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Look This Square in the Face
iET a man ask you six months after
you Duy an 1 HC outfit, " Why are
you using a creanV separator? Is it
making money for you?" and the
question will sound as cncihl
you as though he had asked why you used a
This excellent combination pictured above,
will give you more cream from your milk,
saving from $5 to $15 per year for each cow
you milk; separator skim milk, sweet, warm,
and wholesome, will give you healthier, fatter
pigs and calves, and this again means more
milk and increased soil fertility; you will save
hundreds of miles of going-to-the-creamery
every year, with its wear and tear of wagon
and harness, and so save the time of yourself
and horses for many more hours in the field.
There are other things an
I H C Cream Separator
Dairymaid, Bluebell or Lily
will do for you. Then the one-horse power
I H C engine mounted on a portable truck,
will pump water, run a washing machine,
churn, sausage grinder, grindstone, and run
various other farm machines.
Various points heavy phosphor bronze
bushings, trouble-proof neck bearings, dirt and
milk -proof spiral gears, etc., make I H C sepa
rators the best to buy. Each style has four
convenient sizes. See the local dealers who
handle these machines, and have them dem
onstrate the working to you, show you the
close skimming qualities, and efficiency, and
go over the mechanical features with you.
They will give you catalogues and full information.
International Harvester Company of America
uncorportieuj , t.
Portland Ore. I
Ijs Angeles, Sept. 1. Officers of
the British ship Lord Lonsdale, lying
at San Pedro, declared today that
they will demand an official Investi
gation of the actions of Immigration
Inspector R. Miller, who slapped the
face of the ship's Chinese cook, pre
cipitating an imbroglio that almost
cost him his life. The cook seized a
meat cleaver and rushed at Miller,
a dozen yellow members of the crew
at his back.
Officers of the ship helped the In
spector, who had drawn his revolver,
from the ship after the rook and two
sailors had been overpowered. Ac
cording to Captain John Forester, of
the Lonsdale, Miller's procedure
when he Inspected the Chinese crew
was unusual. He declares the blow
the Inspector struck the cook was
unprovoked. Miller asserts that the
cook, when ordered to sign the in
spection slip, wrote an Insulting
word Instead of his name.
Goldendale, Wash., Sept. 1.
When the sheriff vent to the farm of
J. C. Warner to serve an attachment
on a $3,000 stallion, he found the
thoroughbred animal hauling hay
with a Missouri mule as a teammate.
Warner claimed exemption under the
law. The courts will decide.
San Francisco, Sept. 1. "He shot
at me but I threw sand In his eyes
and he missed. Then he and his
wife clubbed me with the gun," said
Anton Schlegel to the police. An
ton Is In the hospital and Alec Mc
Donald and his wife In the coop as
determined scrappers.
San Francisco, Sept. 1. Two ma
ture and apparently respectable wo
men who fought on the street hold
the key to a police mystery here.
They mixed It over a gold necklace.
When questioned at police head
quarters, It was revealed as a case
of one man, two women and one
Los Angeles, Sept. 1. Omar Wool
forth, after laughing himself Into
hysteria, arrived at the receiving
hospital in an ambulance unable to
tell his troubles. His wife substitut
ed: "He swallowed a sardine tall
first. He said it tickled his palate,
and then began laughing at himself."
Los Angeles, Sept. 1. After fall
Ing four stories through a skylight
Katherine Dale. 17, was rescued un
injured from the debris caused by
her precipitate arrival In a hotel
lobby. Plie fell from a window while
scuffling with a girl friend.
Portland, Sept. 2 Charles Blake,
a logger, discovered one Japanese
with patriotic regard for America
when K. Moduchi kicked him Into
the etreet for attempting to tear
down an American flag which adorn
ed the Japanese poolroom. Blake
arrested; Jap commended.
Munich, Sept. 1. The crimes of
Jesse Pemroy. the famous American
pervert who Is a life prisoner In Bos
tlon, were equalled here today when
a boy of 7 years, found in the out
skirts of the city, was discovered to
have butchered a little girl 3 years
old. The boy stunned the child with
a club and then split her head open
and severed her arms and legs. He
is believed to be Insane.
Portland, Sept. 2. If he'd only
thought of it sooner. Manager Wol
verton. after Sacramento dropped
seven straight to Portland, yester
day decided to stack the bats against
the grandstand instead of leaving
jthem lie on the ground. Result:
'Sacramento took both games.
Portland. Sept. 1 Leaving Port
kind on the morning of October 1,
Dan O'Leary, 70, and claiming to be
the champion walker of- the world,
will attempt to walk to San Fran
cisco, a distance of 770 miles In six
teen days.
This will be the first attempt made
to walk the distance in any given
number of days. O'Leary recently
celebrated his 70th birthday by
walking 70 miles.
Sacramento, Sept. 2. "Stop,"
yelled Motorcycle Policeman Brown
to a man and a girl on a speeding
machine. And then he followed
them IS miles with his revolver
out. When caught Brown found
them to be deaf mutes who thought
him an up-to-date highwayman.
Los Angeles, Sept. 2. A fair
maid who left only the initials "B.
S." complained at a suburban police
station that her watch, usually worn
strapped above her ankle, had been
lost or stolen. "I must have lost it
getting on a street car," she sug
gested to the sergeant.
Salem, Sept. 1. A search of near
ly two weeks is ended here today by
the finding of the body of Mrs. Mary
Guild, aged 60, In the Willamette
river. She had been in ill health,
and eluding the vigilance of rela
tives, disappeared from her home
August 19, leaving a note saying she
Intended to drown herself.
Portland, Sept. 1. Charged with
securing a railroad pass from the O.
VT. R. & N. company for a woman not
his wife. In violation of the Inter
state commerce regulations, E. S.
Shafer, a telegraph operator of
Huntington, Or., Is under arrest here
today. The woman, whose name was
given In the complaint as Jane Dee.
was also taken Into custody.
New York. Sept. 1, Howard El
liott, formerly president of the
Northern Pacific Railroad, today for
mally assumed the office of presi
dent of the New York, New Haven
and Hartford line vice Charles Mel
len, whose resignation, presented to
the board of directors several weeks
ago, took effect today.
Los Angeles, Sept. 2. Some one
neglected to prune the splinters
from the greased pole at the Ocean
Park Labor Day celebration. A
member of the Los Angeles plum
bers union was the only man to
reach the top.
Montreal, Sept. 1. Pleading elo
quently for a closer relationship be-
ween England and the United States,
the Right Hon. Viscount Richard
Burden Haldane, lord high chancel
lor of Great Britain, today spoke as
the guest of honor of the American
Bar association, which is holding Its
annual convention here. Lord Hald
ane took for his topic "Higher Na
tionality; A Study In Law and
"What one who finds himself face
to face with this assemblage natural
ly thinks of is the future of the three
nations; a future that may depend
largely on the influence of men with
opinions such as ours," declared his
lordship. "The United States and
Canada and Great Britain together
form a group which Is unique;
unique because of its common inher
itance In traditions ,tn surroundings
and In ideals. And nowhere Is the
character of this common inherit
ance more apparent than in the re
gion of Jurisprudence. The lawyers
of the three countries think for the
most part alike. At no period has po
litical divergence been strik
ingly apparent. Where the letter of
their law Is different, the spirit Is
yet the same.
It la this identity ot spirit, large
ly due to a past, which the lawyers
of this group have Inherited Jointly
that not only forms a bond of union,
but furnishes them with an Influence
that Van hardly be reproduced In
other nations. I take my stand on
facts which are beyond controversy
and seek to look ahead. I ask you
to consider with me whether we, who
have In days gone by moulded their
laws, are not called on to try In days
that lie In front to mould opinion
in yet another form, and so encour
age, the nations of this group to de
velop and recognize a reliable char
acter In the obligations they assume
towards each other.
"For it may be that there are rela
tions within such a group of nations
that are not possible for nations
more isolated from each other and
lacking In our Identity of history and
spirit. Cnnada and Great Britain on
the one hand, and the United States
on the other, ubo a common lan
guage, have common interests and
common ends, resembling a stroug
society. If there be such a society,
It may develop within Itself a foun
dation for International faith of a
kind that Is new In the history of
the world. Without Interfering with
the freedom of action of these great
countries, or the Independence of
their constitution, It may bo possibfe
to establish a true unison between
sovereign states. This unison will
doubtless, If It ever comes Into com
plete being have its witnesses In
treaties and written agreements. But
such documents can never of them
selves constitute it. Its substance,
If It Is to be realized, must be sought
for deeper down In an Intimate so
cial life."
Lord Haldane urged lawyers to as
sist In the freshening of the conven
tional atmosphere which surrounds
men In public life by omitting no op
portunity to think rightfully and
contribute to the fashioning of a
more hopeful and resolute kind of
public opinion.
Mexico City, Sept. 1. The expect
ed exodus of American residents
from Mexico as a result of warnings
voiced in President Wilson's mes
sage to congress, has failed to ma
terially. A few Americans left the
capital today, but a majority will re
main, being unwilling to sacrifice
business Interests unless the situa
tion becomes alarming.
Provisional President Huerta is
expected to Ignore anonymous
charges that a group of Americans
here plotted to bring about Ameri
can Intervention.
Vera Crus, Mex., Sept. 1. Fifty
American refugees are here and no
transport Is available to carry them
to the United States, and no regular
vessel sails tor several days. United
States Consul Canada has arranged
to accommodate the penniless at a
local hotel.
John LInd, President Wilson's
special envoy, will spend tomorrow
at a plantation near Terra Blanche.
He has given no Indication here as
to what ho relieves the future holds
In tho American-Mexican dispute.
Kansas City, Sept. 2. M. J. Mc
Carty, fake blludman, who was sen
tenced to serve 100 days on the
municipal farm because he gazed
for 30 seconds at the aperture In a
slit skirt, was far from being down
cast today.
"Believe mo, gentlemen," he
Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 2. A cam
paign of ridicule directed toward
the extermination of the "Jay Wal
ker Family" was Inaugurated her
today by the local automobile club.
The "Jay Walker Family," accord
ing to explanations made today la
numerous. It Is composed of those
pedestrians who cross congested
streets without first looking to see
It it Is safe to do so. The local au
tomobile club today adopted reso
lutions suggesting propaganda to ba
distributed all over the country to
"kill off the Jay Walker Family."
Automobile clubs all over the coun
try, It was decided today, will be
asked to aid In exterminating "Mr.
and Mrs. Jay Walker and all the lit
tle Walkers."
The Hague, Sept. 2. The formal
sessions ot the Hague Conference
opened here' today with delegate!
from a score of the largest nations
of the world attending. Among tn
United States delegates are Repre
sentative F. C. Stevens, of St. Paul;
Representative Richard Bartholdt,
of Missouri, and Representative
James L. Slaydon, of Texas.
Modford, Sept. 2. With the ar
rival yesterday ot two carloads ot
steel rails for the interurbun rail
road the Bullis company announce
that the laying ot rails on Mala
said, "when I tell you that It was 'street will be started the last of the
worth It. I would do the same thing
over again and then some."
McCarty was wearing a "Help the
Blind" sign when a buxom brunette,
with a skirt silt to the knee, dropped
a dime in his cup. J. W. West, a
clerk, saw McCarty fix his eye on the
aperture. After West had done
some staring himself, he called a policeman.
week and the electric railroad will
be In operation by the middle of No
vember. Three more carloads are en route,
the eloctrlc cars are ready for ship
ment and from now on work will be
rushed toward the completion of the
line to Siskiyou Heights addition
from the corner ot Main and Front
Oadon. Ulan. Sept. 1. Dairage
estimate! r. $20,000 Is done here
terday. flooding scores of retail and
cloudliru v::'ih swept Cgrtci
terday. odlng r.::: of r -VI 1
wholesale houses. Lightning f-tru.k
a pi-eery vtore, melting the soM-r
In limdreds of cans of vesetaMes.
:tr.1 n llMng the contents.
Dublin, Sept. 1. Built 32 years
ago at n cost of $1,000,000 Klllarney
house, at Klllarney, county Kerry,
the home of the Earl ef Keamore, Is
practically in ruins today as a re
sult of a fire which Rpread rapidly
because of lack of water. Many
priceless works of art were burned.
Coquille. Sept. 2. The streets of
this town are paved with rock that
will yield 16.40 in gold to the ton, It
was learned today following the re
ceipt of an assay of specimens sent
to Virginia City. Nev.. by J. C. Wll
nn, a miner, who detected traces of
the precious metal In the paving ma
terial. The rock is secured from a
quarry five miles from town.
The Proof i Here the Same As Ev-
For those who seek relief from kid
ney backache, weak kidneys, bladder
Ills, Doan's Kidney Pills offer hope
of relief and the proof is here in
Grants Pass the same as everywhere.
Grants Pass people have used Doan's
and Grants Pass people recommend
Doan's, the kidney remedy used In
America for fifty years. Why suffer?
Why run the risk of dangerous kid
ney Ills fatal Brlght's disease. Here's
Grants Pass proof. Investigate It.
Henry Nutt, 400 Isham St., Grants
Pass, Ore., says: "For a long time
I suffered from weak and painful
back. At times I was so bad I
thought my back would break and I
could hardly work. Others of my
family having been benefited by
Doan's Kidney Pills. I decided to try
them and they strengthened my back
and kidneys and made me feel like a
different man."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
St. Paul, Sebt. 2. A program of
German folk songs and patriotic
American airs today marked the
opening of the annual sessions of
the German-American Alliance, one
of the strongest German societies in
the United S'ates.
tott for the most part attribute their sue-
0j cess to the start In life gained by a qjyj
This bank pays four per cent,
compounded semi-annually, and In
vites you to open an account with
$1.00 or more.
The Grants Pass Banking
& Trust Company
Claun Schmidt, Provident.
Mai-tthull Hooper, Cashier
Jus, T. Tuffs.
Geo. It. Riddle.
Geo. P. Jester, Vice President.
L. A. La u nor, Ass't Cnnhler.
O. S. Illiinchard.
Herbert Smith.
Panama, Sept. 1. Following the
removal yesterday ot the last re
maining barrier at the Pacific end cf
the Panama canal, dredges tomorrow
will start to remove the last barrier
ot the Atlantic channel. When this
work Is finished ships may navigate
to the locks from both ends.
The Pacific barriers were blown
up by an electric switch which was
turned on twice yesterday, first at
9:30 o'clock and again at 1:30 p. m.
The first blast constituted about 44,
800 pounds of 45 per cent dynamite
and hundreds of tons of mud and
stones were thrown high in the air.
The explosion tore a big gap In the
barrier, but was not to a sufficient
depth to permit the water to flow
through as the tide was too low. The
actual breaking of the barrier came
In the afternoon when the second
charge was let go. Then a workman
with a shovel made a trench through
which a rill of water trickled. It
widened gradually and In an hour
was a raging torrent, with a 35 foot
fa)! of water pouring through an
opening 400 feet wide, Into that part
of the canal between the Garnboa
dike and the Mlraflores locks, which
previously had been excavated by
UCK means rising at six o'clock In the morning, living on
Iron lima you earn Minding your own buMlness and not
meddling with other KHplo's Luck means appoint
ments you have never fulled to keep Tho train you have never
failed Mi catch Luck means trusting In God and your own re
source." The man with a bank account and a check book in his pocket
Is considered lucky. This kind ot luck Is within your easy reach.
Many of our best customers started with a small deposit. So can
T. IJ. CORNELL, President
J. L. CALVERT, Vice Free.
SAM II. RAKER, C&ituler
GEO. R. DICKINSON, Ast Cashier.
Letterhead? at Courier offlca.
Agent for Josephine County

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