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Condon globe. (Condon, Gilliam Co., Or.) 189?-1919, September 15, 1898, Image 3

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The rmrtr attbaarlptlon to tti. dir la t I.OO,
II paid In itik), If not fmtd In ailvauca (2
will b. ehargail. A oiicll murk nrjiiml (lilt
notlc liirtlrmit (hut yum utUcriptlon Ufi
plrwl, I'lrami reuior promt Uy.
Mr. MtKl'lot'k, nnii drniyliti-r Mttptrl-.
n-lurnmi Irout tlifir .nak'ru trip yemer
diiy. J. F. llilimultHr rotural (rout rortlun l
FousiD Pair nf apwUule. Owner
can mtuvur .nine by clliitf nt thla olHtw.
D. 8. Brown will mnvo li tnwn Out.
lit. tit tin routed ttt J. W. Dluk
Ft Hkpllev repnrtt lit. whrnt in I
ylolilitU 10 Unhid pr ura ami ol Am
' The Mwlilwik h'til It lielrw rp.prH
ml rtMi'ivntti'1 ihriiiiKliuut. lii'O, Fltttuh
r It doing tint work.
L. W. Darling iowmI 61 "f wticnl
lK tmk. Thin il th rlr.t sewllng u(
tb M)Mm in tlilt section.
Churlrt lUtniwtt, of llppnr, m
lire Uxt fwk dt-llverlna ploturn fur
tti C'hli'M" 1'itrlrHit Coiiimny,
A tnitrrUtf licetiw wm liMntod ymttr
d.jr to Duvtd II. i'lillllr.. and Mary
Crow try, Ixiih ol Tr.ll Fork preoiml.
J. M. Brown, prominent tltrepmiin,
of tlir KK;k o('tl'iii, wmi In town
'fufli luy un hit wy Ijoiih from Arlin,
ton. Ml D r Diwnintt wunt down to
Clem, Tui'ly' Ihi, to vllt hr
friend Mi Crrle Duiueiuun, of thitt
L, W. Dirllng hat tol l t J w. SnlpM
30 nor, of Irtnd 1.1 Dirllng; o.nvon.
Trull Fork prftcln!l, til ooliidertl in
Burn June, of Frr (jH'.vnn, ami In
town Mondav on bmlni' connt'cit"!
with aan(t tin UU-d on pine ul
I ml In that wullori.
II. T. Booth, the httndnnin ynnrtg
roprfauWtiv of the Maiwiiiliniwtia
Mntiml LH Ii)urnn' 0., arrived In
town Usl Friday evening.
The cer.monv of ha pliant by limn-r-Ion
wa administer! to M't. W L.
Wilnoa bv ttv. 0. P. IUIIy at the
creek with of town Ut 8'indav.
Horbort Hlmad nl C'",n( ll vl-B-,
"I lMt Vullfy. niin il'iwn M rirv
mi'l Ulfl tlMionuml nirit bfr U. S.
Cominlmlonvr, li. B. Ilemirrcki.
W. N. Brown drov bund of Htit
200 brad of emtio through town Tor
Jn rn route to Arlington, fruoi w In ore
they will be ltlpMxl t Nvltriuika.
Karhurt A Moore have had lh well
in Iront of tlii'lr properly on Mln atrwl
cluano I out an I wkIIm-I. an I thoy now
havn ono of the lxat wolla In t-iwn.
Mix Uirdie llenihaw left thl mom
ing I'T Portland htr li to Uk
op (lie t'ulr if mnlo fr ibe rnanlng
jaar. lior mother an-on-panlwl bar
Judge Mariner and Commissioner
Iver auttnd np the roontr court bnai
na HainwluT nmili, and Imth gentlemen
left for their inma the aaine evening
The fonnty well, at Clem. ba been
deefiened altool 10 feet and the flow of
wUr It increllni. The work will lie
contlnuml to lon nt the amount of water
continue t Int-reane.
8. Slater and family, of Hewher Flat,
will imivii to Condon tlilt fall. Titer
wlllowcipv the property where K-V.
Bnrr now reile, it having tieen por
cbated by Mrt, Slater lat epHng.
We undorttand that Ryl Palmer will
not return to Oon hvin told hi
barber hp and lltiuret to bit brother,
Frank Palmer, of-Portland. 8yl will
eek another location eltna-liMre,
Mr. and Mrt. II. 8. Tohey arrived
tinota from Portland SunUv evening
nnd are quartered lor the preterit at
ttiilthtrf h itl. Tl will prohthlv
make Comlon their home In the future.
Amni.it eVekaom. who hat been thretli-
Ing at Pat tfkxllev'a fU'-e, bad the ml
fortune to break down hie machine lae'
Kriilnv wblrh neietalttletl A thotdown
nf a few ilayt while be tent to Portland
for repeirt.
V. A. Dirllng hat rented a rom on
tn atreet which he hat fitted np and
tiM'ked with a wmplete aiM'irtment of
wall natxtr. lie hat the latent patlemt
and bit pricet are juat what you have
been looking for.
Frank Pliter, one of Ollltam oinnly'
imnolar cntmnittionera. returned Ualur-
dav from a length? vlalt with reUtlvet
... ... I I L ... I ttl.L. ....
nil Irlendt at Ota oin noma in mu-oivnu.
Mr. Pliter reportt timet gooil In the
Eatt, and be barkt np the attenlon hv
hit own appearance. He baa gained 15
poondt In weight tince leaving Oregon.
Contlderable 'moving" bat been in
irogrea the pant week. 6. A. Pattiton
tnovel from the Mrt. Brown hone into
V. A. Darllng't lumtej E lgar Moore,
from the Blake property Into the Mrt
Brown bonne, and Frank Palmer, from
the llxnthaw houan into the honae va
cated hv Mr. Moore, which properly Mr.
Palmer' hat recently purchased.
Harrv Elmer, wa brought np from
Arlington, on Toendav, and lodged In
Jail In defMiilt of 128 fine Imposed hv
Justice Ehl't court, for the theft
of n taddla from Ueorge Myert. The
cte wat one of those In which tale
nnd partial patment had been made and
It it likely that Elmer It more a victim
ol elrcumatanoot than a wilful thief.
Dr. Bonhunt, the lamon Onllet den
ttat. a ordinate of ChicailO Duolal Col
lege, will ho In Condon In the nnar fut
ure. Dr. Bonham paid Condon a pro
feitlonil vlalt Ian tpriog and hat the
renntatinn of lielna the nmat tkilled
' dentlat that aver flatted Condon. The
will imkt reifitUr vIhIk to Con
don, and lhn dealring the tervlcet of
thoroughly reliable aeitliti mount
wait for him. , if
In the ruth and hurry of getting a
vitam of water workt In operation
betidet looking after the big fall trade
that Condon il bmnd to have, we mU't
not foriret About the rilngv condition f
our Dublin ttihool room. In which per
hapt future preldent, Or prealdentett,
It receiving the rnditnentt of their edii
eat Ion. Thote rooint ahonld be painted
and hrlmhtened no. and we lielieve the
ladietof Condon a III yet take hold nf
the nvitter and devlie wayt and uiranf
for doing to.
Si hool clotet at Cletu toworrow.
Mr. an I Mr. Win. Hut ley patted
through Clem Monday on their way to
We undentand that there will he a
avhool alerted in the Wealer diatrict in
abort time.
J. W. Blako'e Umlly pntaed tbrnngh
tJlem Mondny on their way to The
Dili let, a here, we andorataml, they are
to retldo,
Mlaa Duity iwn!ngt who It teaebitiir
Hi'hool at Kigali, ii nd Miet Carrie Dunne
man, of Cli'io, hpent bunday with frienilt
at The Dallet.
P. L. Cnoroy and family have re
turned from tin tr inminer home in the
union toliie iiml etpect to toon go to The
Dallet on ai'i'ount ol the tvhu(l privi
lege there.
Mint (!arrie Danneman and Mm. Har
ry ladd eipttct to start Friday fur Port
land, where thuy will rpend a lew dayt
with Irlendt In-fore going on to the O.
A. C. at CorVHllln. Mrt. Dniilieinitn ami
touugeat dauuliter will leave for that
place fow dayt later.
John M. Brown mail a Hying trip to
Arlington tSimdiiy night.
The photograph gallery will be moved
over to Wagner tliit week,
The weather hat been quite pleaaant
for a few dayt, but it it tiill very dry
and grant and water la evarce.
There are atlll a few case of ticknett
about the place, Juaae OotT and Bert
Caton lie I ii g among the unfortunatvt.
Mrt, P, L. Ham, and her two children,
ei pert to atari next week to visit hr
pun-in, and other relatl vea, at her old
home at Jamesort, Iiu'Imii. They ex
Mct Ui be abaeni about taotnontha, .
Home of the boyt were over from the
Kightioile country Suodsy and n-pirt
mat war wat declared and a Kit tin en
giigtul in among the nativet of that lo
cality Miiturduv or Hull lay, but no hide
and leil itttlo blood wat lost in toe fra
Our echoo! ciiitmniiced latt Monday
uoriiing. The remonitrance regarding
cIiimI liutluett teemt to have U-en ti-l
atide. It will not be many monthi nn
til It will he necessary to vote a las t"
iitalotaiit our ttdim)! and there it but lit
tle doubt that the tat will also bv ai-t
aside. .
Kov. Iliff, of Portland, Wat In our
hurg last f- nidnv and dedicated the new
d. E. church at thit place. The build
ing wat coiiiplcu-d Haturdav by potting
np the fine new hell. Till one of the
tlin-st clm-chea n this county and cost
12 K) iiimplete and wat dedicated free
ol debt, which it a good point to reoieui-
la-r. The carpouter work, which wa
lone by W, A. Goodwin, it a onKe of
iii-aliie and wi-rsinanship. Alsmt 25't
people were present to witnest the dedl-
at ion ceremony and to listen to the
hiilliant and instructive sermon deliver
ed by Dr. ill!!.
wat doing
bueinett in
Fred Tobrv
Olei hint week.
Mrt. U. W. Chamberlain bat gone to
the Valley on a visit.
J. M. Ward ha purchased an engine
for bit new teparator.
Rev. Nervals will bold mlision at B.
F. Kvliy't on the 16ib intl.
C. II U c wat over in Washington
lmt week retting up a ihrether,
IMinor Wheeler 1 1 now immagor ol
the Chamberlain & MailanihliQ outiit,
It hat not yet been anoonnced what
oini-ilcr wat appoiutud for Arlington
and Ule.
lUrry tj nihil, who enlisted to go to
Manila', ItotTon a furlough an I it visit
ing bit family at Olui tint week.
Cardt were received lat Sunday at
Olea by the many friend t( Mr. and
Mrt. II. 8. Tola-y, announcing their
ciarriage al Oregon City on the 3 I lust.
We wimIi them the omul amount ul
prosperity and happlnest. .
Louner Ualston, Jr., ttarteil to tch-wl
last MoihUv on Sliouler Flat. Quite a
niimls-r td the yoiiugters were there
ii in I M'slu-d teveral hour, but Harry
Si rick la ml, their teacher, not putting in
hit appearance, lliev dipercd, Some
say Harry it at The Illet and It tick,
tint we have heard nothing Authentic,
The s'ck of Diet are cotivalesceiil.
All of Mr. Cm hi' folk are ttill verv
ick, but it it thontrht that, with careful
nuralotf. tliev will all pull through
Mrt. T. U. Woodland lis had a relapse,
and hope for hnr recovery I iriven up.
hut at long a there it life there is hoiie
and li'T ii i ii n v inenot earnestly prr.y lor
her recovery.
Circuit Court Docket
tlept. term, '03.
J W Smith vt II C Myert Jamet M
John, ally for plff, and J Si Brown for
J W Smith vt U H Mcrrlll-Gurley A
Dobwit, attya for pill'.
W L EliwiHid vt J W Manure A F M
Villi tig litirlcy A Dobyns, attye lor jdtf,
ColTio I'-ros. vt A J & M C Ci'hrn
ijorley A Dnbytis, attyt for plH, and
J M John, and it It & il U Hendricks,
attyt lor dell.
J A Richmond vt Oeo. Ttloni, J. P.,
and Chas. JNi-Ihiii review W li Wil
ton atty for pitf.
Li) Kulston vs 8 A V Ourlev an I Ueo
Miller W II Wllti try for pill, ami
i i ii r Icy & Dobyut, attyt for deft.
'II F Mcmll vt J K Fitwattr-Elllt
Phelps, and W 11 Wilson, attyt for plir,
and li Hit ii B Hendricks, aityt .for
I, C Edwards vt Alonio Moore W H
Wilson for pltf.
J W Smith v E B Frum Gorley &
Dulo iis for pltf.
Uurley & D ibynt v 55 F Moody Uur-l-y
A Dobynt for pIlT.
W II Wood vt E B From Uurley &
Dobynt fur pltr.
O N Denny vt A J Cochran, Gorier &
Dobynt for plff, and J M Johnt for deft.
O N Denny vs J W Uilmore et al, tlor
ley A Dob) nt for plff.
Arlington Nat'l Hank vt 8 D Smith
el al, Hurley A Dubyna for plff.
Lombard Liquidation Co, vt Po
Cattin. W H WnsonTbr pie.
Pteiwer A Carpenter vt Cbloev Mor
ritet al, ii ti A ti B Hendricks for plff
R C Robinson vt the Arlington Water
Co., W ti Wilson for plff.
T J Jordan vt E F Jordan divorce
L W Darling for plff.
(. Ilardie vs D.ivld Ppnnlding et al.
A H Benoett and li 11 llendricka for
Iff. and llnntiiiKton A Wilton and L W
.tiling for defi, .
Arlington Nat'l Bank vt J A Thomas
et al, Uurley A Dobynt for plff.
Nancy E Yarhroiigh vt A J Yarbrongh
-divor.e-ll 11 A li B llvndrlckt for
Oregon Mori. Co. vt Emma Cole et al.
Jayne A Michel! for pill'.
Francit II Jeffera vt Geo. B Kintlley
et al, tiurlev A Dobynt for plff.
ASmythevt C II Morrison et oi.
Gui Icy A Dobynt for plff.
JesteOand Frank l-wlt vt Joseph
Frizxell, adio, W II Wilson for plff, and
I li fc ii B lieudrifkt for drlt.
8 8 Dement v Ella J D-Mnent divorce
il li A ll B ili-oerickt (or plff, and
W li Wilson for deft.
Jennie (! Grnhlie vt llnrrv Grulilie
livorct il il A li B llemlrickt for plff.
T J Smith Vt II P Steert et al. I) II A
i B Heodrickt fur piff, and W ii Wil-
on for dclt.
ColTlii Bros, et al vt W A Tetteruian
et al, Uurley A Dobynt for plff.
0 N Dennv v Martin Smith et al.
Uurley A Dobynt for plff.
8 O Hawton vt S D Smith, Gnrley A
Dobynt for plff. -
BaDtlat Churoh Orsanlzed.
An orgitnlintlon of Hnnti-t w effift
ed In Armorv hall on lust ftondav even
ing ti A result of the terlet of meetings
which hav recently ten next in mm
hnitdlnabv Re. C. P. Ballev. Rev
Lamar. Dtator of the Mavville and Fot
til ohnruhei. Acted at Moderator of the
msetlnif. and Mr. BlihoD Acted at clerk
The new oonurtiiaMon ttartt nut with
butaamall mamberthlp, but they are
mud with faith in the fntnra and ex
poet to tee their number inn trl nil v In
creased within the next year. They
hope to toon aeenre the tervlrei of a
regular pjstor, ilo to bnlld church,
After the o'Ktiiir.fltlon Wittcinplnw l
Rnv. liley prnticlitd a eermon, which
CkMai h.l rtoy o( ttiw" rl th
Harry llalstead returned tlilt
roin a wok t toi mrn in toe
Rondo valley.
Win. Rottle returned this week from
Hennner. where be had been delivering
a lianil ol tliecp lor aiiipiueni.
Chat. Mote got bit dip vat finished
last week and dipped 240 head of bucks
that bad been in bit care for the turn
Mr. C. A. Danneman. of Clem, tb
week brought op a bunch of choice llioi-
utfhiireil ilerelord cattle to Mr. Chat
Motor for fall pasturing.
Mr. Frank Cone finished Hacking bit
grain on the Jot. IriMcll place, thit
week. He now hat seven larue ttackt
if bound barley and wheat ready for the
Some choice bucks went through hero
the ttib Inst. They were from the Chat.
Cunningham ehwp ranch, 10 ml lea
aouthca't of iteppuer, their destination
being fossil,
A report seems to have been circulated
tin nig the farmera In the southern part
of the county that teamster could not
procure water for their stock In Condon,
hlleon Hit roml. mere it antointeiy
no foundation for tnch A rumor, and hat
not been at anv time thit season, to far
at we have been able to learn. Although
water hat been nntltil'tlly ten rue thit
summer In Condon, At It hat til over
Eiistern Oregtn, th"re h it alat Deen
a tnfflcienev for man and beast.
Permant-ntly Cured by Msrvelou
Hw Form of Treatrnwnt Never
Before Offered to Afflict
ed Womanhood.
Dr. Grant, the Woman'i Friend.
If yon are Suffering from any of the
Diseases iieculiar to your set inch ns
OvsriHii and Tumors of the womb, Pro
lapsnt or fulling of the womb, Female
Weakness, Irregularities, Leocorrlxeii uc
Whites, Painful or DitHcult Menses, In-1
flsmation of tlm Womb, Congestion,
Ulceration, Weak BiH'k, Bearing down
Pain, Tired and Prostrated Feeling,
Sterility or Barrenness ;Wekness, in the
morning, Paint and Achet, all Disease
of the Uenitoorinary orgnna The Rem
edy nsed In the treatment of thit class
of Diseases it of A Purely Vegetable
Nature; will not injure the uinstileli
eate person, but will ttrengthen the
entire Uterine System to that a Perfect
and healthy action it restored, thereby
correcting all existing trouble!, restor
ing completely the most shattered and
broken-down constitnthint, and bring
ing back that Health, Strength and
Beauty which every woman thoiild
possest. Many women prefer to sutler
in silence than undergo an examination
which, to the mtjinty of w hiiuii, it
repulsive. Thit it all avoided by Dr.
liratit'i Wonderful 8ight Diagnosis, tell
ing yon your Disease without Asking
yon any question. Call and consult
thit Eminent Scientist, the World's
Benefactor, who will teach you how to
restore the Bloom to the wan cheek,
elasticity to the ttep and a freth bold
on life by using bit Wonderful Vege
titlile Remedies. Wives, Mothers and
Daughter! are tpecially invited to call
and consult, free of charge, with Dr.
Grant, who will visit Condon Monday,
&-pl. 20lh, and remain one week. Office
at Mrt. Msilihs-k's hotel. Hours 0 a. in.
to S p. m. Lectures each evening for
both rexes. Organic diseases folly il
lustrated. Renieml-er the date.
The University of Oregon graduated
last June the largest clase in its history.
The cls nomlierd ihirtv. The fall term
will begin Hepteinlier 19c h. Htndentt
who have completed the t-nth grade
branches can enter the snlcfrestiirran
class. No exaiuiiiHtions are required for
graduate ol accredited schools. Reas
onable erpiivHlenls are accepted for nnmt
n the n q nred entrance studies. Cat
alogues mil he sent tree to all appli
cants, i'ernolit (lesirog IfitorniH tlon
iiibv address the piesident, b-(-reHrv
J. ,1. Wallon, .r Mr. Max A. Pluinli
all of Eugene, Oregon.
The courses uttered are those ol n gissl
nniversity. There are department of
modern and ancient hinnniiges, chemis
try, hioliKy. geology, iCnglisb, elocn
ilon, a leiuiced engineering, astrououiv,
logic, philosophy, psychology, niathe
niHties, and phytical education. Music
and drawing nre also tanght. The tui
tion it free, Alt students pay an inci
dental fee of ten dollar yearly. Board.
lodging, heat and light in the Jorn.itorv
cost J2 AO iier week. J21-27
L'LU I s L
t i; in p c ar u itja i n e m h
31 Z
The Regulator Line
The Dalles. Portland & Astoria
Daily Line of Steamers,
Portland, Vancouver, Cascade
Locks, Hood River and all
points on the Washing
ton side.
The Stoainera Dallet City and Regulator
leave Portland every morniug (except
Sunday) at 7 and The Dillet at 8:30.
Freight Rates Greatly Reduced.
W. C. ALL A WAY, Gen. Agt,
Foot of Conrt St.
The Dalles. Or.
Saddler mo "Harnessmaker
'Carrie Complete and Well-aelected Stock of-" n-
And everythhig usually found
In a first-class harness shop.
In thai bulidlnff on the corner, opposite Barker's store.
Circuit Court Jury List.
Dra n fur bepteuiber term, 1808.
Arlington Rues Iteardtley, Tlmrtt m
Hlaha k M E Avert.
Clem C A biniieintn.
Cmidiin A 8 Carnlne, Fremont Ward,
DO Henrv. K W CMike. J K Kttiwater.
Croy William Huillh.
Ferrv Canviin -llalidi Frotnan.
Fm-eil William Mi tUer.G T m-oggin,
II F Ntt.
Viiawla-rry -('hat. R'Hte.
Valley It Ureentleld, Jno Grots
IUie U a-k -Ctiarlen L Caton.
Matnev I U Fletcher.
Mavvilh Andrew (Jreiner, Tavlor
Brandiin, I'anl Ureiner, W J Kdwatdt,
A J Mielt-'n. (ii-o. (iihlKint.
Diet K I Purtwool. U II Ri-lt, T
MiilattMphy, A A Carrothert, lieu,
Trail Fnrk Frank Spring'-ton.
T-tMl 31
Z. P. Moody's
Brick Warehouse,
Is Prepared to Handle Con
signments of Wool This
Year, as Before, at
Arlington and The Dalles.
Your Interests are Ours.
Your Business Entrusted to Our Care Will
Receive the Most Careful
S.G.HAWSON, Arlington Agent
Price List of Lumber.
(Adopted September 1, 1898.)
Rough lnmher, pine, f 10 00 per M
R mwth nniher.fir. 12.00 "
Shiplap, teiiind clatt flow-
lug, riicilc. ceiling- ana
tnrfaeed, 15 00 "
Fitttehmt flonrtntr, reiling,
rnttie and HnUhinit. 22 50 "
Slah wihkI. i.er find. .75
All htllr UuHiiunleil 1U per eeni tor
tpul rath, baino liriee and tame die-
I'OIIIlt tO all. llAKHY llAI.fTEAD,
Loft Valley, Or.
Notice of Dissolution of
niriTtr it HnKnY OtVKN Tit AT
IN nartnara ilp hrlofow uslitlnt ttwon
H. O. anil T. J. Jnriliin nil twan alMOiveu, H.
(I. Jor.lnn roiHinlut tht mtit mrk hiialnew,
ml r. J. Jnnliin raUliiint tht raUiritnt tiiit-
Seu. All accoiinta flat the nUt II rm In both
rauchea ol biiatniuta are rtue and payable to H.
0. .lonlun, and tmmaitlate aaulamuut el tha
arnna la harubT foqualo.l. Tbinlclnf oar ena-
tnmtrt tor putt lavora, ana totlutunl a ooauuw
anut oi tbt aamt, we art
H Q. JoanK.
T. J. JORDit.
VV l.tte and Fuuno wrvteaa," ov tnoa. tv.
Handrnrd. A wonrterlul auiry ot a tlorloaa ca
rtvar. Ovtsr (WO liiriie, miilant pwa. 100aaprb,
mra enu'tvlrim. Klnheat, hlirgont. beat and only
emloraud "Oladatone book" publtalieil. Only
tl.no. Cetnoiladon. W r'r com. Count atven,
1 hIkM t iitd On IM lui. Pr.ii all Iraali nnd
clvirlkXla BH lilti v'.tli i'M nil-' titM am! fivl
' i. .ln.'i.ion bonk." Ad.ti I trit noMlVKW
( t'ii i'asi Y. Duuk aik Oj-Hut UuuLuru nr-t,
Dr. Grant, thw Wonderful Sight
This eminent Sclentltt and Doctor,
who hat recently returned from a two
yeart' tojomn In Kurpe, where he hat
heen taklni a I'oet Graduate at tome nl
the leadinn Eur,ip-an colleget, will
thortlv pay our eitv a vlait. He l al
prenent ennnei ted with corpt of Eu
ropean I'hyticiani- -men of skill and
prominence. Ilia name it not ttrange
to the people of (ailliam connty, at sev
eral remediet tearing hit name hat
drought hnppineea nntnhl to many a
liniiie hy rettorlnii dear ones to health
alter all hope nnd been lost, lie It
ttifted, at few men are, at it Dlairnna-
tlnlan poaetalng the remarkahle power
if making all Diannotlt without aekinit
anv qoettlont; It thlo to thoroughly
penetrate the human tvatem with the
naked eye at the "X" Bavt, and thin
locate diaeate of whatever nature. He
it at present a mem her of The Scottish-
American Svndieate Medical Co.. of
Edinhnrgh, Scotland, and New York
City, and luiaofHcea emahlithod in Spo
kane, Wai-lt., and Portland, Oregon.
Do not fall to pay aviait to thit gilted
man durinit hit brief nay. The Dot tor
will alto deliver a aeriei ol .Illustrated
lectures to the puhllo, to which all are
cordially invited. Notice of lectures
will be given later. These Iccturet
thould be well attended, at it will be the
opportunity of a lifetime.
Dr. Grant will he at Condon for a week,
fiomnienelnu Monday, 6pptotnher 2(lth,
and will be found at the hotel during hit
atav. Consultation abtolutely free, lle-
moiubor tbe (JuVo.
Finds he has a complete stock of the following goods on baud and
more coming on every train.
Furniture,' Hardware, Carpenter's Tools, Paints.
Blankets, Gloves, Wall Paper, House Lining.
Stoves, Stove-pipe, Window -glass, Crockery.
Trunks, Handbags, Undertaker's Goods.
Remember! Ho will order anything, not kept in stck, on short notice
T. O. Earrtart,
S. V. Moore,
Summit Saloon,
Uiies, Ijquors aijd Qars.
We have added a Jewelry Department to onr
stock of General Merchandise and W. L. To
. bty, who is a strictly first-claes watch-maker,
is prepared to do all kinds of watch and .
jewelry repairing, at Portland prices, and
guarantee satisfaction.
To bey E ros . ,
Gent's Clothing, Boots and Shoes
Furnishings, Neckwear, Etc.
Mitchell Wagons and All Kinds of Vehicles
Cheap. Call and see for yourselves.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables,
Large Sew Barn on North Main Street,
Condon, - - Oregon.
Cn.lBGEf! VERY RE A.'iOS ABte.
First-class Rigs Always on Hand at Very Reasonable Rates.
A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited.
Stop at
This popular hostelry has beeu
thoroughly renovated and is now
prepared to cater to the wants of
the traveling public in an up-to-date
Commercial travelers, and others,
desiring the comforts of a first-class
hotel, will find this house suited to
their wants.
Iv. H AM,
General Merchandise
Fine Wines, Liquors and Choice Cigars.
Billiard aijd pool Sables.
First-class Goods Our Pride.
Fresh, Cool, Milwaukee Keg Beer On Draught.
Main St., . Condon, Oregon.
Are better prepared than ever to supply the wants of their
Their trade is constantly increasing and their stock haB in
creased with tho trade.
You are welcome to examine thoir stock and get prices at any
time. - '
Dealers in ) South of
Fine Job printii) at tf?e GipBit Office.
At the
Old Stand,
General Merchandise.
Condon Hotel.
I offer a complete stock of fine surfaced Lumber, consisting of
flooring, ceiling, ruf tic, ship-lap and all kinds of rough Lum
ber. Careful attention given to bills of special sizes and
dimfuuiou stulf.

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