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The times-herald. [volume] (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, October 04, 1919, Image 5

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Knfrdwy. Qaffrff 4, fit.,
Jfl TIMHII.MIIIlAf.B C ft ft , OllflOH
no to pot, ,lf tho Icnguo covenant In
not rM wnoUt ultondlon or toh
orrnUoi.. Them wo rtre told Unit It
I' rhA unnnto It aooma, 1.1 living up
L ,u r.Plt Ion with reg.ird to Iholl to iwt U tl ' u V 1
league. ' J"Hl ,:a" 1 "Bruo ' "Bruu amouded, From which it would
auout, Wo aro bunded for tho pot uny
nro told thut tho country will i way wo Uko tho. thing.
Sergeant Horculca Korgls. born
In (Stucco. unrniHl American cltl
ifmhlp by army aorvlco. Ho cap
tutt'd 267 Ocrrunnn atnglo handed
wbilt' In franco. Ori'ok country
ma royally welcomed KurRla to
U'sfhln ctoit Hhun ho returned to
Claudo Jt. Porter of Contorrlllo.
low, former nMlolant U B. At
torney Gonorml him houu named
rhlef counaul for tho Fodoral
Trado Conimlaalon. Ilia work
will dMl Inmoly with thn hlxh
coat of living Invoatlgutloua and
r i
c a package
before the war
c a package
during the war
c a package
af '
Tho old tlmrl noup hot orator haa
nhout 'dlfliippiinroil. Kor, you know,
lUitompblloH dud i'oi) boxoa do not
ImrmonUo u thlu dnV whon ovory
mun tw nu embryo jiatuiatauuro.
An nvlivtnr InMluoWm N, Y., ro
contly Hut n world'a ultltudn record
hy nHtiniulliiK 34.010 foot nliovn Rati
lovcl. And, BtrnnRo to miy, hi) fulled
to encounter n hIiibIo prosldontliil
boom on tho trip,
A Now OrloniiH colored wotnntv
recently wrotu to nu Illluola Hherllf
(n know If hor hualmnd hiul boon
"huiiR rlftht." Shu imlvoly ronmrkud
thut hIio noodod now clothing, and
Hint It wuii tluin for hor dntiKhtor to
go to school, u ml that nho wanted
thnl Inuuriiucn iiiouuy, And tho cumb
wan luconnldornto oiiourIi to i?ot him
Hotf NOiit to tho pen for llfol
Tho cnt'n out of tho bag, and ll'ii
tho aumo old Htory of gougo, Tho
goncrnl public nllppcd up on buying
tnoHt of thu tinny food iiuppltcH ho
ciiuho wholoHiilorH lind Hcoopod thorn
up nnd ronold thorn to tho rutull
trudo ut ouoriuouH prolltH. And our
Julia nro ntlll empty I
DUtrkt Attorney II. U? DnArraond
of DdncliutPB county, nnd ChttH. W.
Kruklnu, ntco of Ilotul, nro In tho !l'
ou legal bUBlnotis before tho circuit
Snultiirluma nro Idonl plnce for
rent nnd rocuporutlon, provided ouo
dooa not got norvoua proatrntlou when
paying tho bill.
Among tho profiteer!, lot ua hopo,
It will hoou bo thn "high coat of
keeping out of Jail."
K. II. Hathrlck, ouo of tho Hero
ford growora of tho aoutheru purl of
tho county, him hoen In town thU
wcok looking after hoiuo bUMluoaa ".f
fulm nnd vlHltlug with Mr. mid Mrs.
Mr, nnd Mm. Arch In McOowiin nro
nKtiln (lomlclled In their homo In UiIh
city. They woro living nt Crano for
a time, but Archlo hna rilapoxed of
hla liitereata thoro nnd nfler n trip
to Southern Oregon anil a general
tour In Hie nature of nu outing, thuy
rotumed come dnya ngo. Ml. Mc
Onwiin apoiil n few duya on hla ruiich
nnd iiIho In looking after the clorilug
up of aome hualueaa nffalra ut Crane
before Dually nettling down at tho
homo town. Ho la going to make a
trip to I'rlnevlllo aoou to ancuro aomo
pure bred Inmha, having euguged In
that line of llvimtonk growing re-rently.
Mra, J. ('. Ourrctl, motlter or .Mrs.
Hlmou Lowla, la hero ou u vlalt from
hor homo up In Wnahlngton. Mra.
Ourrett la well known to tho ploneora
of thlu county, na alio formerly reald
od over on Silver crook, nnd her hua
bund ulwuya took nn nctlvu pnrt In
politic lu thlu county. Whllo hero
Mra. Oarrett will ulao vlalt with hor
other, children. J. T. Oarrett, Mra.H.
J. Wllllnma, Mra, T. J. Shields.
Dlatrlct Deputy mo Wnrdon Irv
ing llnioeltlne came over from Ornnt
county the other duy ou ottlclal hual
ueaa, Ho waa uccompuulod by W. O.
Htidley. of tho guuio cnmmlaalon, who
la the Held mun to Inapcct llah lud
dera, Tho luttor wun horo to Invea
tlKUie aomo o ftho atreuma and aeo
the in a liner of Utddora provided for
tho llah nnd alao to Invoatlgnto tho
ncreoiia ut hto Intake of Irrigation
Mra. II. M. Horton la n gueat .of
relatlvoa In thin city, having recently
roturuod thla wny from Pendleton
where hIio uttoudeil tho Itouud-l'p
with Hurry Horton. Tho latto,' ro
turiiod to Mexico direct from I'oiidlt
ton and Mra. Horton camo ou over
hero to wnlt until Doc conio oer
next week from lloiid uller hor.
Fact U. wo think be'a Jual mndo huMi
an nrrangomeut o ho can pat out of
work over there and alioot nomo
Warren Porter, brother of Dale,
nrivr.ii iK.r.t MiIm week from l.a
I (Jraiulo, where ho had been working
for tho rullroad company, wurrou
Iiuh a wUo and mou to hla credit
Klnco ho left hero, who will Join him
on tho farm as aoon ua ho can got
thluga fixed for thorn. Ho Haya Har
ney valley looka good to him, ua ho
Iiuh not mndo a cent, or ruthor wived
a cont, mIiico ho loft horo, although ho
hua received good wages. Ho U go
ing to develop hla farm.
All Varieties of CANNING PEACHES
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during September
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. . wmwm.wwr .r rrI 1IT
ALL, ur rivwn
V e g e t a b 1 e 8
- At thfi: Burns Hotel
SpiI'pric to pWl who com. to thi , iwch to
(T-.i Rinn and wood furnwhod fie.
Saye Your Eyes
Eye atraln causes ItcadachcH,
itcrvoUHttcHH and other trou
bles. I fit glaflACH uccuratvly
nnd scientifically.
All Work Guaranteed.
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CprlM III!
kf M.J, h.rnvU
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Tapnyrnl 1k: tidy rJ lint, handtam pound and hilf-pound.Hn
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