptlont Received 11. llii Office
Burns - Garage
i. M. McDade, Traffic Mgr.
Will Run For Surveyor
A recent letter from Chas. 15.
Beery written at Denio states
that word has reached him re
cently to tho eflect that he does
not want tho office of county sur
veyor. This Mr. Beery wishes
corrected as ho is the regular
nominco of his party and has no
intention of withdrawing. II'
has been very busy during the
ontiro season working on a big
irrigation project down close to
tho county lino and has had no
time to get out around among
tho voters. Mr. Beery wishes it
understood that ho is a candidate
and wants tho votes of tho peo
ple. Ho is a very competent
man and will mako an excellent
officer. (Paid Adv.)
That's Why They Have Spinal Cur
vature More Than The Men, So
Says The Oregon Agricultural Pro
fessor, And Suggests A More Sane
Apparel To Prevent Such Evils
That girls wear foolish clothing
and for that reason more fre-1
fluently have spinal curvature
than men, was the assertion of i
Prof. Miriam Thayer, director'
of physical training for women I
at the Oregon Agricultural Col-'
lege in the first of a series of
"health talks" before the young
women of tho institution this
Miss Thayer explained to the
girls the sort of shoes they should
buy for winter wear, and why
some styles cause "fiat foot", of
which she has found many cases
in her examinations of the phy
sical condition of the students
under her care.
Tight belts and tight clothing
of all sorts, especially corsets,
were condemned as the great
cause of much of the spmal cur
vature which occurs far more
frequently among women than
among men. In the last "few
days a number of more or less
serious cases of such spinal trou
ble have been discovered among
the girl students, and special
treatments are being prescribed
in the gymnasium to correct the
In older to give the director
more complete information on
which to base her prescription of
exercises for the individual girls,
each ono was given two cards to I
in- filled out, one to contain the!
iH-rsonal and familv liistnrv tlw
otfiera schedule of exercises to!
bo taken regularly. I
The history eard contains on
one side a record of the illness
or ailments to which the girl or
her family have been subject. 111
effects following, strains, injur
ies or operations undergone, pre
vious physical education and two
special questiens: Are you inter
ested in having an erect carriage
and perfect physique? and,
Enough so to work hard for bet
ter physical development?
On the reverse of the card are
the name and address, date and
place of birth, birthplace of
father and mother and their na
tionality, the father's occupation
when the child was born, resem
blance physically to father or
mother, if either parent is dead,
a statement of the cause of death,
tho health of the parent before
the birth of the child and at pre
sent, the number of brothers and
sisters and, if any are dead, the
cause, the number of years lived
in the city, suburbs or country,
the apetite digestion, susceptibi
lity to colds, and whether subject
to headaches or backaches.
If there is any trouble as to
breathing equally well through
'both nostrils, trouble with the
eyes or ears, fainting or short
ness of breath, it is recorded.
Do you sleep well and how many
hours? How many hours in the
day are spent in the open air?
Do you use stimulants in any
form? These are some of the
duestions asked. The girls must
also state whether they habitual
ly use medicines, drugs or head
ache powders, the kind of work
they are most often engaged in,
(Continued On Last Page)
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Sasuage, IBolonga,
Headcheese and Weinervvorst7 Etc. '
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Your Pitronge Solicited and :
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tellable Citizen
The Inland
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Homestead Locations
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