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iiii mil iijUinn
To the Ladies!
Wc take great pleasure in announcing
that we are now prepared to make Ladies
Suits and Coats, as well as Mens.
We have secured the services of a tailor
who has had years of experience in the art
and study of fine tailoring.
(Concluded I'ltim I'ltst I'ngc)
Afternoon Club
When you order a suit from us you
know that you are going to get the goods,
style and workmanship. When you order
a suit thru a mail-order house, you don't
know just what you are going to get; you
don't see the goods and the work Is done
by machinery and when the suit is received
in most cases alterations are necessary be
fore you can wear it.
You save time and money and we guar
antee you satisfaction when you order thru
our store.
Clothing Company
Leading Clothiers - - High Grade Tailoring
I iiii. " ' " ' ' ' "
I. O. O. F. Building - - Burns, Oregon
Iht fSiimtxM.
turns himself iiml ho attributes Mr& Uembolri'fl beautiful homo
hia defeat to bml weather, the J was opened to the Afternoon
voto in those nrecincta was very club Last Saturday, November
light owini; to the bad storm and , and tho members enjoyed n
muddy roads. A Iiuro number banner program prepared by
of sheep men were prevented Mrs. Hombold, Mrs. Kclloy nnd
from going to tho polls. Miss McGee.
This morning roporN are some "Wagner" was tho study for
what changed from thoso recelv- this occasion and the responses
ed earlier. Liuio is 1000 in tho to roll call were names of his
lead for U. S. Senator and .Mm operas or of his contemporaries.
Million has a ehanco for election Mrs. Kclloy presented a de
ns ho is reported only 40 behind scription of this wonderful com
in Malheur nnd in U precincts poser, giving an interesting
in this county has a lead of 107 sketch of his life in connection
whilo Stewart is credited with with his art. In closing Bhosnid,
carrying Omit by about 2fi0 "Today they aro building momi
Mahon will gain many voies in incuts; let them build them to
this county and possibly will be tho Hkios, they cannot reach the
'elected. It is also reported thai loftiness onus genius. Lot them
jsull'rago has carried in the state, bo founded upon tho massive and
' niiiii r n,.,n vow limn i eternal rocks, they cannot mnko
i,n... ,.m.n.,.,ti, ,, m,! thorn more enduring than his
vnrious measures. Tho court, nmo'
house is defeated. According to' ,n n pleasing manner
outside reports abolishment of Mra- Kombold reviewed Trui.i
capital punishment has lost; sin- ,l"or ac ly ad- cnulifully
gle tax, the various road bills disclosing the plot and tho moral
and abolishing state senate have (,f tho piny. In a sentonco tho
apparently nil lost. ,U)t of Tn"lm"se' 3 t10 story
which never gruwn uiu ui uiu
Frank Buckland To Move
ILJUafcUUJiarLAjM. "i. I. frHTn
Frank liuckland, of Harney
City, who was freed from tho
chnrgo of taking part in tho kill
ing of tho lato Marshal Stroud of
Harney City, when his brother
James Buckland, Hurbank Clay
nnd lilmsolf woro tried on that
chargo in Bums eomo two weeks
ago, was in Vnlo on last Sunday
accompanied by his mother, Mrs.
Buckland. They woro on their
way to Idaho whero it is under
stood they will make their future
home. Vale Enterprise.
F. O. Jackson has gone to Mal
heur county to visit relatives for
a time. His wifo has been out
there for some time.
Browns Satisfactory Store
Oo. Y..r $2.00
SU Month. 1.00
TV.. Month. .75
Advertising is Universal Need,
Rather an unique article entitl
ed "If Advertising Were Elimi
nated" is published in the Wom
an's Home Companion. It is
worth some study and should
prove interesting to the adver
tiser. It is as follews:
Can you imagine what exis
tence would be like if all adver
tising were eliminated?
It would mean more than the
absence of advertising in the
pages of the periodicals and news
papers. It would mean that the
grocer would not have the name
of his business printed over his
door or on his window. The drug
stores would not display the
globes of colored water. The
minister would not announce the
topic of his next sermon, nor the
midweek meetings, from the pul
pit There wouldn't be even sign
posts at the country crossroads
nor on the street corners in towns
and cities.
If you visit a strange commu
nity where there was no adver
tising whatever, you would real
ize how absolutely dependent you
are upon advertising. If you
wanted to go to a store particu
larly the best store, no one could
direct you, for that is advertising
word-of-mouth advertising,
which is sometimes as important
and as valuable as any other.
Frankly, you would find it prac
tically impossible to live without
advertising, although you might
manage to exist after a fashion.
a mere cnuu couiu tangle us
up in about a minute if his insat
iable curiosity were directed to
advertising. To his first ques
tion we could promptly and truth
full reply that a man advertises
to make money, "How does he
make money by advertising?'
the answer isn't so easy. Possi
bly the childish mind might be
satisfied with the explanation
that advertising increases the
volume of business, which is true
of course, but it is neither com
prehensive nor final.
You may follow it through
ever so many ramifications, and
in the end you will find that ad
vertising pays for the simple rea
Bon that it renders a service to
ydU and me and to the man and
Woman next door.
The great agents of civilization
are those which save time and
increase the comfort and con
venience of the people. These
are the things that make the
railroad and the many applica
tion for electricity tho telegraph
the telephone, light, power so
enormously valuable. Advertis
ing belongs to the same category.
There is no way of estimating its
capacity for saving time, for in
creasing comfort.
County Board Wishes an Expression From
Those Interested and Will Attend
-Write to Mr. Breithaupt
Tonight, if you feel dull and
stupid, or bilious and constipated,
take a dose of Chamberlain's
Tablets, and you will feel all
right tomorrow. Sold by all
The county board has asked
The Times-Herald to ascertain
what the farmers of this county
think of the proposed "Short
Course" in agriculture, stock
raising, domestic science, etc, to
to be held in this city during Feb
ruary. It is the intention of the
board to secure instructors from
the Agricultural College to bring
all the advantages of the short
course lectures as conducted each
year at the college right to the
farmers of Harney county pro
vided there is sufficient interest
shown to justifiy the venture.
Every advantage given at the
college may be secured right here
at home if the farmers will give
the matter their attention and
The plan is to hold sessions for
at least two weeks and longer if
attendance and results justify.
This is the only time of the year
when the instructors from the
college are available and is the
right time for the farmer to take
advantage of them. Remember
it is up to the farmer. If he
does not signify his interest and
intention of attendingit will be a
waste of time and expense to se
cure the instructors who can put
in the time to good advantage at
points where interest is shown.
The Times-Herald understands
this course of lectures will cover
every feature or problem involv
ed in this section and are bound
to be of momentous benefit to
those who attend them. These
instructors are practical men
who have had experience and
will Kive the best instructions
along the lines they are making
a specialty of. The domestic
science class will also be of much
benefit to the ladies and tho far
mer should arrange to bring his
wife and daughters too.
Those who will attend are re
quested to fill in the coupon
printed in this issue of The
Times-Herald and mail it to L,
It. Breithaupt, Superintendent
Experiment station, Hums, Ore
gon. These should be sent him
at the earliest possible moment
as it is necessary that the board
know the number who will at
tend by the first part of next
month in order to make necessary
arrangements, secure the in
structors and finance the course.
Another matter that enters
into the arrangements is accom
modations for those desiring to
The following figures on the
county, district and part of tho
state officers and president are
that have been received up to
this morning as voted in tnis
President: Debs, (51; Roose
velt, 82; Taft, 185; Wilson, 287.
District Atterney: Aker 182,
Brooke, 238.
State Senater: Mahon, fiOo,
Stewart 318.
Representative: Homan, 215; i
Hurley, 237.
Commissiener: Bain, 502;
Haley 122; Size-more. -ISO. j
Sherilf: Comcgys, -108; Good
man, 315; Richardson, 'ID I.
Treasurer: Howard, 78; Lewis,
533; Miller 038.
Assesser: Catlow, 531); Done
gal!, 5fil); Roder, 1)2.
School Stipt.: Hamilton, 5S0;
Newton, -121.
Surveyer: Beery, -IS8; Emhreo,
MG; Gowan, 383.
Clerk: Eggleston, 110; Sch
wartz, 100; Waters, (51)5.
Burns is tho only completed
returns in on the measures and
as this would not give much in
formation respecting (he result
in the county they will not be
published this issue. The ollicial
count will be made before our
next issue and the figures will be
given in lull.
A coupon with number corres-.
pondinir with the ticket mirchas-'
cd is given to Tonawama picture
patrons winch entit es them o a
chance on a prize to be given
away at holiday time. Thonum-!
hers will be placed in a box und will be
one drawn out. If the corres-
ponding number is in the house
the holder gets the prize. If not
another is drawn until one is
found present. Save your coupons.
struggle between good and evil
for a human soul, and tho sin
ner's redemption through tho
power of a good womans' love."
She introduced a number of sel
ections from tho opera, rendering
them on tho piano with artist's
Miss McGee was unable to be
present, but had prepared an ex
cellent paper which was read by
i Mrs. Kellogg. In it high tribute
was paid Casima Wngner, the
I musician's devoted wife who sur
i vived him, but who, at his death
ceased to live except to promote
his work. "With every energy
concentrated on heightening the
halo about her husband's memory,
she has been content to rest with
out a shadow. History contains
no more beautiful instance of
supreme wifely love."
A Niglil of Terror.
Few nights aro more terrible
than that of a mother looking on
her child choking and gasping
for breath during tin attack of
croup, and nothing in the house
to relieve it Many mothers have
passed nights of terror in this
situation. A little forethotght
will enable you to avoid all this.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
a certain cure for croup nnd has
never been known to fail. Keep
it at Im- d. Eor sale by all deal-ears.
Grillith and Jake Welcome
ionic next week.
R. I)
I'liynliimi nnd Surgeon
Office lit Hums Motel, llurnit, Oregon
0 o S ?
tr Sr n e
o. i i r
5 S. W
5 S
2 f
C rm rr
S ?
jif 8
to Bend
at 7:00
leave Burns
a. m. every
and Thursday.
Bend on every
day and Friday. In
tervening trips made
when business war
rants. This schedule
will be maintained and
tickets will be on sale
for the above days at
anytime. Secure your
transportation early.
Burns - Garage
D. M. McDade, Traffic Mgr.
The sworn statements of Ufa
Insurance Companies on filo al
tho btato Insurance Department,
Salem, show that In 11)01). 11)10.
11)11, Oregon Life tho Only Life
Insurance Company Exclusively
Oregon, sold mora policies in
Oregon than any other company.
In 1012 Oregon Life is surpass
ing all its previous records.
E. C. Egou:ston,
35 Agent.
., fc, lim I. .. . inn I.
Notice to Creditor..
In the itutttcr of tlic cutiito (if llnrtry
Dlion, tlrccnactl.
Notice li hereby h'ivcu tlutl the under
HJirtictl Inn been reuulnrlv Hiinolnleil Hi-
rcutrlx of the ll Will iiml Trttninmt
of HnrTcy Ihion, clcceninl.
All ncrions linvinu clalnm nuninat hiiIiI
rutnte lire hciehr notified to nivxcnt the
miine to the uiulrI(iicl, iluty v trilled
it by law required, within nx months
from the date ul tltU notice.
Dated ut llurn, Oregon, Noenilr I),
Mahv lil.l.KN Dixon,
Hiecutrix of the Imit Will nnd Testament
ofllitrvejr Dixon, ilcccnvcit
Shoes For School
Choice of Tan, Calf nnd Gun Mctnl
nnd Pntent, heavy good wearers for
' school girls nnd boys.
School Hosiery
Childrcns School Hose. Fine ' Rib
bed School Hose, nnd mndc for liard
wear. AH sizes for children.
Girls Winter Cloaks
A few advance numbers of Misses
and Little Girls Coats. Wc can show
you a few styles at this time that may
be just what you want.
Overcoats For Winter
Overcoats for Boys and young Men
Wo can please nnd fit you both. Call
nnd gel yours from the latest line.
School Suits
For Young Boys nnd Men nt all
uges from G to 15 yenrs. Heavy
for winter nnd u small price attached.
Boys Winter Wear
A Fine nnd Wnrm Line of Winter
Underwear nnd Ovcrshirts for the
Boys. Also the best line of Intest
Sweater Gtmts nt Rockbotlom Prices.
1 section, 010 acres, level un
improved sage hrush land in
Hnrney Valley, canhesuhirrigat
ed. 100 acre tract, fenced, good
house deep well and otherwise
improved. Prices made toBtiit in
tending settlers. No speculators
need apply. Inquire at this office.
Seed ryo and harley for sale by
Chan. Davis, Harney, Oregon.
Send Your
Orders For
Lumber, Lath,
Cedar Shingles,
Hardwall Plaster,
Portland Cement,
Lump Lime, Etc.
Overturf , Davis, Miller Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Office Phone 36 Mill Phone 48
We have a large stock of the above
and can make quick deliveries to the
Burns Country. Get OUR Prices.
A Valuable Silver Cup
i For The
Best Agricultural Exhibit
Of products grown tributary to the Oregon Trunk, Spokane, Port
land & Seattle, Oregon Electric nnd United Railway al the
Pacific N-W Land Product Show
Portland November 18-23
Will h Given Hv These Railway
Tickets on sale Nov. 18, 19, 20, return limit Nov. 25.
L,- m!lISSLHS!GDfif-t E J
WMfaCW itSlXf ?
Hound Trip To Spokane or the
Tickets on sale Nov. 1 OUi, to 1 lh inclusive. Return
limit Nov. 20th.
Train leaving Central Oregon in morning arrives in
Portland 5:0 . in. and Spokane :4f p. in.
J, II. Corbrtl, AkI. IIciiiI, Ore. It. Wngner, ArI. Terrebonne, Ore,
VV. I:. COY1AN, Qeuural Freight and Passenger Agt.'
Details of schedules, fan s, etc., will ho furnished on request.
Ami ciut. nt all times n coinploto Imp ef:
SSMSWlJJi5S!t g?gg?!lSfj?inEreBES3!? tffl
New Goods! New System?
Low Prices?
Having cut out the long credit
system, we are prepared to give
prices which will pay, you to buy at
home. ' Remember, when you buy
at home you create a market for
what you have to sell, no matter
what it consists of, whether it be
farm products, labor or legal ad
vise, you don't help your own com
munity, when you go outside to
trade; you don't help the farmers
when you buy outside flour. Last
year manv people sent away and
went outside to trade. What is the
result? The wheels of industry
have been idle, no building, no bus
iness, no work, no market. Heavy
crops are being harvested and still
a large portion of the old crop is
on hand. It is now time for the
people to get together if they want
prosperity at home. Trade at our
place if you can; if not trade with
our competitor; but Trade at Home
Burns Department Store
Sweaters and Sweater Coats, Underwear,
In Two-piece and Union Suits, Sheep
Lined and other Heavy Winter Coats,
Knit Caps, Night Shirts, Pajamas, Woolen
and Cotton Blankets, Woolen Socks, Ger
man Socks, Overshoes, Rubbers Etc.
We also have a large and complete line of
Mens Woolen and Heavy Winter Shirts
The Best of the Best GOTZAIN SHOES
(Amip mid look our Mock over, compiup our
priep.s mid llipiinilit, iiml wp .up mii-p.voii will
tsi-ei iconrs
A. K. .Richardson
General Merchandise
MBHWPMWMWMWWWMMMm1 I " lin'i'bl 'n HI ilW, III ', WI'll 'i'MUIMMWr
mmtin phi makmiui. tm IIA1IIT FORMING PHUOS
Why Salves Can't Cure Eczema
Blnco tlm oin.fnsliloncul llieory of enr-
IllK' ll'KPIllll tlllOUKll liu lllll Iiuh llVOll
' Klu'ii up liy KclfiitlNtH, iiuuiy iliiTiTint
I kuIvi'N Iiiivci Ik on ulnl rni' tiltln iIIhouboh,
llllt It llllH IlI'Vll fOllllll tllllt lllt'BO HUlVl'H
imly rloK mo luiri'M iiiui ommut jionvtiiilo
In lliu Jiiiiit Hhlii billow tliti t'lilm'iiiilu
wlirm tliu I'Cicmu KcrniH uio ItxlKul.
Thin Ilia nunllty uT I'oiintiiillinr .
urolialilv uxnlnlnu flio troinciuluim hiio-
ri'M lit tllli Well llllOHII llqillil I'OXclllll
imni'il), oil of wlnlni'KU'en, tliymol, nlv
I'orliiK, ('Ui, UN ('oiiiioiiiiiUmI In 1.1)).
I Wo liuvu Hula ullior ruiuudlva fur nUIii
trmiHox Imt nono Hint wo enn roeom
im nil iih liUlily 1111 Huh for u know Unit
IU.l. HtoH tho Itili nt oiioo. We ran
lilvo yon u trlnl Hlio liottlu Tor S ctiUs
Unit will lio uiiiiit.li tu jiruvo It.
of cuurtiti nil ollnr ilriiKKlatH limn
u.D n. l'riwrlttlon no in iliem u yon
t-iin't oomo to tin but ilon't accept noma
liltf piollt mitiuUtute
lint If you coino to our nlorn, wo nrq
BOOMitnln of wlmt !.!! will lo for yon
tlit w iiIYit oii n full nUo liottlu oil
not nun in
UiIm irimiiinlrt) If yon ila not llml tiat
;u, it
It tiiUi'M nwny tlio Hill
cuala ou nut a cult.
I All the news in The Times-Herald for $2,00
( i

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