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A cream of tartar baking powder
Highest of all in leavening strength
Latest United States Government
Food Report.
Royal Baking Powder Company, 106
Wall Street. New York.
The many friends of Rev. .T. S.
Burnett will be sorry to learn that
he has been dangerously ill for two
weeks, at his present home in San
Jose, California.
Athena, in the State of Oregon,
at tiie
Close of Business Oct.; 3rd, 1893.
Loans and Discounts,
Overdrafts secured and unsecured
U. K. bonds to secure circulation,
Due from apr'v'd reserve agents,
Duo from other Nat'l banks,
1 ue from (State banks and bankers
. 12,600.00
. 11.3.j6.52
Hanking house, furniture and fixtures 1,541122
20 til
Current expenses ana luxes paiu, z.usr.bo
Premiums on U. S. Honds 1.500.00
Fruct'l paper cne'y nlckles and ct's' 85.47
Ked'ra'n fund with U 8 Treasurer
(5 per cent of circulation)
J 11)0.487.81
Capital stock paid in,
'Surplus fund, -
Undivided profits.
National bank notes outstanding,
Individual deposits sub
ject to check,
Demand certificates of de
posit, Time certificates of deposit.
Due to other National Iwnks,
Dtw to State Bunks uud bankers
. 27.701.H0
S 1W.537.81
Btalc of Oregon, I
County of linatilla f
ss .
I. L. D. Lively, cashier of the above-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. L. D. Lively, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th
day of Oct., 1893. D. A. Hendricks,
Notary public for Oregon.
C. Walter.!
Correct Attest
P. E. Colbern, V Directors.
(.:. A.tturretl,;
JEVLrly T"our 2Xoodl
syrup; oe
Sore Eyes,
Ring Worm,
Rait Rheum.
r.ruptionsjumorsand Syphilitic Affections
of the Skin, Throat and Bones.
..v ; For Sale By
P MKIrkland Pioneer Drug Store.
For Sale.
The James Buzan farm, 4 miles
north of Helix, 2 miles from Stan
ton Station. " ' r
This is one of the best farms in
Umatilla county.! It lays between
the head of Vansycle and Helix. It
contains 480 acres, surrounded by
eood three wire fence.
It has a pood house, a barn 36x
36, tr -1 well with plenty of water,
wind mill, smoke house, three cel
lars and granary,
There is also a fine grove of
trees and 174 acres summer fol
lowed. '
2S0 acres adjoining can be rent
ed on reasonable terms. . .
' Price $10,000. easv payments.
The abovj property has been
nlaccd with me to sell and I 6hall
take pleasure in showing it to any
person wishing to buy.
Call at my office in Athena, Ore
W. T. Gilman.
,wf 4 TT TT'
A pure Crap Cream of Tartar Powder, fttt
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Local News.
The Press gives the news.
Hendtick's "yaller" pup has
''come back." .
T. P. Page is attending court
this week.
We will take No. 1 wheat on
subscription, at 50 cents per bush
el. There will be preaching Sunday
at the Baptist Church at 11, a. m.
by the pastor.
The Peter Gaskell case, will
come up for trial in the circuit
court today. "
Justice Gilman is having his of
fice and residence repainted and
The Morris building on Main
street was treated to a new coat of
paint this week.
A. L. Watts of this city, has been
very ill " with pneumonia for the
past two weeks.
LTarmers out in the Juniper
neighborhood are threshing their
grain, rain or shine. -
The Grand Lodge, K. of P., met
at Heppner, Tuesday of this week,
and convened three days.
Born-At their home below Pend
leton, Sunday, October 8, 1893, to
Mr, and Mrs. Ed Peters, a daught
er, weight eleven pounds.-
All "who are in arrears for sub
scription with the Press, can set
tle the same with wheat at 50c per
bushel. Bring on your wheat
The C. A. Barrett Co., are closing
out their line of superior drills and
seeders, and will sell the same at
greatly reduced prices. Now is
your time to buy a seeder. . .
For Gang and walking plows,
harrows and seeders the C. A. Bar
ret Co., will give you special bar
gins for the next 60 days. 1
School has begun in Birch Cre
district No. 37, with Marvil M
Broom in charge. Twenty-four
pupils in are registered, with
more to come.
Owing to the stormy weather
the G. A. R. district reurion which
was to have taken place the last
week near La Grande has been in
definitely postponed.
J. Bloch & Co, have just re
ceived a large stock of ladie's and
Misse s cloaks and jackets, of the
latest designs, and are selling them
very cheap, bee them before pur
chasing for the fall and winter. -
Services at the Christian Church
Sunday, Oct 15. Morning subject
"State of the righteous dead." .Y
P. C. E. meet at 3 p. m. led by Brd.
Geo. Girking. Evening subiect.
"Shall all go to hell who die out of
tJUnsrn - wur are lnyitecrK'f
Railroad business is improving
rapidly, and all the trains possible
are being put on to accommodate
passenger and freight traffic, v This
is a good sign, and demonstrates in
the most emphatic manner that the
crisis has come and gone."
A young lady visiting for the
first time in the country was alarm
ed at the approach of a cow. She
was too frightened to run, and,
shaking her parasol at the animal,
she said m a very stern tone: "Lie
down, sir! Lie down!", .." . 3'
The county .. court of Harney
county has contracted with G. W.
Kellogg, of Salt -Lake City, to bore
an artesian well -500 feet deep, and
to continue to 1500 feet, at the op
tion of the court, the price for
boring and casing the well to be
to 1 k ru. i:ni,i v .
u. vv . iiuni nas Drougm sun. ra 1
superior court at Walla Walla I
t nr if 1 1 1 1. t
against Superior Judge W. H. Up
ton and his brother, C. B. Upton,
foe collection of .12000 on the sub'
scription to the subsidy offered by
the Walla Walla board of trade
for construction of the Oregon &
Washington Territory railroad.
': Commencing Wednesday Sept
27th, the Union Pacific willsel
excursion tickets to Portland for
and one-htth tare for the round
trip, plus fifty cents for admission
coupon to the Portland Industria
Exposition. Tickets on sale by
the agent at Athena on Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays. Good
for seven days. , ;
Walla Walla Statesman: The
citizens of Tacoma ' were startled
and surprised Tuesday morning
when the mists had lifted from the
summit of Mt. Rainier, to discover
that 2,000 feet of the north peak of
the mountain had Fallen awav. JN
investigationtfthe phenomenon has
vet been made, and scientists are
at a loss to explain the occurrence.
The summit of the historic old
mountain will be visited and an
effort made. to solve the mystery.
I A man must be pretty well cov
ered with moss, says an exchang
not to be a regular advertiser,
family rlnwn in Florida lost Iheth
child. After failing' to find it fort168
two days, put in a twenty-five cent
notice in the paper and were surp
rised to see an alligator on the step
where he had disgorged the lost
child alive and well, but dead him
self. They sold the alligator's hide
for $ 5 and the parents are exhibit
ing the child in the dime museum
for $50 per week. The story illus
trates the value of advertising.
Pendleton has a soap factory.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Purdy visited
in rendleton last week.
C.A . Barrett was in Pendleton
this week on business.
E. DePeati is attending court in
Pendleton, this week.
David Taylor went down to Pen-
uieion on Dusmess, wonaay. ;
y Umatilla Indians are returning
from their annual hunt well iupli
ed with game.
Miss Lizzie Thompson is learn
ing the "art preservative" in the
Press office. - .,
inos. i-ieuauen has soldi h:s
rfiardware store in Adams, ' to Geo.
rroebstel jr., of Weston.
It is rumored on the streets: that
a new drug store is soon to he op
ened up in the Morris building.
Pendleton has been honored by
becoming selected as the place of
the next convention of the Oregon
Press Association.
XMisses Nellie Russell and Esther
Jensen, of Walla Walla, are 6pencU.
ing the week in Athena visiting
Miss liattie rroome. ,
Frank Burnett received the sad
intelligence of the death of his aunt,
Mrs. N. A. Bryant, which occurred
Oct. 3rd, at San Jose, California.
yLovao Bergevin made a flying
trip to Genesee, Idaho, the first of
the week to look after the Bergevin
Bros, large wheat crop in that
section. ,
On Tuesday the Tucker bill, re
pealing the federal election law,
passed the house by a vote of 200 to
101. lhe bill passed by a stric
party vote. .
y The A. O. U. W. has two cand?
da'tes for initiation tomorrow night
ihis Lodge continues to increase
its membership regardless of: the
ey stringency. ; . "
rry Stone, II. Krebs and
, B. Girking, returned Tuesday
nmg irom the Birch creek
country after a fruitless search for
their horses. Mr. Stone has nine,
Mr. Krebs fifteen, and Mr. Gerking
nine missing.
Rev. T. A.Tpwner will preach. at
the Methodist church Sunday even
ing, bacrament of the Lord s sup
per &i ine close 01 the service.-
he pastor. W. C. Gray will preach
at 11 a. m. . '
The Daily Portland Dispatch an
nounces it will suspend on comple
tion of some legal advertising for
the city, having lost the contract
for the city printing for the ensu
ing year.';,.,' w . .:. , s,;
vJThe family of Rev. W, Bowser
fleparted Wednesday morning for
Milton at which place Mr. B. will
have charge at J,heM. IS. -ehuroli
Theifmany friends here wish theta
success an their; new;., location
ihe Union County farmer, i
populist's paper at LaGrande. ari
nouncea that it will be closed up
within twoweeks by its "enemies
f its "mehds do not come forward
and pay their subscriptions in ord
er to enable it to meet its debts.
Our friend, Hendricks, of the In
and Republican, informs " us that
he has just had his buck-saw sharp
ened, and will try to compete with
Jones (fe.Winsbip for "contracts' of
sawing wood. -Verily, the stringen
cy worketh wonders.
There are so many dieffrent Beets
and creeds that people are
often confused in their judg
ment concerning truth. To try to
get light on this subject W. T,
Giay will preach at the Methodis
t; march bunday Morning on
iich is the True Church."
n Lacey, who has been acting
e capacitv 01 marshal during
. m - 1 1
the absence of city jMarshal Stam
per, escorted a man to Pendleton
Wednesday (night and handed him
over to the authorities down there.
The fellow was a cocaine fiend and
had been indulging to such an ex
tent that his mind bad become
Long Creek Eagle: Dr. George
W. Carlisle, who has for years
practiced medicine in Eastern Ore
gon, arrived in Long Creek Satur
day from Athena with a view of
locating in this part of Grant coun
ty, and has opened up an office In
the Monumental hotel. The doctor
is a registered physician, comes
well recommended and we bespeak
success for him in our midst.
E. O. of the 10th says: After
considerable delay the state school
money apportionment for Umatilla
county has at last been placed at
the diBpocal of the school superin
tendent. The amount i not very
large,$3614,and makes 70 cents for
each pupil. This morning Mi;3
Woodruff mailed to the clerk of each
school district in the county an
order drawn for the amount to
1 pTh
ll his district is entitled,
There is some talk at LaGrande
ohe effect thatChinese incendiar
ies set fire to the elevator building,
recently destroyed. It was used as
headquarters by the agitators, and
the supposition is that the celesti
als took this method pf getting
even. Another theory is that (the
agitators may themselves have ac
cidentally caused tha fire by leav
inz cigar stiiumns or matches
around the ; building after one
their meetings.
J I W rt
7 I k
M. Powers, post rnahter of
eston. was in the citv Monday.
rBorn, to the wife W. C. Russell,
fiear Athena, Oct., 81893, a boy.
Two more prisonefs at the Walla
Walla penitentiary X walked away
from its gloomy walls, and they
"never came back.
You can talk by telephone with
ortland now.' The -line from Spo-
kano to Portland is the second
ongest in the world, being 578
miles. - r
In California, gripes sell for
from $S to $12 per tn, delivered.
t costs ? 1.25 a ton to pick them
and about $2,50 to haul them to
market. . f, ,
Take the young calf, cut the hair
away from the spot wbere the horn
is to appear, moisteivthe spot and
rub with a 6tick of tcaustic soda.
00k for results. No horns.
The Oregon echoolfor deaf-mutes
opens its fall terra under very fa
vorable auspices. There are thirty
nine pupils in this' school . now.
iiThft Sifirn." a bni(iv little folio, is
' o 7 . t . :
mfcllshed by the school, . v
sTle Pendleton Savings Bank
proposes te re-bpen Nov. 1, 1893,"
provided the depositors will agree
X - 41 - I 1 L' LI.
10 give me Dans a reasonaDie ex
tension. The proposition of the
bank is, one-third next February,
another in July and the last in
December, 1894. K .
A branch of the Arttei'ican Rail
way Union has been organized at
Pendleton with 50 charter memb
ers, : The object of the association
is to unite all railroad men in one
ifganization for the advancement
mfflon jhterestsi - " ' .
arried, at the residence of H.
on Sunday, Oct., 8, 1893, Geo.
annibter and Miss Maggie Lieu-
alien. Both parties Ire well and
favorably known in this commun
ity." The Phkss joinsj their many
friends m wishing them a prosper
ous and happy future.
East Oregonian: Sunday mor
ning Joo?Rainville started in a bug
gy to visit his eon at Adams,, in
company with another man. They
found the Umatilla booming, and
at three .crossings nvere afraid to
attempt to ford. Finally, at a
fourth, crossing, just above the
agency, .hey entered the stream.
E verything was serene until they
had nearly reached -f the opposite
bank, when they -struck a hole.
The buggy tipped over and drifted
down the river, and jts two occu
pants swam for their lives;- Mr.
Rainville barely escaping with, his
lite, lhe horses swam back to the
south bank and got out. The men
managad to reach land on the
north side, and shivering from
their cold bathvhad to tramp-up
gapmdswsa-p.. .go
1 i 1 j ' a. r. i -
The Assessment.
Jmatilla county's assessment
roll, when complete, will show
large increase of property in the
county ; Hubieet to taxation. The
list shows : that there are within
the county, over "300 individuals
and more than 40 firms that pay
taxes on $5C00 and upward? This
is a much longer list tharijwe hare
ever had heretofore, whichf will be
explained by the fact that no de
ductions are now allowed for in
debtedness. - Some, no doubt, will
have to pay taxes on ' more than
they are really worth, by reason of
the new method. -
j W. S. Byers heads the list of in
dividuals, with $4o,0UU; Chas: Cun
ningham;. ; second, . with' $41,820
Thompson & Barnhart is theheav-?
iest tax-paying firm,.. paying on
$28,785: J. Bloch & Co., second
with $22,620. ,
She Will Be Sold.
;. The syndicate .which built the
Vigilant held a meeting at which it
was decided that at the cloBe of the
contest for the merica cup th?
gallant defender of tha coveted tro
phy should be offered at private
sale, und that if 6he is not. pur
chased at private sale within alim
ited time she shall be Bold by pub
lie auction to thehighest bidder
The original amount subssribed by
the syndicate to build and run the
Vigilant was $100;000, which it was
then thought, would be sufficient
foa buildini the yacht and to de
fray the running expenses till the
close of the contest. This amount
however, was) all expended before
the trial races begun and it was
found. necessary to ansess the mem
bers of the syndicate heavily in or
der to keep the yacht in commis
sion till the close of the interna
tional races. '
I Advertised : Letters.
The following list of letters re
maining in the post office at Ath
ena, Umatilla county Oregon, un-
called for Oct,
for the same
1, 1893. In calling
please say "adver-
Helen C. H. ' '
Benton Al
Cox Mary E.
Courtright F. W.
Kirwin J. II
Matheny C D.
Male Lewis
Michael G. M.
-Minn is L. B.
Miller Theadore
McLavy Chas.
Free Hoarce
TnbW Ida C.
Taylor Maud M.
Craig Geo.
Cawgill Frank
Dorapine Louis
Dorest Aebret
Edginton Levy
Guyette Jos. (2)
Hackman George
King T. 11.
tKt CO
It is Caused by Burglars B I Owing Open
a Safe With Powder.
It was about midnight when He
lix was awakened by the sound of
an explosion a good deal like the
report of an anvil. Not long after
ward R." II. Simpson's store was
discovered to be ablaze, and the
cry of "fire! fire!" startled the ears
of drowsy citizens, who rushed out
of their homes and excitedly sought
for means of combatting the flames.
Simpson's general merchandise
6tore was a seething mass of flames
when the volunteer bucket brigade
arrived on the scene. Although
everybody worked like a hero, it
was soon evident that the building,
with all its contents was doomed
to be destroyed by the fiery demon,
and the efforts of the people were
turned to preventing a general con
flagration. Ihirty leet irom the
Simpson building stood C. F. Ken
nedy s grocery store, the paint on
which was blistering and beginning
to smoke. It was a critical moment,
for all knew that if the building
aught the whole business part of
the town was doomed to destruc
tion. it .was then that every man
seemed to get in the - place where
le could do the most good, and by
superhuman efforts they saved Khe
i Mt ! ii 1 . f
ouuuing. aien carnea Duciceis 01
witter Irom convenient street pud
dies, and John L. Basye bethought
himself of ninety feet of hose Stow
ed away in his cellar, this was
hurriedly brought out, attached to
eter bone s force pump and did
such good service that the building
was saved, v
Through the windows of the
burnt building could be seen the
cause of the misfortune. The door
of the safe had been blown off by
burglars. The safe was wrapped
with blankets to muffle the sound
and the powder blaze had evident-
y set fire to the blankets, It is
not supposed that the thieves in
tended to fare the store, but made
off quickly -after the explosion;
deemiug it unwise to await the re
sult. There" was a general feeling of
sympathy for Mi. Simpson, who,
during the several vyears he has
been in business at Helix estab-
ished himself thoroughly in the
community's respect. His loss is
reported as $10,000 in goods, and
books containing his sole record 01
$10,000 worth of accounts were de
stroyed, so that he will have to de
pend upon the honesty of debtors.
Ha has $G000 insurance.
Elder Scoles in Trouble.
Friday's East Oregonian has the
following to say of Elder Scoles,
the Advent preacher:
William lioesch has a small son,
known as Bismarck. Bismarck
and some other boVs wereamus-
Ing tumselveTTlmtsday ' evening,
by striking stones on the bell
which is used to . announce the
meetings at the Biuce building,
where Elder Scoles, the Advantist
orator,nightly expounds his beliefs
concerning the proper Sabbath day
and the approaching end ot the
world and all its appurtenances.
From what can bo learned ot the
case,Elder Scoles did not approve
of this practice of the boys, and
occasionally darted out of the back
door to drive them away. On this
occasion he came out of the front
door instead, and the fortunate
youngsters who saw him made their
escape. But Bismark was not one
of these. He had been watching
the back door, and was surprised
and taken prisoner, a fate that has
never overtaken the redoubtable
and famous person whose name
he bears.
The frightened captive was haul
ed into the building by the outrag
ed and angry . prophet and there,
it is related, hands were laid upon
him and punishment administered
in that part of a small boy's anat
omy particuarly well adapted for
the purpose. Of course, he did not
suffer in silence, and his outcries
brought reinforcement in the person
of his paternal parent, who rushed
over into the building.
Now "Billy" Roesch is a peacable
man, but the idea of his boy being
spanked by a total stranger, was
more than he felt called upon to
stand. Consequently, he collared
Elder Scoles, "p watted" him a
time or two on the cheek,and ask
ed him how he liked it. The elder's
wife objected- to the distur
bance inside.so Mr. Roesch escorted
Mr. Scoles outside and did the
same thing over again. "Billy"
was angry and used some harsh
words driring 'the' performance
After he had fullv satisfied his
wrath the trouble ceased.
Thus endeththe chapter, and the
storv is told as it was told to the
uiritur Tim hftll lins lftp.n rmnOV-
ed. ' ,
Supposing a Case.
Many people iuat at this tune
think that newspaper men are per
eistent dunners. And, m one
1 sense, they are right; newspaper
men are tireless dunners, because
they have to do. The way of com
paring the business of a newspaper
with other businesses, an exenange
avs: "Let us sunnone a farmer
raises 1.000 bunhels of wheat
year.and sells this to 1,000 persons
in all parts of the country, a great
portion of them say: I will hand
vou a dollar in a short time.' The
farmer does not want to be sma
and says all right. Soon his 1,000
bushels are gone but he has fooled
away his whole crop and its value
to him is due him in his business.
His debtors each owing him one
dollar treat it as a small matter and
think it would not help much.
Continue this kind of business yaar
in and year out as the publisher
does, and how long would he stand
it? A moments thought would
convince anyone that the editor
ha3 good cause for persistant dun
ning." Moscow Democrat.
Wedding Bells.
On Wednesday of this week, oc
curred the event . of the season in
Athena, it being the marriage of
Mr. C.A. Shafcr, of Ping, Wash
ington, andJlIiss Viola Butler, of
this cityr The marriage took
place in the Christian Church,
which was packed to its utmost
capacity with the friends of the
bride. Promptly at 3 o'clock the
carriage containing the bridal
party, which consisted of the bride
and groom, and Mr. and Mrs. I).
II. Johnson, arrived at the church,
and as ; they passed down the
church jishr jthe Athena band in
full uniform played Mendelssohn's
''Wedding March." The ushers
escorted the parties to the altar,
where Dr. I. N. Richardson per
formed the brief ceremony uniting
them as husband and wife. The
bride" was dressed in a beautiful
dress of tan, tastily decorated in
orarge blossoms, while the groom
wore the conventional black bo ap
propriate for such occasions.
After prayer, and music by the
,Hnd, Rev. E. A Leonard, with a
in -vv well chosen remarks, presented
the bride with an elegant silver
tea service as a token of esteem
from the business men of this city,
and Rev. J. B. Daisley in a pleas-,
ant manner presented a beautiful
present from C. W. Hollis and em
ployers, and also one from Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Giliirf, after which the
happy couple received congratula
tions of friends.
i In the evening the Athena band
tendered the happy couple a sere
nade at the residence of Mr. John-
After rendering some excel-
lent music the band boys were in
vited into the house to partake 01
he good things under whkh. the.
table groaned. A serenade was al
so tendered the newly married pair
by the little girls ot the bride s
Sunday school class, who sang sev
eral very pretty aud appropriate
The Press was remembered by a
bountiful supply of wedding cake,"
for which we extend thanks. May
they live long and prospor, is the
wish of their multitude of friends
and the Press.
Why He Told the Truth.
"I suppose," said a visitor to the
Washington State building, "that
those apples are but gooseberries
compared with some of the other
varieties vou raise in your stater
: "No, sir, replied the attendant
those are the biggest apples I ever
saw taken from a tree in Washing
ton." 'And those pears?"
"The biggest that ever came over
the hills or down a pike in Wash-
ngton." ' ' .
. '-And where are you from?"
"Live there?"
"Yes, sir."
"And you are frank enough to
admit that these apples and pears
are the biggest you ever 'saw raised
in Washington?" .
"That's it."
That is a commendable admis
sion, 1 must admit.''
"Well, to tell you the truth,
stranger," confessed the attendent,
'I'm going to move to Uregon next
week." Ex; ,
, ; .
"Scribbler," Again.
In the Country, Sept., 30, '93.
Another rain; another layoll;
drying blankets and scribbling for
nasttime. ,
- - . la
Just a tew crazy rnymes, aoout
the hard times, scarcity of dunes
nrevalence of crimes. The farmers
are in a hole, like a gopher or
mole and they have to pay tol
with a very small roll, for they'ro
in it to their eyes and can t get
out. The merchants are in it too,
that in, they're in a stew, and don't
know what to do; they're about to
go through. They're in it just the
same and don't you forget it. Some
offer to take wheat, . but farmers
say they cheat; they're afraid of
getting beat, and will have to set
tle with DePeatt. I have recently
been told, that someone very hold,
prefers to take gold; but the poor
rancher, growing old. can take
nothing but a cold, m they're not
in It when it comes to taking any
thing.' Some would take old duds,
just any kind of goods if it was'nt
, for using suds; but the Press takes
the cake by offering to take spuds.
Mr. Press, you are strictly "in it"
If some one hits you jn the jaw
with a sack of murphys, you'll v
think "spuds," but it will be more
like "dull thuds." Some ; people
will take bills, while others will ,
rob tills, and a few break into
mills, but the worst man of all is
the man that takes pills. 'Give
him room.- He's a bad: man. If
you think he 'aint in it, you're left
that's all. What will I take, did
you say? A little lemon and sug-
ar no, I'll tell you, I'll take a few
more stitches in my ' old cotton
breeches, while waiting ' for my
riches, which the dirty sons of bis
cuit makers owe ' me.' That's me,
you bet.. It seems a little -unjust,
for the banks to have the dust, and
6till refude to trust, . and let the
merchants bust. , But I guess thats ;
their way of doing business. They
are in a different kind of whole.
Farmers, your wheat will have
to go, to pay the bills you owe, and
save vour credit you know; though
the price is very low. Such is life
in the far west. It's the only way. .
Wheat dealers, attention: Selling -
sacks near eleven, buying wheat at
at thirty-seven, you will never be
forgiven, and you 11 never go to
Heaven, as long as you live. That
is so. It's just that way. Now,
farmers, I don't like to tell'jthat
you all have to sell, but I guess its
just as well. The buyer, brimcto : )
will smell, for he.8 going etraif c
to-Hel-ix to swindle the good peo
ple there. Look out for him. lo
avoid all this trouble, and the
wealth of the county double, why
don't you all pull together, and the
financial crisis weather. Bankers,
merchants and all others, standing
like a band of brothers, with your
shoulders to the wheel, none will
heavily burdened feel; each and all
their portion bearing; for the weak
and weary caring; not forgetful of
sweet charity; for this is the way
to greater prosperity. May you all
live long and prosper.
-, - Youra Truly,
: i! - :- , . ; Scribblek.
j ! At it Once More. ' , .
I The following notice was posted
on the Bection house door, at Mil
ton, last Monday:
Iee..WaUrv Q.SepU 30r'93.- - -J
This Notice. Given to all ye.
Chinaman Employed in and about
Free Water and Milton on the U,
P. R. R. and otherwise, You are
Here By Notifyed To abandon .the
above named Places quietly and
peaceably, Or. you Will Bo Gently
Dealt with.
By Committy, Take Warning.
Signed By order of-Committv. -I.
O. U. W.
P. S. Mr. Foreman, Show No
Leanancy. By Order."
: The author of the above no doubt
intended that the public should bo
led to think that tne notice emina
ted from the Ancient Order United
Workmen, which order, in his ig
norance, he supposes to be a labor
organization, which is, as every in
telligent person knows, a benefic
iary order with principles far a-
bove mobism and rioting,
News of the Peary Expedition.
; A letter from a member of the
Peary expedition has been recoivod
by Morganblatt, 01 Chnstiania.
says: . , ' ' '.
"The Falcon reached Bowdoin
bay, Murchison sound, 5 August 3.
By diligent shooting, 20 tons of
walrus meat for the use of the dogs
during the winter have been secur
ed. A -cache of provisions has -been
established -' the inland ice -for
the use of thd eledge party rn
the journey in the spring." ' XW: '
tenant Pea'ry is going with 5.0 ti
to establish other depot-!, iui.u t,; J
to ; penetrate half way '- in w-. .i;iuu-
pendence bay. Mrs. Peary is en
jo ing fine health and vigor, and
takes part in most of the sporting
trips. Mrs. Peary " will remain for
the present in the house at Bowdo
in bay." ,
, j Deserted Their Child.'
! Mrs. N. J. Hales, .who lives in
one of the Brown houses near the
Union Pacific depot, swore out a
complaint against a couple,: who
called themselves at one time J. J.
Burnett and wife and again J. H.
Hill and wife,'- for deserting their
little boy of four months of nge.
The couple came to tho city a few
days ago and regutercti ,i.t the
Model lodging house a.0. J'Ut
nett and wife They -fci,'! t!i ;n
a day, then went to board wit Jjs
Hales, where they gav$ th T'";
. i tt:ii rpt ..1.. 1'- !
01 11UI. luuiHiiuv yvufi!
gave their landlady ono- doHor U
procure milk for the little boy and
went out and have not returned yet.
The officers learn that they were
soen in Milton, and the supposition
is that they walked to .that, citv,
Walla Walla Statesman. (

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