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Th ywrr iiitMcriptlan to lh Oun It f l.fto,
II said In silrsues. II not pukl la ad ratio. 2
srUl t eUsrfwl. A ptncU mirk around 4ll
otic IndlMMi that jrour subscription hassz
ba. .Plssssnuew yremi uy.
Jtl'SlLl '" 'JELJiJ!ai
Tun Johntoq
vlsltsJ Arlington last
El Dunn wont out to
III lUycrtfk
wwa turn j-, y ; ,
Mrs. J, F. Rilischsr ipent last Ban
U in Foasll.
Mr. ani Mn. Chut, Plnklism cam
ar from Fossil Monday.
Mill Mabel l!alstait returnad from a
viilt to Portland on Tuesday.
L. W, Darling anl Alas Hard lower
at Arlington Dim flnt of tht wk, . -
Tlit hurt market was rathor brisk
for fw uiomanti lat Saturday,
H. N. Fratar I at 6alm and otlior
Valley point! thli wook on bnslnsss.
A. J.ior will harvest and thrash
100 aor of u'mxI whtal till moon.
C. C. W I loon returned from A"torl
Tuesday. Ha aspects to locate here.
Mr. Fitawater, who ha boon qiite III
tor frttn tint li somewhat Improved.
J. II. Fraiir has purchased tho Flu
water property from 8. P. Shutt for 30i).
VllM Morlbort, n( Arlington, ! the
giMt of Misa Birdie tlensliasr thl weak.
Mra. Rice I vlaitlnf her ditiU'r.
Mr. Brick Balding, at Lot Valley thU
Mr. II. 0. Btrlekland w seriously
, III for a (w dsys latt week, but li now
f latter.
t A barn belonging to A. D. 8lark w
' burned In Lot Valley on Wednesday of
latt wk.
Git henna; etondt betokened rain for a
I day or two th dm of tho wk, bat nil
I tlgii for rain full In dry weather. !
W. 8. Myers I cutting 500 cre of
, wheat this aeaion, I! eitlints that
bit crop will average IS bovhelt per aor.
Him Ujr Downing arrived from San
Jot. California, on Monday to vitit br
slstere, Mra. Wright and Mitt Daisy
Downing. ,
A. Uertroan and sons will cut about
.SOOarrec of wheat thlt eratoti wliioli
i they think will go from IS to 49 bushel
to tho ejra.
Mr. Johnton and ton, of Blalnck,
wr In Sowo Saturday to atind the
sheriff's lo( th Oiluior hot) prop
trt In Arlington.
Mil Mary Maddock, her brother
frank and Mi Grace Balding went
over to Mavvllle latt ToortUy to vitlt
Mrs. Paul Urelner,
B. T. Cot, of Arlington, and R. R.
Beed, of Portland, war In town M m
day talking life Insurance to our ci tiaent
from th Kqnitable standpoint.
Any on wishing to trade gooll6 Inrh
wood for a sad J le or harnett thoitld ;all
'at tho Condon IJsmeee chop and In
trviw tht proprietor. J. F. Bvltachtr.
Louit Barker, Jam Cameron, Elgin
Myere and Louis Couture, who art on
their way t with a big band of hep,
faavt reached South Pom City, Wyoming.
Tht town hat been (all of drummers
lately, tht drummer art full of busl
beet, and butlneat it full belter than In
ny oilier atctlun of tht United States.
It will not ba a misdemeanor to kilt
book agiiiU, poet, lightning rod pd
dltr, flu. after (September Itt. For
further Information, tot Oregon Game
Alei tlardia told 1030 head of tpring
lauihtto C. W. Whlto latt week for
$1.05 .per head, Ti-a lamb art all
wether and are to be delivered Suptein
btrzOib. . ' v
Geo, Taylor, of Olei, ha purchased
tht Mayvill hotel from A. J. 8heltm.
It It rep.irtvd that Mr. blielton and A.
W.SharrerJ will build a ntwbottlat
H. R. Ramtay, tht gilt-tdgt botttr
roan of-Mayvlllt pitHtinvt, wat In town
Saturday. H report the wheat crop
flrttraU In hit section. Tlire.hing It lu
progress tlii aeek
Thtrt it liktly to b a house (amine
in Condon Ihil fall. Almost tvery bout
In town It now occupied: and when
School commence thtrt will bt a d
mand for a uuiuber of other.
Fottil It Mlmve a gravity tytttm of
water workt, Tht source of supply It
a large apring on Starr's ranch, t
Billet from tht town, w lili h a recent teal
thowt to flow 67, ft JO gallon ptr day.
Mra. T. O. Johnton drovt down to
Olei Saturday to apend Sunday with her
parent, Mr. and Mr. Bclmtt
Her tiller, who hat been vitltlng her
fortomo time, returned bnmt with her,
Cook Brot. ttarted to handing and
throttling their Immentt wheat crop
yetUrday. After they hava flnithad
beading and tlirehlng their own crop
they will bt prepared to threth for their
Andrew Pattarton write hi partner,
Win. Rxttl. that ha will ttart home
toon after attending John Oytart't wed
ding In Scotland, which wat to takt place
abont tht flitt of Ansntt. John will
'XtC!. ' wn,, 'onH,r w rrt op. Journal
"iirfvVhtn a young lady pint a bouquet on
I " laptl o( a yonng man't coat ahtnt
1 allytorm her head to one tldt and
tlltt np her chin to took at It. Tht
young man who doesn't tumble I to
. alowtttat ht would b run ovtr by a
Wiluara Cornett wat h from Matnty
Flat Taaidiiy. It report a bountiful
barvttt 14 hit ttctlnn and Wheat of gnod
quality. MA.Cornett hat-lived here for
18 veart and thlnkt th 'present it, tbJ
:--": ''r''
yon Honiuy. 11 itl
yon Monday, , lit report tiarvetting In
full twin In that tx-tlon. There will
ht an lnna-ne crop of wheat hareenttd,
nim-h of which ltf firet qnallty. Home
(the apring grain I ellgtuly daniHgvd
but will go In a No. 2. '
A La Grand man vwa adjodited In-
ta'ne and tent to the atyluro the other
lay iMvanteUi drove down 'the ball in
the board tidewalk. If any.cUiien of
lonilori df vliipt ifie taiire kind of ma
nia at hop he will not bt (tntaway
until lie Bo IS ht the Job.
The tpring. (ind wtll In Ihlatertlon
are lower than they wert ever known to
lie at thl eaon. Large quantitle of
waleHhelgghauled from town by the
former for tn ut ol their harvesting
and threehtng crew, ' on team (rom
Ulem taking out a load 8onday tvening.
'liert't to tht kicker, tht treacheron
kicker, tht kloktr who never I true;
who alwaytit crying and never It try
n g. fini good for hi own town to do.
No lit to correct him, nor, nxed yon fi
ned hlol, to go to tht front like a man ;
while other huHle, he'll tit down and
ruttl objection to every plan."
Bill Llvingiipn aivl ' Aagovt Ander-
on are having a iinghtv interetung
time tlilttumniertliiktugfe.il. fttepheic
ton' well," Thty liavt already worked
their way through 16 or 18 fet of the
hardrtt rock to . be found In huttorri
Oregon, and tht only water yet found I
what they carry down In a bucket.
A few hundred dollar eipended h
he town In protpectliig for artetlan
water would be money well expended.
(fa good flow could bo (truck here It
would be of incalculable benefit, not
only to the town, but to the entire com
munity, and no ona will aver know
whether or not It can bt cure until a
teiit I made. ,
Howard Tobey and Bob Pattlton re
turned from a wood cutting trip to the
monutaint above Lont R a:k latt Tluire-
lay. They only Intended to cut four
mirdt of wood, but they report that
when they once got warmed up their
let gut to flying to forlornly fattthat
hefor they could atop them they had
ten cordtchoppml, tplit and corded up.
Jemee Sniiie and family etine out
from Tht Dallet Saturday, and will
pend a week or two rottii-atlng at their
attle ranch, 1'J oil let toutheatt of here.
Tht weather at The Dallea hat been
linoat onbearabla lately, and they will
no doubt enjoy the cxjllog breete of
Gilliam county to tht otmott. Mr.
bnipet lay the John Day river I lower
than he ever taw It before.
Th Cotmopolitan magHtlnt, for Aug-
lit, ha an excellent llluttratod article.
entitled, "To th Summit of Mt. flood,:
hy M. Katherint Lx ke. Tlit ariii-le
come a near doing Oregon' grand old
mountain JoKlr a n and camera can
loaftM- a pereonal viait by tho wrncr lo
the mountain' crett. Th Coiunipoli-
n I a high grade inagaaine, puhlithed
at tht puputar prii-e of 1 00 er year.
fj gjp- -f
Arlington Saloon Sold.
Th Arlington Sloon changed hand
mTueeilay, O. W. Birr, th former
proprietor, having told and conveyed
lilt out I re right, title and iuterett In the
real aetata, building, Kir, ttock, flituret,
good wUI, etc., to. Jean Lebout. Tn
new proprietor I well known hero, Iihv-
ng hecn a reddeitt oi mi H'ctiou hit
yeart. lie hat many ineiioa woo win
lunk on Jtan a ao Itoimt detler and
a tquart man, and aa inch be ihould be
niufeiaful in bi new venture.
Mr, llarr will take a needed vacation
n the uiouniaint until the hot weather
tutuldet. when ht will turu hit alien
tiou to ranching In tht Ferry Canyon
Counoll Meeting.
Atpccial meeting of the city council
wat held on Tuetday evening of left
week for tht pur poo of receiving th
report of the water workt committee.
flit 'committee iu built led a letter lately
received from H. Orchard, who 1 at
preient patting In a water tytteni at
Kendrii'k, Idaho. Mr. Orchard mad
nnuieroo Inquirie In regard to what
I wauled bent with a view to putting
in a private tyatvm, and the council,
aftrdicuting tht proposition, decided
io end for Mr. Orchard to coma hart at
out and give them tht benefit of hit
eiperieni-t In tht buiineit, befort golug
any funhtr into tht proportion.
Minus A Watch.
J. . Downer 4vat tiiwtown Salut'Jay
from hi place at the bead of Sisuiile.
II report tht lot of a (33, filled cat
watch, which wat taken from hi hunt
on Friday. A man who had been work
ing for him for a few day through hay
ing, left tht Mini tvening tht watch
wat ttolen, and Mr. Downer It- of tht
opinion that ht took tht watch. Tht
fellow wa a vtranger and had been at
work on the railroad, near Ulalock, be
for commencing work for Mr. Downer.
' Teachers' Examination. ,
Tho lamination of teacher I In
progratt tbla wtek, having commence!
vetlerday afternoon. Tht work will not
bt completed until tomorrow tvening,
Hon. W. W. Kennedy, tchool tuperln
tendent of thl county, I In charge of
th et amtnation and i ably ataUted In
the work by Mine Cook and Hal
itd, Thtrt art alt applicant for cer
tiflcatei preiant.
When ths Boys Com Horns.
Th girl it u den tt of a tchool back In
Mittourl recently tent th following linet
to torn of tht boy tuidenti among th
troop at Chick inangas '
Fart yt wall, Intrepid haroet,
. Hattt to war with Its alarmt;
You'll return to And nt thtroet,
. Waiting htrt with yawning armt;
, If tha Spaniard do not plug you
, .v'lfflhe' tangulnary flght, , .,.
. ,stn haik and we will huRfoo,
' In wild apaiutt of (leTibv Ca .
Prof. J. E. Adam, of Pendleton. I
her and ha atiblied for tht fall term
of K'hool.
Harvettlng I In (nil Watt In thete
parte, and the a-raln I inoch better than
the farmere lnied fur.
Dud An ir. ft. 1800. the infant ton of
L. A. toi'L)uiel. The interment took
piece Saturday in the 1, O. O. V. ceme
Rev. Lamar, onr newly appointed
mlnUter. who will be onr pattor for tlit
neat year, arrived Tuetday evening with
it iHiuny.
Mint Nettle Andereon, of Walaoiiville,
California, arrived here laat Friday t
lull Iter titter, Mr, fclla Kinebart
nd Mr. McGilvray,
Rev. Ballev It holding protracted meet
ing here, and iiimiv coivertioni hae
Iwen made, there being ome 16 having
takeu up the i-rot to follow Cbrttt.
Ira Reed moved hit family to Hay-
Hack a few dayt ago.
R. K. Searvy wat In onr bnre the flrtt
of th week. He wat wanting to buy
omw work mole.
Latt Monday Mr. Sproolt eold her
loa n reddence to P. L. Ham. Th con-
tlderatlon wat 300.
Andv Stironl ha old hi blacksmith
ihop to T. J. Andrcwt. Mr. Spronln
at rented a l-irm anil iruit rancn over
in the Hayttark country and wilt move
to th new location at once.
On account of the nnntually warm
eather, fur the patt week, leveral of
onr people have lieen on the lick lint;
Dill at are pleaxel to note that the
weather ha tnrned aomewhat cooler.
Dell Ward, ton of Morgan Ward, went
to one of the Portland boepital a few
ay ago to have hi lniolder operated
pon, ae It wai d It located abont tit
evk ago auu lit taen ont oi place
eVertinu. Hit aunt, Mr. Otrriton,
accompanid him. '
Th popnlation of onr locality wat
Ini-reated within tht latt few day a
illow: Born, to the wife of Mr. Geo.
Wrlifht. a dmehter; born, to the
lie of Mr. Geo. fehield. a daovhler.
All pa'tift cmi'ernrd art reported a
t'omfuriabl and happy.
Hotl hotter I hottest!
Mr. II. D. Launder, a
piano tuner,
wa In Clem last Friday.
Preaching neat Snuday'at the Wetter
tchool house. Everybody invited.
P. II. Stephenson, of Condon, patted
through town latt week en route to
Mr. Arthur Sharrard, of Arlington,
tited tht family of Geo, Chamberlain
latt week.
Mer. Cos and Reed, the former of
Arlington, and tht latter of Portland,
ere guetta at Clem Sunday.
Mis Bertha Hill, who ha been teach-
in school in the Wester district, will
eio her school Friday, Aug. 12.
Messrs. Seihel and Shroeder, of Mi-
nrl, arrived in Clem latt Friday. The
latter it a cousin of Chaa. Ohereilet.
MIm Nettie Anderson wat a pattenger
1 the south-b-mod stem Thursday.
She will visit her sister, Mr. Rine
hart, and Mr. McGilvray, at Mayvilla.
Here of late, Mr. Geo. Crnin spends
most of hi Sunday evening tinging
sweet melodie to a charming young
lassie. The latter would not wish tht
to be known.
Mr. Jarae 8 nine and family. f The
Dalle, paused through Clem last week
n their way to their old home near
Condon. They will rusticate there for
boot two week.
Last week there wa great excite
ment in thi hnrg. Mr. David Bowman
surrounded large porcupine In a btnfh
He. Within a lew moment a crown
had Bothered, and. after deoperat ef
fort, Davey tinallv secured a death grip
in the poor annual's tall, lie was soon
raxed, and at Davev doetn't like these
pliieuthton with th pin iltu-k In the
rong wae," ht theared him, Thi
beautiful creature it now on ttbl
bilion In the Clem park.
Applet at Olei to trade lor wheat (or
hog feed.
Gen. Chamberlain la repairing hit
inresiung ontot at uiei.
Mr. and Mr. T. G. Johnson, of Con'
on, were sojourning at Ulec latt week,
A gasoline enaine will be put in the
Uruui mill, t his will give cheap power,
A "prairie schooner" arrived at Olei
last Monday with a cargo of choice, Fos
sil nonr.
Conrad Schott and Chas. Martin are
gathering a carload of horse (or the
Two nephew of Mr. Conrad Schott
arrived from St. Lou I latt week to re
main permanently.
A until riot among a heading crew in
thia vicinity last week retulted in
pcdettiian taking to th road.
Coyote art getting thick aeain. The
sheepmen aud Gilliam county should
offer a bounty for their eitermination
Thoa. 6olvester ha a large, round
water tank with a dredger pump attach
ed, furnishing water for Geo, Stnith'a
ilea 111 thresher.
Mr. B. F. Yannet I tearing ont tha
old machinery from the Crum mill thla
week. Tht new machinery win arrive
in about a month.
Rev. Brown it tlill unable1 to returns
hit engagements, and Mn. Brown took
hi place in the pulpit Sunday, preach1
ing a very interesting sermon.
Th thermometer ha been 105 in
tha (had at Olea for severa'l "days, am
the ticesstvt heat ha knocked out
ureal many harvest hand. A sood
number of new men can now get Job it
iny come to uiei.
Mr. C. M. Green, representing Hoff
man. Kothchlld A Co., of San rancico,
the leaning clothert of the racilic coaet
was exhibition hi mammoth ttock of
tamplet at Olei latt Monday. Aa these
large house do not lend their 4-horse
loadt to every town, it la a credit
Olei to bt visited hy them, and thowt
that there it trade enough In Olei to
jitttify tht largett houses showing their
The weather bat been very Warm (or
tha latt week.
Several Arlington people areatBing-
am springs lor a ahort outing thla week
Wool hat begun to move, at nominal
prices, soma being aold at The Dallet
at 12 and 14 cent.
Lord A Co. will toon move the build
Inff between theirs and the bank build
ing and build, a cotrngaU'd iroa VuilU'
tug in it eted.
A rrty of eight etaru-d from here laat
Momiay for a mouth' online over nmr
Mt. Adam. Thty went well prare'l
to have a food time. Squirt bi
iptnirf of the crowd.
(Mvrge Miller I having a gla fmn'
pnt in th old Coffin A Mi-Pariand hnil.l
tnc and remoleling the tmihling In gi-i
eral. He will move hintock of grocerie
Into it in a abort time.
' There 1 talk of a new hotel being
built here bv a man from Mayvillc. It
I lo he a 6 J-room house anil to stand on
the ground occupied by the old Ujdton
ham. Let tht good work go on. Ar
lington it one of the (iibetantial town
of Kattern Oregon.
Robert Seal had a narrow etcape
from being killed latt week. He wa
riding on a large load of bay, drawn hy
four horne, and when he marled down
the grade went of town til brake pole
gave way, and the team vtarted on the
run down tht bill, which I funr mi leu
long. He kept them on tht grade nntil
near the foot of the hill, when The load
and rack Uset, carrying Mr. K-alt
with it. The team ran on down Main
l rental far a the bank, where they
brought up agaiimt tht bank and hade
Dr. J. J. tlogan, tf Condon, wa vltit
ing our potumter in Lost Valley thlt
week. , A
Mrs. Mattlt Neel, of Lont R'x-k, i on
a vieit to her parent, Mr. and Mm. Wiu.
Davit, of Thirty mile. - 4
Mr. L. Toller and family, late from
the Bound, have located on a quarter
tection of government land Millet
ronth from the poctofffct.' Mr. Toller
alto looked ont placet for eeveral other
lamiuea wno will locale tn nil vicinity
a soon a they can get bere from the
Sound and the East.
Latt Thortday Mr. A mo Slack, of
thlt place, bad the uiitfortune to have
hi barn and content therein burned.
wo eta of barne, one new teed drill
nd roller combined and 7 ton of hay
were lott. Mr. black wa away from
home at the time, and the only help Mr.
Slack had wa Mr. Chat. White, of
Thirty-mile. They tucceeded In getting
hora out of tha barn, alto a wagon
1 .L- .l.j u..l.. .1. - ,. . J
iruiu (iiv aoi-ti, iciorv wtm um uivvv.nfB, n. m. tie names as wiiniie
them back. There wa no Inturanc on
either tht barn or tht content.
Z. F. Moody's
Brick Warehouse,
Prepared to Handle Con
signments of Wool This
Year, as Before, at
. .
Arlington and The Dalles.
Your Interests are Ours.
Your Business Entrusted to Our Care Will
Receive the Most Careful
4 -
la Busy Getting in Supplies for His Customers. He Carries a
Full SuddIv of
Hardware, Builder's Material,
Furniture, Paints and Oil, Glass and Crockery,
Stoves, Picture Fraires. Fiehing Tackle,
Bedding. Canned Goods. Ammunition. -
, Undertaking Goods.
Ha will make yoa bot prices on Bnlldina-Material, Barbed Wire Etc.
Call aud oeeliitn w lien yoo come to the county teat.
Interest charged on acc'ta alter 40 dayt.
T. Q. Earhart,
Sii rri tn it Sa loon,
Uir;es, Ijquors apd Qars. .
Fine Wines. Liquors and Choice Cigars.
Billiard " aijd pool Sables.
First-class Goods Our Pride.
Fresh, Cool, Milwaukee Keg Beer On Draught
Main St., . Condon, Oregon.
pDc' jofrpriri"
Verv .warm, the themiometef -ttand-i
ng at 104 at ft p. m. Tuesday. ; ' -'
Rancher on Botte creek are almost
lout harvesting, and .will commence
lirehing tha latt of tht week,
Hon. Chaa. Hilton left Fottil Tuesday
morning by etiige for Arlington, wheie
he took the train (or Clatsop beach,
to join hi family. ,
W, 8. Thompson, Frank and George
Knoi and J. U. Boweo, with their fam
ilies, ttarted yesterday for npper Det
chute for a few week' outing.
Died Friday. Aug. 6. 181)8, at Wag
ner, Urant county, Mr. Robert Cartner..
She died very euddenly alter only a
few minute of severe tuflering from
Mark Enyart't 3-year-old ton hat been
inffering with appendicitia the patt
week, hot Drt. Shaw think now they
will not have to perform a tnricical oper
ation, at (he child it modh Improved.
On the 7th intt. Z. T. Kejrt, of Mitch
ell, delivered to W. S. Thompson, of
Foeail, 99 head of very tint itock cattle.
Mr. Thompson bonght them for breed
ing purpose, and will keep them on hit
large ranch near town.
rSmith Blediioe, of Botte creek, who I
, year old, cut 10 acre of good grain
thi seasoo with the old fashioned cra
dle; aliio shocked and slacked it, and
says if the thresher doesn't "git tiiar"
on time bt will thresh it by band. Can
anyone (aire considered) beat it 7 Mr.
Bledsoe claims the belt.
Lite anil Pnbllo ttenrlcen," bjrThos. W .
Handlord. A wonderful Mury of a glorious ca
reer. Orer WAI Urge, nullum pas. 10 auperrj.
rare eniirariiiK.. Hlihm, Mk, Iku and only
endorsed '(.Urf.Uine book" publlnbed. Only
ll.Mi. Comtni.nloii, 60 Per cent, credit siren.
KnlKht paid. Outfit free. Imp sll trub mid
clexr tmo a month with the only true and tooil
t.l lOiume book." Address THE
CiiMrAA 1. Dept. 36, ViLZ iiesTboru street,
Chicago. JSK28
Timber Culture, Final Proof.
LixnOrnci itThs Oallbs, Ob Jnljr 11, '9.
Notice la hereby given that James E. Downer,
heir ol James 8. Downer, dec., baa filed notice ol
Intention to mke Hnnl proof before 11. S. Fiaxer,
county clerk, at bis office in Coudon, Or., on
Thursday," Aug-ust 25, 1898,
on Umber culture application No. M19, (or the
- --.'-""..- " - ' " r
8. A
Tbomiwon. J. V. ficrivner. J. A
H. r. Downer, sll ol Condon, Oregon.
J a: r. Moost, Register.
Arlington Agent.
Granite and Tinware,
8. V. Moor
at tr;GClCQBt' Office.
Saddler m Harnessmaker
rrlee a Complete and
r Artd everything-usually found
In a f Irst-clasa harness shop. t.
In the) building on tho corner, opposite Barker's etor.
We have added a Jewelry Department to oar
lock of General Merchandise and W. L. To- '
bey, who is a strictly (irst-clasa watch-maker,
i prepared to do all kinds of watch and
jewelry repairing, at Portland pricca, and
guaranty satisfaction. .
Gent's Clothing,
Mitchell Wagons and
Cheap. Call and
... , PROPRIETOR n" -
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
Large Sew Barn on
' Conclon, -
f " cnisoES very aaaeoM Abu.
First-class Rigs Always on Hand at Very Reasonable Kates
A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited. "
Condon Hotel,
Mrs. S A; Maddock
Table Supplied With
P. Iv.
General Merchandise
Are better ptepared than ever to supply the wants of thair
Their trade is constantly increasing and their stock ha in
creased with the trade.
You are welcome to examine their stock and get prices at a y
At the : .;( Dealers in South of
Old Stand,
(General Merchandise.)
5 " nvxt ra im
I offer a complete stock of fine "urfaccd Iiumber. consistina; i
flooring, coiling, rui.tic ehjplap'and all kinds o( -gngh JLnm- J
- ber. Careful art'entttii'Vn 'to billa of apecial BjitSjmi;
LOST VALLEY, - - - - - OP.HCC" .
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Well-eelected Stook of" i
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Boots and Shoes
Neckwear, Etc.
All Kinfcs of Vehicles?
see for yourselves. ,
North Main Street,
- Oregon.
the Best in the Market
Condon Hotel.
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