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nil , III
The Diggost City In The Biggest
The Biggest County In The State
County In The Stnte Of Oregon III
Of Oregon, Best In The West
NO 7.
1 I
Christmas Observances by The Church
Organizations and Sunday Schools,
Home Christmas Trees, Dancing
Parties, Theatricals, Lodge Officers
Installed and General Good Cheer
This has been a very enjoyable , portrayed in thia bill nnd they
Game Warden Mace Says The Time Is At
Hand For Concerted Action To Pretest
The Extermination of The Much Hauled
Deer, And Wants Citizens Co-Opmtioa
week for the people of this city
where there has been one con
tinual round of pleasure since
wore well piayea lor amateurs.
Mr. McDado taking the part of
Luke Short, tho sheriff; Grovor
Tivntin na Innu nnimniA fit
the beginning of the holiday ' , . , ... q V
period. The church people have Roxy wenj particular c,mrnc.
nnu meeii gs in me vuurcuca,
Christmas trees for the children
ters of the play nnd each have
rnroivpil wnrm nrnisn fnr thoir
and on Tuesday night 1 onnwa.na work M,M Davey n3 White
was the scene of a large Bather- Fawn tho In(ian hft(1 n
ing to witness the exercises by mo3t excellent makeup and cos-
Wthe Presbyterian Sunday school. tumQ an p,nycd her part wcll.
' rnc nine ones uiu miu aim were
showered with praises from 'the
many who witnessed their work.
On the same evening a dance
Miss Egli as the "widow" did
her part to perfection. Among
the boys, Nollie Reed was a sur
prise to his friends as Sam, the
was given at Lecher's hall which bar tender and Clifford Rect lia
was well attended and enjoyed.
The following niKht there wan a
dance at Tonawama where a
lnrge crowd of young people had
a lino time, u was a pruKnun
dance of 21 numbers and while
this has not been the general
custom the young folks find they
1 ke program dance3 and no doubt
will ask for them right along in
the future.
On Thursday evening the
Tonawnmn Stock! Co. produced
the "Girl of The Golden West to
a large and appreciative house.
This is decidedly the best bill
ever attempted by the local com
pany and it is gratifying to those
taking part to find such un
iversal satisfaction expressed.
Three very strong characters are
the Mexican vaquero was made
up for the part so wcll that
several of his friends didn't
know him. Ed Egli wns a typical
"Bat Smith" nnd Mr. Byron
Johnson plnyed tho detective.
Julinn Byrd played the Chinaman.
The house was good nnd very
appreciative, all realizing that it
wns an effort to produce such a
strong play under circumstances
surrounding a small place with
limited stage space and scenic
effects. However, It wns well
received and tho company con
fidently expect to mnke even a
better impression in the next bill,
"Hick'ry Farm," which is to be
put on the boards January 17,
(Continued on page two.)
Centrally Located, Good Clean
Meals, Comfortable Rooms,
Clean and Sanitary Beds
First Class Bar In Connection. Give Me A Call
B W r Y oi l K CVlkT "foil
The Baker City
Hide & Junk Co.
Has opened a Branch Office in town.
I 4
See Ed Sacks, their Agf Mere
Before selling your HIDES, PELTS and FURS.
Office on Court House St., So. of Burns Hotel. P.O. Box 141.
ZznniU THE
Rexall Drug Store
Has Just Received the Exclusive
Agency for the Famous Victroles
Talking iviacnme anu an supplies
with all the latest records
Headquarters For
Christmas Presents
Call and Inspect our Llegant Line or Christmas Ooods,
Consisting of Books, Toys, Stationery, Leather Goods,
Purses, Pictures, Etc., Etc. Don't forget to see the new
Mirroscopes, the greatest thing out for the young folks.
, ':U.. !", ' ' '.g-S"grrg
Reed Bros., Prop's.
Being tho Game Warden of tho
county, I have probably been giv
ing moro thot looking toward tho
protection and preservation of
our game and fish than has tho
average man.
In view of the fact that much
of our native game is fast be
coming extinct, it is .time that
all true citizens nil wcll na tho
sportsman, lend their nid in as
sisting me to enforco tho law
which is aimed to preserve tho
yarious species, thereby contin
uingoneof our great natural re
sources to be enjoyed by man
kind for generations to come.
That beautiful animal, the
deer, which is probably tho mo3t
vnluablo of all our game, pnrti-
cularily needs our protection
throughout this section, owing to
certain natural conditions, and
if we neglect our duty, the deer
will soon pass.
As civilization goes out and
crowds around the haunts of
this game it is compelled to move
bndk, until finally, it has only a
small area under which to oxisL
In this climate the deer cannot
exist in the terri ory where they
most generally summer. The
deep snows drive them to lower
elevations and by absolute ne
cessity they must come in close
contnet with .settlement, and un
less they have our protection
they are bound to be driven back
into the mountains to perish or
to become the prey of tho pre
datory animals.
Any true citizen, whether a
sportsman or otherwise, should
be deeply intercsoed in doing all
ho can to preserve this grand
and sratelv deer, which bv law
of nature is combntting against
terrible odds, and has but little
chance to exist and that only by
nnd through us
In Harney county there is an
open season at which time the
law permits the killing of a lim
ited number of male deer. This
season closes at or near the
approach of winter. It is the
nature of tho deer at this time of
the year to gather in droves nnd
retreat to certain localities where
it will be possible for them to
There is only a limited territory
in this portion of the country
where it is possible for the deer
to pull through the winter, and
surely no good man could, after
any thought on the subject, be
so cruel at .heart as to go upon
the deer and kill them when and
where they are hemmed in by
civilization on one side and deep
snpws and impossible existence
on the pther, He would surely
Say Agricultural College Librarian in
Lecture to Visiting Farmers and
Wives Suggests Each Community
Apply to the Oregon Library Com
mission for Traveling Library
predicts railroad MEN RESCUED AFTER
Onlano Paper Says Indications are Thai . '
Hill People are Now Making Final
Preparaiion, to Build in.o Eastern Catlow Men Have Terrible Experience,
Oregon Country Working Very Quietly "fv. wa,
Une With Both Legs Broken and
Companion Bruised nd Cut From
Fall of 60 Feet Two Unsuccess
ful Attempts Made to Get Out
Reports from various sources
indicato that the railroads are
busy extending their lines and
will son come from under cover
with announcements of their
M. B. Gwinn came down from
the Crowley ranch Tuesday stop
ping over from the Harper ranch
on his way out.
clock machinery and they seemed
hardly to pause while the rails
were being spiked in place. The
grade is being graveled and the
work is completed as they go.
The work at the bijr tunnel is
be worse than a "game hog" a
violator of the law both written
add unwritten, nnd deserving of
no mercy.
In some portions of the United
States the people have como to
understand and appreciate these
things, and ar tolking part, co
operating with tho State and
government, by providing feed,
at no small expense, in order to
save the lives of the deer and
elk during the winter season.
The main object of this letter
js in the hopo that every reader
will bo inspired by tho thought
and will awaken to a high stand
ard of citizenship, and will do
his part in caring for tho game
which is indeed a heritage for
which we should bo grateful.
It is my sworn duty to enforce
tho law and I hopo to enlist you
all in tho cause and by co-operating,
oik! with the other and all
with me, wo will save tho deer.
II. I J. Mack,
Game Warden for Harney Co.
"Today the farmer's family is The college has prepared for
well nouriancd as to body; good distribution to those interested
food suitable to tho age and lists of books on domestic ccon-
growth of each member is pro- omy, on agriculture and child
vided. Is na much caro given to rens books from the commission,
the nourishment of tho mind?" a list of 100 books for the farm
questioned Mrs. Ida A. Liddcr, homo prepared by tho librarian,
librarian of the Oregon Agricul- and the following instructions as
tural College in n lecture to the to securing government publicn
visiting farmers and their wives, tions vnluablo to the farmer:
"Wo ought to sec that tho 1. Experiment Station Record,
children in our homes have $1 a volume, 2 volumes a year,
suitable books for each stage of subscription $2 a year. Subscribe
growth, from tho timo when the through the Superintendent of
repetition of nursery rhymes is Documents, Washington, D. C.
demanded; on through tho period Personal checks and stamps nre
of imaginative fancy when fairy not received,
tales nro a delight through which, 2. Monthly list of publications
without effort, the child may re- by Division of Publications sent
ceive the best of moral training; free regulnrly to nil applying to
out through tho period of physi- Secretary of Department of Agri
cal activity when the child needs culture, Washington, I). C.
books telling how to do things. ' '. Division of Publications
Such books as "Harper's Indoor Circular No fl, "Publications of
Book for Boys," and "Three- the U. S. Departmentof Agricul-
hundred Things a Bright Girl ture and How they are Distribut
Can Do'" nre examples. They ed" sent frco by secretary of U.
should be given proper books on S. Department of Agricultue,
still further to that period when Washington D. C.
the girl loves the college story 4. "Publications of U. S. De
and we may give her "Rebecca pnrtment of Agriculture for Free
at Sunnybrook Farm" and Distribution", Division of Publi
"When Patty Went to College:" , cations' Circulnr No 2, latest re
and the boy goes out mentally vision frco.
into tho world of adventure, ' fi. Latest list of farmers' bulle
when we may give him such l tins for free distribution, publish
books a3 "Tom Sawver" and ed by Division of Publications.
Treasure Island" instead of let- Send to Secretary of Agriculture.
ting him steal away behind the Individual bulletins may be sc
barn to read "Diamond Dick" cured free from him.
and liko trash. Finally, by care- (. Subject index to Farmers'
ful choice of biography, we may Bulletins, Division of Publica
lead him from the world of ad- tions Circular No. 4, latest re
venture to the world of reality, i vision, free.
"Where tho parents do not 7. Farmers' Institute Lectures
feel qualified to choose books for Bulletins, published by Experi
tho different stages, of dovelop- ment Station ofllce free, Partic
ment in tho child, thoymay ob- ularly valuable for the bibliogra
tnin suitable lists of books by phy at the end of each lecture,
writing to Miss Cornelia Marvin, It is probable that the series
secretary of the Oregon Library would not bo pent to individual
Commission, Salem, Oregon, or applicants, but from monthly
to the librarian of the Oregon lists most valuable ones could be
Agricultural College, giving the selected and, if necessary, pur
ajres and tastes of the childrcnl chased from Superintendent of
"The family should be provid- Documents.
ed with periodicals, ono good 8. Price lists on special sub
weekly to give tho now8 of the jects in government documents
world, such as The Independent sold by the Superintendents of
or The Outlook, or else a monthly Documents. Send to Superinten-
like World's VforkqrThe Review dent for n list on any subject in
of RoviewB. There should bo which you mny be interested,
ono good general periodical con- these lists are sent free,
taining interesting, well written ). State experiment Station
Stories, such a magazine as liar- Bulletins. If you wish to keep
pern' or tho Atlantic, or if a in touch with what is being done
cheaper one must be chosen, Tho in tho different stated, ask to go
American is excellent. Finally on the mailing listof each experi-
Al nsan nl All 11 n Attn rlrt nf ...- 4 ntril ln 4jtM iUn l(allrtSnf
UHB W.UU.U . K ... HICM. .. MU.U UUUUUI.H dnUghte,. f Mr. Mill MM. R. D.
magaz.no to nourish tho lovo for coming out on the subject in Stnh, Tho HuIo one was born
the beautiful so that they may which you are especially interest- Decembl,r 21. Short funera,
desire it in heir surroundings, ed. Some of the states will re- iccs wm, he,d at t,
such a magazine as Country Life spond You can get the address-1 , lho Sunset Rraveyard Tiurs.
in America or Suburban Life, or es of the directors of the state ,,, nt 1ft ,,,, "J. ,
i mi i r a. i i ii j I VJ "" AV v sviv a. uv; ui; iti cil
me vraiiamuii. xiiuii, iuu. iui experiment Bunions in uic ironi ,..ni. i,,. m. DI,fi... ..
the mother and daughters there of your Experiment Station Re- j, ,':,. ,.ftmmlm:t
should be a good woman's perio- cord. The bulletins are free,
dical liko Good Housekeeping, or 10. Send for nil government
Tho Ladies Home Journal or Tho publications which you expect'to
Dr. Tillson Harrison was called relief and the unfortunate men
Un ni,i iw. ..:i i..: i io ianow weanesuay morniPL' to mu aavcu.
and machine were at work there !attcnd William Carroll-and Robb . Itv-as a terrible experience to
nnrl rnnrWI ln ,,.. .!. E. Koonir whn hn,1 W a..l hC thU8 entombed for SIX days
rr.. r" .. 1 V C ""- "" . . without food
ucouuy uvuiiiiik anu nave.inrougn a most narrowmcr ex-
or water and one
man helpless from broken bones
v a-, -uu.u ul.!1 fi ft . . t fio Ooinrv nt t4MBnTr li- A-Lm a - -
seventy seconds to lay one of the !"',KU1 iast ftunuay wnen ""'" Y , ,i i
big 75 pound rails, working like I
n strait .rotch to th monlh porionCod by boing entombed in aid by S cban
The two men had been at work
digging the well and were de-
,they-were rescued by a chance heing so far below the surface
I passerby at 2 o'clock in the id not hear any one pass until
Mr. Koontz had gotten up the
last time. Tom Allen says he
passed by there two days before
the men were found.
It would have been impossible
for the men to get out without
assistance as Mr. Koontz was
unable to get any further up
than the spot where he was
found. The soil was very sandy
at that depth and would crumble
in such a manner that it was im
possible for him to get a foot
hold. Mr. Carroll's feet" were
right of way fenced, so that the ' sending on a rope made in the
shape of a swing when the win
lass broke and precipitated them
proceedimr ranidlv and will hn t0 the bottom, the accident hap-
finished in the early spring. The ! pened when thy were some CO
grade beyond the tunnel is ready feet from tho bottom. Mr. Car
so that no further delay will be ro11 had the sma11 bone in his ri'eht
experienced when the tunnel is eR bioken and the large bone
completed. ana ankle broken of the left. He
The Hill people seem to bo was 0l coursc helpless to assist
nlinni m.wiir t, mr : ti,: i his friend in anv wav and Mr. I
naiinl rntiM m.mn..- Kv,, ..Dt J Keentz made twoattemnts to iret . slightly frozen but this
em Idaho comes the report that,cut WnB'o hetehth of some CO 1 kelv after thy had faeen taken
they are working quietly over ' fcet when he fe back sustain- from the well as they had to be
there making a connection be- '" many Painful bruises and a , taken a mile and a half to a
tween the Northwestern and the bad cut over one eye. He madeinelKhbr a Sunday afternoon to
Salmon river lines. While no re- a second attempt and on Sunday ' $ cared tr- I; lsn't bkely the
port is given out the pay checks ,afternoon was within i5feet of frost would reach to the depth he
are issued by the Northweetern ' the top and was almost exhaust- was 'y,n&
company. To the west of us out j ed and would have fallen back i Dr. Harrison states the men
beyond Burns, the Porter Bros., again in a few minutes had he j were in better condition than
who nre identified with the Hill not heard a team passing and one would suppose after their
people, are assembling material ca"ed- The man came to his (Continued on last page.)
and teams and preparing camps. ' -.. - . - -. .
This stretch from Bend to Har
ney Valley offers no serious ob
stacles nnd can be covered in a
season easily.
With the Northwestern connec
tion up on tho east with the Pin
road and the Hill line at Bend
connected with the Malheur can
yon there would remain but the
short stretch from the mouth of
the canyon to Weiser to finish up
the line complete. Ontario
Sunset Sifting
Dec. 20th, 1912
Alfred Marshall and family
from Voltage spent Christmas
day at the home of W. R. Daw
son. The Christmas tree and enter
tainment given by Miss Mey and
the schollars, Tuesday evening
was greatly enjoyed by the little
tots ns well as the older ones
Died December 25 the infant
Strictly First Class. Splendid
Service, Fine Accomodations,
Commercial Headquarters
Sample Room In Connection, Reasonable Rates
f i
Woman's Home Companion
"Ono should plan, nt the end
of tho year when summing up
the profit tho farm has made, as
much for food for tho mind in
books and periodicals as for ex
tension in farming materials or
"Every farming community
may obtain from tho Oregon
Library Commission a traveling
library for six months by apply
ing to the secretary of tho com
mission. The only expense will
bo tho freight."
get free, to the Secretary of the
U. S. Departmentof Agriculture,
Washington D, C, except price
lists of government documents
on special subjects. Send for
the entire community.
Chas. Reed and family o.xpect
occupy the Lee Wilson plnce
Burns Meat Market
H. J. HANSEN, Proprietor
Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton,
Sasuage, Bolonga,
Headcheese and WeinerworstE .
Wholesale and Retail
Prompt and Satisfactory Service
Your Patronge Solicited and
Orders Given Quick Attention
to occupy the
for tho winter.
Notice To Hide Sellers
Baker, Oregon. Nov. 25-12
Keen vour hiilos ntiil fura mi.
these to the Superintendent of t December. Don't Give Them
Documents. Subscribo for Ex- Away -as I will bo there to call
penmeni ouuion uecoru tnrougn m Pnv You for them, but
him also all documents to bo pur
chased must bo had from him.
11. For any material from tho Ket (je
government which you nre not 3tf '
nblo to securo from tho Depart
ment of Agriculture or other do- Timothy secil for sale-W. T.
(Continued on last page.) VanderVeer. Drewsey, Oregon.
beavers. If you have anything
on hand, write me at Burns, care
Jackson Brothers,
Hide & Junk Co.
Everybody's Going To
For Their I
tollable Cithern
otllatntv County
The Inland
V, T, l.KHTIIlt, MimoKur
Wo rrprviunt Hint which m ri'Mul iiml ruliulilo Wti hnuUlo nil
k I mlii of Krai KMatti innttvru Willi mir liiuil llilii pupcrM nr
oilier 1ikI !' paptmcorreitly mul ipiUkly , W'K WANT YOUK
FIKK INHUKANOK IIUBINKHH; mm ii'iMnt two of tlio trniiKHt
companlea In America Til K AICTNA A HAUTl'OKI) CO'H.
Mat your property with ua, fur wilu nr triulu, INVKHTIOATKOUK
tnut you. A ik our Cllonta. Call ami evo im.
Homestead Locations
Empire Realty Company
80 .Acres lrrl.tcil rnnch hi Molsc
Valley, to trade for a tfooil ranch in
Harney county, clear of lnciimlcrnnce
under government illlcli.
Let lis Hear Prom You What You
Have To Trade. Wo Trade Anything,
Anvwlicre. SHR US NOW
Our Holiday Goods
Have just arrived nnd we have them on display. Its the
biggest and best line that ever came to Burns. All are!
invited to call and inspect them. We have beautiful
Toilet Sets, Manicure and Traveling Sets in Parisian Ivory,
Genuine Ebony and Pearl, Shaving Stands and Mirrors, Libby
Cut Glass, Stirling Silver Deposit, Heraldic Bronze, Hand
Painted China, Hollow Ware, Alchol Stoves, Chafing Dishes.
This is the place to buy presents as our prices are right.
J. C. Welcome Jr. Prop.

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